His True Colors Chapter 871-873


His True Colors Chapter 871



        Yan Chen's face changed after hearing the words and said, "What are you talking about, I don't understand."

        Han Qianli's mouth turned up in a strange curve, smiling without saying anything.

        Such an expression made Yanran Chen feel more and more guilty and had to quickly turn around and leave.

        The look in Han Qianli's eyes just now was like he had seen right through her, and this feeling made Yanran Chen feel very apprehensive, in Yanran Chen's opinion, she should have played Han Qianli off against her, but now, she felt as if Han Qianli had already seen right through it all, only that he hadn't put up any resistance.

        Why was this?

        Had he already guessed that he would die at the Beast Hunt?

        But if you guessed it, why didn't you want to find a way to escape it?

        "Huma, what's wrong with you?" Chen Tiesin saw that Yanran Chen didn't look quite right and asked.

        Yanran Chen shook her head, she wasn't sure if what she had felt just now was right, there was an unexplainable feeling of uncertainty in her heart, but how could a piece of trash like Han Giang make her feel dangerous?

        "It's nothing, brother, let's just hurry up and prepare for the Beast Hunt." Chen Yanran said.

        Chen Tiesin nodded, for him who was determined to enter the imperial court, whether it was finding an expert to worship or the Beast Hunting Assembly, he never took it lightly, from one aspect, Chen Tiesin was very persistent in his pursuit of status.

        But on the other hand, Chen Tiexin was too delusional, as his abilities were nothing but trash to the imperial court, yet he reported such illusions, which was really not self-aware.

        City Lord Residence.

        Huang Houyi was so angry when he saw his son get a painter to copy the portrait of a woman.

        He wanted Huang Snapdragon to become successful, but Huang Snapdragon was putting all his energy into women.

        It used to be Yan Chen, but now it was the woman in the painting, how could he not be angry.

        "Huang Snap Yong, how can you be worthy of being my son when you are so useless, don't you have any other pursuits besides women?" Huang Houyi said angrily to Huang Snapdragon.

        Huang Snap Yong knew that his father had misunderstood him, but he didn't know how to explain to his father about this matter, after all, he didn't dare to reveal anything about the matter between him and Han Qianqian, who had asked him to keep it a secret.

        "Father, you've misunderstood, I'm not such a person, I'm infatuated with Yan Chen, how could I fall in love with another woman?" Huang Snapdragon said.

        Huang Houyi was full of sneers and said, "What's the use of being infatuated with a woman, do you want to spend all your thoughts on women in your life?"

        The angry Huang Houyi ordered those copy artists to get out of the City Hall, or none of them would be allowed to live.

        Under this threat, the copy painters threw down their brushes one by one, they didn't want to lose their lives.

        But Huang Snap Yong, who saw this situation, was anxious, the woman in the portrait was Han Qianqian's sister, and he was ordered to find her, if father drove them away, who would come to copy the portrait?

        "Father, this is a very important matter for me, so could you please leave this matter alone." Huang Snapdragon said with an anxious face.

        Huang Hou Yi looked at Huang Snap Yong with a frosty face, now was the crucial moment for him to get rid of his puppet body, not only did Huang Snap Yong not help, but he wasted his time on such a meaningless matter, how could he allow Huang Snap Yong to go on without doing his job.

        "Huang Snap Yong, I'm warning you, from now on, if you do this kind of pointless thing in the house again, I'll kick you out of the house." Huang Houyi said in a stern voice.

        Seeing that Huang Houyi looked as if there was no room for discussion, Huang Snapdragon became even more anxious, if his father didn't agree to his search for the woman in the painting, how would he be able to explain to Han Qianqian?

        "Father, please come with me and I will show you something, and after that you will understand why I am doing this." Snapdragon Huang said.

        "Don't you dare try to persuade me, no matter what you say, I won't accept it." Huang Houyi said firmly.

        Snapdragon Huang said with a decisive look, "After you see it, you will very much agree with me doing this, if you don't believe me, then come with me."

        After saying that, Huang Snapdragon walked towards the backyard.

