His True Colors Chapter 621-623


Chapter 621

As the saying goes, it takes a hundred days to injure a muscle and a bone.

        Even though Han Three Thousand had an amazing recovery ability, it would take a long time to recover from having her right leg broken by Han Xiao.

        Lying on the bed, even though there was a great beauty like Chi Yiyun close to take care of her, it was still a very painful thing for Han Three Thousand to be unable to do anything.

        "Can I go out for a walk?"

        "Can you walk with your head?"

        "I'd like to go out on the balcony for some fresh air then, that's always okay, right?"

        "I'll open the window for you."

        "I need to move around or my bones will be rusty."

        "Come, do radio gymnastics with me, I'll teach you."

        Faced with all of Han 3,000's requests, Chi Yi Yun refused all of them without exception, as she only wanted Han 3,000 to recuperate on the bed and didn't want him to have any exercise to avoid making the injury worse.

        Han 3,000 smiled helplessly, Chi Yiyun cared about him, he knew that, but having him in bed all day twenty-four hours a day was more than he could stand.

        "Do you have ADHD? I can't stand not moving for a day." Chi Yi Yun rolled her eyes at Han Qianqian.

        "Then can you call that man here? I want to know who he is." Han 3,000 said, before he passed out, he knew that Ma Yu had appeared and after Chi Yi Yun explained, he also knew that Ma Yu was Ma Fei Hao's uncle, but why Ma Yu had saved him was something Han 3,000 had never figured out.

        "I also wanted to find him, but he hasn't appeared since he sent you here." Chi Yi Yun said, this place should be Ma Yu's home, but after leaving Han 3,000 yuan behind, Ma Yu disappeared.

        "It's really strange, Ma Feihao hated to kill me, how could his uncle save me." Han Qianli said with a puzzled face.

        "Does it make sense to wonder about such things, if he hadn't saved you, you would've died at Han Xiao's hands, you really don't know what you're doing." Qi Yiyun grumbled, she was crying her heart out that day when Han Three Thousand was beaten, but fortunately Ma Yu appeared, otherwise Han Three Thousand would be lying in the cemetery now.

        Han Three thousand shrugged his shoulders helplessly, he was indeed careless in this matter, he thought that Han Long was the most powerful person in the Han family, and since he could kill Han Long, the rest of the Han family was not worth fearing, but who would have thought that Han Tiansheng would have a Han Xiao beside him, and Han Xiao's strength was countless levels higher than Han Long's.

        "Hey." Han Giangli sighed and said, "It's indeed self-defeating, I should have thought that there were still powerful characters beside Han Born, otherwise, why would he be able to survive until now."

        Han Tiansheng stepped on white bones to rise to power and had countless enemies, since he was able to survive to this day, he must have capital around him, which Han Three Thousand should have thought of, but the three-day period Han Tiansheng had given him gave him no time to consider these factors.

        In Han Tiansheng's eyes, Han Tian Yang was trash, so how could Han Three Thousand retreat and sit on the name of trash?

        "So what if you thought of it, aren't you going to?" Chi Yi Yun grumbled.

        Han Giangli was stunned, then laughed and said, "That's true, even if I know the ghost gate is closed, I won't retreat."

        "You really don't know how to retreat, you know it's death, but you still want to send it to the door, is there someone as stupid as you?" Chi Yi Yun said.

        "For Han Tiansheng, taking a step back will only give him an inch, so it's useless even if I can hold back." Han Giangli said.

        Chi Yi Yun nuzzled her mouth, wanting to refute Han Qianqian, but she really didn't know what to say.

        The strong Han Tiansheng would not let Han 3000 go even if he did bow.

        At this moment, the doorbell suddenly rang.

        Han 3000 and Qi Yiyun looked at each other, and then Qi Yiyun went to open the door.

        But after the door opened, Chi Yi Yun didn't see the expected Ma Yu, but Ma Feihao standing at the door with a fruit basket.

        "What are you doing here?" Qi Yiyun asked Ma Feihao in puzzlement.

