His True Colors Chapter 729-730


His True Colors Chapter 729

"I heard that you harassed her before." Han Qianqian asked with a cold face.

        Liu Wei was shocked when he saw the change in Han Qianqian's expression, this was obviously to take revenge on He Ting.

        Liu Wei didn't have his way back then, and even secretly spread some news against He Ting, deliberately having people reveal that he stayed at He Ting's house until late at night, just to smear He Ting, but he never thought that a village woman would be able to get to know such a big man a few years later.

        "I, I did harass her, but she'd rather die than obey, so I didn't do anything ah." Liu Wei said.

        "So, you admit to what you've done?" Han Qianqian finished speaking and stepped towards Liu Wei.

        Liu Wei was so scared that he broke out in a cold sweat and kept stirring his legs as a way to put distance between himself and Han Qianqian.

        "I did it, but it didn't make it, it's true, I'm not lying, if you don't believe me, you can go ask He Ting." Liu Wei quickly explained.

        "What did you do after you didn't get your way, what else did you do?" Han Qianqian continued to intimidate Liu Wei, with no intention of stopping at all.

        Feeling the distance between himself and Han Qianqian getting closer and closer, Liu Wei was so scared that his heart and liver were trembling, he knew that this kind of big man was not a big deal even if he killed him.

        "I, I also said bad things about her, I deliberately asked Cripple to help me spread the news that I left late at night at her house, I also said that she went to the city to be a mistress for someone and was kept by someone, as well as the fact that she sold her daughter." Liu Wei didn't dare to hide anything anymore, and tray out, telling the truth about what he had slandered He Ting.

        Now it was a shock to those villagers, they had thought that all these things were true, that it was He Ting who had done something unethical outside and that's why they had spread it back to the village, but they didn't expect that Liu Wei had made it all up himself.

        "You're really ruthless, you want to destroy what you can't get, right?" Han Giangli coldly said.

        At first, Liu Wei did think like this, in his opinion, He Ting man is dead, what can he do to satisfy him, but He Ting would rather die than obey, leaving him no way at all, that's why he had to smear He Ting, since he couldn't get it, let He Ting's reputation in the village become stinky.

        But when he did these things at first, Liu Wei didn't think it was a big deal at all, after all, He Ting was just a small village woman who had no ability to resist, who knew that a few years later, she had brought back such a powerful big shot.

        "I'm wrong, I know I'm wrong, please let me go, you're such a big shot, why bother with a fart like me." Liu Wei said.

        At this time, He Ting walked down from the car, the villagers saw her, all of them looked at her with envious eyes, after all, the villagers didn't have the chance to see this kind of luxury car like Rolls Royce more than a few times in their lifetime, but He Ting was able to return to the village in this kind of luxury car.

        "Hey, what great luck He Ting has had to meet such a big man."

        "Maybe there's some kind of doorway to it."

        "Don't talk nonsense, can't you see how Liu Wei has been beaten up, and still open your mouth to fart, you want to die."

        The man trembled in fear and quickly shut his mouth.

        He Ting walked up to Liu Wei and said viciously, "Do you know how badly these words have caused me, I don't even dare to go back to my own home."

        Liu Wei knelt directly in front of He Ting, he knew that in this situation, there was no choice but to admit his mistake, and it was indeed him who had caused He Ting back then.

        "He Ting, it's all because of my foul mouth, I deserve to die." Liu Wei slapped himself as he spoke.

        All the grievances that He Ting had suffered for so many years had all erupted at this moment, it wasn't enough for Liu Wei to hit herself, she needed to lash out to vent the anger in her heart.

        Liu Wei was beaten, he didn't even dare to say anything.

        Dozens of slaps went down, He Ting's own hands were hurting, as for Liu Wei's face, it was already very obviously swollen.

        "Mom, okay, don't hurt your own hand." Jiang Ying Ying stopped He Ting and comforted her agitation.

        In the crowd, a man about the same age as Jiang Ying Ying warbled, he was the same age as Jiang Ying Ying, and had never done anything to bully Jiang Ying Ying before, when she was still an ugly duckling, but he didn't expect that she had become so beautiful now.

