His True Colors Chapter 754-756


His True Colors Han Jingru Chapter 754

Signing a life and death certificate, the ring was not only divided into high and low, it was also divided into life and death, Han Three Thousand's move looked like he had pushed himself into a desperate situation to the onlookers, no one could really figure out why he was doing this, but the next oldest frowned.

        The next oldest knew very well that if Han Three thousand did not have the confidence to defeat Chen Bao, he would never be able to sign a life and death agreement, and with the strength that Han Three thousand had shown in his previous battle against Fang, he indeed did not fear Chen Bao, but the fact that Han Three thousand wanted to kill Chen Bao was something that the next oldest could not understand.

        Chen Bao, or rather the entire Martial Association, was just a stepping stone for Han Three Thousand, and by stepping on both, the Han family's position in Yanjing would become supreme, but there was no need for him to kill Chen Bao.

        "Fang Zhan, it looks like you need to take action." Yi Lao said to Fang Zhan.

        "Next Elder, are you worried that Han Three Thousand Years is not Chen Bao's match?" Fang Zhan was confused, in his opinion, Han Three Thousand Thousand's strength should be more than enough to deal with Chen Bao, as Han Three Thousand's current strength was far beyond the world, even in the apocalypse, Han Three Thousand could be called an expert, so how could he need to take action?

        "I asked you to make a move, not to save Han Three Thousand Years, but to save Chen Bao." Next Old Man said.

        "Why?" Fang Zhan was puzzled and asked.

        The next old man sighed and said, "Chen Bao poured his life into the martial dao, he shouldn't have died so miserably, so I wanted to keep him alive."

        Fang Zhan nodded, it turned out that the next old man wanted Chen Bao to die out of pity for him, probably because Chen Bao was also a member of the martial dao, so the next old man felt this way.

        "It's just a pity that he once gave up the chance to enter the apocalypse, otherwise, he would never be stronger than that now." Fang Zhan said.

        On the ring, the two who had signed the life and death certificate had already begun to fight.

        Chen Bao once represented the pinnacle of the Yanjing Martial World, and anyone who mentioned these two words would not dare to take them lightly, his position could almost be on par with some big names.

        Even now, Chen Bao's strength was unsurpassed as far as Yanjing was concerned.

        It was a pity that he had met Han Qianqian, someone that even the Second Elder didn't dare to take lightly.

        The future of Han Marchan was something that even the next oldest could not imagine.

        How could Chen Bao be a match for such a person?

        Most of the people present thought that Han Third Thousand would be defeated soon, after all, Chen Bao's fame had been renowned for decades, and the peak he represented was not surpassed by anyone, and his strength would naturally have a huge disparity compared to a young man like Han Third Thousand.

        Even Chen Bao himself felt the same way, he had even predetermined the outcome for Han 3,000 within his heart, within the material move, he would let Han 3,000 die in the ring.

        But as the two of them began to fight, Chen Bao felt more and more frightened, the result he had imagined didn't happen, not only was this young man in front of him able to fight him back and forth, but he didn't even have the slightest advantage.

        How was it possible!

        This was Chen Bao's innermost thought at the moment, before the fight, he didn't think that Han Qiangang would be his opponent.

        But after the encounter, Chen Bao was shocked to discover that the young man in front of him was not weaker than him in the slightest.

        Could it be that my skills have regressed?

        Chen Bao silently thought to himself that he didn't think that Han 3000 would possess such great strength at such a young age, which was why he thought that it was a regression in his own skills.

        When Chen Bao was in his rightful age, he was also very powerful, but to compare him to Han 3000 at the same age, he was definitely not as powerful as Han 3000.

        "I've seen you before." Chen Bao suddenly said to Han Qianqian in the middle of the encounter.

        Han Three Thousand's eyebrows furrowed slightly and he didn't speak.

        "At the Han family compound, Nangong Qianqiu had invited me there, hoping that the Martial Association would help the Han family, and I met you then and asked about you to Nangong Qianqiu."

        "Do you want to know what Nangong Qianqiu said about you?"

        Chen Bao's intentions for these words Han Qianli didn't speculate, but in order to avoid having his mind unaffected, so Han Qianli only took them at face value.

        "She said that you're a useless piece of trash and that sooner or later, you'll be driven out of the Han family, and that you're a disaster to the Han family."

