His True Colors Chapter 891-893

His True Colors Chapter 891

In the past, Snapdragon Huang would often fantasize about the day when he would become famous, the day when everyone would be impressed with him, he would definitely feel very good.

        But when it actually happened, he didn't have much of that feeling.

        A great pleasure?

        As if it didn't matter too much anymore, even Yan Chen's initiative to come to the door didn't make Snapdragon Huang feel very happy.

        On the contrary, there was only mockery in Snapdragon Huang's heart, mocking the Chen family's ignorance and their lack of knowledge of the truly strong.

        If she could treat Han Qianqian well, the Chen family's position would definitely be above the City Lord's Palace, and the entire Long Yun City would also be a dominant family in the Chen family.

        "Father, I used to think the same, but now, I don't seem to feel that way." Huang Snapdragon faintly said.

        "Hahahahahaha." Huang Houyi laughed and said, "It's because you're already too good now, you don't need to put these people in your eyes at all, so naturally, you don't care what they think of you."

        Snapdragon Huang nodded, perhaps there were factors in this regard, now, even if the imperial court was pulling for him, how would he care how the tiny Long Yun City would view him?

        "Father, what should I do if the Imperial Court does come?" Huang Snap Yong asked, this was the one thing he was more worried about right now, because Huang Snap Yong's realm wasn't very high, and the Seven Star Exotic Beast was also tamed with the help of his master, with his current abilities, although he was able to join the Imperial Court, he was still limited in his own conditions if he wanted to make it big in the Imperial Court.

        Therefore, Huang Snapdragon would prefer to stay by Han Qianqian's side and continue to refine his cultivation, but how to reject the Imperial Court would be a headache.

        "Don't worry about this matter, the Imperial Court recruits and doesn't use forceful means, and you only need to show your loyalty to the Imperial Court so you won't be embarrassed." Huang Houyi said.

        "Even if I refuse to go to the Royal Court, they won't blame me?" Snapdragon Huang was confused.

        "You're only at the Four Lantern realm now, just tell you that you want to become stronger before going to the Imperial Court, and that you won't be able to pass through the Dark Forest without reaching the Nine Lantern realm or above, so the Imperial Court isn't worried about you defecting." Huang Houyi said.

        Huang Snapdragon nodded, it would be best if that was the case, after all, the only way for Huang Snapdragon to have a better chance of becoming stronger was if he stayed by Han Giangli's side, if he went to the imperial court now, he would only be stuck at the Four Lantern realm for the rest of his life.

        "Right, I still have important matters to deal with, so I'll be heading out first." Huang Snap Yong suddenly thought about Han Qianqian being driven out of the Chen family.

        Now that Master definitely didn't even have a place to land, Huang Snap Yong would have to help Han Three Thousand solve the problem of accommodation first.

        "Go ahead, do whatever you want now, father won't interfere in your life anymore." Huang Houyi said with a smile.

        In the past, Huang Houyi would still meddle in Huang Snapdragon's personal life, but now it was completely unnecessary for him because there were things that he wasn't qualified to touch, and now that Huang Snapdragon had become so powerful, Huang Houyi wouldn't treat him as an idle gentleman.

        The matter of Yan Chen kneeling down at the City Lord's Palace quickly reached the ears of the two family heads Wang Xie, and after learning about this, they were laughing so hard that they thought that Yan Chen's appearance would cause the City Lord's Palace to change its attitude towards the Chen family and would make the Chen family get the upper hand, but it was such an unpredictable result.

        "I didn't expect that even moving out Yan Chen would be useless, the Chen family's face has been greatly disgraced this time." The Wang Family Master said with a pained expression.

        "Yan Chen actually still has the day to kneel down to Snapdragon Huang, think about the past, this woman was high and mighty in front of Snapdragon Huang, but now, Snapdragon Huang doesn't even care about her." Family Lord Xie also smiled gleefully.

        "The current Snapdragon Huang is naturally different from before, how could he still put a woman like Yan Chen in his sights, but this also shows that it's not that easy to please the City Lord's Palace, we have to think of other ways to do it." The Wang Clan Master restrained his smile and his expression became heavy again.

