His True Colors Chapter 859-860


His True Colors Chapter 859

Chen Yanran's words exposed her ambitions very directly, and from her tone, Han Qianli felt a sense of reluctance, as if simply remaining in a small place like Long Yun City would not satisfy Chen Yanran.

        This also meant that Yanran Chen might really want to seize the position of city master, and this was merely her first step.

        This was compared to Su Yingxia, the two were completely extreme, Su Yingxia had an uncontested personality and never cared about status and power in the Su family, if she hadn't been forced into a corner, Su Yingxia would never have turned against the Su family.

        Back home, Yan Chen handed Han Qianqian a book with the word Mountain and River printed on the cover.

        "What's this?" Han Qianli was puzzled.

        "Since you don't remember anything, this book will enable you to better understand the Xuanyuan World." After leaving the books behind, Yanran Chen left, facing Han 3000 as her husband, but it could be said that she had no emotional attachment to him.

        Han Jianglian returned to his room to look through the books, the most important thing he needed to do now was to understand the Xuanyuan World, the opportunity was present, naturally he would not miss it.

        "Miss, why are you making an extra effort on him?" The maid asked to Yan Chen, "Since Yan Chen wants to kill Han Giang, he's going to die sooner or later, so why bother learning about the Xuanyuan World.

        "Let's just give him the last mercy." Yan Chen said indifferently.

        The maid had grown up with Yanran Chen since she was a child, and she knew very well that everything Miss did was deployed, and it was by no means possible that she was letting him understand the Xuanyuan World because she was taking pity on Han Qianqian.

        But since Yanran Chen was reluctant to talk, the maid didn't dare to ask more questions, after all, the two of them had the distinction of master and servant, and she was not qualified to interfere with what Yanran Chen was doing.

        Han Qianlian was in her room, completely immersed in the book Shanhe, which was like a very magical mythical story, recording the various wonders of Xuanyuan World.

        Xuanyuan world has some kind of cultivation system, Shanhe did not explain in detail, probably because the author also does not know the mystery, but very superficially wrote that the realm from one to nine lamps, nine lamps as the strongest level, as to what the lamps mean, the book did not mention, and there is a level of top experts above the nine lamps, known as polar division, the entire Xuanyuan world of polar division is not more than ten people, the book describes the polar division has a ride through a thousand troops of terrifying ability.

        In addition to that, there was another kind of person in Xuanyuan who had the highest status and was the most sought after talent in the world, that was the Beast Master, which was the ability to tame exotic beasts that Yanran Chen had mentioned before.

        Once a new Imperial Beast Master appeared, countries would definitely allocate huge resources to compete for him.

        Seeing this, Han 3,000 couldn't help but take a look at the little white snake on his arm, wondering if he was now considered an Imperial Beast Master and if he was worthy of being fought over by various countries.

        Continuing to read, the Mountain and River also recorded the three countries of Xuanyuan World, the Dragon Cloud City where Han Three Thousand was located was under the imperial court, and besides the imperial court, there was the Xia Kingdom and Chong Ye.

        Regarding the description of the Xia Kingdom, the book only mentioned the word magical, but as to how magical it was, it wasn't written, which made Han 3,000 yuan extremely curious.

        In the book, it was written that the barbarians of Chong Ye were rampaging, eating raw meat and drinking hot blood.

        It didn't take Han 3,000 years to read the entire book of Shanhe, but his understanding of Xuanyuan World was considered to be somewhat deeper.

        At this moment, the maid pushed in, still with that emotionless face, and said to Han Three Thousand, "You'd better not go out these days."

        "Why?" Han Qianqian didn't understand the question, only a day before Chen Yanran had said that he could go out for a walk if he was fine, and this was only a day, and he was going to be put under house arrest again?

        "It's for your own good, Huang Snap Yong has sent many people around, once you leave the Chen residence, he will never let you go." The maid explained.

        Han Qianli suddenly realized and said, "Just as well, I don't have anything to do these days, so I'll stay at home."

        A hint of contempt flashed in the maid's eyes, somewhat despising Han Three Thousand's not at all manly behavior.

        Han 3000 could feel the maid's contempt, but it didn't matter to him, the other party was the city lord's son after all, there was no need to start an argument with him at a time like this, Han 3000 had to keep a low profile when he had no background at all.

