His True Colors Chapter 874-876


His True Colors Chapter 874

There was no Han Qianqian in Yanran Chen's eyes, so how could Han Qianqian have ever put Yanran Chen in his eyes.

        Although Yanran Chen had many followers in Long Yun City, her beauty was only tempting to others, to Han Qian, she was a woman who had nothing to do with herself, that was all.

        Shrugging his shoulders as if nothing had happened, Han 3000 said, "It's nothing, you've come to find me, so just tell me what you want."

        Yanran Chen's gaze was torchy as she looked at Han Qianqian, she had seen many men, and those men all coveted her beauty when they saw her, but Han Qianqian's eyes were clear and seemed to have no desire to possess her at all.

        This made Chen Yanran very puzzled, could it be that this man in front of her was really able to remain unmoved in front of beauty?

        Or is he not really a man at all, but some function is out of whack?

        Walking in front of Han Three Thousand, Yan Chen deliberately puffed up her chest.

        "Han Three Thousand, don't pretend to be a decent man in front of me, you men are all one hill of beasts, beauty is at hand, can you really not be moved?" Yanran Chen said with a fawning smile.

        "You're seducing me?" Han Qianli raised his eyebrows, sizing up Yanran Chen and continued, "You're not bad looking, but I really don't have the slightest interest in you."

        To be pretty and sexy, among the women Han Qianli had seen so far, none of them could compare to Qi Yiyun, but since he could hold himself in front of Qi Yiyun, how could he be tempted by Yanran Chen?

        In the beginning, Qi Yi Yun but countless times to throw herself into the arms, and even deliberately to get Han 3000 drunk to sleep together, but so what?

        Chen Yanran gritted her teeth, she wanted to find a flaw in Han Qianli's eyes, to find evidence of his lying, to find a loophole where he was swayed to himself, but Chen Yanran ended up powerlessly discovering that Han Qianli's clear eyes were really different from those of other men, that he didn't show any lust at all, and that this was in no way a pretense.

        "You have a hidden disease, right." Yanran Chen sneered, this was the only explanation she could think of, only the kind of man who wasn't a man could hold it together in front of her.

        "Go ahead, what do you want from me, if you're just here to prove your charm, I don't think it's necessary." Han Giang said indifferently, no matter what Yanran Chen thought of him, it didn't matter to him, he didn't want to get too involved with this woman, and now that he had Huang Snapdragon as his apprentice, the Chen residence wasn't as important to Han Giang as it used to be.

        "I want to know what happened when you met with Snapdragon Huang, and how much you know about Snapdragon Huang breaking two realms in a row." Yan Chen's face was as frosty as ice, her confidence had taken a serious hit on Han Qianqian, beauty had always been invulnerable to men, but it was not reflected in Han Qianqian at all, causing Yan Chen to burn with rage.

        "I'm meeting with Snapdragon Huang?" Han Qianli smiled calmly and said, "You know better than anyone how much Snapdragon Huang hates me, I met with him and he would love to try to kill me, how could I know about him breaking two realms in a row."

        After this matter had spread in Long Yun City, Han 3000 had already received the news, but it didn't matter, after all, the news only broke that Huang Snapdragon had broken two realms in a row, and there was no other message, probably because Huang Snapdragon couldn't help but spread the news, perhaps for other reasons, exposing himself in front of his father.

        This matter was something that Han Qianqian was able to look at from an understanding perspective, after all, now that the three great families of Long Yun City had joined forces to try to overthrow Huang Houyi, Huang Houyi's explosion of Huang Snapdragon's strength was also equivalent to deterring the three great families.

        After all, in a place like Long Yun City, the strength of the Four Lantern Realm was already very strong enough to intimidate people.

        "Impossible." Yan Chen didn't believe Han Qianqian at all and continued, "You and Huang Snapdragon went out of the city together, how could you not have met, and the more than ten Second Lantern Realms that Huang Snapdragon brought to the city all evaporated from the earth, there must be some secrets in it."

