His True Colors Chapter 734-736


His True Colors Chapter 734

Talking about this matter gave Han 3000 a bit of a headache, as he was now confused about Nangong Boling's purpose, and the sudden recognition of his master made it even more difficult for Han 3000 to figure out the original reason for it.

        "Let's go back inside and talk." Han Three Thousand sighed.

        Han Tian Yang took a glance at Yan Jun, the omen seemed to be different from what they had guessed ah.

        The two of them hurried to keep up with Han Giang's pace and returned home.

        "What's going on?" Sitting on the living room sofa, Han Tian Yang couldn't wait to ask.

        "Nangong Boling has made a request of me," Han Qianqiang said.

        Han Tian Yang laughed disdainfully, Nangong Boling was now begging Han Qianli to be the head of the Nangong family ah, he dared to make a request to Han Qianli, isn't that silly, how is he qualified to make a request to Han Qianli.

        "Is he insane, and he dares to make demands on you?" Han Tian Yang asked.

        "He used the Nangong family's power as a bargaining chip, while I, on the other hand, wanted better security for Su Yingxia and Han Nian," Han Giangli said.

        As soon as he heard this Han Tian Yang understood that even though Han Three Thousand had a unique advantage in negotiations, Nangong Boling had poked at Han Three Thousand's weakness, and he would do anything for Su Ying Xia and Han Nian.

        "What are his demands?" Han Tian Yang was curious.

        "He's going on a trip to the apocalypse, but he didn't tell me why," Han Three Thousand said.

        Han Tian Yang subconsciously looked at Yan Jun, but faced with this kind of thing, Yan Jun could only shake his head; after all, he knew so little about the apocalypse that he had no basis to guess what Nangong Boling actually wanted.

        "Furthermore, he asked Nangong Yan to kneel down to me and recognize me as his master." Han Giangli continued.

        Han Tian Yang and Yan Jun's eyes simultaneously flashed with a puzzled apprehension.

        As Nangong Yan was Nangong Boling's own grandson, the weight of his position wasn't as great as Han Qian, but there was no need for him to acknowledge Han Qian as his master, this behavior was just too strange.

        "What does Nangong Boling mean by this, does he really not want the dignity of the Nangong family anymore, and he's actually asking Nangong Yan to kneel to you." Han Tian Yang was confused.

        Han Giangli sighed and said, "If I knew what he meant, I wouldn't need to be troubled."

        At that moment, Yan Jun spoke up, "Could it be that Tianqi has something that Nangong Boling wants, so he's willing to offer up the position of family head, even selling the Nangong family's dignity, in exchange for your trust."

        "Something?" Han Giangli frowned tightly, Nangong Boling shouldn't know much about the apocalypse, so how could he be interested in something about it?

        Could it be that Nangong Boling still knew something about the apocalypse?

        "It's not impossible, it's only when you have something to ask for that you have something to give, and since Nangong Boling has given so much, what he wants to get must be worth a lot as well." Han Tian Yang agreed with Yan Jun's words, as he couldn't think of any other possibility other than that.

        "It seems that Nangong Boling should have other knowledge about the apocalypse, and this old thing is playing me." Han Three Thousand said with hatred.

        "Three thousand, the initiative in this matter is still in your hands, so you don't need to rush to settle the score with Nangong Boling, although no one in Cloud City now dares to do anything against Ying Xia and Nian'er, there is the Nangong family's hidden power that will eventually provide better protection for them." Han Tian Yang reminded.

        Han Giang nodded his head, he naturally understood this and would never go and tear his face off with Nangong Boling at this point, but his curiosity about this thing was somewhat out of control.

        "You mustn't go to the next oldest old man, if the next oldest old man finds out what Nangong Boling is asking of you, you might not be taken seriously in the future if you upset the next oldest old man." Han Tian Yang instructed, fearing that Han Qianxiang would find the next oldest out of curiosity and instead ruin things.

        "En." Han Three Thousand sighed and could only suppress this curiosity for the time being.

        "We're going back to Yanjing tomorrow, are you ready?" Han Tian Yang changed the subject and asked Han Qian Qian.

