His True Colors Chapter 817-818


His True Colors Chapter 817

Chen Yi's father walked up to him and could clearly see his hands trembling slightly from overexcitement.

        "You, what did you say?" Chen Yi's father asked with an incredulous face, he couldn't believe what he had just heard, because the project of the City Village didn't only determine the Chen family's worth, but also their status.

        Once one joined the City Village project, there would definitely be close dealings with the Heavenly Family, and the Weak Water Property, and now in Cloud City, to be able to get involved with both, it was all about being able to make one's status go up, something that countless people dreamed of!

        Chen Yi's mother likewise had an unbelievable expression and couldn't wait to ask, "Chen Yi, you're not kidding us, how could you possibly be qualified to join the city village project?"

        Chen Yi's mother had always loved Chen Yi and she was very convinced that Chen Yi would one day become successful and bring glory to the Chen family, but even with this mentality present, she still couldn't believe what Chen Yi had just said, which was enough to see how high this matter was in their minds.

        The parents reacted in such a way that made Chen Yi feel justified, and any family hearing such news would probably be like this.

        "This matter was promised to me by Tian Ling'er herself, of course it's true." Chen Yi said.

        Chen Yi's father took a few deep breaths one after the other, otherwise he was afraid that he would get too excited and cause a cerebral hemorrhage.

        "Son, you've really made it, mom has finally waited for this day." Chen Yi's mother said excitedly.

        "Mom, I haven't let you down," Chen Yi smiled.

        Chen Yi's mother nodded her head repeatedly and said, "No, no, how could you disappoint me, mom has always believed that you will be successful."

        "But tonight, I still hope you guys will cooperate with me to act, if I don't finish the task that Tian Ling'er explained, I won't get the chance to join the city village project." Chen Yi said.

        "Don't worry, we'll try our best to cooperate with you in whatever you want to do." Chen Yi's father changed his previous attitude, compared to his hatred for Su Yehan, a woman, he was able to accept it in the face of great benefits.

        The project was unimportant, what was important was the circle of contacts that this project could bring to the Chen family, which was what Chen Yi's father felt was most important.

        "Okay, I'm all ready at home, I have to go out first, it's almost time." Chen Yi said.

        "Hurry up and go, be cautious, don't make a mistake." Chen Yi's mother warned.

        After Chen Yi left, the two elders sat on the sofa with a sigh on their faces.

        In Chen Yi's father's opinion, this son only knew how to eat, drink and be merry, and he would never have a great future in his life, but he didn't expect such a good opportunity to fall on his head now, this was a chance for the Chen family to shine.

        "Old man, now you know how great our son is, I told you that he will definitely be successful." Chen Yi's mother said with a proud face.

        "Yes, yes, your son has excelled, now it's worth bragging about, but tonight Su Yeh Han is here, we have to act more natural so as not to spoil our son's good fortune."

        "Need you say more, this is your son's future, I'm going to bring out the acting skills of a movie queen."

        That night, inside a nightclub, a romantic marriage proposal was brewing in secret.

        Su Yeh Han dressed up in her sexiest side, she didn't know yet that Chen Yi would propose to her, but for her, this opportunity was rare and she had to hold on to it steadily.

        Su Yehan was still somewhat self-aware, she knew that it was already a very low probability for her to marry into a rich family nowadays, so Chen Yi's appearance, this opportunity must not be missed.

        Most of the women in the nightclub were dressed up in flashy outfits, so even though Su Yeh Han was already dressed very revealingly, she still wouldn't give the impression of being stunning, after all, her face value was already set to be her upper limit.

        "You're especially beautiful tonight." When Chen Yi greeted Su Yeh Han at the entrance of the nightclub, he found Su Yeh Han's special dress, and although he was a little nauseated inside, he appeared to be infatuated on the surface.

        Su Yeh Han pretended to be shy and lowered her head, saying, "Compared to other women, how can I be considered beautiful."

        "You're definitely the most beautiful woman tonight, let's go in." Chen Yi said.

        The manic DJ music, the swinging group of demons on the dance floor, this is the nightclub environment, in addition to the noise is the permeating smell of alcohol, for people who do not have the desire to hunt, this kind of environment is very repulsive, for example, Han 3000, does not like this kind of place, in his opinion, there are only two kinds of people here, one kind of hunter, and the other is the prey waiting to be hunted, and he does not have this kind of need, naturally will not fit into this circle.

