His True Colors Chapter 811-813

His True Colors Chapter 811

A few rich and domineering generations were normally arrogant and domineering, but they sat squarely in front of Tian Ling'er, and one was as docile as a white rabbit, not even daring to breathe.

        "It looks like you guys already know what I know?" Tian Ling'er said in a cold voice.

        This sentence scared the faces of several rich people, they knew what the matter that Tian Ling'er was referring to, and several of them had also discussed it privately and even believed in this matter, of course, in front of Tian Ling'er, they didn't dare to show that they really believed in this matter.

        "Ling'er, are you talking about the matter about someone smearing Su Yingxia?" someone was smart enough to ask to Tian Ling'er.

        Hearing that, Tian Ling'er's anger was a little more controlled, at least these guys still knew that Su Yingxia was slandered.

        "Why didn't you tell me." Tian Ling'er questioned.

        "Ling'er, we don't even believe in such absurd rumors."

        "Yeah, I don't know which idiot dared to say such a thing, but we're actually already investigating the person behind the rumor."

        "Yes, yes, we were going to find the person who started the rumor before telling you."

        Tian Ling'er looked questioningly at the people across the street, with their personalities, how could they spontaneously take care of this kind of thing, spending all day in the club nightclub had taken out almost all of their time, how could they still have the heart to help in this matter.

        "Yeah? Since you're looking into it, what did you find out?" Tian Ling'er asked.

        "There's no news yet, the rumors spread too fast and many people are talking about it now, so it's a bit difficult to find the source, but don't worry, we'll definitely look into it."

        "Good, as long as the person who started the rumor is from Cloud City, we will be able to uncover it, it just takes some time."

        "Ling'er, trust us, this matter concerns Brother 3000, we will never slow down."

        A few of the rich second generation looked like they swore by it, but Tian Ling'er didn't hold much hope for them, after all, these people had no real skills at all other than having money at home, and their connections only lay in resources in terms of women.

        "Since I've called you out, I naturally hope that you can help out in this matter, until the matter is investigated, if any of you dare not get on board, I, Tian Ling'er, will definitely make you suffer."

        After saying this, Tian Ling'er paused and continued, "If I find out that you guys are still wasting your time at the Clubhouse Nightclub, don't blame me for being rude."

        "Yes, yes, don't worry, we will definitely do our best to investigate this matter."

        "No entertainment will be done until the matter is cleared up."

        "This matter is investigated from some low-level personnel, people with real status should not dare to create such remarks." Tian Ling'er said.

        Now the people with a little status in Cloud City should be well aware of the serious consequences of offending Han Qianqian, and if they wanted to stay in Cloud City, they would never dare to do something like this to smear Su Yingxia, so in Tian Ling'er's opinion, the people who did this matter were most likely just some minor characters.

        Several people nodded repeatedly, and assured Tian Ling'er that they would use the shortest possible time to find out the rumor monger.

        After Tian Ling'er left the cafe, a few rich people looked like they were in tears.

        They had already arranged to go on a nightclub hunt together tonight too, but in this situation, who would dare to go?

        "Hey, tonight's good show is ruined, I didn't think that Tian Ling'er would ask us to look into this matter."

        "Who says it isn't, she'll be able to go to the hillside villa and ask for some benefits, what can we get."

        "Hurry up and shut up, if our few families didn't have cooperation with the Tian family, we could be so rich, it's only right that Tian Ling'er ordered us to do something, nothing worth complaining about, if you want to go play, just finish this matter, mobilize the connections around you and investigate this matter as soon as possible."

        After Tian Ling'er left, she came back to the Devil's Capital, this matter still had to be made known to Mo Yang, currently the biggest grey area power in Cloud City was in Mo Yang's hands, he would definitely get twice the results with half the effort if he came to investigate this matter.

        As for those rich second generation, Tian Ling'er didn't hold much hope for them, only a few more helpers at that time, just one more chance.

        "Boss Mo, Tian Ling'er is here." Yang Yong informed to Mo Yang.