        "Yes, the current City Lord's Mansion is not as easy to handle as it used to be, our two families must join forces to make Marquis Huang happy."

        The Chen Family Residence.

        Han Three Thousand had been ordered to leave the Chen family, and at this time, he was not carrying any luggage with him, but he was stopped at the door by Chen Tiesin with his men.

        "Han Three Thousand, if you want to leave, you have to leave my Chen Family's things behind." Chen Tiesin said to Han Three Thousand with a cold face.

        Han Three Thousand Thousand threw her hands free and said, "I didn't take anything, what do you want me to leave behind?"

        "Nothing was taken on the surface, so who knows if you might be hiding something valuable on your person." Chen Tiesin smiled coldly and said to his servant, "Search me."

        The three servants, in unison, walked up to Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqian straightened his hands and acted as if he was allowing them to search him.

        "Chen Tiesin, be a man and leave a trace, so we can meet later, haven't you heard this saying before?" Han Giangli said.

        "I understand the reasoning, but do you need to leave a line open for someone like you?" Chen Tiesin said disdainfully.

        Han Giangli deflated, probably in Chen Tiesin's eyes, he was useless and couldn't make any waves at all, so there was no need to leave a line in the sand.

        "Young Master, there's nothing."

        The three men said to Chen Tiesin after they finished searching him.

        Chen Tiesin was obviously disappointed, he had thought that a trash like Han Qianli would definitely take something valuable when he left the Chen family, which would give him an excuse to beat Han Qianli up and throw him out of the Chen family, but it didn't matter, Chen Tiesin had a good show ahead of him.

        "Since you didn't take it, I won't make things difficult for you, so get out." Chen Tiesin snapped.

        With Han Qianqian's ability, he could take Chen Tiesin's life with a raised hand, but he couldn't compete with Chen Tiesin because this kind of trash didn't even have the desire to let him fight.

        Wouldn't it be disgraceful for an elephant to compete with an ant?

        The door to the Chen family residence was open, and Han Third Thousand found a crowd crowded outside the door, especially lively on the inside and outside, not knowing what was going on.

        At this time, Chen Tiesin suddenly spoke up, "As of today, Han Three Thousand has been expelled from the Chen family, this trash is not worthy of being my sister's husband, I hope you all will help my Chen family witness this."

        As soon as this was said, many people started pointing fingers at Han Third Thousand.

        The day Yanran Chen got married, he had already caused quite a stir in Long Yun City, and now that he had been expelled from the Chen family, it was a matter of course in the eyes of everyone, after all, the Chen family was quite well established in Long Yun City, so how could they find a nameless person to become Yanran Chen's son-in-law?

His True Colors Chapter 892

Chen Tiesin had a very proud smile on his face as he watched Han 3,000 being ridiculed by the crowd, this was a situation that he had deliberately arranged, and the performance of the crowd also made him very satisfied, he wanted to drive Han 3,000, a trash, out of the Chen family like a lost dog, he wanted the entire Long Yun City to know how Han 3,000 had been kicked out of the Chen family in disgrace.

        At the same time, Chen Tiesin also wanted the news to reach the City Lord's Palace, so that Huang Snapdragon would know that Yan Chen was indeed not related to this man.

        Although on the surface, Chen Tiesin didn't want Chen Yanran to whisper to Snapdragon Huang, but in his heart, how could he not expect Chen Yanran to marry into the City Lord's Mansion at a time like this?

        Once Yan Chen was truly able to marry Snapdragon Huang, then it was possible for him to know the secret of Snapdragon Huang's ability to break and tame exotic beasts.

        If things were as Chen Yuanhai guessed, and Huang Snap Yong really had a master, he might even be able to be introduced by Huang Snap Yong and succeed in worshipping his master.

        But Chen Tiesin would never have imagined that Huang Snap Yong had very clearly rejected Chen Yanran, and that Huang Snap Yong's master was Han Qianqian, who he had driven out of the Chen family!

