His True Colors Chapter 971-973

His True Colors Chapter 971

The old man knew that the so-called reasoning wasn't really any reasoning, but that Fei Ling'er had something for him to do, and if he didn't have any use for it, did killing someone like Fei Ling'er need to be a concern?

        "Please speak, Lord Fei, I swear on my life that I will do what Lord Fei has told me to do." The old man said.

        "Despite your age, you're still quite smart, which makes me very happy." Fei Ling'er laughed and ridiculed.

        "Lord Fei, the old man will never disappoint you." The old man said.

        "Your young master has a hatred for Han Giang, right?" Ferlinger asked.

        "Hated him so much that he even asked me to find a way to kill him." The old man didn't dare to deceive and said honestly.

        "Very well, I want him to kill Han 3000, but if he can't, let the family behind him come forward." Fei Ling'er said.

        The old man was shocked, the relationship between these four people looked very good, how could Fei Ling'er have murderous intentions towards Han 3000?

        And if she wanted to kill someone, how could she fake someone else's hand, wouldn't it be simpler to do it herself, so why make this so complicated?

        Although he had doubts, the old man didn't dare to ask more and could only respond, "Lord Fei, please rest assured that I will try my best to assist him and will make sure that he and his family will use their full strength."

        "Alright, don't disturb my rest." Fei Ling'er lay back on the bed.

        The old man didn't even have the courage to take a second glance and quickly exited the room.

        It was only after he left the inn that the old man sighed a long sigh, his back was already wet, enough to see how nervous he was just now.

        But meeting a big figure like Fei Ling'er, it was only natural to be nervous.

        The strongest Pole Division within the Imperial Court, even the Emperor was a guest of honor, who could not be nervous in the face of such a person?

        "I didn't expect ah, it's an honor to have met Lord Fei in this life, to think about it, and to be able to work for Lord Fei, it's even more of an opportunity for the heavens to bless me." The old man said to himself.

        He didn't have the slightest doubt about Fei Ling'er's identity, because just from the strength that Fei Ling'er had shown, he was not allowed to question it.

        Now that he thought about that feeling of confinement, the old man still felt afraid, the strength of the Seventh Lamp Realm, unable to even move, this kind of difference in realms was no longer something that words could describe.

        He knew that if Fei Ling'er wanted to kill him, he would be able to do it with just a thought.

        This was a truly strong man, and only such a strong man could be valued by the emperor.

        Returning to an isolated small courtyard.

        This small courtyard was one that Fengye had spent a heavy amount of money to smash down, causing him to bleed out once, and the environment of the small courtyard wasn't very good, which deepened his hatred for Han Qianqian and the others.

        When Fengye saw that the old man had returned alone, his face instantly changed.

        "Don't tell me that you can't even handle a little girl." Windye questioned in a cold voice.

        The old man was very respectful to Windye, as the family behind Windye was like a mountain to him.

        But that was before tonight, and after meeting Fei Ling'er, the old man's attitude towards him had changed.

        If he could work for Fei Ling'er, why would he need to put Windye in his eyes?

        Of course, the old man's attitude remained the same on the surface, because he knew that Fei Ling'er was going to use Windye for something, and he was the bridge between the two, so he couldn't let Windye see that something was wrong.

        "Young Master, she has someone around to protect her, I lost." The old man buried his head deeply and said.

        Windye clenched his back groove teeth and squeezed his fists with both hands as he said angrily, "Useless thing, is the strength of the Seventh Lamp Realm that bad? What do I need you for."

        The old man with the buried head smiled faintly, Seven Lantern Realm?

        What about the Seven Lanterns?

        He was meeting the number one expert within the Imperial Court, Fei Lingsheng, who wasn't a piece of trash in front of her.

        "Young Master, if you really want to take out your anger, I'm afraid the only way to do so is to have the family show up, you also know that your father is surrounded by the strongest of the latter three realms." The old man said.

        Fenye took a deep breath, he was now an adult, how could he casually let his family step in?

