His True Colors Chapter 707-708


Chapter 707

Su Yingxia's words stunned the old lady and she frowned.

        This woman was Su Yingxia, how could that be?

        Today was Han Nian's Hundred Days Banquet, everyone in the Han family was at Bi Feng Manor, how could the real Su Ying Xia be here.

        The old lady's first instinctive reaction told her that the woman in front of her was deliberately trying to scare her with Su Yingxia's name.

        "Slutty fox, you really don't have any self-awareness ah, you look like this, can you be Su Yingxia, what a joke." The old lady said contemptuously.

        After saying that she looked at Han Qianqian again, the two of them obviously came together, the old lady couldn't help but laugh and continued, "If you were Su Yingxia, wouldn't he be Han Qianqian."

        Han Three Thousand nodded and said, "Old lady, you guessed it right, I am Han Three Thousand."

        The old lady laughed, were these two crazy, they dared to pretend to be Han Three Thousand and Su Yingxia, this was Cloud City, if the two of them did this and the real Han Three Thousand knew about it, would they still want to live?

        "The bull is about to be blown by you, I don't want to waste time with you, don't delay my registration." After saying that, the old lady gave a fierce push to Su Yingxia.

        Don't look at her an age, this kind of old lady's strength is not to be underestimated, they Konjac side, only in public transport will show, when jumping on the square dance or supermarket to grab discounts, this group of old people's strength is comparable to seventeen or eighteen teenagers.

        Su Yingxia was pushed back two steps, which caused Han Qianli's expression to rise a wave of discontent, although he did not think there was a need to bother with such old people, but she was so rude and unreasonable, this is not her age should have the right.

        At this time, a group of hospital leaders just passing by, saw the two sides of the quarrel, a middle-aged man showed a very dissatisfied expression, today just leadership to inspect, can not let the leadership to see this discordant scene.

        He was about to go forward to teach the two disrespectful young men in his eyes a lesson and behave properly in front of the leader when he noticed that the leader's expression changed drastically.

        Was it because of dissatisfaction.

        This made the middle-aged man even more annoyed and hurriedly said, "Leader, the current social climate is causing these young people to become more and more disrespectful of the elderly, I'm going to teach these two a lesson."

        "Fart your mother." The leader snapped at the middle-aged man.

        The middle-aged man looked confused, this leader was a very educated person, highly educated scholar and aristocrat, how could he suddenly burst into foul language.

        "Leader, did I, did I say something wrong?" The middle-aged man asked cautiously.

        The leader gritted his teeth and said, "Do you know who these two young men are, leaning on the old in front of them, who has the qualifications."

        After saying that, the leader walked quickly towards Han Qianqian and Su Yingxia.

        The middle-aged man still had a puzzled expression on his face, these two young people, could it be that they were the leader's acquaintances? But even if he was an acquaintance, it wouldn't make him so grumpy all of a sudden.

        And for such an insignificant little thing as cutting in line, is there a need to get on the bandwagon?

        Is there a need to get on the bandwagon, depending on who is being targeted, and what is supposed to be the public order, and if it can be disrupted because of age, what is the point of having that order?

        The old leader was in an unusually disturbed mood as he walked up to Han Qianqian and Su Yingxia.

        Although he didn't know Han Qianqian, but when Su Yingxia gave birth in the Women's and Children's Hospital, he personally went to visit, and the man who could hold Su Yingxia's hand in public, other than Han Qianqian, who else could it be?

        This is f**king Han Qianli, who in Cloud City now has the guts to be a jerk in front of Han Qianli?

        "Mr. Han, Miss Su." The leader shouted to the two with a respectful attitude.

        "You are ......" Su Yingxia looked at the visitor with confusion.

        "I visited you when Miss Su was giving birth in the Women's and Children's Hospital, but I'm just a small person, so it's normal for Miss Su to forget." The leader said.

        The middle-aged man who had just sneered at the two of them froze in place as if struck by lightning after hearing the leader's address to them.

        Mr. Han, Miss Su.

