His True Colors Chapter 739-740


His True Colors Chapter 739

Zhong Tianli looked at Zhong Tianyi very nervously, he knew that if Zhong Tianyi agreed, the eccentric Zhong Mingguo would definitely give this matter to him and he would completely lose his chance to turn over a new leaf, but Zhong Tianli was very surprised by what Zhong Tianyi said next.

        "Grandpa, since he thinks he can do it, why don't you let him try again, I still have quite a few things to deal with in my company lately, and I can't spare the time." Zhong Tianyi said.

        It was not only Zhong Tianyi who was startled by this statement, the other people also had never expected it, how could Zhong Tianyi's character give Zhong Tianli a chance, he wasn't a kind person.

        Zhong Mingguo was slightly stunned, this wasn't the Zhong Tianyi he knew, could it be that because of his company's success, Zhong Tianyi now had no desire to perform? If he started to be proud just because of this achievement, Zhong Mingguo had to make him realize the cruelty of reality, and to support the entire Zhong family, having such a mentality would not do.

        But in front of so many people, since Zhong Tianyi's words had already been spoken, Zhong Mingguo would only agree.

        "Alright, Zhong Tianli, I'll give you one more chance, I hope you can grasp it." Zhong Mingguo said to Zhong Tianyi.

        Zhong Tianli didn't bother to think about why Zhong Tianyi was giving him a chance, he felt that if he was prepared enough, he would definitely be able to turn over a new leaf.

        "Thank you, grandpa."

        "Tianyi, come over to my study." After saying that, Zhong Mingguo took the lead in walking towards the study.

        Zhong Tianyi first walked to Zhong Tianli's side and said, "This is your last chance, grasp it well and use all your methods, if you really can't think of any good methods, I think you can start with his wife and children, it's definitely a very good breakthrough."

        In the face of Zhong Tianyi's good intentions, Zhong Tianli frowned tightly, why would this guy think about him?

        But I have to say that Zhong Tianyi's solution is indeed good, using his wife and children as blackmail, would Han 3,000 still dare to stay in Yanjing?

        "Zhong Tianyi, I know what I need to do, I don't need your help with my ideas." Zhong Tianli said in a cold voice.

        Zhong Tianyi smiled faintly, how could he not help Zhong Tianli with his ideas, with this guy's intelligence, where could he come up with these solutions, if he didn't do something that would offend Han 3000, how could Han 3000 waste him?

        Zhong Tianyi seemed to be well-intentioned, but he was actually hoping that Zhong Tianli would touch Han Marchant's bottom line and borrow Han Marchant's hand to abolish Zhong Tianli, because in the entire Zhong family's descendants, only Zhong Tianli could cause some trouble to Zhong Tianyi, and the others Zhong Tianyi wouldn't even care about.

        "Good luck." Zhong Tianyi said with a smile and walked towards Zhong Mingguo's study.

        In the study, Zhong Mingguo sat at the desk with a serious face, he had high hopes for Zhong Tianyi, he would be very disappointed if Zhong Tianyi was arrogant just because of this achievement in front of him, so he needed to tap to remind Zhong Tianyi that he couldn't be proud of this small achievement, it would be the biggest hindrance for him to inherit the Zhong family.

        "Tianyi, your company is indeed good right now, but you should be clear that it's impossible to meet my requirements with just this kind of achievement, so your pride right now is very ridiculous in my opinion, do you understand?" Zhong Mingguo said bluntly, he deliberately wanted to strike Zhong Tianyi to make him realize his shortcomings.

        "Grandpa, do you think I'm being arrogant by not getting involved in this matter?" Zhong Tianyi said indifferently.

        Zhong Mingguo did think so, but hearing Zhong Tianyi say that, wasn't it?

        "What else do you have planned?" Zhong Mingguo was puzzled and asked.

        "Grandpa, with Zhong Tianli's character, just on the matter of building his own company, no matter how badly he loses to me, he won't be convinced, in such a state, after I become the head of the family, if he doesn't obey me, there will definitely be internal strife, so how will the Zhong family develop even stronger, so I need him to be completely convinced, and to do that, I have to start from his strengths. " Zhong Tianyi said.