        Ma Feihao's eyes flashed with a touch of amazement, and he was instantly moved in the face of a beauty of Qi Yiyun's level. It wasn't that he hadn't noticed Qi Yiyun's beauty before, but he had always hoped to develop a relationship with Han Yan, and together they would definitely be able to make the Ma family grow even stronger, which was why he had selectively ignored Qi Yiyun in the past.

        Now, Han Yan's status in the Han family has plummeted, so Ma Feihao is naturally not interested in this woman.

        But even if he was smitten with Qi Yiyun, he didn't dare to cross the line in the slightest, after all, this was most likely Han Qianqian's woman, and given a hundred guts, he wouldn't dare to imagine anything.

        "Where's Brother Three Thousand, I came to see him." Ma Feihao said.

        Brother Three ...... Thousand Thousand?

        Chi Yi Yun looked at Ma Fei Hao with a startled face, feeling that she must have hallucinated.

        Ma Feihao actually called Brother Han Giangan? Could this not be a mishearing?

        With Ma Feihao's anger, how could Ma Feihao not take revenge on Han Qianqian for making him kneel?

        "What did you say?" Chi Yi Yun felt that she had misheard and asked again.

        "I came to check on Brother 3000, is he resting?" After a pause, Ma Fei Hao continued, "If Brother 3000 is resting, I'll leave my things behind and come see him next time."

        Chi Yi Yun heard clearly and distinctly this time, there was absolutely no mistaking that Ma Fei Hao really called Brother Han 3,000!

        Has this guy changed sex?

        "He just woke up, if you want to see him, go inside." Chia-Yun said incredulously.

        "Thank you, thank you." Ma Feihao nodded his head politely.

        This ...... is a miracle?

        Or has the world changed, but even a dude like Ma Feihao has become so polite.

        Chi Yi Yun really feel that this is a hallucination, but so real, pinched their thighs, quite painful ah, what the hell is going on?

        Ma Feihao came to Han 3,000's room and after putting down the fruit basket, he said to Han 3,000 with a serene smile, "Brother 3,000, are you alright, how is your recovery?"

        Han Giangli felt exactly the same as Chi Yi Yun, felt that she was hallucinating, and couldn't help but roll her eyes and ask, "What did you call me?"

        "Ah, Brother 3000, don't you like it." Ma Feihao straightened his back and said with a serious face.

        "Ma Feihao, what kind of trick are you playing with me?" Han Marchiang asked, Ma Feihao wants revenge, this Han Marchiang is very clear, he is in the Chinese district rich circles, is considered to stand at the top of the pyramid role, the last time in the track to make him kneel, will certainly make Ma Feihao heart hold a mouthful of anger, by Ma Feihao seeking revenge Han Marchiang will not be the slightest bit surprised, but this guy, now is clearly showing favor to him, this is strange.

        To say that Ma Feihao had no purpose, Han Three Thousand would never believe it.

        "Brother Three Thousand, how could I play tricks with you, I came to see you with all my heart, I hope you can recover soon." Ma Feihao said, since it was already clear that he couldn't be a match for Han 3000 and had no qualifications to play against Han 3000, Ma Feihao could only put himself down, and come to think of it, it wasn't a disgrace to be Han 3000's dog's leg, no matter how outsiders looked at him, as long as he could follow Han 3000 to make the Ma family stronger, it was worth it.

        "Ma Feihao, but I made you kneel in front of everyone, don't you want revenge?" Han Giangli frowned and asked.

        "Revenge?" Ma Feihao looked nervous and said, "Brother 3000, I never thought of it that way, kneeling to you is a matter of course, how could I possibly take revenge?"

        "You're not on the wrong medication, are you." Han Giangli felt that this guy must have had a brain spasm, or else how could he say such things?

        "Brother 3000, I'm not sick, what's the point of taking medicine." Ma Feihao said.

        "You've designated something wrong, go to the hospital psychiatric department and take a look." Han 3,000 was speechless.

        Ma Feihao immediately took out his phone, and after the number was dialed, he said, "Make an appointment for me with a psychiatrist, Brother 3000 said I have to look at it."

        Han 3,000 was completely speechless, and now he didn't just feel that Ma Feihao was pumped, but that he was hopelessly ill.

        Likewise, Chi Yi Yun also felt the same way, as Ma Feihao's so obviously deliberate attempts to please him were beyond the scope of what normal people could understand.

