His True Colors Chapter 624-626


Chapter 624

Fang Shuo wasn't paying attention to Ma Feihao's words, nor was he aware of Ma Feihao's honorific title for Han Three Thousand.

        He knew that Han 3,000 was now in Ma Yu's hands, and as Ma Feihao was Ma Yu's nephew, didn't that mean that Han 3,000 was in Ma Feihao's hands?

        Fang Shuo was smart enough to detect Ma Feihao's purpose for coming to him, most likely Ma Feihao wanted to take some benefits from him.

        "Brother Hao, if you can help me solve this trouble, I'll agree to anything you want." Fang Shuo said, "You can still make more money if the money is gone, but if you lose your life, the Great Luo Gold Immortal can't even save it.

        Ma Feihao smiled coldly, what was this stupid thing thinking, didn't he hear himself calling Han Qianqian? He actually wanted to give him some benefits to help take revenge.

        "Fang Shuo, you're really dying and still don't know it." Ma Feihao said in a cold voice.

        Fang Shuo got all stirred up and asked, puzzled, "Brother Hao, what do you mean by that?"

        "What do I mean?" Ma Feihao fiercely grabbed Fang Shuo's hair and snapped, "You have the f**king nerve to seek revenge on Brother 3000, I think you just don't want to live."

        At that moment, Fang Shuo finally heard Ma Feihao's address to Han Three Thousand.

        Brother Three-thousand!

        What's going on.

        Wasn't Ma Feihao equally eager to kill Han Giang? And he was planning to take revenge himself, so why did he now have such an honorific title for Han Giang.

        "Hao, don't you also want to take revenge?" Fang Shuo said in confusion.

        "Revenge? I'm just Brother 3000's little brother now, how could I possibly seek revenge on him, Brother 3000 is already doing me a great favor by not blaming me, can I be so insensitive?" Ma Feihao's cold voice.

        Fang Shuo was confused, what the hell was going on, how did Ma Feihao become Han Qianqian's little brother?

        "You don't even know Brother 3000's true identity, tell me, I'm afraid your crotch can't even pee, you faggot even wants revenge, you don't even look at what you are." After saying that, Ma Feihao punched and kicked Fang Shuo.

        Fang Shuo, who was screaming in pain, made a noise that quickly attracted the attention of his parents at home.

        The two elders rushed to the living room, and when they saw Fang Shuo being beaten, they rushed over.

        "Who are you, how dare you come to my Fang family and beat people up, do you not want to live?" Fang Shuo's father shouted angrily at Ma Feihao.

        Ma Feihao raised his head and said, "So what if I beat him up, what do you dare to do?"

        When Fang Shuo's father saw Ma Feihao, he was so frightened that he paled, he thought it was some little man who had come to cause trouble in the house, but he didn't expect it to be Ma Feihao!

        This young man, Fang Shuo's father wouldn't dare to provoke.

        Even his mother, who usually treated Fang Shuo as a treasure in her palm, didn't even dare to utter a word at this time.

        "Fei Hao, what's wrong, aren't you two brothers usually quite close, where did he provoke you, tell me, I'll help you teach him a lesson." Fang Shuo's father said.

        "Brother, even this fool has the right to call me brother?" Ma Feihao said disdainfully, although they did have a good relationship on a regular basis, Ma Feihao had never treated this kind of trash who pissed his pants as a brother, and now in this particular situation, Ma Feihao was even less likely to acknowledge his relationship with Fang Shuo.

        Hearing their son being called a fool, Fang Shuo's parents didn't dare to get angry, but instead, they spoke kindly to him.

        "Feihao, let go of him first, say what you have to say, and if he has offended you, I will make amends for him on your behalf." Fang Shuo's mother said with a distressed face.

        Fang Shuo's father nodded repeatedly and said, "Yes, tell us, we'll make up for you, if this brat really did something treacherous, we'll punish him for you."

        Ma Feihao looked the two of them up and down and said, "Do you still have the ability to have children?"

        Fang Shuo's parents looked puzzled, not understanding what Ma Feihao's words meant.

        "If you're still able to give birth, I advise you to hurry back to your rooms and do more exercise, otherwise, no one will inherit the Fang family's estate in the future." Ma Feihao said.

