His True Colors Chapter 629-630


Chapter 629

Faced with Han Tian Yang's chastisement, Su Ying Xia was indifferent and raised her right hand once again.

        This time, Jiang Lan didn't give Su Yingxia another chance to strike, but moved swiftly to hide behind Shi Jing.

        "Are you out of your mind, you even dare to hit your own mother." Jiang Lan said furiously.

        Shi Jing understood what kind of person Su Yingxia was, she would never hit Jiang Lan without a reason, but if she didn't make things clear, the bystanders wouldn't be able to understand.

        "Yingxia, what's going on." Shi Jing asked.

        Su Yingxia thought of Han Nian being left on the balcony in the cold and freezing cold, her heart ached with tears, she even felt like she couldn't breathe, she couldn't imagine what kind of torture Han Nian was suffering in the cold.

        "Han Nian's disappearance is related to her, and the reason why Han Nian is sick is also the reason why she threw Han Nian on the balcony to freeze." Su Yingxia said through gritted teeth.

        These words exploded in the restaurant, and even Jiang Yingying, an outsider, was instantly angry.

        Jiang Yingying had only seen Han Nian through photos, and to her, it was a very cute baby, so how could anyone be willing to do something cruel to her? And the person who did this to her was actually her own grandmother.


        The porcelain bowl in Yanjun's hand was crushed by the hardness of it.

        Han Tian Yang rose up in rage and murderous rage!

        Shi Jing's forehead was instantly blue with veins, obviously extremely angry.

        Jiang Lan looked at Su Yingxia in horror, this matter was indeed her doing, but how could Su Yingxia know about it? There was absolutely no one else in the room that day, other than that damned and unable to die Su Guoyao.

        Jiang Lan could be sure that this matter would never be revealed to a third person.

        "You're talking nonsense, Yingxia, I'm your own mother, why do you want to slander me." Jiang Lan said in fear, she absolutely could not admit it at this time, or else even if Su Yingxia would let her go, Jiang Lan and Han Tian Yang would not.

        "I slandered you? The day you put Han Nian on the balcony, Dad's consciousness has actually recovered, he saw you do this with his own eyes, the reason why Dad had to pretend to be unconscious was because he was afraid that if you poisoned him, this matter would become a secret forever, that's why he endured being beaten by you every day, I'm to blame, I was the one who went late, otherwise he wouldn't have suffered so much torture." Su Yingxia said.

        Jiang Lan crouched on the ground with her legs weakened, Su Guoyao had even regained consciousness already!

        If this matter was witnessed by him, Jiang Lan would never be able to escape responsibility even if he tried his best.

        "Your father must be confused, he's talking nonsense, Han Nian is my granddaughter, how could I do such a thing to her, not me, not me." Jiang Lan panicked and explained.

        Su Yingxia smiled miserably, she was even qualified to say that Han Nian was her granddaughter, if she could really miss this blood love, how could she do such a thing to Han Nian?

        "From now on, our mother-daughter relationship is broken in two." Su Yingxia said in a decisive manner, what qualifications does such a person have to be a mother, Su Yingxia doesn't care about this kind of family relationship at this time.

        Shi Jing with a face as heavy as water stood up, pulled Jiang Lan's hair, and slapped Jiang Lan's face one after another.

        Jiang Lan cried out in pain, and her face soon became swollen and miserable.

        But Shi Jing didn't stop, and she hit harder than ever, as if she was venting her anger.

        Jiang Lan begged for mercy in pain, but no matter how miserable her voice was, it couldn't arouse sympathy from others, even Jiang Ying Ying felt that Jiang Lan really deserved to die at this moment.

        A tiger's venom did not eat its own children, but Jiang Lan had done something so outrageous that she was not entitled to half a bit of sympathy.

        "Daring to do such a thing to my granddaughter, it would be a bargain for you to die." After beating her own palms red, Shi Jing dragged Jiang Lan by the hair and dragged her hard towards the second floor.

        Jiang Lan struggled with tears on her face, but it was as if Shi Jing had erupted with flood power, not giving her a chance to break free at all.

