His True Colors Chapter 879-880


His True Colors Chapter 879

Near the Long Yan Mountain Range, there were people from all the major cities converging, the scene was even more spectacular, most of them were looking for traces of exotic beasts on the outskirts of the Long Yan Mountain Range, it was no wonder that it was hard for a beast master to appear, with this battle, even if there were exotic beasts on the outskirts, they had already been scared into hiding, how could they dare to show up.

        Ninety-nine percent of them must have returned without success.

        Han Giangli said with a sigh on his face, "Wanting to use this to become a Beast Master to boost their status, but not daring to take risks, these people might as well sleep at home."

        "They all want to try their luck, and no one can tell when good luck will come," Chen Yanran said.

        "There's a question I want to know, once the exotic beasts appear, what will be the scene, these people will fight for the exotic beasts, right?" Han Giangli was curious.

        "I remember the worst year, where over a thousand One-Light Realm people were killed or injured, and it was for a two-star exotic beast." Yan Chen explained.

        Han 3,000 nodded his head, but another doubt arose in his heart and asked, "Isn't it true that if it's not a beast hunting tournament, you can't come looking for exotic beasts?"

        "Sure, but as you can see, most people here aren't strong, they don't dare to act alone, and their lives are more important than the lure of status." Yan Chen said.

        It seems that Xuanyuan World is the same as Earth, there are too many ordinary people, not much better in comparison, but they have more superior cultivation conditions, that's why they are a bit stronger than Earth in terms of cultivation.

        The more he got to know the Xuanyuan World, the more Han Giang found that it wasn't a place to be too scrupulous about.

        Rather, it was the kind of pull that he had felt in the forbidden area of the apocalypse before that made Han Three Thousand pay even more attention to it.

        Where exactly this feeling came from was one thing that Han Three Thousand needed to figure out.

        The Longyan Mountain Range was divided into three layers in total, with a periphery, a middle region, and a core.

        Generally speaking, the periphery occupied ninety-nine percent of the people, while only one percent of the people in the middle zone dared to enter, and as for the core, no one had gone in there for many years.

        For the truly strong, the exotic beasts of the Dragon Rock Mountain Range were no longer in their eyes, and the even more terrifying Dark Forest was the place they liked to conquer.

        When the horseback-riding Snapdragon Huang entered the Dragon Rock Mountain Range was the Middle Passage, many people let out envious sighs.

        "Huang Snap Yong has broken two realms in a row, I had already guessed that he would go to the Central Region, and as expected."

        "Would a Four-Light Realm powerhouse still be wasting his time in the periphery."

        "If Snapdragon Huang were to become a Beast Master, no one would be able to shake the Huang family's position in Long Yun City."

        "Huang Snap Yong used to like the Chen family's eldest sister, but the Chen family's eldest sister didn't take him seriously and got married to a trash, and I don't know if that eldest sister regrets it now."

        Han Qianqiang took a special look at Yanran Chen, but she didn't have much emotional turmoil, and looked like she was already prepared for it.

        The passage was a naturally formed path between two mountains, and after Huang Snap Yong entered, Yanran Chen followed.

        Han Giangli could only follow after seeing this.

        Although Yanran Chen wanted to kill him, Han Three Thousand knew he wouldn't die here, and he also wanted to see the other exotic beasts.

        "Isn't this Yanran Chen, she's even going to the Central District?"

        "Yanran Chen's strength is just a mere one lantern realm, how dare she go to her death."

        "Who is that man following behind, is he the strong helper that Yanran Chen invited?"

        The crowd guessed at what they saw, and became even more curious about Han Qianli's identity.

        Entering the Central Region without the strength of the Four Lanterns, one could easily lose their lives, so in their opinion, since Yanran Chen dared to go, she must have some kind of support, and it was only natural that Han Qiangan, a strange face, was guessed by them to be a strong man.

        Soon, however, some people recognized Han Three Thousand, after all, there were also many people who had witnessed Yanran Chen's appearance for Han Three Thousand at the Tail Beast Residence that day.

        "That person, isn't that person Yanran Chen's husband?"

        "Husband, is he the one who got married to Yan Chen?"

        "Aren't the rumors that he's just a loser? Is it all a lie?"

        "Of course not, I heard from the servants of the Chen residence that he is indeed a waste, as for why Yan Chen took him to the Central District, it is indeed quite strange."

        "Could it be that these two are going to be martyred?"

        All sorts of multifarious speculations stirred up in the crowd, some saying that Han 3000 might have hidden her strength, while others said that Yanran Chen wanted to die with Han 3000 in the Central District.

