His True Colors Chapter 631-633

Chapter 631

When Yan Jun felt the coldness on Han Tian Yang's face, he didn't need Han Tian Yang to speak again before he took the initiative and said, "That's a sword, and it's a sword against the Han family, without you, 3000 wouldn't have any feelings for the Han family."


        Han Tian Yang's eyelids jumped straight, this explanation was very reasonable and also showed how deep the resentment was towards the Han family, but it couldn't be blamed on Han 3000, with the unfair treatment he had received since he was a child, it was reasonable to have such a mentality.

        One had to know that back then, he was just a child, hard pressed to indulge in the business world and even kill people, no one could understand how much oppression Han 3000 was holding against him at that time.

        "Fortunately, there is this resentment, if not for that, today's him might not be different from Han Jun." Han Tian Yang said indifferently.

        Yan Jun didn't admit it or deny it, because there was no point in assuming that, and no one knew what Han 3000 would have become under different circumstances, or perhaps, he would have been better.

        "No matter what, today's him is enough to be proud of many people," Yan Jun said.

        Han Tian Yang took a deep breath and said, "Let's go, let's go to the ancestral hall."

        Han Li's arrival in Yanjing, Han Tian Yang had already heard Yan Jun mention the matter, making a scene at the ancestral hall and digging his grave, Han Li had looked down on the Yanjing Han Family in an extremely high manner, even ignoring the same clan ancestor.

        Although Han Li had paid the price for what he had done, it was far from enough for Han Tian Yang .

        The mistake he had made, his life was not enough to make up for it, so this debt would have to be paid by Han Tian Yang, which was why Han Tian Yang had come to Yanjing.

        Inside the ancestral hall, the mess after being messed up by Han Li was still the same as it was in the beginning, Shi Jing didn't go to tidy it up because in her heart she also held a sigh of anger, Shi Jing thought that whoever messed up should be the one to recover, but what Shi Jing didn't expect was that Han Li would die directly at the hands of Han Qianqiang.

        "Shi Jing's character, like and Nangong Qianqiu, or they are originally the same kind of person, it seems that she has a very deep hatred for Han Li, the reason why she didn't tidy up the place is probably because she wanted Han Li to." Looking at everything in front of him, Yan Jun smiled and said, after so many years in the Han family, he had a very deep understanding of Shi Jing, in his opinion, Shi Jing was completely a replica of Nangong Qianqiu.

        "She is still some distance away compared to Nangong Qianqiu, after all, Nangong Qianqiu came to Yanjing with a great deal of resentment." Han Tian Yang said.

        This Yanjun admitted that Shi Jing's abilities were still far from Nangong Qianqiu's, but that didn't stop Shi Jing from hiding that snake heart, but with the Han family's current situation, it was unlikely that Shi Jing would grow to be like Nangong Qianqiu.

        Han 3000 was no longer the cowardly kid he was, the Han family would no longer have an imperial phase competition, and Shi Jing didn't need to live in a calculating manner like Nangong Qianqiu did.

        "Let's leave these things for Han Tiansheng to recover." Han Tian Yang said indifferently.

        "I'm afraid it'll make that old thing so angry that he'll vomit blood." Yan Jun said with a smile.

        Han Tiansheng was an extremely arrogant person, he didn't even care about his own father, the Han family's ancestors were like a disgrace to him that he didn't want to mention, to have him reset these spirit positions would be a great humiliation for Han Tiansheng as well.

        "He has long forgotten the fundamentals of being human, and no matter how good he is, he doesn't have the qualifications to forget his ancestors," Han Tian Yang said.

        Cloud City Airport.

        When Han Tiansheng and Han Xiao stepped off the plane, the intense disdain in Han Tiansheng's eyes overflowed, even more intense than the bone-deep disgust Han Yan felt when she arrived at Cloud City.

        "I didn't expect that I would return to this place in my lifetime." Han Tiansheng said disdainfully.

        Han Xiao didn't have such a strong sense of repulsion as Han Born, and he didn't understand where it came from; perhaps this place had brought humiliation to Han Born, and that was why he had such a strong sense of repulsion.

        "Shall we go straight to Han Tian Yang?" Han asked.