        "Xiao Hei, weren't you quite close with Jiang Ying Ying before, now that she's developed, don't you find a chance to pull some strings?" One person next to him said to Little Black.

        Little Black unconsciously touched his nose, he was close to Jiang Ying Ying? That was pure bullsh*t, in the entire village, he was the one who bullied Jiang Ying Ying the most, but Jiang Ying Ying was really developed now, if he could get along with her, he might be able to follow along to the city and leave this poor countryside.

        "I don't know if she still remembers the past." Xiao Hei said with a bit of a guilty conscience, it was fine if Jiang Yingying forgot, but if she remembered, he and Liu Wei would end up in the same situation.

        "Let's try." The man encouraged.

        Hearing this, Xiao Hei couldn't hold back any longer and walked towards Jiang Ying Ying.

        "Ying Ying, do you still remember me?" Blackie asked.

        Gingerly she looked at the man, how could she forget this one.

        "Of course I remember, my hair, you're the one who pinned me down and cut it off, I begged you not to do that at that time, but you still cut off all my hair." Jiang Ying Ying said faintly.

        Xiao Hei was startled and quickly said, "Ying Ying, that was all because I was ignorant as a child, I didn't think you still remembered so clearly, it's all my fault, I'll admit my mistake to you."

        "Is it enough to admit your mistakes?" Han Marchian suddenly spoke up.

        Xiao Hei trembled in fear, he didn't know who Han Qianqian was, but he had beaten Liu Wei up as soon as he got out of the car, and this hot temper wasn't something he could pit against him.

        "Dude, this is between me and Ying Ying, we grew up as childhood sweethearts, she won't be particularly bothered with me." Little Black said.

        Han Marchan looked at Ying Ying, Jiang Ying Ying immediately said, "I only have a grudge against him, not only did he cut all my hair, he also used to hit me with stones, when I was a kid in the middle of winter, there wasn't a single window in my house that could block the wind, it was all smashed by him."

        Han Qianqian smiled faintly and said to Xiao Hei, "It seems that before you climbed the relationship, you completely failed to recognize how many bad things you had done before."

        Xiao Hei was too scared to look at Han Qianqian, so he had to say to Jiang Ying Ying, "Ying Ying, do you have to be so calculating about things you didn't understand when you were a child before, no matter what we grew up together, do you still want to seek revenge on me?"

        Before Jiang Ying Ying could speak, Han Qian Qian grabbed Little Black's neck and said in a cold voice, "This is not revenge, it's just returning the pain you brought her before."

        Xiao Hei felt his breathing becoming more and more difficult, he knew that it was useless to say anything to Han Qianqian, only if Jiang Ying Ying was willing to let him go could he avoid the pain of flesh and skin.

        "Ying Ying, make him let go of me, we're childhood sweethearts." Little Black said in a panic.

        "This Little Black is also really stupid, knowing that he has done so many shameful things, he still dares to take the initiative to come to the door."

        "It's not like you guys don't know the character of this guy Little Black, he's seeing that Jiang Ying Ying is developed now, can he miss this opportunity to climb the relationship."

        "This is stealing a chicken, he deserves it."

        No one among the villagers had the slightest sympathy for Little Black because they all knew his purpose of climbing relationships, it was just a pity that what he had done in the past was too much, this head on collision was simply a death sentence.

        "Brother 3000, I don't need you, I'll come myself." Jiang Ying Ying said.

        Han 3,000 smiled and let go of Little Black.

        Just as Xiao Hei was celebrating in his heart, feeling that with a woman's strength, he would at most take some pain, his entire body suddenly flew backwards, and in the process, Xiao Hei felt a pain in his chest that made him choke.

        Flying out ten meters away, Little Black smashed heavily into the ground, raising dust in the sky.

        When the villagers saw this scene, one by one, they were jaw-dropped, no one thought that Jiang Yingying actually possessed such terrifying strength, and a single punch actually knocked Little Black, a big living man, flying.

        "This ...... I'm not blinded." After speaking, the man rubbed his eyes, not daring to believe it.

        There were many others who made the same move, and they couldn't believe that Jiang Ying Ying had such great strength.

His True Colors Chapter 730

Blackie was in so much pain it was like it was killing him.

