His True Colors Chapter 897-898


His True Colors Chapter 897

The more Yanran Chen thought about it, the more unsettled she felt, and although there was no evidence right now that what she was thinking about was correct, she couldn't think of any way to explain that statement from Snapdragon Huang other than this.

        Even though it was late at night, Yan Chen still put on her clothes and prepared to go to Han Qianli's room.

        The personal maid slept on a cot in a corner against the wall, it was her duty to take care of Yanran Chen when Miss hadn't yet shared a room as husband and wife, and no matter when she had any needs, as a maid she had to meet them.

        "Miss, it's so late, are you going somewhere?" The maid asked to Yanran Chen with sleepy eyes.

        Yanran Chen didn't say anything, and after dressing up, she quickly went out.

        When the maid saw this, she could only panic and get dressed to keep up with Yanran Chen's steps.

        As a personal maid, if anything happened to Yanran Chen, she wouldn't have a good end either.

        "Han Qianli, open the door, open the door quickly." Yanran Chen slapped on Han Three Thousand's door and shouted.

        Not long after, the maid finally arrived at Yanran Chen's side, looking puzzled.

        Han Third Thousand had already been expelled from the Chen family by the eldest young master a few days ago, did the lady not know about this matter?

        Or did she appear delirious because she was rejected by Snapdragon Huang?

        "Miss, don't knock on the door, Han Qianli is not in the Chen family." The maid said.

        "Not at the Chen family?" Yan Chen turned her head to look at the maid and asked urgently, "Why is he not in the Chen family and where did he go?"

        "Miss, Han Qianxiang has already been chased away by the young master, have you forgotten that?" The maid said.

        "Drive away? When was that." Yan Chen looked startled, she had indeed forgotten about this matter, or it could be said that after returning from the City Hall, Yan Chen hadn't cared about anything else at all, her head was full of Huang Snapdragon's words.

        "A few days ago." The maid said.

        "Do you know where he went, I want to see him, right away." Yan Chen said.

        How could a servant girl know the whereabouts of Han 3000, after all, her duty was only to take care of Yanran Chen, and anything unrelated to Yanran Chen was not something she was qualified to take care of.

        "I don't know, perhaps the eldest young master is clear." The maid said.

        When Yanran Chen heard this, she walked towards Chen Tiesin's room without hesitation.

        Chen Tiesin was sleeping comfortably when a sharp knock on the door woke him up.

        Being disturbed in the middle of the night by someone disturbing his beautiful dreams, Chen Tiesin was about to do his anger, but he heard Chen Yanran's voice from the doorway, which made his anger diminish most of the time.

        After all, she was his sister, Chen Tiesin would not be angry with her.

        Opening the door, Chen Tiesin didn't even have time to ask Yan Chen what she was doing in the middle of the night before Yan Chen was the first to say, "Brother, where is Han Qianqian, do you know where he is?"

        "Han 3000?" Chen Tiesin frowned slightly and said, "What are you looking for this trash for, he's already been chased away by me, how would I know where he is."

        "Brother, I want to see him, you must help me find him." Chen Yanran said eagerly.

        Chen Tiesin felt baffled and took a look at the maid.

        The maid didn't know what was happening and only shook her head at Chen Tiesin.

        Chen Tiesin asked, "What's wrong with you, what are you seeing this loser for."

        "Brother, I have something very important to find him, so help me find him first and I'll explain it to you later, okay?" Chen Yanran said.

        Chen Tiesin was very unhappy when he mentioned the word Han Qianqian, but since it was Yanran Chen's request, he would naturally meet it.

        "You go back to sleep first, I'll send someone to look for him tomorrow, where can I find someone in the middle of the night." Chen Tiesin said.

        Although Yanran Chen was anxious, but not to the point of losing her sanity, it was indeed impossible to find Han Marchand at this point in time, so she only nodded her head.

        After sending Yanran Chen away, Chen Tiesin returned to his room and became fierce, in his opinion, the reason why Yanran Chen was in a hurry to find Han 3000, something must have happened, it was even possible that Han 3000 had done something to Yanran Chen.

        "This trash, it's not like he's already touched my sister!" Chen Tiesin gritted his teeth and said.

        "If that's the case, I will cramp and skin you."

        The next morning.

        As soon as Han 3,000 woke up, Huang Snapdragon came sneaking into the courtyard with a smile on his face.

