His True Colors Chapter 894-896


His True Colors Chapter 894

When Huang Snapdragon said this, the three men of the Imperial Court looked at him with torch-like eyes, hoping to find some flaw in his expression, but unfortunately the unchanged Huang Snapdragon, not to mention a flaw, didn't even have a little bit of a guilty conscience.

        Huang Houyi was afraid of the three people in front of him, but Huang Snapdragon was not, because he had a very powerful master, because he knew that even if his master went to the imperial court, he would be personally received by the emperor.

        With such a master, how could he be afraid of these Imperial Court visitors in front of him?

        "Surely you are young and talented, to possess a seven-star exotic beast at such a young age, your future will be boundless." The man couldn't find a flaw, so he had to tentatively believe Huang Snapdragon's words.

        "Thank you for your lord's false praise." Huang Houyi said with a smile.

        "This time, we have come to ask you if you wish to join the Imperial Court?" The man continued.

        "Joining the Imperial Court is my greatest lifelong desire, and it is my honor to serve the Imperial Court, but a few of you should be able to perceive that my current realm, a mere four-light realm, is far from enough, so I still wish to continue to refine my cultivation now." Huang Houyi's words were a very tactful rejection of the good intentions of the people from the Imperial Court.

        This was also what Huang Houyi had told him, that the Imperial Court would never force him to join now, as long as he could show his loyalty to the Imperial Court.

        "You don't have to reject it in a hurry, we will still be here for a few more days, after three days, you can give us your answer." The man said.

        "Yes, I will definitely serve the three of you well during these few days, you can feel free to tell me if you need anything." Snapdragon Huang said.

        "No need." Leaving these three words behind, the three of them did not say any farewell words and left straight away.

        Huang Hou Yi was relieved, facing these three people, the invisible pressure almost made it difficult for him to breathe, but it was Huang Snapdragon's performance that surprised him a bit, this kid was not humble, even when facing the Imperial Court, he was still able to cope with it.

        "Son, you're much more brilliant than me, you're not even nervous at all when you meet these three?" Huang Houyi asked.

        "Father, they don't eat people, so what's there to be nervous about, and I see that these people are quite amiable." Huang Snapdragon smiled.


        Huang Houyi couldn't help but touch the cold sweat on his forehead, the three of them were staring at each other like there was a funeral at home, how can this be called amiable?

        "In my opinion, they must have other purposes for staying here, you should be careful lately." Huang Houyi warned.

        What did Snapdragon Huang know, how could Little Dragon Cloud City cause them to stop by, these three probably still didn't believe his words, that's why they stayed behind to investigate, but these people should not be able to sense their master's skills.

        People with high realms could sense people with low realms, for example, Snapdragon Huang's realm could be easily sensed by them, but the higher the realm, the more ordinary it appeared, and with their strength, it was absolutely impossible for them to sense Han Qianqian's strength.

        "Even if Master passes in front of them, they won't be able to perceive it, there's nothing to worry about." Huang Snapdragon smiled.

        After the three of them left the City Lord's Palace, they found an inn to stay in, and as Huang Snap Yong thought, they had indeed decided to investigate because they didn't fully believe in Huang Snap Yong's words when they stayed.

        "Just a small Four Lantern Realm, he has tamed a Seven Star Exotic Beast, how is this possible, if he didn't have someone to help him, he would have died long ago under the claws of the Winged Tiger."

        The three of them were in the same room, one of them said with a contemptuous expression, even he, who had the strength of the Seven Lamp Realm, was now only in control of a five-star exotic beast, so he didn't believe at all that Huang Snapdragon was able to accomplish such a transgressive taming.

        What's more, when he saw the Winged Tiger, he simply couldn't contain his envy.

        In the current Xuanyuan World, it was already very difficult to find and tame exotic beasts above five stars, and although there were still many exotic beasts in the Dark Forest, the higher the level, the more difficult it was to tame them, unless they were crushed by strength, otherwise, the exotic beasts wouldn't want to become human servants even if they died.

