His True Colors Chapter 884-886


His True Colors Chapter 884

"Don't k*ll it yet." Han Qianqian said to the Red-Eyed Jade Python.

        The red-eyed jade python took Han Three Thousand's words as a holy decree, and since Han Three Thousand had spoken, it would naturally show mercy.

        The winged tiger took a grateful glance at Han Three Thousand, it was clear that exotic beasts of this level had great intelligence, but just as it was about to bolt, Han Three Thousand spoke again, "Just because I don't let it kill you, doesn't mean you can leave."

        The winged tiger was stunned in place, looking at a loss for words.

        Only Han Three Thousand turned around and looked at Huang Snapdragon and asked, "Do you want it?"

        "Want?" Huang Snapdragon looked at Han Marchant in shock and said, "What do you want?"

        "Of course it's a winged tiger," Han Giangli said.

        Huang Snapdragon instantly felt goosebumps on his skin, and even his sweat hairs stood on end.

        Want a winged tiger?

        Master's words meant that he was to tame the Winged Tiger.

        This was something that Huang Snap Yong did not even dare to think about.

        Once upon a time, Huang Snap Yong's greatest dream had been to tame a three-star exotic beast, and that dream was still very difficult to achieve.

        But now, he had the chance to tame a seven-star exotic beast, and a winged tiger at that, which made Snapdragon Huang feel like he was dreaming.

        "Master ...... Master, you are not joking with me." Huang Snapdragon said with trepidation.

        "Granny, just like a woman, do you want it or not, if you don't, I can have it killed." Han Giangli said impatiently.

        "Yes, yes, yes, yes." Huang Snap Yong nodded his head like pounding garlic, how could he not want such a heavenly opportunity?

        Taming the seven-star exotic beast, I'm afraid this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for him, and if he missed it, he might not encounter it again in his next life.

        The Winged Tiger was obviously a bit disgruntled, after all, Huang Snapdragon was only at the Four Lantern Realm, to it, this was like a disgrace.

        But facing the pressure from the Red-Eyed Jade Python, it didn't dare to disobey, after all, Han Giang's words had just made it very clear that if Huang Snapdragon didn't want it, he would let the Red-Eyed Jade Python kill him.

        Compared to death, the winged tiger was still more willing to become Huang Snapdragon's mount.

        "Master, can I really do this?" Huang Snap Yong was still a little unsure about Han Qianqian, after all, he was only at the Four Lantern Realm now, if he tamed the Winged Tiger, there was no telling how many people would be shocked.

        Just thinking about riding the Winged Tiger back to Long Yun City with that kind of gesture made Huang Snap Yong feel cool to the core, but I'm afraid that this would cause a lot of people to speculate, and if he exposed his master's identity, it would be troublesome.

        "Don't worry, you won't say a word about this matter to the outside world, let them speculate." Han Giangli said.

        Snapdragon Huang nodded and walked up to the winged tiger.

        "I know that I'm definitely not a match for you at my current state, but my master is an Extreme Master, and one day, my strength will match yours, and you can also rest assured that I will never treat you badly, I'm the son of the City Lord, and I'll help you find whatever you want to eat, no matter how much it costs." Huang Snapdragon said to the Winged Tiger.

        After the words fell, Snapdragon Huang drew a symbol exclusive to taming beasts.

        With the difference in strength between Huang Snapdragon and the Winged Tiger, the Winged Tiger could easily resist the symbol, but it didn't do so, after all, the Red-Eyed Jade Python was still salivating at the side, and if it refused, it would only end up with one thing, and that was becoming a meal in the belly of the Red-Eyed Jade Python, it still knew what it meant by choosing wisely.

        When the symbol melted into the Winged Tiger's forehead, Snapdragon Huang had an extra sense in his heart that no matter where he was, he could sense where the Winged Tiger was, and with just one thought of his own, the Winged Tiger would die violently on the spot.

        Suddenly, Snapdragon Huang knelt down to Han 3,000 and kowtowed ten times with a devout face.

        This was Huang Snap Yong's sincere respect for Han Three Thousand Years, for not only had Han Three Thousand Years helped him break two realms in a row, but now he had even tamed a powerful seven-star exotic beast like the Winged Tiger for him, and these ten kowtows were only an act done because Huang Snap Yong didn't know how to repay Han Three Thousand Years, and in the future, he would be absolutely loyal to Han Three Thousand Years.

