His True Colors Chapter 857-858


His True Colors Chapter 857

The next day, as soon as Han three thousand woke up, he noticed that his arm was slightly cold, and when he opened his eyes, the little white snake had somehow returned to his arm.

        After waking up yesterday, Han 3,000 had searched around for it, but there was no sign of it at all, I thought it had returned to its own world and left already, but it hadn't even left, probably because it was afraid of being discovered, so it had hidden for a while.

        "Little thing, I didn't expect you to be quite sentimental, but you didn't leave." Han Giangli said with a smile.

        The little white snake spat a red letter at Han 3,000, not knowing whether it was showing its loyalty or intentionally intimidating Han 3,000.

        Han Three thousand woke up in his clothes and pushed out the door.

        Taking a deep breath, he involuntarily said, "The air here is really nice, and if there's a chance in the future, bringing Ying Xia Nian'er here to retire would be a good choice."

        After saying this, Han Qianli couldn't help but think of what Su Yingxia had once said, find a country with polygamy, this world, it's probably like that.

        The Chen family's courtyard was huge, several times larger than the total area of the Han family's compound in Yanjing, but this was no surprise, after all, it was one of the three big families in Long Yun City, this was just a small effort for the Chen family, and there was no way to compare the value of this world's location to Earth.

        If it wasn't for the guidance of a servant, Han Three Thousand nearly got lost in the courtyard, and after spending a lot of effort, Han Three Thousand finally made it to the street.

        The streets were as ancient as Han 3,000 had imagined, and the people's outfits were not the slightest bit modern, as if they were in an ancient movie.

        "If I could drive a Ferrari on this street, I wonder what kind of scene it would be like." Han Qianli couldn't help but smile at the thought.

        The best place to learn about Long Yun City and the Chen family was a teahouse, so Han 3,000 quickly decided on his destination.

        A teahouse called the Tailed Beast Residence had the most people, but the name of the teahouse was so strange that Han Three Thousand was puzzled.

        After walking into the teahouse, a shop assistant greeted Han Three Thousand and sat Han down, and all the nearby tea patrons were whispering about the recent boisterous incident of Yanran Chen's marriage.

        "I wonder what kind of person that Miss Chen married, never showing her face in Long Yun City, I heard that he's a fool."

        "What kind of a fool, I've clearly heard that he's a cripple."

        "You guys are so poorly informed, I heard from the Chen family's servant that the man was a cripple without hands."

        Hearing these words, Han Saniang couldn't help but touch his head and then look at his legs and feet, not knowing where all these rumors had come from, but they had already rumored him to be a complete cripple.

        Han Qianli leaned closer to the group of people discussing it and said, "I heard that the man was unconscious for a long time and never woke up, so I don't know why Miss Chen, why would she marry such a man."

        A few people had a good look at Han Qianqian, and were not repulsed by his new and unfamiliar face, so they quickly chatted hotly.

        "I heard from the grapevine that Yan Chen is doing this because she wants the city lord to break up completely."

        "Huang Snapdragon has liked Yanran Chen for many years, this is something that is well known in Long Yun City, late last night, the City Lord's residence pulled out more than ten corpses, I heard that it was caused by Huang Snapdragon's anger, those servants are really pitiful."

        Hearing these words, Han Qianqian couldn't help but frown, the City Lord should be the highest ranking person in Long Yun City, how could Yanran Chen break away from the City Lord?

        "Isn't Yan Chen afraid of the City Lord's wrath implicating the Chen family if she does this?" Han Qianli was confused.

        "Little brother, you've just arrived at Dragon Cloud City, right?" A certain person looked at Han Qianqian with a smiling face, as if it was strange for him to say that.

        "Yes, I've just arrived at Long Yun City, and I'd like to ask a few big brothers to clear up the confusion, but I'll pay for this difference today." Han Qianqian said.

        Hearing that Han 3,000 was going to buy tea money, several people were happy and didn't hide it, explaining it to Han 3,000 plainly.

        From their mouths, Han Qianli learned that the City Master of Long Yun City was not a supreme existence, and although he was the City Master, he still had to be controlled by the three great families, because the construction and maintenance of Long Yun City were all expenses borne by these three great families, and the reason why the City Master was able to rise to power back then was also fully supported by these three great families, which meant that this City Master was actually just a puppet.

        And now, this puppet was probably no longer willing to take orders from the three great families, so the Chen family, as the starter, had torn the face with the city lord, and from what they said, the Chen family intended to take the city lord's position, so it was no wonder that Yan Chen was so brazenly antagonistic to the city lord.