        Han Qianqiang's expression was cold, how Nangong Qianqiu viewed him didn't need too much nonsense from Chen Bao, he was the person involved, he felt it more deeply than anyone else.

        "If you want to use these words to influence me, I advise you to dispel this thought, it's useless to me." Han Giangli said coldly.

        Chen Bao shook his head slightly and said, "I'm just curious as to how a former trash became so powerful, and what kind of encounters you had?"

        "When you're in hell, go ask the King of Hell, maybe he'll tell you," Han Three Thousand Thousand said.

        During the conversation, Han Three Thousand Thousand had formed a suppression of Chen Bao, almost forcing him to the edge of the ring.

        And such a scene made everyone present not dare to breathe.

        A few minutes ago, they had determined within themselves that Han 3,000 was certain to die, but now, Han 3,000 was suppressing Chen Bao and completely dominating the upper peak of the advantage, which was beyond everyone's expectations.

        At this moment, Zhong Tianyi's face was extremely ugly, Chen Bao was his last trump card against Han 3,000, if even Chen Bao lost to Han 3,000, what else would the Zhong family have to fight against the Han family?

        "How is it possible, how can you be so powerful, this is Chen Bao, the number one person in the Yanjing martial arts world." Zhong Tianyi gritted his teeth in resignation, wishing everyone would rush up to the ring and annihilate Han 3,000.

        Zhong Tianyi was willing to pay any price as long as Han 3,000 was dead, as he knew exactly what the Zhong family would face after Han 3,000 stepped on the Martial Dao Association to rise to power.

        Unfortunately, Zhong Tianyi couldn't get his wish, so how could his thoughts affect the changes in the ring?

        Equally shocked were Fang Zhantian and Lei Heming.

        Lei Heming was a rising star in the martial world and had let slip that no young man could possibly compare to him in Yanjing, this was Lei Heming's pride, but at this moment, all of his pride became ridiculous.

        No young man could compare to him?

        Isn't Han 3,000 in the ring right now, a young man?

        And not only was he better than him, but he had created a chasm that he would never be able to cross.

        Han Qianli's opponent was Chen Bao, which would have already died at Chen Bao's hands if he were in Lei He Ming's shoes.

        "Pavilion Master, is this person really Chen Bao?" Lei He Ming took a deep breath of cold air and said.

        Fang Zhantian smiled bitterly and said, "If he's not Chen Bao, who else could he be? If you think he's weak, it's definitely a stupid idea, it's because Han Giang is too strong, and that's why he was able to press against Chen Bao."

        Lei He Ming's heart and liver trembled, but he still struggled with a sense of reluctance within him and said, "Isn't it because Chen Bao is getting older and his power has regressed?"

        Fang Zhantian didn't want to admit that Han Qianqian was powerful in his heart, but the facts were already in front of him, it wasn't like his denial would be useful, and whether or not Chen Bao's strength had regressed, I believe many people present could see that.

        Chen Bao was still the same Chen Bao from back then, but his opponent was stronger, which was why he had fallen into this situation.

        "Lei He Ming, it looks like the apocalypse and you have no chance, and from now on, you have to keep a low profile, once you have a conflict with Han Qianqian, not only will you be finished, but the Battle Heaven Dojo will also have to follow you to your grave." Fang Zhantian said.

        Lei Heming's pride that he had always had was completely shattered at this moment, he had thought that he could become the number one person in the Yanjing martial arts world, but Han Qianqian's appearance had turned his dreams into bubbles, and the always proud Lei Heming had to accept the fact that Han Qianqian had become a gulf that he could never cross.

        Fang Zhantian took a look at Wang Xin, a fellow disciple who had already reached a desperate point, and it was only a matter of time before the Ling Yun Dojo closed down, but he seemed to have been blessed by the heavens to be able to know someone like Han Qianqian.

        With Han Qianxiang's performance, bringing the Lingyun Dao Hall back to life was just a simple matter.

        At this moment, Fang Zhantian was suddenly a little envious of Wang Xin, but if he had known Han Qianqian, the outcome would have been completely different.

        Wang Xin was still in a muddled state, having had a hard time adjusting to the shock that Jiang Yingying had given him, and the suppression that Han Qianqian had shown against Chen Bao had once again shocked Wang Xin to the point where he couldn't recover.