        In the midst of pushing the cup, time passed quickly, and after Chen Yi looked at the time, he gave a wink to a few of his friends, signaling them to start preparing.

        At this time, however, Su Yehan suddenly got up, "Chen Yi, I'm going to the bathroom."

        "Do you want me to accompany you?" Chen Yi asked the gentleman.

        Su Yehan smiled slightly and said, "No need, how can you snub these brothers of yours because of me."

        Su Yehan tried her best to be gentle and considerate, she wanted Chen Yi to know that she wasn't a woman who competed for favors, much less disturb the fun between Chen Yi and her brothers.

        As she walked towards the toilet, Su Yehan hurriedly pulled out her makeup to go to the toilet to touch up her makeup, this was probably an excuse for many women to go to the toilet, their real purpose was not convenience, but to see if their makeup was still as delicate as it was in the first place.

        As Su Yehan was walking with her head down, she ran into an attendant head-on.

        "What are you doing, can't you see when you walk?" Su Yeh Han scolded the waiter in a cold voice.

        Based on the principle that the customer is God, the waiter quickly apologized to Su Yeh Han, "I'm sorry sorry."

        Su Yeh Han looked at the red wine marks on her clothes, although it wasn't much, she thought it was enough to ruin her image tonight.

        She was appearing in front of Chen Yi in her best posture, so how could she be ruined by a waiter.

        "This is what you've done, do you know how much this dress costs per piece?" After Su Yei Han said this, a heavy slap slapped the waiter's face.

        The waitress was a bit aggrieved because it was obviously Su Yehan who had bumped into her by walking with her head down, but now it was all her responsibility.

        "Why don't you give me your clothes and I'll take care of it for you." The waitress said.

        Hearing this, Su Yeh Han became even more furious and scolded, "Give you the clothes, what do I wear, you are surviving to do something against me right."

        As soon as the words fell, Su Yeh Han slapped the waiter's face again with a merciless slap, then scolded, "Hurry up and get out of here, don't waste my time."

His True Colors Chapter 818

"Chen Yi, I just saw your fiancée getting into an argument with the waitress, aren't you going to step in and help her out?" A young man had just returned from the washroom and ridiculed Chen Yi.

        Chen Yi smiled faintly and said, "Stop it, this kind of broken shoe, if she didn't have a use for me, I would feel nauseous breathing the same air as her."

        "Hey." The man let out a long sigh and said, "You're really lucky, not only can you play around with this kind of b*tch, but you can also get such a great benefit, I don't know when this kind of opportunity will fall on my head."

        Chen Yi patted the man's shoulder and said, "Brother I'm rich, can I still forget about you guys?"

        "That's right, if you kid dare to forget, I'll never recognize you as a brother again."

        It wasn't long before Su Yeh Han, who had finished her make-up, returned to her seat.

        Chen Yi stood up and raised his hand to the DJ booth.

        The music came to an abrupt halt, and the group of demons, as if they had been thrown a bucket of cold water, began to curse.

        The DJ nonchalantly said through the loudspeaker, "Don't worry everyone, there is a surprise waiting for you tonight, a romantic proposal is about to begin, and tonight's consumption will be paid for entirely by Mr. Chen."

        As soon as this sentence was said, those who were scolding and cursing got excited, it was naturally a good thing that someone was paying the bill, there were even people proposing in the nightclub, this was a rare and rare thing to see.

        Su Yihan's heartbeat accelerated, Mr. Chen!

        This Mr. Chen, can't be Chen Yi!

        Chen Yi, you're going to propose to her?

        Su Yehan nervous sweaty palms, although this matter is too sudden, so she was not prepared for, but this kind of surprise is exactly what she needs, and in the future no longer have to frown at other men, no longer have to worry about their own brand name no one to pay for.

        One after another, people walked up to Su Yehan with flowers, and Chen Yi also pulled out the diamond ring he had prepared earlier at this time.

        Of course, the diamond ring was fake, just a show, not to mention that the other party was still Su Yehan, not worth Chen Yi to buy a real diamond ring down.

        "Su Yehan, marry me." Chen Yi with a sincere face kneeled down on one knee in front of Su Yehan, but the knee did not touch the ground, after all, it was an act, although Chen Yi needed this play to appear real, but for this kind of broken shoes kneeling, he still can not do.

