His True Colors Chapter 759-760


His True Colors Han Jingru Chapter 759

An idea was suddenly born within the current chairman, if he could bring Han Third Thousand into the Martial Association, then wouldn't the disgrace of the Martial Association's previous disgrace be able to vanish.

        After all, Han 3000 was a member of the Martial Association, so it wouldn't be worthwhile for outsiders to criticize him if he defeated the Martial Association.

        "President Chen, do you think there's a chance we can get him to join the Martial Dao Association?" The current president inquired.

        "Joke, a big joke." Chen Bao's expression was extremely disdainful as he looked at the current president, asking Han Qianqian to join the Martial Association, did the Martial Association have such qualifications? With his current strength, even joining the apocalypse would be enough, how could a mere martial association be placed in his sights.

        Moreover, Chen Bao suspected that the person who had appeared in the ring earlier was most likely related to the apocalypse, as his ability to block Han Qianqian's fatal punch already showed that he was not bad, how could such a person be an expert in the world?

        The current chairman looked embarrassed, it was just a matter of letting Han 3000 join the Martial Association, what was there to joke about, in his opinion, it was just that Chen Bao couldn't let go of his face.

        "Maybe you'll think that I can't let go of my face to do this, but I can tell you that Han Qianqiang doesn't care about the Martial Association, he only sees a higher level of places," Chen Bao said.

        A higher level place?

        The current president's eyes glazed over, as the president of the Yanjing Martial Arts Association, he naturally knew where Chen Bao's so-called higher level was, which was, after all, the ultimate goal that every martial artist sought.

        "President Chen, you're saying that Han Qianli is going to join the apocalypse?" The current president asked.

        "Not to join, but most likely to have joined already, his performance in the championship was enough for those people," Chen Bao said.

        The current president took a deep breath and revealed a helpless grin, he had almost forgotten about this matter.

        It seemed like someone from the apocalypse was personally present at the championship this time, so if they had seen Han Qianli's strong strength, how could they have missed out on such a talent?

        The Martial Association was like a kindergarten in front of Apocalypse, and Han Qianxiang wasn't a fool, so how could he abandon Apocalypse and choose the Martial Association.

        Jokes, it really was a big joke.

        "To have such strength at such a young age and still have the honor of joining the apocalypse, it really makes my generation envious," The current president said.


        Chen Bao was more than just envious, he was simply going to be insane with jealousy, because he had left Yanjing for so many years and had been pursuing the opportunity to join the apocalypse, but the apocalypse had never appeared again, and if the apocalypse was right beside him, but it had been stolen from him by Han Qianqiang, he knew that he would never have the chance to see the world of the apocalypse in his lifetime.

        The once reckless refusal had created an irreversible situation.

        Not long after, an explosive piece of news spread in Yanjing.

        The Zhong family, which countless people were paying attention to, was the last line of defense family in this incident, and when they knelt down in front of the Han family's compound, the entire Yanjing exploded.

        "The Zhong family even kneeled down, it seems that they fear the Han family as well."

        "Even the Zhong family has given up their resistance, who else in Yanjing would dare to go against the Han family now?"

        "It's too powerful, Han Three Thousand is too terrifying, he returned to Yanjing in just a few days and changed the Han family's position in Yanjing, and even the entire Yanjing business landscape."

        "Unexpectedly, the once wasted Han family young master has now achieved the Han family's most glorious moment, who would have thought that an outcast son who was not highly regarded would now have such great ability?"

        "Han 3,000, I'm afraid this name is going to draw a new era."

        Whether or not Yanjing had a new era because of Han Three Thousand was unknown, but it was ironclad that the Han family had reached unprecedented heights because of Han Three Thousand, and he had recreated the Han family's moment of glory with one person, something that no one had ever imagined.

        Qin Cheng.

        Han Jun, who had long been an invalid, looked sardonic when he learned of this, in his opinion, such brilliance should have been created from his hands, but now, the entire limelight had been stolen by Han Qianxiang, and it was also Han Qianxiang's fault that he had ended up like this today.