        This statement made Fang Shuo's parents turn pale, no one to inherit it, wouldn't that mean Fang Shuo was dead!

        Fang Shuo's father walked up to Fang Shuo and slapped Fang Shuo in the face, saying in a furious voice, "Stinker, what exactly have you done!"

        Fang Shuo didn't know anything in his current state, he didn't understand why Ma Feihao would call Han 3000 his brother, and he didn't even understand why Ma Feihao would stand up for Han 3000.

        "Dad, I didn't do anything." Fang Shuo said weakly.

        Fang Shuo's father didn't believe him, if he really didn't do anything, how could Ma Feihao come to his door for no reason and want his life?

        "Feihao, give him a chance, I'll make sure he makes amends." Fang Shuo's father said to Ma Feihao with a prayerful face.

        "I give him a chance? I don't have the qualifications, whether he survives or not depends on what Brother 3000 does with him." Ma Feihao said.

        Brother Three Thousand?

        Fang Shuo's father frowned, could it be Han Qianxiang who had been in the limelight recently?

        In today's Chinese district, the name of Han Qianli is known to everyone. He did an astonishing feat of delivering a coffin to Han Tiansheng, which no one else dared to think of.

        But even though he survived, in the eyes of others, he would still die in Han Tiansheng's hands one day.

        But Ma Feihao was now clearly siding with Han Qianqian, which made Fang Shuo's father somewhat confused, did even Ma Feihao have to fight against the Han family?

        "Fei Ho, the Ma family is going to deal with Han Tiansheng?" Father Fang Shuo asked in confusion.

        Ma Feihao smiled faintly and said, "Old thing, you don't think that Brother 3000 can't deal with Han Tiansheng, do you?"

        "Doesn't it?" Not only did Fang Shuo's father think so, but all the families in the Chinese district felt the same way, as they had no idea what Ma Yu's appearance meant, much less Han Marchant's true identity now.

        "Hahahahahaha." Ma Feihao laughed, what a ridiculous idea, can't these stupid guys see that the present Han Tiancheng is in trouble himself? If Han Tiansheng was really capable, how could he hide in Han's villa and not show up?

        "Stupid thing, you underestimate Brother 3000 too, whether Han Tiansheng lives or dies is just a word from Brother 3000." Ma Feihao said.

        Fang Shuo's father was shocked, Han Tiansheng's life or death was already in Han 3000's hands?

        Ma Feihao said that, it definitely couldn't be a joke, Fang Shuo's father knew that something must have happened that he didn't know about.

        Kicking Fang Shuo, Fang Shuo's father said in an angry voice, "Stinky brat, now hurry up and apologize to Han Giang, if he doesn't forgive you, you'll only die."

        The two of them weren't old enough to be sterilized, but for Fang Shuo's father, watching his son who had raised him for more than twenty years die, this kind of white hair was also unacceptable.

        When Ma Feihao heard Fang Shuo's father's words, he angrily kicked Fang Shuo's father and said in a cold voice, "Do you have the right to call Brother 3000 by his name?"

        Fang Shuo's father's expression was twisted in pain, but he nodded incessantly and said, "Yes, yes, I shouldn't call him by his full name, I should call him Brother 3000."

        "Count you as being sensible, as for your son, I'm taking him away, whether he can live or not, only his life depends on it." Ma Feihao said, pulling Fang Shuo's hair and heading out.

        Fang Shuo didn't dare to struggle, he was already scared to pee at this time.

        After the two of them left, Fang Shuo's mother, with tears on her face, grabbed Fang Shuo's father's hand and said, "What to do, isn't there any way to save Fang Shuo?"

        Fang Shuo's father sighed and said, "Don't you see Ma Feihao's attitude, even this domineering brat is so respectful to Han 3000, it looks like he's not as simple as we thought, even Han Tiansheng's life and death is nothing more than his word, what do we count for?"

        Fang Shuo's mother's face was ashen, she naturally understood this.

        The Chinese district was almost Han Tiansheng's world alone, if even Han Tiansheng couldn't deal with Han 3,000, they would have to leave it to fate.