        Han Qianli smiled faintly, it was just a trip back to Yanjing, what else was there to prepare for and said, "Grandpa, Yanjing to me is just a city a little bigger than Cloud City, the rest is no different."

        Han Tian Yang laughed, it's just a little bigger? He liked to hear such overbearing words.

        "Yanjing is now boiling, but after those words of yours were sent back to Yanjing, I don't know how much anger it has caused." Yan Jun smiled.

        Han 3000 had asked Mo Yang to send a message back to Yanjing, and those words caused a strong shock in Yanjing, but anyone who had the slightest problem with the Han family was furious, asking them to go kneel in front of the Han family's compound and ask for punishment was not something those giants could accept, and even just because of those words, it made them feel deeply insulted, and one by one, they could not wait to cramp Han 3000's muscles and skin.

        "Anger is good, the angrier the better, it's best to be able to take the initiative and send them to the door, not bothering to find them one by one and wasting time." Han Three Thousand smiled.

        Han Tian Yang shook his head helplessly and said, "You kid, you're much more domineering than I was back then, it's about time to let them know that my Han family has a son named Three Thousand, they need to see how powerful you are."

        "Grandpa, I can't compare to you, without you, where would I be," Han 3,000 said.

        Han Tian Yang laughed freely, this flattery obviously made him very comfortable.


        Han Three Thousand's words had spread throughout high society, but many people held a disdainful attitude towards it, even if they knew that Han Tian Yang was still alive, they were not as fearful of Han Three Thousand as they used to be.

        After all, in their opinion, Han Tianyang was already old and no longer had the sharpness he had back then, and the situation in Yanjing was no longer what it used to be, and the Han family's influence on the entire Yanjing was insignificant, so who would take Han Three Thousand's words seriously?

        "This Han brat really doesn't know what he's talking about, and he dares to say such arrogant things."

        "It's ridiculous that Han Jun who was expected to have high hopes is still living and dying in Qin City, and he dares to say such arrogant things."

        "If he really dares to come back this time, I'm afraid he won't have the life to leave alive."

        "The few families that have a grudge against the Han family have recently hired countless expert bodyguards, I really want to see how that guy Han 3,000 will die, but don't thunder loudly, I'm still waiting to see the fun."

        Comments such as these spread through the high society, no one was optimistic about Han Three Thousand's trip back to Yanjing, and even in many people's eyes, Han Three Thousand was back to make a joke.

        The Zhong family.

        The four-ring manor villa covering nearly four acres of land appeared very luxurious and majestic, the villa alone revealed a majestic momentum, which was not only a symbol of money, but also a symbol of status, because even if one was rich, one might not be able to occupy such a large area to build a private villa in such a location.

        The Zhong family had become the first bird out of the gate against the Han family after Han Li's death, and even wanted to annex the Han family's properties, their ambitions were huge, and after Han 3000's words were transmitted back to Yanjing, the same Zhong family that felt the most anger.

        "This Han 3,000 has the audacity to openly let out words to provoke my Zhong Family." Zhong Mingguo, the Zhong Family's current grandmaster, or head of the family, had a flat expression, but his eyes burned with anger.

        "Grandpa, but I heard that this trash died of illness a long time ago, I didn't think he was driven out of the family by the Han family and fled to Yun City, and now he's back to make this scene, this Han family is too stupid to find an abandoned son to come back and scream." The person who spoke was named Zhong Tianyi, a leader of the Zhong family's younger generation with very impressive abilities.

        Zhong Mingguo had given several juniors in the family a chance to do the same, allocating five million each as investment funds, Zhong Tianyi won this test with an absolute advantage, and now even without relying on the Zhong family, Zhong Tianyi's personal assets reached over one billion.

        "Not only is he an abandoned son, after he went to Cloud City, he even became a door-to-door son-in-law for a small family, the entire Cloud City is calling him a wimp." Another person said with a face full of mockery, while everyone else present couldn't help but laugh out loud at this statement.

        It was ridiculous for a son of the Han family to go as a door-to-door son-in-law.

His True Colors Chapter 735

"No matter what kind of trash he is, since he said such words, he should pay the price." Zhong Mingguo interrupted the laughter of the crowd, then turned to look at the few grandchildren.

