His True Colors Chapter 731-733


His True Colors Chapter 731

The gates of the house and courtyard had been broken, and it looked like they had obviously been vandalized, so it seemed that someone else had broken into their home after He Ting and Jiang Ying Ying had left here.

        The courtyard was overgrown with weeds, almost no place to land, and some of the grass was as high as a meter.

        Every window in the home, not a single piece of glass was intact, and it was also smashed, which if there wasn't any deep hatred, Han Qianli really didn't understand the mentality of the people who did this.

        "The door was smashed, the window was smashed as well, there are quite a few unruly people in this village." Han Three Thousand said faintly.

        Upon hearing this, Liu Wei got nervous again and quickly said, "The window was smashed by Little Black, before He Ting and her mother and daughter hadn't left, there wasn't a good piece of glass in the house."

        "No wonder Ying Ying hates Xiao Hei so much, it seems that just beating him up is not enough." After a pause, Han Qianqian said to Mo Yang, "Get that guy for me."

        "Yes." Mo Yang nodded and immediately turned around and left.

        In less than five minutes, Little Black was dragged over by Mo Yang, who was already so scared that he didn't even have the strength to walk.

        "Did you smash the glass here?" Han Marchiang asked.

        Little Blackie couldn't speak with a dry mouth, he could only nod, he wanted to deny it, but Liu Wei was there, even if he didn't admit it, it would be useless, after all, the whole village knew about this matter.

        "What kind of grudge?" Han 3,000 asked.

        "I ...... I'm just messing around," Little Black said.

        "Just messing around?" The corners of Han Qianli's mouth rose slightly, revealing a smile full of coldness as he said, "Building your own happiness on top of someone else's pain, you only think this is a joke?"

        Little Black felt a killing intent from Han Qianqian's tone, scared out of his wits and said, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I used to be small and ignorant, that's why I did such a confused thing, I'll immediately have it replaced, with a brand new one."

        "What's the use of a brand new glass, can it erase the previous pain?" Han Giangli suddenly opened his hands and stretched out a lazy waist.

        With such a simple movement, Little Black was so frightened that he thought he was going to be beaten and shivered all over.

        "How should this kind of person be taught a lesson?" Han Qianqiang asked to Mo Yang.

        Mo Yang smiled hideously and looked at Little Black and said, "A pane of glass breaking an inch of bone is very reasonable."

        An inch of bone?

        Not to mention that Xiao Hei was scared out of his wits when he heard this, even Liu Wei, who had nothing to do with him, almost couldn't stand.

        Where on earth did these people come from, speaking with such an imperiousness!

        "Brother, please forgive me, I know I was wrong, please give me another chance, I will be honest in the future." Xiao Hei knelt on the ground, he didn't want to have his bones broken, if he was crippled, wouldn't all the people in the village who had been bullied by him in the past have to seek revenge on him.

        "There's a lot of grass in this house." Han Qianli faintly said.

        Comprehending Han Qianli's words, Little Black crawled into the courtyard and then started pulling out the grass, saying to Han Qianli, "Big brother, let me do these rough jobs, I don't know anything else, my grass pulling skills are absolutely first-rate."

        Mo Yang laughed disdainfully, it was hard to get a chance to do something, but he didn't expect this guy to get away with it, but his brain was quite quick, and he instantly understood Han Qianqian's meaning.

        "Meaningless." Mo Yang said unhappily.

        "From today onwards, every week, I'll have someone inspect the yard, and if there's a single weed in the yard, you'll have to suffer very serious consequences." Han Giangli said to Little Black.

        Little Blackie nodded his head and said, "Brother, don't worry, I'll cover this area and make sure it's clean."

        Han 3,000 turned his head and continued to say to Liu Wei, "After we leave, in front of He Ting's deceased husband's grave, incense will continue to burn, one incense per day, this is a task for you."

        "Yes, yes, I'll make a note of it, absolutely rain or shine, not a single day will be delayed." Liu Wei should say.

        At 1pm, a new tombstone was delivered, and with the help of Han Qianqian and Mo Yang, He Ting's late husband erected a new tombstone.

