His True Colors Chapter 889-890


His True Colors Chapter 889

"Master, young master, the Xie family is here."

        City Lord, the servant ran to Huang Houyi and his son in a panic.

        Huang Hou Yi glared at the servant, it wasn't a big deal, but it was worth him being so panicked.

        The talents of the Wang Xie family had been driven away, could it be that he was still afraid of the Chen family?

        "You're at least a member of the Citadel, and a Chen family scares you like this?" Huang Houyi said with dissatisfaction.

        "Master, it's not just Chen Yuanhai who's here, there's also Chen Yanran." The servant said.

        Huang Houyi was stunned, and only then did he understand the reason for his anxiety.

        Huang Snapdragon had liked Yanran Chen for many years, this was something that everyone in Long Yun City knew, when she was faced with Huang Snapdragon's quest, she had always rejected it very happily, but had never personally come to the door.

        And this time, Yanran Chen taking the initiative to come to the City Lord's Palace, that could mean a lot ah.

        Huang Hou Yi took a look at Huang Snap Yong, then laughed up at the heavens and said, "Son, it seems that this woman has been so impressed with you that she has taken the initiative to come to my City Lord's Palace."

        If it had been before, Huang Snapdragon would have wanted to kneel on the ground to greet Yanran Chen, in front of this woman, Huang Snapdragon had already abandoned his dignity, as long as he could make Yanran Chen happy, Huang Snapdragon was willing to do anything.

        In Earth terms, he was a total licking dog.

        But that was before, the current Snapdragon Huang had long since stopped putting Yan Chen in his heart, to him, this woman was the nominal teacher's wife, and only the master could say what would happen to her.

        "Son, this is the best chance for you to get her, so you can see what you can do." Huang Houyi said with a smile.

        Huang Snapdragon shook his head faintly and said, "Father, do you think I still need her now? With my current status, what kind of woman is not available, even if I were to ask for one from the Imperial Court, the Imperial Court would still select it carefully for me."

        Huang Hou Yi nodded, although this was a bit exaggerated, but it was true that this possibility existed, a seven-star exotic beast master, the Imperial Court would definitely pay extra attention to it, and this small request from Huang Snapdragon was no matter to the Imperial Court.

        "See or not, you can decide for yourself." Huang Houyi said.

        "See, I want to see what she wants." After saying that, Huang Snapdragon followed his servant to the entrance of the City Lord's Mansion.

        Yan Chen appeared at the City Lord's Palace, and the two Wang Xie families received the news at the same time, and since they hadn't even seen Huang Houyi's face, they were very dissatisfied with the Chen family for resorting to such lowly tactics.

        "I didn't expect the Chen family to push Yanran Chen out, isn't this woman already married, does the Chen family still want to use her to pull in ties with the City Lord's Mansion?" The Wang Family Master gritted his teeth and said.

        Family Lord Xie laughed coldly and said, "As far as I know, Yan Chen and that trash are only nominally married, they are not married at all, Yan Chen is still jade and ice clear, if the Chen family were to use her to bring the City Lord's Palace together, our two families would fall short."

        "What's the difference between this kind of behavior of Chen Yuanhai and selling his daughter, this old thing is really impudent." The Wang Family Master said unwillingly, he didn't put the City Lord's Mansion in his eyes before, but now, the Wang Family Master was desperate to have a good relationship with the City Lord's Mansion, as this was the foundation of the Wang Family's future foothold in Long Yun City, and if the barrier between him and the City Lord's Mansion wasn't resolved, this would eventually become a hidden danger for the Wang Family.

        "Hey." Family Lord Xie sighed and said, "Who let our family all have no beautiful daughters, but in my opinion, there is another possibility in this matter, Huang Snap Yong is not the same Huang Snap Yong after all, whether he still continues to like Yan Chen or not is unknown."

        The Wang Family Master nodded, Huang Snap Yong was not the same as he used to be, maybe he still really didn't like Yanran Chen as a woman.

        "Keep an eye on the City Lord's Palace for me, and report the latest information as soon as you get it." The Wang Family Master said to his servants.

        Outside the main gate of the City Lord's Mansion.

        When Yanran Chen saw Huang Snapdragon show up, she had a proud smile on her face, as both Wang Xie and his family had been chased away without seeing anyone, and the fact that Huang Snapdragon had come out to see her was enough to show the difference in treatment the City Lord's Mansion had given her.

        In Huang Snapdragon's heart, there was still her, otherwise, why would she have come out in person.

