His True Colors Chapter 757-758


His True Colors Han Jingru Chapter 757

"Young Master, I've left all of Cloud City's matters to be completed." In the garden, Zhong Liang and Qin Lin stood behind Han Qianli, their posture almost identical, slightly tilting their backs and bowing their heads.

        "Go to the Zhong family for me, since you're going to be handing over the affairs of the Han family, it's time to let them know of your existence." Han Giangli said.

        These words were nothing to Zhong Liang, but it was as if Qin Lin had been struck by lightning.

        Handing over the Han family's affairs to Zhong Liang?

        If I understand correctly, the Han family will be in Zhongliang's hands from now on!

        No wonder this guy Zhong Liang said he was working with him, he was the one who had come back to Yanjing and had been so heavily used by Han 3000.

        Holding the Han family's power, wouldn't Zhong Liang's position in Yanjing in the future be the number one person in the business world?


        This was more than just a shock, it was simply a bit unbelievable to Qin Lin.

        "Young Master, I will definitely not let you down." Zhong Liang said in a firm tone.

        Zhong Liang's abilities were clear to Han Qianqian, and with the Han family's current status, even if he had any lack of ability, he would be able to make up for it because of the Han family's influence, so he didn't have to worry about handing over the Han family to Zhong Liang at all.

        "Qin Lin, you've followed me for so many years, it's time to reveal your identity, from today onwards, Feng Qian Group, is officially merged into the Han Family, you and Zhong Liang are on equal footing, the future of the Han Family will depend on you." Han Qianqian said.

        Qin Lin's body shook, merging into the Han family, this was declaring to the world that he, Qin Lin, was also Han Three Thousand's subordinate, this was a supreme honor.

        And being on par with Zhong Liang's status, didn't that mean that the Han family would be under the control of the two of them?

        Qin Lin had never dreamed that this day would come so suddenly, how many people must have been shocked that he, as the chairman of a small group, had leapt to become a trusted member of the Han family?

        "Thank you, Brother 3000." Qin Lin said excitedly.

        "This is what you deserve." Han Three Thousand turned around, looked at Qin Lin, and continued, "I was only fourteen years old back then, and you were willing to trust me and put your fate in my hands, but now, I will naturally trust you as well, and I hope that the Han family will have a better future in the hands of the two of you."

        "Brother 3000, we will never discredit the Han family." Qin Lin said categorically.

        "It doesn't matter if we will smear or not, Yanjing no longer has any attachment to me, I'm not just giving you the company to manage, I'm giving you the industry here, and as for hanging onto the Han family, it's because I don't want to give birth to more rights and wrongs." Han Marchant said.

        These words caused Zhong Liang and Qin Lin to take in a deep breath of cold air almost simultaneously.

        With the Han family's current status, with an output value in Yanjing of at least tens of billions of dollars, and it would definitely grow even better in the future, Han Three Thousand actually gave them such assets!

        "Young Master, how can this be, I Zhong Liang have been your subordinate for one day and for the rest of my life, I would never dare to be greedy for half of the Han family." Zhong Liang said.

        "Brother Three Thousand, we've gotten enough for now." Qin Lin said immediately after.

        "Don't get me wrong, I'm not testing you guys, but the truth, this place means nothing to me and I won't be back in the future, how you guys want to toss the Han family is your own business, whether it's honor or decline, it's none of my business." Han 3,000 said.

        Want money?

        Han 3,000 had the Nangong family now, so naturally he wouldn't take this value of the Han family into consideration, and there was an indelible shadow here for him after all, which was why Han 3,000 said that he wouldn't return to Yanjing in the future.

        The other reason was because Han Three thousand would be going to the apocalypse after the New Year's Eve, and there must be very little involved in the mundane matters in the future, and he wouldn't want to waste his energy in Yanjing anymore.

        "Young Master, do you really want to stay in Cloud City forever?" Zhong Liang asked, in his opinion, how could a small Cloud City be worthy of such a big man like Han Qianli?

        Han Qianqiang shook his head and said, "Not Cloud City, but another place, if there's a chance, we'll still meet in the future."

        These words fogged Zhong Liang and Qin Lin's head as they felt like they were on their deathbeds, but with Han Qianli's current position, who could still be a threat to his life?

        "Go get busy, and I should leave as soon as the Zhong family's matter is settled." Han Marchant said.