        He couldn't reveal Han Three Thousand's identity, but in order for Huang Houyi to revoke his control over him, he could only let Huang Houyi know his current strength and what the point of him doing this was.

        Huang Houyi hadn't intended to give Huang Snapdragon a chance, but he saw an unprecedented amount of underlying strength on Huang Snapdragon's face, which made him very curious as to what Huang Snapdragon had that could bring him back to his senses.

        Following to the backyard, where no one was around, Huang Houyi said, "If you have anything worth showing off, take it out quickly, if you can't convince me, your every move in the City Lord's Palace in the future must be approved by me."

        Huang Snap Yong took out his broadsword with extreme confidence and said, "Father, this isn't showing off, it's an absolute fright for you."


        Huang Houyi scorned a smile, but his smile froze in a quick moment.

        On top of Huang Snapdragon's broadsword, four flames representing the Four-Light Realm burned, which completely stunned Huang Houyi.

        As Huang Snapdragon's father, Huang Houyi knew his son's skills, he had been under the door bar of the Second Lantern Realm for several years, it was simply impossible for him to break through on his own, unless there was a senior guide or perhaps even a chance.

        But right now, the Huang Snapdragon in front of him was already at the Four Lantern Realm.

        To Huang Houyi, this was something that he did not dare to imagine.

        "Four, four-light realm!" Huang Houyi's eyes were round, his expression slightly stunned as he said, "How is it possible, how is it possible, how can you be in the Four Lantern Realm."

        Huang Snapdragon looked smug, Huang Houyi behaving like this was something he expected, after all, breaking two realms in one night, for anyone, this was a very incredible thing.

        "Father, I went from the Two-Light Realm to the Four-Light Realm in one night, can you believe it?" Huang Snapdragon smiled.

        Huang Houyi's throat visibly squirmed a few times, overnight?

        If this were to come out of an outsider's mouth, Huang Houyi would only treat it as a joke, as it was simply an impossible thing in common sense.

        But now, the truth was in front of him, and Huang Snapdragon was alive and well in the Four Lantern Realm, so he couldn't disbelieve it.

        Huang Houyi excitedly walked up to Huang Snapdragon and asked, "How did you do it, how could you possibly rise two realms in a row in one night, did you have some kind of strange encounter?"

        "It's no exaggeration to call it a strange encounter, and it was indeed a strange encounter for me," Snapdragon Huang said.

        "What's going on, tell me quickly, don't sell out in front of me." Huang Houyi was so excited that he was about to get violent, he couldn't wait to find out what was going on.

His True Colors Chapter 872

"Father, don't get excited, I'll tell you just that, in fact, the reason why I've broken through in such a short period of time is all thanks to my master." Huang Snap Yong had a heartfelt pride when he spoke of Han Qianqian, I could tell that he was proud of this, and his loyalty to Han Qianqian could no longer be described by words.

        "Master?" Huang Hou Yi looked at Huang Snapdragon in confusion, he had never heard of this before, and he knew very well as the master of a city what kind of people there were in Long Yun City, there was no way that an expert of this level could exist.

        To be able to make Huang Snapdragon break two realms in a row to reach the Four Lantern Realm, in Huang Hou Yi's opinion, this was at least a strong person who was above the Six Lantern Realm, but how could such an expert exist in a small place like Long Yun City?

        "Who is your master, he's in Long Yun City?" Huang Houyi asked.

        This topic could stop for Snapdragon Huang, he was able to tell Huang Houyi that he had a master and that his realm advancement was also related to his master, but he mustn't reveal his master's identity, this was a warning given to him by Han Giang, even if he gave Snapdragon Huang a hundred guts, he wouldn't dare to tell Han Giang's identity.

        "Father, don't ask about his identity, Master has orders not to mention him to anyone, he's a very low-key person." Huang Snap Yong said.


        Do powerful people above the Sixth Lamp Realm still need to keep a low profile?

        Huang Houyi wanted to find a flaw in Huang Snapdragon's words, but his actual Four-Light Realm had already manifested itself, leaving Huang Snapdragon with nothing to say at all.

