His True Colors Chapter 809-810


His True Colors Chapter 809

Although Shi Jing didn't say the last half of her sentence, the meaning she wanted to express was very clear to Mo Yang and Nangong Boling.

        "Let me go and try." Mo Yang gritted his teeth and said, he couldn't just stand by and watch the situation continue to deteriorate, when Han Qianli left Cloud City, he would have to take on the responsibility of protecting Su Yingxia and Han Nian, he mustn't let anything happen to them in the meantime.

        Nangong Boling was also very anxious inside, it was hard to see the hope of going to the apocalypse, he didn't want to anger Han Qianxiang because of Su Yingxia's death.

        "With the relationship between Mo Yang and 3000, he has a chance to convince Su Yingxia to give it a try." Nangong Boling said.

        Shi Jing took a look at Mo Yang, she had used all the methods she could, Su Yingxia was simply unwilling to face this matter right now, and in her opinion, even if Mo Yang stepped in, it wouldn't work.

        But right now there didn't seem to be any other choice, there was always some chance of letting Mo Yang try.

        "Okay, you try it." Shi Jing nodded her head.

        Mo Yang stood in front of the villa and took a deep breath before pushing the door in.

        Today's Mo Yang hadn't seen Su Yingxia yet, and when he walked to the living room and saw Su Yingxia, a painful color flashed across his face.

        Today's Su Yingxia had aged a few points more than yesterday, and this visible speed really made Mo Yang's heart bleed.

        "Yingxia, the doctors have arrived, let me arrange for you to meet with them." Mo Yang got straight to the point, because Su Yingxia wasn't an idiot, he definitely understood the purpose of his visit.

        "Boss Mo, I don't want to meet anyone right now, just let them go." Su Yingxia said.

        "Yingxia, I know how you feel, but what's the use of running away when it's already happened? Han Nim needs you to take care of her. Can't you just leave her behind? And 3000, how will he feel if he comes back and can't see you, your condition is not terminal, there must be a way out, how can you be discouraged." Mo Yang said.

        Su Yingxia lowered her head and remained silent, Han Nian in her arms was incomparably well-behaved, and how could she be willing to leave Han Nian behind?

        And Han Marchan went to the apocalypse and has not yet returned, Su Yingxia is even more reluctant to let go of this man who has been silently protecting her.

        "Nowadays, medicine is so advanced, our family has plenty of money, what disease can't be cured, you haven't tried it, how can you think it won't work?" Mo Yang continued.

        "Yeah, Ying Xia, these doctors aren't those quacks from before, they definitely have a solution." Shi Jing echoed on the side.

        Su Guoyao also went to Su Yingxia's side and said softly, "You are Han Nian's mother, she needs your care now, if anything happens to you, what should she do, can you bear to let Nian'er lose her mother?"

        Su Yingxia secretly wiped a handful of tears, she couldn't lose Han Nian, and even more so, she couldn't lose Han Qianxiang.

        "Let them come." Su Yingxia said.

        Mo Yang spat out a breath of bad luck, it was good that Su Yingxia didn't continue to insist, or else he wouldn't know what words to use to persuade Su Yingxia.

        "Okay, I'll go arrange it right away." Mo Yang walked out of the villa in three steps.

        Nangong Boling couldn't wait to ask, "How is it, are you willing to meet?"

        "Let's arrange for them to go up to the mountain and meet all of them at once, then let them discuss the solution and help me warn them, if they don't have a solution, they won't be able to leave Cloud City." Mo Yang said.

        Nangong Boling's mind was even more malicious than Mo Yang's, and he was counting on Han Qianqiang to get to the apocalypse, so naturally he didn't want Su Yingxia to have an accident even more.

        "Don't worry, if they can't think of a way out, I won't let them go." Nangong Boling said.

        There had been doctors appearing in the villa area of Genting Mountain for some time now, and now there was even a large number of famous foreign doctors flocking to the area, and this matter had already caused quite a stir in Cloud City.

        Of course, most people were discussing this matter carefully in private, after all, it was related to the mountainside villa, they wouldn't dare to discuss it rashly, in case they got into any trouble because of this matter, it would be more than worth the trouble.

        Su Haichao had been completely reduced to an ordinary person after the bankruptcy of the company, and was now living on casual living, which could be described as very miserable.

        Regarding the recent events in the Genting Mountain Villa area, Su Haichao was also very concerned, he knew that it must be a serious illness of the people in the mountainside villa, or else it would not be possible to have so much influence to be able to hand over all the famous doctors around the world.