        The two of them looked like they had a lot on their minds after leaving the Han family compound.

        Not far out, Zhong Liang finally asked Qin Lin, "Old Qin, do you find the young master's words strange, and why did he say that he would still meet if there was a chance?"

        Qin Lin shook his head and said, "Maybe Brother 3000 has more important things to do and is far away."

        This explanation seemed a bit pale, but other than that, Zhong Liang couldn't think of a better answer.

        "Perhaps Young Master is destined to be extraordinary in this life, and perhaps our next meeting will be even more shocking," Zhong Liang said.

        Qin Lin nodded his head without hesitation, he had always believed that Han 3,000 was extraordinary, at the young age of fourteen, he dared to secretly create his own power, and dealing with adults, the strength Han 3,000 displayed was something Qin Lin had never seen before.

        "Let's go, hurry up and help Brother Three Thousand take care of the Zhong family, he still has to go back to Cloud City for the New Year." Qin Lin said.

        Zhong Liang nodded, got into Qin Lin's car, and drove out towards the Zhong family.

        At the Zhong family villa, almost all of the relatives were there, and they waited for Zhong Mingguo to absolutely live or die for the Zhong family.

        "Grandpa, now that everyone has gone to kneel in front of the Han family compound, it's missing our Zhong family, haven't you decided yet?" Zhong Tianli urged Zhong Mingguo, in his opinion, it wouldn't do the Zhong family any good for this matter to drag on, and the consequences would be unimaginable once Han Qianqiang personally came to the door.

        "Even the Martial Arts Association doesn't dare to utter a word now, how can our Zhong Family fight him."

        "Yes, Master, decide quickly, or our Zhong Family will be finished."

        "Now it's left to the Zhong family, there's only one way to go, kneel down and ask for forgiveness, what's there to hesitate about, if you don't go, we'll go."

        The crowd of relatives said with seven mouths, they didn't care about dignity because the situation was now clear, those people were kneeling outside the Han family compound, why should the Zhong family be an exception?

        If the Martial Association still had to deal with Han Qianqian, they would have a bit of a chance, but now even the Martial Association had become mute.

        "What are you quarreling about, I'm the head of the Zhong family, I'm in charge of this family, if any of you dare to go, don't blame me for expelling the family." Zhong Mingguo said coldly.

        "You old immortal thing, you don't have a few years to live, why are you dragging us along with you, is your dignity more important than our lives?" Zhong Tianli finally couldn't help but tear up, he didn't care that Zhong Mingguo was his grandfather, when his life was at stake, the only thing that mattered was ensuring his own safety.

        "Yeah, why should we be buried for your dignity."

        "No one is stopping you from dying if you want to, so why are you dragging us along with you."

        "Old thing, you can't be too selfish, the Zhong family can't fall apart because of you."

        The crowd of relatives began their crusade against Zhong Mingguo, in the past, they were afraid of Zhong Mingguo because they were worried that they wouldn't be able to get any benefits from the Zhong family, but now, even the Zhong family was going to be finished, so what was the point of being afraid of Zhong Mingguo?

        Just at this moment, the doorbell suddenly rang.

        The entire living room was instantly silent to the point where only the rapid breathing of certain people could be heard.

        "Who's not home?" Zhong Tianli asked subconsciously.

        Everyone looked left and right, all the Zhong family members were there.

        "Difficult ...... Is it Han Qianqian who has come to the door?" A certain person said in fear.

        Zhong Tianli instantly went weak in the knees in fear, but Han Qianqiang had put out a message at the venue of the championship, and with his character, if he really came to the door himself, the Zhong family would never have a chance to live.

        "Zhong Mingguo, it's all you, you're the one who got us into this." An agitated Zhong Tianli rushed in front of Zhong Mingguo and grabbed Zhong Mingguo's collar and roared.

        The others became pale as well, even Zhong Tianyi became annoyed with Zhong Mingguo at this moment.

        "Grandfather, it's time to kneel down, the Zhong family will never have half a chance of winning against Han Giang." Zhong Tianyi stood up and walked towards the door.

        Zhong Mingguo never expected that his most valued grandson would say such words.

        Could it be that the Zhong family really didn't have a chance?

