His True Colors Chapter 877-878


His True Colors Chapter 877

The day of the Beast Hunting Assembly.

        The north gate of Long Yun City was already overcrowded early in the morning, and the clusters of people were densely packed, these were all people who were attending the Beast Hunting Assembly.

        As an annual event for all the cities near the Long Yun Mountain Range, every cultivator wouldn't miss such an opportunity, because most of the people here were in the one or two-light realm, and they already had no hope of breaking through the realm, so the only way to improve their status was to participate in the Beast Hunting Assembly, even if they could only tame a one-star exotic beast, they would be able to get some humble official position in the imperial court.

        As long as there was an official position, no matter how big or small, changing the existing life was inevitable.

        "I didn't expect so many people to participate in the Beast Hunting Assembly, are there that many exotic beasts in the Longyan Mountain Range?" Han Qianli followed Yanran Chen and said.

        He meant to talk to himself and didn't question Yanran Chen, but Yanran Chen took the initiative to chat, "Will every single one of you who participates be able to become a Beast Master? Thousands of people from Long Yun City attend every year, but after so many years, there hasn't been a single beast master."

        "Exotic beast tracks are hard to find?" Han Qianli was confused.

        "Most people here aren't at a high realm and they're not willing to risk too much for it, so they only dare to look for exotic beasts in the outer layers of the Dragon Rock Mountain Range, and the number of exotic beasts in the outer layers had plummeted more than a decade ago, but now it's all luck if you want to find one, and it's not that simple to tame." Yan Chen explained.

        The Beast Hunting Conference was held once a year, no matter how many exotic beasts there were, they would still be consumed, it was fortunate that it was only on the outskirts, if there were more experts in the nearby cities, I'm afraid that even the exotic beasts in the inner layer would be poisoned by it.

        "Since you're participating, you shouldn't be wasting your time on the periphery, right?" Han Qianli asked.

        Yan Chen was a very ambitious person, and what she wanted to do was never as simple as just going to try her luck, so Han Qianli guessed that she wouldn't stay on the periphery like everyone else.

        Yanran Chen smiled faintly and said, "Is there any need to ask a question like yours, can I be like everyone else?"

        Han Giangli shrugged his shoulders, Yanran Chen herself was just a one-light realm, purely in terms of strength, what difference could she make from the others?

        The only difference was that it was just that she was the Chen family's eldest sister, but such things as beast hunting could have nothing to do with her identity, and the exotic beasts wouldn't submit to her just because she was the Chen family's eldest sister.

        "You're certainly different from the others, maybe the exotic beasts will even bow down to you directly because of your status as the Chen family's eldest sister." Han Giangli smiled.

        Yanran Chen turned to look at Han Qianli with a cold face, and she knew that it was Han Qianli who was mocking her.

        In Long Yun City, her status as Miss Chen was pivotal, but what significance did it have to a different beast?

        "Han Qianqian, before mocking me, you'd better look at what you are and whether you're qualified." Yanran Chen gritted her teeth.

        Han Qianqian no longer spoke, as the saying goes, good men don't fight with women, it's useless to reason with a domineering woman like Yanran Chen, even if she takes up the cause.

        At this time, Huang Snap Yong rode a horse slowly and leisurely, now that he was a Four Lantern Realm expert, he would have adoring eyes wherever he went.

        Snapdragon Huang enjoyed this feeling of focus very much, although he was the son of the city lord and his status was already extraordinary, but those flimsy status symbols were compared to his true strength now, the latter could naturally make him even more superior.

        "Yan Chen, after not seeing you for many days, I've finally figured out one thing." Huang Snapdragon deliberately walked to Yanran Chen's side and said.

        "What is it?" Yan Chen looked straight ahead and didn't take a second glance at Snapdragon Huang because she was guilty and didn't have the courage.

        Once upon a time, Yanran Chen didn't even care about Huang Snap Yong because Huang Houyi was just a puppet of the three great families, and Huang Snap Yong, the son of the city's lord, was a joke in her eyes.

        But now, Huang Snapdragon was already an expert of the Four Lantern Realm, and his strength was above everyone in Long Yun City, she had no right to look down on Huang Snapdragon anymore.

        "I'm not worried about women at all, so why should I have my heart set on you, when I go to the imperial court, there are plenty of beautiful women who can accompany me around." Huang Snapdragon said proudly.

        Yan Chen's face was filled with coldness, now even Huang Snap Yong dared to mock her.

        After a cold snort, Yan Chen said, "It's only a Four-Light Realm, do you think the Imperial Court will take a Four-Light Realm seriously, with a strength like yours, you're really delusional to want to enter the Imperial Court."

