His True Colors Chapter 861-863


His True Colors Chapter 861

These two words caused Yanran Chen's expression to become more and more ugly as she glared hatefully at her maid, if she wasn't nosy, how could Han Qianli appear, and how could she be ridiculed by these two old things.

        "This is a matter for the senior herself, so don't bother the two elders with it," Yan Chen said.

        "After seeing the power of the Four Lamps expert, why don't you get lost?" One of the family heads said to Han 3000 that he wouldn't even take a second look at this kind of waste.

        At this moment, Han 3,000 shook his head and made a tsking sound.

        "Kid, what are you doing?" The Four Lanterns expert felt that Han Qianqian's performance was directed at him, and he immediately became angry.

        "It's just a bit of a pity, there's a rock as solid as steel in my Chen courtyard that an expert once split with his bare hands, and in my opinion, that's the real expert, you just shattered the wooden table, it doesn't seem like you're very powerful ah." Han Qianli said.

        The Four Lanterns expert mocked and looked at Han Qianqian and said, "There can't be such a person in Long Yun City, you're underestimating me if you want to say these words to scare me."

        "To scare you?" Han Giangli shook his head and said, "What I said is true, if you don't believe me, just ask my wife, she saw it with her own eyes."

        These words didn't just make the Four Lanterns experts turn pale, even the two family heads were the same, if the Chen family really had such a powerful character, they were completely looking for death just by bringing a Four Lanterns expert with them.

        No wonder Yan Chen had been acting very calmly, could it be that she had really invited someone even more powerful than the Four Lanterns?

        Yanran Chen was confused inside, not understanding why Han Qianli said that, but at a time like this, she could only cooperate with Han Qianli.

        "It's true." Yanran Chen said.

        "If Master doesn't believe me, just come with me and take a look." Han Qianqian suggested.

        The Four Lanterns expert looked at the two family heads, and although they doubted this, it would naturally be best if they could confirm it, but if the Chen family really had such an expert in existence, they would have to think of other ways to suppress Yanran Chen.

        "Go take a look."

        After the Four Lamps expert nodded, he said to Han Qianqian, "Lead the way."

        "Please follow me." Han Qianli smiled and gave Yanran Chen a wink before he left.

        But Yanran Chen clearly didn't understand what Han Qianli meant, nor did she know what kind of medicine he was selling.

        After they left, the two heads of the two families looked a bit uncomfortable, if things were true, their previous plans would all be foiled, and if they wanted to destroy the Chen family, they would have to plan long and hard.

        Han Giangli led the Four Lanterns expert to a deserted spot in the backyard, and when he stopped, the Four Lanterns expert asked, "I wonder where the stone you call solid as steel is?"

        "Four-Light Master, I'm thinking about something," Han Giangli said.

        "What is it?" The Four Lanterns expert asked, puzzled.

        "You can last a few moves in my hands." Han Qianli laughed.

        It was as if the Four Lamps expert had heard a joke, this trash dared to say such arrogant words, really not afraid of laughing off the bystanders' teeth.

        "Kid, you really don't know how to write the word death, do you think that this is the Chen family and I wouldn't dare to kill you?" The Four Lanterns expert said.

        Han Qianqian's face was stern, and he instantly attacked.

        "You're honored, this is the first person I've killed since I came to Xuanyuan World."

        The sound reached the fist.

        With a muffled sound, Han Qianli punched the Four Lanterns expert in the chest.

        The Four Lanterns expert instantly stared at it, and he could clearly feel his heart shattering in an instant and blood rushing wildly through his body.

        But for a moment, the Four Lantern Expert's seven holes bled, and he didn't even have a chance to resist in front of Han Qianli.

        "You ......"

        Han Giangli shook his head and said, "Your strength is just a bit stronger than the Heavenly Apocalypse Earthly Character, but thanks to you, I have some understanding of the hierarchy of the Xuanyuan World."

        The Four Lamps expert died with a restless spirit, he had never dreamed that this trash in front of him possessed such terrifying strength, and the Four Lamps realm was like an ant before him.

