His True Colors Chapter 964-966


His True Colors Chapter 964

From Long Yun City to Feng Mall, it took more than half a month, which inevitably made Han 3,000 yuan somewhat miss the Earth's convenient transportation, if there were high speed rail and airplane, this point of journey would be able to reach a few hours at most, why need to use such a long time?

        It was a waste of energy not to mention time.

        Also, during the majority of this month, there was a lot of trouble because of the two women, Bai Ling Wan'er and Fei Ling'er.

        It was said that beautiful women came with trouble, and that wasn't wrong, but the good thing was that with Huang Snap Yong stepping in, these troubles could be solved without Han Qianqian's intervention.

        Standing outside the city gates of Feng Mall, the grand and majestic gates gave a feeling of grandeur, causing Huang Snapdragon to marvel incessantly.

        "I used to think that Xiao Ling City was already imposing enough, but I didn't think it was me who was a frog in a well, this Feng Mall is too exaggerated, it's only a gate, it's so big." Huang Snapdragon said with a look of wonder, like a hick who had never seen the world before.

        Han 3000 didn't have much of a reaction, it was true that this place wasn't something that Xiao Ling City and Long Yun City could compare to, but in Earth, Han 3000 had seen a lot of tall buildings, and Feng Mall was still too inferior compared to Earth's buildings.

        "Master, aren't you surprised at all?" Seeing Han Giangli look as normal, Huang Snapdragon asked curiously.

        "Put away your ignorant look and don't let anyone see the joke." Han Marchiang said.

        Huang Snap Yong looked embarrassed to control his feelings of wonder, but after entering the city gates, he couldn't help but start to marvel at the architecture of the city, which was completely different from anything he had ever seen.

        Han Qianli also frowned at this time, according to the Long Yun City and Xiao Ling City he had seen, the construction style within the imperial court should be in the ancient category, but at Feng Mall, Han Qianli felt a modern atmosphere, each building, with some modern elements, was completely different from the construction style of Long Yun City and Xiao Ling City.

        "Master, the architecture of the Feng Mall is really strange, what are all those round and pointy ones?" Snapdragon Huang was puzzled and asked Han Qianqiang.

        "Look around you, how many scowling jeers are looking at you, can't you restrain yourself?" Huang Snapdragon's ignorant exclamation drew many laughing looks, so Han Sanxiang had to remind him once again to watch his image.

        Huang Snapdragon wants to lose face, but Han Qiangiang doesn't.

        Snapdragon Huang also wanted to control it, but there was just too much here that he hadn't seen before to be able to control it.

        "Master, this place is just too magical, I can't control it." Snapdragon Huang said with a bitter look on his face.

        Han Giangli helplessly rolled his eyes and said, "Let's find a place to stay first so you can get used to it."

        As the few people searched for an inn, Fei Ling'er deliberately walked at the end.

        To her, it was perfectly normal for Snapdragon Huang to react the way he did; anyone who came to the Feng Mall for the first time, no matter where he came from, would have behaved the way Snapdragon Huang did.

        Because the architecture of the Feng Mall was unique within the entire imperial court, the Feng Mall was built two hundred years ago, and it was rumored that the person who designed and built the Feng Mall had visited another world, and he had built it with the composition of another world.

        Of course, this was just a legend, and some people also regarded the builder's other world as a dream, and only things that appeared in dreams could be amazing.

        But Han Giangli looked as usual, not surprised at all except for a little bit of confusion, which made Fei Ling'er feel very curious.

        How did he manage to be as calm as water?

        Or is it because he has a strong heart, so much so that no strange thing he sees will stir in his heart?

        Two guesses, and Fei Ling'er didn't know who was more likely to be the former or the latter, but she was certain that Han Qianli was definitely not ordinary.

        Fengyan Inn.

        The four of them had wanted four rooms, but there was only one left in the entire Feng Yan Inn, and originally Han Three Thousand intended to turn around and leave, but after hearing from the innkeeper that the nearby inns were already full, he was able to have one room left here because some guests had suddenly checked out and left, and if it wasn't for the luck of Han Three Thousand and the others, they wouldn't even have a place to stay.

        "Boss, the inn in Feng Mall, is there such a gunman?" Snapdragon Huang felt that the innkeeper was speaking mysteriously and asked with a questioning expression.

        "In normal times, naturally, there would not be such a gunslinger, at a glance you're from out of town, you don't even know what's going on in Feng Mall lately, right?" The innkeeper said with a smile, not so much despising Snapdragon Huang, but looking as if he was about to explain to him the reason for the excitement.

        "What's all the excitement?" Huang Snap Yong asked curiously.

        "The largest auction city in Feng Mall is holding an auction in two days, Feng Mo Auction House only opens its doors once every six months, but every auction is good, so it will attract many people to Feng Mall, the lively scene in Feng Mall once every six months has long been a fascinating thing, even those who don't buy things are happy to come and join in the fun, so the entire city's inn in this It will be full of guests for a period of time." The innkeeper said.