        In Han Jun's mind, he had already thought more than once about how he would get back at Han 3000, but unfortunately now, not to mention getting back at him, even wanting to leave Qin City was a distant prospect.

        "Very reluctant?" The person who conveyed the news asked Han Jun.

        Han Jun almost clenched his back groove teeth and said, "How could I be willing, these honors should have belonged to me, Grandmother said that I'm the one who can hold up the Han family."

        The man smiled faintly and said, "Wouldn't Nangong Qianqiu's words be wrong?"

        "Of course not, grandmother said that I'm the future of the Han family, I'm the one with the imperial look, and all of this was taken from me by Han Qianxiang by force." Han Jun said without hesitation.

        "Snatched away?" The man shook his head and said, "Do you know about the Toyko Thousand Company?"

        "Qin Lin's company?" Han Jun was confused, not understanding why he would suddenly bring up Feng Qian Company.

        "Qin Lin is nothing more than a puppet, the real owner of this company is Han 3000, it was founded by Han 3000 back when he was fourteen years old and made plans for his life of rebellion, and what were you doing then?" The man said.

        Han Jun's pupils trembled like an earthquake.

        How was it possible that Feng Qian Company had been founded by Han Third Thousand, and at the age of fourteen!

        "Impossible, how could Han 3000 have the money to create a company, don't you dare try to lie to me." Han Jun shook his head in denial, he would never believe that Han Qianxiang could do such an amazing thing at the age of fourteen.

        "It's the truth, soon the entire Yanjing will know about this matter, it was only after Nangong Qianqiu made a big mistake back then that he entrusted you with the Han family's heavy responsibility." The man said.

        Han Jun was enraged by these words, his eyes danced with strong killing intent and said, "Don't forget, you are working for me and speaking for Han Qianqiu, this will make you die a very ugly death."

        The man smiled faintly, not fearing Han Jun's threat in the slightest, as he knew very well that even if Han Jun had the chance to leave Qin City in his lifetime, he would never become the head of the Han family, so what was there to scruple about such a trash?

        And everything he said was the truth.

        The Han family was only here today because of Han Marchioness.

        If the Han family had fallen into Han Jun's hands, I'm afraid the sun would have set long ago.

        This was the difference between Han Jun and Han 3000.

        "You're just a piece of trash now, and you still want to scare me, I used to help you because you still might become the head of the Han family, but now, the truth tells me that it's an impossible thing, and you're not even worthy of giving Han 3000's shoes." The man said.

        Lift the shoes?

        This statement made Han Jun completely irritable, in his eyes, Han Qianli was just a trash that was abandoned by his family, how could he be the one to give Han Qianli a shoe lift when he wasn't even worthy of it?

        "I want you to regret it, I want you to know who is the ultimate winner between me and that trash, just wait, I, Han Jun, will never be able to nestle in Qin City for the rest of my life, when I get out, I want to get back everything that belongs to me." Han Jun gritted his teeth and said.

        The man stood up and said, "From today onwards, I won't come to see you again, nor will I inform you of any news, so be on your own, but I kindly advise you, don't go against Han Qianqian, you don't have that ability."

        "Grandmother, I will definitely help you take revenge, I, Han Jun, am the true head of the Han family, no one can take it away from me, Han Third Thousand, wait for me, I want you to die without a body."

        Han 3,000, in Yanjing, had a hidden stance of being the supreme strongman, everyone wanted to see what Han 3,000 would do next, whether he would rectify the entire Yanjing business landscape, whether he would make the Han family leap into the top first-class family in Yanjing.

        At this time, Han Three Thousand had no such thoughts at all, for him, now that the matter of Yanjing had settled down, the next development would be left to Zhong Liang and Qin Lin, and as for him, he would have to return to Yuncheng for the New Year.

        There were still dozens of people kneeling in unison outside the Han family compound, while Han Qianqian and the others had already started to pack up their luggage.

His True Colors Han Jingru Chapter 760

While everyone in Yanjing was waiting for Han Qianli's next move, another explosive news spread in Yanjing.

