His True Colors Chapter 704-706


Chapter 704

In the crowd, a man with a cap, pressed low and almost invisible, was currently clenching his fists, he was Lin Tong, mixed in the crowd wanting to see how Han Qianxiang, the trash, had died in Fang Zhan's hands.

        But he never expected that the strength that Han Qianxiang had exploded would be able to push back Fang Zhan and injure him.

        He had the reputation of being the proud son of Heaven in the Apocalypse, but after seeing Han Qianli's strength, he knew that once Han Qianli truly joined the Apocalypse, his name would definitely be taken away by Han Qianli, something that he couldn't stop no matter what.

        Therefore, all that Lin Tong could do was to let Han Three Thousand Days die before he even joined the world.

        In Lin Tong's heart, Han Three Thousand was a trash, and even when Han Three Thousand was mentioned externally, Lin Tong called it one trash bite at a time, but in his heart, he had completely treated Han Three Thousand as a threat, and in this situation, he had no right to call Han Three Thousand that way, it was just that Lin Tong wasn't willing to accept such a thing.

        "What are you doing!" Lintong gritted his teeth and looked at Fang Zhan.

        He didn't understand why Fang Zhan had the strength to kill Han 3,000 directly, but he didn't understand why Fang Zhan had to give Han 3,000 a chance, and looking at his hesitant expression, it seemed that his heart to kill Han 3,000 was already wavering.

        The reason why Fang Zhan was wavering was because of the many benefits that Han Three thousand could bring to the Apocalypse.

        As a former core member of the apocalypse, Fang Zhan was very clear about the significance of the apocalypse's existence, the apocalypse was guarding a shocking secret that was related to everything in the world, and once that thing erupted, perhaps the world would all become a purgatory on earth.

        If he killed Han Qianqian just for his own selfish desire, such a sin was something Fang Zhan couldn't afford.

        But what about his daughter, as a father, if Fang Zhan couldn't even protect his own daughter, how could he talk about the safety of the world?

        "I shouldn't kill you, and I might even make a big mistake because of it, but I have to do it." Fang Zhan said to Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqiang didn't understand what the words meant, but he wasn't afraid in the slightest, right now Han Qianqiang's desire to fight was even stronger than Fang Zhan's, and he was eager to test where his limits were through today's encounter.

        "If you want to kill me, you'll have to see if you can do it." Han Giangli responded.

        Fang Zhan no longer had his hands behind his back, and it was clear that he was going to take this matter seriously.

        At this moment, the next oldest on the branch stood up and leapt down, knowing that Fang Zhan would no longer show mercy to Han Three Thousand, so he made sure to watch the battle from a safe distance, the only way he could be the first to strike when Han Three Thousand was in danger.

        Arriving at the edge of the lake, the next old man habitually stroked his beard.

        When Su Yingxia finally spotted the figure of the next old man in the crowd, she rushed over to him at the first opportunity.

        "Old man, please save 3000." Su Yingxia said to the next old man with a prayerful face.

        "Don't worry, I said that I won't let him die." The next old man said with a calm face, with him here, even if Fang Zhan took out his full strength to deal with Han 3,000, he would be able to stop Fang Zhan from killing him in the first place.

        Su Yingxia was slightly relieved when she heard this, but seeing the blood at the corner of Han Three Thousand's mouth would still cause her heart to ache.

        When Lin Tong saw the next old man, he visibly trembled, he didn't expect that the next old man had already personally come to Cloud City, with him there, Fang Zhan had absolutely no chance to kill Han Qianxiang.

        With him here, Fang Zhan had no chance to kill Han Qianxiang. The only thought left in Lin Tong's mind was to leave Bi Feng Manor and Yun City quickly to avoid meeting up with the next old man.

        However, his heart was filled with reluctance, because once Han Qianxiang joined the apocalypse, his position in the apocalypse would cease to exist.

        "I'm a proud son of the Heavenly Apocalypse, how could I be afraid of a trash like this, even if he joins the Heavenly Apocalypse, so what." Lintong kept hypnotizing himself, wanting to remind himself in such a way that Han Qianli wasn't a character he should value.