        "Let her in." There was no need to think about Tian Ling'er's status in the hillside villa, and Mo Yang usually treated her as his sister.

        "Brother Yang, you should know about the rumors about my sister in the outside world, right?" Tian Ling'er asked after walking to Mo Yang's office.

        "I know, I've sent someone out to investigate, I'm sure we'll have results soon." Mo Yang said, when he first heard about this, he was also so angry that he exploded in place, this cuckold was pinned on Han Qianqian's head, the rumor monger was simply playing with fire.

        "Is there a suspect yet?" Tian Ling'er asked.

        To say the object of suspicion, Mo Yang really had someone to choose from, because there weren't many people in Cloud City who dared to offend Han Marchant now, and no one would be asking for death.

        "Ling'er, do you guess if this matter has anything to do with Su Hai Chao Su Yeh Han?" Mo Yang said.

        The two siblings knew in their hearts how wretched Tian Ling'er was, and they had now been reduced to the lowest class of people after being completely bankrupt.

        "I heard that Su Haichao is now forced to work at a construction site in order to make ends meet, as for Su Yehan still has always had a heart to marry into a rich family, and when she sees a rich man, she can't wait to stick it into someone else's bosom, these two are now living such a miserable life, although they are to blame, but it has a lot to do with my brother, maybe this thing, they really did it." Tian Ling'er said in a cold voice.

        Mo Yang nodded, he thought so too, but there was no evidence yet to know if the two of them were the source or not.

        "I'll send someone to focus on checking them, if this thing is really their doing, I'll make them regret it." Mo Yang said.

        Tian Ling'er had a plan, didn't Su Yehan always want to join the gentry? Fulfilling this wish of hers, should be able to get something out of her mouth.

        "Brother Yang, I have a plan, don't check on these two for now, don't alert them." After saying that, Tian Ling'er pulled out her phone.

        After the phone was dialed, Tian Ling'er said, "Chen Yi, here's a mission for you, soak up Su Yeh Han."

        Chen Yi was one of those rich second generation just now, he also knew who Su Yeh Han was, this woman's reputation in the rich second generation circles had become notorious because she often dressed herself up to meet rich people by any means necessary, and had already been played by an unknown number of men.

        "Ling'er, Su Yeh Han is such a b*tch, what am I going to do to pick up her?" Chen Yi asked in puzzlement.

        "Let's get soaked first, I have a mission for you next." Tian Ling'er said.

His True Colors Chapter 812

Although Chen Yi couldn't show the slightest interest in Su Yi Han's broken shoes, but since it was Tian Ling'er's request, he could only do as he was told.

        Moreover, for him, picking up girls was his specialty, not to mention that Su Yehan was still a vain woman, and getting this kind of woman was no trouble at all for Chen Yi.

        "Okay, you can reimburse me for the expenses afterwards." Chen Yi smiled.

        "Hasn't your family always wanted to join a share in the city village? As long as this matter is done properly, I'll give you the opportunity." Tian Ling'er said, now that the Celestial Family also had a part in the project of the City Village, it was just a matter of words for Tian Ling'er to make the Chen Yi family eat some sweets.

        "Really! Spirit, you're not kidding me!" Chen Yi was so amazed that he couldn't close his mouth, his family had recently hurt their brains over this matter, if he could do this, who else would dare to say that he only knew how to eat, drink and be merry in the future?

        "When have I ever joked with you," Tian Ling'er said.

        "Ling'er, thank you, don't worry, I'll make sure this matter is done properly for you, I'll listen to whatever else you have planned next." Chen Yi was not a fool, there was no way that Tian Ling'er would let him go after Su Yehan for no reason, there must still be some purpose behind it, but no matter what the purpose was, the project that would allow the Chen family to enter the city village, Chen Yi would do whatever it took to complete it.

        After hanging up the phone, Tian Ling'er said to Mo Yang, "Brother Yang, how's my plan?"

        Although Tian Ling'er didn't say her plan, but with Mo Yang's brain, how could she not think of it?