His True Colors Han Jingru Chapter 758

As Zhong Tian stood at the door, ready to open it, the Zhong family knelt on the ground one after another, this was the only way they could face Han 3,000, after all, no one wanted to die, no one wanted to offend Han 3,000.

        Seeing this scene, Zhong Mingguo became even more desperate.

        After so many years, the Zhong family had finally waited for the Han family to fall, Zhong Mingguo once thought that the Zhong family could step on Han to rise to power, but this dream didn't last long, and the bubble shattered after Han 3000 returned to Yanjing.

        It all came so fast that Zhong Mingguo felt like he was having a beautiful dream, and now he was finally waking up to face reality.

        Inside, Zhong Mingguo was very unhappy, he was unhappy with why the Zhong family couldn't rise to power even with such a great opportunity, but at the same time, he had to face the fact that Han Qianli had overpowered the Martial Association, which was something that no other family could do, and bowing to the Han family became a matter of course.

        Zhong Mingguo had a bitter smile on his face, perhaps this was the fate of the Zhong family.

        Although Zhong Tianyi was excellent, he was not good enough for Han 3000.

        When the door opened, the people who appeared were not Han Qianqian, but Zhong Liang and Qin Lin.

        When Zhong Tianyi saw these two, a hint of confusion flashed across his face.

        Zhong Liang had been going to Cloud City for a long time, he was a member of the Han family, and now he was back in Yanjing understandably.

        But what did this matter have to do with Qin Lin, and why did he appear.

        "Qin Lin, what are you doing in my Zhong family?" Zhong Tianyi asked Qin Lin, as the Zhong family had business dealings with the Feng Qian Group, the two of them were still quite close to each other.

        "Zhong Tianyi, the Feng Qian Group is Brother 3000's property, so naturally I'm also Brother 3000's man, and I've come to the Zhong family to see your decision on Brother 3000's behalf." Qin Lin said with a smile.

        The Feng Qian Group, it's actually Han Three Thousand's?

        How is that possible?

        The Feng Qian Group had been founded a long time ago, the Han Three Thousand Years was just a kid back then ah.

        "I didn't expect Han Qianxiang to have even acquired the Feng Qian Group, he's really quick." Zhong Tianyi said in a cold voice.

        Qin Lin laughed and shook his head, explaining, "You've misunderstood, it's not an acquisition, the Feng Qian Group is Brother 3000's from start to finish, Brother 3000 founded the Feng Qian Group when you were still flirting with the same table at school."

        Zhong Tianyi laughed coldly and said, "Qin Lin, what kind of joke are you playing with me, it's not a disgrace for Feng Qian Group to be acquired by the Han family, why do you need to help him explain and cover up for yourself?"

        "That's the difference between you and Brother 3000, Feng Qian Group was founded by Brother 3000 at the age of fourteen, and for so many years, I've only been his on-stage spokesperson, in fact, all the decisions of Feng Qian Group are made by Brother 3000, and he's the one who guides the development of Feng Qian Group, do you think, do I have to joke with you?" Qin Lin said.

        Zhong Tianyi's face changed, Han Qianli had actually founded the Feng Qian Group at the age of fourteen, this young master of the Han family who had been treated as a waste by the outside world had such an amazing experience.

        All along, Zhong Tianyi had regarded himself as a leader among the younger generation of Yanjing, and he even thought that no one could compare with him.

        But at this moment, Zhong Tianyi cognized the gap between himself and Han Qianli.

        What was he still doing when Han Qianqian founded the Feng Qian Group? It was like what Qin Lin had said, still flirting and flirting with the same table.

        It turned out that he hadn't lost to Han Marchant in the middle of this incident, but had already been left far behind by Han Marchant's achievements.

        "It's useless for you guys to kneel down here, don't you know what Young Master is asking for?" At this moment, Zhong Liang opened his mouth to the Zhong Clan crowd.

        Zhong Tianyi gritted his teeth, losing even more convincingly after experiencing the gap between himself and Han Third Thousand, he had to trade the Zhong family's dignity for the future.

        With Han 3,000's current abilities, it would be an easy task to destroy the Zhong Family, and no one would be able to resist under Han 3,000's clutches.

        "I'll bring the Zhong family's crowd to the Han family compound, please tell Han Three Thousand." Zhong Tianyi said, this matter hadn't received Zhong Mingguo's consent yet, he had made his own decision because Zhong Mingguo's decision was no longer important, this was a matter that involved the survival of the Zhong family, this was a choice that everyone in the Zhong family had already made, Zhong Mingguo didn't have the right to interfere even as the head of the family.