        These people knew that this was a chance to show off in front of Zhong Mingguo, so they were scrambling to take over the matter in order to prove their excellence in front of Zhong Mingguo.

        Similar to a large family like the Zhong family, the competition for succession was very cruel, and even sibling rivalry was not an uncommon thing, after all, it involved a huge estate that no one wanted to fall into the hands of others, and if they wanted to inherit it, they had to get Zhong Mingguo's approval.

        Among the several grandchildren, Zhong Tianyi was the only one who had remained silent and also looked like he didn't want to get involved in this matter at all.

        "Tianyi, don't you have any interest in this matter?" Zhong Mingguo specifically asked Zhong Tianyi, from this sentence it could be seen that he paid extra attention to Zhong Tianyi.

        Zhong Tianyi smiled faintly and said, "Grandpa, this kind of waste, there's no need for me to do anything, just leave it to them, those who are in the top position, only care about the big things, naturally, the small things should be handed over to others to handle, otherwise they will tire themselves out."

        Zhong Tianyi's words instantly caused the other people to be dissatisfied, what do you mean by those in the upper echelons are only in charge of the big things, by saying this, he clearly placed himself at a special height, while the other people, their status naturally fell short of him.

        "Zhong Tianyi, what do you mean by this, acting like you're on top, are we just inferiors?"

        "I think you're afraid to deal with Han 3,000, so don't act like you're a bull."

        "Do you have any other skills besides pretending to be something you're not?"

        Several people disdainfully crusaded against Zhong Tianyi, but Zhong Tianyi's expression was always calm as water, without any waves, as if these verbal attacks couldn't produce any emotional turmoil for him at all.

        "What are you guys so anxious about, I'm telling the truth, it's just a piece of trash, what's the point of fighting over it, this kind of trash is not something that the Zhong family can handle with one hand." Zhong Tianyi said indifferently.

        This statement made a few people unable to refute, Han 3000 was indeed a piece of trash in their eyes, and there was indeed little point in fighting over it, after all, even if they dealt with this kind of trash, they couldn't show themselves as powerful, instead it was just a matter of course.

        In terms of his mentality in dealing with things, Zhong Tianyi was clearly a level higher and more stable than the others, and he knew very well how much significance a matter could bring to him, and whether it was worth his time.

        This point made Zhong Mingguo nod in satisfaction, what the Zhong family needed was not a reckless person at the helm, but a calm and unperturbed successor, only then would the Zhong family be able to develop better, Zhong Tianyi clearly met this requirement.

        "Tianyi, since that's the case, this matter doesn't need you to step in, you go do your own thing." Zhong Mingguo said.

        "Thank you, grandpa, wasting time on such a trivial matter is indeed too worthless." Zhong Tianyi smiled.

        "Grandpa, since Zhong Tianyi thinks it's a trivial matter and doesn't want to do it, please leave it to me, I can give you my word that Han Qianli won't even get out of the airport, I want this loser to kneel down and retract those words, then I want him to roll back to Yun City and never appear in Yanjing again for the rest of his life." Zhong Tianli stood up and said with a firm face.

        Zhong Tianyi smiled faintly, he and Zhong Tianli had never been at odds, so he knew that Zhong Tianli's words were directed at him, trying to overwhelm him in momentum, but the more Zhong Tianli had this impatient desire to perform, it meant that Zhong Tianli felt inferior to Zhong Tianyi.

        "Zhong Tianli, I heard that your company has recently fallen into an economic crisis, are you still in the mood for this crap?" Zhong Tianyi smiled.

        Zhong Tianli's face became extremely ugly when he heard this.

        At first, Zhong Mingguo had also given him five million, but his company was completely worlds apart compared to Zhong Tianyi, not only was there a financial crisis, there were even countless debts weighing on him, and there was no comparison at all to Zhong Tianyi's billions.

        "Zhong Tianyi, it's not just business acumen that will support an entire family." Zhong Tianli said disdainfully.

        Zhong Tianyi laughed dumbly and said, "Money is the only way to hire more experts, can you deal with Han Qianqian on your own?"

        "Of course, even ten Han 3,000 won't be a match for me." Zhong Tianli said.