        Han Giangli sank the corpse into the pond, clapped his hands as if nothing had happened, and walked towards the front hall.

        Seeing Han Third Thousand come back alone while the Four Lanterns expert was nowhere to be seen, the two family heads stood up.

        "Where's the man, why are you the only one back."

        "Where's the Four Lanterns expert, where did you take him."

        "Don't worry, the two family heads, he's a Four Lanterns expert, what can I do to him, it's just that after he saw that stone, he left in a hurry, saying that he had important matters to attend to and it was inconvenient for him to stay long, and when he left, his face was pale." Han Giangli explained to the two men.

        When the two family heads heard these words, their faces likewise changed drastically.

        Important business in hand, this was clearly just an excuse to say that this Four-Light Realm expert, but they had spent a lot of money to find him, and I'm afraid he would suddenly leave for only one reason, the stone had made him squeamish, which was why he had to leave.

        Biting his teeth, one of the family heads said to Yanran Chen, "Miss Chen, I didn't expect the Chen family to still have such an expert in existence, what a surprise."

        Yan Chen's face did not change as she said, "Don't the two of you invite experts of the Four Lantern Realm as well, won't you allow my Chen Clan to deploy them in secret?"

        "Miss Chen, we still have important matters to attend to, so I'll leave first."

        Seeing that the two of them couldn't wait to leave, Han Qianli smiled and retained them, "Won't the two of you sit down more, I'll serve tea for the two of you, good tea."

        Before the words were finished, the two had already left the front hall, walking with a breeze in their feet, almost running, which made Han Giangli couldn't help but laugh.

        At that moment, Yan Chen walked up to Han Giang, she knew very well that there was no expert in the Chen courtyard to split the stone, and that expert of the Four Lantern Realm couldn't have left because of that.

        "How did you do that?" Yan Chen asked Han Qianqian.

        "Do you believe me when I say that I gave him money?" Han 3000 said.

        "Do you have money?" Yan Chen questioned.

        "It seems that it's really hard to explain this matter, but if I don't tell you, there's nothing you can do about it." Han Marchant said, as long as he was willing, he had absolutely no problem making up a complete story, but Han Marchant just didn't have the patience to face Yanran Chen, a beautiful woman was a beautiful woman, but unfortunately it wasn't going to make Han Marchant's heart flutter.

        "This is my Chen family, what you've done must be explained to me." Yanran Chen said through clenched teeth.

        "Oh." Han Three Thousand nodded indifferently and said, "I killed him."

        Watching Han Qianqian's back as he left, Yanran Chen's eyes flared with anger, how dare this guy not put her in his sights.

        "Miss, did he really kill the Four Lamps expert?" The maid walked up to the side and said with an incredulous face.

        "Him?" Yan Chen laughed disdainfully and said, "This trash can't possibly kill a Four-Light Realm expert."

His True Colors Chapter 862

The maid frowned, it was indeed unlikely that Han Qianqian's strength would want to kill a Four Lantern Realm expert, but the strange departure of a Four Lantern Realm expert did make one wonder what was going on, and one couldn't help but be curious and want to find out what was going on.

        "Miss, do you need to find out what's going on?" The maid asked.

        "Just see if the family is missing money." Yan Chen said, that Four Lantern Realm expert was willing to come forward to help those two families because of the benefits, so in Yan Chen's opinion, Han Qianli was able to let him leave, and he must have offered a high price, money can make the devil pay, and although Four Lantern Realm experts were powerful, it was only reasonable that they loved money.

        After the two family heads left the Chen family, they didn't separate, but instead found a quiet place to discuss what to do next to deal with the Chen family.

        "Clan Master Wang, I didn't expect Yan Chen to be able to find someone even more powerful, this variable has broken our entire plan, what should we do next?" Family Master Xie asked.

        The Wang Family Master was pale, this variable was indeed something they hadn't expected, they had thought that a Four-Light Realm expert was already enough to suppress the Chen Family, but now even a Four-Light Realm expert had been scared away, indicating that at least one Five-Light Realm expert existed in the Chen Family, the fact that a Five-Light Realm expert could be invited to Long Yun City in the district almost represented the peak of the city's power.