        He Ting and Jiang Ying Ying both went back to their home and looked at the yard full of clean, not even a single weed, they knew it was Han 3000's doing and could only show their gratitude to Han 3000 with their eyes.

        Although this place was no longer inhabited, it was still a sentimental place for He Ting and Jiang Yingying, and before they left, they cleaned the house once until it was spotless.

        Before leaving, Han Giang called Liu Wei and Xiao Hei together.

        "Whether you are convinced in your hearts or not, my name is Han 3000, if you want revenge, come to Cloud City and find me, remember?" Han Three Thousand Thousand said to the two of them.

        Previously Liu Wei had always felt that the word 3000 was very familiar, until now when he knew Han Qianqian's full name, he finally understood who this big man standing in front of him was.

        Han Three Thousand Thousand!

        He's Han Gong-gon!

        Although the village chief stayed in the village most of the time, he would occasionally make a trip to the city to meet the top brass, and he had a deep understanding of the influence of the name Han Marchant in Cloud City, but he had never dreamed that he would be lucky enough to see Han Marchant with his own eyes.

        "Mr. Han, I didn't expect it to be you who made the trip." Liu Wei's voice trembled and said.

        "Since you know who I am, then the things I've explained to you will be completed honestly, otherwise you should know what will happen to you." Han Giangli said.

        "Yes yes yes." Liu Wei nodded his head as if he was pounding garlic, if he was still flustered before, thinking that he could stop doing those things after Han Qianli left, then now he no longer had half a thought about it, a daily incense burning would become his top priority for the rest of his life.

        Who would dare to disobey Han Qianli's order?

        Witnessing the convoy leave the village, Liu Wei finally let out a sigh of relief.

        A grimace flashed across Xiao Hei's face, for someone like him who was used to arrogance, he wouldn't shed a tear until he saw the coffin, and once Han 3,000 left, he felt he could ignore what Han 3,000 had said before.

        "What the hell Han 3000, trash, isn't it just bullying me with a lot of people." Little Black said disdainfully.

        Liu Wei laughed coldly, battling for a crowd? The weight of Han Qianqian's name was enough to trample the entire Cloud City, did he still need to rely on the number of people to be able to deal with trash like Xiao Hei?

        "Xiao Hei, I advise you, you better go to Cloud City and find out who Han Qianqian is, otherwise you won't have a chance to regret it." Liu Wei said.

        Little Black sneered and said, "Liu Wei, do you think I'm such a wimp like you, I have someone I know in the city, just make a phone call and we'll find out."

        "Then try it, ask your friend what will happen if you offend Han Qianqian." Liu Wei laughed lightly, this guy doesn't know how to live, he won't know regret until he's dead.

        Xiao Hei immediately touched the phone and dialed his friend's number.

        It was someone who hadn't been in contact for a long time, but after the call was connected, the two of them were still hush-hush with a false sense of humor.

        "By the way, do you know who Han 3000 is?" Little Blackie asked.

        The tone on the other end of the phone changed significantly and said, "Little Blackie, you've got a lot of f**king nerve, can you call Boss Han's name too?"

        "What kind of Ki Ba Han boss is that." Little Blackie said disdainfully.

        "Oh, Xiao Hei, I think you are just too long for your own life, Boss Han's current position in Cloud City is supreme, whoever sees it can't help but bend and bow, you know that, Mo Yang." The man said.

        "You're looking down on me too much, do you still need to ask about such things, of course I've heard of Mo Yang." Little Black said.

        "Heard of it, then do you know that Boss Han is still Mo Yang's boss?"

        Xiao Hei was stunned, feeling his mouth go agape, and said, "You, you mean, Mo Yang still has a boss?"

        "Nonsense, Boss Han is Mo Yang's top boss, the whole of Cloud City knows about this, you're staying in that sh*tty place, you're not too well-informed, and now the whole of Cloud City, whether it's the grey area or the business world, it's Boss Han who's in charge."

        Little Blackie took a deep breath, only then did he feel a chill down his back, he thought that Han Qianli had left and the village had become his world again, there was no need to care about what Han Qianli had said before, but only then did he realize how stupid his thoughts were.