        Su Yehan is as money-obsessed as life, dreaming of marrying into a rich family, if there is Chen Yi's pursuit, Su Yehan will definitely seize this opportunity to the death, and wait until the time is ripe to let Chen Yi condescend, if the smearing of Su Yingxia is really Su Yehan's doing, she will definitely reveal it.

        After all, women in love have no intelligence, and Su Yehan, who was smashed dizzy by money, is even less likely to be smart.

        "Indeed good, in that case, I'll leave the Su Yehan aspect to you, I'll start from other places and see if it could be someone else's doing." Mo Yang said.

        At the same time, Fang Zhan had landed at Cloud City Airport.

        For Fang Zhan, Cloud City wasn't a place he was familiar with, but returning here again, Fang Zhan's heart was very heavy as the news he brought was a fatal blow to the Han family, and he could even imagine that Nangong Boling would definitely leave Cloud City immediately if he knew that Han Qianqian was dead, and he might even be able to anger the rest of the Han family.

        "Hey, I didn't expect to come here again with such feelings." Fang Zhan sighed and talked to himself.

        Walking out of the airport, Fang Zhan did not go to the Genting Mountain villa area at the first opportunity.

        In fact, there was still some selfishness existing within him, it was absolutely impossible to find his daughter's whereabouts by relying on his personal strength alone, this was a result that he had spent many years verifying, back then, when he left the apocalypse, he had used almost all of his methods to go into seclusion until he was completely desperate.

        And now, with the help of someone like the Nangong family whose influence covered the globe, the chances of finding his daughter would be much higher, and Fang Zhan didn't want to miss out on such an opportunity.

        To Fang Zhan, his daughter was the last motivation for him to live in this world, if he couldn't find her, there was no point in living at all.

        An idea sprouted in Fang Zhan's mind that he would not tell them the news of Han Qianxiang's death for the time being, and wait until Nangong Boling found his daughter before bringing it up to them.

        Although this act was a bit selfish, Fang Zhan had no choice but to do so.

        "Three-thousand, just consider me sorry, I really can't do it." After Fang Zhan said this, he first found a hotel to stay in.

        Mo Yang's control over Cloud City was very tight, so when Fang Zhan appeared in Cloud City, he received the news immediately.

        Mo Yang didn't know who Fang Zhan was, but he was aware that Fang Zhan knew where Han Qianli had gone, and now that Su Yingxia's illness was getting worse, Nangong Boling had been trying to inform Han Qianli about it, but was struggling to find a way to do so.

        Now that Fang Zhan had returned to Cloud City, he must be able to tell Han Qianxiang about it through him.

        "Boss Mo, are you going to find Fang Zhan?" Lin Yong asked to Mo Yang.

        "We definitely have to find it, but there's no need to make a big fuss, he's back in such a low profile, he definitely doesn't want to attract too much attention, I'll just go myself." Mo Yang said.

        Leaving the magic capital and arriving at the hotel where Fang Zhan was staying, Mo Yang asked directly to the front desk, "A man named Fang Zhan, which room is he staying in."

        The little girl at the front desk, grinding her nails, didn't even raise her head when she heard Mo Yang's words, and said, "I'm sorry, we can't reveal our guests' privacy."

        This was considered the most basic professional conduct, in the past, Mo Yang wouldn't embarrass her, but now, Mo Yang couldn't wait to see Fang Zhan, so naturally he was much less patient.

        "Let your manager come out, he'll know whether he should tell me or not." Mo Yang said in a cold voice.

        When the receptionist heard this, she raised her head in disdain and sized up Mo Yang, a mere uncle, talking so arrogantly and wanting to see the manager at every turn?

        "I'm sorry, even if the manager is here, it's useless, it's our hotel rules." The little girl at the front desk said.

        "The manager is useless, just inform your boss who made the hotel's rules, now you can change them." Mo Yang said.

        The little girl at the front desk couldn't help but laugh, this guy's breath is really big, seeing the manager isn't enough, but he even deludes himself to see the boss, and he wants the boss to change the rules, what kind of thing does he really think he is.