        "Master, I didn't think we'd be allowed to catch an event that happens once every six months, but there's only one room, what are we going to do?" Snapdragon Huang said with a difficult face, he felt that Han Qianxiang would be able to sleep in the same room with two women, after all, he was the master, he wouldn't dare to have such thoughts.

        "Just barely deal with it and think of something else." Han Marchan said, since the innkeeper had made it so clear that right now there was only one room, Han Marchan couldn't not want it and let everyone sleep on the street.

        "Alright, boss, let's have the last room." Huang Snapdragon said to the boss.

        He was about to pay for it when an untimely voice suddenly sounded.

        "Boss, I'll take this last remaining room, so feel free to name your price."

        This annoying voice made Snapdragon Huang extremely dissatisfied, turning his head to see a fan-shaking, elegant gentleman, but he was really quite dashing, handsome and tall enough to probably charm many women.

        "Dude, we were here first, so this room, naturally, should be given to us." Huang Snapdragon said in a cold voice.

        The man didn't care at all about Huang Snap Yong's words, but walked up to the boss and said, "The most important thing in doing business when you open the door is to make money, whoever gives the most money is the big man, am I right?"

        The boss looked embarrassed, he wasn't the kind of person to see money, but this fan shaking dude was clearly not easy to mess with, and if he insisted on giving the room to Snapdragon Huang, he might cause trouble.

His True Colors Chapter 965

"Guys, why don't you talk to yourselves, I'm open for business and no one wants to mess with me." The boss said.

        As a businessman's position, there was nothing wrong with him doing so, and Huang Snapdragon didn't want to make things difficult for him, so he pointed his spear at the fan shaking young man.

        "Want to fight?" Snapdragon Huang asked simply and brutally, solving problems between men, fists were the best way, so he was also very direct.

        The young man looked at Snapdragon Huang with disdain and said, "With my status, how would I fight with a barbarian like you."

        "Don't dare is just don't dare, why make so many excuses, if you don't have the strength, just get out." Huang Snapdragon said impatiently, this kind of fine skinned guy, at a glance, is also a master who dares to fight, what's the use of just relying on a mouth and blowing a bull's-eye.

        "Just because I won't fight you, doesn't mean no one will fight you, I hope you'll still be alive." As soon as the young man's voice fell, an old man appeared beside him.

        In Han Giangli's eyes, he walked in through the door, only so fast that the normal human eye couldn't catch him.

        But in Snapdragon Huang's eyes, the fact that the old man appeared almost out of thin air beside the young man was a testament to the old man's strength.

        Seeing Huang Snapdragon's face change, the young man smiled proudly and said, "If you know what's good for you, get out quickly, my men kill without blinking."

        "A few, please." The old man said indifferently.

        If Huang Snapdragon had met such a powerful character on his own, he would have already scattered and run.

        But with Han Qianqian here, he didn't panic at all inside, his master, but he dared to kill even the Royal Court's Seventh Lamp Realm, so could this old thing still be a powerful person of the last three realms?

        "What a big mouth, I'd like to see how powerful you are." Huang Snapdragon smiled faintly, and with a thought, a white figure also instantly appeared beside him.

        The huge body appeared and instantly crushed many tables and chairs.

        The boss and the group of customers who were watching the show let out exclamations.

        "Exotic beast!"

        "He's actually a Beast Master!"

        "This exotic beast looks quite powerful, I don't know how many stars he is a Beast Master."

        "Seven stars, this is a Seven Star Winged Tiger, he's even a Seven Star Beast Master!"

        There were people who were knowledgeable enough to see the Winged Tiger's rank and marveled with shock.

        A seven-star beast handler, even in the imperial court, was a high ranked existence, so naturally it was worth those people to show their wonder.

        The young man felt the intimidation of the winged tiger pouncing on his face, and his face paled a little.

        He never would have thought that this insignificant looking hick would actually be a seven-star Beast Master!

        I thought it was just a dirt thing that hadn't seen the world, but this was really a mistake.

        "Old man, if it's convenient, how about we go out and try to see who can have the right to occupy this room?" Snapdragon Huang was full of provocation, he didn't care what realm the old man was, as long as his master was here, he wasn't afraid of the sky or the earth.

        The old man looked at the young man with a difficult face, he was a strong seven-light realm, but it was still difficult for him to take on the seven-star winged tiger, and it was very likely that he would die under the claws of the winged tiger if he wasn't careful, but it was a rather dangerous thing for him to do.

        "Young Master, what do you think?" The old man asked the young man, looking like the young man had a strong family background, so much so that a strong Seven Lantern Realm person like him had to take orders.