        "It's not related to your uncle, is it?" A possibility suddenly occurred to Han Giang, Ma Yu had saved him, even Han Tiansheng hadn't dared to stop him, now Ma Feihao's attitude had changed, what else could he be willing to do but because of Ma Yu?

        "Brother Three Thousand, my uncle said, let me be your dog's leg, from now on, I am your most loyal subordinate, if you want me to go east, I will never go west." Ma Feihao said seriously.

Chapter 622

It really had something to do with Ma Yu, but Han Qianqiang could not figure it out even more, why did Ma Yu save him, and why did he have Ma Feihao as his dog's leg?

        In terms of the hatred in Ma Feihao's heart, the fact that he was able to lay down his dignity to please himself meant that Ma Yu had explained to him the gravity of the situation, but what exactly was mentioned was unknown to Han Giang.

        "Why did he do that?" Han 3000 looked at Ma Feihao with puzzlement.

        Ma Feihao shook his head with a difficult look on his face, in his opinion, Ma Yu should have been the one to tell Han 3000 about these things, he wasn't qualified to talk nonsense, and if he accidentally said the wrong thing and made a big mistake, it would be more than worth the loss.

        "Brother 3000, you'd better wait for my uncle to come back and ask him, I really don't dare to speak nonsense for fear that I might say the wrong thing, I hope you can understand. But from today onwards, if you have any needs, you can tell me, and I will definitely satisfy you." Ma Feihao said, when you are a dog's errand boy, you have to do your best, so he was ready to do anything for Han Qianqiang.

        "Where did your uncle go?" It's been days, but Han Qianqiang hasn't even seen Ma Yu's shadow, if he leaves, who will be able to help him out?

        "In front of Han's villa, guarding the coffin for you." Ma Feihao said.

        Han's villa.

        The coffin was definitely the most amazing sight at the entrance, and these days quite a few people came to see it, but of course, these people didn't dare to get close, and were only able to take a glance from afar to personally confirm that this matter wasn't a rumor.

        He didn't believe that lying on the coffin would kill him.

        As long as he took good care of Han Qianxiang, he might be able to join the Four Gates. Although Ma Yu wasn't a fringe figure of the Apocalypse, he was still a long way from the core.

        Even if it was just the lowest rank of the Four Gates, that was a leap up compared to now, so Ma Yu had already thought about it, no matter what, he would do it to the extent that Han Qianqian was happy and the next oldest was satisfied.

        Wasn't it just guarding the coffin, although it was a bit boring, but thinking of the chance to join the Four Gates, no matter how boring Ma Yu was, he had to persevere.

        In fact, he didn't have to guard the coffin at all, with his word, the Han family wouldn't dare to do anything rash, and with the two dead, even Han Tiansheng wouldn't dare to call someone to move the coffin again.

        Moreover, Han had once been a member of the Apocalypse, and he understood even more what the Four Next Door Elder meant, so naturally, he didn't have the guts to offend this great figure of the Apocalypse.

        "Ma Yu, is the purpose of your visit just to save Han Qianxiang?" At this time, Han Xiao walked over to the coffin and asked Ma Yu.

        Ma Yu sat up, shook his head and said, "The next old man doesn't know what's going on here, if he did, I'm afraid he would have come himself."

        Hearing this, Han Xiao's heart was shaken, he thought about what would happen if so this time it wasn't Ma Yu who appeared but the next old man, I'm afraid the entire Han family, even the dogs would die cleanly.

        "The next old ...... he will really come to the rice country? I, I remember he hasn't left the apocalypse for a long time," Han Xiaoxiao stumbled and said.

        Ma Yu smiled contemptuously, this guy was so scared that he was even fidgeting with his words, but that wasn't surprising, with the intimidating power of the next oldest, it was only natural for him to wet his pants even if he was scared.

        "The next oldest currently only means for me to protect Han Qianxiang, as for whether he will come or not, I'm not sure, but you, you better pray three times a day that the next oldest doesn't come, otherwise, you will die and the entire Han family will be removed." Ma Yu said.

        Han Xiaoxiao was relieved that the next oldest wasn't sure about coming, which meant that they weren't desperate and still had a chance to live.