        "With Master, father becomes unimportant, right?" Huang Houyi disdained.

        "Of course not, but since his old man doesn't want to reveal his identity, how can I dare to talk nonsense, in case his old man isn't happy, killing all the city's lordship is just a snap of my fingers." Snapdragon Huang said.

        "I'm at least the lord of a city, how could he dare to kill me at will?" Huang Houyi's bottom line was not strong enough to say this, as he guessed the strength of Han Qianqian to be at least Six Lantern realm, and even then, it was still very simple for a Six Lantern realm powerhouse to kill a small city lord, and the imperial court's side wouldn't take this little fart seriously at all.

        Compared to a Six Lantern Realm powerhouse and a tiny little city lord, it was clear that the former was more worthy of the imperial court's attention.

        "Father, it's not that I'm underestimating your status, a status like city lord is worthless to him, even if the high-ups of the imperial court saw him, I'm afraid they would have to be respectful." Huang Snapdragon said.

        "Bragging." Huang Houyi glanced disdainfully at his mouth.

        "Father, what status does the Pole Division possess in the Imperial Court?" Huang Snap Yong smiled and asked.

        "That is naturally supreme, and the Imperial Emperor has to personally receive it." Huang Houyi said without even thinking, how noble was the Extreme Master, even for the Emperor, that was something he didn't dare to underestimate.

        After saying this, Huang Houyi was momentarily stunned, and then looked at the smug smile on Huang Snapdragon's face.

        A thunderbolt from the clear sky suddenly exploded in Huang Hou Yi's mind.

        Extreme Master!

        Could it be that Huang Snap Yong's master was actually an Extreme Master, how was that possible!

        How could such a supreme figure appear in Little Dragon Cloud City?

        Huang Houyi's legs weakened and he directly sat paralyzed on the ground.

        The master of a city was actually behaving like a soft egg at this moment.

        "You, you're saying that your master, is ...... an Extreme Master!" Huang Houyi stared at Huang Snapdragon, not daring to believe it.

        Huang Snap Yong didn't know anything about Han Qianqian's true realm, but through the questions Han Qianqian had asked him, he guessed that Han Qianqian should be in the Extreme Mastery realm, otherwise, why would he ask about things that didn't have their originals?

        You know that the only cultivator in the world who doesn't need an original object is the Extreme Master.

        "A cultivator without an original object, father, what do you call him?" Snapdragon Huang smiled and asked rhetorically.


        Huang Houyi's head thundered flatly once again.

        He naturally knew what it meant to be without a native object, and it made his heart pound with fear.

        Although Huang Houyi was a city lord, he hadn't really come into contact with a great person in his life, and an existence as high above him as the Extreme Master was even more unthinkable.

        But now, Huang Snapdragon had become a disciple of the Extreme Master, which was a great blessing for the Huang family.

        "Son, you must seize this opportunity, a great figure like the Extreme Master must be served well, this is your chance to enter the Imperial Court!" Huang Houyi instructed.

        Huang Snap Yong smiled faintly and said, "Father, I'm already a disciple of the Extreme Master, does it still matter if I can enter the Imperial Court or not?"

        Huang Hou Yi was stirred, which was why he nodded his head repeatedly.

        The Extreme Master would not be affiliated with the Imperial Court, yet the Imperial Court would treat the Extreme Master with respect, to Huang Snapdragon, whether or not he entered the Imperial Court was indeed no longer important.

        "Didn't you just say that I'm addicted to women, in fact, the woman in that painting is my master's sister, the reason why I copied the portrait was because my master wanted me to help him find his sister." Huang Snapdragon explained.

        "The woman in the painting looks to be in her prime and not very old, is your master not ancient?" In the history of the Xuanyuan World, every Extreme Master had reached this level of achievement only when they reached the rarefied age of old, so in Huang Hou Yi's established impression, Huang Snapdragon's master should also be an ancient old man.

        But he actually had such a young sister, indicating that he wasn't as old as he thought?

        "Father, don't sidetrack me, I won't tell you about this matter, in case Master is unhappy, my great future will be ruined by you." Huang Snapdragon said.