        What kind of demons and monsters had this all encountered, how could each and every one of them be so powerfully perverted?

His True Colors Han Jingru Chapter 755

The more Han Qianqiang fought, the more courageous he became, and Chen Bao, who was forced into the corner of the ring, could only passively defend himself, a situation where even those ordinary spectators could see who was stronger, and those from the Martial Arts Association were naturally more aware of how big the gap was between Chen Bao and Han Qianqiang's strength.

        No one could have imagined that things would come to such a state.

        The number one martial daoist back then had been suppressed by the Han family's wasteful young master without even a chance to fight back.

        Everyone in the Martial Dao Association was clear that after today, the Martial Dao Association would most likely be reduced to a joke, and the Han family's status in Yanjing would rise in a straight line, fearing that there would be no more families in Yanjing that could stand up to the Han family in the future.

        "I didn't expect Han Three Thousand Years to be so powerful, even Chen Bao isn't his match."

        "What a surprise, isn't Han 3,000 a loser, how could he be so powerful."

        "Han Jun went to jail, the Han family should have fallen, but now because of Han Sangsan, I'm afraid the Han family will reach unprecedented heights ah."

        "Those who have offended the Han family this time will have to behave with their tails between their legs, once Han 3000 takes revenge, who can bear it?"

        The audience in the stands were discussing, from the previous dislike of Han Three Thousand to now giving Han Three Thousand the supreme rating, a process that had changed after only a few minutes.

        "Han 3,000 had said to have all the families that had targeted the Han family kneel down in front of the Han family compound to ask for forgiveness, I remember the entire Yanjing took those words as a joke, but now, who would dare to call it a joke?"

        "The front of the Han family compound is going to be crowded lately, I don't know how many people will have to go kneel."

        "Han 3000 is the one who can hold up the Han family, what kind of thing is Han Jun."

        In the ring, Chen Bao knew that he was unable to contend with Han Third Thousand, and although he was reluctant, he had to accept his fate in the face of a powerful opponent.

        Suddenly, Chen Bao gave up his resistance, not only would he have to concede defeat, but he would also have to lose his life.

        Just when everyone thought that Chen Bao was certain to die, a figure in the ring shifted and blocked Chen Bao at a speed that the normal naked eye could not even see.

        Han Giangli's fatal punch was blocked by him, and he obviously wasn't feeling too well, his expression clearly flashing with pain.

        "Why is there another person here, is he Chen Bao's helper?"

        "This guy is really fast, I didn't even see how he got into the ring."

        "I didn't expect there to be so many hidden experts in our Yanjing, the Martial Association is nothing."

        Han Qianli frowned slightly as he faced the visitor and asked, "Fang Zhan, what do you mean?"

        Fang Zhan retracted his slightly trembling hand and said, "Your strength is truly astonishing, if I hadn't been prepared, my hand would have been crippled."

        "If you were still in my way, not only would your hand be crippled, but your life would also be crippled." Han Qianli coldly said.

        Fang Zhan sensed Han Qianli's killing intent and could only say, "These are the words of the next old man, I hope you can release Chen Bao."

        Han Qianli looked at Fang Zhan with a torch-like gaze, and at this moment, Fang Zhan looked directly into Han Qianli's eyes, but a fear was involuntarily derived within him, which Fang Zhan himself couldn't believe.

        He was a man who had never been afraid of death, so why was it that seeing Han Qianqian's gaze made him uncontrollably afraid?

        "Give me a reason." Han Qianli faintly said.

        "You don't have a reason you have to kill him, do you... you've already brought enough shock to Yanjing, and I believe those people won't dare to go against the Han family again, so why would you need to lose Chen Bao's life?" Fang Zhan said.

        "If the lesson isn't deep enough, some people won't be able to remember it." Han Marchant said, this was from his experience, his leniency had already caused many mistakes, so Han Marchant would not leave any room for error when he did things now, he had to show those people his harsh methods, he had to make those people really feel fear from the heart, only then could he solve the trouble completely.

        "The entire Martial Association has been trampled under your feet, isn't that enough?" Fang Zhan smiled bitterly.

        Han Third Thousand looked at Chen Bao, there was no enmity between him and Chen Bao, the reason for killing Chen Bao was only to fuel his ruthlessness and make those enemies of the Han family understand that he was a bad person to mess with, it was true that Chen Bao was somewhat innocent, but he couldn't be blamed for coming out to stop Han Third Thousand at a critical time.