        Others guessed to the point that Yanran Chen wanted to use this Beast Hunt to get her useless husband killed, and that was why she had gone to the Central District.

        Originally, Huang Snap Yong's heart was still a little unsteady, after all, the Central District was a place he had never been before, and there was no telling what kind of beasts he would encounter, if he was unlucky enough to encounter a powerful beast, his life would be on the line.

        But after seeing Han Qianqian, Huang Snap Yong felt much more at ease, in his opinion, as long as his master was there, even if he went to the core region of the Dragon Rock Mountain Range, there would be no danger.

        Abandoning his horse and not daring to walk too fast, Huang Snap Yong deliberately slowed down his pace, preparing to travel with Han Qianqian.

        Naturally, Yan Chen didn't want to walk with Huang Snap Yong, after all, she wanted to take this opportunity to test Han Qianqian's strength, and if he was really a loser, then get him killed here, naturally, such things couldn't exist as bystanders.

        "Snapdragon Huang, you're a Four-Light Realm expert, and you still want to get together with us, would it be a loss of your identity?" Yan Chen was deliberately irritating to Snapdragon Huang.

        "Yanran Chen, you should feel lucky to have a Four Lantern Realm expert protecting you." Snapdragon Huang smiled.

        "I don't need your protection, you'd better go find the exotic beast yourself." Yanran Chen said.

        "No." Snapdragon Huang decisively refused and said, "I'm a person who likes to have fun and doesn't like to act alone, and protecting the weak is something that a strong person like me should do."

        Yan Chen frowned, I'm afraid her plans would change if Huang Snapdragon interfered, but if Huang Snapdragon didn't leave, what could she do to force him away?

        Han Qianli's heart was gleeful, which of Huang Snap Yong was protecting the weak, it was clear that he was guilty and scared, that's why he was walking with him, this guy was now in the Four Lantern Realm anyway, but he didn't even have the guts to do that.

        Han Qianqiang once wondered if it was a wrong decision to take him on as a disciple, with such a cowardly disciple, how could he still be expected to do great things?

His True Colors Chapter 880

After entering the Central District, Yan Chen and Huang Snap Yong's appearance became much more serious, after all, they knew very well that the exotic beasts here were not comparable to the outskirts of the Dragon Rock Mountains, and if they were less fortunate, it was very likely that they would give their lives here.

        But compared to Snapdragon Huang, Yanran Chen was a bit more serious, because Snapdragon Huang at least knew that if it was really dangerous, there would still be Han Qiangong to take action, while Yanran Chen was completely unaware of it.

        When Huang Snap Yong saw Han Qianqian walking behind him, he deliberately slowed down his pace, gradually running parallel to Han Qianqian.

        Since Yanran Chen's attention was all focused on observing the nearby environment, she didn't even notice the whispers between Han Qianqian and Huang Snap Yong.

        "Master, my disciple's life is in your hands, you have to protect me," Huang Snapdragon said softly.

        "You're already in the Four Lantern Realm now, it's not like you're entering the core, so what are you afraid of." Han Qianli was speechless.

        "Master, you don't know, even though this is only the Central Region, there are core exotic beasts that will appear here, and those powerful exotic beasts will always need some food." Huang Snap Yong explained.

        Han Giangli nodded, if luck was really that unlucky, the Four Lantern Realm was probably nothing.

        At this moment, the sounds of fighting came from ahead, and Yan Chen subconsciously stopped in her tracks.

        Huang Snap Yong hurriedly put some distance between himself and Han Qianqian, so as not to let Yanran Chen notice that his relationship with Han Qianqian was abnormal.

        "Looks like someone has already encountered a foreign beast, want to go take a look?" Yan Chen asked to Huang Snap Yong, obviously asking for his opinion, after all, in her heart, Huang Snap Yong was a strong man, while Han 3000 was just a piece of trash, and she couldn't expect Han 3000 to be able to protect him.

        Without revealing a word, Snapdragon Huang looked at Han Three Thousand with his afterglow, only to see Han Three Thousand nod slightly, which was why he said, "Of course I'll watch, and see if I can pick up a bargain along the way."

        The three of them headed in the direction of the sounds of fighting, and at a mountain rock corner, they found four people in front of them, attacking an exotic beast that looked very much like a rat, but was even larger than a normal tiger.

        "Antelope Rat! These guys are really unlucky to have met a gazelle rat." Snapdragon Huang said softly.

        "Is it great?" Han Giangli was confused.