        "As long as you're willing to tell me why Snapdragon Huang was able to break two realms in a row, I can promise you one thing, anything." Yan Chen said.

        Han Giangli frowned, anything, these four words could mean a lot, he couldn't understand why Yanran Chen was doing this, was this news important to her to such an extent?

        "You want to improve your realm too?" Han Giangli was confused.

        "It's not me, it's my brother." Yanran Chen said.

        Han Qianli laughed and said, "It seems you really are brother and sister, you're willing to do anything for your brother, aren't you afraid that I'll ask something out of the ordinary of you?"

        "As long as you're willing to talk, I'll satisfy you." Saying that, Yan Chen pulled her clothes down her shoulders, revealing her snow-white skin.

        Without even a glance, Han Qianli laid back on her bed, resting her hands on the back of her neck, and said, "I'm sorry, I'm not interested in you, and I don't know about the matter of Huang Snap Yong, so I can't give you a satisfactory answer."

        Chen Tiesin had been out for many years seeking a high master, this matter Han Marchant had already heard from the servants of the house, but unfortunately Chen Tiesin had not succeeded for many years, this kind of behavior was completely idiotic in Han Marchant's opinion.

        How could a true senior apprentice be someone he could just find, this kind of opportunity was unattainable for anyone.

        Yanran Chen's expression became hideous for a moment, her actions today had completely laid down her dignity in front of Han Qianli, but she never expected Han Qianli to have such an attitude, a mere trash, what makes her qualified to treat her like this?

        "Han Qianqian, this is my Chen family residence, do you believe I'll let you die here." Yanran Chen gritted her teeth and said.

        Han Qianli turned his side and said with his back to Yanran Chen, "If you want to kill me, just come, but for you, the time is not yet right, right?"

        Yanran Chen took a deep breath, this guy actually knew he wanted to do something to him!

        Angry, Yanran Chen suddenly laughed in an unusually evil manner, not knowing what was going on inside, and said to Han Qianqian, "You will beg me, and beg me on your knees."

        After saying that, Yanran Chen left the room.

        Han Qianli sighed helplessly, her personality was very similar to Mi Fei'er's, both were extremely confident in their beauty and felt that all the men in the world would be bewitched by them, but it was a pity that she had met Han Qianli's iron plate of oil and salt.

        "A piece of trash like Chen Tiesin is worth selling your body for, ridiculous." Han Three Thousand Thousand said to herself.

        In Han Qianqian's eyes, Chen Tiesin's realm would never be able to make a breakthrough, as his mindset over the years had been to expect to seek a high master to take shortcuts, and with that thought, he would only be a two-light realm for the rest of his life.

His True Colors Chapter 875

"Triple dose, Miss, did I hear it right."

        In Yanran Chen's room, the personal maid looked at her with a startled face, appearing a little incredulous.

        But Yanran Chen's demeanor was calm and said, "Is three times not enough?"

        The maid was speechless for a moment, Yanran Chen had asked her to put a drug in Han 3,000's dinner, and it was an aphrodisiac, three times the dose was already very heavy in her opinion, and Yanran Chen didn't even think it was enough.

        "Miss, I ask nosily, why did you give him the aphrodisiac?" The maid was puzzled.

        "You're too nosy." Yan Chen said faintly.

        The maid quickly lowered her head, not daring to speak.

        "Follow my words, triple the dose, not a bit less." Yanran Chen commanded.

        Since the lady had already spoken, the maid didn't dare not to do anything and could only walk towards the kitchen.

        According to Yanran Chen's instructions, the triple dose was not less at all.

        The maid seemed to be able to imagine Han Qianqian's red-eyed, desire-filled eyes as she administered the medicine, a state that was no different from that of a wild animal in heat.

        When the servants sent the food to Han 3,000's room, Han 3,000 didn't expect Chen Yanran to have such dirty tricks, gorging herself on food and drink, and soon had enough, triple doses of aphrodisiacs, Han 3,000 didn't even know.

        After a short period of time, Han 3,000 suddenly felt his heart beating faster, his whole body was hot and dry, and thoughts of that aspect were born in his mind.