        But the person who was going to leave Chen Bao alive was the next old man, and Han 3000 could only give face, after all, this white-bearded old man was the helmsman of the Four Gates of the Apocalypse.

        "Within two days, I want all those who targeted the Han family to kneel down and apologize in front of the Han family compound, otherwise, I, Han Three Thousand, will definitely pay a visit personally." Han Three Thousand said to the audience in the stands, although he didn't know if there were any members of those families here, but he believed that the words would soon reach those people's ears.

        Zhong Tianyi, who had never known what it meant to be afraid, suddenly found himself a little weak-legged at this moment, he could act very calm and even comfortable in the face of anything, but at this moment, he was a little confused.

        With such a display of strength, what other capital did the Zhong family have to contend with Han Qianqian?

        His last card, Chen Bao, the number one person in the Yanjing martial arts world, had almost died at the hands of Han Qianli.

        "Isn't it true that ...... has no way to deal with you?" Zhong Tianyi lost his mind as he watched the back of Han Third Thousand's departure from the arena, his usual high and mighty posture slumping his shoulders at the moment, clearly devoid of spirit.

        The words of Han Qianli staying in the arena quickly spread throughout the entire Yanjing, causing turmoil that needless to say, those families began to be on edge, no one could think of a way to be able to deal with Han Qianli.

        After all, the entire martial world had been trampled under Han Qianli's feet and didn't dare to say a word, so how could they have the ability to deal with Han Qianli?

        Once they waited for Han Three Thousand Years to make a visit, it would be the end of the family.

        For a time, many people were already planning to kneel down in front of the Han family courtyard to atone for their sins, and more people chose to give up their dignity than to die.

        But giving up their dignity was a very difficult thing for the Zhong family.

        Zhong Mingguo was the one who had taken the lead in making an attack on the Han family, he hated to overthrow the Han family's position in Yanjing in one fell swoop when the Han family was declining, and it could be said that he was the initiator of the whole thing, once Zhong Mingguo had even vowed to release to the outside world that as long as the Zhong family was there, there would be no day for the Han family to turn over a new leaf.

        Such words were like slap after slap on the face to the current Zhong Mingguo.

        "Tianyi, what the hell is going on, how can you let Han 3000 be so arrogant when Chen Bao is on the move." Zhong Mingguo asked to Zhong Tianyi.

        Zhong Tianyi said, "Grandpa, even Chen Bao lost and even almost died at the hands of Han 3000, he's so powerful that he's far beyond our imagination."

        Zhong Mingguo belonged to Chen Bao's era, he knew even more about Chen Bao's power than the Zhong family's juniors, back then, Chen Bao displayed a dominance that was unmatched, even the Yan Jun at the height of his popularity had to be half a cut shorter than Chen Bao.

        And now, Chen Bao would lose to Han Qianqian, the younger generation!

        "Grandpa, why don't we just go apologize, maybe we don't need to go so far as to kneel down." Zhong Tianli suggested, although Zhong Tianyi's scheme didn't work and Zhong Tianyi could steal his happiness, but he was now more worried about the Zhong family's turmoil, once Zhong Mingguo wasn't willing to submit to defeat, the entire Zhong family's fate could end there, Zhong Tianli didn't want to suffer such an unmitigated disaster.

        To Zhong Tianli, as long as there was money to spend and he could continue to live a rich life, it would be fine, and as for the apology it would just be a certain point of shame, compared to the family's bankruptcy, the outcome could be much better.

        "Do you have the right to speak here, you loser?" Zhong Mingguo snapped at Zhong Tianli in a cold voice.

        In the past, Zhong Tianli would have been too frightened to speak, but today, he was exceptionally bold and retorted, "In Han 3000's eyes, the Zhong family is no one's trash, grandpa, do you still have a way to deal with Han 3000? The entire Martial Arts Association, and even Chen Bao couldn't deal with Han Qianxiang, so what does the Zhong family have to do?"

        "You ......" Zhong Mingguo angrily pointed at Zhong Tianli and said, "Do you know that my Zhong family's dignity will be trampled on by Han Qianli, how can you hold your head up in the future?"