        "What's the point of doing that?" Han Qianqiang knew that these were all arranged by Chen Tiesin, but he couldn't understand the pleasure of this child's game of house-play.

        Would it be pleasant for him to be mocked by the others for a few words?

        Han Qianli even felt that these taunts weren't even comparable to those people in Cloud City, he had no waves in his heart and even wanted to laugh.

        "Han Three Thousand, you don't need to force your composure, I know you're suffering inside right now, but there's nothing you can do about it, that's why you're acting like you're open-minded." Chen Tiesin said with a smile.


        Han Giangli couldn't help but giggle, could this be considered painful?

        "You'll understand what true pain is in the future, and this little matter is really nothing to me." Han Qianli said with a big smile, then walked through the crowd and directly left the Chen family.

        Chen Tiesin bit his back groove teeth, and Han Qianli acted as if he didn't care at all, as if this matter really didn't cause ripples in his heart.

        But how could it?

        As a man, could he really care less when his dignity is trampled upon?

        "Impossible, that's absolutely impossible, you're just forcing yourself in front of me, Han Three Thousand, you must be in a lot of pain inside." Looking at Han Three Thousand's back, Chen Tiesin spoke to himself, convinced that his thoughts were the correct ones, Han Three Thousand couldn't possibly be indifferent to this matter.

        In reality, this matter was really nothing to Han Three Thousand, Han Three Thousand didn't even have the heart to bother with him because he was so weak that wanting to kill was just a mere thought to Han Three Thousand, and how could such a weak person possibly attract Han Three Thousand's attention?

        Not long after, Chen Yuanhai and Yanran Chen returned to the city's main residence, and Chen Tiesin, who received the news, ran to the father and daughter at the first time.

        "Father, sister, how's it going?" Chen Tiesin asked with great anticipation.

        But after asking the question, Chen Tiesin had a bad feeling as the two of them had very ugly expressions, they would never look like this if Huang Snapdragon had really re-accepted Yanran Chen.

        "Sister, what did Snapdragon Huang do to you?" Chen Tiesin walked up to Yanran Chen and asked in a deep voice.

        Yan Chen was still immersed in Huang Snap Yong's words, why would she only be able to understand how wrong she had been until one day in the future? Did you miss something and didn't know it?

        "Snapdragon Huang rejected me." Yan Chen said.

        Chen Tiesin's face changed, although this answer was not surprising, after all, the current Snapdragon Huang had long since ceased to be the old him.

        But Chen Tiesin was still a little unacceptable, Huang Snap Yong had liked Chen Yanran for many years, and now that Chen Yanran had taken the initiative to compromise, how could he refuse?

        "Does that mean it's true?" Chen Tiesin said silently.

        "What is true?" Yan Chen looked up at Chen Tiesin in puzzlement, as if there was still some deep meaning hidden in his words.

        "Actually, in the last few days, there are rumors that Huang Snapdragon likes another woman in Long Yun City, but I don't really believe it because that woman is no match for you." Chen Tiesin said.

        "Which woman, have you ever met her?" Chen Yanran said resentfully, she didn't believe that there were any women in Long Yun City who could compare to him in terms of beauty and body posture, how could Huang Snapdragon possibly think differently of her because of other women?

        "You wait." After saying that, Chen Tiesin ran towards his room.

        Not long after, Chen Tiesin returned with a painting and explained to Yan Chen, "Many of Huang Snapdragon's men have been looking for someone with this painting lately."

        Yan Chen couldn't wait to open the painting scroll.

        The person on the scroll was Jiang Yingying, something Han Qianqian had asked Huang Snap Yong to do, but since it had spread, it would inevitably be misunderstood and suspected, such as the news Chen Tiesin had received that the woman on the painting was Huang Snap Yong's new lover.

        "Just her?" Chen Yanran was even more indignant inside, because the woman in the painting could not be compared to her, whether it was her posture or her body, how could Huang Snapdragon abandon her because of this woman?

        "It's true that she can't be compared to you, but Snapdragon Huang is indeed looking for her, as to whether things are as rumored or not, there's no telling." Chen Tiesin said.