        Although it had been a long time since he came to the second world, Han 3,000 hadn't shared a room with a woman, but to him, who had always had good control over his desires, this phenomenon was very abnormal.

        Han 3000 breathed deeply and thought to himself what was going on, why would he suddenly have such a strong desire for that aspect of things?

        And this desire became stronger and stronger with time, even as he felt like his entire body was almost on the verge of becoming uncontrollable.

        At this moment, Yanran Chen's voice suddenly came from outside the door.

        "I told you that I would make you kneel down and beg me."

        In an instant, Han Giangli understood that this was all Yanran Chen's doing, and there must have been something strange in the meal just now.

        Han Qianli pushed open the door and said angrily, "Yanran Chen, what do you want!"

        After opening the door, Han Qianlian realized that Yanran Chen hadn't come alone, she was accompanied by many of the house guards, and looking at the number, most of them were there, it was obvious that she had planned this.

        "Didn't I just tell you, I want you to kneel down and beg me." Yan Chen said with a cold face.

        "You're a vicious woman, but you're using such nasty tactics." Han Qianli gritted his teeth.

        Yanran Chen smiled faintly and said, "When dealing with someone like you, it's natural to use such tactics, beg me, kneel down and beg me, I can help you."

        "You still have to know how Huang Snapdragon broke two realms in a row," Han Qianli scoffed.

        "Good." Yan Chen said with a smile, in her opinion, she had played Han 3000 with her hands, and now Han 3000 could only compromise with her.

        "I won't lie to you, I do know the secret of Huang Snapdragon breaking two realms in a row," Han Three Thousand Thousand said.

        Yan Chen's calm expression was agitated when she heard this, "Quickly tell me, how exactly did he do it."

        This matter was crucial to Yanran Chen, only if she knew how Huang Snapdragon did it would she be able to help Chen Tiesin break the realm.

        "Oh." Han Qianli smiled fiercely and said, "You're underestimating me too much to want me to compromise with this little tactic."

        As his words fell, Han Qianli heavily closed the door.

        Yanran Chen wasn't in a hurry, the effects of the medicine hadn't reached their limits now, and she believed that Han 3000 would soon come out to beg her, and would also take the initiative to tell him the secret of Huang Snapdragon's breakthrough.

        "Han Qianqian, I'll wait for you, I don't believe you'll really be able to endure this." Yanran Chen said.

        The maid followed Yanran Chen and lowered her head, not daring to speak, because she knew clearly that doing such a thing could never be a lady going, and the maid in the house, most likely, was to sacrifice her.

        As a maid, she had no control over her own destiny, and if Yanran Chen really wanted her to do this, she had no choice.

        "Go and change into a beautiful dress, preferably something thinner." Yanran Chen said to the maid.

        The maid's head buzzed.

        What should come, has finally come.

        "Yes, Miss."

        In a short while, the maid dressed in red sand returned, her exquisite posture even those guards couldn't help but take a few glances at her.

        Yan Chen nodded her head in satisfaction and said, "Go in and let him tell me the answer I want."

        "Yes." The maid nodded her head and then walked towards the room.

        Pushing open the door, the maid was in a very apprehensive mood, for a yellow-flowered maid to suddenly face this kind of thing, she couldn't contain her nervousness, but this was her destiny as a maid, what Miss asked her to do, she had to do.

        "Han Qianqian, Miss said that she wants you to kneel down and tell her what she wants to know." The servant girl said to Han Three Thousand.

        Han Three Thousand sat on her knees on the bed, eyes closed tightly, sweat the size of soybeans constantly oozing from her forehead.

        A triple dose of the drug was far too much for a normal person's body to handle, and if it weren't for Han Three Thousand's own strength, he would have been foaming at the mouth by now.

        "Let her roll." Han Qianqian said through clenched teeth.

        "This medicine comes from the most powerful apothecary in Long Yun City, you have no other choice." The maid kindly reminded.