        A faint smile flashed in Zhong Tianyi's eyes, it seemed that this fool didn't know much about Han 3,000 and actually thought he was Han 3,000's opponent, since he thought so, he could totally use Han 3,000's hand to get rid of this thorn in his side.

        "If you can get Han Three Thousand Year to roll back to Yuncheng with one of your own, I'll give you my company with both hands, how about it?" Zhong Tianyi said with a dark provocation.

        Zhong Tianli was stunned, there was even such a good thing! Zhong Tianyi's company was worth billions, so if he could get his hands on Zhong Tianyi's company, he would turn over a new leaf.

        "You won't keep your word in front of grandpa." Zhong Tianli sneered.

        "Of course I won't, a promise is a promise, I definitely keep my word Zhong Tianyi." Zhong Tianyi affirmed.

        "A promise is a promise, you quickly go and prepare the equity transfer letter, hahahahaha." Zhong Tianli laughed out loud.


        Zhong Tianyi cursed in his heart, if this guy didn't bring the Zhong family bodyguards, he would be looking for death if he went to trouble Han 3000.

        "In that case, let Tian Li handle this matter." Zhong Mingguo opened his mouth and hammered away.

        Zhong Tianli said with a grateful face, "Thank you grandpa, I won't let you down."

        Yun City.

        When Han Giang asked Shi Jing about the situation in Yanjing, Shi Jing also mentioned the Zhong family, after all, the Zhong family was the first family to exert pressure on the Han family, and it could be said that the entire Yanjing began to target the Han family because the Zhong family led the way, and the others were the only ones who went before and after.

        "Guns to the head, this Zhong family can save me a lot of things." Han Giangli said with a smile, he was worried that there were too many enemies and he would waste a lot of time in Yanjing, but with this Zhong family here, things became much easier.

        As a starter and the most powerful of all the big families, once the Zhong family was dealt with, the others would naturally come to Han's compound to kneel down and apologize when they saw that the seedlings were wrong.

        "The Zhong family's power in Yanjing nowadays cannot be underestimated, you have to be careful." Shi Jing reminded Han Qianli.

        This statement made Han Tian Yang couldn't help but laugh, with Han Three Thousand's current strength, he didn't have to put worldly experts in his eyes at all, the Zhong family was rich, could it still compare to the Nangong family? As for the Zhong family's force level, it was even more needless to say that even if the Zhong family gathered all their thugs now, they would not be a match for Han 3000.

        "Don't worry about it, with 3000's ability, even ten Zhong families won't help." Han Tian Yang said.

        Shi Jing naturally understood how powerful Han Qianqian was, and her advice to Han Qianqian was just a sign of her own concern.

        The next day, the Han family and their entourage, appeared at Cloud City Airport, and apart from He Ting and Su Guoyao, who remained in Cloud City, everyone else boarded the plane, including Jiang Ying Ying.

        The reason why Han Qianli brought along Jiang Yingying was that she needed to be able to adapt to the different facets of this society as quickly as possible, after all, she would have to face the unknown apocalypse in the future and needed time to accept different things.

        On the plane, Han Three Thousand turns into a full-time baby daddy, holding Han Nian the entire time, the little girl is now at the age of the moon, almost in the stage of sleeping and eating, rarely awake to play, but being held in Han Three Thousand's arms, she did not close her eyes the entire time, has been staring at Han Three Thousand, as if she recognized Han Three Thousand in general.

        Su Yingxia joked that perhaps she had drunk poor quality mumba soup, that's why she remembered her last life's lover.

        Joking and teasing along the way, the plane soon landed at Yanjing Airport.

        At this time, outside the airport, Zhong Tianli, a one-man army, was waiting for Han Qianli.

        This is Zhong Tianli's chance to prove himself and save the company, he will not let himself slip up, and he usually has boxing training, but even more so, he has an almost inflated heart advantage.

        A family abandoned, but also to someone else as a son-in-law, what can be capable of, this kind of waste Zhong Tianli still worried about whether he can eat his own punch.

His True Colors Chapter 736

"Isn't that Zhong Tianli, tall and powerful, so handsome."