        Huang Snap Yong did not get angry at Yan Chen's rebuttal, instead, he smiled faintly and said, "Are you so sure that I can only get to the Four Lantern Realm?"

        Yan Chen looked ugly, for Huang Snapdragon who had broken two realms in a row, there were definitely still opportunities to break in the future, his end was never just the Four Lantern Realm.

        "And now that I have the strength of the Four Lantern Realm, I can enter deeper into the Dragon Rock Mountain Range, the chances of running into exotic beasts will be even greater, if I'm not careful and I become a Beast Master again, tell me, how will the Imperial Court treat me?" Snapdragon Huang laughed proudly.

        Yan Chen's face was as white as paper, Master of Beasts!

        If he really became a Beast Master, it would be a big loss for Yan Chen to reject Huang Snapdragon's offer of love.

        "I know you used to look down on me, but now, please remember that you are no longer qualified, and I, for one, don't take you seriously." After saying that, Snapdragon Huang rode his horse and walked to the front of the crowd.

        Possessing the strength of the Four Lantern Realm, he was definitely qualified to take the lead.

        Han Giangli held back a smile, not expecting Huang Snap Yong to be so full of derring-do, this speech was probably going to make Yanran Chen angry.

        At this time, Chen Tiesin came to Yanran Chen's side, seeing that she didn't look quite right, he asked, "Sister, what's wrong with you?"

        As soon as the question was finished, before receiving an answer from Yanran Chen, Chen Tiesin turned to Han Qianqian with a murderous look on his face and questioned, "Did you make her angry?"

        Han Qianqiang is really a disaster from heaven, but he didn't say anything, so how could he provoke Chen Yanran?

        But Han Qianqiang wanted to see if Chen Tiesin had the guts to stand up for his sister.

        "Don't come at me, it's Huang Snapdragon, if you want to avenge her, go find Huang Snapdragon."

        This statement stunned Chen Tiesin, if it had been before, he would still be qualified to scream at Snapdragon Huang for a few words, and even make Snapdragon Huang apologize to Yan Chen, but now, Snapdragon Huang was already a Four Lantern Realm powerhouse, and could beat Chen Tiesin into submission with one hand, so who was he to go find Snapdragon Huang's trouble?

        Han Giangli laughed, it turned out to be a bullying lord, just a mouth to shout.

        "Not going to take revenge?" Han Giangli saw that Chen Tiesin was unmoved and deliberately irritated.

His True Colors Chapter 878

"Do you have a right to speak?" Yan Chen snapped at Han Qianqian in a cold voice.

        She knew very well that Chen Tiexin had a hard time with this matter of Huang Snapdragon breaking the border, and Han Sanqiang was deliberately trying to provoke Chen Tiexin into going after Huang Snapdragon, so wasn't this an embarrassment to Chen Tiexin?

        Han Qianli waved her hand helplessly and said, "I just thought your brother was going to avenge you, it looks like he doesn't quite dare, so forget I said anything."

        Chen Tiesin suddenly turned around and with a murderous face, reached out and grabbed Han Three Thousand's neck, saying with red eyes, "Han Three Thousand, do you believe I'll kill you!"

        Han Giangli acted as if he didn't care, even Huang Snap Yong wouldn't dare to kill in public, let alone Chen Tiesin.

        And if Chen Tiexin really dared to kill him, Han Three Thousand Thousand could end Chen Tiexin's life even faster.

        Although Han Three Thousand Thousand was now poisoned by the Red-Eyed Jade Python and wasn't at the peak of its strength, it still had no problem dealing with a weakling of the Second Lamp Realm like Chen Tiesin.

        "Chen Tiesin, you only have the guts to fierce me, don't you think it's pathetic? And you dare to kill me and do it in front of all these people?" Han Qianqian faded.

        Chen Tiesin was furious, but he eventually let go of Han Qianqian.

        Killing someone in public was setting himself on fire, and he didn't dare to ruin his own future out of impulse.

        At this time, Yanran Chen's killing intent was revealed, she had originally wanted to use the Beast Hunt to end Han Qianli's life, and now her thoughts in this regard were even stronger.

        Not long after, Huang Houyi appeared.

        As the lord of Long Yun City, a major event such as the Beast Hunting Assembly naturally required him to give orders.

        "I'm sure you've all been waiting for a long time, so I won't say any more nonsense, I hope you can all return home fully loaded today, let's go."

        After saying this, the crowd began to sprint, everyone wanted to get the first opportunity, after all, there weren't many exotic beasts on the outskirts of the Dragon Rock Mountain Range, if they went late, they might not even see the shadow of the exotic beasts.

