His True Colors Chapter 807-808


His True Colors Chapter 807

Han Giangli was full of question marks after discovering this, having encountered an orangutan before, although it quickly and inexplicably ran away, it was by no means so docile, not to mention the giant lizard, who hated to eat them when they met, but it was also a docile expression with its head down.

        "What, what's going on?" Han Qianli said in a startled manner.

        Jiang Ying Ying also had a dazed expression, these vicious creatures, but they had created this ground full of dead bones, why did they appear in front of them now but were slow to make a fuss?

        "Brother Three Thousand, it's not like they didn't see us." Jiang Ying Ying whispered.

        This absurd statement made Han 3,000 laugh, even if he wanted to comfort himself, it wasn't such a comforting method ah.

        It's bullsh*t to walk right up to them without seeing them, isn't it?

        "Ying Ying, after going out this time, Brother 3000 will find you a big hospital and look at your brain." Han Three Thousand Thousand's bittersweet teasing of Ying Ying Jiang.

        Ying Ying Jiang threw out her tongue with an embarrassed expression.

        The little white snake, which was actually wrapped around the gorilla's neck, was spitting out a red letter when Han 3000 discovered it, as if it was showing off to Han 3000.

        The scene left Han 3,000 years old confused.

        He had thought that the little white snake was the most harmless creature in the Devil King's Cave, but the current situation was clearly not what he had thought.

        The little white snake swam down from the gorilla's huge body and slowly arrived in front of Han 3,000, and when it turned around and spat out red letters at the other creatures, Han 3,000 clearly saw those creatures' bodies tremble, showing no concealment of their fear of the little white snake.

        This ......

        Han Qianli was dumbfounded.

        This little thing was able to intimidate these creatures.

        With this body, chopping up and stewing a pot of snake meat wouldn't even be enough to stuff its teeth, so how could it possibly overwhelm large creatures like giant lizards in terms of momentum?

        "They, like, are afraid of you?" Han Qianli was puzzled as he asked the little white snake.

        The little white snake nodded its head.

        Jiang Ying Ying, who was on the side, was so surprised to see this action that her mouth couldn't close.

        Although Han Qianqian had told her that the little white snake could understand human words, but Jiang Ying Ying was still doubtful about it, snakes were cold-blooded animals after all, how could they understand human words?

        And this scene completely overturned Kang Ying Ying's knowledge of common sense.

        This snake actually understood what Han Giangli was saying.

        Han Qianli was equally surprised inside, but not in the same way as Jiang Yingying was surprised.

        He really couldn't imagine what made the little white snake able to suppress other creatures, could it be that there was something else unusually powerful about this little thing?

        "They won't hurt us?" Han Giangli continued to ask questions.

        The little white snake swam to Han 3,000 and crawled down the leg to the shoulder, then spat out red letters at the creatures.

        All the creatures crawled on their knees at the same time, and the state they displayed was clearly not single-handedly fearful, but also respectful.

        Han Giangli was even more confused, but he was also clear on one thing at the same time: all the dangers of the Demon King's Cave seemed to have been lifted at this point.

        And it was all done by the little white snake on his shoulder.

        Now Han 3,000 was somewhat convinced that the little white snake wasn't bluffing before, but something that made him shudder even more appeared, the little white snake not only could understand human words, but also had its own mind, wasn't it looking for these creatures just to prove to Han 3,000 that it was stronger?

        Han 3000 took a deep breath, although he had already seen many things that had turned his view upside down when he came to the Demon King's Cave, this little white snake was the most shocking, apart from not being able to speak, it acted completely like a human, able to communicate and would find ways to prove things Han 3000 didn't believe in.

        The danger had been lifted, and Han 3000 was relieved, saying to Jiang Ying Ying, "There's no need to be afraid, these creatures won't harm us."

        Jiang Ying Ying subconsciously looked at the little white snake and had no other thoughts in her head other than feeling incredulous.

        "Brother 3000, are we going out?" Jiang Ying Ying cautiously warned.

        For the previous Han Qianli, it was imperative to leave this place of wrongdoing as soon as possible, but now Han Qianli was in no hurry, since there was no danger, why not take a good look around the Demon King's Cave, maybe he could discover something else new.

        "Little White Snake, is there anything edible here?" Han Giangli asked to the little white snake, Jiang Ying Ying was hungry and so was he, he had to get some energy before he could do so.

        The little white snake climbed down on his shoulder and led the way.

        Han Three Thousand followed, while Jiang Ying Ying pulled on Han Three Thousand's cuffs, not daring to let go.