        Huang Houyi nodded repeatedly, although he was extremely curious about this matter, he didn't dare to anger a Pole Master over it.

        Even if he provoked the Imperial Court, he would only be a bodyguard, while offending a Pole Master would end up more painful than death.

        "Fine, fine, I won't say anything more, but can you reveal your current realm to the outside world?" Huang Hou Yi asked tentatively, now that the three great families wanted to deprive him of his position as city lord, if those people knew that Huang Snapdragon now possessed the strength of the Four Lantern Realm, the three great families would probably know that they were in trouble and retreat, which was a simple solution to Huang Hou Yi's troubles.

        Huang Snap Yong frowned and considered for a moment, informing the public of his realm would surely shock many people, but it shouldn't affect Han Qianqian, after all, no one other than his father would know that his realm advancement was related to others.

        Moreover, Huang Snapdragon knew why his father was doing this, and as a son, he should also relieve Huang Houyi of his worries.

        "Yes, but never mention Master." Huang Snapdragon said.

        "Fine, fine, don't worry, other than your realm, I will absolutely not mention a single word about anything else." Huang Houyi said.

His True Colors Chapter 873


        A startled roar of astonishment erupted from the royal family's compound.

        The Wang Family Master was filled with incredulity.

        Huang Snapdragon had actually reached the Four Lantern Realm, this was a fatal blow to the Wang Family Master.

        At a critical time when he wanted to overthrow Huang Houyi's position as City Lord, this news was almost desperate.

        "Check it out, how could Huang Snapdragon have reached the Four Lantern Realm!"

        At the same time, the Xie family compound was in the same situation.

        The Xie Family Master was breathing rapidly, facing this sudden news, he was unwilling to believe it in his heart, but Huang Houyi releasing such a message could never be a joke.

        "How could this be, how could Huang Snapdragon, a mere two-light realm, reach the four-light realm so quickly!" Family Master Xie asked to his servant.

        "My lord, I heard from the eyewitnesses of the City Lord's Palace that Huang Snapdragon's real name, Broadblade, does indeed show that he is at the Four Lantern Realm, which is by no means false, as to why he was able to reach the Four Lantern Realm, it is unknown." The servant replied back.

        Master Xie took a deep breath one after the other, if Huang Snapdragon really had such strength, it would become a luxury to overthrow Huang Houyi.

        Not to mention whether or not the three big families could still be a threat to Huang Hou Yi by joining forces, Huang Snapdragon's Four Lantern Realm strength had become a scruple to them that could not be ignored, once Huang Snapdragon made his move, the three big families, who would be able to stop him?

        Master Xie almost clenched his back groove teeth and said, "Is it possible that all this time's layout can only come to naught after all?"

        After saying this, the Xie Family Lord collapsed weakly onto his reclining bed.

        The Chen Family Residence.

        Yan Chen's pace was so hurried that it could almost be described as a breeze on her feet.

        Arriving at the door of Chen Tiesin's room in three steps, she knocked on the door and shouted, "Brother, are you in your room?"

        "In." Chen Tiesin's heavy voice came from the room.

        Yan Chen pushed the door in, and when she saw Chen Tiesin's expression, she guessed that her brother already knew about Snapdragon Huang.

        "Brother, you've already heard about it, right?" Chen Yanran asked.

        Chen Tiesin's gritted teeth expression looked very unhappy, for years he had travelled thousands of miles to find his senior master but had found nothing, but now Huang Snapdragon had reached the astonishing Four Lanterns realm, which was unacceptable within Chen Tiesin.

        How on earth could a son of an idle city lord have such good luck!

        "Huang Snapdragon must have found a master with a strong realm, otherwise, he would never be able to have such a terrifying realm improvement." Chen Tiesin said.

        Yan Chen also had the same guess, as Huang Snap Yong had been stagnant in the Second Lamp Realm for several years, which was a huge gate barrier for a cultivator, and it was very difficult to cross unless a leader appeared.

        But Yan Chen couldn't figure out who in a place like Long Yun City possessed such a strong strength that could allow Huang Snapdragon to break through two realms in a short period of time.

