His True Colors Chapter 967-968


His True Colors Chapter 967

Hearing the two words slightly lower, Huang Snapdragon's expression became very dissatisfied, who was this looking down on, since he was here, since he wanted to participate, he naturally wanted to participate at the highest level, otherwise what was the point?

        But Huang Snapdragon thought about it, and he didn't bring anything of value to use as a lot.

        "Master, what now?" Huang Snapdragon asked in a low voice to Han Three Thousand.

        Contributing to the auction was not an impossible thing for Han Qianqian, the red fruit in his hand was definitely worth a lot of money, but that was just his own opinion, for others, how valuable the red fruit was, he had no idea in his heart, much less if the person in charge before him would take it into his eyes.

        "Three, if you have a dilemma, our auction house won't force you, and please don't waste my time." Liudin spoke very politely, but the meaning he expressed was already an eviction order.

        Snapdragon Huang felt very uncomfortable with this gentle attitude of hiding a knife in his mouth, but couldn't get angry anymore, after all, Liudin didn't make things difficult for them and didn't say anything unpleasant.

        "What's your hurry, let my master think about it," Snapdragon Wong said.

        A hint of impatience flashed between Liudin's eyebrows, these three guys didn't look like they had anything to offer, he didn't have time to waste on them.

        "I'm really sorry, I'm still busy, so please leave on your own for the three." Liudin said.

        It was definitely humiliating to be chased away just like that, and Huang Snapdragon was a bit anxious and said to Han Qianqian, "Master, are we still participating?"

        Han Giangli sighed, he also knew it might be humiliating, and it would be even more humiliating if he took out the red fruit and didn't get Liu Ding's approval.

        "It's better to inspect the capital and not participate in the highest level auction," Han Qianqian said.

        Huang Snapdragon saw that Han Three Thousand's attention had been set and said to Liudin, "My master's goodies aren't worth bringing out for auction, so we won't participate in the highest level auction."

        "If you want to inspect the capital, please follow me." Liudin said with strong impatience.

        Huang Snapdragon was then taken into a secret room in the office, and after a few minutes, they came out, and it was obvious to Han 3000 that Huang Snapdragon was hanging his head.

        "Three, you're wasting my time." Liudin's attitude had become noticeably more rude, even with intense anger.

        "What's going on?" Han Giangli asked to Huang Snapdragon.

        "Master, he said that I can't even participate in the lowest level auction with this little money, but I've almost emptied my home." Huang Snap Yong had never thought that all of his possessions, Liu Ding didn't even look at them at all, which made him not dare to imagine that the people who came to the auction were rich people.

        Han Qianli blackened his face, this was the first time he was truly embarrassed by the word money.

        When he was on Earth, although there were times when Han Three Thousand was in a tight spot, he didn't fall into this situation, but he didn't expect to be embarrassed by money now.

        At this time, a group of heavily armed guards rushed into the office, each one fierce.

        "Liu Ding, what do you mean?" Huang Snap Yong's face changed, it's just that there is no money, there is no need to raise such a crowd.

        Liu Ding's face was full of cold intent, no longer as pleasant as it was just now, and said in a cold voice, "I don't know where the hillbillies come from, don't even have the money to come and waste my time, you need to pay the price for this."

        "Want to fight?" Huang Snapdragon was eager to try, he wasn't afraid of such things as fighting right now, instead he was very belligerent, especially with Han Qianqian, Huang Snapdragon had no worries.

        "With you? A mere five-light realm is nothing more than ants to the Feng Mo Auction House." Liu Ding was full of mockery, he could tell Huang Snapdragon's realm, and it was clear that his strength wasn't bad either.

        Being able to become one of the heads of the Feng Mo Auction House, if he didn't have some ability, he wouldn't be able to sit in this position.

        Seeing that the two sides were about to go to war, Han Qianli spoke up at that moment, "I have something to auction, but I don't know if the Feng Mo Auction House has the strength to do it next."

        With things being what they were, he could only try out the value of the red fruit, and Han Three Thousand wanted to prove whether or not it was a good thing in the Xuanyuan World.

        Of course, he still had one more concern, which was that the Feng Mo Auction House had to have a backstage to make it this big, and it was never a good thing to create such a big conflict between Feng Mall and the Feng Mo Auction House.

        Han Qianli didn't want to have to leave this place right after settling here.

        "Hahahaha." Liu Ding laughed when he heard Han Marchian's words.