        Arriving at the second floor, Shi Jing said with a gloomy face, "The pain my granddaughter has suffered, I want you to return it double."

        After saying that, Shi Jing forcefully pulled off Jiang Lan's clothes and pushed her to the balcony.

        The wind was whistling cold, and in this kind of weather, even if you were wrapped up in a zongzi and stayed outdoors, you would feel cold, let alone naked.

        "If you can't stand it, you can jump down from here." Shi Jing unlocked the sliding door after she finished speaking coldly.

        Jiang Lan slapped the door, shivering from the cold, and eventually had to kneel on the ground and beg for mercy from Shi Jing.

        Through the glass door, Shi Jing just looked on with cold eyes.

        Compassionate mercy?

        There were many people in this world who could make Shi Jing rise to this mentality, but Jiang Lan was by no means one of them.

        She didn't deserve pity, nor was she qualified for it.

        Soon, Jiang Lan's frozen lips turned purple and the force with which she slapped the glass door became less and less, but did she dare to jump off the balcony?

        Obviously, someone like Jiang Lan didn't have the guts to do so.

        Hiding in a corner, trying to avoid the cold wind, she would rather freeze than cling to life.

        First floor.

        Yan Jun who crushed the porcelain bowl restrained his killing intent.

        He treated Han Qianqian as his grandson, and naturally, he also treated Han Nian as his great-grandson, and if the person who kidnapped Han Nian dared to appear in front of him, he would definitely not hesitate to torture them to death.

        But right now, this was involved with Jiang Lan, and it wasn't up to him to decide.

        "What should we do?" Yan Jun asked to Han Tian Yang.

        Han Tian Yang took a deep breath and heaved out a mouthful of bad luck before saying, "Jiang Lan can't die now, Han Nian is 3000's daughter, her fate should be left to 3000 to decide, but in the meantime, this woman should be made to pay a painful price."

        Yan Jun nodded his head, agreeing with Han Tian Yang's words.

        Now that Han 3,000 hadn't returned, they were not qualified to make decisions on Han 3,000's behalf to deal with Jiang Lan.

        Han Tian Yang walked to Su Ying Xia's side, patted Su Ying Xia's shoulder and said, "Ying Xia, this woman Jiang Lan has nothing more to do with my Han family, I hope you won't be soft when she is judged by Three Thousand."

        Su Yingxia smiled bitterly and said, "Grandpa, don't worry, this woman is no longer qualified to be my mother, and I am no longer her daughter, when 3000 comes back, even if I want her to die, I will definitely not have the slightest opinion."

        Han Tian Yang nodded and continued, "I'm going back to Yanjing, I'll leave the matters here to you."

        "Grandpa, why are you suddenly going back to Yanjing?" Su Yingxia asked puzzled.

        "A little something I need to handle, don't worry," Han Tian Yang said.

        Hearing Han Tian Yang say this, Su Ying Xia stopped asking questions.

        On the second floor balcony, Jiang Lan had been frozen stiff, she was now finally able to understand what Han Nian had felt at first, but this feeling wasn't deep enough, after all, she was an adult while Han Nian was just a baby.

        At this moment, Jiang Lan was very regretful, because she knew what kind of end she would get, and she was so afraid that she even wished that she could turn back time, wishing that this had never happened.

        But this kind of delusion is impossible, Jiang Lan will have to pay the consequences for everything she has done.

        After Su Yingxia came to the room, Jiang Lan saw through the glass door and knelt down again to beg Su Yingxia for forgiveness.

        Su Yingxia looked on with cold eyes, the person outside the door, although she was her mother, but this feeling no longer had any meaning to Su Yingxia, she would never have the slightest softness.

        "This is the pain my child has suffered, this is the time for you to taste it as well." Su Yingxia said indifferently.

        "Yingxia, please, please let me in, I can't stand it anymore, are you going to stand by and watch me freeze to death?" Jiang Lan cried out.

        "Don't worry, I won't let you freeze to death, how you're going to die, only 3000 can say." Su Yingxia said with a firm attitude.

        "I'm but your mother, I gave birth to you, you can't do this to me, you'll be struck by lightning from heaven." Jiang Lan yelled loudly.

