His True Colors Chapter 737-738


His True Colors Chapter 737

While the surrounding people were discussing, a woman walked up to Han 3,000 and said to Han 3,000 in a commanding tone, "Let him go."

        Han 3,000 looked up and couldn't believe the familiar figure in front of him.

        Mi Feier!

        The woman who once didn't rely on men, who wanted to use her abilities to prove that a woman could hold up her own, who didn't bow to any subterfuge, is here!

        Although there were quite a few grudges between Han 3000 and Mi Fei'er, after all, this woman had thought that Han 3000 liked her, and had even made things difficult for Han 3000 on more than one occasion, but Han 3000 didn't have much animosity towards her, instead, he admired Mi Fei'er very much.

        Mi Fei'er was very pretty, and with her posture, she could easily find a rich man and live a good life without any effort on her part.

        But Mi Feier is very persistent in her career and never bows to money, such persistence is very rare in a woman.

        But she appeared in Yanjing and was acquainted with someone like Zhong Tianli, it looked like Mi Fei'er, who had once held her head high to fight for her career, had fallen, and she was still a plaything of money after all.

        "I didn't expect to meet you here, where's Yang Meng?" Han Giangli asked, she and Yang Meng were considered inseparable, they were always together wherever they went for opportunities, but Yang Meng was not by her side now, making Han Giangli feel strange.

        Mi Fei'er's eyes flashed with pain, when she chose to bow down for money, she separated from Yang Meng because she knew she didn't belong in the same world as Yang Meng, and she didn't want Yang Meng to see her fallen face.

        "What does it have to do with you, I told you to let go of him." Mi Fei'er said through clenched teeth.

        Han Qianli looked at Zhong Tianli with disdain, although he didn't know the relationship between Mi Fei'er and Zhong Tianli, but since Mi Fei'er wanted to help Zhong Tianli, it was obvious that she wanted to take this opportunity to get closer to Zhong Tianli.

        "There are still many rich people in Yanjing, I advise you not to get involved with the Zhong family, otherwise your efforts will be nothing more than a bubble." Han Qianqian said, he didn't care what kind of posture Mi Fei'er was in to survive and what kind of mentality she was in to climb the dragon and phoenix, he was just kindly reminding Mi Fei'er because the Zhong family was already a building in Han Qianqian's eyes.

        "I'm willing to get involved with whoever I want, what do you care?" Mi Fei'er stepped forward and actually pushed Han Qianli away.

        Su Yingxia saw the situation, her eyebrows slightly with anger, if it was a battle between men, she would never intervene, but this woman bullying her man, this made her unable to endure.

        Handing Han Nian over to Shi Jing, Su Yingxia walked over to Han Qianqian and scolded Mi Fei'er angrily, "Good advice, if you don't listen, go regret it yourself, don't be ungrateful."

        Every time she saw Su Yingxia, Mi Fei'er felt a sense of shame inside, because she once thought that Han Qianli liked her and that Han Qianli, a loser toad, wanted to eat swan meat, but after knowing Han Qianli's identity and that Han Qianli's wife was Su Yingxia, Mi Fei'er realized how ridiculous her assumptions were, although she was beautiful, there was still a gap compared to Su Yingxia, with such a beautiful wife, how could Han Qianli like her?

        Miffy bowed her head and helped Zhong Tianli up, leaving without a word.

        "Who is this man?" Su Yingxia was puzzled and asked Han Qianqian.

        "It's not someone important, hurry up and walk up, not if your daughter is starving." Han Qianqian said.

        Su Yingxia nodded her head repeatedly.

        A group of people walked out of the airport, Qin Lin had already prepared a car to wait by the roadside.

        When he saw Han Three Thousand, Qin Lin approached respectfully and shouted, "Brother Three Thousand."

        "Qin Lin!" After seeing Qin Lin, Shi Jing showed incomparable surprise. Although Qin Lin wasn't as famous as those families, his Feng Qian Company was also very famous in Yanjing, and more importantly, Qin Lin started from scratch and was regarded as an entrepreneurial idol by many young people, so he was considered a very well-known person in the Yanjing business community.

        How did he, how did he know Han Qianqian and call him Brother Han Qianqian?