        "Of course." Han Tiansheng nodded and said, "I don't want to stay in this place for a day."

        Han nodded, stopped a car, and headed straight for the Genting Mountain Villa.

        The rules of the Genting Mountain Villa area were still very strict, all outsiders were not eligible to enter, and the gate guards would only let them in if the owner notified the security department.

        Han Tiansheng and Han Xiao were naturally stopped at the door.

        "You dare to stop me?" Han Tiansheng looked at the security guards angrily, there was no place he wanted to go but couldn't in the Chinese district, this feeling of being stopped hadn't been tried in decades for Han Tiansheng.

        "I'm sorry, our neighborhood has very strict rules for visiting, if you have friends or relatives living here, you can contact them first." The security guard said very politely to Han Tiansheng, after all, Han Tiansheng didn't look like an ordinary person, a small security guard wouldn't dare to be too arrogant even if he had the Heavenly Family behind him, after all, the Heavenly Family was not as good as it used to be in Cloud City now.

        "You better get out of my way, or else today next year will be the anniversary of your death." Han Tiansheng threatened in a cold voice.

        The security guard looked embarrassed and said, "This is the villa district's rule, please don't embarrass me as a small security guard, I'm just making a living."

        At this time, Han Xiao was on the side and reminded Han Tiansheng, "We're not here to make trouble."

        This time in Cloud City, but Han Tiansheng wanted Han Tian Yang to help convince Han 3000, and if their attitude was so arrogant, in Han Xiao's opinion, it was impossible for Han Tian Yang to help.

        Han Tiansheng suppressed the anger in his heart, if he was in the Chinese district, he would have let Han Xiao kill him long ago, for this kind of person who dared to stop him, only death could teach him a deep lesson.

        "I'm looking for the Su family, so you can inform them that Han Tiansheng is here." Han Tiansheng said to the security guard.

        The security guard was fortunate that he hadn't shown a dog's eye attitude just now, this old man had actually come to find the Su Family, nowadays, the Su Family, but its momentum was even fiercer than the Tian Family, it had already hidden the trend of becoming the number one family in Yun City, but no one dared to provoke it.

        "Good, please wait a moment." The security guard bent down and nodded his head and said.

        Mentioning the Su family, the security guard's attitude had obviously changed a lot, which made Han Tiansheng sneer at him, with his status, he had to mention the Su family to get a small security guard to change his attitude towards him, it was like humiliating him in disguise.

        "When this is done, kill him for me." Han Tiansheng said to Han Xiao.

        Han Xiao could only nod at Han Tiansheng's order, although he felt that the security guard was somewhat innocent inside, but since Han Tiansheng wanted him dead, there was only one way for him to die.

        Hillside Villa.

        Su Yingxia looked very confused after receiving the call from the security department, the words Han Tiansheng were very strange to her, she didn't know who the other person was, but inside she felt that this person seemed to have a deep relationship with Han Tian Yang.

        "Mom, a person named Han Tiansheng is here, do you know who he is?" Su Yingxia said to Shi Jing.

        Hearing these three words, Shi Jing's body visibly trembled.

        Han Tiansheng!

        Wasn't this the guy who was going to force the entire Han family to the point of no return?

        To the ill-informed Shi Jing, Han Tian Yang's appearance was very surprising, and Han Tian Yang had returned to Yanjing at the wrong time.

        "Mom, what's wrong with you?" Seeing Shi Jing stunned and silent, Su Yingxia asked in confusion.

        Su Yingxia's words interrupted Shi Jing's train of thought, but Shi Jing already had some suspicions within her about Han Tian Yang returning to Yanjing.

        He must have already known that Han Tiansheng would come to Cloud City and that was why he had returned to Yanjing.

        Although Han Li was dead, the messy hearth seemed to have been cleaned up for him.

        "This is your grandfather's own brother." Shi Jing said.

        "A real brother!" Su Yingxia looked shocked, she had never heard Han Qianqian mention this matter before, but she didn't expect Han Tian Yang to have a brother.

        "Let him in." Shi Jing said.

        Su Yingxia nodded her head numbly and said, "Okay."

        After being let in by security, the two of them went up the mountain road, and Han Tiansheng couldn't help but scoff, "Just such a shabby place, but it's the most luxurious villa area in Cloud City, what a joke."