        The young man bit his teeth and asked the old man in a low voice, "How sure are you of this?"

        The old man shook his head without moving, the other party of four, he could see through Huang Snap Yong's Five-Light Realm strength and also saw that Bai Ling Wan'er was a person without cultivation, but the remaining two, he couldn't see through them.

        He thought that Han Qianqian and Fei Ling'er were also ordinary people, but after Huang Snapdragon had sacrificed the Seven Star Winged Tiger, he knew that they were definitely not simple.

        Even a henchman possessed a seven-star exotic beast, and the strength of these two was probably even more unimaginable.

        The lack of an energy scent at some point meant that the other party was an ordinary person, but there was also the possibility that the other party was so much stronger than himself that he couldn't feel anything.

        Seeing the old man shaking his head, the young man knew that today wasn't the time for him to be able to just spill his guts, it wouldn't be easy to say if he died under this winged tiger's bloody mouth.

        "What is your name, do you dare to state your name?" The young man asked to Snapdragon Huang.

        "Want to seek revenge later? Okay, I'll give you the chance, my name is Snapdragon Huang, if you want revenge, come find me anytime." Huang Snapdragon said with a smile.

        The young man quickly left with the old man, although it was somewhat humiliating, it was better than losing his life.

        "Master, it's good to have strength, this yin and yang guy, if I wasn't powerful enough, he probably would have had to find us." Snapdragon Huang said proudly, now he was gradually feeling the benefits of strength, which made him aspire even more to a higher realm.

        "The trouble isn't over yet, I've seen this kind of person a lot, he won't stop until the day he dies." Han Giangli said with a smile.

        Not far from the inn was among an alleyway.

        The folding fan in the young man's hand had already been wrung to shreds, and it was a strange shame for him to be humiliated in front of so many people.

        "A mere seven-star beast master, you can't even beat me, making me lose face in front of so many people." The young man gritted his teeth and said to the old man.

        The old man lowered his head, allowing the young man to scold him despite the fact that he was old enough to be the young man's grandfather.

        "Young Master, among these four people, the biggest threat is not that Seven Star Beast Master, but the other man and woman, their strength, even I can't see through them, I'm afraid ...... that they are strong in the back three realms." The old man said.

        A strong person of the Hind Three Realms?

        Hearing this, instead of being afraid, the young man smiled disdainfully and said, "Why do you need to make excuses for your own incompetence, it's not like the back three realms are rotten cabbages, not to mention how they could be at their age."

        "Young Master is right." The old man bowed his head, no longer trying to defend himself, as he knew that this young master was very prideful and wouldn't allow himself to suffer half a loss, so it was useless no matter what he said now.

        "I don't care, you must help me take revenge, if this matter does not satisfy me, I will make your whole family miserable when I return to the house." The young man threatened.

        "Please don't worry young master, I will find a way to help you out." The old man said with a deathly expression.

        "Hmph." The young man gave a cold snort and said, "If you dare to go against me, Windye, there is only one way to die!"

His True Colors Chapter 966

He managed to get the last room.

        The four of them were still facing an awkward situation, it was impossible to fit four people in one bed, but Snapdragon thought better of it, if he couldn't, he would have no problem sleeping on the street and give this opportunity to Han Qiangong.

        But Han Qianxiang didn't have the slightest idea about these two women, he would rather follow Huang Snapdragon to the street.

        "This room, why don't the two of you sleep here, and I'll think of something else with Snapdragon Huang." Han Giangli said to Bai Ling Wan'er.

        Bai Ling Wan'er inwardly wished more than anything that it could be Han Three Thousand who would stay in the room with her, but she knew that the idea would just have to be thought up by herself, and Han Three Thousand would never agree to it.

        "Let her be alone, I don't like sleeping with people I don't know well." Bai Ling Wan'er said, how could she possibly be willing to sleep in the same bed as Fei Ling'er when she considered Fei Ling'er to be her enemy?

        Fei Ling'er smiled when she heard this, and lay directly on the bed, saying, "Thank you so much then, I don't like sleeping with people I don't know well either."

        Bai Ling Wan'er didn't expect Fei Ling'er to be so rude and was furious for a moment.

        The innkeeper had just made it clear that there couldn't possibly be any empty rooms in the current Feng Mall, meaning that if she didn't sleep there, she would probably really have to sleep on the street with Han Qianliang Huang Snapdragon.

        "How shameless." The enraged Bai Ling Wan'er could only utter such a relieving sentence, but unfortunately the effect wasn't too good and her heart was still clogged with panic.

        "Master, why don't we go out again and try our luck." Huang Snapdragon suggested.

        Han Giangli nodded, although the boss had just made his words final, there were no absolutes in anything, so go and give it a try, just in case you got lucky and found a room again.

        The three of them left the inn, the streets and alleys were bustling with activity, which even the rouge river of Xiao Ling City couldn't compare to.