        Han 3,000 left Yanjing and went back to Yun City.

        The sudden departure caught everyone in Yanjing off guard, in their opinion, after Han Three Thousand Thousand established his authority, he should raise the Han family's status and strength in the business world, his current influence and deterrent power to do this was an easy task, but he left, leaving people baffled.

        Next, an even more unbelievable piece of news came out.

        Han 3,000 had left the Han family to Zhong Liang and Qin Lin to take full care of, seemingly leaving Yanjing and never coming back, which was even more unbelievable.

        The Han family's power and status in Yanjing was something that everyone aspired to, but Han Three Thousand Thousand seemed to disdain it, could it be that even such power couldn't enter his eyes?

        "What kind of person is Han 3000 to leave under such circumstances."

        "I heard that he went to Cloud City for his wife, Han 3000 is a very loyal man, and his power and position is not even a hair's breadth away from Su Yingxia in his eyes."

        "Such a woman is too happy, Han 3000 actually gave up the mountains and rivers of Yanjing for her."

        When such a statement spread in Yanjing, it was unknown how many women were envious of her, and the name Su Yingxia was gradually being remembered by Yanjing.

        On the plane back to Cloud City, Han Giangli once again transformed into a baby daddy, who could have imagined that the man who was holding his lady daughter in his arms and coaxing her at the moment had caused a violent storm in Yanjing, causing the entire Yanjing business community, and even the Martial Arts Association to bow to him?

        Su Yingxia looked at Han Qianqian with eyes full of love, no matter what kind of man he was in the eyes of outsiders, but in Su Yingxia's own heart, he belonged to her, no matter how powerful he was, he would be nervous about his daughter's crying, and would try to make her happy because she was upset.

        When Han Qianqiang noticed that Su Yingxia had been staring at her, she couldn't help but ask, "Do you feel that your husband has become handsome again and simply can't leave your eyes?"

        Su Yingxia smiled, gently leaned on Han Qianli's shoulder and said, "Qianli, do you still remember our wedding back then?"

        Han Marchand nodded, how could Han Marchand forget this matter.

        That wedding became the joke of everyone in Cloud City, and no one from the Su family came to the wedding, the scene appeared incomparably cold, and even before the wedding was over, Jiang Lan pulled Su Yingxia away from the scene, leaving Han Three Thousand awkwardly alone.

        "At that time, they all said it was a joke, that I would ruin my life by marrying a loser like you, but now, who dares to say such things?" Su Yingxia said softly.

        "Nangong Qianqiu drove me out of Yanjing and didn't allow me to show myself to the outside world as the Han family, so I had to hide my identity and put you through a lot," Han Qianqiu said.

        Su Yingxia shook her head repeatedly and said, "I'm not grieving, I'm just hurting for you, because of me, you've been spurned by countless people, you're the young master of the Han family, you shouldn't have to experience this."

        Han Qianli smiled and said, "I, the young master of the Han family, haven't been treated well at home since I was a child, so spitting on me is something I can completely ignore."

        Being scolded by outsiders, to Han Three Thousand just pretended not to hear it, but being targeted by his family, this was the act of putting his heart to death, Han Three Thousand could carry the cold shoulder of his family, so how would he care what outsiders thought of him.

        "Do you want to know when I fell in love with you?" Su Yingxia suddenly spread her face and smiled.

        This matter has always been a doubt in the heart of Han 3,000, because when Su Yingxia just learned to marry him, very repulsive, and even made things difficult for Han 3,000, at that time Han 3,000 can understand Su Yingxia, after all, he is a waste in the eyes of outsiders, and there is no basis for any relationship between the two, and suddenly asked Su Yingxia to marry him, Su Yingxia reluctance to accept is also reasonable.

        It was only later, when the relationship between the two gradually eased, and Han Qianli could feel the love from Su Yingxia, that Han Qianli decided to make a change for Su Yingxia.