        But no matter how cunningly Lin Tong argued within himself, from the moment he left the apocalypse with the intention of dealing with Han 3,000, he had already revealed his true self, and it was only when there was no longer any way to kill Han 3,000 that he felt no need to worry about Han 3,000 at all.

        Lin Tong, who had no choice, silently walked out of the crowd and left the Bifeng Manor.

        How could Lintong have the guts to continue to act recklessly with the next oldest man present.

        He could do some sneaky things behind the scenes, but in the presence of the next oldest, Lintong was just a tiger with its teeth pulled out.

        "I'm sorry, but I'm still going to kill you." Fang Zhan, who had been struggling for a long time, once again strengthened his resolve, stealing strong killing intent from his eyes.

        If he couldn't even guard his own daughter, what else was worth caring about?

        The blood qi in Han Third Thousand's body surged, and even his eyes turned slightly red, listening to Fang Zhan's words, instead of making him feel afraid, he was instead occupied with an excitement in his thoughts.

        To Han Third Thousand, he had never fought so soundly before, and today, he would fight in a heartbeat.

        "I have no complaints if I can fight comfortably, even if I die." Han Giangli said and bowed down again.

        The firefight between the two was on the verge of breaking out, and there was no doubt about the huge gap between Han Third Thousand and Fang Zhan at this point of actual combat skill, but he was able to fight Fang Zhan back and forth with his strength and superb resistance, and even if he was forced to retreat, Han Third Thousand was able to adjust his state at the first opportunity so that he could fight back.

        Green Island was staging a fight like a martial arts expert in a TV drama, making the crowd by the lake watch as if they were at the scene of a TV drama, but it was also very different from watching a TV drama, because the fight between them was not a set of tricks in a TV drama, but a fist to flesh fight, giving a more hearty feeling.

        There were already too many surprises for the next old man today, and the fact that Han 3,000 was able to fight Fang Zhan back and forth was no longer enough to make him feel surprised.

        It was a pity that Han 3,000 was too many levels behind Fang Zhan in terms of skill, so most of the time it was Han 3,000 who was taking the beating, he was rarely able to make an effective counterattack, and if this continued, Han 3,000 would eventually lose.

        "One year, at most, Fang Zhan is no match for you, but it took Fang Zhan a whole couple of decades to grow to the strength he is today." The next old man said with a sigh on his face.

        Lintong's growth rate was unmatched in the Celestial Apocalypse, and even once, the next oldest thought that no one could stand out, but until he saw Han Qianqian, the next oldest knew that sooner or later, Lintong's achievements would be surpassed by Han Qianqian, even in a crushing position.

        The pride of the heavens?

        These four words seemed to be crowning the name Han Three Thousand Years.

        "Old man, aren't you going to save him yet?" Su Yingxia looked anxious as he said to the next old man, the two on Green Island were fighting very lively, but Su Yingxia could tell that Han Giang was taking more beatings, and if this continued, he was worried that the damage Han Giang was receiving would be very serious.

        "If I were to make an appearance at this point, he would definitely be upset." The next oldest paused and continued, "Can't you see that he looks like he's not finished?"

        Su Yingxia did see some unfulfilled intentions on Han Qianli's expression, although he was constantly being beaten, but the more he fought, the more excited he became, which made Su Yingxia very puzzled, could it be that Han Qianli still has masochistic tendencies?

        The more excited Han Qianli became, the more frightened Fang Zhan became.

        In Fang Zhan's opinion, Han 3,000 should have fallen long ago, but not only did he not fall, but the more he fought, the more courageous he became, as if the more injured he was, the stronger his strength and stamina became.

        If he continued like this, Fang Zhan even felt that he was no match for Han 3,000, as his stamina was constantly being drained, and the force of each punch had become less and less, but Han 3,000, however, was getting fiercer and fiercer.

        He must find a chance to kill Han 3,000 in one blow, if he continued to delay like this, not only would Fang Zhan couldn't kill Han 3,000, he would also put himself in danger.

        Right at this moment, a cold mane suddenly flashed in Fang Zhan's palm.

        "Palm Sword!" The second oldest by the lake leapt and ran towards the lake as he let out a scream.

        The palm sword, this was Fang Zhan's greatest killing move, and when he took out this move, the next oldest knew that Han Qianli had no way to live, so he had to stop it at the first opportunity.