        "Hold your head up as a man?" Zhong Tianli laughed disdainfully and said, "It's better to be a human with your head down than a ghost with your head up, right?"

His True Colors Han Jingru Chapter 756

Zhong Tianli's words spoke to the hearts of many people, as a human or a ghost, everyone has a ruler in their hearts, to give up their lives for the sake of dignity, this is not something they are willing to do, as long as they can live, even if they kneel down, so what?

        But Zhong Mingguo was different, as the head of the Zhong family, he had let out a grand statement, now he was asked to kneel to the Han family, how would this face be seen in the future.

        "Zhong Tianli, shut up, you're not qualified to speak here." Zhong Mingguo snapped in a cold voice, then turned to look at Zhong Tianyi.

        In Zhong Mingguo's mind, Zhong Tianyi was the best candidate to succeed the head of the family, so he believed that Zhong Tianyi definitely had a way to solve this dilemma.

        "Tianyi, you must come up with a solution within these two days, the hope of the Zhong family is all on you, as long as you can fix this matter, I'll give you the position of family head." Zhong Mingguo spoke.

        These were very encouraging words, to be able to take the position of family head in advance was a dream come true for Zhong Tianyi.

        Unfortunately, right now, Zhong Tianyi didn't have any thoughts about it at all.

        How was it possible to sit on the seat of the family head with the prerequisite still having to come up with a way to deal with Han Giangli?

        Zhong Tianyi personally attended the championship match, but he actually felt the state of Han 3,000 yuan of air pressure in the arena, and truly saw that Chen Bao did not even have the desire to fight back.

        There were also a bunch of usually arrogant and domineering members of the Martial Arts Association, who lowered their heads and didn't say a word, and were beaten by Han Qianli, who didn't even have anyone to speak up.

        "Grandpa, how do you think the Zhong family compares to the Martial Arts Association?" Zhong Tian Yi asked Zhong Mingguo.

        Zhong Mingguo was still self-aware in this regard, the Martial Association was something that every family in Yanjing was willing to curry favor with, although the Martial Association had nothing to do with the business world, their weight in the business world was pivotal, as long as a family was willing to be held by the Martial Association, they would soon be able to rise in Yanjing, their power was in no way comparable to that of ordinary business families.

        "The Zhong family's status in the business world is high, but the Martial Association is a transcendent existence, so how can they compare." Zhong Mingguo said.

        Zhong Tianyi smiled faintly and said, "Since you have such a perception, what makes you think that the Zhong family can deal with Han Marchant? Han 3,000 thousand but it's holding down the entire Martial Arts Association."

        When Zhong Mingguo heard this, he unconsciously bit his teeth and said, "Tianyi, what do you mean?"

        "Grandpa, you're not confused yet, you should be able to understand what I'm trying to say, even if the Martial Arts Association can't deal with someone, the Zhong family can't deal with them either, even if you give me the headship of the family now, I can't think of a way to be able to deal with Han Qianli." Zhong Tianyi said clearly.

        These words were somewhat depressing to Zhong Tianli on the side, he had thought that Zhong Tianyi would definitely continue to think of ways to deal with Han 3000 in order to get a performance, but what one never expected was that even Zhong Tianyi seemed to have resigned himself to his fate.

        "Zhong Tianyi, I didn't expect even you to think so." Zhong Tianli said.

        "Grandpa, if you want to preserve the Zhong family, asking forgiveness is the only way." Zhong Tianyi didn't pay any attention to Zhong Tianli and continued to speak to Zhong Mingguo.

        Zhong Mingguo was so angry that his face turned red and suddenly puffed out blood.

        "Doesn't the Zhong family have a chance? Isn't Han Qianxiang a piece of trash, how could he force the Zhong family to have no way out." Zhong Mingguo said reluctantly.

        "A trash?" Zhong Tianyi shook his head, he thought the same before, he even thought that with his position, he didn't need to take Han 3,000 into consideration, until today when he saw how powerful Han 3,000 was, he realized how foolish his previous thoughts were.

        It wasn't that Zhong Tianyi had resigned himself to his fate, but rather that Zhong Tianyi understood the gap between himself and Han 3000, so he had wisely chosen to compromise, as the saying goes, he who knows the time is a wise man, and this was most evident in Zhong Tianyi's case.

        "He's trash in our imagination, but in reality, no one in the entire Yanjing can match his abilities."