        "The long side?" After thinking about it, Zhong Mingguo understood Zhong Tianyi's meaning and said, "You mean, let Zhong Tianli eat his heart out over this matter and then eventually let you take action to resolve it, so that he will know the difference between himself and you?"

        "With his character, of course things won't be that simple, but since I want to become the head of the family, I have to think of the family in everything, I won't allow any internal strife among the family, I need everyone to be convinced of me, and then I have to take one step at a time in order to make future plans." Zhong Tianyi said.

        It was very comforting for Zhong Tianyi to have such a mature idea, but there was a loophole in this matter, what made Zhong Tianyi think that Zhong Tianli wouldn't be able to deal with Han 3000?

        If Zhong Tianli did this thing, his confidence would swell even more and he would have an even stronger desire to share a point with Zhong Tian, which would only expand the conflict between the two of them infinitely.

        "But you haven't thought about the results after Zhong Tianli succeeds in this matter." Zhong Mingguo said.

        "Impossible." Zhong Tianyi scoffed and shook his head, Zhong Tianli's methods used to deal with other people might work, after all, he could indeed fight, but against Han Giang, Zhong Tianyi didn't have half a chance, because according to the information Zhong Tianyi had at his disposal, Han Giang was more powerful than Zhong Tianli.

        "You're so sure, it looks like you know more about Han 3,000 than I do," Zhong Mingguo said.

        "Grandpa, Han 3,000 is indeed very powerful, and have you forgotten that there's another person named Yan Jun by his side?" Zhong Tianyi said.

        Zhong Mingguo's eyes glazed over.


        This man who had once followed Han Tian Yang and caused a city full of rain, hadn't made a move for many years and had even been forgotten by many people, but mentioning the name still made people cringe, especially people of Zhong Mingguo's age, who knew very well how powerful the Yan Jun was back then.

        Zhong Mingguo took a deep breath and said, "But he hasn't fought for many years, I only mentioned him to an old friend some time ago, and that old friend said that the current Yanjun is long gone compared to back then."

        "Whether it can be compared to back then is your guess, no one has ever confirmed it, so Yan Jun is still something to be feared." Zhong Tianyi said.

        This reasoning forced Zhong Mingguo to admit that one should never conclude anything that has not been confirmed, and the outcome of the negation would change drastically once it exceeded one's imagination.

        "It looks like my Zhong family still has a hand to spare for dealing with Yan Jun." Zhong Mingguo said with a serious expression.

        "Grandpa, I've already thought of this matter, so my Zhong Family, will soon be welcoming a very powerful expert, which I've spent a lot of money to invite, with him here, we don't have to be afraid even if Yan Jun is here." Zhong Tianyi said.

        Zhong Mingguo smiled, nodding his head with joy and said, "Tianyi, you really are thoughtful, you didn't disappoint grandpa, in the future, when the Zhong family is handed over to you, grandpa won't have to worry, doing everything, I believe you will be able to make the Zhong family go farther."

        "This is the first and foremost condition to inherit the position of head of the family, how dare I be careless." Zhong Tianyi laughed as well.

        This conversation alone had raised Zhong Tianyi's status in Zhong Mingguo's heart by quite a bit, and this was Zhong Tianyi's ability that could never be compared to the other juniors who only knew the flowery world.

        Moreover, Zhong Tianyi hid his true intentions within these words, he didn't need Zhong Tianli to admire him, this guy would always be a time bomb, only when he was completely useless could he be truly stable for Zhong Tianyi.

        Leaving the study, Zhong Tianyi returned to his room, wondering when Zhong Tianli would be able to make Han Giang truly angry, he couldn't wait to hear the news of Zhong Tianli being wasted.

        "Almost forgot, I still have to pick up the plane." Suddenly thinking of something, Zhong Tianyi left the Zhong family in a panic.

        The expert Zhong Tianyi had hired would be landing in Yanjing on tonight's flight, a matter that Zhong Tianyi didn't dare to slack off in any way, because Han Marchant had Yanjun by his side, so he needed the presence of such an expert.

        At the Han family compound, in the evening, Shi Jing personally cooked a table full of sumptuous dishes, a skill she had gone to learn in order to cook for Han 3000, but unfortunately Han 3000 didn't stay home for dinner that time when he returned to Yanjing.