        But so far, among the three great families, only the Chen family had completely made their stance known, and the other two families hadn't shown anything, which made Han Qianli a bit strange.

        Since it was the three great families that had jointly prompted the City Lord to take the throne, it should also be the three great families that should be together in this turn of events, so why was the Chen family the only one to state their attitude?

        There must be a reason that these tea guests didn't know, and it was even possible that Yan Chen was set upon by the other two families, and it wasn't impossible for them to take this opportunity to get rid of the Chen family.

        "Little brother, what you want to know, we've already told you almost everything, this tea money ......"

        "Don't worry, my little brother will pay for the tea." Han Qianli smiled.

        "In that case, thank you for your hospitality, little brother, and we'll take our leave."

        The few people left one by one with fist cupping, and Han Qianli combed through the information he had just received.

        One possibility of the Chen family's current situation was that the other two families had dug a hole for the Chen family and wanted to join forces with the City Lord to get rid of it.

        There was also a possibility that the Chen family wanted to be more exclusive than Long Yun City and simply didn't care about the attitude of the other two families.

        However, the latter was less likely, after all, the three great families were standing on their own, and the Chen family's ability to deal with these three forces was probably not enough.

        "Collect the money." It was almost time for Han 3000 to come out today, and he couldn't get fat in one bite, so he planned to go back first and find out more about the Beast Hunting Conference tomorrow morning.

        But when Xiao Er walked up to Han 3,000, Han 3,000 pulled out money left and right, but he couldn't pull out a single penny.

        It wasn't just that he didn't have any money, Han Qianqian didn't even know what money looked like in this world.

        "Boss, someone wants overlord tea." Little Two looked vigilantly at Han Three Thousand and bellowed loudly.

        Presumably, the shopkeeper was prepared as he often encountered people like Han Three Thousand, and soon, several strong men with wooden sticks surrounded Han Three Thousand.

        "Daring to come to my Tailed Beast Residence to drink Tyrant Tea, boy, you don't know how to write the word death." The boss, a middle-aged man, threatened Han Qianli in a cold voice.

His True Colors Chapter 858

Han Qianqian looked bitter, before he went out, he didn't think about this matter at all, because he never lacked money on Earth, and he never took the matter of money to heart, so how could he not expect this kind of embarrassment to happen.

        "Boss, listen to me explain, it's not that I don't have money, I just don't have it with me." Han Giangli said.

        The middle-aged man had encountered all sorts of excuses and was completely unconvinced of what Han Three Thousand had said, and was about to have his men beat Han Three Thousand violently.

        Although Han Third Thousand wasn't afraid of the people in front of him, once the commotion became loud, it would be difficult to keep a low profile in the future.

        "I'm a member of the Chen family, if you don't believe me, boss, you can come home with me and I'll make sure to pay you and double it." Han Giangli said.

        "A member of the Chen family?" The boss looked Han Qianqian up and down, this guy really didn't look like a poor man when it came to the material he wore, the fine silk fabric, this wasn't something an ordinary family could afford.

        "Who are you from the Chen family?" The boss asked.

        Han Marchan gave it a hard time, to say that he was Yanran Chen's husband, these people would definitely not believe it, after all, the rumor was that he was lame and had a broken arm, or a fool.

        "I'm a relative of the Chen family, so you'll understand naturally if you come with me," Han Giangli said.

        "Go, send a letter to the Chen family, and tell them that he Chen family is drinking tea at my Tail Beast Residence without paying, and tell them to hurry up and pay." The boss instructed his men.

        Han Qianli was relieved, as long as the Chen family came, this would be resolved.

        "Boss, the name of your teahouse is interesting, why is it called the Tail Beast Residence?" Han Qianli and the boss chatted.

        Speaking of this matter, the boss had a proud look on his face and said, "Kid, I'm afraid I'll scare you if I tell you, the reason why my teahouse is called the Tail Beast Residence is because I once killed a tail beast with my bare hands, and this matter is well known in Long Yun City."

        Next, the boss talked extensively about the scene where he tangled with the tailed beast, a story he seemed to have told many times before, using words that flowed smoothly, the story connecting smoothly.

        The tailed beast he was talking about should be a certain breed of exotic beast in this world, and from his words, Han Qianli sensed that exotic beasts were conquerable in this world, and many people took pride in conquering them.