        "As the saying goes, when a scholar says goodbye, Huang Snapdragon, it's been a while since I've seen you, you're different now, a four-light realm powerhouse, and a seven-star beast master, I really didn't expect it." Yan Chen said to Snapdragon Huang with a smile on her face, this was absolutely impossible in the past, Yan Chen would be irritated whenever she saw Snapdragon Huang, so how could she smile at him.

        "After all these years, I've never seen you smile at me, but the sun is beating out in the west today?" Huang Snapdragon was indifferent.

        Chen Yanran's brows furrowed, the tone of her words made Chen Yanran feel as if Huang Snap Yong's attitude towards her had changed, but Chen Yanran guessed that he was merely deliberately trying to put up a front in front of her.

        "Snapdragon Huang, aren't you going to invite me in for a seat?" Yan Chen said.

        "The number of times I have invited you to the City Hall, countless times, I can't even remember myself, but every time you have very readily refused, in my opinion let's forget about it this time, if you have anything to say, just say it." Huang Snapdragon said.

        Chen Yuanhai didn't interrupt at the side, because since Yanran Chen was here, it would be best to let her settle this matter, but he clearly felt at this time that Huang Snapdragon's attitude towards Yanran Chen had a feeling of rejection, which was not the attitude he should have towards his beloved.

        The only explanation was that there was no longer a Yanran Chen in Snapdragon Huang's heart, all he had to do to have this change in attitude.

        An unknown premonition spread in Chen Yuanhai's heart, but he didn't stop Yanran Chen, after all, he still held a bit of hope in his heart.

        "Fine, I'll just say it here." After a pause, Yan Chen continued, "You should know about my relationship with Han 3000, we're just a nominal couple, and I didn't let him touch me."

        "So? What is the significance of you telling me this?" Snapdragon Huang asked.

        "I've already kicked him out of the Chen family, if you want to marry me, all you need to do is choose a good day and auspicious day." Yan Chen said her words very directly, without any subtlety, telling Snapdragon Huang plainly that I am willing to marry you.

        But Snapdragon Huang who heard this was furious, what he cared about was not marrying Yanran Chen, but that his master had even been driven out of the Chen family by Yanran Chen!

        This stupid woman, what a treasure in front of her eyes does not know the truth ah, she wants the Chen family to become stronger, all she needs to do is to take good care of Han Qianqian, even Chen Tiesin's realm is something Han Qianqian can help to improve, but she, she turned away the best opportunity, it's ridiculous.

His True Colors Chapter 890

Huang Snapdragon wanted to ask where Han Qianqian had gone, but his relationship with Han Qianqian couldn't be exposed, and if he asked so directly, it would definitely arouse the Chen family's suspicion, so he could only press the urgent desire in his heart.

        "Yanran Chen, you didn't really think I would still marry you, did you?" Snapdragon Wong said.

        "You like me, don't you, and this is your best chance to get me, and you're willing to miss it?" Chen Yanran's face did not change as she asked, and throughout she was convinced that as long as she was willing to nod her head, then Huang Snapdragon would still love her just as much as before, and this absolute confidence was shown on Chen Yanran's body, which actually seemed especially ridiculous.

        To describe Snapdragon's state of mind, he was once indifferent to me, but now he's beyond your reach.

        Now that Snapdragon Huang has the qualifications to enter the Imperial Court, how can he be obsessed with Yanran Chen?

        And this woman had even driven her master out of the house, so how could he possibly bring her into the City Hall!

        "Yan Chen, you're too arrogant, I did like you as if you were possessed in the past, but now, you don't deserve it." Huang Snapdragon said coldly.


        These two words caused Yan Chen to instantly turn pale, she had never expected such words to come out of Snapdragon Huang's mouth.

        All her confidence crumbled and disintegrated in this instant.

        Yan Chen almost fell to the ground without stabilizing her body.

        Bracing herself, Yanran Chen continued, "Snapdragon Huang, have you really thought this through, this is your last chance."

        "Yanran Chen, I've thought about it very clearly, it's just that you don't know yourself well enough, guess how long it will take for the news of my taming the Seven Star Exotic Beast to reach the Imperial Court, and guess how long it will take for the Imperial Court to send someone to Long Yun City, now I already have the qualifications to enter the Imperial Court, and you, what are you?" Snapdragon Huang said.

        These words were very devastating, and Huang Snap Yong didn't leave half a bit of room for Chen Yanran, if she wasn't Master's nominal wife and hadn't driven him out of the house, Huang Snap Yong might still have given Chen Yanran some face, but now, it wasn't necessary.

        Since Han Qianqiang had been driven out of the Chen family, this woman in front of her wasn't even Master's nominal wife anymore.