        "To be able to subdue a seven-star exotic beast, if there's really someone behind him, his strength, I'm afraid it's at least at the eight-light realm, how could Little Dragon Cloud City be so hidden?" Another person filled with doubt said, he was very puzzled as to why such a strong person would remain in Long Yun City.

        Over the years, the imperial court had made great efforts to recruit strong people from all sides, and although it had not included all the experts within the imperial court, it had done so almost to the tenth degree, so how could it be possible for a strong eight-light realm person to become a fish out of the net?

        "Yes, a strong eight-light realm, this is a threshold that we will never be able to cross, such a powerful person, according to common sense, shouldn't stay in Long Yun City, go to the imperial court, what kind of life do you want no."

        "The latter three realms are strong, for the imperial court, there are only a handful of them, this guy is not someone we know, right?" A certain person speculated.

        The higher the realm, the more difficult it was to improve, often a bottleneck appeared that could not be broken even after a lifetime, and the so-called latter three realms were the collective term for the Eight Lamp Realm, the Nine Lamp Realm, and the Extreme Master.

        The latter three realms were regarded as the most difficult realms to cross, and there were many strong people in the seven lanterns under the imperial court, but those in the eight lanterns and above were a tiny fraction of the population.

        Moreover, the gap in the strength of each of the latter three realms was huge, and if it was a single battle, one realm higher was a crushing situation.

        Although the three countries of Xuanyuan didn't have state diplomatic relations, but there was war, but these three countries have a rule, that is, no matter how fierce the battle is, both sides must not have a pole division, because the pole division's strength is too strong, once the action is to destroy the city, no one can withstand the destructive power brought by the pole division, which led to the formation of this tacit rule.

        Of course, the Pole Division was not useless, just like the nuclear bombs of Earth's countries, it could be used without, but never without, it was a way to deter the enemy.

        "It shouldn't be, the ones I know of who are strong in the Eight Lamp Realm should be in the Imperial Court right now."

        "Then who else could it be, could it be that a new expert has appeared in the Imperial Court realm, but the Imperial Court hasn't received the news yet?"

        "How exactly, after our investigation, we may be able to reveal the truth, but if such experts deliberately hide their scent, with our strength, we won't be able to detect it."

        The three of them were in a difficult situation, they had doubts about Huang Snapdragon, but the search for the truth was very difficult, the Seven Lamps Realm was already very powerful, but to the latter three realms, it was still like ants.

His True Colors Chapter 895

For the next few days, since the people from the Imperial Court didn't leave Long Yun City, Huang Snap Yong also restrained his desire to go to Han Qianqian and stayed at the City Lord's Palace all day, but with Huang Snap Yong's temperament, he was already too restless after these few days.

        Early this morning, Huang Snap Yong quietly left the City Lord's Mansion, in what he thought was a good cover for his whereabouts, but the three of them from the Imperial Court were all powerful Seven Lantern Realm, and it was completely easy for such people to track him down.

        Huang Snapdragon himself thought that he was godforsaken, but in reality, his actions had been completely exposed to the three people of the Imperial Court.

        Arriving at the courtyard where Han Qianqian lived, Huang Snap Yong felt refreshed and even seriously suspected that he had gone to the wrong place, the last time he had been here it was still full of weeds, but now there were flowers and plants flourishing in front of him, but there were also bridges and flowing water, and it was already a scene of paradise.

        "What are you doing here." Han Qianliang saw Huang Snapdragon and raised his eyebrows to ask.

        "Master, did you do all this here? It's been a few days and I almost didn't recognize the place." Snapdragon Huang said with a surprised look on his face.

        Han Giangli looked at his masterpiece with satisfaction, he was also bored these days, so he tidied it up a bit, and since the courtyard was spacious, it was able to allow him to do whatever he wanted, and he accidentally designed this scene, although it wasn't as beautiful as a scroll, but compared to before, it had indeed undergone a drastic change.