        "He's still living in this kind of place, it looks like he's still as useless as he was back then."

Chapter 632

Han didn't make any response to Han Tian Yang's words, because he knew that this was Han Tian Yang deliberately venting his frustration before meeting him, and if he didn't let him vent it out, how could he face Han Tian Yang?

        Han Xiao only hoped that after seeing Han Tian Yang, Han Tiansheng could bring out the attitude he should have, after all, they were here to beg Han Tian Yang, even if Han Tiansheng didn't admit it in his heart, he would never be able to put up a superior attitude in front of Han Tian Yang, otherwise this trip to Cloud City would be in vain.

        In front of the mountainside villa.

        Shi Jing and Su Yingxia were already waiting at the outer gate.

        But the welcome from these two didn't make Han Tiansheng feel half as important, as he didn't see Han Tian Yang's personal appearance.

        "To have you two pick me up, he's really giving me face," Han Tiansheng said with a sneer.

        "Dad has returned to Yanjing." Shi Jing said.

        This statement made Han Tiansheng's inner dissatisfaction show directly on his face.

        He had come to Cloud City to look for Han Tian Yang, and Han Tian Yang had gone to Yanjing at the wrong time, so this guy was clearly doing it on purpose.

        "Hmph." Han Tiansheng snorted coldly and said, "This loser is even playing tricks with me?"

        Han Xiaoxiao heard this on the side and couldn't help but sigh inside, where was Han Tiansheng's attitude of begging for help, with his current posture, even if he met Han Tian Yang, so what, how could Han Tian Yang help him persuade Han 3000.

        Han Tiansheng called Han Tian Yang a waste, Shi Jing didn't show any dissatisfaction because she knew clearly that she couldn't fight with Han Tiansheng with her own qualifications, but he would sooner or later pay the price for what he had said.

        Shi Jing didn't know what Han Tiansheng's intentions were for this trip, but being able to have Han Tiansheng return to China himself was enough to show that he had now encountered certain unresolved matters and needed Han Tian Yang's help.

        "If you want to find his old man, you can only go to Yanjing." Shi Jing said.

        "I'm old and can't withstand the long and bumpy journey, so call him and tell him that I'm waiting for him in Yuncheng, so he can hurry back." Han Tiansheng said indifferently.

        Shi Jing nodded and said, "I'll relay your words to him, but it's not up to me to decide if he'll come back or not."

        "Does he dare not return?" Han Tiansheng sneered, as if he had long forgotten his own position, forgotten that he had a need to be superior to others, and simply didn't have the qualifications to be superior.

        Also being a member of the bureau, Han Xiao saw things more thoroughly than Han Born, as he didn't have the innate sense of superiority that Han Born had in front of Han Tian Yang, so in his opinion, Han Born's actions at the moment were very unwise, and once he annoyed Han Tian Yang, there would be no talking about this matter.

        "Are you sure that such an attitude will bring Han Tian Yang back?" Han Xiao whispered a reminder to Han Tiansheng.

        "He's been afraid of me since he was a child, how dare he disobey my words, just wait, in two days, he will definitely come back to see me." After a pause, Han Tiansheng continued, "Don't worry, when I see him, I'll treat him with a different face, at least I won't tear him apart until the crisis is resolved."

        Han nodded, he was glad that Han Tiansheng could be clear about this, but he wasn't sure if he could really restrain his temper in front of Han Tian Yang.

        When Shi Jing called Han Tian Yang and conveyed Han Tiansheng's message, Han Tian Yang only left one sentence, "Let him go back to Mi Guo."

        Hanging up the phone, Shi Jing said directly to Han Tiansheng, "Dad told you to go back to Mi."

        "What!" Han Tiansheng immediately became furious and gritted his teeth, "How dare he not come back to see me?"

        "This is Dad's idea, he has expressed it very clearly." Shi Jing said faintly.

        Han Tiansheng's clenched fists began to tremble, which meant that his anger had climbed to an extreme.

        "Please return." Shi Jing continued.

        Han Tiansheng walked up to Shi Jing and slapped Shi Jing in the face with anger, snapping at him in a cold voice, "What qualifications do you have to give me an eviction order?"

