His True Colors Chapter 969-970


His True Colors Chapter 969

The old mansion courtyard.

        An old man with white hair was sitting in front of the chess board, with no opponent, holding black in his left hand and white in his right, even though he was playing chess with himself, his face was very heavy.

        The chess into the closing, when the fight was fierce was disturbed by someone, Ran Yi's eyebrows revealed a clear dissatisfaction.

        "What's he doing here, doesn't the auction house have something for him to do?" Rangyi said.

        "He said he has something very important to ask for an audience." The one who spoke was the personal guard of the human Ran Yi, with the powerful strength of the Seven Lantern Realm, and over the years, Ran Yi had merchandised many opponents, and he had then blocked most of Ran Yi's revenge for him.

        Ran Yi coldly snorted and said, "How important is it, can it be more important than my chess?"

        "I'm going to let him go." The guard said.

        The guard had just taken two steps when Ran Yi put down his chess piece and said, "Now that we're all here, let's meet, and if he tries to disturb me so easily, he'll have to pay."


        In a short time, the guard led Liudin to appear in front of Ran Yi.

        It was obvious to see that Liudin was a little nervous, facing Ran Yi, the boss behind the scenes, he didn't want to come to see him if he didn't have to, because Liudin knew that Ran Yi hated to be disturbed for no reason.

        But today, this matter, Liu Ding must come to see, how should be auctioned holy chestnut, still have to let Ran Yi to take the idea.

        "The matter is not important enough, you should know the consequences, right?" Ran Yi said indifferently.

        Liu Ding trembled and quickly said, "Boss, someone is bringing a sacred chestnut to the auction, I think this matter must be decided by you, that's why I took the liberty of interrupting."

        Hearing the word Sacred Chestnut, Ran Yi instantly stood up.

        Even his personal guards were looking very different.

        After so many years in the auction house, Ran Yi had seen very many rare and exotic treasures, but no one had ever taken out a sacred chestnut for auction.

        One had to know that this item was priceless, even if one had money, they couldn't buy it.

        And the person who possessed the Sacred Chestnut was bound to be strong, so how could it be auctioned off for lack of money?

        "You're not kidding me, how could anyone auction off a sacred chestnut?" Ran Yi asked.

        "Boss, it's a thousand times true." Saying that, Liudin took out an exquisite box.

        Ran Yi signaled the guard with his eyes.

        The guard stepped forward and took the box to Ran Yi.

        After taking a deep breath, Ran Yi opened the box.

        When he saw the red fruit inside, he couldn't help but suck in another breath.

        "It's really a holy chestnut!" Ran Yi exclaimed.

        The eyes of the guard at the side showed greed.

        As a strong man of the Seven Lamps Realm, he had been seeking a way to break through the realm, but the bottleneck of the last three realms was something very few people could break through, but it would be different if he had the Sacred Chestnut.

        If he was able to eat this Sacred Chestnut, breaking the realm would be just around the corner.

        "Where is the person who auctioned off the Sacred Chestnut?" Rangyi asked to Liudin.

        "I've arranged for them to stay at the auction house's inn, a young man." Liudin said.

        A young man?

        Ran Yi looked at the guards around him.

        The guard whispered, "Is this a Pole Master?"

        "Will the Extreme Master easily take out the Sacred Chestnut for auction?" Ran Yi asked rhetorically.

        The guard shook his head without hesitation, what kind of status was the Extreme Master, this kind of person would never lack money, and the value of the Sacred Chestnut was not something that could be measured with money.

        "Could it be that he acquired it by chance and has no idea of the value of the Sacred Chestnut?" The guard speculated.

        Ran Yi shook his head, even if he was ignorant, it was impossible for him not to know the value of the Sacred Chestnut.

        "What realm is he in?" Ran Yi asked to Liudin.

        Liudin shook his head and said, "I can't tell, but his apprentice is a strong man of the Five Lantern Realm."

        Ran Yi smiled at the guard, even his apprentice was a five-lantern realm powerhouse, so how could he not know the value of the Sacred Chestnut.

        "Perhaps, he really is an Extreme Master." Ran Yi said.

        "Within the Imperial Court, the Pole Master is a man named Fei Lingsheng, and it is rumored that this is a woman." The guard said.

        What he said, Ran Yi naturally knew and many years ago, Ran Yi was fortunate enough to have met Fei Lingsheng, it was the most unforgettable moment of his life, even to the day of his death, Ran Yi could clearly remember the scene of his meeting with Fei Lingsheng.