        To be able to make the leader's attitude so respectful, and with the surname Han and Su, it was natural to imagine who these two were.

        Han 3000, Su Yingxia!

        These two young people were actually these two big shots.

        The middle-aged man wiped a cold sweat from his forehead, feeling a cold breeze on his back, fortunately he had just been stopped by the leader, if he went to accuse these two, the consequences would be unthinkable, and they themselves were not at fault in this matter.

        "Sorry, I really forgot about it." Su Yingxia said with an apologetic face.

        "It's okay, it's my honor to be able to meet with Miss Su again." The leader quickly said.


        At this time, that old lady was crouched on her buttocks, her eyes looking at Han Qianli and Su Yingxia in horror.

        She was so weak on both legs, she couldn't stand up at all.

        "You'd better hurry home and tell your son that you've messed with the wrong people." The leader said to the old lady with cold eyes.

        The old lady was in a frightened trance, even her eyes were lax, she didn't think that the two people in front of her were really Han Qianqian and Su Yingxia.

        Recently, she hadn't heard much from her son about how powerful these two were, their status in Cloud City was unparalleled, and those who had offended Han Qianli in the past hadn't met a good end, but today she was actually arrogant in front of these two.

        More importantly, she had just very rudely pushed Su Yingxia, a push that was enough to propel their family into the abyss.

        "Miss Su, please follow me, with your status, you don't even need to register." The leader turned his head again and said to Su Yingxia.

        Su Yingxia was not a person who liked to travel privileges, especially in a place like a hospital, everyone who came to the hospital was waiting to see a doctor, and it was only natural to wait in line for a consultation, but since things had come to this point, she was in no mood to continue waiting any longer.

        When she arrived at the specialist's office, the leader directly found a group of sitting experts with old credentials, not daring to be a bit slow about this matter.

        In the face of the care of a group of doctors, Han 3,000 appeared a little helpless, this battle is like having some incurable disease, there is a feeling that the end of life is about to be declared.

        Fortunately, after a series of examinations, Han 3,000's body was not much of a hindrance, a group of leaders and doctors personally sent Han 3,000 to the entrance of the hospital, until they drove away only to breathe a sigh of relief.

        The middle-aged man thankfully said to the leader, "Old leader, it's fortunate that you're here today, otherwise I would have made a big mistake."

        "Any queue jumping is strictly forbidden from now on, since it's a rule, you have to enforce the rules strictly." The leader instructed the middle-aged man.

        "Yes yes yes, I will definitely pass on your order."

        Besides, that old lady, she had been disturbed since she returned home, and had taken several tranquilizing pills to no avail, and the thought of pushing Su Yingxia away from the scene made her very scared, afraid that she would harm the whole family because of such an action of hers.

        Unable to sit still, the old lady finally pulled out her phone and dialed her son's number.

        "Mom, what's wrong?" Liu Yi, who was at the table, received a phone call, his expression somewhat dissatisfied, because he was trying to get in touch with a group of business people at the table.

        Liu Yi only had a not too big or not too small company in Cloud City, this time cut his head to attend the 100th banquet, he wanted to meet more friends as a way to help the development of the company, after all, business connections were a very important part, the more people he knew, the wider the road could be.

        "You hurry back, something big has happened." The old lady said in an anxious tone.

        Go back?

        Liu Yi was able to attend the Hundred Days Banquet with great difficulty, and now that the banquet wasn't over yet, how could he go back, knowing that such an opportunity for Liu Yi would most likely only come once in his life, he was absolutely unwilling to let go of such a moment.

        And Liu Yi also wanted to say hello to Han Qianqian, so that Han Qianqian would at least have some impression of him, if he was lucky enough to get Han Qianqian's appreciation, his development in Cloud City would be as good as it could be.

        "What's wrong with you again, don't you know what I'm doing today?" Liu Yi lowered his voice and said through gritted teeth.

        "Your mother is in trouble, you should hurry back or our family will be finished." The old lady said with a crying voice.

        As soon as Liu Yi heard that the old lady was about to cry, he realized that things seemed to be really somewhat serious.