Chapter 705

The surface of the lake was rippling with microwaves, and the crowd didn't even see the movements of the next old man, only feeling that there was suddenly an additional person on the green island.

        "Who is this person and how did he appear!"

        "Why is there suddenly an extra person, what's going on!"

        "Could he teleport? How could he suddenly appear."

        The crowd exclaimed incessantly, everyone revealed an incredulous expression at the sudden appearance of the next old man.

        At this time, the most shocked was still Su Yingxia, as she was standing right next to the next old man, and even at this close distance, she did not feel how the next old man had left.

        Seemingly in the blink of an eye for a moment, the next old man appeared from beside her on the green island.

        "This ...... "Su Yingxia looked at the next oldest old man on the green island with jaw dropping eyes, not knowing what words to use to describe her feelings.

        Fang Zhan's palm sword had been aimed at Han Qianqian's throat, and this sword to seal the throat would surely cause Han Qianqian to fall in a pool of blood.

        Just at this close moment, only a resounding clang was heard and the palm sword was flicked away by the next oldest finger.

        "How could it be!" Fang Zhan subconsciously took off, the reason why his palm sword was called a killing weapon was because the shot was stealthy and at the same time extremely fast, once the sword left his hand, there was absolutely no chance for an opponent like Han Qianqian to dodge it.

        It was only then that Fang Zhan discovered that there was an additional person in front of him, and this person's appearance couldn't be more familiar to him.

        Yi Lao!

        Old Man Yi had even personally come to Cloud City.

        Having not seen each other for many years, Fang Zhan had not forgotten the appearance of the next old man in the slightest, and the shock that this helmsman of the four gates had brought to him was extremely strong.

        Only Fang Zhan's body trembled slightly and was about to open his mouth when the Second Elder suddenly waved his hand at him.

        In front of Han 3000, the next oldest currently belonged to a runner, and he hadn't planned to let Han 3000 know his true identity, which was why he prevented Fang Zhan from speaking.

        Although Fang Zhan didn't understand why the next oldest did this, he kept his mouth shut out of subconscious compliance to the next oldest's orders.

        In the apocalypse, Fang Zhan was one of the top ten experts and was under orders from the four gates and three halls, so if the next oldest ordered, he wouldn't refuse subconsciously, and the first reaction he made was definitely to follow the instructions.

        "What are you doing?" Han Qianli looked at the next old man with discontent, quite dissatisfied with his appearance, as Han Qianli hadn't fought enough yet.

        "If I don't make a move, you won't even be able to save your little life, so why are you still asking me?" The next old man said indifferently.

        Han Qianqiang hadn't even seen Fang Zhan's Killing Palm Sword, so he didn't know what kind of danger he had just experienced and said, "I fought him back and forth, so where was the threat to my life."

        "Look at what that one is," The next oldest pointed at the palm sword on the ground and said to Han 3,000, "If this was stuck in your throat, would you still be alive?"

        Han Giangli looked down and instantly had a frozen expression, then a cold sweat broke out on his back, which made him realize what kind of threat he had just encountered.

        If this old man didn't make a move, he might have truly died.

        "I didn't expect you to play these dirty sneak attack tactics." Han Qianli said to Fang Zhan with disdain.

        Fang Zhan lowered his head and didn't speak, sneak attack tactics? This was a killer weapon that he was proud of, among the top ten masters, he also had to rely on his palm sword to be at the top of the list, who dared to say that his palm sword was inferior?

        "I didn't think that Lin Tong really had some ability to get you out of the mountain." The next old man said to Fang Zhan.

        Fang Zhan knew that the next old man's words were asking him why, facing this kind of old boss, he didn't dare to conceal it and directly said, "He knows where my daughter is, you should know why I left the apocalypse, this is the most relieving thing I've ever done in my life, I would give anything to find my daughter."

        The next old man sighed at these words, when Fang Zhan left it was to find his daughter, he hadn't expected that after so many years, he hadn't given up.

        Trying to find someone in a vast world with no information at all was like trying to find a needle in a haystack, this kind of thing was not easy to do even for the apocalypse ah.