        At that moment, Ran Yi suddenly frowned and asked, "Could it be that it's a Pole Master from the other two countries?"

        The guard looked grave, this speculation was not impossible, and it was also very likely that the Sacred Chestnut had been obtained by that Pole Master during his travels through the Dark Forest.

        "Does it need to be reported to the Imperial Court?" The guard asked.

        Ran Yi thought about it and eventually shook his head, a top-ranking strong man like the Pole Master was not something he could mess with, no matter where he came from or what his intentions were, it was not something Ran Yi was qualified to interfere with, or else he would most likely lose his life as a result.

        "Let's wait until I meet with him, this kind of character is not something we can go and just offend." Ran Yi said.

        "Have you explained to the inn's side that this noble guest should be treated with caution?" Rangyi asked to Liudin.

        "Boss, I've already explained it."

        Ran Yi nodded and continued, "Since he wants to auction off the Sacred Chestnut, we will naturally arrange this matter for him, and put the word out that there will be Sacred Chestnut as a lot in this auction."

        "Yes." Liu Ding nodded his head in response.

        Ran Yi said with a sigh on his face, "Feng Mo Auction House has been auctioning out countless treasures for so many years, but this time, it's bound to be the most sensational, I wonder how many people will have to break their heads for this holy chestnut."

        The guard looked like he wanted to say something, it was obvious that he wanted to get this holy chestnut but didn't know how to say it.

        Ran Yi saw what he was thinking and said, "You'd better dispel this thought, this is not something that can be enjoyed by ordinary people, once the news is out, the big families within the Imperial Court will definitely flock to the city, although I have some power in the Feng Mall, there is still a world of difference when compared to these real big families."

        A hint of despair flashed in the guard's eyes, compared to those real big families, Ran Yi was indeed nothing.

        And once those big families participated in this auction, it was bound to be a fight between gods and goddesses, and the average person would only be able to watch.

        After Liu Ding returned to the auction house, he immediately arranged for his staff to spread the news of the Holy Chestnut auction.

        As soon as the news came out, it first sent shock waves through the Feng Mall, and countless people were shocked by the news.

        Sacred Chestnut!

        The products of the Dark Forest belonged to the unattainable true treasures, and no one had ever thought that such a superb item would appear in an auction.

        Soon, the news spread from Feng Mall to the center, and in less than a day, it spread almost throughout the entire Imperial Court territory.

His True Colors Chapter 970

Feng Yan Inn.

        Fei Ling'er was the only one left living here.

        When the inn made a ruckus about the Sacred Chestnut, the first thing Fei Ling'er thought of was Han Qianqian.

        A mysterious person had taken out Sacred Chestnut as an auction item, and Fei Ling'er couldn't think of anyone other than Han Qianqian who could do that.

        What Fei Ling'er never expected was that Han Qianqian would possess such a precious item as a sacred chestnut, which made her even more curious as to who Han Qianqian was.

        One had to know that the Dark Forest was so dangerous that even Extreme Masters needed to be careful, and trying to obtain a Sacred Chestnut in the Dark Forest was even more of an exceedingly difficult task.

        "This guy, how on earth did he get the Sacred Chestnut?" With the full moon in the sky, Fei Ling'er was still not half asleep, her mind filled with questions about the Sacred Chestnut, as she knew better than anyone how difficult it was to obtain it.

        At that moment, Fei Ling'er's eyes suddenly changed, a smell was approaching her room, and it was obvious that it was not a good one.

        Could this still be a black shop?

        Soon, Fei Ling'er couldn't help but laugh as she already perceived who was coming.

        "This young man, he hasn't even stopped." Fei Ling'er laughed to herself.

        Soon, that scent had reached the door, and Fei Ling'er pretended to be asleep, her flat and even breathing seemingly informing the other party that she was asleep.

        The door was easily pushed open, and although the other party's footsteps had been so gentle that ordinary people couldn't even notice them, Fei Ling'er was able to perceive his every move, and even without opening her eyes, Fei Ling'er was able to have the image of him creeping around in her mind.

        "It's the middle of the night, you're not here to visit, are you." Just as the man walked to the bed, Fei Ling'er suddenly opened her eyes and said.

        The person who came was one of Windye's men, and this old man was ordered by Windye to come and give Han 3000 some lessons.

        Of course, he knew that Fei Ling'er was the only one left in this inn, and because of this, he dared to be so bold as to barge in directly through the front door.