        Nowadays, he doesn't like others to wipe his ass, and if he can't even handle this small matter, how can he inherit the family business in the future, how will his father value him?

        "What do you know, if you let father step in on this small matter, how will he feel comfortable handing over the family to me in the future." Fenye said.

        "Young Master, this is no small matter, the other party is a seven-star beast master, and there is a person whose realm is unknown, I'm sure your father will understand you, and this auction, but there are such treasures as Sacred Chestnut, I'm sure your father will also rush to Feng Mall after hearing about it." The old man said.

        Regarding this matter of the Sacred Chestnut, Fenye hadn't reported it to the family yet, but he knew that even if he didn't report such a big matter, his father would soon know about it, because this heavy news would make the entire Imperial Court boil up during the day tomorrow at the most.

        "If my father knew about the Sacred Chestnut Auction, he would definitely make a trip to Feng Mall." Fenye said with a heavy face.

        "At that time, would Young Master still be worried that there's no one to deal with Han Qianli?" The old man smiled.

        Windye wasn't happy, even if he knew that his father was able to deal with Han Marchand when he arrived, this wouldn't excite him, he would have preferred to be able to solve this matter, but unfortunately, with the current situation, it was beyond his ability.

        A seven-star beast master, this was no simple opponent.

        "Do you know the details of them?" Fenye asked.

        "I'll look into this matter as soon as possible, and I'll give the young master an explanation tomorrow night at the most." The old man said.

        Windye nodded and said, "As long as it's not someone who is too deeply involved with the Imperial Court, to go against me is a dead end, my Wind Family is a heavy relative of the Imperial Court."

        The next day, there was news about the Sacred Chestnut Auction, which indeed boomed throughout the Imperial Court territory, and even the Emperor was shocked because of this matter.

        The imperial court named the entire country after the city.

        This was the highest palace within the entire Imperial Court, and those who could stay in the Imperial Court were by no means idle.

        Any random person on the main street had an extremely high status.

        Perhaps their status within the Imperial Court wasn't great, but when they went to other cities, they were definitely big personalities who could make the local city lord bow down and receive them.

        The Imperial Dragon Palace!

        The Emperor's Residence.

        The figure representing the highest authority within the Imperial Court, dressed in a golden dragon robe, stood above the palace.

        "Do you know who's auctioning off the Sacred Chestnut?" The emperor asked the servant beside him.

        "The news has not returned to the Emperor, but there is one thing that is very interesting." The servant returned.

        "What is it?" The emperor was confused.

        "Han Three Thousand Thousand, also at Feng Mall."

His True Colors Chapter 972

The emperor frowned when he heard the three words Han Marchant.

        This person who had never been masked before, but he had created a lot of trouble for him.

        Killing the imperial court people had caused a lot of anger, and if the emperor hadn't tried to suppress it, there was no telling how many people would have gone after Han Three Thousand's trouble.

        He valued Han Three Thousand's ability, which was why he didn't care about Han Three Thousand's murderous actions.

        But this guy was inevitably involved in too many things as well.

        "You mean that the Sacred Chestnut came from his hand, is it true that his realm has reached the Extreme Master?" The emperor was puzzled.

        "I dare not hazard a guess, but there is indeed something strange about this matter." The servant said.

        The emperor nodded, a treasure like the Sacred Chestnut had never appeared on the auction block before, and judging by the history of the past years, the Sacred Chestnut had only appeared twice, so how could anyone bring the Sacred Chestnut out for auction?

        The Emperor couldn't think of anyone else who could do such a strange act other than Han Qianqian.

        After all, bystanders had good respect for the Imperial Court people, but he, however, dared to kill three people from the Imperial Court in a row.

        "Emperor, there's one more thing that I don't know whether to say or not." The servant continued.

        "There is no bystander here, so naturally I will dang say it." The emperor said.

        "I heard that even Lord Fei is in the Feng Mall." The servant said.