        "Hai Chao, what exactly happened to the Han family, do you know?" Su Yeh Han was still working on marrying into a noble family, but since her poor relationship with Han Qian Qian was a well-known thing in Cloud City, not only were no noble family members able to see her, even those from ordinary families were respectful of Su Yeh Han for fear of getting into trouble because of her.

        "Maybe it's Su Yingxia, or Han Nian who has a terminal illness." Su Haichao said with a smile, although he no longer had a chance to turn over a new leaf, he was still happy to see the current situation of the hillside villa, this was the perfect opportunity to fall into the well.

        "Although the news is blocked to death, those local doctors have revealed bits and pieces of information that seem to say that Su Yingxia has a disease, how likely do you think it is?" Su Yeh Han asked.

        "Isn't it a matter of course for a b*tch like Su Yingxia to get sick, it's the gods can't stand the sight of a b*tch like her, so they have to take her." Su Haichao gritted his teeth and said, thinking of the past when the Su family was still glorious, but he was riding on Su Yingxia's head to sh*t and piss, but now, Su Yingxia had become a big man in high places, while he had to run around the construction site for a living, this change made Su Haichao's heart extremely unbalanced.

        Su Haichao would curse Su Yingxia a few times almost every day, and wouldn't even let go of an infant like Han Nian.

        "It would be nice if I could go see her, I really want to know what kind of disease she has." Su Yeh Han said with a regretful face, the current hillside villa was not something she was qualified to go to just because she wanted to, even if it was the gate of the Genting Mountain villa area, Su Yeh Han didn't have the guts, after all, Mo Yang had already given the order, once she and Su Hai Chao approached, the consequences would be at her own peril.

        "In my opinion, it's because Han 3,000 yuan is always away from home, she went out to fool around, so she got into some kind of STD, Han 3,000 yuan this green hat is really big ah." Su Haichao said with a smile.

        Su Yehan said with a flash of brilliance in her eyes, "Why don't we think of a way to spread this kind of statement, so that the entire Yun City can see the true face of this slut Su Yingxia?"

        As soon as Su Haichao heard this, he immediately sat up, showed great interest, and said, "This is a good method, even if it's not true, we can still deduct a brain of sh*t from Su Yingxia, but we have to be careful, we must not reveal our sources, or else we'll be finished if Mo Yang finds out."

His True Colors Chapter 810

Hillside Villa.

        After a group of doctors looked at Su Yingxia's condition, they did not make a direct judgment, this was also Nangong Boling's special instructions, he did not want to make Su Yingxia too clear about his condition, so as not to cause more psychological pressure on Su Yingxia.

        In order to discuss the condition, all the doctors evacuated the hillside villa, Nangong Boling brought the crowd of doctors to the Peninsula Hotel, which had already been wrapped up by Mo Yang, and all the entrances and exits of the hotel were guarded by people to prevent outsiders from entering and leaving and those doctors from sneaking out.

        The outside world wanted to pry into the news, but due to the hotel's tight lockdown, they were not allowed to enter, but at this time, an unknown source of news blew up in Cloud City.

        "Did you hear, Su Yingxia got sick from stealing men outside, that's why there are so many doctors going to the mountainside villa."

        "Is the news reliable, Su Yingxia isn't like this kind of woman."

        "Han 3,000 thousand years away from home, she is a woman lonely and lonely is also common sense, who can't have a little desire, anyway, this news is quite true, the negative then why block the news."

        "Right, if it's not a disease that can't be seen, why would you be afraid of being known."

        Comments such as these quickly spread in Cloud City, and the matter of Han Three Thousand's being cuckolded made many people secretly sneak around.

        Although Han Three Thousand Thousand was now the supreme figure in Cloud City, her wife had incurred a dirty disease due to her lust, and this hilarious joke had the melon eating crowd discussing it with great vigor, making it the topic of almost everyone's after-dinner pastime.

        The Tian Family.

        Tian Honghui and Tian Changsheng father and son sat in the living room, Tian Honghui said carefully, "Dad, did you hear about Su Yingxia's illness?"

        Tian Changsheng frowned, not knowing which damned guy it was that would spread this kind of slander against Su Yingxia.

        Tianchang Sheng knew very well what kind of person Su Yingxia was, and Tian Ling'er was often in and out of the mountainside villa, Su Yingxia was at home almost every day with her child, how could she do such a morally corrupt thing.

        Moreover, Su Yingxia's illness, which Tianchang Sheng had also heard Tian Ling'er mention, was not that aspect of the illness at all.

        "Do you know where this news came from?" Tian Changsheng asked in a deep voice.

