His True Colors Chapter 634-636


Chapter 634

Han Tian Yang's words pointed straight to the Buddha's heart, and even Han Xiao had to admit that Han Tiansheng's current situation was indeed unqualified to stand tall in front of Han Tian Yang.

        But Han Tiansheng still couldn't let go of his stance, because he had long since gotten used to his arrogant posture in front of Han Tian Yang, even though he was willing to come to Yanjing, even though his body had already made a compromise, but in his heart, he wouldn't admit that he had come to beg Han Tian Yang, but under the banner of negotiation.

        "Han Tianyang, do you think you can threaten me?" Han Tiansheng said indifferently.

        Han Tian Yang laughed and said, "Do I need to threaten you? Han Tiansheng, have you ever thought about why you're here today, it's nothing but your own fault, you're too defiant, sooner or later you'll end up like this, no one is threatening you, but you're sending yourself into the abyss step by step."

        After a pause, Han Tian Yang continued, "You can leave now, but do you dare?"

        Do you dare?

        In Han Tiansheng's life, he didn't dare to do anything, how many people died under his feet in the entire Chinese district, those white bones accumulated more and more along with the Han family's power, Han Tiansheng was never afraid of anything, any situation.

        But now, Han Tiansheng asked himself if he dared? And yet he couldn't get a definite answer.

        If he walked away, after Han 3000 recovered, he would definitely lie in that coffin, and with the protection of an apocalyptic bigwig like the next oldest, it was impossible for Han Tiansheng to be a match for Han 3000.

        And the entire Mickey's Han family would fall out of favor over it.

        Han Tiansheng had single-handedly built up the Han family today, and this was the most proud thing in his life, and he would never want to see the Han family destroyed in his hands.

        "I'll show you a place." Han Tian Yang said and took the lead in walking towards the mansion.

        Han Tiansheng subconsciously looked at Han Xiaoxiao and waited until Han Xiaoxiao nodded before he followed Han Tian Yang's pace.

        The Han family ancestral hall, with its messy reliquary, was clearly deliberately trashed.

        "This was smashed by Han Li's own hands, this is my Han family's ancestors, and yet Han Li doesn't care about it at all, since he's your son, the things he did wrong should be made up by you." Han Tian Yang said.

        "What do you mean?" Han Tiansheng frowned and asked.

        "I want you to kneel down and restore a piece of the tablets." Han Tian Yang said in a firm tone.

        Kneel down and restore the relics?

        Han Tiansheng instantly couldn't contain his anger.

        What ancestors, he never put these people in his eyes.

        Han Tiansheng thought that there was no one in the Han family's generation whose prowess could surpass his, and that he had led the Han family to glory, even if these ancestors were alive, they should be respectful to him and should be proud of him, and such a person was not qualified to make him kneel.

        "Han Tian Yang, are you crazy, asking me to kneel down for them!" Han Tiansheng said in an angry voice.

        Han Tian Yang took a deep breath and said, "No matter how great a person is, there is absolutely no qualification to forget one's roots, Han Tiansheng, you have indeed created a glorious era for the Han family, but without them, could you have popped out from under a rock?"

        "Hahahahahaha." Han Tiansheng laughed up to the heavens and said disdainfully, "Just because they're older than me, just because I was born in the Han family, do they have the right to make me kneel? This is really a big joke, no matter where I was born, I would have achieved this today, and it has nothing to do with them, it's ridiculous to try to make me kneel based on this alone."

        In the Mickey Han family, there was never any activity within the ancestor worship, because Han Tiansheng disdained these things, and in his eyes, he never positioned himself by his ability over others, not by his age or seniority.

        "I see you as a joke." Han Tian Yang said in a cold voice, a man who didn't even care about his own ancestors dared to talk about his achievements? This kind of person couldn't be respected no matter how high up he stood, because he simply didn't understand the meaning of the word respect.

        "Han Tian Yang, if you talk to me like that again, I believe I'll kill you." Han Tiansheng gritted his teeth and said.

        "I'm not afraid of death, are you? Want to be my companion on the Yellow Spring Road, Han Born, with your character, are you willing to walk on the same road with me?" Han Tian Yang said indifferently, not the slightest bit of fear visible on his face.