        Su Yehan looked flattered, happiness came so suddenly that she didn't even know how to respond.

        If this was a farce, if Chen Yi just wanted to be married to her for one night, there was no way he would make such a big noise and propose in front of so many people, so in Su Yehan's opinion, Chen Yi was full of sincerity.

        "F*ck, isn't this Chen Yi, he actually proposed to Su Yehan!"

        "This guy can't be crazy, doesn't he know how many people Su Yeh Han has been played by?"

        "I didn't expect that Chen Yi would still have the habit of picking up broken shoes, it's so damn confusing."

        Upon discovering the man and woman who had proposed, many people were surprised and discussed.

        They were all out to have fun, they naturally knew Su Yi Han's current reputation, although Chen Yi was not a big family, at least his family had some money, and he had some popularity in Cloud City, wanting what kind of woman there was none, and yet he would look at Su Yi Han.

        This kind of criticism was already in Chen Yi's expectation, and this is why he chose to propose in the nightclub, he just wanted to let these people witness, so as to enhance the authenticity of this matter, so that Su Yehan knows that he is not joking.

        Su Yeh Han's current feeling was indeed not aware that this was just an act, because Chen Yi doing such a thing in public was equivalent to telling the outside world about the relationship between the two of them.

        Even though this proposal came very abruptly, and even though there was no basis of affection between the two of them at all, Su Yehan was so overwhelmed by the momentary happiness that she didn't have the heart to think carefully about why Chen Yi would propose to her.

        At this time, Chen Yi's gang of brothers began to start a ruckus, yelling the words marry him.

        Chen Yi also opened his mouth and said, "You're not going to let me kneel here all night, are you."

        Su Yehan subconsciously shook her head, then extended her hand.

        Chen Yi put the fake diamond ring on for Su Yehan, looking at the diamond that was close to the size of a pigeon egg, Su Yehan felt that her life had never been so happy as it was now, she was almost moved to tears.

        Tian family villa.

        Tian Ling'er half lying on the bed, through the mobile phone video to see everything that happened in the nightclub, can't help but lament the price Chen Yi paid for this matter.

        "This guy, he really doesn't leave any room for himself ah, haven't you ever thought about how it's going to end?" Tian Ling'er said to herself.

        With Tian Ling'er's position, she naturally couldn't feel the temptation that the City Village project brought to Chen Yi, this matter was enough to make Chen Yi pay any price.

        As for how to end it, it was true that Chen Yi hadn't thought about this matter, but he was a playboy, so it was inevitable that he would make a scene, and as long as he let it out afterwards that this was simply a joke, the bystanders wouldn't be surprised.

        After turning off the live video, Tian Ling'er made a phone call to Mo Yang.

        "Boss Mo, we'll find out who did the smearing of my sister later, you can't sleep too early, I still need your help." Tian Ling'er said.

        Mo Yang doesn't really care about the magic capital anymore, but his biological clock is used to going to bed very late, and said to Tian Ling'er, "Call me anytime, and make sure you get through at the first time."

        In the nightclub, the proposal was over, so Chen Yi left with Su Yehan.

        "Let's go to my house tonight." Chen Yi said to Su Yehan, not as a question, but in a very agreeable tone, giving Su Yehan no room to refuse.

        This kind of thing was easy for Su Yeh Han, ever since the Su family went bankrupt and she wasn't able to squander it, Su Yeh Han had agreed to this kind of request many times.

        "En." Su Yeh Han nodded her head.

        The rest of the day went very smoothly, Su Yeh Han who was overwhelmed by happiness had no defensive guard against Chen Yi, and when she arrived at home and saw that rag doll about Han 3000 in Chen Yi's room, Su Yeh Han felt even more that Chen Yi and herself were the same kind of people, they both hated Han 3000, the trash.

        "By the way, do you know what kind of disease Su Yingxia has, I heard that she gave Han Qianli a cuckold, I didn't expect Han Qianli, such a big person to have today, but unfortunately, the one who gave him the cuckold is not me." Chen Yi said to Su Yehan with a regretful face.

        Su Yehan sat on the edge of the bed, purposely showing her legs, after hearing Chen Yi's words, she said, "Do you want to know what's going on?"

        Chen Yi knew that the crucial time had come, walked over to Su Yehan and sat down, gently hugged Su Yehan's waist and asked, "Of course I want to, you wouldn't know any secrets, would you?"


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