        It was true that Han Three Thousand had almost lost control of the beast out of his body, and the effects of the medicine hadn't reached their limits yet, but his current state of support was already very difficult, but asking him to compromise or even kneel to Yan Chen in this manner was definitely not something Han Three Thousand was willing to do.

        "Convey a message to Yanran Chen for me, today's incident is the evil fruit sown by the Chen family, and when the flowers bloom, the Chen family will surely be destroyed." Han Qianli coldly said.

        Exterminate the family!

        The maid was trembling with fear, and was even more terrified when she raised her head slightly and saw the terrifying appearance of Han Three Thousand's crimson eyes.

        In the maid's heart, Han Three Thousand was also an image of waste, but at this moment, the maid was terrified of Han Three Thousand from the bottom of her heart, and this terror was something she couldn't suppress no matter what.

        "Han Qianqian, why do you have to go against Miss, do you have the qualifications?" The maid gathered her courage and said.

        Han Giangli grinned like a demon and said, "I should have asked Yanran Chen about that, if you don't get out, I'll kill you."

        Seeing Han Third Thousand's fierce gaze, as if he really wanted to kill someone, the maid was so frightened that she ran towards the door.

        "Miss, he, he's going to kill me." The maid walked in front of Yanran Chen in fear, trembling with fear, and said.

His True Colors Chapter 876

Yanran Chen's face was livid, and she had heard everything Han Qianli had said in the room.

        By the time the flowers bloom, the Chen family will be exterminated!

        For some reason, she somehow felt a strong sense of crisis in this man, as if what he said would eventually become reality one day in the future.

        And now was the best chance for Yanran Chen to kill Han Qianxiang.

        But Yanran Chen was reluctant to do so, if she killed Han Qiangnian, then no one would know the secret of Huang Snapdragon's two consecutive breakthroughs.

        For the sake of her brother, Yanran Chen had to get the truth of this matter out of Han Qianqian.

        When Yan Chen looked at the maid, although she was already dressed charmingly enough, her looks were still a shortcoming after all, and it looked like she could only be the one to do it herself.

        Taking a deep breath, Yanran Chen walked towards the room.

        The maid saw the situation and asked in shock, "Miss, what are you doing?"

        Yanran Chen did not reply, but walked into the room without turning back.

        Although she was uninvolved, she knew very well what would happen if Han Third Thousand couldn't hold herself back, but Yan Chen wasn't afraid, as long as she could break Chen Tiesin, she would be able to usher in the glory of the Chen family, and it would be worth it to pay a small price for that.

        "Han Qianqian, with just a word from you, I can make you fade away the effects of this medicine." Yan Chen said as she stood in front of Han Third Thousand.

        Han Qianqian closed his eyes tightly, the effect of the drug had now reached the point where he couldn't look at the woman, or else he wouldn't be able to control himself.

        "Yanran Chen, I advise you to get out of my sight." Han Qianli coldly said.

        "The result of being strong is that you'll bleed to death from your seven apertures, do you want to die here?" Chen Yanran said.

        Han Giangli's blood qi surged within his body, and if this continued, bleeding from his seven orifices was inevitable, but even so, the looks of Su Yingxia and Han Nian flashed in his mind, not allowing him to do anything that would derail him.

        "Even this little bit of medicine wants to poison me, you're underestimating me." Han Giangli said.

        Yanran Chen faded her coat and rustling noises made Han Giang's heart beat faster again, so he could only close his eyes tightly.

        "Don't you dare open your eyes and look at me." Yanran Chen said provocatively.

        Han Three thousand clenched his fists, his nose heated, and blood spilled out.

        Right at this moment, Chen Tiesin suddenly barged into Han Three Thousand's room.

        He was unaware of Yanran Chen's layout tonight, and when he heard about it from his servant, he rushed over in a hurry.

        Seeing that things hadn't developed to the point he had imagined, Chen Tiesin let out a sigh of relief.

        "Yanran, what are you doing?" Chen Tiesin asked with a serious face.

        "Brother, he knows the secret of Huang Snapdragon breaking two realms in a row, I have to make him tell me." Yanran Chen said.