        "Hey." The Wang Family Master sighed and said, "I really didn't expect that Yan Chen still had this kind of skill, this woman is indeed not to be underestimated."

        Master Xie nodded his head in agreement and said, "Indeed, with such an expert in the Chen family, it will be difficult for our two families to do anything, Yanran Chen is hiding really deeply."

        "The whole matter needs to be discussed in the long run, it must not be taken lightly, to avoid stealing a chicken, it's better to go back first and see if there's a chance to find someone more powerful." The Wang Family Master said.

        "Right, there's also that Han Qianqian, should we think of a way to get rid of this punk first, but this punk didn't take us seriously in the lobby before." Family Master Xie said.

        Hearing these words, the Wang Family Master snorted coldly and said, "This trash can be left to Huang Snapdragon, Huang Snapdragon would hate to cramp his muscles and skin him."

        "Then ......" said Family Lord Xie in a low voice, "There are experts in the Chen family, do you want to tell Snapdragon Huang?"

        The Wang Family Master laughed darkly and said, "Of course not, there is still the Chen Family in the city, we have to take it all together, it is naturally better if we can let them fight to the death and we get the fisherman's profit."

        The two cunning foxes looked at each other and smiled, everything was left unsaid.

        City Lord Mansion.

        In the backyard, there were frequent cries of pain, and Huang Snapdragon, in order to vent his anger, used the servants of the house as a target, and the piece that fell to the ground were all badly injured, but Huang Snapdragon did not care.

        As the son of the city's lord, Huang Snap Yong had never acted arbitrarily since he was a child, and didn't need to consider the feelings of others, and even if he killed someone, his father would handle the aftermath and wouldn't hold Huang Snap Yong accountable in any way.

        Long Yun City belonged to a city on the edge of the imperial court, the sky was high and the emperor was far away, and the imperial court high-ups didn't even know what the Huang family was doing in Long Yun City, which led to Huang Snapdragon's father being like an earth emperor, dominating the city.

        "Young Master, Young Master, the Xie family sent someone to send a message." A servant cautiously approached Huang Snapdragon, ever since Yan Chen had gotten married, Huang Snapdragon's temper had become more and more violent, and even he, a confidant who had followed Huang Snapdragon for ten years, didn't dare to disturb Huang Snapdragon easily.

        "What news?" Huang Snapdragon was as muscular as a copper building, like and like those big men in the Earth Gym, but the difference was that Huang Snapdragon's muscles were real, while those big men in the Earth Gym were mostly eaten out of egg forbidden food.

        "The Xie family went to the Chen family and saw Yanran Chen's husband." The servant said.


        These two words instantly exposed Huang Snapdragon, kicking his servant away and roaring, "Yanran Chen's husband can only be me, who is the husband you are talking about?"

        The servant covered his abdomen and looked pained, knowing that he had said the wrong thing, and quickly knelt on the ground, constantly kowtowing, saying, "Young Master, I was wrong, I was wrong."

        Snapdragon Huang stepped forward, looked at the servant with condescending cold eyes, and said, "Keep the news going."

        The servant trembled in fear and continued, "The Xie family came to say that the man's name is Han Qianqian, a veritable waste, compared to you it's like an ant meeting an elephant, with your strength, it's easy to get rid of him."

        "Han Three Thousand?" Huang Snapdragon's eyes burned with anger, he had long wanted to cut this man into pieces, but it was a shame that this man was now hiding in his home, not daring to show himself, leaving Huang Snapdragon with no opportunity at all.

        He wished he could just kill the Chen family, but he was afraid of upsetting Yan Chen.

        Although Huang Snap Yong was reckless and courageous, he was extra careful in this matter of treating Yanran Chen, after all, it was the woman he loved, and he did not want to do anything to displease Yanran Chen.

        In Huang Snapdragon's heart, he had always believed that one day Yanran Chen would come to terms with reality and would know who was her true love, and that no one else in the entire Long Yun City would be able to match Yanran Chen except him.