        "Master, thank you." Huang Snapdragon said.

        "Since you call me Master, these are the things I should do." Han Three thousand faintly said, knowing that from now on, Huang Snapdragon would not feel the slightest bit of betrayal towards him under any circumstances, which was a good thing for Han Three thousand.

        After all, the world of Xuanyuan was unfamiliar to Han Three Thousand, and having a good helper would allow Han Three Thousand to reach his goal more smoothly.

        Han 3000 looked at Yanran Chen, who was still in a fainting state at the side, and said to Huang Snap Yong, "Take her with you, it's almost time to leave."

        Huang Snap Yong looked embarrassed, if it was before, he would definitely have the intention of taking advantage of others, after all, he had adored Chen Yanran for many years, it was his heart's desire to be able to kiss her, but now, no matter what, she was also his nominal teacher's wife, Huang Snap Yong would not dare to have any ill intentions.

        "Master, although you don't have any relationship with her, but to me, she still has the name of a teacher's wife, it's not good for me to take her away." Snapdragon Huang said.

        Han Giangli raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, "Didn't you always like her? And kill me because of her."

        Huang Snap Yong almost shook himself out of his concussion and said, "Master, don't joke with me, how dare I, even if you don't want her, I wouldn't dare have the slightest relationship with her ah."

        Han Qianli had no choice but to resist Yanran Chen on his shoulders himself.

        The little white snake had regained his arm, and the winged tiger was following Huang Snapdragon, who appeared to have become much taller and more powerful.

        Walking out of the Central District, Han Giangli discovered that not a single person could be seen near the Dragon Rock Mountain Range, which made him a bit strange.

        "The Beast Hunt is over so soon?" Han Giangli was confused and asked Snapdragon Huang.

        "In previous years, the Beast Hunt would have lasted at least half a month or so, so it couldn't have ended so quickly." Huang Snap Yong explained.

        "Where are the people, why can't we see any of them?" Han Qianliang was strange.

        When Snapdragon Huang looked at the winged tiger, a smile appeared on his lips as he said, "Master, I'm afraid that those people heard the roar of the winged tiger, so they were all scared, probably because they were worried that the winged tiger appeared on the outskirts, so they fled for their lives."

        Han Giangli nodded, and there was no other explanation other than that.

        "You go back to the city first, it's too attention-grabbing to walk with you." Han Three Thousand said to Snapdragon Huang.

        "Master, if you have any requests, feel free to come find me at the city's main residence." Huang Snapdragon said.

        Han Qianqian thought about it and said, "Come with me to Xiao Ling City in a few days and remember to bring more silver money."

        Huang Snap Yong smiled obscenely and nodded repeatedly, "Master, I understand, don't worry, the silver money is definitely enough to manage."

His True Colors Chapter 885

Huang Snapdragon brought the Winged Tiger into the city.

        This matter instantly stirred the entire Long Yun City, and in less than fifteen minutes, the news was overwhelming.

        Everyone was gazing at Snapdragon Huang's scenery from both sides of the road, looking at the huge body of the Winged Tiger with admiration.

        This was the most glorious event in the history of Long Yun City, and Huang Snap Yong was destined to go down in the history of Long Yun City, because no one had ever tamed a seven-star beast before, and he had done it, and he was the pride of Long Yun City.

        City Hall, Huang Houyi Ben was in agony because Huang Snap Yong had broken two realms in a row and had just laid a solid foundation for his position as City Lord, but this time, he had gone to the Central District for the Beast Hunt, and the appearance of the Winged Tiger in the Central District was almost a fatal blow to Huang Houyi.

        Everyone knew how powerful the Winged Tiger was, being a seven-star exotic beast, Huang Snapdragon's four-light realm strength couldn't fight against it, so in Huang Houyi's opinion, Huang Snapdragon was on the ropes this time, not only would he lose his son, but he might also lose his position as city lord, a reality that Huang Snapdragon couldn't accept.

        At that moment, a panicked servant ran to kneel down in front of Huang Hou Yi and said, "City Lord, Young Master, Young Master is back."

        "Back!" Huang Houyi scuffled to his feet, he was able to come back alive, something Huang Houyi never expected.

