His True Colors Chapter 887-888


His True Colors Chapter 887

Han Giang was resting on his bed when Yan Chen came raging, but this was expected, after all, the matter of Huang Snap Yong taming the Seven Star Exotic Beast was so curious that it was obviously unlikely that Han Giang would want to simply gloss over it.

        "Like you, I don't know anything, so even if you ask me, I don't have a satisfactory answer for you." Before Yanran Chen even opened her mouth, Han Giangli was the first to say.

        Yanran Chen's gaze was torchy as she looked at Han Three Thousand, a woman's intuition telling her that Han Three Thousand hadn't fainted at all, and he had even witnessed Huang Snap Yong's process of subduing the Seven Star Exotic Beast.

        "Han three thousand, you live in my Chen family, you eat my Chen family, the life you are living now is given to you by my Chen family, you were unconscious for such a long time, if I hadn't brought you back home, you would have been violently dead in the wilderness, you owe this to my Chen family." Yan Chen said.

        "Isn't the reason why you would let me stay in the Chen family, just to use me?" Han Qianli faintly said.

        "But I saved you, can you deny that?" Yanran Chen said.

        Han 3000 thought about it, there was really no way to deny this, no matter what reason Yanran Chen had for letting him stay in the Chen family, the love did exist, if the others found out, or if he remained in the deserted suburbs, Han 3000 was afraid that he would either be buried alive or eaten to the bone by wild animals.

        "Tell me, what do you want." Han Three Thousand asked.

        "I want you to tell me everything you saw, how exactly did Huang Snapdragon manage to subdue the Winged Tiger." Chen Yanran said.

        Han Giangli took a deep breath, stood up, walked over to Yanran Chen, and asked, "You really want to know?"

        "Cut the crap." Yan Chen looked straight at Han Qianqian with cold eyes.

        Han Qianli shrugged his shoulders and said, "Since you want to know, fine, I'll tell you, I helped Huang Snapdragon tame his seven-star exotic beast, and I helped him to break two realms in a row, so you're satisfied now."

        Yan Chen gritted her teeth, how could she believe such ridiculous words.

        With a trash like Han Qianqian, he could help Huang Snapdragon tame the Seven Star Exotic Beast, and even Huang Snapdragon's ability to break two realms in a row was related to him, wasn't this a joke?

        "Han 3,000, do you think I would believe such ridiculous words?" Yan Chen scoffed with disdain.

        Han Qianli waved his hand helplessly and said, "I'm telling the truth, if you don't believe me, I can't do anything about it."

        "Snapdragon Huang has a master?" Yan Chen asked.

        "Not bad."

        "Was it his master who helped him tame the Seven Star Exotic Beast?"

        "That's natural, how could Huang Snapdragon's four-light realm strength deal with a winged tiger."

        "His master, what kind of person is he."

        "Me." Han Giangli pointed at himself and said.

        "Was he the one who threatened you to keep you from telling anyone about this?" Yan Chen didn't believe Han Qianqian's words at all, believing that he just didn't dare to reveal Master Huang Snapdragon's true identity.

        "Think whatever you like, that's all I can say." Han Three Thousand lay back on the bed, he was considered very sincere and told Yanran Chen the true answer, but she didn't believe him, so there was nothing Han Three Thousand could do about it.

        "I won't embarrass you, after all, such an expert threatened you, I'm sure you wouldn't dare to disobey him, but from today onwards, my Chen family has nothing more to do with you." Yan Chen said.

        "What do you mean?" Han Qianli frowned.

        "Hehe." Yan Chen smiled coldly and said, "What do you think you're capable of hanging around the Chen family, the Chen family doesn't take in trash like you, pack your things and get out of Long Yun City while you can, don't let me see you in Long Yun City in the future, or else I'll never let you go."

        After saying that, Yanran Chen turned around and walked away.

        Han Third Thousand didn't expect Yanran Chen to try to harm herself, turning her back so quickly, and had thought that she would be able to lurk by using the Chen family's identity, but now it seemed like there was no chance.

        But this wasn't a big deal to Han 3,000, with Huang Snap Yong's disciple's status in Long Yun City, finding him a mansion was just a small problem.

        When Yanran Chen returned to her room, Chen Tiesin and his son were still waiting here.

        Seeing Yanran Chen return, Chen Tiesin eagerly asked, "How is it, did you ask anything?"

        "It's true that Snapdragon Huang has a master, but Han Qianli refused to reveal that person's true identity, he should have been threatened, and I didn't dare to ask more, after all, it's not our place to dig deeper when such a strong man wants to hide his identity." Yan Chen said with a heavy expression, it wasn't that she didn't want to force Han Giang to tell the truth, it was that she didn't dare to do so herself.