        "Guard the Chen family well, and once Han Qianli leaves, notify me at the first opportunity." Huang Snap Yong said.

        "Yes." The servant covered his abdomen and even rolled and crawled away.

        The Chen family compound.

        After Han Third Thousand killed the Four Lantern Realm expert, his body sank to the bottom of the pond, a matter that wouldn't be noticed for a short time, as no one would think he was qualified to kill the Four Lantern Realm expert.

        At this time, Han Third Thousand was very confused about one thing.

        Thinking back to the first time he had arrived at the Forbidden Land of the Apocalypse, the feeling that the space-time tunnel had brought him made him feel that he was involved with the Xuanyuan World, and the second time also had the same feeling.

        Originally, Han Giang thought that this feeling of traction would be even stronger after coming to Xuanyuan World, but now he couldn't feel anything, which made him wonder why he couldn't feel anything in the Forbidden Lands that he could feel in Xuanyuan World.

        "Could it be that what gives me a sense of traction is just the time tunnel and not the Xuanyuan World?" Han Giangli frowned to himself.

        After thinking about it for a long time, Han Three Thousand couldn't figure out what this was all about and simply put it out of her mind for the time being.

        Pushing open the window and looking out the window at the Chen family compound, the environment of Xuanyuan World was definitely a paradise, a place where one could truly enjoy life, and whenever he saw these beautiful surroundings, Han Three Thousand couldn't help but want to bring Su Yingxia and Han Nian to live here.

His True Colors Chapter 863

"Miss, the finances have already been inventoried, and no valuables are missing."

        In Yanran Chen's room, the maid reported her investigation, not to mention that valuables were missing, even small pieces that weren't worth much were not missing.

        "It seems that this new husband-in-law of mine is still a hidden rich man." Yan Chen smiled.

        "But wasn't he unable to even pay for tea at the Tail Beast Residence before?" The maid was confused.

        Yanran Chen smiled faintly and said, "He deliberately didn't reveal his wealth, he must have some kind of purpose, we know nothing about who he is or where he comes from, maybe he also has some big family behind him, but for some unknown reason, he was just driven out by the family."

        Yan Chen would make such a guess because she wouldn't even think about the fact that Han 3000 had used his strength to conquer that Four Lantern Realm, much less believe Han 3000's claim that he had killed a Four Lantern Realm expert.

        Long Yun City, a small city, how could there be an expert above the Four Lantern Realm? And it was a character who looked like a little white man.

        "What do you mean, miss, he's an outcast from some big family?" The maid asked in surprise.

        Yan Chen nodded her head and said, "It's not impossible, he might just be pretending he doesn't remember anything."

        Yanran Chen was very smart, but it was because of her cleverness that it led to so many floating thoughts, she was used to thinking about every matter in a complicated and thorough dissection, but the more she did so, the more she would go astray.

        "Miss, in that case, do you still kill him?" The maid was curious, if Han Three Thousand was just a piece of trash, killing it was irrelevant, but if Han Three Thousand really had other identities, this matter would have to be reconsidered.

        Yanran Chen was thinking about this as well, before she thought that Han Three Thousand was an insignificant piece of trash, and such a person would die if he died, but now, if there really was some big family behind him, then his life would become more valuable.

        Yan Chen was even thinking that if she could manipulate Han Third Thousand into her hands, it would definitely help her a lot in her future.

        "I'll force him to tell the truth, and if he's truly valuable, I'll barely keep him alive." Yan Chen said.

        The planned beast hunting meeting wouldn't change, it just changed from a murderous plan to forcing the truth, and whether or not Han Qianqiang would end up dead would depend on whether or not the truth would satisfy Yanran Chen.

        In Yanran Chen's eyes, Han Three Thousand's life was nothing more than a trick she played with him, if she wanted Han Three Thousand to live, he couldn't die, if she wanted Han Three Thousand to die, there was no way for him to live.

        "Miss is wise."

        These days, Han Three Thousand was getting a little bored of being at home, and although the Chen courtyard was big enough, this feeling of being trapped in a cage made him feel like he was losing his freedom, and this state of life was not something Han Three Thousand liked.