        "Have the people of the Imperial Court left already?" Han Giangli asked.

        When it came to the royal court's visitors, Huang Snapdragon slumped his head, if it wasn't for those three old guys, he wouldn't have spent so much time bored in the city's main residence.

        "No, those three old things, it looks like they shouldn't be leaving in a short time. However, don't worry, Master, I came out secretly and definitely didn't let anyone find out." Huang Snapdragon said.

        Han Qianli smiled indifferently, the Royal Court was strong, how could he, a Four Lanterns, be able to conceal his whereabouts, I'm just afraid that everything he was doing now was under the noses of those three.

        "Do you really think you're so powerful that you can hide your whereabouts from those people?" Han Giangli said with a smile.

        "Master, but I went out early and wandered around for a long time before coming here, so how could they possibly know." Snapdragon Huang said.

        "With your current strength, you can't comprehend the power of observation and control of the higher realms, so perhaps they already knew the moment you left the City Hall." Han Giangli said, now that he could feel Snapdragon Huang's presence even without having to deliberately exert his strength, the moment Snapdragon Huang appeared in front of the courtyard gate, he knew that Snapdragon Huang had arrived.

        The reason why the Imperial Court three had stayed behind was definitely because they wanted to investigate Snapdragon Huang, and since it was an investigation, how could they let their guard down against him?

        Huang Snapdragon was shocked, if that was the case, wouldn't that expose Master's whereabouts.

        Huang Snap Yong looked at Han 3,000 with a self-recriminating face and said, "Master, I'm sorry, I'm to blame for not being able to control myself, what should we do now, those old guys won't come looking for trouble since they already know, right?"

        Han Three Thousand was not afraid of the Imperial Court coming to find trouble, and they couldn't make any waves, so the worst that could happen would be to kill them, it was a simple matter for Han Three Thousand.

        Of course, Han Three Thousand wouldn't do anything unless it was necessary, after all, the Imperial Court was supreme and had countless experts, so it wouldn't be good for Han Three Thousand if they chose to antagonize the Imperial Court at this time.

        "What's the use of saying sorry now, they definitely already know about me, but the rest of the matter is not something you need to worry about, and it's not something you can help with." Han Three Thousand said.

        Snapdragon Huang gritted his teeth, although Han Marchant didn't blame him, there was something inside him that he couldn't forgive himself for now that he was clearly the one who had caused Han Marchant trouble.

        "Master, why don't I go with them to the Imperial Court, and once I do, maybe they'll leave." Huang Snap Yong said.

        Han 3000 looked at Huang Snap Yong like an idiot, this guy's brain was so simple, for the three of them at the Royal Court, what they wanted to know more now was why Huang Snap Yong was able to tame the Seven Star Exotic Beast, not to take him back to the Royal Court.

        Even if he agreed now, there was no way he could stop the Royal Court three from investigating this matter.

        "You go back to the City Hall first." Han Giangli said.

        Snapdragon Huang left the courtyard with regret, constantly blaming himself along the way, while the three of the Imperial Court were already standing in front of Han Qianli.

        The three had appeared shortly after Huang Snap Yong left.

        As Han Qianli had guessed, they had closely followed Huang Snapdragon's whereabouts from the moment he left the city's main residence.

        "Who are you?" One of them asked Han Marchant.

        "An ordinary person, two hands and two feet, nothing special." Han Three Thousand Fades.

        "An ordinary person, worthy of a sneaky visit from Huang Snapdragon?" The other one looked at Han Marchant questioningly.

        "Sneaky? I don't know why he's sneaking around, but he's not coming to see me, he's trying to get me in trouble." Han Marchant said.

        "It's a bit too perfunctory for you to cover up like that, do you think we'd believe such a statement?" A certain person laughed coldly, clearly feeling ridiculous at Han Qianli's words.