        "Xiao Hei, you're not going to offend Boss Han, I'm grass, don't say you know me." The head of the caller said and hung up the phone in a panic, as if he didn't want to get involved with Little Black in the slightest.

His True Colors Chapter 732

On the way back to the city, He Ting said many words of gratitude to Han Qianqian, because if it weren't for Han Qianqian, she wouldn't have known if she still had the courage to return to the village in this life.

        Naturally, Han Qianqian didn't need He Ting's thanks for this, as he didn't feel that he had done anything, and this little thing was just a handful for him.

        More importantly, Jiang Ying Ying would follow him to the apocalypse and would face many unknowns, so Han Sangsan did this as a way to compensate Jiang Ying Ying in advance.

        Back to the mountainside villa, the next trip was a trip back to Yanjing, ancestor sacrifice is something like this for Han Three thousand himself, he is not too impressed, because every year the Han family ancestor sacrifice Nangong Qianqiu will not bring him, in the eyes of Nangong Qianqiu, Han Three thousand seems to be not a member of the Han family, so he is not qualified to do this thing.

        Once upon a time, Han Qianqian envied Han Jun for being able to kneel in front of the ancestral hall to offer incense to his ancestors, but after growing up, Han Qianqian realized that this idea was ridiculous, and since he wasn't treated as a member of the Han family, why should he be envious of something like ancestor worship?

        "Mom, I heard that after Dad's death, many world families exerted pressure on the Han family, so let's go back this time and settle the score by the way." Han Qianli said to Shi Jing.

        After Han Li's death, Nangong Qianqiu dominated power and was barely able to support the Han family's situation, but after the news of Nangong Qianqiu's death spread in Yanjing, Shi Jing faced all the pressure, even the world families that were once friends with the Han family were all eager to bite off a piece of fat from the Han family, during that period, Shi Jing had a very difficult time and even withdrew all the Han family's servants because those servants had been paid off.

        "Mom listens to you." Shi Jing said.

        "Mo Yang, send a message back to Yanjing, those who have done wrong to my Han family, give them one day to kneel in the Han family compound by tomorrow night and admit their mistakes, if they don't come, I will personally come to their door the day after tomorrow to settle the score." Han Qianqian said to Mo Yang.

        Mo Yang felt his blood boiling for a moment and said, "Leave it to me, make sure this news spreads all over the city."

        "Three thousand, you're even stronger than your grandfather was back then." Han Tianyang smiled and said, this was from the bottom of his heart, the more powerful Han Qianqian was, the more pleased Han Tianyang was inside.

        The Han family wouldn't fall because of his aging, but instead became stronger because of Han Qianxiang's existence, something Han Tian Yang had never dared to imagine before.

        "Grandpa, how can I compare to you, if it wasn't for you, the Han family wouldn't be here today." Han Qianli said.

        Han Tian Yang shook his head, he was just a pawn of the Nangong family, without the support of the Nangong family, he couldn't have developed the Han family to such a powerful level from nothing, compared to Han Qian Yang, but he had conquered everything with his own strength, even Nangong Boling was willing to let him, a person with a foreign name, become the head of the family, this wasn't something that anyone could do.

        "What are you and grandpa still being modest about, being able to have Nangong Boling personally come to Cloud City to meet you, this is something only you can do." Han Tian Yang said.

        Speaking of Nangong Boling, only then did Han Qianli suddenly think of this person and asked, "Has Nangong Boling already left?"

        "No, still staying in Cloud City, I guess I still want you to inherit the position of family head." Yan Jun said.

        Once the year was over, Han Three Thousand would go to the apocalypse, so where would there be time to go to the Nangong Family, and the position of family head was not something Han Three Thousand could even look at right now.

        But the Nangong Family had huge power after all, and being able to control this family would only be good for Han Three Thousand.

        "I'll go meet him." Han Qianqian said and took a look at Su Yingxia.

        Of course Su Yingxia wouldn't refuse, nodding her head, "Go early and return early, there's soup stew at home."

        "En." Han Giangli responded and turned to leave.

        Han Tian Yang had a thick smile on his face, and although he wanted to restrain it very much, he couldn't.

        "It's surprising that a huge family like Nangong would end up in the hands of my grandson." Han Tian Yang couldn't help but say.