        "You might as well remain unconscious forever for acting like this." After leaving this sentence, the maid turned around and left the room.

        Han Three Thousand stood up, stretched a lazy waist, and said to herself, "I'm afraid that I'll accidentally kill Snapdragon Huang when I go out, what do you, a servant girl, know."

        Although Han Third Thousand didn't know what his realm was like right now, there shouldn't be any experts too powerful in a small city like this, maybe his current strength could crush everyone in Long Yun City, but he just didn't need to be too high-profile yet.

        Even if he didn't go out, Han Qianli wouldn't be bored because the Chen residence was just too big and had enough places for him to spend his time.

        There are countless Koi in a pond in the backyard, and Han Qianxian makes his own fishing rod and hook to pass the time.

        Those servants didn't understand what Han Qianli was doing at first, but when they saw Han Qianli's fish, they couldn't help stretching their necks to watch, as if they had never seen fishing before.


        On this day, Han Three thousand had just woken up and was about to go to the backyard pond to have another go at it when Yan Chen's personal maid ran up to Han Three thousand in a panicked state.

        "The sky is falling?" Han Qianqian asked jokingly.

        The maid paled and asked Han Qianli, "You're Miss's husband, Miss is in trouble and you're going to save her."

        Without thinking, Han Qianli said, "She and I are just a nominal couple, we have no actual relationship, and she probably doesn't want me to interfere in her affairs."

        "Are you still not a man, Miss is in big trouble now, are you going to stand idly by?" The maid said with an eager face.

        Han Qianqian's expression remained indifferent, he wouldn't really treat Yanran Chen as his wife, so any trouble that Yanran Chen was in wouldn't be something that he should be concerned about.

        "Whether I'm a man or not, you probably haven't experienced it either, but there's no need for you to experience it, so if there's nothing else, go help your lady think of something else, and don't delay me from fishing." Han Qianli said and was about to leave.

        The maid took a side step to block Han Three Thousand's way and said, "You have to go, you have to go."

His True Colors Chapter 860

Han Qianqian's face instantly went icy cold.

        This maid was simply being unreasonable, she knew Chen Yanran's relationship with her better than anyone else, but at a time like this, she had to step in to solve the trouble for Chen Yanran.

        "Your lady shouldn't know that you've come to see me." Han Qianli said in an icy tone.

        The maid's face changed, and Yanran Chen was indeed unaware of this matter, she was the one who took matters into her own hands.

        Seeing the expression on the maid's face, Han Qianli knew that she had guessed correctly and continued, "Let me guess again, Yanran Chen's trouble should come from the other two families, right?"

        "How do you know!" The maid was shocked, she hadn't even told Han Marchant what had happened, how could Han Marchant know?

        Han Qianqian smiled faintly, how do you know? What was so difficult about something that could be guessed without using your brain at all.

        Yan Chen was extremely ambitious, and at a time like this, she could very well fall into the trap of the other two families.

        Whoever was the city master was just a puppet after all, and even if this puppet was a bit disobedient now, it wasn't a big threat, but the Chen family was a real opponent, and it wasn't hard to understand why the two families wanted to take this opportunity to eliminate the Chen family.

        It was even said that from the beginning of this whole affair, the other two families' goal was not the position of City Lord, but rather the desire to overthrow the Chen family's power.

        "I'm extremely smart, of course I know, but I'm sure your lady will have the means to deal with it, so why would she need my help," Han Marchant said.

        The maid shook her head and said, "This time it's different, they've brought the Four Lamps experts, and the Chen family doesn't have such experts in existence, so I'm worried they'll hurt Miss."

        Four-Light experts?

        Although Han 3,000 didn't know how strong a Four Lantern expert was, but this was only in the middle to lower stages of strength, the Chen family was so big, and there wasn't even a Four Lantern expert?

        It wasn't hard to understand this situation, after all, Long Yun City was a small place, so how would a truly powerful expert be willing to be able to stay here, so the four lamps were already very rare and strong for Long Yun City.

        "Look at me." Han Giangli said.

        The maid didn't understand what the words meant, but she still looked Han Three Thousand up and down once, then said, "So what if you've finished looking at me?"

        Han Qianqian couldn't help but roll her eyes and said, "With my tiny arms and tiny legs, can I still beat a Four Lantern expert? It's useless for you to look for me."