        "Brother, did you say that his master is still in Long Yun City? What kind of realm must it be for him to be able to break two realms in a short period of time?" Yan Chen was confused.

        Chen Tiesin took a deep breath, if that senior person was still in Long Yun City, even if he had to dig three feet into the ground, he would have to find him, as for what realm Master Huang Snapdragon was in, it was not something Chen Tiesin could guess.

        "Sister, you help me mobilize all the hands in the entire house to search for this person with all your might, no matter what, you have to find him out." Chen Tiesin said.

        Yan Chen knew that Chen Tiesin was very anxious in his heart, but this matter could not be acted recklessly, and since he was a high ranking person, it was useless for him to deliberately hide himself, no matter how many hands he had.

        And even if he was really fortunate enough to be found by them, no one could say what the consequences would be in case it caused the senior person's discontent.

        "Brother, don't be anxious yet, this matter has to be discussed in the long run." Chen Yanran said.

        Chen Tiesin swept the teapot and cups across the table with one hand, appearing unusually angry, and said, "Even Huang Snapdragon is in the Four-Light Realm, while I'm still stuck in the Two-Light Realm, how can I accept this."

        Yan Chen saw that her brother was angry, and although she wanted to help, this matter was beyond her ability to do so, and she was willing but powerless.

        "Brother, don't be anxious yet, perhaps it's your chance that hasn't arrived yet, I believe that in terms of talent, you're stronger than Huang Snapdragon, once that senior knows of your existence, he'll definitely value you more." Chen Yanran said.

        Chen Tiesin was thick-skinned and didn't feel that Yanran Chen had half a problem with this, but he showed a worried expression and said, "I'm afraid that this high person will leave Long Yun City before he sees me."

        "No." Yan Chen said in a decisive manner.

        "Why?" Chen Tiesin asked with a puzzled face, he didn't understand why Yan Chen was so sure.

        "The Beast Hunt is coming up, and I feel that the reason why he appeared in Long Yun City is for the Beast Hunt, even if he has to leave, it should be after the Beast Hunt is over." Yan Chen explained.

        After hearing these words, Chen Tiesin calmed down a bit as Yan Chen made a good point that it was a very inappropriate thing for a strong man to appear in Long Yun City, and since he had appeared, there must be some reason for him to do so.

        And wasn't the biggest thing in Long Yun City recently the Beast Hunting Assembly?

        "It looks like I need to perform well at the Beast Hunt before I can get this senior's idea." Chen Tiesin said.

        Yan Chen saw his brother's mood calm down and nodded his head, "So ah brother, you can't be in a hurry right now, you have to prepare for the Beast Hunting Conference, the more anxious you are, the easier it will be for chaos to occur."

        "Thanks to you for reminding me, otherwise, I might have acted recklessly and lost more than I gained." Chen Tiesin smiled.

        "Alright, you can rest first, I also have to go prepare for the Beast Hunting Conference." Yanran Chen said.

        Leaving Chen Tiesin's room, Yanran Chen didn't go straight back to her own room, but went to where Han Qianqian was staying.

        Han Three thousand and Huang Snap Yong had left Long Yun City together to go to the outskirts before, and no one knew what had happened during that time, but Yan Chen guessed that something must have happened between Han Three thousand and Huang Snap Yong.

        Of course, she wouldn't think that Han 3000 was Snapdragon Huang's master, she just wanted to find out more about Snapdragon Huang from Han 3000.

        "You're not planning to sleep here tonight, are you?" Han 3000 looked a little startled to see Chen Yanran come to the room at this time of the day, although he and Chen Yanran were nominally husband and wife, but in reality there was nothing going on.

        The most important thing is that Han Qianli doesn't have the slightest idea about Yanran Chen, for him, disloyalty to Su Yingxia is the most heinous thing in the world.

        Yanran Chen smiled coldly and said, "With you also qualified to touch me, don't you daydream."

        Han Qianli patted his chest with a celebratory face and said, "That's good."

        Yan Chen paled and gritted her teeth as she said, "What do you mean?"


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