        "Nangong Boling's obsession with the apocalypse isn't simple, something as sophisticated as him must have premeditated it." Yan Jun reminded.

        Han Tian Yang nodded his head, he naturally understood this shallow point, Nangong Boling was old and cunning, how could he serve the Nangong family's headship with both hands without seeking a reward? However, he wasn't too worried, after all, Han Three Thousand Years wasn't an oil-saving lamp.

        In terms of age, Han Three Thousand was much different from Nangong Boling, but in terms of scheming, Han Three Thousand definitely didn't lose.

        "I believe that 3000 won't fall short in this contest, after all, he controls the absolute initiative," Han Tian Yang said.

        Yan Jun nodded his head, he thought so as well.

        At that moment, Han Tian Yang noticed that Shi Jing looked as if she had something to say.

        "Say whatever you want to say," Han Tian Yang said.

        Shi Jing subconsciously looked at Su Yingxia, then said, "Dad, Han Jun is still in Qin City, it's almost New Year's Eve, do you want to pick him up?"

        Once when Han Jun pretended to come to Cloud City with Han 3000 and almost ruined Su Yingxia's life, Shi Jing knew that she shouldn't mention Han Jun at this time, but she couldn't help it, after all, Han Jun was also her son.

        When Su Yingxia heard this, she stood up without saying a word and went back to her room.

        Shi Jing sighed and looked a bit helpless.

        "Han Jun's imprisonment is his own fault, he's an adult and should pay for his actions." Han Tian Yang said, also as a grandson, Han Jun enjoyed the treatment of the Han family's young master, but his achievements were unbearable.

        On the other hand, Han 3000 had been ostracized by his family since childhood and had never enjoyed the young master treatment, but he had emerged from the mud with a splendor and even brought supreme glory to the Han family, compared to the two, the Han Jun in Han Tian Yang's eyes was not only useless, but even more unworthy of being called a member of the Han family.

        "Dad, he's completely useless now and can't do anything, so let him go home for the year." Shi Jing said.

        "Don't I know why he's useless? If he hadn't been so evil towards Su Yingxia, would Han Qianxiang have done this to him? Shi Jing, I'm warning you for the last time, don't mention this person in front of Han Giang and Su Yingxia." Han Tianyang said coldly.

        It wasn't that Han Tian Yang was desperate, but that Han Jun didn't deserve it, the consequences of that incident in the first place would have been unimaginable if Han Jun had gotten his way, Han Tian Yang didn't care what happened to Han Jun today, the evil consequences he had sown were not worthy of mercy.

        "I know." Shi Jing lowered her head and said, although she was indeed soft-hearted, the mistakes Han Jun had made were indeed not worthy of forgiveness, and she was not in a position to ask Han Qianqiang to forgive Han Jun.

        A certain hotel, after Han 3000 met up with Nangong Boling, Nangong Boling seemed very excited, the reason why he had stayed in Cloud City and didn't leave was because he wanted to meet Han 3000.

        "Three thousand, when are you planning to come back to the Nangong family with me, the succession of the head of the family still needs some ceremonies." Nangong Bo Ling asked.

        Han Three Thousand Thousand looked at Nangong Bo Ling's side, Nangong Yan, this guy was the only young generation still alive in the Nangong family, the position of family head should reasonably be handed over to him.

        "As soon as the year is over, I'll be going to the apocalypse, so I won't have time to return to the Nangong family with you." Han Giangli said.

        Nangong Boling looked embarrassed and said, "Can't you squeeze in a little time?"

        "The next old man is already in Cloud City, do you still want him to go with you to the Nangong family?" Han Giangli said.

        Nangong Boling's face changed, Did the next old man even come to Cloud City?

        Naturally, he wouldn't dare to delay such a big man, but what about the matter of the head of the family?

        "I'll be the head of the family, save those tedious ceremonies, but since I'm going to the apocalypse, I can't manage the Nangong family's affairs, so for the time being, Nangong Yan will manage these matters for me, what do you think?" Han Giangli said.

        "Of course there's no problem, you can do whatever you want, the Nangong family is yours, so naturally it's up to you to arrange it, but I hope you can promise me one thing." Nangong Bo Ling said.

