His True Colors Chapter 899-900


His True Colors Chapter 899

"Find Han Qianxiang and break his legs for me, then bring them back to the Chen residence."

        This was what Chen Tiesin said to every servant, he had already decided within himself that Han Qianxiang had done something worse than an animal, so he would never let Han Qianxiang go.

        However, if he wanted to find Han Three Thousand, it was clearly impossible in the next few days, as Han Three Thousand had already embarked on the road to Xiao Ling City with Huang Snap Yong.

        Xiao Ling City, a place known as a man's paradise, the scenery on both sides of the Rouge River could make most men indulge in it, and it was rumored that there had been a rich family that had lost all of their fortune in the Rouge River, and in the end had also died on a woman, so it could be said that they had given the last of their strength to this cause.

        Huang Snap Yong had also had the experience of sneaking to Xiao Ling City a few times, and he had seen the scenery of the Rouge River several times, it was a place where men couldn't help themselves.

        In the end, he was able to find a way to help her, and he also suggested that he could help her.

        But Han 3,000 didn't accept Huang Snap Yong's proposal, as beauty in the world is meaningless to him and he has never fallen for it.

        Han Qianlian went to Xiao Ling City, apart from gaining insight, there were also some men who were instinctively curious, but of course, being curious didn't mean that Han Qianlian would do anything out of the ordinary.

        "Apart from women, there should be more experts in Xiao Ling City, right?" Han Qianli asked.

        "That's natural, but Xiao Ling City is much larger than Long Yun City, and due to the existence of the Rouge River, it's more able to attract men to go there, among them, there are naturally some experts, in Long Yun City, the Four Lantern Realm is already considered absolutely strong, but in Xiao Ling City, there might even exist strong folk of the Seven Lantern Realm." Snapdragon Huang said.

        "Only Seven-Light Realm?" Han Giangli frowned and asked.

        Only the Seventh Lamp Realm?

        This sentence made Huang Snapdragon laugh and cry, for the world, the Seven Lantern Realm was already a rarely seen strong person, after all, those great experts of the latter three realms were almost all already members of the Imperial Court, so how could they casually come to the skyscraper?

        The women of the imperial court were not something that could be compared to the Celestial City.

        "Master, to you the Seven Lantern Realm is nothing, but to ordinary people, the Seven Lantern Realm is already like a god, it's not something you can just see casually." Saying that, Snapdragon Huang suddenly lowered his voice and said, "Especially for a strong man like you who can casually kill three Seven Lantern Realms, it's a rare occurrence in the world."

        "Your ass-kissing skills are probably already at the Extreme Master realm," Han Giangli said.

        Huang Snap Yong was thick-skinned enough, so he didn't feel embarrassed at all, but instead laughed proudly and said, "Master, although I'm not at a good realm, there aren't many people who can match me when it comes to flattery, but when I used to like Yanran Chen, I was able to say anything, and now that I think about it, I feel disgusted myself."

        "You're just a total licking dog." Han Qianli was helpless.

        "A licking dog?" Huang Snapdragon looked at Han Qianqian in confusion and asked, "Master, I'm obviously a human, so how can I be a dog?"

        Dog-licking was a new-age word on Earth, and Han Sanliang didn't bother explaining it to Huang Snapdragon, so he changed the subject and asked, "Besides women, there should be other interesting things in Xiao Ling City, right?"

        With Han 3000's modern thinking logic, although Xiao Ling City was mainly a women's industrial chain, but since Long gathered a lot of popularity, it should also give rise to some interesting things in other aspects, after all, this place was a new world to Han 3000, so he wanted to see more things that he hadn't seen before.

        "Master, what Xiao Ling City is most famous for is beautiful women, every man who comes to Xiao Ling City is for women, what are you referring to in other aspects?" Huang Snapdragon looked at Han Qianqiang in puzzlement.

        What was it?

        Han 3000 wasn't from Xuanyuan World, so how could he say anything about it, but looking at Huang Snapdragon's eyes full of women, he probably wouldn't care about anything else.

        "Let's hurry, let's get to Xiao Ling City first." Han Giangli said.

        The two of them were fast on their horses, and although Han Three Thousand had never had the experience of riding a horse, he had a strong strength and it was simple to get used to such a way of rushing.

        The two of them arrived at Xiao Ling City in the evening of the second day.