        Shi Jing didn't become downcast from the beating she received, still looking straight at Han Tiansheng with her head held high and said, "Please go back."

        Han Tiansheng raised his hand again, and Han Xiao, seeing the situation, quickly stopped her and said to Han Tiansheng, "She's the mother of Han 3000!"

        Han Tiansheng was panting like a bull, his anger unstoppable.

        That trash, if it wasn't for the Four Gates of the Apocalypse's next oldest, how could he have the qualifications to push him to this point.

        Han Tiansheng was unhappy, very unhappy.

        But he had to accept the truth, had to accept that the Han family was shaken by Han Qianli.

        If the matter of him spilling his guts in Cloud City was known to Han 3000, even with Han Tian Yang's help, Han 3000 would definitely not let him go.

        Han Tiansheng took a deep breath and lowered his hand and said to Shi Jing, "Remember your own identity, in my eyes, you're a piece of trash."

        "Thank you for lifting me up, I will never forget it," Shi Jing said.

        The words never forgetting caused Han Tiansheng's heart to thud, this woman was no different from an ordinary woman on the surface, but her words were filled with a threatening meaning.

        "Good, good, good, really good." Han Tiansheng looked at Shi Jing with a torch-like gaze and said four good words in a row, but if Han Xiao wasn't there to stop him, he would have even had the heart to kill Shi Jing.

        Only after they left did Su Yingxia catch his breath under the strong pressure.

        Facing Han Tiansheng, Su Yingxia felt an extreme oppression that made her lack the courage to even speak.

        "Mom, how are you doing, are you alright." Su Yingxia looked at the fingerprints on Shi Jing's face that were swollen up and asked with a concerned face.

        Shi Jing shook her head, Shi Ran smiled and said, "Nothing, I've had many slaps, this isn't the heaviest one."

        Su Yingxia was slightly shocked, with Shi Jing's status, she had even received many slaps? The Han family was a top tier family in Yanjing, how could she be beaten up with her status?

        "Surprised?" After Shi Jing felt Su Yingxia's incredulity, she asked with a smile.

        Su Yingxia subconsciously nodded her head, this matter was indeed very surprising to her, even she felt that Shi Jing was joking with her.

        "You have to remember one sentence, there is no one outside the human world who can overlook the whole world." After saying this, Shi Jing paused and continued, "Perhaps, only three thousand can."

        "Three thousand can?" The impact of that on Su Yingxia was even stronger than the beatings Shi Jing often received.

        Overlooking the world?

        These four words contained energy that Su Yingxia couldn't imagine, but she knew that it would take a very, very powerful person to do it, but in her eyes, wasn't Han Giang's greatest skill to be able to do housework?

        "Maybe, I don't know." Shi Jing shook her head, her eyes somewhat confused, what kind of height Han 3000 could actually reach was something that no one could be sure of, but one thing had been overturned by him a long time ago, and that was the uselessness of Han 3000 that Nangong Qianqiu had previously identified.

        Now it seemed that Han Three Thousand Thousand was the true Emperor's Phase, and was a completely different world compared to Han Jun.

        It was a pity that Nangong Qianqiu could no longer see that.

        Sometimes Shi Jing really wished that Nangong Qianqiu was still alive, so that she could witness with her own eyes how powerful Han Qianqiang was now, but unfortunately this was only a thought.

        Back at the villa, Shi Jing used an ice pack on her face and fell into deep thought.

        If she hadn't been suppressed by Nangong Qianqiu's forcefulness, she wouldn't have treated Han Qianqian that way before, Shi Jing had already regretted it more than once and would even cry silently in the middle of the night, thinking of all the humiliation Han Qianqian had suffered, she felt like an incompetent mother, and now she didn't even have the chance to make amends because the current Han Qianqian didn't need all this indifferent care anymore.

        But to be able to see Han Qianxiang having success now, Shi Jing was still very happy, at least Han Qianxiang proved that he wasn't the loser that Nangong Qianqiu talked about, and he would even let the whole world recognize how powerful he was.