        "Not only did he come back, young master, young master also tamed the seven star exotic winged tiger." The servant continued.


        It was as if thunder had exploded in Huang Houyi's mind.

        Taming the Seven Star Exotic Beast!

        How is that possible?

        How strong was Huang Snapdragon, Huang Houyi knew very well, four-light realm fighting seven-star exotic beasts, wasn't this a joke?

        "Are you confused, what nonsense are you talking about, how could he tame the Seven Star Exotic Beast." Huang Houyi scolded.

        "It's true, it's true, now everyone in the entire Long Yun City knows that the young master is bringing the winged tiger back to the city." The servant said excitedly.

        Huang Hou Yi took in a deep breath of cool air, this servant would never say these words unless he wanted to die, the only explanation was that what he said was true.

        But ...... how did Huang Snapdragon do it!

        How could he tame the Seven Star Exotic Beast!

        "Quick, where's the man, I'm going to check it out." Huang Houyi said.

        "The entrance, right in front of the City Lord's Palace."

        Huang Houyi got windy on his feet, wishing he could run, and quickly walked to the entrance of the City Lord's Palace.

        The first thing that caught the eye was the huge winged tiger, fluttering its wings to look extremely powerful, and Huang Snapdragon was standing next to the winged tiger, although he was much smaller than the winged tiger, he was even more eye-catching, after all, he was the one who had tamed the tiger.

        Huang Hou Yi's hands and feet trembled with excitement, this was truly a blessing for the Huang family, Huang Snap Yong had tamed the Winged Tiger, in the future, who else in Long Yun City would dare to bark at the City Master's Mansion, would the three great families, still have the guts to use him as a puppet?

        "Snapdragon, you ...... you actually tamed the winged tiger!" Huang Houyi walked up to Huang Snapdragon and said excitedly.

        Huang Snapdragon smiled faintly and said, "Father, how is it, is it domineering enough?"

        "Tyrannical, of course it's tyrannical, this is a Seven Star Winged Tiger, the entire Long Yun City, other than you, who else is qualified to do it." Huang Houyi said.

        "Now the three big families, whoever dares to be dissatisfied with you, I'll have the Winged Tiger trample their mansions." Huang Snapdragon said.

        Huang Houyi knew that no one could shake his position as city lord anymore, and with this Winged Tiger in existence, the three great families would have to be obedient in the future.

        The two Wang Xie families were very tormented at this time, Huang Snapdragon had broken two realms in a row to reach the strength of the Four Lantern Realm, which had become a major problem for them, and this problem had not yet been solved, and now Huang Snapdragon had brought back the Seven Star Exotic Beast from the Dragon Rock Mountain Range, which was almost fatal news for them.

        Originally, they had planned to deprive Huang Houyi of his position as the city lord, so that this disobedient puppet would know how powerful it was, but now, with the Seven Star Exotic Beast currently, they were powerless to do so.

        At the Wang residence, the Wang family lord instructed his subordinates, "Prepare generous gifts, I will personally go to the city lord's residence to congratulate Huang Snapdragon."

        At the same time, this was also the case at the Xie Family Residence, where the Xie Family Lord asked his servant to prepare a great gift and to make a trip to the City Lord's Residence.

        And this was the Chen Family Residence.

        Chen Tiesin was filled with despair, in the past, he and Huang Snap Yong were in the same realm and could be considered equal, but some time ago, Huang Snap Yong had broken two realms in a row, causing Chen Tiesin to suffer a blow, of course, this blow was not a big one, in Chen Tiesin's opinion, as long as he sought out a famous master, he would still have a chance to surpass Huang Snap Yong's realm one day.

        But now, the news of Huang Snap Yong taming the Seven Star Exotic Beast had returned, almost causing Chen Tie Xin to despair, as he knew that even if a famous master was willing to take him as a disciple, he might not have a chance to be able to tame the Seven Star Exotic Beast, and in this regard, he was losing and didn't even have the strength to resist at all.

        "Seven-star exotic beast." Chen Tiesin smiled weakly, how many people's unattainable dream, but Huang Snapdragon had already achieved it.

        At this time, Chen Yuanhai arrived in front of Chen Tiesin and said, "Did you hear, Huang Snapdragon has even brought the Winged Tiger back to Long Yun City."