        Chen Tiesin let out a long sigh, filled with a weak, bitter smile, and said, "It's amazing that someone like Huang Snapdragon can be so lucky, and I've given so much for this, but I've gotten nothing, the heavens are really blind."

        "Brother, don't worry, you can definitely find a more powerful master." Chen Yanran consoled.

        Chen Tiesin smiled to himself, a more powerful master?

        In Chen Tiesin's mind, he would be very satisfied to find a Seven Lantern Realm powerhouse as his master, but Huang Snapdragon's master was able to easily subdue the Seven Star Exotic Beast Winged Tiger, which showed that Huang Snapdragon's master's realm was never just the Seven Lantern Realm, and above the Seven Lantern Realm, it was the Imperial Court's important minister, how could he be qualified to become the disciple of the Imperial Court's important minister?

        City Lord Residence.

        Huang Houyi stood in front of the winged tiger, so excited that he couldn't speak, the changes Huang Snapdragon had brought him so many surprises during this period of time that for a moment, Huang Houyi actually couldn't believe it was true.

        Breaking two realms in a row was enough to make those three great families not dare to act rashly.

        And now that Huang Snapdragon had returned with the Seven Star Exotic Beast, shocking the entire Long Yun City, I'm sure that the three great families were already trembling and even regretting that they had to go against the City Hall.

        "Dad, how's it going, this exotic beast of mine is okay." Huang Snapdragon smiled and said to Huang Houyi.

        It's okay?

        More than just okay, in Huang Hou Yi's opinion, it was simply so strong that it was astonishing, and now Huang Snapdragon was fully qualified to enter the imperial court, which to Huang Hou Yi, was something that he had never dreamed of.

        "Son, father doesn't know what to say, the surprises you've brought me are just too much." Huang Hou Yi said.

        "Hehe, you're in no position to scold me for doing nothing now," Huang Snapdragon smiled.

        "Of course, you're so powerful, how could you be idle." Huang Houyi said with a series of nods.

        After dispersing the nearby servants, Huang Houyi walked over to Huang Snapdragon and asked in a low voice, "Did your master help you tame this seven-star exotic beast as well?"

        "Good." Snapdragon Huang said proudly.

His True Colors Chapter 888

Although Huang Snapdragon played no role in taming the Winged Tiger, being able to have such a master was enough to make Huang Snapdragon proud of himself, so he answered with great pride.

        Huang Houyi wouldn't feel that it wasn't Huang Snapdragon's merit to belittle him, after all, not everyone was qualified to have such a master.

        "Your master, what kind of realm is it that a seven-star exotic beast can even tame." Huang Houyi asked curiously.

        When Huang Snapdragon recalled the process of taming the exotic beast, he still felt shocked inside, especially when the red-eyed jade python revealed its true form, the visual shock would probably make Huang Snapdragon remember it for the rest of his life.

        The Red-Eyed Jade Python, that was a legendary nine-star exotic beast!

        "Father, I know you're curious, but you have to be clear about what would happen if you knew certain things and accidentally said them," Huang Snapdragon said.

        Huang Hou Yi nodded repeatedly, he was naturally clear about the stakes of such things, an expert of the level of Master Huang Snapdragon was unwilling to divulge his whereabouts, there must be a reason, if anyone leaked it out, the end result would be unthinkable.

        "Alright, since that's the case, it's better for me not to know, in case I drink too much and accidentally talk too much, it would be bad." Huang Houyi said.

        Huang Snapdragon patted Huang Houyi's shoulder and said, "Father, you just need to know that he is very powerful, so powerful that you can't imagine it."

        At this time, a servant was standing at a distance, looking like he wanted to say something.

        Huang Houyi waved at him and asked, "What is it."

        "Wang Xie and his family are here." The servant approached and said to Huang Houyi.

        Huang Hou Yi smiled faintly, the two Wang Xie families were probably here to show their goodwill, after all, now that Huang Hou Yi had tamed the Seven Star Exotic Beast, these two families were no longer qualified to do anything against the city.

        "Tell them, I don't have time today, no see." Huang Houyi said.

        "Yes." The subordinates took orders and left.

        With a smug expression on his face, Huang Hou Yi said, "These old things used to treat me like a puppet, at that time I swore that one day I would trample them underfoot, I never thought that my wish would come true so soon, son, I have to thank you ah, if it wasn't for you, how could the two Wang Xie families change their attitude so quickly."

        "Father, in the future, they will know more and more that my Huang family is powerful." Huang Snapdragon smiled.