        For Xiao Ling City, this was the time when it was just starting to get crowded.

        Huang Snap Yong had just entered the city gates and was already eager to get to the Rouge River.

        And Han Qianli also found that this Xiao Ling City did have a lot more women than Long Yun City, and most of the heads gathered on the streets were women, and the postures were pretty good, giving Han Qianli the feeling that he was in the Daughter's Kingdom.

        "Master, should we go straight to the Rouge River?" Snapdragon Huang asked eagerly.

        "Go." Since it was the heart of Xiao Ling City, Han Qianlian naturally wouldn't miss the Rouge River.

        A short distance into the city gate, there was a river, and various boat rental shops were loudly hawking to solicit business.

        As the son of the lord of Long Yun City, Huang Snap Yong was naturally a wealthy lord and rented the most expensive flower boat.

        After boarding the boat, Huang Snap Yong explained to Han Qianqian, "Master, there are ways to rent this boat, the better the boat, the more likely it is to be favored by a girl, the last time I was here, there were many girls throwing belly pockets at my boat, and one of them hated to be honest with me."

        "If you don't have a boat, wouldn't you not even be qualified to visit the Rouge River?" Han Giangli said with a smile, from the looks of it, this is a rich man's game, the girl hasn't seen it yet, you have to drop a sum of money first, like those upscale clubs on Earth and the entrance fee.

        "You can also visit the two coasts, but young and beautiful girls, their eyes never look to the two coasts, only those older women will hook up with poor people walking on the two coasts." Huang Snap Yong said.

        The shopkeeper had the manpower to support the boat, so all Han Qianli and Huang Snap Yong had to do was to stand gracefully at the bow of the boat.

        As the current flowed, in a short while, the real Rouge River was already before Han Qianqian's eyes.

        There were countless young and beautiful women standing on both sides of the river bank, waving handkerchiefs in their hands and trying hard to attract guests, especially after Han Qianli's boat entered, those girls worked even harder.

        "Gongshi, I'm proficient in all eighteen martial arts, so please take me in."

        "Duke look at me, what kind of woman do you like, our family can satisfy you."

His True Colors Chapter 900

Huang Snapdragon had already been salivating.

        But Han Giangli was very uncomfortable with this situation.

        After all, this sort of thing was illegal on Earth, where had he seen such a blatant attempt to solicit customers?

        But the posture of those women was very surprising to Han Qianli.

        On both sides of the Rouge River, casually carrying a woman out, they were all absolutely beautiful and had many figures, if this went to Earth, there was no telling how many men would be dazzled.

        "Master, these women are pretty enough." Huang Snapdragon said to Han Qianqian with a dry mouth.

        "If there are so many women here, why have you been infatuated with Yan Chen for so many years?" Han Giangli smiled and asked.

        "Master, these are, after all, young ladies, it's fine to play with them occasionally, how can they be brought home as wives." Huang Snapdragon said.

        "What will happen to these people, in the end?" Han Giangli was curious.

        Huang Snapdragon had never met anyone who would care about the women of the Green House, and he hadn't thought about what these women would be like in the future.

        But thinking about it, one could know that after getting old and being kicked out of the Green House, it might be a miserable old age, there were those who were luckier and might be able to get concubines from rich people, but the humble nature of their status was a reality that could never be changed.

        "Master, why do you care about this." Huang Snapdragon said.

        "Just asking out of pure curiosity." Han Giangli couldn't help but laugh, if this were Earth, those women should have gone back home, found an honest man to take over, and maybe even have a happy life, but it was obviously unlikely here, because these women were the equivalent of selling themselves into a green house, and their fate was no longer theirs to decide.

        When the flower boats swam to the middle section of the Rouge River, Huang Snapdragon suddenly asked the people supporting the boats to stop, and this was the section of the river where the boats were moored the most, no need to ask Han Qianqian also guessed that this should be the shop that Huang Snapdragon had spoken of, the shopkeeper selected yellow flower lady's girls for his customers, so naturally it was worthy of more attention.

        "Master, we can just call the price on the ship, if you like anyone, let me know, no matter how much it costs, my disciple will satisfy you tonight." Huang Snapdragon said to Han Qianqian.

        In front of Han Three Thousand, Huang Snap Yong didn't care about money at all, as long as Han Three Thousand was happy, he wouldn't blink an eyelid even if he had to shell out the entire fortune of the City Lord's Palace.