        For Han Tian Yang, the trip to the heart of the earth was like a walk to hell, he thought he was already a man who had died once, so naturally he wouldn't fear death anymore.

        But Han Tiansheng was different, wasn't the reason he was able to lay down his life and come to Yanjing just to survive? And he knew very well that if he really dared to kill Han Tian Yang, then the knot in this matter would never be untied and he would only face death.

        "To die with a trash like you, are you qualified?" Han Tiansheng sneered at him.

        Han Tian Yang shook his head helplessly, this high and mighty posture of Han Born was like being branded in his bones, even in death it was necessary to distinguish with whom to be with, was there a difference?

        "It doesn't matter if you think I'm not qualified, but the outcome isn't something you have the ability to control, it's in the hands of my grandson." When Han Tian Yang said these words, the deliberately aggravated tone on the word grandson expressed a very clear meaning, since your life is in the hands of Han Grandson, what other qualifications do you have to shout at me?

        Han Tiansheng was not an idiot, naturally able to understand the meaning of these words, his lungs were about to explode.

        Thinking about the descendants of the Han family in the rice country, they were either nests or had nothing to offer, and there was a world of difference between them and Han Third Thousand.

        Regardless of whether Han 3000 was valued by the next oldest by luck, or whether he really had strength, the abilities he possessed nowadays were something that Han Tiansheng couldn't denigrate no matter what.

        "I can restore the spirit seat here, but if you want me to kneel down, don't even think about it." Han Tiansheng took a step back, and in his opinion, since he had agreed to half of Han Tian Yang's conditions, Han Tian Yang was in no position to gain an inch.

        But Han Tian Yang did so, not to gain an inch, but that was his condition to begin with.

        "You'd better leave, and after you die, someone from the MiG Han family will naturally do this for you." After Han Tian Yang finished speaking, he paused and continued to speak to Yan Jun, "Yan Jun, see the guest off."

        Yan Jun nodded, walked up to Han Tiansheng and said, "Please, the two of you."

        Han Tiansheng's anger instantly climbed to its peak, and with a fierce face, he said to Han Tian Yang, "Han Tian Yang, do you really not want to give yourself a way out?"

        "When you forced me to my knees back then and drove me out of the Midlands, did you leave a way out?" Han Tianyang questioned.

        Han Tiansheng clenched his fists, the Han Tian Yang back then had no value in his eyes and would also be a threat to his position, so naturally he was merciless and didn't need to think about the future.

        If Han Tiansheng had the ability to foresee the future and could see a situation like today, perhaps he wouldn't have done such a desperate thing back then.

        Seeing that Han Tiansheng was silent, Han Tian Yang continued, "You can walk away now, the choice is in your hands and I won't force you to do anything."

        These words made Han Xiao sigh in his heart, all along, he thought that these two brothers of the Han family, Han Tiansheng's achievements were far higher than Han Tian Yang's, and even his means were not comparable to Han Tian Yang's, but now it seemed that Han Tian Yang's soft and gentle tactics were even more powerful than Han Tiansheng's strength, he took an extremely low stance and grabbed Han Tiansheng's throat, seemingly letting him choose on his own, but did Han Tiansheng have the right to choose?

        Han couldn't help but think that if the control of the Mickey Han family had been in Han Tian Yang's hands back then, perhaps the Chinese district, would have been a different place long ago?

        "I've heard that the coffin 3000 prepared for you is custom made of fine mahogany, which should match your identity." Han Tian Yang continued.

        Han Tiansheng's heart was shaken, and any anger he had was suppressed by these words.

        The Han family villa in the Chinese district, the deterrent effect of that coffin was so strong that Han Tiansheng couldn't ignore it, he knew that once Han Three Thousand's body recovered, he would definitely reappear in front of the villa, at that time, the entire Chinese district would see how the Han family had fallen, perhaps his one lifetime of fame would only end up being a joke and he wouldn't even have a chance to turn over a new leaf.

        As long as he was alive and still breathing, Han Tiansheng felt that he had a chance for revenge, so he couldn't let himself die!

Chapter 635

Han Tiansheng, who was full of reluctance, kneeled on the ground with a thud, his trembling body illustrating the anger burning in his heart, but in front of reality, Han Tiansheng only had to bow his head.