        Regarding the Feng Qian Company, this was one of the things that Han Third Thousand had hidden the deepest apart from the skull incident, and since it was his bargaining chip to turn over a new leaf, no one else knew about it except for him and Zhong Liang.

        Thinking back then, Nangong Qianqiu's compulsion had forced the young Han Third Thousand to create his own power, hidden for decades, the Feng Thousand Company became his biggest card and the source of his funds, a secret feat that Nangong Qianqiu didn't even know about on his deathbed.

        "Madame Han, I didn't expect you to know me, it's really a three-life honor." Qin Lin said.

        Shi Jing looked at Han Qianqiu with eyes full of doubt, as if she wanted an explanation.

        "Feng Qian Company, it's actually my company, at the age of fourteen I knew that Nangong Qianqiu treated me as an outsider, so I had to have my own cards, so I secretly created Feng Qian Company." Han Qianqiu explained.

        "But ...... but you're only fourteen years old!" There was a lot of horror in Shi Jing's incredulous expression, she couldn't imagine what a fourteen year old child was relying on to set up a company.

        "Fourteen years old is very small?" Han Giangli shook his head and said, "At least for me, fourteen isn't young anymore, because I've been treated too unfairly, and it became clear at that time that if I didn't have my own cards to play, I would be completely reduced to a useless child and would be ridden by Han Jun for the rest of my life."

        Shi Jing took a deep breath and then exhaled heavily, to her, this matter was very unbelievable and even made her feel a bit like a dream.

        At the age of fourteen, he was rejected by Nangong Qianqiu as a trash, in Nangong Qianqiu's heart, Han Jun was the candidate to hold up the future of the Han family, so she gave all her favor to Han Jun, but who could have imagined that someone who was truly outstanding would already have his own company at the age of fourteen, already planning his future.

        "If Nangong Qianqiu had been able to focus on you, she would have known who was the real Han family's future." Shi Jing said with a sigh.

        Han Qianqiang smiled coldly, even if Nangong Qianqiu knew, so what, would she be able to admit that she was excellent?

        No, Han Qianqian was certain that even if Nangong Qianqiu knew about it, she would only try to destroy Feng Qian and would never agree with Han Qianqian's abilities.

        "Let bygones be bygones, let's not mention these things and go home first." Han Tian Yang said at the right time.

        After everyone got on the bus, they headed towards the Han family compound.

        Although Han Three Thousand had already put out a message to the entire Yanjing, no one in the Han family compound knelt down.

        This situation was normal, after all, who would be willing to do something humiliating like kneeling when they hadn't seen Han Three Thousand's power, and now that the Zhong family had stepped forward, those people would just hide and watch the show, they didn't need to take a stand so soon.

        "It seems like those people won't come to apologize if they haven't learned their lesson," Han 3,000 said indifferently.

        "Three Thousand, what these people value most is face, only when their lives are at stake will they understand that face is worthless." Han Tian Yang said.

        Han 3,000 nodded his head in agreement.

        The group returned to the Han family compound, for Han Three Thousand, it was a place filled with his childhood memories, but unfortunately, this childhood memory wasn't a happy one, so he wouldn't feel half as attached to the place.

        Instead, Su Yingxia looked left and right, after all, this was Han Three Thousand's home, she had been married to Han Three Thousand for so many years, but she had never been here before.

        "Three Thousand, is your home so big that it's exaggerated?" Su Yingxia asked with a staggered expression, the hillside villa was already big enough for her, but this courtyard was even bigger, and in a place like Yanjing where the price was not comparable to the hillside villa.

        "This isn't my home, I'll show you my real home." Han Qianli said.

        Su Yingxia didn't quite understand what Han Three Thousand's words meant, wasn't this Han's home, how could it not be his home?

        Following Nangong Qianqiu, he arrived at the hut in the corner of the backyard, a hut that was out of place with the entire Han family compound, like a place to put garbage.

        "This, is where I live, Nangong Qianqiu once locked me in here for a whole half year and didn't let me leave one step." Han Qianqiu said.

His True Colors Chapter 738

"Once upon a time, even the servants in the house could mock and bully me, and Nangong Qianqiu even instigated Han Jun to beat me, but in her eyes, I wasn't even a Han family member." Han Marchioness continued.