        "Who the hell is he, I heard that this kid, isn't he Han Tian's adopted grandson?" Fang Shuo's mother was puzzled and said.

        "Back then, when Han Tian Yang was forced to kneel, I witnessed it with my own eyes, and many other people know about it, it seems that his grandson, has come to take revenge for him."

Chapter 625

When Ma Feihao brought Fang Shuo in front of Han Qianqian, Ma Feihao deliberately beat Fang Shuo up in order to show himself, Han Qianqian could also see that this guy was willing to do anything to please himself.

        Unfortunately, this incident didn't make Han Qianqian feel better about Ma Feihao, he never treated Fang Shuo as an opponent, how could Han Qianqian look at someone who would piss his pants just by bluffing?

        When does a tiger care if an ant lives or dies?

        "Brother Three Thousand, what do you want to do with him, just say the word and I'll do it all for you." Ma Feihao, exhausted and panting, asked Han 3,000.

        Han Third Thousand took a look at Fang Shuo who was squatting in the corner, already scared to death and shaking all over, such a person couldn't really be called his opponent.

        "Do you think that I need to face him squarely for this kind of trash? And you have to take special revenge for me?" Han Three Thousand Year said indifferently.

        Ma Feihao's move was meant to please Han Marchioness, but Han Marchioness didn't seem very happy to say so.

        "Brother 3000, what you mean is ......"

        "I mean, a piece of trash like him doesn't deserve to be my opponent, and I've never wanted to fight him, let alone need your help if I'm going to deal with him." Han Qianqian faded.

        Ma Feihao's eyes glazed over, Han Marchant didn't take Fang Shuo as a rival, but he still went to Fang Shuo's house to show off with great fervor, and even brought Fang Shuo before Han Marchant, wouldn't that lower Han Marchant's status in disguise?

        "Brother 3000, of course this kind of trash doesn't deserve to be your opponent, otherwise, there would be no need for me to take care of him." Ma Feihao was smart enough to hold Han 3,000 up with these words, deliberately lowering his own status to appear that he was the one on the same level as Fang Shuo.

        Han Qianqian didn't expect this guy's flattering skills to be so profound, and couldn't help but smile helplessly.

        "What do you think I should do with him?" Han Giangli asked with a smile.

        This was a difficult question for Ma Feihao, if Han Qianqian said that he wanted to kill Fang Shuo, he definitely wouldn't be soft, but if he were to leave this decision to him, he would be a bit torn, after all, he couldn't guess Han Qianqian's mind, and if he didn't have to, he didn't really want to kill Fang Shuo.

        Before Ma Feihao could speak, the panicked Fang Shuo knelt in front of Han Qianqian.

        "Brother Three Thousand, I was the one who was blind in the past, please let me go, I will never have the slightest thought of revenge against you again, I'll do whatever you want me to do." Fang Shuo had a snotty nose and tears, this guy was terrified, allowing him to be as domineering as he normally was, but in front of Han Qianli and Ma Feihao, how could he still have the capital to be domineering.

        Han 3,000 yuan raised his eyebrows at Ma Feihao, as if telling him to make up his mind.

        Ma Feihao had a headache, never expecting such a decisive matter to fall on his head.

        "Brother Three Thousand, this kid still has some value in the Chinese district, how about ...... letting him be a dog at your beck and call?" Mafiho said.

        "When you tried to use him to impress me, didn't you think carefully about what he deserved?" Han Three Thousand asked.

        Ma Feihao lowered his head, not daring to look directly into Han Qianli's sharp eyes and said, "Brother Qianli, I do want to use him to please you because I don't know what to do other than this matter."

        The corners of Han Three Thousand's mouth turned up, nothing to do? This would be easy, as he still had a large number of things in hand that needed help.

        Although there was no need to question Tang Zong's ability, the Chinese District was ultimately a strange place for Tang Zong, and there were bound to be times when things were tied up, and Han Qianqiang wanted him to take control of the business community in the Chinese District someday in the future, which required Tang Zong to integrate into the circle within a short period of time.

        To integrate into the circle, there must be a gap, and finding that gap was the only way to properly integrate, and now, the gap was already in front of him.

