His True Colors Chapter 814-816


His True Colors Chapter 814

Mo Yang's words caused Fang Zhan to feel some guilt inside, because of his selfishness, he hid the news of Han Qianxiang's death, he should have let these people know so that they would no longer hold the hope that Han Qianxiang would return.

        But Fang Zhan had searched for his daughter for so many years, he desperately wanted to know about her, once Nangong Boling knew that Han Qianxiang was dead, he would definitely stop investigating his daughter's news, which was something Fang Zhan didn't want to see.

        Han Qianxiang, consider me sorry for you!

        "There's nothing I can do." Fang Zhan said with a sigh.

        Mo Yang continued in disbelief, "How can you not have a solution, you took him away, how can you not know where he is."

        "I don't have as much power in that place as you think, there are many things that I am not qualified to touch, but I will make a note of this matter, and I will tell him as soon as I see him." Fang Zhan had no choice but to make this promise to make Mo Yang stop pestering him.

        Seeing that the words had come to this point, Mo Yang sighed and said, "Please make sure to remember that if you have any needs in Cloud City, you can come to me and I will not bother you."

        Fang Zhan nodded his head and sent Mo Yang out of the room.

        When Mo Yang went downstairs, the hotel boss was already waiting warily at the side, looking at the crying face of the little sister at the front desk, it was obvious that she was scolded badly.

        When the boss saw Mo Yang, he took two steps forward in three steps and hurriedly walked up, making amends: "Boss Mo, I already know what happened before, and also taught her a hard lesson, if you still have any dissatisfaction, feel free to tell me, I will do it until you are satisfied."

        Mo Yang wasn't in a good mood right now, seeing Fang Zhan, but he couldn't inform Han Qianqian of Su Yingxia's situation, which made him feel clogged up, and the little thing that happened just now wasn't worth pursuing.

        "Get lost to the side." Mo Yang said in a cold voice.

        The boss shuddered and quickly moved two steps sideways to make way for Mo Yang.

        Taking a few steps out of the way, Mo Yang suddenly stopped again, because he saw the little girl at the front desk, and he knew that if he left like that, this little girl at the front desk would definitely be punished very severely, although it was true that the little girl at the front desk ignored him just now, but at Mo Yang's position, he would no longer be catty about such trivial matters, and Mo Yang had never been a narrow-minded person.

        "What happened just now, let's just let it go, since you've been scolding people and crying." Mo Yang said to the boss.

        The boss was thinking of punishing the two of them, the receptionist and the manager, but he didn't expect Mo Yang to say something like that.

        "Boss Mo, you ...... you really don't care anymore?" The boss was not afraid to ask with confidence.

        "Don't you understand what I'm saying so clearly?" Mo Yang spoke harshly.

        "Got it, got it, I know what to do." The boss nodded his head repeatedly and said.

        The manager on the side understood that Mo Yang wouldn't be held responsible for what he had just done, and said with a grateful face, "Thank you, Boss Mo."

        After saying that, the manager gave a glance to the little girl at the front desk, who just did not put Mo Yang in her eyes, also said gratefully, "Boss Mo, thank you for being willing to let me go, I was the one who just had eyes to see, thank you for not bothering with me."

        "Recognize this face of mine, remember to be polite to me the next time you come." After Mo Yang said these words, he walked towards the outside of the hotel.

        It seemed like a meaningless statement, but it was actually a knock on the boss, letting him know that his so-called not bothering didn't mean anything else, but that he really didn't bother.

        After Mo Yang left, the three of them were completely relieved, especially the owner of this hotel, he knew that if Mo Yang really hated him because of this, he wouldn't have to hang around Cloud City in the future.

        Now in Cloud City, Mo Yang's status was second only to Han Qianqian, and he was a big figure that no one could afford to provoke.

        "You two are lucky that Boss Mo doesn't even hold him accountable, so next time cheer up and don't offend anyone." The boss said to the manager and the little girl at the front desk.

        The two of them nodded like garlic, they had avoided a robbery this time, where would they dare to look down on people casually next time.

        At the same time, Chen Yi also launched his plan.

        Although Chen Yi was only a newly rich second generation in Cloud City, not a celebrity, it was still easy to investigate Su Yeh Han's whereabouts.

        While Su Yehan and a group of sisters were shopping at the mall, more than ten people arranged by Chen Yi, each holding a large bouquet of flowers, appeared in front of the women.

        This group of people said to be sisters, but in fact, each other to fight, compare high and low, never really with the emotional exchange, everyone together, that is, each other have a show off object, the topic is often to buy what new clothes, new bags, and the tone of that show off never have the slightest disguise.

        When this kind of scene appears in front of the eyes, several women are stupid, heart hope that this is the peach blossom that they attracted.