        Was this still the same cowardly girl that he had allowed to bully before?

        After slowing down, Little Black looked at Jiang Ying Ying with a frightened face, that kind of strength just now, even a strong man wouldn't necessarily have it, but she, why was she so fierce!

        Jiang Ying Ying walked step by step towards Little Black.

        Little Black was so scared that he subconsciously shook his head and said, "Jiang Ying Ying, what else do you want, isn't beating me enough?"

        "Enough?" Jiang Ying Ying smiled coldly and said, "How is this punch enough compared to when you used to bully me?"

        Little Blackie's reputation in the village has never been too good, belonging to a very domineering personality, when he was a child, almost all of his peers in the village were beaten by him, even now, he is very arrogant, the village will directly punch and kick anyone who doesn't like him, never showing mercy, so when he gets beaten, instead of getting sympathy from other people, it will be a great joy.

        "This Xiao Hei is evil on a regular basis, even Liu Wei doesn't dare to take care of him, but I didn't expect that he's now in the hands of Jiang Yingying."

        "He deserves it, who let him be so crazy, now he's getting his comeuppance."

        "But how could Jiang Ying Ying be so powerful, a girl with so much strength."

        As soon as she finished speaking, Jiang Yingying, who had just walked up to Little Black, grabbed Little Black's collar and directly lifted him up with one hand.

        This action even made people look horrified.

        Apart from Han Qianqian's faintly smiling face, everyone else present was wide-eyed with disbelief.

        Although Little Black was not large, he was an adult of over a hundred pounds, and to lift him up with one hand, how much strength did it take to do so?

        "Jiang Ying Ying, let go of me first, let's talk it over, I'll give you an apology, I'll give you an apology, can't I?" Little Black was filled with fear and panic.

        Jiang Ying Ying's face was expressionless, and she said in a cold voice, "I've told you these words before, but what did you do to me?"

        As soon as the words came out, Jiang Yingying kicked Blackie in the abdomen, but her hand didn't let go, and Blackie's body was swinging backwards in the air due to the heavy attack, like swinging on a swing.

        This kick even kicked out the heartbreaking painful screams of Blackie, miserable screams even those villagers can't bear to look at.

        At this moment, the villagers knew that Jiang Ying Ying was completely returning as a king to take revenge, fortunately, most of them were just silently bad mouthing their mother and son behind their backs, unlike Xiao Hei and Liu Wei who were so straightforward, of course, but anyone who had bad mouthing their mother and son would feel guilty after that, afraid that Jiang Ying Ying Ying would know those words and thus take revenge on them.

        "From today onwards, no one can bully me." The resentment that Jiang Ying Ying had accumulated for more than a decade poured out at this moment, and the moment she let go of Little Black, a punch was thrown out, and Little Black flew out towards the back again, this time not giving him the chance to scream, but directly making him faint and die.

        This scene couldn't help but look a bit numb to the bystanders, those villagers were all keeping their heads down, not even daring to look directly at Jiang Ying Ying's eyes.

        Liu Wei, on the other hand, was almost about to pee his pants in fright, sitting on the ground in a squat with weak legs, not even having the strength to get up.

        "He Ting, I was too confused in the past, that's why I slandered you, it's been so many years, please let me go, I won't dare to do it again." Liu Wei who didn't want to be beaten could only kneel on the ground and kowtow in apology.

        He Ting was full of grievances and hidden for so many years, she thought she would hate to cringe and skin Liu Wei, but when she saw Liu Wei kneeling down and kowtowing, she started to soften again, after all, she couldn't kill Liu Wei because of those things in the past.

        "Auntie He, what are you going to do with this person, I can be responsible for all the consequences." Han Qianqian asked to He Ting.

        All the consequences, that was almost scaring Liu Wei to death, having to make him kowtow even harder.

        He Ting sighed in her heart and said, "These things don't matter anymore, I want to go see my deceased husband's grave."

        "I'll lead the way, I'll lead the way." Liu Wei quickly said.

        Since He Ting didn't pursue the matter, Han Qianqiang naturally wouldn't say anything more, today, bringing them back as mother and daughter, the most important thing was to let the people of this village know that they were doing well now, to end those gossip, now that this purpose had been achieved.