        Hearing these words, Su Yingxia's heart ached to the point where she couldn't breathe, she couldn't imagine what kind of pain the young Han Qianqian was suffering.

        Also being a member of the Han family, the treatment he and Han Jun had received at home was so vastly different, no wonder he had such a great hatred for Nangong Qianqiu, she would never forgive Nangong Qianqiu for this matter even if she were in Su Yingxia's shoes.

        "You once asked me if I would feel aggrieved at being beaten and scolded by Jiang Lan, now you understand why I said I wouldn't, because I've endured much greater pain, and the humiliation that Jiang Lan has brought to me isn't even skin deep." Han Giangli said.

        Su Yingxia gripped Han Three Thousand's hand tightly and said, "Three Thousand, can I go in and take a look?"

        Han Qianli smiled and said, "Of course you can, this is your husband's home and your home."

        After saying that, Han Qianqian pulled Su Yingxia into the room.

        The room looked very humble, as the Han family had been without anyone for a long time, the various worn out furniture had been covered in dust, and there were even cobwebs in the corners.

        Su Yingxia is a person who is very afraid of insects, in the past, if she were to come to this kind of environment, she would definitely be very repulsive, but now, instead of being afraid, she wanted to clean herself up.

        Because this was Han Marchand's home, her own home.

        The old-fashioned high wooden bed was already creaking, and Su Yingxia didn't mind the dust on the bed, so she just sat on it, swinging her legs, and said to Han Qianli, "Can we stay here tonight?"

        "Of course you can, I'm not used to a different room." Han Giangli smiled.

        "Then I'll clean this place, I want our house to be clean." Su Yingxia said.

        Saying that she would do it, Su Yingxia fetched a basin of water and took a rag and began to clean, and of course Han Qianqian couldn't be idle and help along.

        "What does that mean?" When Su Yingxia wiped the bedside, she saw the statement of belief that Han Qianqian had left behind and asked curiously.

        "I have no place on earth, a bottle comes to be the master of Heng Shan, meaning that there is no place for me to stand in the world, so I will be the master myself." Han Giangli explained.

        Su Yingxia suddenly realized that this was a thought that Han Three Thousand had had since he was a child, and now he had succeeded.

        After cleaning the room, Su Yingxia was exhausted and sweating profusely.

        Han Qianli suddenly thought of something and said to Su Yingxia, "Do you want to try how I used to bathe?"

        "Think." Su Yingxia said without hesitation, everything about Han Qianli's past, she wanted to try to experience it, because only then did she feel she could understand Han Qianli better.

        "But it's winter, and I don't know if you'll be able to take it," Han Qianqian said.

        Su Yingxia wrinkled her nose in dissatisfaction and said, "If you can eat it, why can't I, look down on me?"

        Han Giangli smiled and brought Su Yingxia to another secret base in the backyard.

        It was almost hidden, even though the family's servants didn't come to this place often in the past.

        Since Han Three Thousand lived in a utility room, there was no equipment for hot water at all, bathing in the summer was an easy problem to solve, but in the winter it was very troublesome, but at that time, Han Three Thousand was able to secretly bathe here after finding the Han family's hot water pipes in this secret place and then changing a valve on his own.

        "Is this the place?" After arriving at the place, Su Yingxia stupidly looked at Han Qianqian, there was almost no cover, stripping naked to take a shower in this environment was something Su Yingxia didn't even dare to think about.

        "Although there's only one wall to cover it, it's enough so that even if someone comes to the backyard, they won't notice this place." After saying that, Han Qianli fastened a brick on the wall.

        The brick didn't look different from the surface, but after it was fastened out, it was only halfway through, which was just enough to leave a gap in the wall.

        Han Three Thousand took out a bar of soap from it and said, "I used this when I was a kid, but it doesn't look like I can use it anymore."

        Just as Han Three Thousand was about to throw it away, Su Yingxia snatched it up and grabbed it in her own hand, saying, "Who says it can't be used, I look like it's just fine."

        Han Giangli smiled, he knew that Su Yingxia wanted to experience everything he did as a child, and it moved him very much inside.