        A moment of concealment did not count as humiliation, as long as the opportunity for revenge existed, Han Tiansheng would remember everything that had happened today and sooner or later doubly return it to Han 3000.

        Han took a deep breath, this was something he wouldn't have even thought about before, because of Han Born's position in Mi, it was impossible for anyone to be qualified to make him kneel, but today, Han Born kneeled down, it could be said that at this moment, he removed all his pride, this was a very hard step for Han Born.

        "Now you're satisfied." Han Tiansheng said to Han Tian Yang with gritted teeth.

        "It's something you should do." Han Tianyang faded.

        Han Tiansheng restored the spirit positions he regarded as shame, one by one.

        Han Tian Yang then kneeled in front of all the reliquaries and bowed deeply.

        Han Tiansheng despised this action of Han Tian Yang inwardly, which was why he had always treated Han Tian Yang as trash.

        As a strong man, how could he kneel to a group of dead people and pay homage?

        "I'll convey it to Three Thousand, but it's not up to me to decide how he'll choose." Han Tian Yang said as he stood up.

        Han Tiansheng's eyes were half-vapid, and the killing intent in his pupils was so strong that even though he was already restraining himself, the killing intent still couldn't be concealed.

        After the two of them left, Han Tian Yang sighed.

        "What's wrong?" Yan Jun was puzzled.

        "If he doesn't die, he'll be a very big threat to the three thousand ah." Han Tian Yang said indifferently.

        Yan Jun was stunned, then understood what Han Tian Yang meant and said, "Since it's a threat, the sooner it's resolved, the better."

        Han Tian Yang nodded his head in deep thought.

        After walking out of the Han family courtyard, Han Tiansheng finally couldn't control his anger, his face so hideous that it was almost twisted.

        "I want this entire family to go to hell and die without a good death, and I want to return the humiliation tenfold today." Han Tiansheng gritted his back groove teeth and said.

        Han Xiao didn't say anything, he knew how angry Han Born was at the moment, but he was more than capable of recognizing the reality that the next oldest disciple's own disciple was the equivalent of Han 3000 having the Four Gates of the Apocalypse as his backstage, and this power was definitely not something that Han Born was qualified to fight against.

        The only chance to get revenge was after Han Three Thousand was not valued by the next oldest, but this kind of thing, other than the next oldest, no one else was qualified to decide.

        Therefore, in Han Xiao's opinion, whether or not Han Tiansheng could take revenge nowadays was only up to fate, not something he could decide on his own.

        "Han 3000 has a daughter, find this person immediately." Han Tiansheng said, this was his usual routine, many of Han Tiansheng's former mall rivals had been taken care of in this way.

        People in the world, misfortune is not as bad as wives and children, these words were just the opposite for Han Tiansheng, who would do anything to achieve his goal, never put the word morality in his eyes.

        "Yes." Han Xiao nodded and responded.

        Although Han Xiao was well aware that at this stage, Han Tiansheng should wait for an opportunity instead of searching for it, because in the process of that search, Han Tiansheng was likely to make his situation more and more dangerous, but Han Xiao could not disobey Han Tiansheng's orders.

        Meanwhile, Jiang Lan, who was dying like a dead dog in Cloud City's Cloud Peak Mountain villa area, was brought back to her room by Shi Jing from the balcony.

        Every day, Shi Jing would throw Jiang Lan to the balcony to feel the cold several times, she wanted Jiang Lan to deeply understand the pain she felt when she threw Han Nian to the balcony, in this matter, Shi Jing did not have any softness, no matter how Jiang Lan kneeled and begged for mercy, no matter how much she kowtowed, it would not help because this kind of woman did not deserve sympathy at all.

        Back then, Shi Jing's cold treatment of Han Giang had created endless self-recrimination in her heart, and now that Jiang Lan had done such a thing to treat Han Nian, although Shi Jing punishing Jiang Lan wouldn't make her make amends to Han Giang, as Han Nian's grandmother, she was supposed to take revenge for Han Nian.

        Looking at Jiang Lan who was curled up on the ground shivering, her skin showing a bruised state, Shi Jing said in a cold voice, "Who did you give Han Nian to, do you know where she is?"