        From the old man's point of view, as long as he captured this little girl and handed her over to Fengye, Fengye would definitely be satisfied with his actions, and they could also use her to threaten Han 3000.

        As the saying goes, picking a soft pinch on a persimmon, the old man was very glad that this little girl had fallen by the wayside, giving him a good chance to make his move, but the moment Fei Ling'er opened her eyes, a sense of foreboding surfaced in his heart.

        "Little girl, I'm sorry." The old man saw that Fei Ling'er had woken up and was ready to make a direct move to avoid making too much noise.

        But when he had just stretched out his hands, he suddenly noticed that he couldn't move his entire body and was frozen in place, as if he was imprisoned by some kind of force.

        "What's going on here ......!" The old man said with a frightened face.

        Fei Ling'er sat up and looked at the old man with a curious face and asked, "You should know that the others aren't here, right, so why are you looking for me, is it because you think I'm easy to bully?"

        Looking at Fei Ling'er's naive questioning, the old man became more and more frightened inside.

        There couldn't be a third person in this room because he hadn't even felt the breath of a third person, which meant that the reason he couldn't move was all because of this little girl in front of him!

        He was a strong man of the Seven Lantern Realm, how could he be so easily imprisoned, and the other party was just a little girl.

        "Not speaking? If you don't say anything, you'll have to die here tonight, a Seven Lantern realm cultivation, that's not an easy thing to do, wouldn't it be a pity to waste it like that?" Fei Ling'er continued.

        The old man's scalp went numb when he heard this, and his insides were even colder.

        This little girl was actually able to perceive his realm, which meant that her cultivation must be above the Seven Lamps realm.

        But how was this possible?

        Looking at her young age, she was only fifteen or sixteen, how could she possess such a powerful cultivation.

        "You ...... who exactly are you." The old man asked with trepidation.

        Fei Ling'er stood up, walked to the window, looked at the full moon in the sky, and said, "What happened today in the daytime, it was your young master who started a fight with them, but you pinned this trouble on my head, you must be looking at me as a bully, this is not how a strong person should behave."

        "He, he is a Seven Star Beast Master, since you can tell that I am a Seven Lantern realm, you should know that the strength of a Seven Star Exotic Beast is higher than the Seven Lantern realm, I am no match for his Exotic Beast." The old man said.

        Fei Ling'er turned around and asked with a wistful face, "Then you can be my opponent?"

        That was what the old man thought before, and he hadn't even thought that kidnapping this little girl would actually be an accident.

        In his opinion, Fei Ling'er was able to be dealt with very easily and the others were not present, so this was almost a godsend.

        But now, he didn't think so, because he knew very well that this seemingly soft persimmon was probably the most difficult to deal with among those four people.

        "No, no, I didn't think that you were the strongest among them." The old man said with a deathly expression, if he was given another chance to choose, he would rather go and fight the Winged Tiger head-on than come to Fei Ling'er's trouble.

        Fei Ling'er smiled faintly and said, "Do you want to know who I am?"

        "If knowing who you are won't kill me, I want to know." The old man said.

        "You're smart, but it's not up to you whether you die or not, Fei Lingsheng has been killing people all his life, but he never has to explain it to anyone, even the Imperial Court has no right to ask." Fei Lingsheng said indifferently.

        Fei Lingsheng killed people all his life!

        The old man's facial expression gradually became hideous and frightening.

        That kind of fear was beyond words for him.

        Fei Lingsheng!

        A Pole Division within the Royal Court!

        This little girl in front of him was actually Fei Lingsheng.

        The old man only felt that this news was like a nightmare, he actually wanted to do something to a powerful Pole Master, what did this mean?

        When he had this thought, he was already damned.

        Because even an emperor wouldn't dare to show the slightest disrespect to Fei Lingsheng.

        "I never expected that I would be fortunate enough to meet Lord Fei in this life, even if I were to die, I would be content." The old man said with a gloomy face, knowing that he couldn't escape death, so he simply didn't even think of struggling.

        "I want you to die, it's just a thought, but for now, I'll keep you alive for now, but you have to remember that my name now, is Fei Ling'er." Fei Ling'er said.

        The old man suddenly felt that he could move, and the first thing he did was to kneel down towards Fei Ling'er and kowtow in thanks, "Thank you, Lord Fei, for not killing me."

        "It's natural to not kill you, want to hear it?" Ferlinger smiled.


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