        "Father, the three great families of Long Yun City will never be able to fight against the City Hall again." Chen Tiesin said.

        Naturally, Chen Yuanhai understood this truth, with the Seven Star Exotic Beast sitting in town, the three great families were just a few jumping clowns in the eyes of the City Lord's Palace, but this was not what Chen Yuanhai was concerned about.

        "Since the Winged Tiger has already been tamed by Huang Snapdragon, is it possible for Yan Chen to survive?" Chen Yuanhai said.

        Chen Tiesin's eyes gazed.

        Previously, he had been so concerned about Huang Snap Yong that he had completely forgotten about Yanran Chen.

        Now that he thought about it, it was indeed possible that Yanran Chen was still alive.

        "Father, I'll immediately go to the City Hall, Huang Snap Yong definitely knows where his sister is." Chen Tiesin stood up and couldn't wait to say.

        Chen Yuanhai stopped him, since he had to go to the City Lord's Residence, he definitely couldn't go so simply.

        Now that Wang Xie and his family had already stated their stance, the Chen family would definitely have to show their attitude as well, otherwise, the Chen family would definitely be targeted by the City Lord's Mansion in the future.

        "First, have your servant prepare a gift to go for the reason of congratulating Huang Snapdragon." Chen Yuanhai said.

        Chen Tiesin gritted his teeth, the previous Huang Snap Yong was nothing more than an idle trash in his eyes, spending his mind on women all day long, but now, he was going to congratulate this trash, causing Chen Tiesin to feel a million dissatisfactions in his heart.

        "Father, this guy is only at the Four Lantern Realm, how could he tame a Seven Star Exotic Beast?" Chen Tiesin said unwillingly.

        Chen Yuanhai sighed and said, "According to my guess, I'm afraid that Huang Snapdragon has a very powerful master who helped him break two realms in a row, and also helped him tame the Seven Star Exotic Beast."

His True Colors Chapter 886

Awesome Master!

        This sentence made Chen Tiesin even more unhappy, he had been running around for years in search of a senior master and had found nothing, while Huang Snapdragon was able to get a master who could help him tame the seven-star exotic beasts without putting in any effort, why was the world so unfair.

        Just at this moment, a servant ran to the two in a panic and said, "Master, Eldest Young Master, Miss is back."



        They were stunned, then hurried towards the gate of the residence.

        They saw Han Qianqian carrying Chen Yanran on his shoulders.

        Chen Tiesin started snapping at Han Three Thousand when he reached her, "Han Three Thousand, what are you doing, release my sister, you trash, you dare to take advantage of my sister."

        Han Qianqian gave a faint glance at Chen Tiesin and said, "She's fainted, if I don't carry her back, do I leave her in the Dragon Rock Mountain Range? This isn't taking advantage."

        Chen Tiesin couldn't care less, for him, it just wouldn't do for Yan Chen and Han Giang to be so close to each other.

        "If you don't let go of her, I won't be polite to you." Chen Tiesin threatened.

        Han Qianqiang smiled helplessly, this guy always looked like he was overbearing, but he was only in the Second Lamp Realm, and he didn't know where he got this kind of strength.

        "Fine, fine, I'll put her down." Han Giangli said, directly throwing Yanran Chen to the ground.

        When Chen Tiesin saw this, he quickly helped Chen Yanran up and then said to Han Qianli, "If anything happens to her, you won't be able to live."

        Chen Yuanhai directly skimmed over Han Qianxiang, as if Han Qianxiang was a transparent figure in his eyes, and was relieved after checking that Yanran Chen's physical state was fine.

        Chen Yuanhai, who was looking at Han Three Thousand with slanted eyes, asked, "What happened."

        "Fainted." Han Marchiang said.

        "I know fainted, I'm asking you how she fainted." Chen Yuanhai said coldly.

        "I don't know, it was a complicated situation and I fainted too, I just woke up earlier than her." This was a statement that Han Qianqiang had thought of on the way back, and it was the only way to prevent them from asking more questions.

        After all, Huang Snapdragon had tamed the Seven Star Exotic Beast, and the Seven Star Exotic Beast's appearance was seen by Yan Chen, so if he didn't faint, wouldn't he have to make up a story about Huang Snapdragon taming the Exotic Beast.