        "Let's do it together, or you first?" Han Giangli asked with a smile.

        Su Yingxia blushed, she and Han Qianqian were also considered old married couples, but bathing together was something that had never happened before.

        "Don't you dare, help me look out, no peeking allowed." Su Yingxia raised her fist and threatened Han Three Thousand.

        Han Giangli nodded repeatedly, then turned his back.

        Su Yingxia lowered her head, her face full of shyness, and slowly took off her clothes.

        When the hot water valve opened, there was a moment of smoke, and Su Yingxia, who was in the smoke, was more like a descending fairy, with her fairy air floating.

        Han 3,000 couldn't help but look over her shoulder to take a look, but when Su Yingxia found this, she immediately snapped at her, scaring Han 3,000 into turning her head.

        But then on second thought, Han three thousand feel to see his wife bathing, is also a matter of course, not a thief, why should be guilty?

        Thus, Han Qianli turned around brightly and stared straight at Su Yingxia.

        Su Yingxia was shy and quickly said, "What are you doing, quickly turn around."

        "You're my wife, what haven't I seen." Han Giangli said with a smile.

        This statement made Su Yingxia even more shy and unstoppable, but she had no way to stop Han Giangli, so she could only resign herself to her fate.

        After the two of them took a shower, there was no heavenly thunder and earthly fire, after all, it was still broad daylight and the effect wasn't too good.

        At this time, Zhong Tianli had returned to the Zhong family, looking like he couldn't hold his head up.

        The incident at the airport had already been transmitted back to the Zhong family, and there was no need for Zhong Tianli to say anything more, the Zhong family already knew all about it.

        Zhong Mingguo was very angry about this, Zhong Tianli had vowed to tell Han Jiangli to roll back to Cloud City, but he didn't expect to give the Zhong family such a disgrace in public.

        "Zhong Tianli, do you still remember what you told me before, you said that you wanted Han 3,000 to roll back to Yun City right at the airport, but now, everyone outside is laughing at my Zhong family, can you take this responsibility?" Zhong Mingguo scolded.

        Zhong Tianli really didn't expect Han 3,000 to be so powerful, but with his skills, he didn't even have a chance to resist.

        "Grandpa, this Han 3000 is very powerful, even our family's bodyguards are probably not his match." Zhong Tianyi said.

        Hearing this, Zhong Tianyi sneered out and said, "Zhong Tianli, you're just trash yourself, but you still want to drag other people into this, are they all just like you?"

        Zhong Tianli's face turned cold as he said, "Zhong Tianyi, don't fall on your sword, Han 3000 is never as simple as we think it is."

        Of course Zhong Tianyi knew that Han 3,000 was not simple, he even wished to use Han 3,000's hand to extinguish Zhong Tianli, a thorn in Zhong Tianyi's side, but no matter how uncomplicated it was, Zhong Tianyi didn't put Han 3,000 in his eyes.

        Zhong Tianyi firmly believed that it was only a matter of time before a trash like Han 3,000 rolled out of Yanjing as long as he himself did it.

        "Zhong Tianli, with this result now, you still want me to pay attention to you, do you have the qualifications?" Zhong Mingguo said.

        Zhong Tianli panicked, he had gone to deal with Han Giang, but he wanted to prove his abilities, not this current backlash, if this matter ended like this, he wouldn't be able to hold his head up in the Zhong family for the rest of his life.

        "Grandpa, please give me another chance, this time I definitely won't let you down." Zhong Tianli quickly said.

        "You've already lost face once, do I have to let you continue to lose face in the Zhong family?" Zhong Mingguo said coldly.

        "Grandpa, I'll bring my experts this time, and I'll give you my word that I won't lose face." Zhong Tianyi said eagerly.

        Zhong Mingguo no longer trusted Zhong Tianli, he trusted Zhong Tianyi even more, so he hoped that Zhong Tianyi would step in and bring back the Zhong family's lost face.

        "Tianyi, what do you think?" Zhong Mingguo asked.

        Zhong Tianyi didn't have as strong a desire to show off as the others; after all, he was already the most outstanding youngster among the crowd, so he wasn't in a hurry to take this matter into his own hands.

        The more he showed up at the last minute, the more he would be able to show his worth.


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