        "Uncle, don't be funny, who do you think you are, is the boss something you can meet just because you want to? Hurry up and leave, I'll call security to kick you out if you don't." The little girl at the front desk said.


        Mo Yang hit the front desk with a punch, scaring the little girl at the front desk all over.

        "What are you doing, how dare you fool around here, do you know who owns this hotel?" The little girl at the front desk snapped at Mo Yang with an angry face.

        "I'd really like to know who this is, might as well tell me, I'll have time later and have a heart-to-heart with him." Mo Yang sneered.

        At this time, a rich middle-aged man in the distance was dressed in formal attire, with a manager's job tag on his chest, he was originally cozy inspecting the hotel environment, the moment he saw Mo Yang, the flesh on his face stiffened.

        Is this ...... not Boss Mo?

        How did he show up here, and he looked very angry about it.

        It couldn't be that the ignorant receptionist was offended!

        This thought made the manager almost pee, offending Mo Yang, if the boss knew about this, he would not only have to roll up and leave, I'm afraid the whole Cloud City would have no room for him to survive.

        Three steps forward and two steps back, the rich middle-aged man hurriedly ran towards Mo Yang.

His True Colors Chapter 813

The little girl at the front desk who was originally frightened by Mo Yang's punch saw the manager come running, her bottom line was full of energy, and said to Mo Yang, "Didn't you want to see our manager, he's here, but I advise you to be polite, our manager is not easy to mess with."

        Mo Yang turned his head with a cold face and looked at the middle-aged man running towards him.

        Not easy to mess with?

        "I like messing with this kind of bad people." Mo Yang said coldly.

        "Good advice, since you won't listen, you can't blame me." The little girl at the front desk rolled her eyes and said.

        "Mo ...... Mo Boss, what wind actually blew you here." After the manager ran up to Mo Yang, he quickly asked respectfully.

        For this number one person in the grey area of Cloud City, even the boss behind this hotel had to be respectful, and he, a small manager, didn't dare to put up a fight in front of Mo Yang.

        The little girl at the front desk who was waiting for a good show was confused for a moment.

        She knew her own manager's temper, because the boss behind the scenes was a big figure in Yun City, so the hotel manager also relied on the boss's influence in Yun City, and he didn't even care about ordinary guests.

        If someone dared to cause trouble in the hotel, the usual way to deal with them was to directly find someone to beat them out, without any mercy.

        In the front desk girl's opinion, this uncle daring to cause trouble in the hotel would definitely end up in a terrible situation, but what one didn't expect was that the manager's attitude towards him was so respectful!

        "You have a lot of hotel rules, even I don't care." Mo Yang said.

        The fat flesh on the manager's face trembled, through this sentence, he knew that it must have been the front desk who said something to Mo Yang that he shouldn't have said, what a damn, even Mo Yang dared to offend him.

        "Are you blind, you don't even know Boss Mo, hurry up and apologize to Boss Mo." The manager yelled at the little sister at the front desk.

        The already befuddled little sister at the front desk looked panicked when she heard this and said, "Manager, it's not my fault, he wants to see the guest registration record, how can I just give it to him, this is the hotel's rules."

        "What rules, in front of Boss Mo, the hotel has no rules, you're going to get me f*cking k*lled." The manager said in a rage.

        After scolding, the manager quickly asked Mo Yang, "Boss Mo, what do you want to know, I'll immediately pull the information for you."

        Mo Yang wasn't here to show off his identity, the main purpose was to know which room Fang Zhan was staying in, and since he could know this matter, there was no need to continue dwelling on what had just happened.

        "Fang Zhan, which room is he staying in." Mo Yang asked.

        The manager glanced at the little girl at the front desk, this silly woman didn't even know what to do, it was really about to blow his mind.

        "What are you waiting for, hurry up and check it out for Boss Mo." The manager roared.

        "Yes, I, I'll check it right away, right away." The little girl at the front desk said in a panic.

        It didn't take a minute for Fang Zhan's room number to be checked out.