        The maid's face was ashen, with this waste in front of her, it was indeed impossible for her to be a match for the Four Lanterns expert, it might be useless to look for him, but the elders of the Chen family were not in Long Yun City now, and Yanran Chen was the only one to face it, she was still worried.

        "Even if you die, you must still protect Miss." The maid said.

        Han Qianli sneered, was his life so worthless in the eyes of the maid?

        "My life is much more important than hers, and I'm not happy to do something like dying, so you should just leave." Han Qianqian said.

        "If something happens to Miss, you'll die as well, the Chen family won't let you go, and neither will Snapdragon Huang." In a moment of urgency, the maid was so sick that she could only think of various ways to threaten Han Third Thousand.

        This sentence did stop Han Three Thousand, thinking about it, he was now able to stay safely in the Chen family because he was Yanran Chen's husband, if something really happened to Yanran Chen, the best thing that could happen to him would be that he would have to be kicked out of the Chen family, and I'm afraid that Huang Snapdragon had been waiting for him for a long time.

        This kind of thing was extremely unfavorable for Han Marchand's current situation, he wanted to use the Chen family as a cover to gain a deeper understanding of the Xuanyuan World, and it was a place where he could avoid a lot of strife.

        "Look at you, can't you just say what you have to say, what's the point of having to threaten me, hurry up and lead the way." Han Giangli said.

        "You ......" the maid was so angry that she couldn't speak, such impudent people, the only ones she had ever seen in her life, wasn't she talking properly to Han Marchant when she first came here?

        In the Chen family's front hall, Yan Chen sat on the main seat, facing the other two family heads, although on the surface, they were as imposing as the two old foxes, but because of the Four Lanterns expert standing behind them, it would eventually make Yan Chen a little underpowered.

        This was something that Yan Chen hadn't expected, that they would be able to find the Four Lanterns experts!

        Han Qianli's sudden intrusion broke the condensed atmosphere of the front hall.

        Only Han Qianli said with a playful smile, "So lively, what's this for?"

        Yanran Chen's brow furrowed, why was Han Qianxiang here!

        With a glance at the maid, she saw that the maid was guilty of bowing her head, and Yan Chen was able to understand.

        "Who are you?" One of the family heads harshly asked Han Qianli in a stern voice.

        "Introducing myself, I'm Han Three Thousand, Yanran Chen's husband." Han Qianqian said with a smile.

        The man almost laughed out loud, some time ago, the fact that Han Qianli couldn't even pay for tea had spread throughout the entire Long Yun City, causing countless people to laugh, but he didn't expect to see a waste of money today.

        "Yanran Chen, your eyes are really good, finding such a trash, he can't touch you, but he can also stall the public, leaving Huang Snapdragon with no chance at all, it really is the Chen family's eldest daughter." The man scoffed and said.

        Yan Chen looked embarrassed, although she agreed in her heart that Han Qianqian was a loser, but such words from an outsider's mouth tasted completely different, and she would be humiliated along with it.

        "Han Three Thousand, what are you doing here, there's nothing for you to do here, so hurry up and leave." Yanran Chen said to Han Qianqian in a commanding tone.

        Han Qianqian thought to herself that this is not a place I wanted to come to, if it wasn't for the fear that you would die and be less protected by the Chen family, how could I have meddled in your affairs.

        "Wife, your business is my business, how can you say it has nothing to do with me, I can't just stand by and watch you get bullied, and I've heard that there's a Four Lanterns expert here today, I'd like to meet him." Han Giangli said.

        As soon as his voice fell, the middle-aged man standing behind the two family heads smashed and shattered the wooden table next to him with a slap, the visual effect of which was extremely shocking, causing Yanran Chen's face to change dramatically.

        "Now you've seen it, if you're sensible, get out." The middle-aged man said to Han Qianli.

        Han Qianqiang looked shocked on the surface, but in his heart, he was very disdainful, and this little tactic was easily achievable even for him.

        "Awesome, the Four Lamps expert is truly awesome." Han Giangli clapped his hands and said.

        Seeing Han Giangli look like he had never seen the world before, the two family heads laughed even more unscrupulously.

        "Yanran Chen, I have to admire your vision."

        "This is a misguided move on the part of Miss Chen, but this kind of trash will make you a joke even though it keeps you from being harassed by Huang Snapdragon."


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