        Chen Yanran's face was as white as paper, what Huang Snap Yong said, she couldn't find half a point of rebuttal, the imperial court had always taken beast mastery very seriously, let alone a seven-star beast master like Huang Snap Yong, nowadays, entering the imperial court was just a matter of nodding his head.

        "Snapdragon Huang, don't go too far." At this time, Chen Yuanhai, who was on the side, finally couldn't hold back and snapped at Huang Snapdragon in a stern voice.

        "Chen Yuanhai, what kind of a thing are you again, daring to tell me what to do?" Huang Snap Yong looked at Chen Yuanhai with cold eyes, this old thing has always been arrogant in Long Yun City, he used to not even care about him and his father, but now that the pattern of events was changing, Chen Yuanhai couldn't even recognize his own identity.

        "Chen Yuanhai, with my City Lord's current power, it's just a matter of words to destroy the Chen family, do you really dare to offend me?" Huang Snap Yong continued.

        These words were like a pot of cold water that woke Chen Yuanhai up.

        The current him was indeed no longer qualified to bark at the City Lord's Mansion, and even if the City Lord's Mansion were to exterminate the Chen family now, the Imperial Court would most likely harbor this matter, after all, to the Imperial Court, there was no comparison between an ordinary family and a Seven Star Beast Master.

        "I am no longer the old me, and the City Lord's Mansion is no longer the old City Lord's Mansion, it is not something that you old thing can berate, do you really think that the current Long Yun City is still in charge of your three great families?" Huang Snapdragon sneered and looked towards Chen Yuanhai.

        Chen Yuanhai did not dare to look directly into the eyes of Snapdragon Huang, to him, this young man who was not in his eyes was now above him and was not someone he was qualified to lecture.

        Chen Yuanhai did not want this act of currying favor to end up turning into a deepening of the enmity between the City Lord's Palace and the Chen family.

        "Huang Snap Yong, my Chen family will never interfere in any matter of the City Lord's Mansion in the future, this is the attitude of my Chen family, please also convey this to your father." Chen Yuanhai said, the compromises and concessions made by these words were considered throwing away all of the Chen family's dignity.

        However, Chen Yuanhai had to do this, in front of the strong, how could there be any reason not to bow?

        Right at this moment, Yan Chen suddenly knelt down.

        This caused Chen Yuanhai to look panicked.

        The compromise he had just made was already the biggest concession, so why was Yanran Chen still kneeling down?

        "Daughter, what are you doing." Chen Yuanhai panicked and tried to assist Chen Yanran, but Chen Yanran questioned kneeling on both knees and pushed Chen Yuanhai away.

        "Snapdragon Huang, I know, it was my fault before, please forgive me." Yanran Chen said to Snapdragon Huang.

        In Huang Snap Yong's mind, Yan Chen's image had always been that of a high and mighty goddess, he never thought that the goddess would have the day to kneel down to him and pray for his forgiveness.

        Unfortunately, forgiveness or not, it would not change the Chen family's position in Long Yun City, nor would it change Yan Chen's image within Snapdragon Huang's heart.

        The most crucial factor in this matter was that the Chen family had failed to find a real opportunity, they had turned away the opportunity, treating a great and powerful man as trash and driving a top beast master out of the house.

        That was the fault!

        Big mistake!

        Snapdragon Huang laughed, mocking from the bottom of his heart, looking at the woman in front of him thinking, if you treat your master better, the Chen family will soar to the sky in the future, Chen Tiesin wants to join the imperial court, it's just a matter of Master's words.

        For so many years, Chen Tiesin had been out searching for his senior master for many years with nothing to show for it, and now, wasn't the most powerful person in the Chen family, but unfortunately, they had driven the powerful person away.

        "Yan Chen, perhaps one day in the future, you will understand how wrong you were." Huang Snapdragon said indifferently, then turned around and returned to the city's main residence.

        Yan Chen didn't quite understand Huang Snap Yong's words, one day in the future would know how wrong she was, what was wrong with that? Yan Chen didn't even know what was wrong with her.

        Although it was true that she had been very excessive towards Snapdragon Huang in the past, but she had now knelt down to apologize, was it wrong to kneel down?

        "Daughter, let's go home." Chen Yuanhai said with a heartbroken face as he assisted Yanran Chen.

        Yanran Chen appeared to be a little disoriented, this trip to the City Lord's Mansion had turned out to be completely unexpected, besides being devastated, Huang Snapdragon's words had become her greatest confusion.

        After returning to the City Lord's Mansion, Huang Houyi walked up to Huang Snapdragon and said, "How is it, is there a feeling of great joy, in the past, these three big families, but all of them did not look favorably on you, but now, you have finally taken out an evil breath for yourself."


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