        Tian Honghui shook his head, now that everyone in Cloud City knew about it, it wasn't a simple matter to find out where the news came from, and Tian Honghui didn't dare to interfere.

        "I don't know, but right now the entire Cloud City is talking about this matter and many people believe it." Tian Honghui said.

        "Mo Yang should know about this matter soon and will probably pull out the people behind the scenes who are causing trouble, what a lack of knowledge of life, and now someone dares to go against the Su family." Tian Changsheng said disdainfully.

        At this time, Tian Ling'er returned home, when father and son saw Tian Ling'er, they immediately stopped discussing this matter, if this little ninny knew about it, she would probably be furious.

        "What are you guys talking about, why did you stop when you saw me." Tian Ling'er asked as she looked at the two in confusion.

        "Ling'er is back, how is it, I heard that Ying Xia has met with those doctors, what did the doctors say?" Tian Changsheng asked.

        Tian Ling'er shook her head weakly, Su Yingxia's condition was getting worse and worse, and after that group of doctors saw her today, they left without saying anything, so she didn't know what the situation was now.

        "Not too sure, that group of doctors went back to the hotel to discuss the condition, and I don't know if there can be a solution." Tian Ling'er said and directly laid down on the sofa.

        Seeing Su Yingxia ageing day by day, Tian Ling'er felt very bad, and even thought about how it would be nice if she was the one to bear the pain, after all, Han Nian was still young, she couldn't afford to lose her mother.

        "Don't worry, in my opinion, there will definitely be no problem, these doctors can be world famous, they definitely have a solution." Tianchang Sheng said.

        "Grandpa, what were you guys talking about?" With Tian Ling'er's ghostly personality, how could she not notice that Tian Changsheng was deliberately changing the subject just now.

        Looking at the two of them flickering, Tian Ling'er sat up and said, "What's going on with you guys, what's going on?"

        Tian Hong Hui looked at Tian Changsheng, this matter had already spread all over Cloud City, sooner or later Tian Ling'er would hear about it, even if she hid it from her now, it would be useless.

        Tian Chang Sheng nodded, and Tian Hong Hui who got a sign said, "Ling'er, I'll tell you, don't get excited yet."

        "Dad, you're underestimating me, I'm mature and stable now, I won't get excited casually." Tian Ling'er said.

        "It's like this, there's a rumor in Cloud City right now that Su Yingxia has gotten into an unclean disease and has cuckolded Han 3000." Tian Honghui said.

        Tian Ling'er, who patted her chest to ensure that she wouldn't get excited, nearly exploded in place after hearing these words.

        "Who, which one of you who killed a thousand knives dared to say such words." Tian Ling'er squeezed her fist and said in a furious voice.

        Such a reaction from Tian Ling'er was expected by Tian Changsheng's father and son, after all, now Tian Ling'er had treated the mountainside villa as her second home, Han Qianqiang and Su Yingxia were like her own brother and sister to her, how could she tolerate others' malicious and false accusations.

        "A lot of people are talking about this now, so it's really unknown who said it," Tian Honghui said.

        An angry Tian Ling'er turned around and seemed to be going out.

        Tian Changsheng quickly asked, "Ling'er, it's almost dinner, where are you going."

        "Go and find this man, I want him to live the rest of his life unable to take care of himself." Tian Ling'er said in a cold voice.

        Tian Changsheng shook his head helplessly, with Tian Ling'er's current temper, he couldn't stop him.

        "Dad, nothing will happen to him." Tian Honghui asked worriedly.

        "What can happen, your daughter is now Han Qianqian's sister, who dares to do anything to her, don't worry, it's good to let her look into it, this kind of rumor has to be put down as soon as possible, once it reaches the hillside villa for Su Yingxia to know, the consequences will be even more serious." Tianchang Sheng said.

        After Tian Ling'er left home and made several phone calls in a row to agree on a meeting place, a kick of the accelerator, the car engine erupted with a heavy low roar, accompanied by the sound of burning tires and thick smoke drove out of the Tian family villa.

        Qingyuan Cafe, when Tian Ling'er arrived, a few young people have been waiting at the door for a long time, they received a phone call from Tian Ling'er, not daring to delay a moment to rush over, after all, now Tian Ling'er's identity is Han Qianqian's sister, this group of young rich second generation can't dare to disobey orders.




        Tian Ling'er looked at a few people, these were some of her better friends that she played with, and they were considered to have some ability in Cloud City.

        "Let's go in first." Tian Ling'er said in a deep voice.

        When the few people saw Tian Ling'er's cold expression, they probably guessed what was going on and followed Tian Ling'er's pace into the cafe.


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