        "I didn't expect him to look even more handsome in real life, he perfectly fits the image of Prince Charming in my mind."

        "It would be great if I could marry into the Zhong family, I'll never have to worry about not being able to afford a famous brand again in my life."

        Zhong Tianli was very high-profile in Yanjing, so after being recognized, he attracted a lot of women's infatuated eyes.

        And Zhong Tianli very much enjoyed this kind of moment of being noticed, it would make him feel like he was above the rest, if he didn't have something to do, there were a few good looking girls that he could ask for contact information instead, and he could still play in private.

        But today was the time for Zhong Tianli to prove himself, he didn't want to delay his business because of his beauty.

        At this moment, a very mature and voluptuous woman walked up to Zhong Tianli and deliberately took off her jacket, holding her head high and showing off her proud figure.

        "Zhong Tianli, I dare you to go to the hotel with me and have some fun, I can make you get out of bed, believe me?" The woman said.

        Zhong Tianli had encountered many fancy ways of picking up women who all held a belief in marrying into a noble family, but being so straightforward was a first for Zhong Tianli.

        And this woman in front of him was indeed very tasty, like a ripe peach, one couldn't help but want a taste of her.

        "Not today." Zhong Tianli faintly shook his head.

        The woman puffed out her chest again, clearly not too happy, and said, "Don't dare?"

        Zhong Tianli smiled disdainfully and said, "There's nothing I wouldn't dare to do, but right now, I have something more important to do."

        "I'll wait for you." The woman said.

        "Good." The corners of Zhong Tianli's mouth turned up, it wouldn't take too long to get Han Qianli to roll back to Cloud City, and it would be nice to have some fun with this woman later.

        It didn't take long for Han Qianli's crowd to appear at the entrance of the airport, and Zhong Tianli's face was covered with coldness when he saw Han Qianli.

        But the woman standing beside him quickly lowered her head after being stunned for a moment.

        Zhong Tianli couldn't wait to walk towards Han 3,000, he couldn't wait to send the good news back to the Zhong family and wanted Zhong Tianyi to see what he could do.

        When Han Giang saw Zhong Tianli, although he didn't know who this guy was, this guy had a clear purpose, walking straight towards him and looking at him all the time, he was obviously looking for trouble.

        To Su Yingxia who was holding Han Nian beside him, he said, "Yingxia, you stand beside grandpa."

        Su Yingxia also saw Zhong Tianli, and hurriedly went behind Han Nian so that Han Nian wouldn't be mistakenly injured, and at the same time, Yan Jun also protected Su Yingxia's right side in case there were other people raiding her.

        "You're Han Qiannian?" Zhong Tianli asked.

        "What you're saying isn't nonsense." Han Qianqian said indifferently.

        "Surely you're arrogant enough to dare to make such a statement in Yanjing, but do you know what price you have to pay for being arrogant." Zhong Tianli said coldly.

        "I guess you're probably thinking of how to teach me a lesson in your head, but if you want to teach me a lesson, you have to recognize your own strength, so I advise you not to embarrass yourself in public." Han Qianli kindly advised.

        At that moment, Shi Jing, who was beside him, said to Han Three Thousand, "He's from the Zhong family."

        It dawned on Han Three Thousand Thousand that someone from the Zhong family had been sent to his door so quickly, but in that case, he couldn't simply be let go.

        "Han Three Thousand, you really don't know what's good for you." Zhong Tianli took off his jacket, revealing exaggerated muscle lines, this level of muscle was very bluffing, at least ordinary people would definitely be jealous when they saw it.

        But to Han Giangli, it was like a three-year-old's showing off, not worth being afraid of, and even making him want to laugh.

        "Is the Zhong family all muscle-bound simple-minded guys like you, if that's the case, I really doubt if I'm overly attached to the Zhong family." Han Giangli said contemptuously.

        Zhong Tianli's eyes glazed over, for a big guy like him, the phrase he hated to hear the most was that he was simple-minded with developed limbs, so this made him angry.

        Likewise, Han Qianli's words also surprised the people nearby, they all knew that the Zhong family was very powerful in the current Yanjing and could be considered a very famous family, and Han Qianli was provoking Zhong Tianli in public, this kind of behavior was simply seeking death.