        "After you get to know my identity, you might understand the relationship between him and me, but I'm curious, who are you guys, looking at your outfits, you shouldn't be ordinary people." Han Giangli asked rhetorically.

        Acting like an idiot at a time like this was definitely not the best way, but it was the easiest way to deal with it, because Han 3000 didn't bother to make up stories to hurt his brain, and as for whether they believed it or not, Han 3000 didn't give it any thought at all.

        "What is your status?"

        "The former Chen family's fast son-in-law, now, well, he's been kicked out of the Chen family, and this matter has been spread throughout Long Yun City, so any random passerby can ask about it." Han Marchiang said.

        Right at this moment, one of them suddenly made a sneak attack on Han Third Thousand, and it was from the back.

        Han 3,000 didn't move a single reflex, and only after a few seconds of delay did Han 3,000 act as if he was suddenly alerted that someone was standing behind him.

        "What are you doing?" Han Giangli said vigilantly.

        The man's eyebrows furrowed slightly, his sneak attack would definitely be fatal if he did strike, but in this situation, Han 3000 acted very ignorant, as if he hadn't sensed it at all.

        Could it be that he was really just an ordinary person?

His True Colors Chapter 896

The three Imperial Court members looked at each other and left the courtyard without saying a word.

        Of course, this didn't mean that they believed Han Three Thousand's words, but they needed more evidence to prove whether or not Han Three Thousand was lying, especially since Han Three Thousand's identity was worth verifying.

        Han Three Thousand's reputation in Long Yun City wasn't as loud as it had been in Yun City back then, but it had spread quite widely, especially when he had left the Chen family and Chen Tiesin had deliberately arranged that scene, letting many people know just how useless Han Three Thousand was.

        To be ridiculed and humiliated leaving the Chen family was something that many people had witnessed with their own eyes, and there was no way to fake that.

        The three of them from the Imperial Court investigated Han Qianli's identity without wasting too much time or effort.

        After briefly becoming the Chen family's son-in-law and then being kicked out of the Chen family, causing the Long Yun City crowd to laugh at her, Yanran Chen married Han Qianxiang because she couldn't stand the harassment of Huang Snap Yong.

        From this point on, it also proved that Han 3000 was not lying when he said that Huang Snap Yong was looking for him to trouble him, Huang Snap Yong had liked Chen Yanran for many years, this could never be a play that had been arranged in advance, after all, it had been many years, and at that time, Huang Snap Yong was nothing more than a loser, he couldn't have thought that he had today, much less make a game for today.

        "Could it be that we really suspect the wrong thing about this Han 3000?"

        "With the information gained from the current investigation, he is indeed a trash, and to be expelled from the Chen family in public, such humiliation is not something an expert can endure."

        "But I always feel that there's something wrong, this Han Qianqian, it doesn't seem to be that simple."

        "There's only one way to solve this confusion, kill him, and if he hasn't made a move by the time he dies, that means our suspicions are wrong."

        "Killing an ordinary man is no big deal to us, and killing him won't make us bother."

        Han Three Thousand Thousand did not expect that even though his identity was investigated by the three men of the Imperial Court, it did not make the three men of the Imperial Court allay their concerns, but instead made them kill him.

        That same night, Han Three Thousand Thousand sensed that those three had gone and returned and appeared late at night, their purpose could be imagined, which made Han Three Thousand very helpless.

        Although he didn't want to let things evolve in a more complicated direction, it seemed that he had no choice now.

        When the three Imperial Court members pushed the door open and walked into Han Three Thousand's room, Han Three Thousand sat up in a lazy manner and said, "Haven't you guys investigated my identity, and even though you know that I'm just a piece of trash, you still refuse to let me go?"

        "Since you're already such a waste, why don't you die a quick death so that you don't remain in the world to be ridiculed."

        "Do I deserve to die just because I'm being mocked?" Han Qianqian's tone gradually became colder.