        At this time in the Han family compound, people were appearing in front of the door one after another, and when they arrived, they all knelt down, without exception, these were the people who had secretly dealt with the Han family, and they didn't dare to take any chances, thinking that they hadn't let the Han family know what they had done.

        "I never thought that the fallen Han Family would return to glory so quickly." Shi Jing said with a sigh on her face, after Nangong Qianqiu died, the Han Family was once in a crisis, if not for Shi Jing's hard work, the Han Family would have been gone long ago.

        Shi Jing had thought that the Han family would be removed from Yanjing sooner or later and no one would be able to turn the tide, but Han Qianqiu had done it, and the once unappreciated young master of the Han family was now famous in Yanjing, a figure that no one dared to underestimate.

        Shi Jing often couldn't help but fantasize about how she would feel if Nangong Qianqiu were still alive, how much she would regret her actions if she were to witness Han Qianqiu's abilities?

        "Mom, all those people in front of the gate have made things difficult for you before, what do you want to do with them." Han Qianqian asked to Shi Jing.

        Shi Jing smiled faintly, this situation had made her very satisfied, she hadn't thought about pursuing the matter heavily, the most important thing was that now that the Han family had become better, the rest didn't matter to Shi Jing.

        "Three thousand, since they are willing to admit their mistakes, let them go." Shi Jing said.

        "Fine, let them kneel until we leave Yanjing." Han Three Thousand smiled.

        An unprecedented scene of light formed in front of the Han family's courtyard, everyone kneeling down was almost all Yanjing's namesake, their heads bowed, not wanting their looks to be seen by the others, but it didn't matter if they could or not, because everyone in Yanjing had seen the Han family's power on this day, and knew how amazing the weight the name Han Three Thousand Thousand possessed.

        At this moment, a man carrying a bag and a dusty servant arrived outside the Han family compound.

        Looking at the scene in front of him, Zhong Liang smiled slightly, although he had only just arrived in Yanjing, he had already heard about everything that had happened here, the once unpopular young master of the Han family had now achieved the Han family's most glorious moment, which couldn't help but make Zhong Liang somewhat fortunate, if he hadn't gone to Yun City back then, he wouldn't have been qualified to become Han Three Thousand's henchman, much less take over all of the Han family's future development.

        Although Zhong Liang hadn't been back to Yanjing for a long time, when he passed by the crowd, he still found many people with familiar faces, and all of them, who had been so high and mighty in front of him, didn't expect that today, they were all kneeling outside the Han family's compound.

        Thirty years east of the river, thirty years west of the river, this group of guys actually had today as well.

        "Zhong Liang." At this moment, a middle-aged man ran to Zhong Liang's side and shouted.

        "Qin Lin, why are you here." Zhong Liang asked.

        Qin Lin smiled, he was the chairman of Feng Qian Company and also Han Qian's subordinate, how could he be missing out on such a lively event.

        "I just happened to be passing by to see the excitement." Qin Lin said.

        "Want to come in with me?" Zhong Liang asked.

        Qin Lin's eyes flickered with the desire to enter, but he was well aware of his position as nothing more than an advance puppet for Han 3,000, how was he qualified to take the initiative to meet Han 3,000 when Han 3,000 hadn't summoned him.

        "I'd rather not, Brother 3000 didn't summon me." Qin Lin said.

        "Let's go, it's just as well that we need to work closely together in the future, maybe Young Master will give you a new arrangement." Zhong Liang said.

        "Cooperation?" Qin Lin looked at Zhong Liang with confusion, wasn't he in charge of Cloud City's affairs, how could he work with him?

        Zhong Liang smiled mysteriously and said, "If you want to know what's going on, just come with me, you're guaranteed to be surprised."

        The curiosity in his heart drove Qin Lin to involuntarily follow behind Zhong Liang.

        Qin Lin looked very nervous as they entered the Han family compound.

        Zhong Liang used to come here often, so it was a light ride, but Qin Lin was the first to get up close to the Han family, which would inevitably make him feel a little apprehensive.

        In front of people, Qin Lin was the chairman of Feng Qian Company and had a not bad status, but Qin Lin had a very clear perception of his position in front of Han Marchant, and for so many years, Qin Lin had never swelled, and was constantly no longer reminded that his present day was because of Han Marchant's promotion.


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