        Han Qianqian had already guessed that Nangong Boling had some sort of purpose for the apocalypse, and now this old fox was finally going to show his tail.

        "What is it?" Han 3,000 asked.

        "I hope to go to the apocalypse in my lifetime, and you'll take me."

His True Colors Chapter 733

After Nangong Boling said this, his eyes looked at Han Qianliang with extreme urgency, and just from the look in his eyes, he could tell that he couldn't wait for this matter.

        This caused Han Qianli to frown.

        Nangong Boling should know very well that the apocalypse was not a place one could casually go to, so why would he have such an urgent need to go to this place? Did he know some secret of the apocalypse, or did the apocalypse have something he wanted?

        "Nangong Boling, you should know very well what kind of place the apocalypse is, if you want to go to the apocalypse, you have to get the approval of the apocalypse, and the only criterion for the approval of the apocalypse is the recognition of strength, you are already a year old, can you still meet the requirements of the apocalypse?" Han Giangli said.

        Nangong Boling shook his head and said, "Of course I can't reach it, but you can, and I'm sure that with your strength, you'll be able to achieve a good place in the apocalypse, and at that time, I hope you'll take me there."

        "Nangong Boling, why do you have to go to the apocalypse?" Han 3000 asked, this was too strange to him, because even if someone like him went to the apocalypse, so what could he do, at most it would just be a long journey, would Nangong Boling be eager to go to the apocalypse because of this, obviously not.

        For such a cunning businessman, interests were interchangeable, and the fact that he was willing to give up his position as the head of the Nangong Family in exchange for a promise like Han Qianqian's indicated that there must be some sort of interest involved.

        "I have my reasons, you just have to promise me," Nangong Boling said.

        "Even if I promise you now, there's nothing you can do with me if I don't keep my promise when the time comes," Han Giangli said.

        Nangong Boling's eyes glazed over, and after a long silence, he said, "I believe you're a man who keeps his promises."

        Han 3000 was indeed a man who cared about his promises, he never made promises to people easily, because in his opinion, as a man with a roof over his head, if he said something, he had to do it, and if he didn't, what kind of man was he, which was why he wanted to know why Nangong Boling had to go to the apocalypse.

        "If you don't tell me why, I don't want this Nangong family's head, after all, this heavy identity doesn't mean much to me," Han Giangli said.

        A trace of panic clearly flashed in Nangong Boling's eyes, but he quickly calmed down and said, "You want to help Fang Zhan find his daughter, this is something only the Nangong family's power can do, and the Nangong family's global power can protect your wife and daughter well, do you go to the apocalypse and not care about their lives?"

        When Han Qianqian heard this, her expression instantly went cold, and she suddenly reached out her hand and strangled Nangong Boling's neck, saying coldly, "Nangong Boling, are you threatening me? Do you know what the best way to neutralize a threat is?"

        Nangong Boling knew that with Han Qianqian's strength trying to kill him, all it would take was the force of his hands and he would be dead, but the stubbornness in his heart wouldn't let him compromise easily.

        "I'm not threatening you, I just want to tell you that when you go to the apocalypse, they'll need someone to protect them, and the Nangong family is the best choice," Nangong Boling said.

        Han Qianli looked at Nangong Boling with a torch-like gaze.

        Nangong Boling looked straight at Han Qianli with straight eyes and didn't escape Han Qianlian's gaze.

        After a long stalemate, Han Qianli finally released Nangong Boling, to him, nothing in this world was more important than the safety of Su Yingxia and Han Nian, before going to the apocalypse, he had to ensure the safety of Su Yingxia and Han Nian, the Nangong family, indeed possessed such strength.

        "Fine, as long as I'm qualified to take you there, I'll find you." Han Qianli compromised.

        Nangong Boling's eyes glowed as he nodded his head repeatedly and said, "Don't worry, from today onwards, the life and death of Su Yingxia and Han Nian is the life and death of me, Nangong Boling."

        After saying that, Nangong Boling turned his head to look at Nangong Yan and said, "Kneel down."

        Nangong Yan looked puzzled, why did he have to kneel down for a good reason?