        Shi Jing knew that she wouldn't get the answers she wanted because Jiang Lan was clearly just a tool to use, she might not even know who the other party was, but out of concern for Han Nian, Shi Jing couldn't do it to be able to hold back from asking.

        Jiang Lan shook her head, so far she had only met up with that driver, she had no idea as to who was behind the scenes, nor did she know what exactly the other party wanted to do by arresting Han Nian.

        "I don't know, I really don't know, please, let me go, after I get out of Cloud City, I'll never come back, please give me a chance." Jiang Lan kneeled at Shi Jing's feet and grabbed Shi Jing's calves with both hands, weeping and praying.

        Shi Jing kicked away Jiang Lan and said in a cold voice, "A vicious woman like you even wants to gain sympathy, do you have the qualifications?"

        "I know it's wrong, I really know it's wrong, I don't want to suffer this torture anymore, please, please." Jiang Lan cried out in tears.

        "This kind of torture, you once used it on Han Nian, have you forgotten? She's just a baby less than a month old, haven't you ever thought about how much pain she'll be in?" Shi Jing was so heartbroken at the thought of Han Nian's image of being attacked by the cold wind on the balcony that not only did she not have sympathy for Jiang Lan, but she became even angrier.

        Pulling Jiang Lan's hair and forcing her to raise her head, Shi Jing fiercely slapped Jiang Lan's still-swollen face a few times.

        Jiang Lan screamed in pain, for a selfish woman like her, she never cared about the consequences as long as there were current benefits, but when the consequences really came, she would feel regret.

        At this time, Su Yingxia came into the room.

        As if she had seen a savior, Jiang Lan crawled to Su Yingxia's feet.

        "Yingxia, save me, save me, I'm your mother." Jiang Lan said in a panic.

        Su Yingxia looked at Jiang Lan with cold eyes, when Jiang Lan had once killed Han Giang, Su Yingxia's mother-daughter love for her was much thinner, now that Jiang Lan had more Han Nian to do, Su Yingxia had long since stopped treating Jiang Lan as a mother in her heart.

        This blood thicker than water affection had long since lost any meaning to Su Yingxia.

        "You're not worthy." After Su Yingxia said that to Jiang Lan, she raised her head and said to Shi Jing, "Mom, you can eat now."

        This mother called Jiang Lan was very distressed, it should have been her daughter, but she was ignoring her.

        Jiang Lan knew that if it wasn't for her repeated attempts to die, she would never have ended up in this situation, but unfortunately there was no use regretting it now.

        After they left, Jiang Lan squatted in the corner with a stunned expression on her face.

        Detailing the things that had happened in the past year, although the Su family had lived a good life, she had fallen to such a state, it was all caused by Han Qianqian, Jiang Lan once again put the blame on Han Qianqian, if this loser had died earlier, how could she have become like this today.

        Downstairs, while eating, Mo Yang arrived home, and this guy was deadly shameless enough to take the chopsticks himself and sit at the dinner table.

        In front of Shi Jing, Mo Yang acted rather reserved, after all, for him, the level of the Yanjing Han family was already an existence that he could only look up to, so facing Shi Jing, Mo Yang had to be a little more careful.

        "Sister-in-law, I've got news about the three thousand." Mo Yang said to Su Yingxia.

        The chopsticks in Su Yingxia's hand almost fell on the ground, and with a nervous face, she asked to Mo Yang, "Where is he."

        "The news is still uncertain, but I heard that Bin County's Tang Zong, has gone to Mi Kingdom." Mo Yang said, Tang Zong as Han Qianqian's pawn in Bin County, it was by no means possible for him to leave suddenly without a reason, so Mo Yang guessed that Tang Zong going to Mi Country was most likely because of Han Qianqian, and based on that, it was very likely that Han Qianqian was in Mi Country.

        Su Yingxia was aware of Tang Zong, when he returned to Bin County, but Tang Zong personally went to greet Han 3,000, and because of Tang Zong's presence, the Jiang family didn't dare to underestimate Han 3,000.

        "When are we leaving." Su Yingxia asked.

        "You don't have to be in such a hurry, let's wait until I confirm the news." Mo Yang said.

        At this time, Shi Jing frowned, she already knew that Han 3,000 was in Mi, and if Su Yingxia went to Mi at this time, it would most likely have an effect on Han 3,000.