        "Such a nasty smile early in the morning, what bad things should you have done last night?" Han Giangli said to Huang Snapdragon.

        "Master, I'm a good man, how could I do something bad, I'm here to tell you the good news." Huang Snapdragon smiled.

        "What good news?" Han Qianli was curious.

        Huang Snapdragon crouched beside Han Three Thousand and said with a proud look on his face, "Master, I've been having people keep an eye on those three guys from the Imperial Court, they seem to have left Long Yun City, and it looks like they believe me, but these three guys are really not authentic at all, they left without even saying hello."

        "The reason they didn't say hello is because they didn't leave at all." Han Qianli smiled faintly.

        "Didn't leave?" Snapdragon Huang's eyewitnesses had clearly said that those three people were no longer staying at the inn, it was obvious that they had already left Long Yun City, otherwise, how could they have changed the inn for no reason?

        "No way, my eyes say the inn they used to stay at is empty, it's not gone."

        "They've moved somewhere else to stay." Han Giangli smiled.

        "Changing places, Master, how would you know, but my eyes are all over Long Yun City, is there anything I don't know about?" Snapdragon Wong said.

        "How would you know about the place I changed for them." Han Giangli stood up and walked out into the garden.

        Huang Snap Yong followed, his brow furrowed, which made even less sense, had Master already met with the Royal Court three?

        But even so, why did Master change the inn for them?

        And those three people couldn't have listened to Master for no reason.

        "Master, you're not kidding me, where did you change them?" Snapdragon Huang asked.

        Han Qianqiang pointed at Huang Snap Yong's feet.

        Huang Snap Yong was baffled and even more filled with puzzlement as he looked at this action of Han Three Thousand.

        "What does it mean?"

        "Underneath your feet, they'll live here forever," Han Marchan explained.


        Live here forever!

        Huang Snapdragon was stunned, then looked at Han Marchant in horror.

        How could a good man be living in mud?

        Han Qianli's words were clearly saying that those three people were dead and buried in this garden.

        "Master ...... Master, you, you, killed them?" Huang Snap Yong asked in horror, that was an expert from the Imperial Court, not to mention how amazing they were, even their strength was very strong, and Master, he had killed them!

His True Colors Chapter 898

"Remember to come to this courtyard next year when the flowers bloom." Han Qianqian said indifferently.

        Huang Snap Yong's breathing gradually became quicker, this was the first time he had felt such a strong side of Han Qianqian, even though he had killed the three people from the Imperial Court, he acted as if this matter couldn't make any waves in his heart.

        "Master, if the Imperial Court doesn't get these three people to return for a return order, they will definitely pursue this matter." Huang Snap Yong reminded Han Qianqian that although he knew that Han Qianqian was very strong and was able to kill these three Seven Lanterns with ease, it didn't mean that he could make an enemy of the entire imperial court.

        How could he go against a country when he was only one man after all?

        "You can find a few people at random and pretend to be them, and as long as they are seen leaving Long Yun City, this matter won't have anything to do with Long Yun City." Han Qianli said.

        "I'm just afraid that the Imperial Court won't believe such a perfunctory approach," Huang Snapdragon said.

        Han Third Thousand looked up at Huang Snap Yong and said with a smile, "Then you can only report me for killing them, so that there will be no involvement with you."

        Han Qianqian knew why Huang Snap Yong was worried, after all, these three people were after him, and the disappearance of these three people the Imperial Court would definitely focus their investigation on Huang Snap Yong, it was only reasonable that he would be afraid.

        Huang Snap Yong's body trembled, how could he dare to report Han Qianqian, and even if he was given the courage to do so, he wouldn't do it.

        The only way for Snapdragon Huang to become stronger was to get Han Three Thousand's guidance, and since they were master and disciple, they should work together in all matters, Snapdragon Huang would never betray Han Three Thousand for himself.

        "Master, what are you joking about, how could I, Huang Snap Yong, be this kind of person, if one day you really want to make an enemy of the entire imperial court, I will stand by your side, after all, I am your disciple." Huang Snapdragon said.

        Han Giangli smiled faintly at the words, if there really was that day, Huang Snap Yong might have run far away long ago.

        Although the current Huang Snapdragon showed great loyalty to him, it didn't mean that the future Huang Snapdragon would be the same.

        And the mentor-disciple relationship between them would eventually be broken one day in Han Giang's opinion, after all, the two of them came from different worlds, and these two worlds had erupted into great wars in the past.