        "The Nangong family's company, do you know about it?" Han 3000 asked to Ma Feihao.

        "I know I know, isn't Brother 3000 the new top management of this company, if you have anything to explain, just say so." Ma Fei Hao said.

        "The current top executive of this company is called Tang Zong, he is my subordinate, I need him to open the Chinese District market for me, can you show value in this matter?" Han Qianqian asked.

        Ma Feihao nodded like garlic and said, "Brother 3000, don't worry, I, Ma Feihao, don't have any real skills, but I'm a respectable person in the business world, I can help with any cooperation you need."

        "Okay, you go find Tang Zong, I hope the two of you can work well together," Han Qianqian said.

        This was Han Qianli's first appointment to Ma Feihao, and even though Ma Feihao knew that this was just a use, he was very happy inside, at least Han Qianli had asked him to do something, which indirectly showed that the distance between him and Han Qianli was getting closer.

        The use now would have a chance to turn into true feelings in the future, Ma Feihao believed that as long as he was sincere and worked hard enough, he was qualified to gain Han Qianqian's trust.

        Ma Feihao was just about to leave when he suddenly felt a pair of hands hug his thigh, which turned out to be the scared and urine-free Fang Shuo.

        Only Fang Shuo looked at Ma Feihao with a prayerful face, as if he wanted him to take him with him.

        "Brother Three Thousand, what do we do with this guy?" Ma Feihao asked to Han Qianqian.

        "This kind of trash, just don't show up in front of me in the future." Han 3,000 faintly said.

        Fang Shuo kowtowed to Han Three Thousand with a grateful face and said, "Brother Three Thousand, don't worry, I will never appear in front of you in the future, if you are in the east, I will be in the west, never dirty your eyes."

        Han 3,000 waved his hand at Ma Feihao, signaling Ma Feihao to take Fang Shuo away.

        After Fang Shuo left, it was as if he had picked up a life, crying out in excitement, watching Ma Feihao regret for a while, how could he take this loser as a rival to Brother Three Thousand, and take him to Brother Three Thousand so solemnly, now it seemed that it was really a stupid decision.

        "Get out of here and go home, I suggest you'd better not show your face in the Chinese district for the rest of your life." Ma Feihao said to Fang Shuo, then got into the car and headed towards Nangong's company with one foot of gas.

        Chi Yi Yun walked into Han Qianqian's room with a fruit plate and said with a smile on her face, "This little brother of yours is really hurting to please you, but he never expected that you'd be so hard to serve."

        "I'm hard to serve?" Han 3000 didn't think he was a difficult person to deal with, and it really didn't make any sense for Ma Feihao to do this, Fang Shuo was a person that Han 3000 hadn't put in his eyes for a long time, if he still dared to mess around, just kill him, he wasn't even a threat.

        "He's sort of racking his brains to please you, you not only didn't appreciate it, but you almost made it difficult for him to behave, do you think it's difficult to serve him?" Chi Yi Yun said helplessly, Ma Fei Hao can have such a big change in attitude, in Chi Yi Yun's opinion, Han Qian Gong should treat him well, after all, this person still has some room to use.

        "Didn't I also give him the chance to do other things." Han Three Thousand said.

        "He has a lot of use, I think, you can be friends with him." Chi Yi Yun suggested.

        "A friend?" Han Qianli faintly smiled and said, "Since he's going to be my dog's errand boy, the hierarchy should naturally be clear, in your opinion, treating him well is the only way to make better use of him, but in my opinion, the more clear this hierarchy is, the more Ma Feihao will only do his best to help me, once he crosses the line of superior and inferior, it will only make him more and more out of control. "

        "Why?" Chi Yi Yun was puzzled as he looked at Han Qianqiang, he should be grateful for being nice to Ma Feihao, how could there be an uncontrolled situation?

        "I'm not going to be able to do anything about it, I'm going to be able to do something about it, I'm going to be able to do something about it, I'm going to be able to do something about it. ." Han Giangli explained with a smile.

        Qi Yi Yun indeed didn't know much about this aspect and nodded her head as if she knew it by heart, but she said something that left Han 3000 speechless, "I don't understand it, but I think it makes sense."