        But when exactly did Su Yingxia change her mind about Han Three Thousand, this was indeed something Han Three Thousand didn't know.

        "Was it when I picked you up and drove you to and from work and you found out about it?" Han Giangli was curious.

        Su Yingxia shook her head and said, "Guess again."

        "Is it the present I got you for your birthday?"


        Perhaps thinking back to the past, Su Yingxia actually slipped two lines of tears out of the corners of her eyes.

        "Do you remember that winter, when I came for my aunt and my stomach hurt, what you did to help me warm up?" Su Yingxia said.

        A hint of embarrassment flashed across Han Qianli's face and said, "What's the matter, how did I forget all about it."

        Su Yingxia stared at Han Qianli, she knew Han Qianli hadn't forgotten and it was impossible for him to forget such things.

        "There's no hot water bag at home, you put your hand in the scalding water and then used your hand to help me warm my belly and you ended up burning your hand, how could you forget." Su Yingxia said.

        It's true that Han Giang hadn't forgotten about this matter, but he didn't expect that Su Yingxia would know.

        "Why do you always don't let people know after you give, if I hadn't seen it, would this matter have to be hidden from me for the rest of my life?" Su Yingxia looked at Han Qianli with a reproachful face.

        "This is what I should have done, how can it be considered paying." Han Qianli said with a carefree face, from the day Su Yingxia married him, Han Qianli took care of Su Yingxia as his woman, he never cared what Su Yingxia thought of him.

        "And you haven't missed a single fight with Jiang Lan for me, you haven't missed a single turn against those Su Hai Chao people, and I know all that." Han Giangli continued.

        "But there's still a huge gap between what I've done and what you've done for me, and I've done far less than you." Su Yingxia wiped the tears from her cheeks.

        "Fool, what's the point of bringing it up from the past, who else dares to look down on us now, and there's even a lady's daughter, so what's the point of thinking about what we did in the past." Han Qianli laughed.

        "Why don't you want to, I want to think about it every day, I want to remember how good you were to me for the rest of my life, even if it's the next life." Su Yingxia said.

        "No way, you still want to rely on me in your next life?" Han Qianqian deliberately showed a face of disgust.

        Su Yingxia was stunned, her expression instantly became hideous, and her hand reached for Han Qianli's waist in the first place, incomparably fierce, and said to Han Qianli, "What, are you going to change your wife in your next life? Is it a crush on Evian?"

        A cold sweat instantly appeared on Han Qianli's back, Su Yingxia's pinching skills were unfathomable, every time it caused Han Qianli to draw cold air in pain, it was not easy for him to take an attack of this level.

        "Why did this ...... suddenly bring up Chi Yiyun, does it have anything to do with her?" Han Marchiang said.

        "Why does it not matter, Yi Yun likes you so much and even put her own family at such great risk because of you, she's done so much for you, and she has a beautiful voice and sweet body, you really haven't been tempted?" Su Yingxia questioned.

        It is true that Han Qianqian has never been moved, but there is still a little emotion, after all, during the rice country, the biggest support Han Qianqian received was from Qi Yiyun, no matter how big the danger, Qi Yiyun will stand by his side without any fear, to be able to do this, for a woman, it is already very rare.

        Han Qianqiang could ignore Chi Yi Yun's loving intentions, but he couldn't ignore Chi Yi Yun's good intentions.

        "I wasn't moved, but what she did really touched me, and she gave me a lot of support in Mickey," Han Giangli said.

        Su Yingxia quietly withdrew her hand, she was actually very torn on this matter, Qi Yiyun was her best sister, but now she fell in love with her husband and gave so much without any regrets, also as a woman, if not from the standpoint of Han Qianqian's wife, Su Yingxia would be very sympathetic to Qi Yiyun.

        "How about finding a polygamous country to live in seclusion?" Su Yingxia said.

        It's a trap!

        Definitely a hole!

        Han Three Thousand's eyelids jumped, knowing that it was a big deal, and without any hesitation, he said, "How can this work, my Han Three Thousand's wife can only be one, and that's you."


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