        Su Yingxia looked at Jiang Lan with a mocking face, Heaven strikes lightning and splits? Even if there really was a heavenly strike of thunder, she would take revenge for Han Nian, as it was her duty as a mother.

        "Go ahead, I'm not afraid even if the heavens strike and thunder strikes, the price you have to pay is never just that, the time between today and 3000's return, you'll feel what purgatory on earth is." Su Yingxia was ruthless.

Chapter 630

Yanjing Airport.

        When Han Tianyang appeared, the entire Yanjing exploded.

        After all, to Yanjing, Han Tian Yang was already a dead man, and now that he had suddenly 'returned from the dead', he was bound to be able to cause many people's shock.

        To Han Tiansheng, Han Tianyang was an eternal waste in his eyes.

        But to Yanjing, Han Tianyang was a Demon King, and the turmoil he had caused in Yanjing was something no one was qualified to underestimate, and at this time, those families that had been against the Han family trembled one by one after learning of Han Tianyang's return, fearing that the Demon King would find them and ask questions.

        But when Han Tian Yang came back from this trip, he didn't have any intention of seeking revenge, he had no desire to win for power, and his status was worthless to Han Tian Yang.

        As long as Han 3,000 could enter that level, the so-called power in the mundane world was nothing more than floating clouds.

        "I wonder how many people should be afraid." Yan Jun said with a sigh on his face.

        Han Tianyang smiled calmly and said, "To me, everything here is meaningless, and it might as well be that garden on Genting Mountain."

        Yan Jun knew that Han Tian Yang's entire mind was now on Han 3000, and he didn't care about anything in Yan Jing.

        "But that doesn't stop you from causing an impact by coming back, and those who should be afraid should never sleep peacefully at night during this time." Yanjun said.

        "Perhaps." Han Tian Yang stopped a taxi.

        After they got in, Yanjun told the driver the address he was going to.

        The driver was a local of Yanjing, so he knew quite a bit about the Han family, and this address, wasn't it the once great family?

        Unfortunately, with the deaths of Han Tian Yang and Han Cheng, the Han family had fallen out of favor in Yanjing.

        "You guys are from out of town, right, but this place used to have a very famous family." The driver began to chat.

        After Han Tian Yang and Yan Jun looked at each other, Yan Jun smiled and asked the driver, "A very famous family, is it powerful?"

        "That's for sure." At this point, the driver looked proud, as if he was a member of the Han family, and bragged, "You outsiders don't know the power of the Han family, but the locals know it very well, some years ago, Han Tian Yang was a leading figure in Yanjing, and I heard that even many people in the upper echelons were very close to him."

        Saying that, the driver suddenly began to sigh, exclaiming, "It's just a pity that things are unpredictable ah, the Han family is considered to have been planted this year, after Han Tian Yang died some years ago, the Han family still had Han Cheng able to hold on, but now even Han Cheng died, I heard that the old lady of the Han family also died, the two descendants of the Han family, one died young and the other is still in prison, it's really miserable ah. "

        "That bad? It seems like it's done something harmful to the world." Han Tian Yang said with a smile.

        Hearing this, the driver looked dissatisfied and slammed on the brakes, as if he wanted to theorize with Han Tianyang.

        "Old Master, I don't like to hear that from you, but the Han family has done a lot of charity work, I've heard that the annual donation alone is more than seven figures, how can they do things that hurt the sky and reason." The driver turned to Han Tian Yang and said.

        "You can only see the surface of things, who knows if they've done bad things in the dark, and if not, how could they have this kind of retribution." Han Tian Yang said.

        The driver seemed to have some feelings for the Han family, the anger on his face was very obvious and said, "Master, you guys get off, I'm not doing this business."

        Yan Jun couldn't laugh or cry, when did the Han family become so popular in Yanjing, but even a taxi driver had to speak for the Han family.

        "Did the Han family give you any benefits that would make it worthwhile for you to speak for them like this." Yan Jun couldn't help but ask.

        "My son's illness was cured by the Han family's charity fund, you outsiders don't know anything, you open your mouths and talk nonsense, get off quickly, don't delay my business." The driver had obviously become somewhat angry and was about to drive the two off.