        "Killing you will dispel our worries, so you deserve to die."

        Han Qianqian stood up, moved his muscles, and said, "It's a pity, it's not easy to cultivate to your level, so why do you have to seek death?"

        Han Giangli's words made the three of them turn pale, if he was really just an ordinary person, he would have already been on his knees begging for mercy, so how could he say such words?

        At this moment, a strong killing intent surrounded the three of them, making them tremble, they were Seven Lamp Realm powerhouses, to be able to make them feel this way, the other party must be an expert of the last three realms.

        "You ...... have really concealed your strength."

        "Who the hell are you, and what realm are you."

        "Do you know that we are from the Imperial Court, if you kill us, the Imperial Court will definitely investigate thoroughly, at that time, you will only be judged by the Imperial Court."

        "You guys are the ones who forced yourselves into a desperate situation, there's no way to blame me, as for the Imperial Court, I'm a bit scrupulous, but I'm not afraid yet." Han Giangli's voice just fell, and his figure became illusory.

        Due to the fact that he moved so quickly, it was impossible for the naked eye to recognize him.

        The Seventh Lamp Realm was a god-like existence for the world's commoners, but for experts in the latter three realms, it was as simple as squeezing an ant to kill them.

        A breeze whipped past, and one of them quietly fell down without making even a sound.

        The remaining two were pale.

        Putting to death the Seven Lantern Realm without a sound, his strength had most likely surpassed the Eight Lantern Realm!

        The Nine Lanterns!

        Could it be a Nine Lantern Realm powerhouse.

        "You ......"

        "Begging ......"

        The two of them scrambled to speak, but a complete sentence came to an abrupt end before it could be uttered.

        The room was restored to calm, leaving only Han Qianqian's breath.

        Putting to death three Seven Lamps realm powerhouses with a snap of his fingers, this matter would definitely shock the entire imperial court if it were to spread, but this matter was destined not to be revealed to Long Yun City.

        Han Qianli dragged the bodies of the three men into the front yard, the recently planted flowers and grasses just lacked fertilizer, and I'm sure the flowers would bloom even more brightly next year.

        After all of this, Han Qianli returned to his room and went back to sleep as if nothing had happened.

        With the full moon in the sky, Han Qianli slept soundly, but Yanran Chen at the Chen residence had been tossing and turning for days.

        The words that Huang Snapdragon had left for her had kept Yanran Chen in a state of distress, and after tossing and turning over the past few days, a vague feeling of uncertainty was born in Yanran Chen's heart.

        When she was in the middle of the Long Yan Mountain Range, although she had fainted, she only had Han Qianqian and Huang Snap Yong by her side.

        It was impossible for Huang Snap Yong's Four Lantern realm strength to tame the Seven Star Winged Tiger, and the remaining possibility was Han Qianqian, who had always acted like a loser.

        Combined with the Four Lantern Realm experts that Wang Xie and his family had previously brought, and the ten or so Two Lantern Realm experts that Huang Snap Yong had brought out of the city gate, they had all inexplicably disappeared, and since then, Huang Snap Yong's attitude towards Han Three Thousand seemed to have changed a lot, and although he had shown distance in front of people, after Yan Chen thought about it carefully, this was completely inadequate.

        With Huang Snap Yong's personality and the fact that he was now a Four Lantern Realm powerhouse, how could he not be sarcastic towards Han 3,000 after meeting with her?

        Suddenly, Yan Chen sat up from her bed, appearing a hundred times more energetic.

        "Could it be that Huang Snapdragon's supposedly outrageous mistake is because of Han Qianqian!" Yan Chen said with a horrified look on her face, Huang Snapdragon's words made it clear that she wouldn't know how wrong she was until one day in the future, which meant that she was missing out on something around her.

        And wasn't the strangest person around her right now, Han Qianli?

        He's a loser on the surface, but the things that happen to him are so bizarre that it's impossible to figure out what's going on.


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