        "That level, what kind of place is it, why does even Dad pay so much attention to it." Shi Jing said to herself, she had happened to hear Han Tian Yang mention this matter and knew that Han 3000 was qualified to enter that level, that was why she had told Su Ying Xia that Han 3000 might be able to overlook the world.

Chapter 633

After leaving the Genting Mountain villa area, Han Tiansheng was furious and even stormed into the security room and beat up the staff inside to vent his anger, if it wasn't for Han Xiao, the arrogant old thing would have to be beaten up by several security guards to the point where he couldn't take care of himself, but that was why Han Tiansheng could be so arrogant, as long as Han Xiao was there, he didn't have to worry about being threatened in terms of force.

        Of course, it was also from a certain point of view that Han Tiansheng could not be cocky when facing a figure like the Four Door Next Old Man.

        "Are we going to Yanjing?" When Han Tiansheng had vented enough, Han Xiao asked to him.

        Han Tiansheng's face was heavy, he naturally didn't want to go inside, taking the initiative to come to Cloud City was already giving Han Tian Yang a lot of face, and asking him to go to Yanjing was a great insult to Han Tiansheng's dignity.

        But if he didn't go, the consequences were not something Han Tiansheng could bear.

        "He must know that Han 3000 is valued by the next old man, that's why he dares to act like a fool in front of me, this damn thing, I'll make him regret it sooner or later." Han Tiansheng said through clenched teeth.

        "I've booked a plane ticket." Han Xiao said, although Han Tiansheng didn't explicitly say what he meant, his words were already euphemistically expressed, so Han Xiao didn't need Han Tiansheng to make it that clear, after all, he was a man who treasured his face.

        The Yanjing Han family compound.

        "I didn't expect him to be so arrogant when he's already gone this far." Yan Jun said to Han Tian Yang.

        "He's used to being arrogant and uncaring, and it's normal for him to behave like this, but the more arrogant he is, the worse he'll fall." Han Tian Yang said indifferently.

        Yan Jun nodded, Han Tiansheng was bound to pay the price for his arrogance, from the moment he came to Cloud City, Han Tiansheng had already lost, but he just didn't want to admit it in his heart.

        "Do you know why I left Miya back then?" Han Tian Yang suddenly asked to Yan Jun.

        Regarding this matter, Yan Jun had never heard Han Tian Yang mention it before, and the reason was still a mystery.

        "Rumor has it that you guys are because of women." Yan Jun said.

        Han Tianyang smiled bitterly and shook his head helplessly, saying, "Women have never been a life pursuit for me."

        "But that's what outsiders think, and they say that you stole his woman, and that's why he drove you out of the Mi Kingdom." Yan Jun smiled, although he knew that these rumors were definitely false, but it didn't prevent Yan Jun from finding this statement interesting.

        "It's actually because of one simple sentence," Han Tian Yang said with a sigh.

        "A single sentence?" Yan Jun frowned, the two of them were brothers, but just because of one sentence Han Tiansheng drove him out of Mi Guo, he was even humiliated by kneeling, how much weight did that sentence have to carry?

        "What words?" Yanjun couldn't help but ask curiously.

        "I think the windows in the dining room open better facing south," Han Tian Yang said.

        Yan Jun was dumbfounded!

        This was something.

        He thought that Han Tian Yang had said something outrageous and that's why he was targeted by Han Tian Sheng.

        Unexpectedly, it was because of a ridiculous little thing like a restaurant window.

        "Actually, this is just his way of trying to take sole power in the Han family, and he's afraid that I'll part with his power. He's very controlling, and when he realized that he couldn't control me, he just found a random excuse to kick me out of the Han family." Han Tian Yang explained.

        "But why did he still want you to kneel?" Yanjun was puzzled.

        "If he doesn't do that, how can he satisfy his own strength, he needs people to look up to him and I become the sacrifice." Han Tian Yang said.

        Yan Jun shook his head helplessly, he now realized that his understanding of Han Tiansheng's arrogance was just the tip of the iceberg.

        "It seems like it's really an aggravation to have him personally come to Cloud City," Yan Jun said.

        Han Tian Yang laughed and said, "That means that the threat that 3000 brings to him is great enough, otherwise, how could he have taken this step."