        "You don't know what her name is, let alone where she is, knowing nothing about her, you should know that trying to find her is almost impossible, trying to do it with just a photo of a young child, do you think there's a chance?" The next old man said.

        Fang Zhan looked determined and said, "As long as I'm still alive, I don't want to give up on this matter."

        "After so many years of seclusion, what did you do it for?" The next oldest continued to ask.

        "Afraid that I'll talk too much and reveal things that shouldn't be revealed, I have eyes and ears branching out all over the world, so as long as I'm not dead, this matter is not over." Fang Zhan said.

        Han Qianqiang probably understood Fang Zhan's situation, he seemed to be helping Lin Tong because Lin Tong knew about his daughter as a blackmail, but whether or not Lin Tong really knew about this matter, I'm afraid Fang Zhan hadn't verified it at all.

        "If he says he knows, do you really believe that he knows?" Han Three Thousand Year spoke up.

        "If he dares to lie to me, he's joking with his own life." Fang Zhan said coldly.

        "Looks like you lived foolishly in the mountains, he used you to kill me, and when he turned around and went back to the apocalypse, what can you do to him, it's hard to go to the apocalypse and kill him?" Han Giangli said disdainfully.

        These words rendered Fang Zhan speechless, he had never thought things through so deeply before, he just thought that it was impossible for Lintong to have the guts to lie to him.

        But now that he heard Han Qianqian say it, it seemed to make sense.

        As long as Lintong hid in the apocalypse, he could do nothing with Lintong at all.

        "But what he can't do, maybe I can do," Han Giangli said.

        Fang Zhan looked up abruptly with a torch-like gaze at Han Qianqian and said, "You can help me find my daughter?"

        "I'm not one hundred percent sure, but I can give it a try, but you have to promise me one condition." Han 3000 said, the reason why he did this was because Fang Zhan's strength couldn't be underestimated, if he could keep him by his side as a bodyguard, Han 3000 would undoubtedly be safer, and this was one of the top ten masters of the apocalypse, even if he went to the apocalypse in the future, he would be able to walk across the sky with Fang Zhan by his side.

        As for Han Qianli feeling that he might be able to help Fang Zhan with this matter, it was because of the Nangong family's power, as one of the largest hidden families in the world, the Nangong family's power was spread in every corner of the world, using the Nangong family to do this matter would definitely have a greater chance of success.

        "What conditions?" To find his daughter, Fang Zhan would give everything, not to mention one condition, even if it was a hundred, he would not hesitate to agree to Han Qianqian.

        "As long as I find your daughter, I want you to stay by my side forever and be my bodyguard until I die, or you die." Han Marchian said.

        At this point, the corners of the next oldest's mouth slightly rose, Han Three Thousand's guy was really all-pervasive, he even wanted Fang Zhan to be his bodyguard, this was a really good idea, making the next oldest appreciate Han Three Thousand even more.

        "You want me to return to the apocalypse?" Fang Zhan's heart to quit the apocalypse once was so firm that he couldn't be swayed by anyone's persuasion, if he returned to the apocalypse, wouldn't he be sneered at.

        "Don't you understand me, I want you to be my bodyguard, what does it have to do with the apocalypse." Han Giangli said.

        Just being a bodyguard didn't count as returning to the apocalypse, and it wouldn't be laughed at, which was something Fang Zhan could accept.

        "Good." Fang Zhan responded in one breath, "As long as you can find my daughter, I'll be your bodyguard until you die, or I die."

        Han Qianli laughed, but a blood qi surged within her body, and she couldn't control it for a moment, directly spurting out a mouthful of blood.

        Fang Zhan looked at Han Qianli nervously, if he hadn't done it too hard just now, Han Qianli wouldn't have been so badly injured, his hope of finding his daughter could now rest entirely on Han Qianli, he didn't want anything to happen to Han Qianli.

        "How are you?" Fang Zhan asked.

        "Beating me and then caring for me, you're not taking a firm stance, but I'm fine, I can't die." Han Qianqian said.

        The next oldest patted Han Three Thousand's shoulder and said, "Kid, I found out that I really underestimated you, I didn't expect you to be more than just strong beyond my imagination, you're also good at playing with people's hearts."