        Su Yeh Han in particular, once the Han family gave her a gift, she had the preconceived notion that it was a bride-price for her, and now in this situation, Su Yeh Han had the same thought again at first.

        "Isn't this person Chen Yi!"

        "Mr. Chen, his family's company is not big, but I heard that it has nearly a hundred million in assets, and he has a good relationship with the Heavenly Family, the future development of the company is definitely promising, does he have a crush on one of us?"

        "It must be me, I've met Chen Yi a few times before and that's when I noticed he was secretly observing me." Some woman couldn't wait to say.

        Su Yehan didn't say anything, but secretly folded her collar on her chest to reveal a touch of spring, and secretly took out her makeup mirror to look at her makeup.

        At this time, Chen Yi walked in front of the women, when he saw the hopeful eyes of those women one by one, his heart developed a strong disdain, with these women's posture, he usually didn't even have the interest to take a second look, but unfortunately, Tian Ling'er had an order, he had to soak up Su Yeh Han.

        "Chen Yi, what are you doing?" The woman who just thought that Chen Yi was here to court her couldn't wait to stand up and say.

        Chen Yi didn't even look at the woman who spoke and walked straight to Su Yehan.

        "Su Yehan! How could it be her."

        "It's actually her, Chen Yi can't be blind."

        "Doesn't he know how many people have worn Su Yeh Han's stupid shoe?"

        The so-called sisterhood was reflected most vividly at this moment, and among the mutterings of several people were words filled with disdain for Su Yehan.

        Su Yehan herself was also a bit confused, although she was expecting something in her heart, but she did not expect Chen Yi to really come at her.

His True Colors Chapter 815

"Are you, are you here for me?" Su Yi Han stammered a little, because she had been seeking the opportunity to marry into a rich family, and had been selling her flirtatiousness in front of those rich second generation, but not many people were really willing to look at her directly, so Chen Yi Han's appearance not only made Su Yi Han feel surprised, but also a little unbelievable.

        If Chen Yi's family background was placed in the past, Su Yi Han wouldn't even take a second glance, not even over a hundred million, how could he be called a gentry?

        But it was different now, the Su family had completely fallen, and she was no longer a Miss Su, just an ordinary ordinary person, to be looked at by someone like Chen Yi, Su Yi Han was also contented.

        "Is there anyone here more beautiful than you?" Chen Yi said with a smile.

        This caused the other women to be dissatisfied, the most important thing for women to compare with each other was their looks and body, how could they accept such words that Su Yehan was prettier than them.

        "Chen Yi, you don't have myopia, do you, here we are, who doesn't have a higher face value than Su Yehan."

        "Yeah, you should go to the ophthalmology department and have a good look, I don't know what she's comparing us to."

        "Small breasts, short legs, and not good looking, Chen Yi, is your taste so low?"

        A few women couldn't help but mock.

        Chen Yi took Su Yi Han into his arms, and said to the women with the air of a domineering president: "I advise you to be careful what you say, from now on, Su Yi Han is my woman, if you say anything else about her, I'll make sure you can't get in touch with the second generation of the rich in the future, although my influence isn't great, I at least know a few friends. ."

        This made those women turn pale, they were all girls born from ordinary families, trading their face and body for the life they wanted, if they really couldn't come into contact with the rich second generation, their good days would come to an end.

        "Chen Yi, it's just a joke, why are you so serious."

        "Yeah, we're just joking, just saying whatever, don't take it seriously."

        The attitudes of a few people changed, looking at Chen Yi with a flattering look.

        Chen Yi forcefully suppressed the feeling of nausea in his heart, it was true that people were divided into groups, the reason why these women were able to get together was because they were shameless enough, right?

        "Are you free tonight, I want to treat you to dinner." Chen Yi asked to Su Yehan.

        Su Yehan nodded her head repeatedly, how could she refuse a rich and wealthy second generation that was sent to her door.

        "I'll pick you up tonight, there's a nightclub bureau after dinner." Chen Yi said.

        "Good." Su Yehan responded in one breath.

        "I'll have these flowers delivered to your home, and I won't delay you from shopping."

        After Chen Yi left, Su Yeh Han still felt like she was dreaming, she didn't expect good luck to come to her so suddenly.

        "I'm going home first." After Su Yehan said goodbye to her sisters, she hurried home, she had to dress up and appear in front of Chen Yi tonight in her best appearance.

        Chen Yi, on the other hand, contacted a few of his good brothers, and a few of them arranged to meet at a clean bar.

        "Chen Yi, what's the matter that you're in such a hurry to find us?"

        "Did you find any good resources again? Where's the guy, how about the looks and the trim."

        "How many, enough for us to share?"

        Through these people's questions, it was also possible to hear how erotic their private lives were.

        But Chen Yi smiled faintly, he didn't call these brothers here because of this kind of thing.