        Yan Chen clenched her fist, she would never allow herself to lose to such a woman, and suddenly raised her head with a murderous glare, looking at Chen Tiesin.

        "Brother, I want you to do me a favor." Yan Chen said in a cold voice.

        "Don't worry, whether brother can do it or not, he will try his best to help you." Chen Tiesin said.

        Yanran Chen took a deep breath, then said with a frosty face, "I want you to help me find her and kill her."

        Chen Tiesin's eyebrows jumped, but he didn't reject Yanran Chen, but said, "Don't worry, I'll immediately find a painter to copy more portraits out, brother I've traveled to many cities for so many years, I've made a lot of friends, let them help this favor, compared to them they won't refuse."

        "Thank you brother, I'll go back to my room first." After saying that, Yanran Chen walked towards her room, she still had to continue to figure out what Snapdragon Huang's words actually meant.

        After Yanran Chen left, Chen Tiesin asked Chen Yuanhai, "Father, should we follow what my sister said, will that anger Snapdragon Huang?"

        "This woman should not be in Long Yun City, otherwise, with Huang Snap Yong's manpower, he would have found her already, and since she is in another city, even if she dies, she has nothing to do with us." Chen Yuanhai said.

        Chen Tiesin suddenly realized, which was why he said, "Father, I understand what to do."

His True Colors Chapter 893

After leaving the Chen family, Han Third Thousand strolled idly through the streets and alleys, and was soon spotted by Huang Snap Yong's eyes.

        In a short time, Huang Snap Yong walked up to Han Qianqian unannounced, and although the master and disciple didn't have any conversation, Huang Snap Yong led the way and Han Qianqian followed behind, and the two soon arrived at a deserted alley in the west of the city.

        There was a courtyard here that Huang Snap Yong had bought to hide his golden house, but unfortunately, after falling in love with Yan Chen, it was difficult for Huang Snap Yong to take an interest in other women, so this courtyard had been deserted until now, not once reflecting its usefulness.

        "Master." After entering the courtyard, Snapdragon Huang closed the door and shouted to Han Qianqian, those two simple words filled with absolute respect.

        "Is this place yours?" Han Giangli asked, although the weeds in the courtyard were almost man-high, but packed down, it should be a nice place to live.

        "Yes, I bought this place many years ago, and even my father doesn't know about it except for me," Snapdragon Huang said.

        "Tidy it up, it's still able to house people, your master I've been kicked out of the Chen family now, how pitiful." Han Qianli said with a smile.

        Han Giangli was able to treat this as a joke, but Huang Snap Yong couldn't, in his opinion, the Chen family was giving his master a strange shame, and he would never allow him to be insulted like this.

        "Master, do you want to teach the Chen family a lesson?" Snapdragon Huang gritted his teeth and said.

        Han Qianqiang casually waved his hand and said, "No need, I didn't put them in my eyes at all, and the imperial court should be coming soon now, so we can't make too much noise at this point."

        "But they are bullying people too much, I already know what happened in front of the Chen family compound, Chen Tiesin, that damned fellow, has gone to such extremes." Snapdragon Huang said with an angry face.

        "This debt will be settled slowly later, I don't want to cause the Imperial Court to think about it yet, although the master-disciple relationship between you and me can be concealed from your father, if the Imperial Court really wants to track it down, I'm afraid it won't be possible to hide it." Han Marchant said, he was still in the process of learning about the Xuanyuan World, in the meantime, Han Marchant didn't want to attract the attention of those big names, and now that Jiang Ying Ying hadn't been found and that familiarity at the entrance to the Second World of the Apocalypse had somehow disappeared, Han Marchant wanted to clear up these two matters before talking about anything else.

        "If Master says so, then I won't trouble you, but if you ever want to teach them a lesson, all you need to do is say one word and I'll be able to bring the Chen family to its doom." Huang Snapdragon said.

        "Alright, if there's nothing else you can go first, don't come here often if there's nothing else in the future, don't let anyone find out about our relationship, the thing I explained to you, although derivative to other cities, she's probably not in Long Yun City." Han Giangli said.