        "It's just a pity that the tailed beast didn't want to tame me, I had to kill it with my own hands, otherwise, I wouldn't be just a teahouse owner now." The boss said with a regretful face, in fact, back then, he was just lucky enough to pick up a tailed beast, so he compiled a thrilling story and made a name for the Tailed Beast House.

        "What would happen if you tamed the tailed beast?" Han Marchiang asked.

        The boss sized up Han Marchan with a strange look, what would happen if he tamed the tailed beast, the entire Xuanyuan World knew this question, why would he ask such a stupid question?

        "Kid, you're deliberately teasing me." The boss looked at Han Qianli with an angry face.

        Han Qianli knew that he had asked the wrong question by being nosy, which was probably something that everyone should know, so the ignorance he displayed was what gave the boss the wrong impression.

        Just as Han Three Thousand was thinking of wording to explain, one person walked into the teahouse, causing Han Three Thousand to look startled.

        In Han three thousand's opinion, the Chen family should have sent their servant to help him with this trouble, but he never would have expected that it would be Yan Chen who would show up in person!

        "Chen, Miss Chen!" The owner was also startled when he saw Yan Chen.

        "You're the owner of this place?" Yan Chen asked to the boss.

        The boss nodded his head as if pounding garlic, seeing Yanran Chen he was obviously very nervous.

        "This is my husband, he forgot to bring money with him when he went out today, I'm really sorry." Yan Chen nodded her head slightly, clearly apologizing.

        As soon as this was said, the entire teahouse looked at Han Qianli with astonished eyes.

        Now that the entire Long Yun City was discussing who Yanran Chen's husband was, they didn't expect him to appear in such a manner.

        It wasn't the legendary crippled and broken hand, nor was he a fool!

        Han Qianqiang himself was also confused, never expecting Chen Yanran to reveal his identity in public.

        Didn't she still say yesterday that she had asked him not to leave easily, but a woman's mind could change so quickly?

        "Miss Chen, so he's your husband, if I had known that, this amount of tea money is nothing." The boss secretly wiped a cold sweat on himself, the Chen family's power in Long Yun City was in no way something that he, a small tea house owner, could offend.

        "In that case, thank you, boss." Yan Chen took a glance at Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqian consciously walked to Yanran Chen's side and they left the teahouse together.

        "I didn't expect this to be Yanran Chen's husband, but it doesn't look like it's as bad as the rumors say."

        "The two of them are standing together, they really have a feeling of being a couple, I must say that Huang Snapdragon does have quite a bit of difference compared to him."

        "What's the use of looking better than Huang Snapdragon, men are about ability, a little white face like him isn't enough to beat Huang Snapdragon with one hand, look at it, if Huang Snapdragon knows about this, this little white face will have a hard time."

        This matter of Yan Chen's husband's appearance spread throughout Long Yun City in less than half a day.

        On the way back to the Chen residence, Han Qianli was puzzled and asked Yanran Chen, "Why did you do that?"

        "You're my husband, that's a fact, I'm just informing the crowd, why else do I need to?" Yan Chen said indifferently.

        "The Chen family and the City Hall are at odds with each other, and Huang Snapdragon must hate me to the bone, so you're doing this because you want Huang Snapdragon to kill me?" Han Giangli guessed.

        "He wouldn't dare, and if he doesn't, the marriage won't go smoothly," Chen Yanran said.

        Han Giang frowned, if Huang Snapdragon really had the guts to kill him, he would have already come to rob the marriage, and thinking about it that way, it did make some sense.

        But Han Three Thousand was certain that Yan Chen must have an ulterior motive for doing so.

        "Although Huang Snapdragon wouldn't dare to kill me, you really want me dead, right?" Han Giangli continued.

        "We've already been married, this is an irreversible fact, why would I want you to die." Yanran Chen said.

        This woman gave Han Qianqian the feeling of being a snake and scorpion with an extremely deep heart, she was like a layer of fog over her body, making it impossible to see the truth.

        "Beast Hunting Assembly, what is the intention?" Han Giangli asked reluctantly, this matter, Yan Chen must also have a plan, otherwise, he wouldn't have been allowed to participate in it.

        "By taming a foreign beast, one can gain the attention of the imperial court, this is a strange encounter that everyone hopes to have, Long Yun City is just a small town in the middle of Xuanyuan World, people with aspirations won't stay in such a small place for the rest of their lives." Yanran Chen was generous, and she answered whatever Han Qianli asked.


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