        Chen Tiesin was also among the crowd, at this time, he didn't have the feeling of being superior in front of Han Qianqian, just like a hungry beggar who saw a distant steamed bun and couldn't wait to fight for it with his life.

        However, Yan Chen wasn't in a hurry because her intention wasn't to hunt beasts, but to find an opportunity to kill Han Qianqian.

        Huang Snap Yong, who was a Four Lantern Realm expert, was likewise not in a hurry, as most people could only look for exotic beasts on the outskirts of the Dragon Rock Mountain, but he had the strength to enter a little deeper, with much less competition, and there was no use in panicking for a while.

        "Yan Chen, did you just give up at the beginning?" Huang Snap Yong approached Yanran Chen once again, and it could be seen that he was quite resentful about this matter, otherwise, he wouldn't have endlessly shown superiority in front of Yanran Chen.

        However, Huang Snap Yong's feelings were understandable, after all, he had been pursuing Yanran Chen for many years, and it was well known in Long Yun City, but it was bitterly fruitless, and had caused many jokes.

        Now that he had broken the four lamps, it was only reasonable for him to flaunt his power.

        "Couldn't I just be like you and go deeper into the Dragon Rock Mountain Range, where there are fewer competitors, why should I be in a hurry?" Yan Chen said.

        "You?" Huang Snapdragon laughed after a moment of consternation and said, "Yan Chen, you really have no self-awareness at all, aren't you afraid that your fragrance will fade and you will die in the Dragon Rock Mountain Range."

        "Whether I die or not, what does it have to do with you?" Yan Chen said.

        "Your life or death, of course it has nothing to do with me, do you think I still care about you as much as I used to, I'm just looking for an opportunity to mock you." Snapdragon Huang said with a big smile.

        Yan Chen's face was livid, as ugly as it had to be, she had once been so fond of Huang Snap Yong, but now, she already had a feeling of being too high and mighty.

        Han Qianqiang glared at Huang Snap Yong, instructing him to get out of the way, to be a little bit cocky, just a woman, why bother to be so calculating.

        Huang Snap Yong shivered in fear and rode off, his master's orders not daring to disobey.

        After Huang Snap Yong left, Han Qianqiang looked at Yanran Chen, Chen Yanran's murderous intent towards him, he has long felt, and this beast hunting competition, is the best time.

        Just now, he heard again that Yanran Chen was going to enter deeper into the Dragon Rock Mountain Range, with her strength, there was no way she could venture into those places, so the only explanation Han Qianli could think of was that Yanran Chen wanted to get him killed, so he went.

        "Is it necessary to want to kill me and take such a big risk yourself, have you ever thought that you might die in the Dragon Rock Mountain Range as well?" Han Qianli said directly to Yanran Chen, who didn't need to hide his suspicions since things had come to this point.

        "Han Qianqian, since when did you know that I wanted you dead?" Yanran Chen asked to Han 3,000.

        Previously when Han Giang had mentioned guarding the dead, Yanran Chen felt that her plan was exposed, but she couldn't figure out why Han Giang knew about it, after all, only she and her personal maid knew about her plan, and the maid would never tell Han Giang about it.

        "From the moment I woke up." Han Qianqian said indifferently, "The reason you married me was because you saw that I was in a coma and could be at your mercy, but once I was awake, I became an unstable factor, that's why you wanted to kill me, but you also hesitated on this issue, testing me out, probably to see if I still had any use for you, or perhaps this time, it was also a test, but with my The life of the man to test it out is just that."

        Han Qianqian's analysis made Chen Yanran tremble with fear, she didn't expect her plan to be dissected so thoroughly by Han Qianqian, how could such an insignificant looking man be so scheming!

        "If you guessed it, why did you come?" Yan Chen was puzzled and asked.

        "Beast Hunt, I've never experienced this before, so naturally I have to come and feel it, as for the danger, aren't you still here? If I'm facing death, do you think I can escape? It's probably not bad to be able to die with you." Han Three Thousand smiled, knowing that Yanran Chen was very much repulsed by him, which was why he said it on purpose to disgust Yanran Chen.

        It had to be said that Han Third Thousand's goal had been achieved.

        Thinking of dying with Han Third Thousand, Yanran Chen did feel a little sick inside, she was the eldest Miss of the Chen family, how could she die with a piece of trash?

        But Yan Chen had already thought about it, once she encountered a powerful exotic beast, she wouldn't hesitate to run away, she would always have a greater chance of survival as long as Han Qianqian was in the way.

        "When it's the anniversary of your death, I'll give you two columns of incense as a token of my sympathy for you," Yan Chen said.


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