        "Okay, I'll immediately call some servants over to help you clean up the courtyard." Huang Snapdragon said.

        "No need, I'll just do this little thing myself," Han Qianqian said.

        Huang Snap Yong's face changed dramatically and said, "Master, how can you personally do this kind of thing, it's all a servant's job."

        "Get out of here, I can handle this place myself, let the servants do it, are you afraid that others won't know about my relationship with you?" Han Qianli glared at Huang Snapdragon.

        Huang Snap Yong inexplicably shivered, and since Han 3000 had already made up his mind, he didn't dare to say anything more, and after a few words of concern, he left the courtyard.

        Facing the man-high weeds, it was as if Han 3000 was tidying up the back garden of the hillside villa, it had been a long time since he had done such a normal thing, making Han 3000 feel quite good, if there was Su Yingxia sitting by the side at this time, not needing to help, just watching him, it would definitely feel better.

        Unfortunately, for a short period of time such a dream was just an extravagant dream, and Han Three Thousand himself didn't know when he would be able to return to Earth, or if he would even have the chance to go back at all.

        However, Han 3,000 was convinced that since the people of Xuanyuan World were able to go to Earth back then, there must exist a passage just like the apocalypse here, and as long as he found this passage, Han 3,000 would be able to return to Earth.

        It took a whole day for Han three thousand to finish the work in the courtyard, when he suddenly regretted not accepting Huang Snapdragon's kind offer a bit, if he had let dozens of servants come to clean it, I'm afraid the entire courtyard including the rooms would have been clean, but now Han three thousand was facing, there were still many rooms to clean.

        "Looks like the experts aren't omnipotent ah, I'd better pick one room to clean, after all, I don't need that many." Han Three Thousand spoke to himself, eventually deciding to clean just one room.

        In his words, he couldn't live in the others anyway, even if he cleaned it now, it would be dusty two days later, so what was the point?

        In this regard, Han Qianqiang stayed in this courtyard, and the discussion against him in Long Yun City gradually subsided after a few days, because the Imperial Court came, and all the people's minds were focused on the group of people in the Imperial Court, and all the topics in Long Yun City also revolved around the Imperial Court.

        There were a total of three people from the Royal Court, each person was dressed in flashy clothes, appearing very noble, and there was even a super imposing presence of a big man in the way they raised their hands, even Huang Houyi, who was the city's lord, appeared to be trembling with fear when facing the people from the Royal Court, not even daring to breathe a sigh of air for fear of offending the big man from the Royal Court.

        "A few lords, please sit down, my son will be right here." Huang Houyi said to the three men.

        The three men from the Imperial Court did not say a word and did not sit down, looking at their indifferent looks, they did not seem to have heard Huang Houyi's words at all.

        Such an atmosphere made Huang Houyi a little embarrassed, but he didn't dare to be dissatisfied, after all, these were people from the Imperial Court, and although he was the Lord of Long Yun City, what was a mere lord in the eyes of these people?

        Not long after, Snapdragon Huang appeared leading the Winged Tiger, and the three of the Imperial Court's eyes visibly flashed with a hint of apprehension.

        When they first received this news, they did not believe that a Four-Light Realm person could tame a seven-star exotic beast at all, but now seeing it with their own eyes made them fluctuate a bit inside, and it was almost impossible for this kind of more-ranked beast master to exist.

        "This winged tiger, is it really you who tamed it?" One of them asked to Snapdragon Huang.

        "Reporting to your Excellency, it is indeed I who tamed it." Snapdragon Huang replied with his hands clasped in a respectful manner.

        The man stepped forward and looked directly at Snapdragon Huang, his eyes as sharp as a blade, and continued to ask, "No one helped you?"

        One of the things that Huang Snapdragon had been good at since he was a child was lying and being able to be completely immobile, even when faced with a big figure like the Imperial Court, he didn't hesitate and said, "Naturally, no, if someone else had tamed the seven-star exotic beast, how could they have given me such a powerful exotic beast?"


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