        Chen Tiesin looked heartbroken, he didn't expect Yanran Chen to make such a sacrifice for himself.

        But even so, he was unwilling to let Yanran Chen do so.

        Holding Yanran Chen's hand, Chen Tiesin said, "Come with me, if it takes such a price, it's better not to know."

        Yanran Chen wanted to shake off Chen Tiesin, but her strength obviously couldn't compare to Chen Tiesin's, so she could only say, "Brother, if I leave like this, he will surely die."

        Chen Tiesin looked at Han Qianqian with disdain and sneered, "This kind of trash, die as you wish."

        After saying that, Chen Tiesin forcefully pulled Yanran Chen out of the room.

        "Yanran, from today onwards, don't do such a stupid thing, I know how to solve my brother's matter myself, and this kind of trash, do you think it's possible for him to know about Huang Snapdragon?" Chen Tiesin reminded Yanran Chen.

        Just now, Han Qianqiang had made it very clear that he knew how Huang Snapdragon would break the border.

        But looking at Chen Tiesin's tough attitude, Yanran Chen knew that it was useless no matter what he said.

        "Brother, I know I was wrong and I won't do this again, but he ......" Yanran Chen didn't want Han Three Thousand to die yet, because Han Three Thousand still had secrets she was curious about.

        "Regardless of him, it's up to his own fate whether he can live or not." Chen Tiesin said.

        A triple dose, in this case, would definitely end up being suffocated alive if it was not ventilated.

        After the group dispersed, Han Qianli's body had reached the limit of its support.

        With no one else around, Han 3,000 gritted his teeth and said, "Little thing, you're still f**king watching the show, hurry up and think of a way to help me."

        The little white snake swam out from its arm, but looking at it as if it couldn't help, it didn't seem to be helping Han Qianqian.

        "If you really can't, you can just f*cking bite me," Han 3,000 said, he also really had no choice, the blood qi churning in his body was simply uncontrollable.

        The little white snake spat out red letters, revealing two fangs.

        The venom of the Red-Eyed Jade Python was like a nightmare for the cultivators of Xuanyuan World, and even someone as powerful as a Pole Division was feared like a tiger.

        In one bite, the little white snake released just a little bit of venom and quickly loosened its mouth.

        Han Qianqiang's fingers slowly turned black and purple from the bite, and the blackness spread to his arm at a very fast rate.

        The invasion of the venom from the red-eyed jade python quickly made the triple dose of aphrodisiacs in his body subside, but his state was even more painful, as a sharp pain that tore at his heart spread throughout his body.

        After a night of torment, Han 3,000 was like a trip to hell, going through the cycle of life and death, leaving behind a residual gasp.

        In Yanran Chen's room, she had woken up just after dawn, wondering if Han 3000 could have died in her room, and quickly summoned her personal maid.

        "Go to Han Third Thousand's room and see if he's dead, and have his body disposed of." That said, in her heart, Yan Chen didn't want Han Three Thousand to die, after all, the secret she was curious about still needed to be learned from Han Three Thousand's mouth.


        The maid led the order and left.

        Arriving at the door of Han Three Thousand's room, the maid was still a little nervous, her fear of Han Three Thousand had been buried deep in her heart after last night, like a lingering haze.

        Pushing the door in, the maid was shocked to see Han Qianqian lying motionless on the ground.


        Is this dead?

        Summoning the courage to walk into Han Three Thousand's side, the maid took a deep breath and prepared to squat down to see if Han Three Thousand was still breathing.

        Just then, Han Three Thousand Year suddenly spoke up, "Don't bother, you're not dead yet."

        This opening of the mouth to speak frightened the maid so much that she took three straight steps back.

        "Han Three Thousand Years, if you were willing to kneel to Miss, you wouldn't be in such a mess." The servant girl said.

        Han Three Thousand looked sideways at the maid, grinned, and said, "I, Han Three Thousand, won't kneel even if heaven and earth do."

        The maid gritted her teeth, this guy's stubborn temper was a real bull, what right did he have to fight with Miss in the Chen residence.


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