        "Who is this guy, how dare he not take Zhong Tianli seriously."

        "Probably a fool from out of town, who dares to even provoke Zhong Tianli."

        "What from out of town, look at that middle-aged woman behind him, if I'm not mistaken, she should be Shi Jing from the Han family."

        "Han family? Isn't Han Jun in jail, who is he."

        Those who really knew that the Han family still had Han 3,000 were a minority, and most of these people were from the high society, to these ordinary people, the word Han 3,000 was something they had never heard of, this was the sadness that Han 3,000 had once been, as the young master of the Han family, but it had come to such an unknown point.

        This was all thanks to Nangong Qianqiu, if it wasn't for Nangong Qianqiu placing Han Three Thousand under house arrest and not taking him to any public places, Han Three Thousand wouldn't be so unknown.

        But for the current Han Three Thousand, he didn't need to be bothered with this, because soon, the entire Yanjing would get to know him again.

        "Daughter is hungry." At this moment, Su Yingxia said to Han Three Thousand.

        Han Three Thousand nodded and said, "Give me a minute, I'll get it done as soon as possible."

        This statement made Zhong Tianli even more furious, he didn't expect Han Qianli to be so unconcerned about him and want to get rid of him for a minute.

        "Han Qianqian, if I don't waste you today, my name won't be Zhong Tianli." Zhong Tianli gritted his teeth and said.

        "'You have five seconds left to think of a new name.'" Han Giangli said and approached Zhong Tianli step by step.

        Zhong Tianli had a huge head advantage, so he wasn't at all worried that he would lose to Han 3,000.

        The same was true for those who were watching, after all, their intuitive feeling was that Zhong Tianli was bigger than Han 3,000, so they would naturally think that Han 3,000 was no match for Zhong Tianli.

        But in the next scene, such thoughts made them look foolish.

        Zhong Tianli didn't have any time to react as he was hammered in the chest by a punch, and then a painful scream erupted as he fell backwards uncontrollably.

        Those who were watching couldn't dodge and were knocked down by Zhong Tianli.

        The crowd that was originally discussing the matter was silenced in an instant, and the silence in the vicinity seemed strangely strange.

        No one had expected that Han Qianli would take care of the big man Zhong Tianli with just one punch.

        Everyone's eyes completely changed when they looked at Han Marchant again, becoming incredulous and unbelievable.

        "This guy, he's too powerful, Zhong Tianli didn't even resist a single punch."

        "Zhong Tianli's muscles are too useless, he can't even resist a punch this much, is this paper mache?"

        "This is a disgrace, the Zhong family has lost face."

        Zhong Tianli fell to the ground, the sharp pain from his chest hadn't dissipated yet, he didn't even have the strength to get up.

        At this moment, Han Qianli walked up to Zhong Tianli and looked at him condescendingly.

        "It looks like the muscles you've built up from the egg forbidden are of little use." Han Qianqian said indifferently.

        Zhong Tianli didn't expect things to end up like this, before he was worried that Han Qianli couldn't withstand a punch from him, but what he thought turned out to be a complete reversal of his stance, turning out to be that he couldn't stand a punch from Han Qianli.

        How was this possible!

        "It's not over yet." Zhong Tianli said reluctantly.

        Han Qianli stepped on Zhong Tianli's chest, Zhong Tianli tried to struggle away, but he was horrified to discover that Han Qianli's foot was like a thousand pound boulder pressing down on him, making it impossible for him to move.

        "Tell the Zhong family that I, Han Third Thousand, will personally pay a visit, and at that time, the entire Zhong family will need to kneel down to welcome you." Han Qianli said.

        Kneel to greet!

        These words once again caused the crowd to boil over.

        What kind of existence was the Zhong Family, Zhong Mingguo was a big man standing on the pyramid, how could he kneel to him.

        "This guy is crazy to provoke the Zhong family like this."

        "Looks like there's a lot of excitement this time, I don't know how the Zhong family will deal with him."

        "This brat doesn't know whether he's dead or alive, but this kind of arrogance is quite refreshing, it's just a pity that I don't know if he can bear the price of arrogance."


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