Chapter 708

Although he was very reluctant about the banquet and didn't want to miss this once-in-a-century opportunity, his old mother at home also made Liu Yi cut his heart out, so he could only endure the pain and leave early.

        Liu Yi knew that he had missed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and once such an opportunity was missed, it might never happen to him again.

        Returning home and seeing the old mother with a panicked face, Liu Yi quickly sat down beside her and comforted her, "Mom, don't be afraid, no matter what, I'm here."

        The old lady shook her head, her eyes filled with fear, she was a very unreasonable person in normal days, it was common to have arguments with other owners in the community, even the neighbors on the same floor had a very bad relationship, even those neighbors who shared the same elevator with her were unwilling, preferring to wait for a period of time, from these little things it could be seen that the old lady was indeed unpopular.

        But the old lady herself didn't feel that, because everything was helped out by Liu Yi, so she was used to it.

        But this time, the old lady knew how much trouble she had caused by being unreasonable, and Liu Yi might be able to solve all the other matters, but offending Han Qianqian and Su Yingxia was well beyond Liu Yi's ability.

        "Arguing with the other owners of the community again?" Liu Yi asked.

        The old lady shook her head, she was a little too afraid to tell Liu Yi about it.

        "Did you get your spot taken by someone for square dancing?" Liu Yi continued to ask questions.

        These little things were really commonplace for Liu Yi, they would be played out almost every day, but as a son, he was naturally helping his relatives but not his lover, and he should be responsible for standing up for his mother in everything.

        In terms of filial piety, there was absolutely no problem with Liu Yi, but the problem was that his filial piety was too over the top.

        "What was that all about?" Liu Yi was puzzled, thinking that it was hard to create any new problems.

        "I went to the hospital today to cut in line." The old lady said.

        Liu Yi smiled, what is there to be afraid of such a small thing like cutting in line, patted the old mother's shoulder and said, "Mom, it's all a small thing, what are you afraid of."

        "I cut in on Han Qianqian and Su Yingxia's team, and I even pushed Su Yingxia." With a fierce heart, the old lady told the matter, because she knew that hiding it might make the consequences of the matter worse, so it was better to let Liu Yi know as soon as possible so that he could find a way to solve the matter.

        "Who, who are you talking about!" Liu Yi mischievously stood up from the sofa, his head buzzing.

        "Han ...... Han 3000, and Su Yingxia." The old lady said.

        Liu Yi's face was pale as paper, and he sat back down on the sofa with his butt, but his spirit was clearly instantly dispirited for the most part.

        Han 3000, and Su Yingxia!

        These two names were like bolt from the blue to Liu Yi.

        The old lady had actually messed with these two people and had even pushed Su Yingxia.

        It was true that after the fight in Green Island, Han Giang was taken to the hospital by Su Yingxia, but how could things be so coincidental that his mother would run into him!

        "You, what else did you say?" Liu Yi knew that things could never be that simple, because he was well aware of the old lady's temper, and when that streak went up six relatives, no matter who it was, he would break into a curse.

        "I, I also scolded Su Yingxia and called her a slut fox." The old lady said.

        Liu Yi was so devastated by this statement that he had a dementia-like smile on his face.

        A slutty fox?

        How dare she call Su Yingxia a fox!

        Who is Su Yingxia now?

        In the entire Yun City, who dares to say anything wrong about Su Yingxia.

        In the past, those guys who spoke ill of Su Yingxia behind her back could not wait to shut their mouths for fear that Su Yingxia would settle accounts later.

        He worked hard to get the ticket to the 100th banquet, hoping to take this opportunity to open up more development paths for the company, he dreamed of growing the company, so that the old mother can live a better life.

        However, he never thought that his old mother would make such a big mistake when what he had tried so hard to achieve was still incomplete.

        At this moment, Liu Yi finally came to his senses, excessive filial piety and indulgence of the old lady had led to such a result today.

        If she hadn't been so blind, if she hadn't helped herself to wipe her ass to solve so many troublesome matters, perhaps her character wouldn't be like today.