        "What you're saying better be the truth, otherwise, I'll still be looking for you." Chen Yuanhai said.

        "If there's nothing else, I'll go back to my room first." Han Giangli twisted his head after saying that and left.

        Since Yanran Chen was still in a coma, Chen Yuanhai and his son didn't make things too difficult for Han Three Thousand.

        They sent Chen Yanran back to her room and had her quietly lie on the bed, and it wasn't long before Chen Yanran woke up.

        Since she saw the winged tiger before she fainted, at that time Yanran Chen felt sure she would die, so after she woke up, she subconsciously showed a frightened expression.

        "What to do, what to do." Yanran Chen unconsciously said.

        Hearing Yanran Chen's frightened tone, Chen Tiesin hurried to the bedside and said, "Yanran, it's fine, you have returned home safely, don't be afraid."

        "Home?" Yan Chen looked around at everything that was familiar, this was indeed at home.

        But, how could she be at home?

        How did she survive in the face of the Seven Star Exotic Winged Tiger?

        "Brother, what's going on, why am I at home, I met the winged tiger in Central, you know the winged tiger?" Chen Yanran said.

        Chen Tiesin nodded, how could he not know about the Winged Tiger? And now the winged tiger had become the topic of discussion throughout Long Yun City.

        "I didn't even die." Yanran Chen patted her head, as if she wanted to go to great lengths to remember what had happened before, but Huang Snapdragon's Four-Light Realm strength sneak attack knocked her out, something she simply couldn't feel.

        "Yanran, you saw the Winged Tiger, then what, then what happened?" Chen Tiesin asked in confusion.

        Yan Chen shook her head, not being able to remember what was going on at all, and said, "I remember, after seeing the winged tiger, I somehow passed out, and then I saw you guys, what happened in the meantime, I don't know."

        "Brother, do you know what happened, how did I get back safely." Yan Chen asked back at Chen Tiesin.

        Chen Tiesin shook his head, he didn't even go to the Central District, so naturally he wouldn't know what happened in the Central District, but he did know the outcome of the whole thing.

        "I don't know what happened during the process, but you survived because Huang Snapdragon tamed the Winged Tiger." Chen Tiesin said.

        "What!" Yan Chen sat up with fear in her eyes, taming the winged tiger, this was a seven star exotic beast, with the strength of Huang Snapdragon's Four Lantern Realm, how could it be possible.

        "Brother, you're joking with me, how could Snapdragon Huang tame the Winged Tiger, he has broken two realms in a row, but he's only at the Four Lantern Realm now." Chen Yanran said.

        Chen Tiesin also hoped that this matter was just a joke, but it was true, and it was witnessed by the entire Long Yun City, how could it be false?

        Seeing that Chen Tiesin was silent, Yan Chen turned to Chen Yuanhai and asked, "Father, what's going on here, did Huang Snapdragon really tame the Winged Tiger?"

        "I don't know what happened, but he did tame the winged tiger, he brought it back to Long Yun City, this is something that many people saw with their own eyes, it will never be false." Chen Yuanhai said.

        Yan Chen took a sudden deep breath and looked at Chen Tiesin again.

        She knew why Chen Tiexin was silent, as the gap between him and Huang Snapdragon was growing, and he must have been very unhappy inside.

        However, this reluctance was very powerless, the Seven Star Exotic Beast, which was a powerful exotic beast that was out of reach for anyone.

        "By the way, what about Han Qianli, how is he." Yanran Chen suddenly thought of Han Three Thousand and asked in a row.

        Chen Tiesin said disdainfully, "He's not dead and he's the one who brought you back."

        "I'll go find him right away, he definitely knows what's going on." Yan Chen said and stood up, in her opinion, she had passed out not witnessing the scene of the subjugation of the Winged Tiger, but Han Ganshi definitely knew.

        "It's useless, he said he fainted too, he doesn't even know what's going on, he just woke up earlier than you." Chen Tiesin said.

        Yanran Chen laughed coldly and said, "If he says he fainted, do you really believe him, and if he really fainted, why should he be able to wake up before me."

        Chen Tiesin's eyes gazed and said with murderous intent, "Are you saying that this trash is lying to me?"

        "Whether it's a lie or not, I'll just have to ask, maybe he's the only one who can help us unlock all the answers." Yan Chen said coldly.


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