        Yan Jun didn't expect to run into such a coincidence, but even if he told the driver that the person next to him was Han Tian Yang, the driver wouldn't believe him, after all, to outsiders, Han Tian Yang had been 'dead' for many years.

        "We really don't understand anything, you tolerate us, send us over first, and if what we just said didn't satisfy you, here's an apology for you." Yan Jun said.

        Seeing Yan Jun's sincere attitude, the driver's anger eased up quite a bit.

        "Forget it, I'm too lazy to bother with you people, but it's best not to judge others haphazardly if you don't know anything in the future." The driver said and finally drove off.

        Stopping along the way, Han Tian Yang had many emotions, this place that was once very familiar to him had now become very strange, and many places had even changed drastically.

        Finally, the car stopped in front of the Han family compound, and the driver reminded the two of them, "Just look at this place from a distance, I heard that no one is home in the Han family lately, this neighborhood can be monitored, if you lose something, you won't be able to get away."

        Yan Jun couldn't laugh or cry, the driver was emotionally reminding them not to be thieves ah, it seems that he really had deep feelings for the Han family.

        "Do you want to go in and have a cup of tea?" Yanjun asked the driver.

        "In?" The driver was stunned, then rolled his eyes and said, "You're blowing the bull out of the water, do you know what kind of place this is, where you can just casually enter."

        Yan Jun no longer spoke and kept up with Han Tian Yang's pace, walking towards the entrance of the compound.

        The driver originally planned to leave directly, but was afraid that these two were really thieves, so he waited in the same place to see what they were up to.

        When Yan Jun pulled out the key and opened the door, the driver's eyes were on the floor and his jaw was closed.

        Being able to use the key to open Han's door meant that the driver knew very well what it meant.

        "These ...... two people, they are actually Han family members!" The driver was shocked beyond words, and even more repentant for what he had just said.

        No matter who they were in the Han family, they were all benefactors to him, and he actually almost kicked these two out of the car.

        A strong sense of guilt climbed up in the driver's heart, and after opening the door and getting out of the car, the driver paid a deep obeisance to the entrance of the Han family's compound.

        It was an apology for what he had just done, and a thank you to the Han Family Charity Fund for saving his son's life.

        "Thank you, thank you." The driver said gratefully.

        After walking into the compound, the layout of the house was exactly the same as before, not a single change, except that the garden had grown overgrown with weeds, and it was obvious that no one had tidied it up for a long time.

        "After all these years, it's still a place I'm familiar with." Han Tian Yang exclaimed.

        "Take me to see where Three Thousand lives." Han Tian Yang said to Yan Jun.

        Yan Jun nodded and walked towards the other courtyard.

        The place where Han Three Thousand lived was a small room in a side courtyard with the former Han servants, but in terms of the room's environment, it wasn't as good as those servants'.

        The small room was already covered in dust, the furniture was all of a very old kind, and just from this Han Tian Yang could feel the hardships that Han Three Thousand had suffered in the past.

        "I have no place on earth, a bottle comes to be the master of Heng Shan." Looking at the line of crooked inscriptions on the bed, Han Tian Yang read out with a smile on his face.

        It was left over from when Han Three Thousand Years ago when he lived here, and since that time, Han Three Thousand Years had shown a strong desire to prove himself.

        "This brat is very resilient, something I've never seen in anyone else." Yan Jun said with an appreciative face.

        "To be able to secretly manipulate the business world and create his own power at such a young age, he is indeed not simple." Han Tian Yang smiled.

        "He secretly manipulates a company called Feng Qian, can you guess what the word Feng Qian means?" Yanjun sold out and said.

        "Feng Qian?" Han Tian Yang frowned, it was obvious that the two characters were meant to hide the three thousand two characters, but what did this vertical represent? With Han Three Thousand's personality, his deliberate naming for this definitely contained some sort of meaning.

        "Can't guess it." Yan Jun said with a smile.

        Han Tian Yang glared at Yan Jun and said, "Are you very proud of yourself?"

        Yan Jun quickly had a serious expression and said, "No, I just thought the name was interesting and wanted you to guess."


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