        "Master, these people look like they are neither rich nor wealthy, if they can be the lord of Feng Mall, there must be a lot of oil to catch." Huang Snap Yong said with an envious face, his father was a city lord, so he knew how much monetary benefit a prosperous city could bring.

        In the case of Long Yun City, it wasn't a large city, but the amount of money gained from the annual benefits was quite impressive, and although the money was given to the three families every year, the numbers were very clear to Snapdragon Huang, and if Long Yun City could be as prosperous as the Feng Mall, the amount of money would definitely be even more amazing.

        "There are thousands of auction houses of all sizes in Feng Mall, these can be economies, and the benefits created are naturally unimaginable." Han Qianli said with a smile.

        "It's just a pity that the lords of such large cities are all appointed by the emperor himself, not just anyone can be the lord at will." Huang Snapdragon said with a sigh.

        "Aren't you already qualified to enter the imperial court, perhaps after being favored by the emperor, you'll be qualified to make requests in this regard?" Han Marchant said.

        Huang Snapdragon even shook his head, he didn't even dare to think about such a thing, sometimes just fantasizing about seeing the emperor, Huang Snapdragon was so nervous that he leaked urine, let alone actually seeing a big man like the emperor.

        "Master, if you don't go to the Imperial Court, I won't go in this lifetime." Huang Snapdragon said.

        Han Qianqian glared at Huang Snap Yong with disdain and snapped, "You're so cowardly with the strength of the Five Lantern Realm, you're really something."

        Huang Snap Yong accosted and smiled, not feeling the words hit him either, and said, "Master, I'm especially bold when I'm with you, even if the King of Heaven comes, I won't put it in my eyes."

        "By the way Master, are we going to the Feng Mo Auction House to have a good time?" Snapdragon Huang asked.

        When he was on Earth, Han Qianqiang had attended many auctions, and he had almost become insensitive to such things, but here in the Xuanyuan World, the situation was different, and the items being auctioned were definitely not the ones he was aware of, so naturally, this excitement was still something he had to go see.

        "Go, of course I'll go, if there are any novelties, just so I can take them home as souvenirs to give away." Han Giangli said.

        "Then we still have to go to the Feng Mo Auction House, and I've heard that we have to inspect the capital to be eligible to participate." Huang Snap Yong said.

        This was quite similar to Earth, some large high-end auctions would inspect capital, and only by verifying assets, having the ability to auction and buy, and getting the approval of the auction house would they be able to enter.

        After Huang Snap Yong's inquiries, the group of three finally found the Feng Mo Auction House.

        The grandeur of the place had even surpassed that of the city gates, a building that resembled a palace, with more modern elements coming to the fore, making Han Qianli wonder about the architect, who had come from Earth.

        "What are you guys doing?" When they reached the door, the three of them were stopped.

        "Checking the capital and preparing for the auction, you won't be blocking your distinguished guests from the door, will you?" Huang Snapdragon said indifferently.

        When the man heard this, his attitude immediately became a bit softer and said, "Since this is a capital inspection, please three of you follow me."

        Following that man, he entered the auction house and made his way to a room.

        The room was very large, the interior was also extremely extravagant and luxurious, this kind of office, I'm afraid that this kind of office is not uncommon on Earth, the inlaid gems everywhere, in terms of quality, they were all high-grade goods, this kind of decoration handiwork, I'm afraid that only Nangong Boling could do it on the entire Earth.

        There was a middle-aged man sitting in the room, and his short head and strong clothes looked very capable.

        When he saw the three of Han Qianqian, he stood up and walked up to them.

        "I'm Liu Ding, one of the heads of the Feng Mo Auction House." Liudin introduced himself.

        "Han Three Thousand."

        "Huang Snapdragon."


        The three of them, Han Three Thousand, also politely introduced themselves.

        "I wonder which auction the three are planning to attend?" Liudin asked the three of them.

        Han Three Thousand didn't understand the rules of the Feng Mo Auction House, and from what Liudin said, it seemed that the auction was more than just one auction, there were also grades.

        But it wasn't surprising, the Feng Mo Auction House only opened once every half a year, so naturally it couldn't end in just one auction, and there were good and bad high and low levels for the items being auctioned, and the audience was also different, so naturally they had to be separated.

        "Of course it's the highest grade, don't worry, we're not short of money." Snapdragon Huang said.

        Liu Ding smiled faintly and said, "The highest level isn't something you can participate in with money, those who participate must dedicate a valuable item to the auction."

        "It's so troublesome, can't we even have money, we're here to buy things, not sell them." Snapdragon Huang said with dissatisfaction, he had never heard of such a thing as having to bring your own lot to an auction.

        "Sorry, this is the rule of our auction house, if you don't have the will to do so, you can participate in some auctions of a slightly lower grade." Liudin said.


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