        There was a special cemetery in the village, where almost everyone in the village would be buried after death.

        Arriving at He Ting's deceased husband's grave, the tombstone had been smashed, and the entire grave was covered with all sorts of weeds.

        He Ting and Jiang Ying Ying both started weeding the grave without saying a word, looking at the two with tears in their eyes, but Han Marchand wore a faint smile.

        Jiang Ying Ying's father had passed away for so many years, but He Ting hadn't remarried, pulling Jiang Ying Ying up on her own, and in some ways, He Ting and he and Mo Yang seemed to be kindred spirits, and after recognizing one person in this life who stayed close to each other, they would never get emotionally attached to another person.

        "Who smashed it?" Han Qianqian asked to Liu Wei.

        Liu Wei's heart trembled, even a simple conversation with Han Qianqian made him feel doubly stressed, facing a big man of this level, he didn't have the courage to speak a little louder.

        "I'm not too sure about this ......, after all, this place isn't guarded by people every day." Liu Wei said.

        "Help me find a few workers, I want to refurbish the cemetery and then find someone to carve and erect a monument, I'll give you half a day, can you do it?" Han Marchant said.

        "Can, can, I'll go do it right away." Liu Wei hurriedly nodded his head, don't say that he was only given half a day, even half an hour, Liu Wei could only promise, rejecting this kind of big man, giving him ten bears wouldn't work ah.

        Although the villagers didn't follow him to the cemetery, but they all watched from afar, and the discussion about He Ting and Jiang Ying Ying never stopped.

        Of course, now they didn't dare to speak ill of mother and daughter, but treated the matter with an envious attitude.

        "Now Jiang Ying Ying is a well-developed person, I didn't think that this kind of person could still appear in our village."

        "She's definitely a big figure in the city now, I didn't expect that after so many years, she's the one mixing the best in our village."

        "I don't know who said that their mother and daughter are begging for food in the city, they are dressed brightly and have so many luxury car escorts, can this be begging for food?"

        Liu Wei was quick, and in less than ten minutes, he found a few repair workers and even brought the materials together, but it would take some time to carve the tombstones.

        "The tombstones will be delivered in three hours, and if you think it's too long, I can have that side hurry up some more." Liu Wei walked up behind Han Qianli and said with trepidation.

        Han Qianli shook his head slightly, three hours wasn't long enough to even allow He Ting and her two daughters to tell old and new stories with the deceased.

        "Let's give them the place, after all these years, there must be a lot more to say." After Han Qianli said that, he left the cemetery.

        Liu Wei didn't dare to stay long, and left right behind Han Qianxiang.

        "Three thousand, how did Ying Ying become so powerful?" Mo Yang followed beside him and asked with a puzzled face, just now when he saw Jiang Ying Ying hit Little Black with that amazing strength, Mo Yang was also shocked beyond words inside, although he had heard about Qi Hu's defeat under Jiang Ying Ying, but hearing about it was ultimately not as shocking as seeing it with his own eyes.

        In Mo Yang's opinion, this was simply an impossible thing, how could Jiang Ying Ying's small body contain such terrifying strength?

        "Don't worry about this, it's a secret, and you won't tell anyone yet," Han Three Thousand said.

        Mo Yang trailed off, although he made a disgruntled look, but he was no longer curious inside, as long as it was something that Han 3000 didn't want to talk about, he definitely wouldn't force it.

        Liu Wei, who was following behind the two of them, had a trace of suspicion appear between his brows at this time, 3000, these two words were very familiar to him, like he had heard them somewhere, but couldn't recall them at the moment.

        "Liu Wei, take me to Jiang Yingying's house." Han Three Thousand said to Liu Wei.

        Liu Wei was thinking in his head about where the familiarity with the two words 3000 came from, but suddenly hearing Han Qianli's words, he became alert, which was a reaction that only came from subconscious fear of Han Qianli.

        "Okay, follow me." Liu Wei said.

        The countryside is all winding paths, fortunately there has been no rain recently, otherwise the roads would be muddy and difficult to walk on, after a few minutes, a few people arrived in front of a dilapidated cottage.


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