        "It's my own fault, if I hadn't helped you with everything, never mind who the reasoning was on, you wouldn't be so unreasonable." Liu Yi said with a desperate face.

        The old lady never used to feel unreasonable, and even felt that everything she did was justified, and that other people should let her have her way and should focus on her in everything, but now, having kicked the iron plate, the old lady only woke up in her dreams.

        At this time, Liu Yi suddenly stood up.

        The old lady asked, "Where are you going."

        "Where else can I go, now I can only go to ask for forgiveness from Han 3,000." After saying that, Liu Yi walked straight out of the house.

        Bi Feng Manor.

        After checking her health, Han 3000 returned to Bi Feng Manor and went straight to the lake, with only Zhang Bi Feng by her side.

        For what happened today, Zhang Bifeng thought that he was the one who hadn't done a good job with security, so if Han Giang were to blame him, he would never have any complaints.

        "Mr. Han, I'm to blame for today, if you want to blame me, I'm willing to bear all the consequences." Zhang Bi Feng was in an apprehensive mood and said to Han Qianqian.

        "It has nothing to do with you, even if a hundred security guards blocked the door, they wouldn't be able to stop him from coming in." Han Qianqian said.

        Zhang Bi Feng had seen how powerful Fang Zhan was, but in his mind, Han Three Thousand was stronger, because during the encounter, although Han Three Thousand was very decrepit in the early stages, the more he fought, the more courageous he became, and even in Zhang Bi Feng's opinion, if this fight continued, it would most likely be Fang Zhan who would lose.

        "How deep is this lake?" Han Giangli asked to Zhang Bi Feng.

        "Two meters." Zhang Bi Feng said that he had personally supervised the construction of the artificial lake in the first place, so he knew the parameters of the rules of the artificial lake very well.

        "Is there a stress point under the lake?" Han Marchiang continued to ask.

        "Pressure point?" Zhang Bifeng looked at Han Giangli in puzzlement, not quite understanding what that meant.

        "The kind of pressure point that can support a person standing on the lake." Han Marchian explained.

        Zhang Bifeng shook his head and said, "No."

        Han Qianli took a deep breath, and although this was an answer he had guessed long ago, it was still a bit unbelievable after learning it from Zhang Bi Feng.

        The white bearded old man's appearance in Green Island was a blink of an eye to the other bystanders, and no one could see exactly how he did it.

        But Han Qianqian could see very clearly, the old man was clearly stepping across the lake, if there was no support underneath the water, how could he step on the water and move forward?

        Although water had a carrying capacity, it would never be able to hold up a person's feet.

        "This old thing, how on earth did it do that?" Han Qianqiang's brows were locked, this matter was beyond the common sense he knew, how could a normal person do such an unthinkable thing?

        "Han, what did you say?" Zhang Bi Feng didn't hear Han Qianqian's words and asked.

        "It's nothing, you go work on something else." Han Three Thousand Years said.

        Zhang Bifeng could only leave for now, but he could tell that Han Three Thousand looked as if he was confused by something.

        Han Third Thousand climbed over the fence and walked over to the lake, tapping the surface with his palm.

        The water rippled and the buoyancy brought by the surface could be easily felt for the palm of the hand, but it was impossible for this buoyancy to hold up the weight of a person.

        "Do you want to know how I did it?" At this moment, the voice of the old white-bearded man suddenly spread out behind him.

        Han Qianli turned his head, then pretended to wash his hands and said, "I'm just washing my hands, do I still need you to teach me?"

        The next old man smiled faintly, he knew what Han Qianli was thinking about, but this guy was even too embarrassed to admit it.

        "When you go to the apocalypse, you'll get to know the world again, and then you won't find such things strange." The next oldest said.

        "What kind of place is the apocalypse?" Han Qianli was curious.

        "Can't say, after all, you're not a member of the apocalypse yet," The next oldest said.

        Han Qianli shook the water off his hand and said as if he was indifferent, "Let's not talk about it, I don't really want to know anyway."


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