        "But what ......," Ma Yu said right after, "The grudge between you and Han 3000 will definitely not let you go, so you will most likely still have to die."

        After saying that, Ma Yu laughed, he could tell that Han 3000 was someone who would definitely take revenge, and the many years of enmity between the MiG Han family and the Yanjing Han family needed someone to step forward and end it, and that person was Han 3000.

        Han took a deep breath as he focused all his attention on the next old man, completely forgetting about the grudge between himself and Han Three Thousand.

        So what if the next oldest didn't come, would Han Three Thousand be able to let them go?

        As Ma Yu said, the current situation was still hard for them to escape.

        "I understand, do you need anything?" Han Tsung said.

        "Han Tsung, you're still trying to bribe me, do you think I dare accept? That's the next oldest, a strong man who can kill me with a slap, and I'm playing with my life by taking a needle from you." Ma Yu said without interest, giving him a hundred guts, he would never dare to accept Han Xiao's benefits.

        Han Xiao's face was ashen and said, "I'm leaving first."

        Back at the Han family villa.

        Han Tiansheng's small courtyard.

        At this time in the past, Han Tiansheng usually cooked tea to amuse the birds, but now, he was completely out of the mood.

        The caged sparrow seemed to sense that it was being neglected and chirped non-stop.

        An upset Han Tiansheng actually got angry with a beast and threatened, "If you're screaming, I'll kill you."

        How could the caged sparrow understand Han Tiansheng's words and screamed even more.

        Han Tiansheng stood up, opened the bird cage, reached out and took the Caged Sparrow in his hand and squeezed it alive.

        "An animal is an animal, can't understand human words, what use am I to raise you." Han Tiansheng gritted his teeth and said.

        Han Xiao, who had just returned, was a little surprised to see this scene, but this bird was Han Tian Sheng's plaything that he had raised for a long time, lovingly taking care of it on a regular basis, bringing it back to his room even if it was raining or windy, and today he killed it with his own hands!

        "Well?" Han Tiansheng asked to Han Xiao.

        Once Han Born wasn't afraid of death or bloodshed, but after so many years of comfort, that stamina of his had long since faded, and now when his life was under threat, Han Born realized that he was even afraid of death, he didn't want to sit around and wait for death, he had to find a way to save the Han family.

        Of course, to fight against the four gates of the apocalypse Next Old Man was something that Han Tiansheng had never thought of, the Han family was not even as powerful as an ant in the Chinese area of the rice country compared to the apocalypse, naturally, Han Tiansheng could not have such an ambition.

        "The next oldest is still unsure if he will come to the Mickey," Han Xiao said.

        Han Tiansheng was relieved, his feeling at the moment was exactly the same as Han Xiao's when he first learned about this matter, as long as the next oldest didn't come, there was still a chance for things to turn around, but he, like Han Xiao, had forgotten about Han Qianli's existence.

        "But if you forget about Han Marchioness, will he let us go? The next oldest doesn't come, but he's the next oldest's own disciple, so we don't have the right to be ignoring Han 3000 anymore." Han Xiao reminded.

        Han Tiansheng's expression instantly became serious.

        Yes, there was no Second Elder, but Han Three Thousand was still there!

        As Second Elder's own disciple, wouldn't Han Qianxiang's presence equate to Second Elder's presence as well?

        Han Tiansheng gritted his teeth, with the current level of hatred between him and Han Qianxiang, it was almost impossible to turn a dry fight into jade, even if he really could pull off his old face and discuss with Han Qianxiang, Han Qianxiang might not be able to coexist with him peacefully.

        "Isn't there any other way?" Han Tiansheng gritted his back groove teeth and said, he had built up the brilliance of the MiG Han family and was never willing to see that brilliance destroyed in his hands, it was something he had worked his whole life for.

        "There's another way to find him," Han said.



        Han Tiansheng paled.

        Han Tian Yang, yes, as long as we found Han Tian Yang, there was still a chance for this matter to change.

        "But using Han Tian Yang to threaten Han Qian Qian, does it really work?" Han Tiansheng didn't dare to say for sure.