Chapter 626

After going to the office, Ma Feihao met up with Tang Zong, but Tang Zong didn't need Ma Feihao's help at this stage, so after simply reaching some verbal agreement, Ma Feihao left.

        This made Ma Feilao a little disappointed, he now can't wait to prove himself, hoping to close the distance between himself and Han Qianqian in the shortest possible time, but according to the current situation, there is no such opportunity.

        Ma Feihao, who was doing nothing, drove to Han's villa.

        Ma Yu was still resting across the lid of the coffin, and as long as he was there, the Han family's bodyguards wouldn't dare take a step near the coffin.


        When Ma Yu heard Ma Feihao's voice, he sat up and found Ma Feihao looking dejected, and asked with a smile, "What's wrong, looking at you like you're listless, can't you find a chance to please Han 3000?"

        Ma Feihao nodded his head, unable to think of anything even though his brain was about to explode.

        "Yeah, that's why I came to ask my uncle to help me figure out what to do." Ma Feihao said.

        Ma Yu patted Ma Feihao's shoulder and said, "This matter can't be rushed, and you still have time now."

        "Uncle, you know I'm a hothead, I'll be very tormented if I can't do this thing, so hurry up and think of a way for me." Ma Feihao said with a bitter face.

        "It's not that there isn't a way, it's just that it's too dangerous for you to do this thing with your current abilities." Ma Yu said.

        "What kind of thing?" As soon as he heard that there was a way to do it, Ma Feihao instantly became energized, and it was important to know how to measure whether or not it could be done.

        "There have been a lot of scavengers appearing in the Chinese district recently, and I suspect that someone is trying to deal with Han Giang in secret." Ma Yu said.

        "Scavengers!" Ma Feihao cringed in fear, what was a scavenger he naturally knew very well, no wonder Ma Yu would say that he was incapable of doing this, he was just a rich boy, how could he fight with these killers?

        Seeing Ma Feihao's reaction, Ma Yu couldn't help but sigh inside, it was true that a rich second generation was a rich second generation, nothing real except for spending money to woo, he was nothing if it wasn't for the family fuyin.

        "Uncle, this topic is already over the top ah, which is what I have the ability to do." Ma Feihao said in shock.

        "Of course you don't have the ability to fight against the Scavenger, but you can find a way to protect Han 3000." Ma Yu said.

        "What way?" Ma Feihao questioned.

        Ma Yu was so angry that he slapped Ma Feihao on the head, his words had been made so clear and understandable, but Ma Feihao still didn't even understand.

        "You really have to be mad at me to be willing, don't you?" Ma Yu looked at Ma Feihao angrily.

        Ma Feihao looked aggrieved and touched his head, saying, "Uncle, my brain hasn't been very good since I was a child, so just tell me straight away, don't make me guess."

        "Not very good in the head? I see you have quite a few ways and tricks to play with women, you're just so consumed with women that you don't have the heart to think about these things." Ma Yu said.

        Ma Feihao nodded his head repeatedly, not daring to argue, for him, conquering women was the most pleasurable thing to do, because he didn't lack money or status, he really didn't know what he should do other than those warblers.

        The starting point was so high that Ma Feihao had never had a real goal in his life.

        "Since the other party can pay a scavenger to deal with Han 3,000, can't you pay someone to protect Han 3,000? Now that Han 3,000 is seriously injured and his ability to defend himself is poor, this is your chance to show it, you fool." Ma Yu said.

        Ma Feihao suddenly came to his senses, gave himself a light slap and said, "I'm too stupid to think of something so simple."

        "Protecting Han 3,000 should be my responsibility, and since you want to strive for performance in front of him, I'll give you this opportunity, so don't let me down," Ma Yu reminded.

        Ma Feihao patted his chest and assured, "Uncle, don't worry, I'll definitely be able to complete the mission, I'll never let you down."

        Although Ma Yu said so, he didn't dare to really leave Han Marchant's safety to Ma Feihao alone, if something happened, he wouldn't be able to answer to the next oldest man and it would be over.

        At this moment, two people suddenly appeared at the entrance of the Han villa, Han Tiansheng and Han Xiao.