His True Colors Chapter 740

"Mom, I didn't expect you to be such a good cook." Su Yingxia said to Shi Jing in surprise and with envy when she saw a table full of dishes.

        As the wife of the Han family, Shi Jing was a genuine noblewoman, and it would never be an exaggeration to describe her with ten fingers, but who would have thought that she was still a good cook, which made Su Yingxia envious, if she also had such cooking skills, she would be able to cook for Han 3000 herself.

        Hearing this, Shi Jing subconsciously looked at Han Qianqian as she learned all of this for Han Qianqian.

        "If you want to learn, I can teach you," Shi Jing said.

        Su Yingxia was busy nodding her head, she wasn't afraid of the trouble, just in case Han 3000 couldn't eat a delicious meal, as long as she could learn the craft, the pain was completely negligible for Su Yingxia.

        But Han 3000 at this time a pot of cold water was poured on Su Yingxia's head, because he could never forget the scene when Su Yingxia and Shen Ling Yao cooked at home that time, the black smoke was like a war, although Su Yingxia was not as exaggerated as Shen Ling Yao, but the gap between the two was not far.

        "Mom, I advise you to get rid of this idea, she's like a war in the kitchen, I don't want to eat dark dishes." Han Giangli said.

        Su Yingxia looked at Han Qianqian with a disgruntled face and said, "Is it bad for me to cook?"

        "Not only is it unpalatable, it's simply impossible to enter." Han Giangli said ruthlessly.

        Su Yingxia put a hand to Han Giang's waist and threatened, "Is it really that unpalatable?"

        Han Giangli stiffened all over, having once fought with Han didn't even scare him, but Su Yingxia's move was one that could send chills down his spine every time he thought about it.

        "This ...... isn't too bad, it's okay, if you're learning it, you'll definitely be good at it," Han Three Thousand said.

        Han Tian Yang and Yan Jun couldn't help but laugh, to be able to truly subdue Han 3000 and have Han 3000 not complain in the slightest, probably only Su Ying Xia could do that in this world.

        "Let's eat first, or else the food will be cold." Shi Jing helped Han Three Thousand to relieve herself.

        Su Yingxia let go of Han three thousand, but the intimidation in her eyes did not dissipate, which made Han three thousand's heart wow cool wow cool, it looks like tonight is not too good again ah.

        While eating, Han Qianli thought of something and instructed everyone, "Everyone should not go out if you're fine lately, especially Yingxia and Han Nian, it's best to stay at home, the Zhong family's gang might resort to some dirty tricks, so be careful."

        Han 3,000 had already suffered several losses in such matters, and the Zhong family's methods were always dirty, so Han 3,000 had to prevent the Zhong family from making a move on Su Yingxia or Han Nian.

        Coming to Yanjing for the first time, Su Yingxia really wanted to go out and meet people and stroll the streets of the big city, but after hearing Han Qianli say that, she immediately discarded those thoughts, the current Su Yingxia was very mature, she wouldn't let Han Nian be in danger because of her momentary pleasure.

        "Three Thousand, don't worry, I'll keep an eye on them, I'll never let them disappear under my nose." Yan Jun said to Han Qianxiang.

        "Grandpa Yan, once you leave home, things become uncertain, I don't want Ying Xia and Han Nian to be in any danger." Han Three Thousand said.

        Yan Jun nodded his head in understanding, it wasn't that Han Qianli was unsure of him, but he was afraid that the Zhong family had too many tricks up their sleeves, and if anything happened, the consequences would be troublesome.

        "That's it then, no one should go out in the last few days." Han Tian Yang said.

        After dinner, Su Yingxia helped Shi Jing clean up the mess together, and Jiang Ying Ying joined in, for Jiang Ying Ying, these things were more skillful than the other two.

        As for Han Qianqian, Han Tian Yang Jun, the three of them came to the courtyard.

        Tonight the night sky was particularly starry, and the rare bright moon was hanging high in the sky.

        Han Tian Yang took a look at Han 3,000, now that he was unstoppable on his way forward, Han Tian Yang was eager to see what kind of heights Han 3,000 would be able to reach in the future, but unfortunately, he was already old now, and he didn't know if he would still be able to get that day.

        "Three thousand, what are your thoughts about the Zhong family?" Han Tianyang asked Han Qianqiang.