        Han Xiao smiled helplessly, he did mean to go to Han Tian Yang, but it wasn't to use Han Tian Yang to threaten Han 3000, but to take this hatred and reach a reconciliation with Han Tian Yang, as long as Han Tian Yang could not hold a grudge against the MiG Han family, he would be able to convince Han 3000 not to take revenge.

        Unfortunately, Han Tiansheng clearly had no thoughts about this, and his first thought was to arrest Han Tianyang, which was ridiculous.

Chapter 623

"Do you think we're still qualified to arrest Han Tian Yang now, it'll just make Han 3000 even angrier," Han Xiao said.

        Not arresting Han Tian Yang?

        Han Tiansheng looked at Han Xiaoxiao in confusion, but other than that, he couldn't understand what Han Xiaoxiao had just said.

        Since he couldn't arrest Han Tian Yang, what was the point of finding him?

        "What do you mean?" Han Tiansheng was confused and asked.

        Han Xiao sighed and said, "Now that you are no longer high and mighty, you should lower your status to look at this matter, looking for Han Tian Yang is to negotiate a solution to your grudge, and then let Han Tian Yang persuade Han 3000 to let us go."

        "That's impossible!" Han Tiansheng's first thought was to refuse, and he refused very decisively.

        The word negotiation was a joke in his eyes.

        When he broke off his enmity with Han Tian Yang, even forcing Han Tian Yang to kneel and being forced to leave Mi Guo, these were all things that Han Tiansheng did above Han Tian Yang.

        To Han Tiansheng, the Han Tianyang in his eyes would always be inferior, and how could he negotiate with an inferior person?

        "Why not, just because you've always thought Han Tian Yang was inferior?" Han Xiao said helplessly.

        "He's a trash in my eyes, that's something that nothing can change, and you, you want me to discuss with a trash, Han Xiao, have you forgotten what kind of identity you are?" Han Tiansheng said in a cold voice.

        Han Xiao had left the apocalypse back then and returned to Han innate because Han innate had been kind to him, if it wasn't for Han innate he wouldn't be where he was today, so Han Xiao was grateful and willing to spend his life on this matter of protecting Han innate.

        But now, Han Xiao had lost the ability to protect Han Tiansheng, or to put it bluntly, he wasn't qualified to protect Han Tiansheng at all, and he had no choice but to restrain himself in the face of the next old man.

        "I can die with you, if you want." Han Xiao said indifferently.

        Han Tiansheng was so furious that he walked up to Han Xiao and said grimly, "You're my bodyguard, you should protect my well-being, not ask me to whisper to a piece of trash."

        "I will absolutely fight to the last breath to protect you, you can rest assured of that," Han said expressionlessly, he could die, just as long as Han Tiansheng made his choice.

        Fight to the last breath!

        It was clearly saying that even if he died, he wouldn't be able to protect Han innate, Han innate naturally understood this, but in order to live, was he only able to beg Han innate?

        If time rewound back ten years, Han Tiansheng's thoughts would definitely be very firm and wouldn't wander in the slightest, but now, the thought that he would die and the Han family would be destroyed by him made Han Tiansheng hesitate.

        "You should know very well that the only thing that can change Han Three Thousand's mind is Han Tian Yang." Han Xiao continued.

        Han Tiansheng returned to his room without saying a word.

        Out of dignity, he would never want to go to Han Tian Yang, but with his life on the line, did he really want to gamble his life for this breath?

        Although he didn't have much time left in life, Han Tiansheng was never willing to end up in this manner.

        The Han family that had been built up so painstakingly and ended up being destroyed by his own hands was never something that Han Born would want to see.

        "Is there really no other way out?" Han Tiansheng sat on the edge of the bed, talking to himself, his rickety posture looking dejected.

        On the other hand, Han Qianli was still worried about Ma Yu's appearance, the guy who came out of nowhere to save him and had Ma Feihao as his dog's leg, and the more Han Qianli thought about it, the more his head felt muddled.

        Could it be that Ma Yu had something to do with that level?

        But even if Ma Yu was really someone on that level, Han Giangli didn't feel like he could get this kind of high-class treatment.

        When he had fought with Gong Tian, although he had won, it was barely, and he didn't feel that he would be able to get that level of attention because of this matter.