        "I told you to get on your knees, don't you understand?" Seeing Nangong Yan stunned with dread, Nangong Boling scolded him.

        Nangong Yan had to kneel down on both knees, after all, this was his grandfather's order, he was not qualified to disobey it.

        "From today onwards, Han Qianqian is your master, after he goes to the apocalypse, the Nangong family's affairs will be managed by you for the time being, I want you to swear that you will never betray your master." Nangong Bo Ling said.

        These words not only shocked Nangong Yan to the point of disbelief in his heart, but even Han Qianxiang found them unbelievable.


        How could Nangong Boling have such a whimsical idea, this was letting the Nangong family's dignity on the ground to be trampled on, didn't he care at all about the Nangong family's face?

        "Grandpa, you ......"

        "Listen to me, it's no harm to you, swear it."

        Nangong Yan lowered his head, looking reluctant, he could accept Han Qianlian becoming the head of the Nangong Family, because Han Qianlian would go to the apocalypse, on some level, he was temporarily managing the Nangong Family, which was the head of the family in disguise, so he was able to convince himself of the obstacles in his heart.

        But now, Nangong Boling had come up with such an excessive condition that Nangong Yan couldn't accept, but he was the young master of the Nangong Family, how could he have a master with a foreign name? This was clearly asking him to be a dog.

        "If you don't do this, I will immediately expel you from the Nangong Family, and the Nangong Family will have nothing to do with you in the future." Nangong Bo Ling said.

        Nangong Yan took a deep breath, Nangong Boling's attitude was so strong that he didn't have any chance to resist at all.

        Disengaging from the Nangong family, Nangong Yan would lose everything he had now, which was also an outcome he could not accept.

        A generation of gentry, suddenly reduced to homelessness, this kind of disparity was too great for Nangong Yan.

        "I swear that from today onwards, I will never have the slightest intention of betrayal towards my master, or else the heavens will strike me down by thunder and I will not die a good death." Helplessly, Nangong Yan stretched out his right hand and made his vow with three fingers pointing towards the sky.

        Nangong Boling nodded his head in satisfaction and said to Han Three Thousand, "I believe in him and will never betray you."

        Han Qianqiang heaved out a sigh of bad luck, Nangong Boling suddenly played such a trick, it really boggled his mind, but he could feel that Nangong Boling was paying more and more attention to him.

        "If there's nothing else, I'll leave first," Han Giangli said.

        "I'll be waiting for you at the Nangong Clan." Nangong Boling bent his waist slightly, a gesture of respectful farewell to Han Three Thousand.

        Only after Han Three Thousand Years had gone far did Nangong Boling say, "Get up."

        Nangong Yan stood up, but his bowed head didn't rise because he was afraid that Nangong Boling would see his reluctant expression.

        "I know that you are very unhappy, but since grandpa wants you to do this, there must be a reason, as long as you do what I say, you will know how much you can get later, there is not much I can tell you now, but later you will know that this world, is not as simple as you think." Nangong Boling said indifferently.

        "Grandfather, will the benefits be able to smooth out my dignity?" Nangong Yan tried his best to moderate his tone, but still couldn't hide the hint of reluctance.

        Nangong Boling laughed and said, "Dignity? If you knew what benefit you could get, I dare say you wouldn't give this word a second thought, dignity is worthless compared to this benefit."

        Nangong Yan frowned, worthless, what benefit was there to give up on dignity, for the current Nangong family, was there anything they couldn't get?

        "Grandpa, can't you give me some insight?" Nangong Yan said.

        "With your current state of mind, you're not fit to know about this matter yet, so don't worry, one day I'll tell you, it's the biggest secret of my Nangong family."

        When Han Three Thousand returned to the hillside villa, Han Tian Yang and Yan Jun were coincidentally in the front yard tugging at the garden dead grass.

        "Grandpa, go back inside, it's so cold outside, just leave this to the property in the villa area." Han 3,000 said.

        "Three thousand is back, how was it, meeting with Nangong Boling, what did you say." Han Tian Yang asked curiously, in his opinion, the game between Han 3,000 and Nangong Boling would never fall short, so he was looking forward to how this process would unfold.


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