        "Sacred Chestnut auction, it is not strange for her to go to Feng Mall, even though she is a Pole Division, she must have yearned for such treasures, and there has always been a legend about the realm, the legend says that there is a more powerful realm above the Pole Division, but no one has ever explored it, if she can get the Sacred Chestnut, she might be able to fathom that mysterious realm. " The emperor said indifferently, not at all surprised that Fei Ling Sheng was in the Feng Mall, and even considered it reasonable.

        God Realm!

        It was a realm that existed in legends, and the Three Extremists were all about exploring the divine realm.

        The Sacred Chestnut was a shortcut to improve the realm, and now that the Sacred Chestnut had appeared, it was only natural for Fei Lingsheng to go.

        "Empyrean, it's not that simple, before the news of the Holy Chestnut, she was already in the Feng Mall." The servant said.

        "This little news of yours, it can't be from hearsay, why don't I know?" The emperor questioned.

        Fei Lingsheng's whereabouts were erratic, even the emperor wasn't qualified to control where she was, and although this servant helped him manage the information network within the imperial court, trying to find Fei Lingsheng's whereabouts wasn't a simple task ah.

        "It was a coincidence to learn of this, and the news was only reported this morning, so I haven't had time to inform you yet." The servant said.

        If this matter was true, it would be intriguing.

        "What you're trying to say is that Fei Lingsheng went to Feng Mall, not for Sacred Chestnut, but for Han Qianli?" The emperor speculated.

        "That's right, but I'm afraid only Lord Fei himself will know the reason for this."

        "Although Fei Lingsheng has returned to the imperial court, the imperial court has been unable to truly control her, which is why I would value Han 3000, and now that she has gone to Feng Mall for Han 3000, the relationship between these two is something to worry about." The emperor said worriedly, a strong person like Fei Lingsheng who was in the Extreme Mastery realm could leave the imperial court at any time, and it was something that no one could stop.

        So when Han 3,000 appeared, the emperor's first thought was to pull Han 3,000 together as much as possible to lay the foundation for the relationship between the imperial court and Han 3,000.

        But now, Fei Lingsheng was one step faster, which inevitably made the emperor worried.

        "There's no need for the emperor to worry too much, it's too difficult to control such a strong man, and what you've done is the best you can, if Fei Lingsheng really has other ideas, it's not something you can stop." The servant said.

        The emperor sighed, this was the truth, a reality that he hopelessly needed to accept.

        Even though he possessed the supreme position in the Imperial Court, it didn't mean that he could do anything, and in the case of Fei Lingsheng and Han Qianqian, it was beyond his control.

        "As long as they don't go to other countries, if not, I'll keep them in the Imperial Court even if it means fighting the whole country to the death, even if it means corpses. It's not without reason that the Imperial Court can stand for a hundred years." The emperor's demeanor suddenly turned cold.

        The servant's heart was shocked, he never expected that the emperor would say these words.

        But he couldn't figure out where the emperor had the strength to leave behind the bodies of the two Extreme Master Realm powerhouses.

        It seemed that even though he was a close confidant of the emperor, there were some imperial secrets that he did not know about.

        In addition to the emperor's concern for the matter of the Sacred Chestnut, the great clans around the Imperial Court's territory also reacted fiercely to this matter.

        The first thought of these great families was to immediately send people to the Feng Mall in order to seek the opportunity to auction and buy the Sacred Chestnut.

        For a time, there were countless horse caravans from all over the world heading towards the Feng Mall, destined to make this auction of the Feng Mall the most lively in history.

        The master who had triggered this storm was still lost in a deep sleep at this point.

        Han Qianqiang hadn't expected that his auctioning of the Sacred Chestnut would trigger such a violent effect that it would almost implicate the entire Imperial Court.

        When Bai Ling Wan'er couldn't help but wake Han Three Thousand up, Han Three Thousand was still in a daze.

        "Why are you disturbing my sleep, I'm dreaming." Han Three Thousand was dissatisfied, and in his dream he was at the mountainside villa, Han Nian was running towards him and was about to hug Han Nian when Han Three Thousand was brought back to reality, which made him instantly depressed.