        After Ma Feihao left, Han Qianli pulled out the jade pendant he had obtained at Nangong's house, the word apocalypse clearly visible on it, he had guessed that apocalypse might be the name for that level, but until he was actually sure about this matter, it was all just a guess.

        "Apocalypse, what kind of place is it, is it some kind of mysterious organization? What's the point of such an organization existing?" Han Giangli said to himself.

        He knew very little about that level right now, but he could feel that it seemed to be getting closer and closer to him, believing that one day, he would be able to enter it and learn what this unknown world was really like.

        At this moment, Chi Yi Yun walked into the room with a fruit tray.

        Every day, in addition to fixing three meals for Han three thousand, Chi Yi Yun would also prepare some nutritional supplements and fruits for Han three thousand, so it could be said that he took care of him very comprehensively, fearing that Han three thousand would be lacking nutrition and nutritional body recovery.

        "Eat some fruit." Chi Yi Yun said.

        "If I die in front of Han's villa, can you imagine what will happen to Chi's family?" Han Giangan asked to Chi Yi Yun, the question hadn't been discussed between them yet, but the outcome was clear to both of them needless to say, so Han Giangan was very impressed that Chi Yi Yun had the courage to make such a decision.

        "There's no point in asking hypothetical questions, I refuse to answer." Qi Yiyun said indifferently.

        "Then why did you do it? That can tell me," Han Marchant said.

        "Love you gah, I can't think of any other reason than I love you, my love for you is strong enough that I almost took the lives of a family of three." Chi Yi Yun replied in a very relaxed and comfortable manner, as if it was a small and natural thing to her.

        Han Qianqian sighed in his heart, if just because of love, he could make Qi Yiyun take such a huge risk, then this love was really a bit heavy.

        Seeing Han Qianli's serious expression, Qi Yiyun suddenly smiled and said, "You really think of yourself as a male god, our family is betting that you won't die and that you'll win over the Han family, which will allow our family to gain a lot of benefits."

        Han Qianli knew that this might be part of the reason, but it was definitely not the underlying factor.

        Suddenly, Han 3,000 thought of something that had to do with Chi Yi Yun's relatives.

        Only after a careful glance at Chi Yi Yun did Han Qianli ask, "By the way, have your relatives, come yet?"

        Chi Yi Yun was stunned for a moment before saying, "Are you afraid? What's there to be afraid of, it's just not here, it's not a big deal."

        Han Three Thousand nearly choked to death from a mouthful of apple stalk in her throat, and it's not a big deal? If Qi Yiyun was really pregnant, it would be a big deal for Han Qianli to change the world, not only would she not be able to explain to Su Yingxia, Han Qianli would be even more at a loss as to what to do with Qi Yiyun.

        "It can't be such a coincidence." Han Three Thousand was almost suffocating to death, drunk and feeling nothing, wouldn't it be too wrong if this became a father!

        "How do I know, it's not like it's up to me to say it." Qi Yiyun smiled in her heart, watching Han Qianli's frightened expression had a different flavor, and as for Han Qianli rejecting this matter so much, it wasn't even a matter for Qi Yiyun, after all, she had been rejected by Han Qianli not once or twice, she had already gotten used to it.

        Han Qianli heaved out a sigh of bad luck, there was nothing else he could do but pray in his heart.

        For Han Third Thousand who was lying in bed recuperating, the days were very torturous, not being able to go anywhere, even getting out of bed required approval from Chi Yi Yun, it was like a waste of days with nothing to do.

        But the outside world was extraordinarily exciting, apart from Han Tiansheng struggling with whether or not to go to Cloud City himself, Ma Feihao had done a lot in the Chinese district in order to be able to please Han Three Thousand.

        On this day, Ma Feihao personally came to Fang Shuo's house, but Fang Shuo had always wanted to kill Han 3,000, and now as Han 3,000's dog, Ma Feihao naturally wanted to help Han 3,000 solve this trouble.

        "Brother Hao, why did you personally come to my house." Fang Shuo was hiding these days and didn't dare to go out, as long as Han Qianxiang didn't die, he couldn't have peace of mind for a day.

        "Fang Shuo, there's quite a bit of bad blood between you and Brother 3000." Ma Feihao said indifferently.


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