        When Ma Feihao saw Han Tiansheng, he subconsciously took a step back, out of fear of Han Tiansheng.

        But soon, Ma Feihao straightened his back again, after all, with Ma Yu by his side, what was he afraid of Han Tiansheng for?

        Although this action by Ma Feihao was slight, it still didn't escape Ma Yu's eyes, and it couldn't help but make Ma Yu sigh in his heart.

        Han 3,000 dared to come and deliver a coffin to Han Tiansheng without any reliance, the heroism was breathtaking even to Ma Yu. Looking at Ma Feihao at this time, just seeing Han Tiansheng scared him back, and with him present, the difference between Ma Feihao and Han 3000 could be seen just from that.

        "Uncle, Han Tiansheng is here." Ma Feihao said somewhat nervously to Ma Yu.

        "What are you afraid of, can't he still eat you?" Ma Yu looked at Ma Feihao with disdain.

        Ma Feihao's throat squirmed, and he said with forced calmness, "Of course not, with uncle here, how could he be against me."

        "You brat, the difference between you and Han 3000 is too big, man but head-on against Han Tiansheng, look again at what you are like now." Ma Yu said.

        Ma Feihao didn't deny this, the day Han 3,000 delivered the coffin, he looked numb and admitted his admiration for Han 3,000 three times inside, which was part of the reason he was willing to be Han 3,000's dog's leg.

        In the Chinese district, there had never been anyone who dared to call out to Han Tiansheng like that, the first and presumably the last of Han 3,000, and it was only when he gave such a person a dog's leg that Ma Feihao's heart wasn't so odd.

        "Han Tiansheng, you can't escape the temple if you can run away from the monk, you should have heard of this saying, right?" Ma Yu said to the approaching Han Tongsheng, the old man had established the MiG Han family with his own hands, so in Ma Yu's opinion, he shouldn't leave the Chinese district for his own safety, and Han was also well aware of the apocalypse's ability, even if he ran to the ends of the earth, with the apocalypse's power, he would be able to find him.

        "I'm going to go to Cloud City." Han Tiansheng said.

        Ma Yu was stunned for a moment, then he laughed.

        Of course he knew why Han Tiansheng was going to Cloud City, but it was beyond Ma Yu's expectations that Han Tiansheng would make such a decision.

        In the beginning, he had driven Han Tian Yang out of Mi Country and established an unholy feud with him, but now he was going to Han Tian Yang with a serene face in order to be able to survive on his own and to be able to keep the Mi Country Han family alive, which was really interesting.

        "Han Tiansheng, you don't want this old face of yours?" Ma Yu smiled and asked.

        Face was very important to Han Tiansheng, especially when it was Han Tianyang on the opposite side, it rose to a matter of dignity, he was high and mighty in front of Han Tianyang, but now he had to pray for Han Tianyang's help to persuade Han 3000 to let him go, this was indeed a very difficult thing, but Han Tiansheng knew very well that he had no other choice but to do so.

        Today's Han 3000 had a backstage so powerful that he had no way of dealing with it, if he didn't do so, he would have to wait for death.

        "Ma Yu, you can watch my jokes all you want, but I'm doing this not just for myself, but for the sake of preserving the entire MiG Han family." Han Tiansheng said.

        Ma Yu shook his head in disdain, Han Tiansheng spoke generously and righteously, but in reality, wasn't protecting the MiG Han family just to save his own life, and a change of words would be able to make him not lose face? Such words were only able to fool children.

        "I won't stop you, but you have to remember one thing, running away will only get you killed, you can't escape the apocalypse." Ma Yu reminded.

        "Don't worry, I've never wanted to escape." Han Tiansheng said.

        Looking at Han Tiansheng's kind of high and mighty posture Ma Yu got angry in his heart, this old man was used to being the top man, and his posture of acting like one was really disgusting.

        So Ma Yu gave no face and said, "Is it because you haven't thought about it, or you don't have the guts to run away."

        Han Tiansheng gritted his teeth and angrily turned to leave.

        "Uncle, what's he doing in Cloud City?" After Han Tiansheng walked away, Ma Feihao asked curiously.


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