        After waiting, even for a few seconds, he was able to feel what it would be like to hold Han Nian in his arms.

        "Something big has happened." Bai Ling Wan'er said to Han Giang with a helpless face.

        "Has the sky fallen?" Han Marchant said.

        Bai Ling Wan'er shook her head.

        "Since the sky isn't falling, what's the big deal, don't bother me, I'll sleep for a bit and see if I can continue the dream." Han Three Thousand Years said.

        Bai Ling Wan'er got anxious and sat directly on the bed, pulling Han Three Thousand's clothes with both hands and said, "Do you know that the entire Feng Mall is in disarray."

        "All I know is that if it wasn't for you, I'd already be holding my daughter." Han Qianli said speechlessly.

        "Because of your auction of the Sacred Chestnut, the entire Feng Mall is now discussing who the seller is, and things are getting more and more heated, and I've heard that many big families are preparing to rush to Feng Mall to participate in this auction, so if your identity as the seller is leaked out, do you know how much trouble you'll attract." Bai Ling Wan'er said with a grumbling look, her identity was sensitive and she had followed Han Qianli to cover herself up, but now Han Qianli was already on the cusp, which would undoubtedly increase the crisis of her identity being exposed.

His True Colors Chapter 973

After hearing Bai Ling Wan'er's words, the sleepy-eyed Han Giang immediately became energetic.

        He had never thought that such a big stir would be caused because of the auction of the Sacred Chestnut.

        The entire Imperial Court's great families were prepared to come to the only plus auction, and if this was true, I'm afraid it would really be a problem.

        "Sacred Chestnut has such a strong appeal?" Han Qianli looked at Bai Ling Wan'er in confusion, he hadn't bothered to understand the value of Sacred Chestnut in the Xuanyuan World, this auction was to see how valuable it was, but the consequences of this were far beyond Han Qianli's imagination.

        Bai Ling Wan'er looked at Han 3000 with a skeptical face, the fact that he would ask such a question inevitably made Bai Ling Wan'er wonder if he was from Xuanyuan World, because even an ordinary citizen had heard of Sacred Chestnut, a legendary item that very few people had ever seen, but its value was something that even a three-year-old knew about.

        "You really don't know what kind of existence the Sacred Chestnut is?" Bai Ling Wan'er asked.

        "I've sealed the mountain for cultivation since I was young and never asked about world affairs, so I don't know what's so strange about these things." Han Qianqian said with a straight face, this was the excuse he had long thought of to avoid being too ignorant about the Xuanyuan World and causing suspicion from others, so sealing the mountain for cultivation was the best reason to muddle through.

        Bai Ling Wan'er couldn't help but roll her white eyes and explained to Han Qianqian, "The origin of the Sacred Chestnut is in the Dark Forest, you wouldn't even know about the Dark Forest, would you?"

        "I know that the Dark Forest is extremely dangerous, only those who are strong in the Extreme Mastery realm can set foot in it, and it's also a passageway to other countries." Han Giangli said.

        "That's right, the Dark Forest has many powerful exotic beasts that exist, that's why Sacred Chestnut is hard to find, and legend has it that the place where it grows is guarded by exotic beasts, which makes it even more difficult to obtain Sacred Chestnut, and the rarity of it, naturally, can be imagined." Bai Ling Wan'er continued to explain.

        After hearing these words, Han Qianli finally understood how ignorant he had been in his move to auction the Sacred Chestnut this time; once such a rare item was made available, it was bound to cause a stir, and it was only logical that various powers would come to bid on it.

        And if, according to what Bai Ling Wan'er said, the matter of him being the owner of the Sacred Chestnut was investigated, there was no telling how much trouble he would attract.

        It was a pity that it was too late to regret it now, the fire was already burning everywhere in the Imperial Court, and trying to put it out at this stage was clearly an impossible task.

        "I'm sure the emperor knows about this matter, if he comes personally, I'll be finished." Bai Ling Wan'er said with a desperate look on her face, making such a big commotion, it was impossible for the emperor not to know, so Bai Ling Wan'er was very worried, she wasn't ready to meet up with the emperor.