        After Zhong Liang and Qin Lin had left, Zhong Tianyi walked up to Zhong Mingguo and said, "Grandpa, you heard what they said."

        Zhong Mingguo looked like he had lost his mind, Qin Lin had just said that Han Qianqian had founded the Feng Qian Group at the age of fourteen, and this matter had shocked him beyond measure.

        The fact that a fourteen year old was able to secretly create his own company showed that Han Three Thousand had already been planning for a counterattack, and the fact that a fourteen year old had such a mind made Zhong Mingguo feel what it meant to be truly excellent.

        I'm afraid that no one would dare to call themselves talented in front of Han Three Thousand.

        "Under heavy pressure there must be a brave man, Han Three Thousand is this brave man ah, the heavy pressure given to him by Nangong Qianqiu is what created the Han Three Thousand today, I'm afraid that in the future, the Yanjing can only be surnamed Han." Zhong Mingguo's pupils trembled and said.

        The Zhong family's crowd, pouring out their nests, rushed towards the Han family's compound.

        Almost everyone who had a history with the Han family had already knelt in front of the Han family compound, and the Zhong family was slow to move, so many people who were watching the show behind the scenes wanted to see what kind of choice the Zhong family would make.

        After the Zhong family's crowd left their villa, the news spread overwhelmingly in Yanjing.

        "The Zhong family has finally moved, it looks like they're going to counterattack."

        "Counterattacking my ass, with Han Qianli's current deterrent power, they wouldn't dare even if they gave the Zhong family a hundred guts ah."

        "The whole family is on the move, and they're heading towards the Han family compound, so this must be going to their knees."

        "With the Zhong family's temperament, I don't think so, but Zhong Mingguo had let slip that he would use the Han family as a stepping stone, if he went to kneel, wouldn't he be slapping his own face?"

        All sorts of debates were going on, whether it was in the business world or other fields, everyone was paying attention to the Zhong family's every move at the moment.

        Even within the Martial Dao Association, they were also giving great attention to this matter.

        Chen Bao was defeated at the hands of Han Qianqian, and the entire Martial Association was suppressed by Han Qianqian to the point where he couldn't even breathe, but at the moment, Chen Bao's expression was unusually calm.

        In the ring, Chen Bao had personally felt Han Three Thousand's power, this young man's skills were the strongest he had seen so far, if it wasn't for someone suddenly appearing to stop Han Three Thousand from killing him, he would have died in the ring.

        Since he had lost, he had to admit defeat, this was Chen Bao's mentality in the face of this matter, he wouldn't be the least bit unhappy because this was a sign of strength, it was useless even if he wasn't.

        "President Chen, what do you think of the Zhong family?" The current chairman asked to Chen Bao.

        Chen Bao said in a cold voice, "The Zhong family has no choice, their power is simply unable to compete with the Han family."

        The current president took a deep breath and continued to ask, "Then what should we do about our Martial Association, having been badly chipped by Han 3000, I'm afraid that our position is no longer secure, we need to think of some way to revive the Martial Association's prestige."

        "Reinvigorate the prestige?" Chen Bao laughed disdainfully and said, "Unless someone is able to deal with Han Qianqian, otherwise your words are just empty talk."

        "President Chen, you ...... have really lost? Or is it deliberate mercy?" The current chairman asked cautiously, this was a doubt that had always existed within him, in his opinion, how could a strong man like Chen Bao lose the match in the hands of Han Qianli, so he made a bold guess, perhaps this was simply a play staged by Chen Bao and Han Qianli, and it was Chen Bao's deliberate attempt to make a stand for the Han family, and that was why he lost the match.

        "Show mercy?" Chen Bao laughed to himself, with his ability, how could he be qualified to show mercy to Han Qianli, if that man hadn't appeared in time, he would have died in Han Qianli's hands.

        "This young man, even when I was at the peak of my youth, I'm afraid I'm not his match, in the ring, if he wanted to kill me, I would have been dead already, do you think I'm qualified to show mercy?"

        This sentence shocked the current president to the point of numbness, even Chen Bao at his peak was no match for Han Qianli, how strong was this guy!


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