        "There's nothing else, go ahead and find some people to fake them out of the city." Han Giangli said.

        "Yes." Huang Snapdragon nodded and left the courtyard.

        Returning to the city's main residence, Huang Snap Yong picked out a few people who were similar in stature to the three from the Imperial Court and custom-made clothes for them exactly the same, and that evening, while it was getting late, had the three leave the city through the most crowded east gate, this matter was deliberately shown to many people, and when the Imperial Court really found out that the three had vanished into thin air, even if they came to Long Yun City to investigate, they should be able to muddle through for a while.

        As for the matter of Han Qianqian killing the three people from the Imperial Court, Huang Snap Yong already had a shadow in his heart.

        In his original impression, Han 3,000 was a very low-key and kind person, even though the Chen family had humiliated him so severely, Han 3,000 had never taken it to heart.

        But this time, Han 3,000 killed the Imperial Court's men in disagreement, showing Snapdragon Huang a different side of Han 3,000 and giving Snapdragon Huang a warning to be even more fearful of Han 3,000.

        But what Huang Snap Yong didn't know was that Han Three thousand had been forced to do this, and if those three hadn't broken into Han Three thousand's room late at night and started killing them, how could Han Three thousand have killed them for no reason.

        For Han Three thousand, the two things he wanted to figure out the most now was to find Jiang Yingying, but to know where that sense of implication came from, and Han Three thousand would never be willing to cause any trouble if he didn't have to.

        The next day, the story of the Imperial Court's visitors leaving Long Yun City spread throughout the city, and many versions of speculation emerged that Huang Snapdragon had not followed them away.

        Some people said that Huang Snap Yong had rejected the Royal Court's good intentions and wanted to become an earth emperor in Long Yun City.

        Others believed that Huang Snap Yong had reached some sort of agreement with the imperial court and would go to serve the imperial court in the future.

        But no matter which one it was, when it reached Chen Tiesin's ears, it would make him envious and jealous.

        In the past, Chen Tiesin never put Snapdragon Huang in his eyes, he only treated Snapdragon Huang as a puppet's son, and often walked by Snapdragon Huang with a high and mighty look, not even interested in looking at Snapdragon Huang.

        But now, Huang Snapdragon was valued by the imperial court, and was himself a Four-Light Realm and Seven Star Beast Master, such a disparity caused Chen Tiesin to suffer in his heart.

        He believed that he had put in a lot of hard work without any reward at all, while Huang Snapdragon was an idle heaven-sent wonder, which only made Chen Tiesin complain that fate was unfair and the heavens were blind.

        "Eldest Young Master, Miss is very agitated right now, you should go see her." While Chen Tiesin was complaining, Yanran Chen's personal maid ran to his side.

        Chen Tiesin withdrew his thoughts and hurried towards Yanran Chen's room.

        Only to see that Yanran Chen looked rather dazed, her mouth kept chanting the three words Han Qianli as if she was possessed.

        Chen Tiesin walked over to Yanran Chen's side and held her hand, asking, "Sister, what's wrong with you."

        "Brother, brother." Chen Yanran's eyes instantly became enlightened and asked to Chen Tiesin, "Have you found Han Giang, where is he, I want to see him."

        Chen Tiesin gritted his teeth, he didn't understand why Yanran Chen had suddenly become like this, but he was sure that it was because of what Han Giang had done to Yanran Chen.

        "Sister, what exactly did he do to you, don't be afraid, tell brother and I'll take revenge for you." Chen Tiesin said.

        "I want to see him, I want to see him, brother, help me find him ah." Chen Yanran's two lines of tears surged wildly down her cheeks, appearing extremely sad.

        Chen Tiesin was even more convinced that Yanran was being bullied by Han 3000, but the real situation was that Yanran's tears were tinged with regret, as she increasingly felt that what Huang Snapdragon was implying with that statement was Han 3000.

        Chen Tiesin took a deep breath and said, "Don't cry yet, brother will find him, no matter where he is in the world, I won't let him go."

        Hearing this, Yan Chen's emotions calmed down a bit, as long as she could see Han Giang, it was easy to say.

        Chen Tiesin really wanted to ask what had happened between Yanran Chen and Han Three Thousand, but he was worried that it would cause Yanran Chen's emotions to become agitated again, so he could only endure it.

        After leaving Yanran Chen's room, Chen Tiesin led the entire house's servants in a carpet search in Long Yun City.


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