        "A four-star exotic beast, in the Central Region of the Dragon Rock Mountain Range, is already considered a very powerful exotic beast, but compared to exotic beasts of the same star, the Antelope Rat is even more difficult to deal with, as it is good at speed, which will make it difficult to make a real attack on him, there is an army of Antelope Rats under the Imperial Court, rumored to have thousands of people, used for raids." Huang Snap Yong explained.

        Han 3,000 nodded, it looked like this large rat still had some value, the fact that the Imperial Court was able to use it as a base to build an army already showed that it was extraordinary.

        The other three were obviously a little weak against the gazelle's agility, and after several attacks, they didn't even touch a single hair on the gazelle's body, and the battle was at a complete stalemate.

        At this time, Han Qianqian suddenly spoke to Huang Snapdragon, "Aren't you going to go up and help?"

        The words were a question, but coming from Han Qianqian's mouth, Huang Snapdragon was naturally able to understand their true meaning.

        Master was going to do it himself ah.

        Four-star exotic beasts, and with three helpers, Huang Snap Yong wasn't very afraid, so he walked out.

        Yan Chen was faintly surprised inside, this guy Huang Snap Yong would be so kind? But if he was fighting for the antelope rat, shouldn't he have waited a little longer, preferably when both sides were losing, and then he'd show up to sit back and reap the benefits.

        "What a fool, it's simply not the best time to show up now." Yan Chen said with a look of disdain.

        Huang Snap Yong's appearance also made the other three wary, after all, he was an outsider, who could guess what he really wanted?

        "What are you?"

        "It's an exotic beast we found first, do you want to take it?"

        "I suggest you better get the hell out of here, or else don't blame us for being rude."

        The three of them were putting harsh words at Snapdragon Huang, clearly unwilling to have their pot of deliciousness ruined by Snapdragon Huang.

        "Don't worry, I won't steal from you, but with the strength of the three of you to deal with this gazelle rat, I'm afraid it will be a bit difficult, if you add me, it will be a lot easier, I don't ask for anything in return, just help for nothing." Huang Snapdragon said with a faint smile.

        The three of them obviously wouldn't easily believe such words from Snapdragon Huang, in front of a different beast, who could not be tempted by it, knowing that after becoming a beast master, one would be able to be used by the imperial court, and the antelope rat had its own special characteristics, once the antelope rat was tamed, one would be able to directly join the antelope rat army.

        "Who are you and what realm do you possess?" A certain person asked to Snapdragon Huang.

        "My name is Huang Snap Yong, son of the Lord of Long Yun City, Four Lantern Realm." Huang Snap Yong introduced himself, his tone filled with pride, this would have been something he wouldn't have had the strength to say in the past, but now that he possessed the Four Lantern Realm, he was fully qualified.

        "Snapdragon Huang!"

        "You're the Huang Snapdragon who broke two realms in a row!"

        The three of them had surprised expressions, it looked like they also knew about Huang Snapdragon's breakthrough.

        With a smug look on his face, Huang Snap Yong said, "You guys shouldn't be from Long Yun City, I didn't expect that my story has spread to other cities."

        "Breaking two realms in a row, the rumor is that you have received expert guidance, is this true? Is there really such an expert in Long Yun City?" A certain person couldn't wait to ask the question, as if in his eyes, gazelle rats had become unimportant, after all, being strong in the realm itself was more important than hunting exotic beasts.

        Huang Snapdragon smiled without saying anything, not answering the question directly, if they were to know about Han Qianqian's realm, wouldn't the worshippers have to step through the door bars of the Chen residence, Huang Snapdragon didn't want anyone to compete with him for favors.

        "Cut the crap, let's settle the matter at hand first, this gazelle rat, I'll go out and take it for you." Snapdragon Huang said.

        The four of them went together and surrounded the gazelle rat with a siege.

        With the addition of Snapdragon Huang, the antelope's escape route was almost blocked, which resulted in its agility speed not being used at all, and soon, the antelope looked decrepit, and after several hit attacks, even its speed slowed down.

        "Alright, I'm almost leaving it to you guys, I'm going to go watch the show." Seeing that the Antelope was almost at the point where it was almost powerless to resist, Snapdragon Huang withdrew from the battle.

        The three of them didn't think that Snapdragon Huang would actually be so happy and not covet the antelope at all, so they were much relieved.

        Huang Snap Yong raised an eyebrow at Han Three Thousand, as if to claim credit, as if to say Master, I did a good job, right?

        Han Qianqian glanced at Huang Snap Yong with disdain, then returned his attention to the antelope rat.


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