        "No need, just take a look at the fun."

        As soon as Han Qianli's voice fell, a delicate woman was pushed over to the riverbank.

        Looking at the way her head was lowered, she appeared to be very afraid, and her tiny body was clearly trembling slightly, distinctly different from those women who were soliciting business.

        It was obvious that she was forced to do so, perhaps this was the norm in Xiao Ling City, but it was somewhat tolerated in Han Qianqian's eyes.

        At this time, many of the ship's guests began to call out prices, and it was clear that they were particularly interested in this unhuman woman, and the price rose quickly.

        As the price got higher, the barking became quieter and quieter.

        Han Giangli didn't control her compassion and said to Huang Snapdragon, "How much will it cost to help her ransom her body?"

        "Master, you're going to help her redeem herself?" Huang Snap Yong looked at Han Qianqian in dismay, was this love at first sight? This is the banks of the River Rouge in Xiaoling.

        "I shouldn't have this kind of pity, should I." Han Qianqiang sighed, he also knew that he shouldn't do this, but looking at the woman Konjou's frightened appearance, it was a bit unbearable.

        Huang Snapdragon didn't know why Han Three Thousand had to do this, but since it was Han Three Thousand's request, he naturally had to meet it.

        Raising his hand to call for a price, Huang Snap Yong was like a black horse killing out, leaving no room for error.

        "Brother, you're obviously going against me?" On the other boat, a young man walked up to the bow of the boat and looked at Huang Snapdragon with a torch-like gaze, he was the one who had just barked the loudest, it was obvious that he wanted the woman very badly, and Huang Snapdragon had come out of the middle of nowhere, making him very dissatisfied.

        Snapdragon Huang looked at the man with contempt and said, "You're the only one who can call the price, can't I?"

        The man smiled slightly, and with a strong hint of coldness in his eyes, he said, "Before you go against me, you should really find out who I am, don't lose your life in this Rouge River."

        "What? You don't have any money? Don't have money to pretend to be a grandfather, stay honestly." Huang Snapdragon said without mercy, knowing that he was an actual domineering disciple, how could he lose the limelight in such a matter?

        The man's face was even colder, and it could be seen that he should have a certain status in Xiao Ling City, or else he wouldn't dare to say such words.

        At this time, an old man appeared beside him, sleepy-eyed, but Han Qianqian could tell that this was a Five Lantern Realm person, who seemed harmless, but was actually concealing murderous intent.

        At this time, many people on the other ships recognized the young man's identity and showed respect for him, and advised Huang Snapdragon not to stir up trouble.

        If it had been before, Huang Snap Yong would have slumped down and stopped, but now that his master was here, he didn't care what the young man's identity was, and now he was no longer in the Two Lanterns realm he used to be.

        "Hmph." The old man snorted heavily, and the water's surface rippled, such a display of strength shocking the others into turning pale.

        But Huang Snapdragon smiled faintly, showing off his skills in front of his master? Wouldn't this little trick seem ridiculous.

        "Brother, I kindly advise you to leave quickly, leave Xiao Ling City, and never appear before me." The young man said to Snapdragon Huang with a sneer on his face, as if in his opinion, the old man's shock tactics were enough to scare the crap out of Snapdragon Huang.

        "It's just a Five-Light Realm, it's not hard for you, right?" Han Giangli whispered to Huang Snapdragon.

        In terms of his own strength, there was a huge gap between Huang Snap Yong and this old man, but now he was a seven-star Beast Master, so how could he need to do anything?

        "Master, it looks like we're about to make a splash right after we arrive at Xiao Ling City." Huang Snapdragon said with a smile.

        The young man couldn't hear the conversation between the two, but when he realized that Huang Snapdragon was even laughing, he felt a sense of humiliation at being ignored and his face turned fierce.

        "Since you must seek death, then I will fulfill you." After the young man finished speaking, he looked at the old man and it was clear that he wanted the old man to kill.

        The old man smiled faintly, killing was a common occurrence for him.

        As an expert of the Five Lantern Realm, even if he killed someone in public, those people could only treat it as if they didn't see it, whoever dared to say more, could they not be afraid of his retaliation?

        Just as everyone was mourning for Snapdragon Huang, believing him to be dead for sure, a huge white figure descended from the sky.


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