        "I found you guys here today because I want you guys to back me up, I'm going to propose tonight." Chen Yi said.




        A few people looked at Chen Yi with shocked expressions, the playboy had actually proposed, they seriously suspected that they were hallucinating, or else Chen Yi was having a brain fart.

        "I see you're dizzy, and you're proposing."

        "Chen Yi, did your brain get caught in the door, you're in your prime, and you want to get married."

        "Chen Yi, I can remind you, no matter how good a woman is, you'll get tired of playing with her a few more times, if you get married, it'll be too late to regret it later."

        Hearing the words of several people, Chen Yi smiled even more happily and said, "I just said that I'm proposing, who told you guys to get married."

        Proposing was just the beginning, the next step would be marriage, this was a normal person's understanding of these two words, but looking at Chen Yi's appearance, he didn't seem to have any plans to get married, which made a few people a little cloudy.

        "Chen Yi, what the hell are you up to, make it clear."

        "Yeah, you've got us all confused."

        "By the way, who is the person you're proposing to?"

        "Su Yeh Han." Chen Yi said.

        "Su Ye-Han? Never heard of this woman."

        "F*ck, it can't be that woman from the old Su family, and you even want that stupid shoe."

        "Su Yeh Han! She pretended to be drunk to give me a chance, if I didn't think she was dirty, I would have f**king her long ago, and you're even proposing to her."

        Several people looked at Chen Yi in stunned silence, not understanding at all what he meant by this kind of operation, after all, the three words Su Yeh Han already represented a broken shoe, if Chen Yi picked up this broken shoe, wouldn't he be laughed at by outsiders.

        "Don't you guys get excited, didn't I say that it's just a marriage proposal, I don't mean to get married." Chen Yi smiled helplessly.

        "Damn it, hurry up and tell us what's going on, or else we'll cut off our friendship with you, but we can't ruin the reputation of our small group because of you."

        "Yeah, you're willing to take a woman like Su Yeh Han, how big of a heart does that have to be, hurry up and tell us what you're up to."

        "Alright, alright, don't get excited, wasn't I just about to tell you guys, this is actually something that Tian Ling'er asked me to do." Chen Yi said.

        "Tian Ling'er? She asked you to propose to Su Yeh Han, what does this mean, it's reasonable that she should hate Su Yeh Han as a woman very much now that she's Han Qianqian's sister."

        "The hatred between the Han and Su families is known to almost everyone in Cloud City, what does Tian Ling'er want?"

        At the beginning of Han Qianqian's entry into the Su family, he was spat on by Yun City for being useless, and half of this was due to Su Haichao, these things had already been spread around in Yun City.

        "I actually don't understand what Tian Ling'er plans to do right now, but she gave me a promise that as long as I make this thing beautiful, she'll let our family join the city village project." Chen Yi said.

        There was no telling how many people were salivating over this big piece of fat meat in the City Village, but because this project was owned by Weak Water Real Estate, no one dared to do anything bad in secret, so even if the fat meat was right in front of them, those people wouldn't dare to do anything.

        And to get such an opportunity, it was great news for any merchant family.

        "Originally, Tian Ling'er's idea was just for me to pick up Su Yeh Han, but I guessed that she must have something to ask of me, and I had to make Su Yeh Han trust me even more, so that's why I had the plan to propose."

His True Colors Chapter 816

What Tian Ling'er was going to do was no longer important to the other people, Chen Yi was able to join the City Village project because of this, which made them envious, if this kind of good thing fell on their heads, not to mention getting Su Yeh Han, even if it was spending a night with a homeless girl, they would be able to bite their teeth and endure it.

        This concerned the future of their own company, the current Chen Yi was only the second generation of businessmen who was not worth more than a hundred million, but once he joined the project in the city village, his wealth would definitely soar, and his status in Cloud City would rise as well.

        "Chen Yi, you're too damn lucky that such a good thing would fall on your head."

        "I'll have to call you Mr. Chen from now on, we're not on the same level anymore ah."

        "Hey, I'm also on good terms with Tian Ling'er, why didn't she explain this to me."

        Several people sighed in sighs.

        Chen Yi had known that they would react like this, after all, the project of the City Village was too tempting for anyone to resist.

        "Don't worry, if I can join the City Village project, will I still forget you guys if there are benefits?" Chen Yi said.

        "Alright, what are you going to do tonight, we'll try to cooperate, but let's agree beforehand, we're all contributing to this matter, so you can remember us if there are benefits in the future."

        A few people planned how to propose and how to move Su Yeh Han, each of them were making plans, hoping to try to perform on this matter, so that they could get benefits from Chen Yi in the future.

        For these playboys, picking up women was a basic course, and everyone was a handful, so the plan was quickly made.

        Chen Yi then called Tian Ling'er, since Tian Ling'er still had follow-up requests, tonight was the best time to fulfill her request, when Su Yehan was in the moving stage, she was bound to be the most obedient.