        "After going through so many things, I've understood one thing, since it's someone you want to deal with, you must never give half a chance to turn over a new leaf, so it's natural to kill the chicken to warn the monkey." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        Han Tianyang reminded, "If you were to exterminate the entire Zhong family, the impact of this matter would not be small, after all, the Zhong family has a high status in Yanjing, this matter is not something that can be easily covered up."

        "No matter how powerful a family is, there are cornerstones, as soon as the cornerstones fall, the family will fall as well, now the Zhong family is supported by Zhong Mingguo, and among the younger generation of the Zhong family, the one most qualified to inherit the Zhong family is Zhong Tianyi, as long as these two die, the Zhong family will fall as well." Han 3,000 said, he wasn't trying to destroy the entire Zhong family, he wouldn't do something as influential as this, so his target was only Zhong Mingguo and Zhong Tianyi.

        "The Han family wouldn't have been targeted by these curfews if I wasn't here because of my absence and because of your father's death." Han Tian Yang exclaimed.

        "In fact, the most important reason is because of Han Jun. Everyone outside thinks that the Han family has no one to succeed them, so they dare to deal with the Han family with impunity, but they forgot that there's still me, Han Third Thousand." Han Third Thousand said in a cold voice.

        Han Jun was still in Qin City and had been completely reduced to an invalid, his existence wouldn't pose a threat to anyone, so the Han family would have nothing to fear from those people.

        "I'm glad that you think so," Han Tian Yang said, "It's beyond Han Three Thousand's imagination that after suffering so much unfair treatment in the Han family, Han Three Thousand could still maintain such thoughts.

        In the past, Han Three Thousand would never have thought this way, even if Nangong Qianqiu had died, he wouldn't have any sense of belonging to the Han family, but now that Han Tian Yang had returned, the Han family meant something completely different to Han Three Thousand, as long as his grandfather was there, he was a member of the Han family.

        "Grandpa, have you ever thought about letting Han Jun out of prison?" Han Qianli asked.

        Han Tian Yang subconsciously looked at Yan Jun at the same time as Han Qianyang took the initiative to mention this matter, and at the same time, Yan Jun also happened to turn his head to look at Han Tian Yang, and the moment their eyes made contact there was the same kind of confusion as neither of them had expected Han Qianyang to suddenly mention this matter.

        When he was in Cloud City, Shi Jing proposed to find a way to get Han Jun out of jail during the New Year, at least let him have a good year at home, but this idea was ruthlessly rejected by Han Tian Yang, in Han Tian Yang's opinion, Han Jun should pay the price for the things he did wrong, and he had also gone to Cloud City in Han 3000's name and almost caused a heinous crime, this matter was not worthy of forgiveness.

        "No, imprisonment is a consequence he should suffer, it's not worth relieving." Han Tian Yang said.

        "After we settle the Zhong family, I'll go to Qin City." Han 3,000 said.

        "Go to what?" Han Tianyang was puzzled.

        Han Giang shook his head and gave an answer that was unimaginable to Han Tian Yang and Yan Jun, "I don't know."

        Han Tian Yang sighed, the fact that he gave an answer like that showed that he was struggling with certain things inside, and these were things that Han Tian Yang couldn't influence, so he stopped talking, as long as he did his best to support what Han Qian Yang wanted to do.

        "It's almost time, you should go back to your room and rest first." Yan Jun said to Han 3,000.

        Han Three Thousand nodded and walked towards the backyard.

        "What do you think?" After Han 3,000 had left, Han Tian Yang asked to Yan Jun.

        "In my opinion, although 3000 won't forgive Han Jun, he seems to want to save Han Jun, but for what reason, I don't know." Yan Jun said.

        "Does he still have brotherly love for Han Jun now?" Han Tian Yang was confused.

        Yan Jun smiled bitterly, brotherly love? This word should be ridiculous to Han 3,000, after all, since childhood, Han Jun has never treated Han 3,000 as a younger brother, except for beating and scolding without any love and care, and under Nangong Qianqiu's indulgence, Han Jun treats Han 3,000 like a servant, and what he tells Han 3,000 to do, if Han 3,000 doesn't do well, Han Jun will definitely beat and kick him, and even if he does, Han Jun will try to make things difficult for him.

        With such a brother, would Han 3000 really have any love for him?


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