        Knowing the room number, Mo Yang didn't pursue the way the little sister at the front desk had treated him just now and walked directly towards the elevator.

        The cold sweat on the manager's forehead, Mo Yang just walked away, instead of making his heart afraid, if he was to be held accountable in the autumn, this was not something he could afford.

        "What's going on, are you so f*cking blind you don't even know Mo Yang?" The manager gritted his teeth and asked the little girl at the front desk.

        Mo Yang!

        The receptionist's brain rumbled, as a Cloud City native, how could she not know who Mo Yang was?

        But she hadn't expected that this seemingly unimpressive uncle would be the famous Mo Yang of Cloud City!

        She was even threatening Mo Yang just now, this was a death sentence!

        "I, I didn't know, I didn't know he was Mo Yang." The little girl at the front desk was shivering with fear, it was already too late to regret.

        The manager's breathing was trembling because offending such a big person, not to mention him, even the boss behind the scenes would be damned.

        "Did he say anything just now?" The manager asked.

        The little girl at the front desk was so afraid that her heart and liver were trembling, and her face was already as pale as paper, she said, "What was said, I don't know what he said."

        "Grass Nima, think carefully about every word he said, or I'll have you eat your heart out." The manager gritted his teeth.

        The little girl at the front desk could only try her best to recall every word that Mo Yang had said and then convey the words to the manager.

        When the manager heard that Mo Yang wanted to talk to his boss, his mind completely collapsed and his legs went weak and he just sat on the floor.

        Talking to the boss?

        This sentence directly made the manager despair.

        Trembling, he took out the phone and dialed the boss's number: "Boss, something big has happened, you should come to the hotel quickly!"

        Outside the door of Fang Zhan's room, Mo Yang had already rang the doorbell.

        Fang Zhan wasn't surprised that Mo Yang came to his door so quickly, after all, he was aware of Mo Yang's identity in Cloud City, and it wasn't unusual for his power to learn that he had arrived in Cloud City.

        "I didn't expect you to come so soon." Fang Zhan said to Mo Yang with a smile, since he had decided to temporarily hide the news that Han Qianqian was dead, he naturally wouldn't reveal any flaw.

        "Why did you suddenly come to Cloud City?" Mo Yang asked.

        "Nangong Boling is helping me to find out about my daughter, I came back to see if there is any latest news." Fang Zhan said very naturally.

        "Where is 3000, why didn't he come back with you." Mo Yang continued to ask.

        Without changing his face, Fang Zhan said, "He has something very important to do, he can't spare himself for a short time, so in a short time, he shouldn't come back."

        "Do you have a way to contact him now?"

        "Even I don't know where he is, and I want to contact him unless I wait for him to complete his mission," Fang Zhan said.

        Mo Yang gritted his teeth, he had thought that he would be able to let Han Qianqiang know about Su Yingxia through Fang Zhan, but now it seemed that it probably wouldn't work.

        "Why are you in such a hurry to find him?" Fang Zhan was confused, not only him, everyone in the Han family and Su Yingxia should know that Han 3000 left for something very important, and Su Yingxia was even more aware of the existence of the apocalypse, it was reasonable that they couldn't disturb Han 3000 at a time like this.

        "Something has happened to Su Yingxia." Mo Yang said in a deep voice.

        Fang Zhan frowned tightly.

        How could something have happened to Su Yingxia!

        This is Cloud City, is there anyone who can hurt her?

        "What's going on." Fang Zhan asked.

        "White hair overnight, aging at a rate visible to the naked eye, Nangong Boling has invited famous doctors from all over the world to temporarily identify it as senility." Mo Yang explained.

        "Aging syndrome?" Fang Zhan took a deep breath and said, "I've also heard about this disease, there is no cure at the moment, even if we inform Han Qianqian, he has no way to save Su Yingxia."

        "Can't he be informed if there's no way? If anything happens to Su Yingxia, how am I going to explain to him, can you help me and find a way to let him know?" Mo Yang said with some prayerfulness in his tone.


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