        "Ling'er, I plan to propose to Su Yehan tonight, what do you want me to do, this is the perfect opportunity." Chen Yi said.

        "Chen Yi, you're downright open-minded, aren't you afraid that this matter will have a bad effect on you?" Tian Ling'er was very surprised to learn about this matter, a marriage proposal was not child's play after all, if it attracted too much attention, it wouldn't be easy for Chen Yi to cleanly withdraw from this matter.

        "What you have explained to me, I will naturally do it beautifully, how can I let you down." Chen Yi smiled.

        "It seems that the project of the city village is not a small temptation for you, but since I gave you a promise, I will never break my word, I want you to get words out of Su Yeh Han's mouth about smearing Su Ying Xia, is she the one who did this thing." Tian Ling'er said.

        Chen Yi frowned, after this rumor spread in Cloud City, almost everyone was talking about it, and it could be said that it had greatly affected Su Yingxia and Han Qianli, no wonder Tianling'er was willing to throw out this piece of fat meat in the city village.

        "Don't worry, I'll be able to give you the answer tonight." Chen Yi assured.

        Hanging up the phone, Chen Yi carefully mulled over this matter, smearing Su Yingxia, how serious the consequences of this matter would be, I'm sure Su Yeh Han knew it in her heart, so her alertness on this matter would definitely be very high, wanting to easily test out if this matter was her doing, I'm afraid a marriage proposal alone wouldn't be able to do it.

        Back at home, Chen Yi did some small tricks, he had to let Su Yeh Han know that he and Su Yeh Han were on the same side, and also had to show that he regarded Han Qianyan as his enemy before he could do so.

        A simple villain with Han Three Thousand's name written on it, the story Chen Yi had already thought of, and after the heroine returned to his home tonight, he could stage his own plan.

        "You're home so early today, something's not right, you're not out of money again, are you?" When Chen Yi's father saw Chen Yi, he said with an unhappy face, this daughter only knew how to eat and drink all day long, not at all motivated, making him hate the iron.

        Chen Yi's mother gave Chen Yi a wink, as if she was afraid that Chen Yi would anger his father by asking for money.

        "Dad, I won't ask you for money to spend in the future, I can make my own money." Chen Yi said with a smile, how could he still be short of money after having the project in the city village.

        Chen Yi's father sneered and said, "If you have the ability to make money, I'll have to burn incense, I'm lucky you're not a loser, you useless thing."

        "Dad, this time your son is lucky, but only after tonight's events, I'll give you a reminder, I'm bringing a woman home tonight, and you'll help act then." Chen Yi said.

        "A woman?" At the mention of a woman, Chen Yi's mother became excited, she knew that her son was never serious about his feelings, but she wished she could have a daughter-in-law, preferably with a grandson to hug.

        "Which girl is so ungrateful to be scourged by you." Chen Yi's father asked.

        "Su Yeh Han, that fallen Su family, you should know about it." Chen Yi said.

        Chen Yi's mother's face changed dramatically upon hearing this, although she and Su Yehan were in different circles, she had heard many people mention Su Yehan, a woman who had hated to crawl into the arms of every rich man since the Su family had gone bankrupt, and was now infamous, she would never accept Chen Yi taking such a woman home.

        "Chen Yi, you wouldn't know what kind of person Su Yeh Han is, you wouldn't know, how could this kind of woman enter my Chen family's house." Chen Yi's mother said sternly.

        His father was even more agitated, because one of his friends had bought Su Yehan for one night with 100,000 yuan, if this matter was spread out, where would the Chen family's face be.

        "Chen Yi, if you dare to do that, immediately get out of the Chen family, I will no longer recognize you as my son." Chen Yi's father said as he stared at Chen Yi viciously.

        "Don't get excited, hear me out first, this matter is what Tian Ling'er asked me to do, nothing will happen between me and Su Yehan, it's just an act, Tian Ling'er suspects that the recent rumors about Su Yingxia were spread by Su Yehan, so she wants me to get words out of Su Yehan's mouth." Chen Yi explained.

        The rumor that Su Yingxia had cuckolded Han 3000 had been heard by Chen Yi's parents and had caused a boil in Cloud City, so it was only right that Tian Ling'er, as Han 3000's sister, would step in to investigate the matter.

        But Su Yeh Han was a woman of infamy after all, even if Tian Ling'er had asked Chen Yi to do this, how could he easily agree to it.

        "Don't you know how to refuse? Why did you agree to such a laborious and unpleasant thing." Chen Yi's father said with dissatisfaction.

        "Dad, the opportunity to join the City Village Project was placed in front of you, would you have refused in your place?" Chen Yi smiled.

        The two parents scuffled and stood up from the sofa.

        The project in the city village!


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