        Han Qianqian directly slapped away the next old man's hand and said with discontent, "Don't touch me, old man, if it weren't for you today, would I have been injured?"

        Fang Zhan's heart was already, eyelids jumping, Han Qianqian was actually too bold to talk to the next oldest in such a tone of voice attitude!

Chapter 706

After an interruption, the Hundred Days Banquet went on normally, and every guest who came today felt that the gifts they had received for attending this Hundred Days Banquet were worth the price of admission, after all, they had seen a very exciting fight, and although it didn't end in life or death, Han 3,000 would definitely become even more famous in Cloud City after this battle.

        After witnessing Han Three Thousand's skills, those who were already afraid of Han Three Thousand now dared not to think anything of Han Three Thousand even more, Han Three Thousand's solid position in Cloud City could not be shaken by anyone.

        "Three thousand, do you need to go to the hospital?" Returning to the lake, Su Yingxia ran to Han Giang's side at the first opportunity to show concern.

        Han 3,000 was not lightly injured, but he was feeling very wonderfully at the moment, there was a very strange power surging in his body and this power was causing his body to gradually recover, this was something he could feel very clearly.

        Having been seriously injured after his last encounter with Han Xiaoxiao, Han Giang hadn't felt this way yet, and he knew that his body seemed to have undergone some changes again.

        Han Giangli shook his head and said to Su Yingxia, "It's nothing serious."

        "It's not a big deal yet, you just vomited blood." Su Yingxia said nervously, in her opinion, Han Giangli must have been seriously injured and was just holding strong in front of herself.

        "It's really fine, if you're really worried, wait until the Hundred Days Banquet is over, I'll go to the hospital with you, okay?" Han 3000 said.

        "No." Su Yingxia retorted without hesitation, "You have to come with me now, I need to know that you're fine to be able to relax."

        Looking at Su Yingxia's worried expression, even as her eyes were already filled with glistening tears, Han Giang knew that if he didn't agree to Su Yingxia, she definitely wouldn't stop.

        "Mo Yang, you keep an eye on things here for me." Han Qianli instructed to Mo Yang.

        "Alright, hurry up and go, do you still have to worry if I'm here?" Mo Yang said.

        Han 3,000 nodded and followed Su Yingxia towards the parking lot.

        Su Yingxia drove, and Han Three thousand sat in the passenger seat and raced all the way towards the hospital.

        After the start of the Hundred Days Banquet, everyone arrived at the banquet hall, except for Yi Lao and Fang Zhan, who remained by the lake.

        "Next old, doesn't Han Giangli know your identity?" Fang Zhan asked the next old man.

        "I haven't planned to reveal my identity in front of him, so be careful what you say." The next oldest reminded.

        Fang Zhan didn't know why the next old man was doing this, but since the next old man had opened his mouth to remind him, he would naturally do what the next old man wanted.

        "Please don't worry, Next Old Man." Fang Zhan said.

        "What do you think of Han Qianli?" The next old man asked.

        Faced with this question, after a long silence, Fang Zhan took a deep breath and said, "I think that he definitely has the qualifications to be the strongest existence in the history of the Apocalypse, and to do that for him, perhaps five years will be enough."

        Fang Zhan didn't have much feeling for Han Qianqian before he met him, and even to him, a mundane person who hadn't joined the apocalypse yet was like an insect in his eyes.

        And before that, he had never been able to figure out why Lin Tong, who was the pride of the heavens, would consider Han 3,000 a rival.

        Until the battle just now, Fang Zhan completely understood.

        Han 3000's strength was worthy of Lin Tong's scruples and fears, as he now possessed such strength, once he joined the Heavenly Apocalypse, it was only a matter of time before he surpassed Lin Tong.

        "Five years?" The next oldest shook his head and said, "In my opinion, two years, at most three years he will be able to do it."

        Five years was already a very exaggerated amount of time for Fang Zhan, but he hadn't expected that the next old man had shortened that time, and from that, it was clear how much importance the next old man attached to Han Qianli.

        "Second Elder, I think he's hiding some sort of secret, otherwise, he would never be able to become stronger and stronger the more he fights, and it's definitely not because of his own physical qualities." Fang Zhan said.