        "What are you laughing at, my master's things are very precious, and you might not even have seen them in this stupid auction house." Huang Snap Yong looked at this yin and yang guy, his anger was unbearable.

        "In the entire Feng Mall, who can compare to Feng Mo Auction House, I have never seen anything that Feng Mo Auction House couldn't pick up, are you deliberately wasting my time?" Liudin scoffed.

        "Whether or not it's a deliberate waste of your time, we'll see, but the stuff is very valuable, so these people of yours, let them withdraw first." Han Three Thousand Years said.

        Liudin didn't look like Han Three Thousand was joking, maybe he really had something to offer as well.

        "Retreat to the door, if you hear any movement, come in immediately, and kill anyone who is standing." Liudin said to the group of guards.

        After the guards had retreated, Liudin sat back in his seat, but he didn't have much hope that Han 3,000 would have anything too good, after all, these three were too rich to even participate in the lowest level auction, so how could they have anything too good?

        "Take it out," Liudin said.

        Han Giangiang looked at Snapdragon Huang, his heart really wasn't in the right place, but the arrow had to be in the right place, so he pulled out a red fruit and squeezed it in his hand, walking towards Liudin's desk.

        "What do you think?" Han Giangli stretched out his hand to spread his palm.

        He was also a bit nervous at this time, after all, he had never verified the value of the red fruit from the side, it was a product of Earth, and he didn't know if the people of Xuanyuan World recognized it or not.

        Liudin raised his head slightly, and his expression, which had been relaxed and comfortable, suddenly became heavy.

        Scuffling to his feet, Liudin subconsciously tried to reach out and snatch the red fruit from Han Giang's hand.

        But Han Giangli closed his hand even faster, causing Liudin to pounce.

        "How's that, it's still good enough for you, right?" Han Giangli was relieved and smiled, judging from the change in Liu Ding's facial expression, it should be very valuable, otherwise, how could he suddenly change his face?

        Liudin's breathing became labored, and he wasn't sure if he had just looked at it right, saying to Han Giang, "You let me take another look."

His True Colors Chapter 968

After Han Giangli spread his hands again, Liudin's eyes, as if he had seen a wonderfully gorgeous woman, were filled with a desire to possess her.

        "Holy Chestnut, this is actually a Holy Chestnut!" Willowdine exclaimed.

        Holy chestnut?

        Han Qianliang had always called it a red fruit, but I didn't think it had a real name.

        Since it had a name, it meant that this kind of thing existed in the Xuanyuan World as well, so it didn't seem like it was a specialty of Earth.

        And judging by Liudin's reaction, the value of the Sacred Chestnut must be very high.

        "How could you have a Sacred Chestnut, where did you get it from?" Liudin couldn't wait to ask Han Marchant.

        "Do I need to give you an account of where it came from?" Han 3000 asked rhetorically.

        Liudin restrained his emotions until he calmed down a bit, and then he knew that his question was indeed a bit abrupt, and the auction house wasn't qualified to care where things came from.

        It was just that he was too appalled, so he couldn't help but ask the question.

        After all, the origin of the Sacred Chestnut was in the Dark Forest, and it was guarded by powerful exotic beasts, and it was rumored that it was extremely difficult for even a Pole Master to obtain a Sacred Chestnut, so how could he not be shocked when it appeared in front of him now.

        In his life, Liu Ding had only seen the Sacred Chestnut twice, the last time, it was still with the real owner of Feng Mo Auction House, he had seen it in the hands of a Pole Division, and now, the Sacred Chestnut appeared again, could it be that the person in front of him was also a Pole Division?

        "I apologize for my unreasonable behavior earlier, I hope Your Excellency doesn't mind." Liudin cupped his hands and bowed slightly.

        Han Giangli smiled, even the title had changed, and it seemed that the value of the Sacred Chestnut was beyond his imagination.

        "Am I now qualified to participate in the highest level auction?" Han Giangli asked.

        "Of course there is, the Sacred Chestnut will definitely be the most valuable lot, but does your lordship really want to auction the Sacred Chestnut?" Liudin asked uncertainly, after all, the Holy Chestnut was too precious, even if the average person had this kind of good thing, they would still use it for their own use as a way to strengthen their own strength, so how could they put it up for auction?

        You know money and status, after having the latter, the former will naturally come to one's door.

        Sacred Chestnut, however, could give one strength and status.