Chapter 636

Mo Yang came to the villa to inform Su Yingxia about Han Marchant, so he left after dinner.

        But before he reached the gate of the villa area, Mo Yang was stopped by Shi Jing who came after him.

        Mo Yang often came to the hillside villa, and he was considered an acquaintance with Shi Jing, but every time he faced Shi Jing, he became nervous, especially in a situation like today when he was deliberately called by Shi Jing, Mo Yang became even more apprehensive inside.

        "What ...... what's wrong, what's the matter?" Mo Yang asked with trepidation.

        "Actually, I already knew that Three Thousand was in Mickey." Shi Jing said directly.

        Mo Yang was startled for a moment and asked, puzzled, "If you knew, why didn't you tell Ying Xia and let her worry?"

        "What did you just tell Welcome Summer about her reaction?" Shi Jing asked.

        Mo Yang recalled that Su Yingxia's first reaction was very excited and that she hated to go to Mi Guo to confirm this matter right away.

        "She's going to Mickey." Mo Yang said.

        "Why do you think that 3000 didn't tell Yingxia that he was in Mickey?" Shi Jing continued to ask.

        Mo Yang wasn't a fool, Shi Jing made it so clear that he could naturally understand the meaning, and immediately felt that he had made a wrong decision to tell Su Yingxia about this matter.

        If Han Qianqiang didn't have something important on his mind, why would he need to hide it from Su Yingxia? Perhaps the last thing he wanted was for Su Yingxia to go looking for him now.

        "I see, I'll tell Yingxia that the news is wrong." Mo Yang said.

        Shi Jing nodded and said, "You're a good helper for Three Thousand, I know that anything you do is for his own good, but from his standpoint, what you're doing is not all good, I hope you'll consider carefully any decision you make in the future."

        "I understand." Mo Yang lowered his head and said, Shi Jing didn't deliberately show her strength, but standing in front of her, Mo Yang had a feeling of his aura being oppressed, and it was very strong.

        "There's nothing else, you can go ahead and get busy." Shi Jing said.

        "Yes." Mo Yang faced towards Shi Jing and took three steps back before turning around and leaving, the respect this action had for Shi Jing was self-evident.

        Shi Jing let out a long sigh, for Mo Yang, a person she had deliberately tried to understand and investigate, his loyalty to Han 3,000 was invaluable, he could also be a good helper for Han 3,000, it was a pity that the level Han 3,000 was at now was already too much higher than Mo Yang, even if he had the intention to help, it wouldn't do Han 3,000 any good, and would even drag Han 3,000 down.

        Shi Jing thought about kicking Mo Yang out of the game to avoid him becoming a burden to Han 3,000, but on second thought, this was Han 3,000's matter, and if she casually interfered, it was likely that she would cause Han 3,000's discontent, so she didn't dare to pave the way for Han 3,000 easily.

        "With that brat's personality, even if you're a useless chess piece, he won't abandon it, sometimes being too mercurial is a stumbling block on the road to success ah." Shi Jing said to herself.

        Shi Jing's decision was obviously a very wise one, as Han Qianqiang would never allow her to do so.

        No matter how high Han Three thousand would stand in the future, no matter how glamorous the achievements were, the weight of Mo Yang as a brother to him would never be lessened, and this was how Han Three thousand valued loyalty.

        Some people might feel that those who achieve great things do not stick to petty matters, but in Han Three Thousand's opinion, if a person abandoned his brother and his conscience in order to succeed in such a way, there would be no doubt about it.

        Mickey Chinese District.

        After a period of convalescence, Han Three Thousand was finally able to get out of bed, and although it was a gesture of iron crutching Li, being able to do most things on his own was something to be thankful for for Han Three Thousand.

        After all, Qi Yiyun was not Su Yingxia, not everything was convenient for her to do, even if Han three thousand knew that Qi Yiyun would be willing no matter what she did, Han three thousand was not willing to take that step.

        Han 3,000 was happy, but Chi Yi Yun was a bit lost, and she even wished that Han 3,000 could stay in bed a bit longer so that she could take care of Han 3,000 close to her every day, so that she could feel worthy in front of Han 3,000.