        "Brother Three Thousand, this snake can actually understand human speech, it won't have become a sperm already." Jiang Yingying asked in a small voice.

        "I don't know, all the mysteries can only be solved when we go out, but this secret will most likely allow us to perceive a different world." Han Giangli said, this was his feeling after coming to the Devil King's Cave, he had a hidden feeling that this world wasn't as simple as he saw, there must still be some unknown things, these creatures in the Devil King's Cave were the best proof.

        The two of them followed the little white snake to a small entrance of a winding path, and the Devil King's Cave, which was originally filled with stench, was overwhelmed by a fresh fragrance.

        Inside the small entrance was a not-so-small circular space, and although there were no signs of human habitation, it was more than a thousand times better compared to the environment of the rest of the Devil King's Cave.

        "Brother Three Thousand, I didn't expect the Devil King's Cave to have such a good place, there's no stench at all." Jiang Ying Ying gulped in the fragrant air, looking like she was enjoying herself.

        Han Three Thousand also didn't expect there to be another cave here, but this space didn't look like anything that could fill the stomach either.

        "Little one, where's the food?" Han Giangli asked to the little white snake.

        The little white snake burrowed into the vines of the wall and soon emerged with a red fruit in its mouth.

        The fruit was the size of a saint's fruit, and after picking apart the vine, Han 3000 found that there were many of these fruits growing inside, the color was very bright, and although it made one have a very strong desire to enter, Han 3000 could know that one shouldn't eat anything they didn't know, it wouldn't be fun if it was highly poisonous.

        "It's not poisonous, right?" Han 3000 asked to the little white snake.

        After the little white snake shook its head, Han 3000 experimentally placed one in his mouth and bit through the peel, the juice overflowing with a faint sweet taste, a good fruit for the already hungry Han 3000.

        "It doesn't taste bad, taste it too." Han Three Thousand said to Jiang Ying Ying.

        The two of them couldn't stop at all after eating the first one, sending one after another towards their mouths, completely unaware that the little white snake on the side seemed to have flowed into a heartbroken weeping face.

His True Colors Chapter 808

The Four Gates Domain.

        Ever since the great commotion erupted in the Demon King's Grotto, almost everyone had decided that Han Qianxiang was dead.

        Second Elder was depressed and hadn't left the Four Gates since that day.

        This matter was quite a blow to Second Elder, who had pinned so much hope on Han Three Thousand that he had even placed the hopes of the entire Apocalypse on Han Three Thousand, hoping that Han Three Thousand would inspire confidence in others after passing the Demon King's Cave test.

        It was hoped that after Han Three Thousand Thousand had the status of a Heavenly Character, he would be able to command the Four Gates and he would be able to shed his burden and find out what was going on in the Second World.

        However, with Han Qianxiang's death, all of Yi Lao's plans had become bubbles, not only making those of the Earth Character level even more fearful of the Demon King's Cave, but also making it an extravagant hope for the Four Gates to cultivate a new master.

        "Old Man Next, you don't need to worry too much about this matter, perhaps it's all destiny, destined that Han Three Thousand won't be able to shoulder this heavy responsibility." The assistant said to the next oldest old man.

        The next old man was in a low mood, because Han Three Thousand Year's death would not only be his death, the apocalypse would decay as well, even he would not be able to complete the challenge of the Demon King's Grotto, would anyone else dare to make the attempt?

        "Do you have any idea what kind of blow the death of Han Qianxiang has dealt to the apocalypse." The next old man said with a sigh.

        The assistant naturally understood the reasoning behind it, but the matter was a foregone conclusion that no one could change, and if one kept dwelling on it, it would only make it even more impossible to let go.

        "Perhaps, we can try our hopes on Lintong, he is after all a proud son of the heavens, if he can pass the test of the Demon King's Grotto, he will be able to change other people's perception of the Grotto." The assistant said tentatively.

        Let Lin Tong try it out?

        The corners of the next old man's mouth raised a disdainful smile, Lin Tong had long been qualified to do this, but he had been slow to bring it up, which showed that Lin Tong was a very cowardly and timid person, and to put his hopes on him was pure nonsense.

        "Do you think that Lintong would dare? And can you predict what the apocalypse will become if he continues to die in the Demon King's Grotto?" The next old man shook his head and said.

        The assistant sighed, let's not talk about whether Lintong dared or not, if he really died, the apocalypse would be considered completely finished, having two experts die one after the other, I'm afraid that the psychological shadow on others would be even stronger.