        "Don't worry, even if he comes, I'll be able to keep you safe and sound, but I'm afraid the other families are a bit troubled." Han Giangli said with a worried look on his face, he wasn't worried about the emperor coming because with the emperor's attitude towards him, even if the emperor himself came, he wouldn't make things difficult for him.

        The big families were different, they didn't know Han Third Thousand, and if they were to find out that Han Third Thousand was the owner of the Sacred Chestnut, trouble was bound to ensue, and if they were asked how they obtained the Sacred Chestnut, it would be difficult to explain.

        Of course, there was a good way to deal with it, and that was for God to kill God and Buddha to destroy Buddha, but if they did that, Han Three Thousand would completely lose the capital to keep a low profile within the imperial court.

        This was not an optimistic development for Han Three Thousand.

        After all, he still had a lot of things to do regarding the Xuanyuan World invasion of Earth, that familiarity of the Forbidden Lands, and the search for Jiang Yingying, and for now, he hadn't done any of those three things.

        If he acted too high-profile and became familiar to everyone, then his every move in the future would be under the scrutiny of others.

        Just like the stars on Earth, no matter what they did, they would be exposed to the public's view, which would put them in a tight spot.

        An ordinary citizen, on the other hand, wouldn't be troubled in this way, as no one would even deliberately care about what an ordinary citizen did.

        "Now that I know it's too late for trouble, I'll see what you do." Bai Ling Wan'er said speechlessly.

        "What else can I do, take one step at a time, the boat will be straight at the end of the bridge, the worst that can happen is that I'll just kill it." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        Hearing the four words kill a quick one, Bai Ling Wan'er's eyelids inexplicably jumped straight.

        Through this period of contact, Bai Ling Wan'er could feel that Han Qianqian wasn't the kind of killer full of hostility, and killing the three from the Imperial Court in the first place was a last resort, but why did he have an unusually cold air when he said that, like a killing god was coming!

        Is this an illusion, or is there another side to Han's story?

        In fact, Han Sanqiang had always disliked killing, after all, being born on Earth while killing was an illegal thing, Han Sanqiang would never have gone this far unless he had to.

        However, just because he didn't like killing, it didn't mean that he wasn't a killer.

        Once in the Earth's core prison, Han 3000 had slaughtered everything, at that time, what was the difference between him and a killing god?

        "You're bragging, those big families, how can you just kill them if you want to." Bai Ling Wan'er said with a deflated mouth.

        Han Giangli laughed, not bothering to explain more.

        At that moment, a knock sounded on the door, and Huang Snapdragon shouted urgently outside, "Master, Master, are you awake?"

        When Han Qianqian looked at Bai Ling Wan'er, Bai Ling Wan'er automatically went to open the door.

        When Snapdragon Huang saw that Bai Ling Wan'er was in Han Qian's room, he first smiled ambiguously and then walked over to Han Qian's side.

        "Master, there's a lot of commotion, all the big families in the entire Imperial Court are sending people to the Feng Mall, do you know why?" Huang Snapdragon deliberately sold out.

        "For the sake of Sacred Chestnut, I know everything you want to say, no need for nonsense." Han Qianqian said indifferently.

        Huang Snap Yong was like a deflated ball, he had thought of selling out, but he didn't expect Han Qianqian to already know.

        "Master, what should we do now, let's not sell it, it's going to make too much noise and I'm afraid your identity will be exposed." Huang Snapdragon said, he knew very well that Han Three thousand was deliberately hiding himself, or else he wouldn't be ridiculed like that in Long Yun City.

        And this time, the chances of Han Three Thousand's identity being exposed were very high, so in Snapdragon Huang's opinion, there might still be a chance to turn back in time.

        Bai Ling Wan'er stared at Huang Snap Yong like an idiot and said, "I suspect that your brain is caught in a door, you can say such things, do you think that if you don't sell, everything will be fine?"


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