        "The doctors have said that your body's recovery ability is terrifying, you're not human, are you." Qi Yiyun said to Han 3000 with a disgruntled look on her face, the private doctor said he had to stay in bed for at least a month, but it had only been a short time since he was able to get out of bed and his broken leg was recovering very well, to Qi Yiyun, this was almost the same as extinguishing news, because once Han 3000 was healed, she would have no excuse to stay by Han 3000's side.

        Han 3000 smiled faintly, his amazing recovery ability had been there since he was a child, and even Yan Jun had marveled at it.

        "By the looks of you, you can't wait for me to travel in bed for a year and a half, a woman's heart really is tough enough," Han Marchiang said.

        "More than just a year and a half, as long as I can stay by your side for the rest of my life." Qi Yiyun was never shy about expressing her emotional will in front of Han Giang, and she was very straightforward every time.

        And when confronted with such blunt words, Han 3000 often chose to pretend that he didn't hear them, as he didn't know what was the best way to respond.

        After countless ruthless refusals ended in failure, Han Three Thousand couldn't quite bear to continue hurting Chi Yiyun, who was, after all, an emotional person, not an animal.

        "Why don't you say anything." Qi Yiyun asked staring straight at Han Giang.

        "It's a nice day, why don't you go out for a walk." Han Qianli deliberately changed the subject as he looked around.

        Qi Yiyun wrinkled her nose, she was naturally aware of Han Qianli's little trick of changing the subject, and said with dissatisfaction, "Aren't you a man who doesn't dare to look at his feelings, don't you have any affection for me?"

        "Not really." Han Giangli said gleefully.

        Chi Yi Yun was so angry that she went to the kitchen to bring a fruit knife and said furiously, "You haven't been peeking at my legs, have you."

        Han Giangiang blinked hard, he was a normal man, and Chi Yi Yun was at home and dressed very lightly, it was normal to take a few more glances, and any other man would probably have been unable to resist Chi Yi Yun's temptation long ago.

        "You put the knife down first and have a good talk." Han Qianli said cryptically.

        "Does it look good?" Qi Yiyun lifted her skirt, revealing her thighs, her muscles as white and flawless as curdled snow.

        Han Qianli's eyelids jumped straight, to say that it is not good looking, this is against their conscience, but to say that it is good looking, it seems a bit sorry for Su Yingxia.

        Just at this critical moment, the doorbell suddenly rang.

        This doorbell was like a savior descending for Han Qianqian, who said to Chi Yi Yun, "Someone is coming, you go open the door first."

        With a heavy snort, Chi Yi Yun walked to the door with her knife and opened it.

        Outside the door, Ma Feihao was carrying a pile of gifts, and almost every day, he would send something to Han 3,000 as his way of pleasing Han.

        Ma Feihao was so scared that he retreated several steps when he saw Qi Yiyun, who was full of anger and carrying a knife.

        "You ...... what are you doing, I don't have a grudge against you." Ma Feihao said with a tense face. Although the Qi family's status in the Chinese district was lower than the Ma family's, but the relationship between Qi Yiyun and Han Qianqian added a lot of points to the Qi family, Ma Feihao did not dare to offend the aunt now.

        "You ringing the doorbell at this time is a blood feud." Qi Yiyun gritted her teeth and said.

        Looking at the anger in Qi Yiyun's eyes, Ma Feihao was frightened.

        Did he come at a bad time and ruin her good fortune?

        "I'll get out of here, right now." Ma Feihao put down his gift and planned to slip away.

        But as soon as he turned around, he heard Han Qianqian's snapping voice from his home, "You come back."

        Ma Feihao's heart was so bitter, it wasn't a good idea to leave, but Chi Yi Yun who was carrying a knife was right in front of him, so it wasn't a good idea to stay either.

        "Brother Three Thousand, I ...... what should I do now, whether to leave or stay ah." Ma Feihao asked to Han 3,000 with a bitter face.

        Han Three Thousand Thousand pestles his crutches and limps out the door, saying to Ma Feihao, "Go push out the wheelchair, I want to go out for a walk."

        Ma Feihao carefully looked at Chi Yi Yun, she raised her knife to block the doorway, like a god of death, how dare he pass by.

        Ma Feihao couldn't help but wonder if today wasn't a suitable day to go out, should have known that I should have stayed at home and not gone anywhere.


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