        And if he remained in the Chen compound, there was no way for him to investigate the whereabouts of Jiang Ying Ying.

        "Looks like we'll have to meet up with Snapdragon Huang, it's not a good idea to keep hiding like this." Han Qianqiang said helplessly, he didn't want to be high profile and open, but the situation was pressing and he had no choice.

        As he was walking to the courtyard gate, the maid sprang out of nowhere and blocked Han Three Thousand's way.

        "Don't you know that outsiders have Huang Snapdragon, and you've forgotten my reminder to you?" The maid looked at Han Three Thousand with a cold face, although Han Three Thousand was nominally Yanran Chen's husband, his status in the Chen family compound was actually not even comparable to that of an ordinary servant.

        Even just some of the guards dared to talk down to Han Three Thousand and were able to keep Han Three Thousand out of their eyes, not to mention Yanran Chen's personal maid.

        "I'm just going out for a walk," Han Three Thousand Thousand said.

        "Going for a walk?" The maid mockingly looked at Han Qianqian and said, "Do you think you can walk out and still come back alive, but Huang Snapdragon will kill you."

        "It's not that serious, even though he's the son of the lord of the city, he doesn't have the right to treat people's lives with impunity," Han 3,000 said.

        The servant girl shook her head helplessly, in her eyes, Han Three Thousand was like an idiot, it's true that Huang Snapdragon didn't have the qualifications to rashly disregard human life, but he wasn't stupid, so how could he kill in public? As long as it wasn't known, who would care about Han Three Thousand's death.

        "I'm not afraid to tell you the truth, even if a trash like you were to die, no one would care, as long as Huang Snapdragon doesn't commit murder on the street, he'll be safe." The maid said.

        Han Qianli faintly smiled, how familiar, one mouthful of trash being called, just like the Yuncheng of the past.

        This was the same treatment when Han 3000 had just joined the Su Family, he had just been kicked out of the Han Family at that time, so no matter how much he endured the humiliation was a small thing to Han 3000, but now, his mind had already been honed, even if he was still being called trash now, Han 3000 didn't care.

        Only a true trash would be annoyed when he was spat upon.

        And Han Three Thousand, who had the strength to shut these people up at any time, naturally didn't care about such names.

        "Let's try and see if I can come back alive." Han Qianli said and continued to walk towards the door.

        The maid frowned tightly, how could this trash even have the courage to face Snapdragon Huang when he wasn't even afraid of death.

        "I'll advise you again, Huang Snapdragon's methods are extremely vicious, if you really go out, it's impossible for you to come back alive, so think about it." The maid said.

        Han 3,000 passed by the maid, not caring about her words, an expert of the Four Lanterns Realm in Long Yun City was already a strong and invincible existence, and the Four Lanterns Realm was just a little stronger than the Heavenly Apocalypse Earth Grade, so how could Han 3,000 be afraid?

        "Thank you for the reminder." Han Qianli said this and walked out the door without turning back.

        The maid bit her teeth and said, "Waste thing, you were kindly reminded but didn't listen, when you face death, I'll see if you still have this kind of courage."

        After saying this, the maid hurriedly trotted off to Yanran Chen's room, Han 3000 Li Kai Chen's compound, she had to inform Yanran Chen of this matter at the first opportunity.

        Chen Yanran is bathing and changing clothes, a body of skin wins white snow, for men, this is absolutely great temptation, even the maid to see, also feel heartbeat.

        "Miss, Han Giang has left the Chen family courtyard." The maid said.

        Yanran Chen inside the yellow bucket had a calm expression and said, "Good thing."

        "Good news?" The maid frowned in puzzlement, Huang Snapdragon's men were waiting outside the Chen courtyard for Han Marchant, Han Marchant's going out must be a death sentence, so how could it be a good thing?

        "Of course it's a good thing, if he really was an outcast son of some big family, he would definitely reveal his true identity in front of Snapdragon Huang for a chance to survive, so I wouldn't bother to do it myself." Yan Chen explained.

        The maid suddenly realized and said, "Miss is truly brilliant."


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