        "Only Ma Yu can know the reason for this, it's really curious, what is it that Han Tiansheng is so afraid of." Yan Jun said curiously, although the Chinese district had eyes and ears and almost all information about everything was under Yan Jun's control, all he could know was what was happening on the surface.

        "I'm curious as well, maybe Han Tiansheng can help us out." Han Tian Yang said.

        A day later, Han Tiansheng finally arrived in Yanjing, the domineering old man tossed and turned a second time in order to be able to see Han Tian Yang, causing him to pile up endless anger in his heart, but this anger could only be hidden in his heart until the day he had the right to explode.

        The Han family compound.

        Han Tiansheng was still full of disdain for this mansion, in his opinion, everything related to Han Tian Yang was worthless, even if the Han family compound was now worth over a hundred million, even if he knew how amazing the financial resources and connections needed to buy such a mansion were, Han Tiansheng still disdained it, because in his eyes, from the time Han Tian Yang was kicked out of the rice country, the image of waste was already deeply rooted, and would not change due to any factor.

        After taking a few deep breaths, Han Tiansheng walked to the front door of the mansion.

        Han pressed the doorbell.

        In a short while, when the door to the mansion opened, the two brothers of the Han family, who hadn't seen each other for decades, finally met again.

        However, they didn't have the warmth of brothers and sisters, but instead were like enemies meeting each other.

        "Han Tian Yang, it's really hard to see you," Han Tiansheng said in a cold voice.

        "Indeed, after all, you don't return often." Han Tian Yang said with a smile.

        The sarcasm of these words was very obvious, and Han Tiansheng took a deep breath before saying, "For me, Mi is the country."

        "But after all, this is the place where you were born and raised, do you know what it's like to be you now?" Han Tian Yang said.

        Han Tiansheng knew the answer would not be good, so he didn't say anything back.

        But Han Tian Yang clearly wanted Han Tiansheng to cognize what kind of person he was, so even if Han Tiansheng didn't ask, he spoke up, "Traitor, traitor."

        "Han Tian Yang, I have my own choices, you're not qualified to judge me." Han Tiansheng said with dissatisfaction.

        "Everyone has their own choices, but most people's choices are above the moral bottom line, and you didn't, I'm glad you weren't born in a time of war, or else people like you would have left a bad reputation and discredited the Han surname." Han Tian Yang faded.

        Han Tiansheng hated Han Tiansheng so much that he once thought that Han Tian Yang's surname was a smear, but he didn't expect Han Tian Yang to return the words to him in this way right now.

        "Han Tian Yang, I'm not here to fight with you." Han Tiansheng said in a cold voice.

        "I know, whatever you want to ask of me, just say it." Han Tianyang smiled.

        Han Tiansheng almost vomited blood at the words.

        Begging Han Tian Yang?

        This was something that Han Tiansheng had never thought about in his life, but now he was forced to admit it.

        "I hope you can manage your grandson well, or else you can't blame anyone else if you accidentally extinct." Han Tiansheng said.

        "If this is your kind reminder, no need, I believe in Three Thousand's ability to handle anything," Han Tian Yang said.

        Han Tiansheng was furious to the extreme, and none of those words of discussion that had been prepared long ago could be uttered at the moment, as he was unwilling to lay down his dignity in front of Han Tianyang, let alone whisper.

        "If there's nothing else, you can leave." Han Tian Yang gave the order to expel the guest.

        Han Tiansheng looked at Han Tianyang with a torch-like gaze and said, "If that brat hadn't gotten lucky, do you think you'd have the right to speak to me in that tone of voice? He's just being valued by the next oldest, so don't think that this good fortune will stay with him forever, so I advise you not to be untrustworthy."

        The next oldest old?

        It seemed that this next old man was the key to the whole thing, and why Han Born feared Han 3000.

        Could it be that this next old man was a big man on that level?

        Han Tian Yang couldn't help but laugh, not expecting that this kid Han 3000 had already found such a powerful patron.

        "What are you laughing at?" Seeing Han Tian Yang laugh, Han Tiansheng was puzzled and asked.

        "I'm laughing at you for not being able to see your own situation, if you weren't afraid of Han 3000, why would you have come all this way to find me, and since you're here, why are you pretending to be in front of me?" Han Tian Yang coldly said.


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