        "Next old man, it's better not to think too much about it, the ship will be straight, I believe that the apocalypse will have a time to change." The assistant said.

        "The Second World is stirring, there's not much time left for the apocalypse, and as the Master of the Four Gates, I'm at a loss to do anything about it." The Second Elder laughed with a mocking face as he continued, "Am I, the Lord of the Four Gates, a loser?"

        The assistant looked shocked.

        How could the Lord of the Four Gates be a loser?

        The fact that the next oldest would even give birth to such a thought showed that his emotions were now negative to the extreme.

        "Second Elder, you mustn't think like that, the Four Gates still need your leadership." The assistant said evenly.

        At this time, Fang Zhan arrived in front of the two of them, and with a poor appearance, he said to the next old man, "Next old man, I heard that Cloud City is looking for Han Qianli, something should have happened."

        "You should go to Cloud City and tell them the news of Han 3000's death." Second Elder said, sooner or later, this matter would have to be notified to Cloud City, and there was no need to hide it.

        Fang Zhan's face changed, if you conveyed this news back, wouldn't those people despair?

        And now he had to rely on the Nangong family to find his daughter, if Nangong Boling were to learn that Han Qianxiang was dead, he would definitely stop investigating the matter.

        "Next old man, won't you stop waiting?" Fang Zhan asked.

        "Do you still have the luxury of seeing Han Qianli's corpse? When has there ever been a corpse of someone who died in the Demon King's Grotto." The next oldest said.

        As Fang Zhan who had passed the test of the Devil King's Grotto, he naturally knew about the white bones all over the ground in the Devil King's Grotto, and the creatures within it fed on human flesh, so if Han Three Thousand died, he would definitely become a meal in the belly of those creatures, so how could he see the corpses?

        "Go on, there's no point in hiding this matter, let them know sooner rather than later so that they can make plans." The next oldest paused and continued, "If they need any help, you do your best to help."

        "Yes." The next old man had already said it to this point, and Fang Zhan could only follow the orders.

        Cloud City.

        Famous doctors from all over the world had arrived one after another, and faces from various countries gathered in front of the gates of the Cloud Peak Mountain villa area to await orders.

        In the mountainside villa, Shi Jing looked at Su Yingxia, who had a head full of white hair and already looked very old, and was heartbroken.

        Since her overnight white-headedness, the accompanying symptoms also appeared quickly, almost every day is aging at a visible speed, twenty-year-old Su Yingxia, now looks like a forty-year-old middle-aged woman, and this situation is still going on.

        "Yingxia, the doctors are all here, let them take a look at you." Shi Jing advised to Su Yingxia.

        Su Yingxia didn't dare to face this matter, she didn't even dare to look at herself in the mirror now, she resisted seeing the doctors because she was afraid that these famous doctors were also helpless, she was afraid of hearing any desperate news.

        "Mom, I'm fine, I'm really fine." Su Yingxia lowered her head and looked at Han Nian in her arms, she was now very afraid that she couldn't wait for the day when Han Giang would return, nor could she wait for the day when Han Nian would grow up.

        Su Yingxia didn't fear death, but she was afraid that after she died, no one would be able to take care of Han Nian properly.

        "Mom knows you'll definitely be fine, but since these doctors are here, let them take a look, they're all world famous doctors that Nangong Boling found, I'm sure they'll be able to do something." Shi Jing said with a distressed face.

        Su Yingxia shook her head, she had actually secretly checked on the internet, this condition of hers should be senility, there was currently no way to be able to curb this condition at all, as her body's functions aged, she would slowly lose her life, this was something that no one could change.

        "Mom, let them go, I don't want to see anyone right now, don't force me." Su Yingxia said.

        Shi Jing looked anxiously at the others, Han Tian Yang, including Su Guoyao, also shook his head helplessly, what Su Ying Xia was unwilling to do, it was useless for them to force it.

        Standing up, Shi Jing walked outside the villa.

        Mo Yang and Nangong Boling were both waiting in the front yard.

        Seeing Shi Jing, Mo Yang quickly walked up to Shi Jing: "How is it, is Ying Xia going to see the doctor?"

        Shi Jing shook her head and said, "She's very resistant to this matter, I've tried every possible way to persuade her, but she still doesn't want to see."

        "What should we do, if we don't see the doctor, are we just going to keep dragging this out?" Mo Yang said with an anxious face.

        "I don't know, she's aging faster and faster, if I don't find a way to control it, I'm afraid ......"


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