        Huang Hou Yi laughed up to the heavens, it could be said that the intention was great, once many people privately said that Huang Snapdragon was a useless loser, but now, Huang Snapdragon had proved himself with strength, who was still qualified to say those words?

        The Chen Family Residence.

        When the Wang Xie and Xie families appeared in front of the main gate of the City Lord's Mansion, they received the news at the first opportunity.

        The intentions of the two Wang Xie families could be imagined, they were obviously scruffy about Huang Snap Yong's current strength, so they wanted to make peace with the City Lord's Mansion to avoid any more trouble in the future.

        This wasn't good news for the Chen Clan, as if the Wang Xie Clan compromised with the City Lord's Mansion, the Chen Clan alone wouldn't be able to make any waves, and now that Snapdragon Huang had grown in strength and was accompanied by a Winged Tiger, it wasn't something the Chen Clan was qualified to deal with.

        "It looks like I'm the only one who will personally go to the City Hall, from now on, Long Yun City will only be surnamed Huang." Chen Yuanhai said with a sigh.

        Although Chen Tiesin did not want to see things come to this point, but Huang Snapdragon's strength was right there, the Chen family had no choice but to compromise.

        "Father, it's better for me to go, how can I let you personally appear." Chen Tiesin said.

        Chen Yuanhai shook his head helplessly and said, "The two families, Wang Xie and Xie, can be family heads, if I send you there, wouldn't it be tongue in cheek, this matter can only reflect the Chen family's sincerity if I personally go to handle it."

        At this time, Yanran Chen suddenly said, "Father, I'll go with you."

        "Yanran, why are you going." Chen Yuanhai was puzzled.

        "I'm not married to Han Qianqian and I've already driven Han Qianqian out of the Chen family." After hesitating for a long time, Yanran Chen said through clenched teeth.

        These words, however, alarmed both Chen Yuanhai and Chen Tiesin.

        Although she did not express herself clearly, what she wanted to say, Chen Yuanhai and Chen Tiesin understood very clearly.

        Once Yanran Chen, who had disdained Snapdragon Huang and even felt disgusted by his poor pursuit, but now, she was actively trying to show affection to Snapdragon Huang, which was not only putting down her dignity, but also disregarding even her own happiness.

        "Yanran, no, I will never allow you to do that." Chen Tiesin objected.

        "Brother, if I don't do this, how will I know who Snapdragon Huang's master is, and now that the Huang family's position is unassailable, my marrying him will also stabilize the Chen family's position in Long Yun City even more." Chen Yanran said.

        "No, isn't this a joke to be seen by outsiders of my Chen family, Huang Snap Yong likes you, it's common knowledge in Long Yun City, you used to treat him with disdain and now you've taken the initiative to send him to your door, won't this be chewed up by outsiders who will say that you're deliberately climbing up to Huang Snap Yong." Chen Tiesin said.

        "I know, but I believe that Huang Snapdragon will ban these remarks, and since he likes me, he will listen to me." After a pause, Yan Chen continued, "If I can control Snapdragon Huang, it would be the same as controlling the City Hall, and in the future, Long Yun City will be my Chen family's world."

        These words sounded a bit heartwarming to Chen Yuanhai, but he was unaware of their ludicrousness, with Huang Snapdragon's current position, how could he still put Yan Chen in his sights?

        It wasn't true that Huang Snap Yong used to like Yan Chen, but now, Huang Snap Yong had already forgotten all about Yan Chen in his heart, and this titular teacher's wife wasn't something Huang Snap Yong dared to mess with.

        More importantly, if Huang Snap Yong were to learn that Han Qianxiang had been expelled from the Chen family, he would only consider the Chen family as his enemies.

        The weight of a woman compared to her master, the latter was simply not comparable to the former.

        "Yanran, are you sure that Huang Snapdragon still likes you now?" Chen Yuanhai asked.

        Yan Chen smiled confidently and said, "Father, do you think that in the current Long Yun City, there is any woman whose posture can be compared to mine, it is not unreasonable that Huang Snapdragon would obsessively like me for so many years, it is not unreasonable that a man like him, I would be enough to turn his dreams around by dispensing a smile."

        Chen Yuanhai nodded and said, "In that case, you should come with me, the two Wang Xie families haven't even entered the gate of the city's main residence, perhaps it will work wonders if you go there."

        Chen Tiesin still wanted to say something, but since his father had already made his decision, it was not something he could influence, he could only remind Yan Chen, "Yanran, if Huang Snapdragon dares to give you half a face, you must not aggravate yourself."

        "Brother, don't worry, how could he dare to give me a face." Yanran Chen smiled.


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