        The next old man laughed and said, "Whoever can join the apocalypse doesn't have a secret, if our abilities were known to the world, our entire worldview would change drastically."

        Fang Zhan nodded, the apocalypse was already a very special existence, it could even be said that the apocalypse and the mundane were completely different worlds, so it wasn't surprising that Han Qianli's strangeness was placed in the apocalypse.

        "Next Old Man, did you take him on as a disciple in the hopes that he would lead Apocalypse to resolve that trouble?" Fang Zhan asked carefully, he had now withdrawn from the apocalypse, with his current status, he was no longer qualified to ask about this matter, but he still couldn't help the curiosity in his heart, after all, the next oldest had never taken on a disciple before, suddenly releasing such a signal to Han Marchand, in Fang Zhan's opinion, the next oldest must have some plans.

        The next old man looked at Green Island with an unprecedented seriousness, and was silent for a long while before saying, "The Forbidden Lands sent some noises the other day, perhaps in a few years, they will return to Earth Space."

        This statement made Fang Zhan instantly pale as he knew very well what this meant.

        "Han 3000 might be the key person in this matter, and he is the only one who can stop this from happening." Next Old Man said.

        Fang Zhan's breathing quickened and he knelt down on one knee directly in front of the next oldest.

        "Fang Zhan is guilty." Fang Zhan bowed his head with a hint of celebration in his expression, fortunately the next oldest appeared in time, if Han Qianqian died in his hands, the consequences caused would be unimaginable to him.

        "He needs to grow stronger in battle, and with me here, how could you possibly kill him." Next Old Man said.

        Fang Zhan was slightly embarrassed, such an important person, the next oldest must have shown up early in the morning to watch the battle, he wanted to kill Han 3000 unless he could defeat the next oldest, but that was simply impossible.

        The hospital.

        Su Yingxia was lining up to register Han 3000 when she was forced by an old lady to cut in line, if it were before, Su Yingxia wouldn't have cared at all about such things, but today was different, she was worried about Han 3000's health and wanted to have a doctor check Han 3000's injuries as soon as possible to see if they were serious or not, so she yanked back at the old lady.

        "Get in line." Su Yingxia said to the old lady full of coldness.

        The old lady looked at Su Yingxia with dissatisfaction and said, "I'm so old, so what if I cut in line, a youngster like you, don't know how to respect the elderly."

        Leaning on the old man Su Yingxia has seen too many people, they use this to get their undeserved privileges, and also always look like I'm old and I'm reasonable.

        "Respect the old I will, but for people like you who don't follow the rules and order, why should I respect the old." Su Yingxia said disdainfully.

        The old lady was instantly unhappy and opened her mouth to yell, "What kind of slutty fox are you, do you know who I am, do you know what my son does for a living?"

        "I can get your son to do nothing in Cloud City, can you believe that?" Su Yingxia's cold voice.

        Han 3000 stood aside, watching with relish, he knew that Su Yingxia wasn't a person who liked to be serious, even if she now had nonetheless status, Su Yingxia was able to let and let go, because her character was like that, although she had been in a noble family since childhood, she had never been treated like a noble lady, so she didn't have the kind of arrogance that other noble ladies had, and wouldn't feel superior to others.

        But she was more serious about this matter, entirely because of herself, which made Han Qianli look very interesting.

        "Tsk, tsk, slut fox, you're quite a mouthful." The old lady looked up and down at Su Yingxia with a contemptuous face, as if she dared to look ridiculous saying such words in front of her?

        "Do you know what my son did today, he went to attend Han Qianli's daughter's hundredth day banquet, it's not something anyone is qualified to attend, what kind of a thing are you."

        The old lady said these words, Han Three Thousand nearly suffocated her internal injuries, this old lady really has eyes but no ears, Han Nian's mother is standing right in front of her, and she's even showing off her daughter going to Han Nian's Hundred Days Banquet.

        "Then did your son tell you who Su Yingxia is?" Su Yingxia faded.

        The old lady rolled her eyes, could she still not know who Su Yingxia was?

        "I'm old, but I'm not old and confused yet, and Su Yingxia is Han Giang's wife." The old lady said disdainfully.

        "Oh, I'm Su Yingxia."


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