        Although there weren't many Sacred Chestnuts in Han Qianli's hands anymore, he didn't care about this one, and he also wanted to see what some of the best things were at the highest level auction, so it was reasonable to pay a price.

        "You help me arrange it, and I'll come back when the auction starts." Han Marchiang said.

        Seeing that Han Three Thousand was sure about the auction, Liu Ding hurriedly took out a purple gold card from his desk, presented it to Han Three Thousand, presented it with both hands and said, "My lord, this is the admission ticket for the top auction, with this purple gold card, you can attend any auction, please keep it."

        Han Giangli took it in passing and took a look at it, it was very exquisitely made and looked to be worth quite a bit, just an entrance ticket was worthy of being made so well by the auction house, this Feng Mo Auction House was indeed not simple.

        "Now you know that my master has something good, you bastard, you're really a dog's eye, do you know you're wrong?" Huang Snap Yong said to Liu Ding with a smug look on his face, "I was looked down upon by Liu Ding just now, now that I have the chance, I naturally want to take out my anger.

        Liu Ding didn't dare to have the slightest discontent, and repeatedly said, "This young brother has taught a lesson, Liu Ding almost made a mortal mistake, it's good that your Excellency didn't bother with me, thank you."

        "I've seen people like you too many times, in the future it's better to restrain yourself, don't look under the door and put people ......"

        Huang Snapdragon hadn't finished his sentence yet, feeling Han Giangli glare at him and quickly shut up.

        "There's nothing else, we're leaving first, I'll come back when the time for the auction arrives." Han Marchian said.

        "My lord, aren't you going to leave the auction items behind?" Liu Ding hurriedly said that since he had decided to auction the Sacred Chestnut, he naturally had to leave it behind, so that the auction house could make arrangements to avoid Han Qianli's sudden regret.

        "What do you mean, can you casually hand over such a valuable item?" Huang Snap Yong immediately changed his face and snapped at Liu Ding.

        Liudin looked embarrassed and said to Han 3,000, "My lord, since you decided to auction, this is the rule of our auction house, please understand."

        Han Three Thousand Thousand thought about it and tossed the Sacred Chestnut directly to Liu Ding through the air, saying, "Since it's a rule, I will naturally abide by it."

        Liu Ding's heart trembled next, afraid of dropping it on the ground and breaking it, and said gratefully to Han 3000, "Thank you, Your Excellency, for understanding."

        "By the way, since we entered the city too late, all the inns in Feng Mall are already full, I wonder if I can ask for your help on this matter?" Han Qianqiang asked to Liudin.

        As the largest auction house in Feng Mall, this small problem shouldn't be a problem for Liudin, and Han 3,000 couldn't really sleep on the streets, so if he could help, naturally, it would be best.

        "Of course there's no problem." Liudin responded in one breath, "The auction house has an exclusive inn for welcoming distinguished guests like you, I'll have someone arrange it right away."

        "That's great."

        On the way to the inn, Han Giangli said to Huang Snapdragon, "Why don't you go inform Fei Ling'er and ask her to come as well?"

        Before Snapdragon Huang could speak, Bai Ling Wan'er spoke up, "Since she's already lived here, why bother having her come again, do you have any other thoughts?"

        To Bai Ling Wan'er's jealousy-filled words, Han Saniang had no choice but to stop.

        At the inn, Liudin prepared the best guest room for the three and explained that the inn must treat the three with importance.

        Liudin then eagerly returned to the auction house.

        The Sacred Chestnut was bound to be the highlight of the auction, once the news was released, there was no telling how many people would be shocked, and Liudin could already imagine those people bidding for the Sacred Chestnut.

        But before that, Liudin still had to confirm the authenticity of the sacred chestnut.

        In the office, Liudin held the sacred chestnut in both hands, feeling the thick power surging through the sacred chestnut, this feeling will never be fake.

        "This matter, it looks like we have to inform the boss."

        Soon, Liudin left the auction house again and arrived in front of an old mansion via walking.

        Compared to the other buildings in Feng Mall that were full of modern styles, this old mansion was extremely eye-catching and out of place.

        But here lived the most powerful person in the Feng Mall, he was the owner behind the Feng Mo Auction House, Ran Yi.

        Ran Yi's industry in Feng Mall, in addition to the Feng Mo Auction House accident, there are countless auction houses of all sizes, it can be said that he almost monopolized half of the entire Feng Mall's industry with one person.

        "Boss, Liudin is here."


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