His True Colors Chapter 619-620


Chapter 619

Ma Feihao's words caused Ma Yu to suddenly stop in his tracks.

        Ma Feihao looked like he was rubbing his palms in anticipation, Ma Yu's face was as heavy as water, this guy actually has a problem with Han Qianqian?

        Nowadays, even he could only take care of Han Qianqian carefully, but Ma Feihao was actually deluded enough to take revenge?

        "What do you guys have against each other?" Ma Yu asked in a deep voice.

        Ma Feihao's eyebrows danced as he talked about the track, naturally, he couldn't help but add more fuel to the fire, making himself the weaker party, and the more he talked, the more aggrieved his expression became, and he almost shed tears.

        Ma Yu knew very well what kind of person Ma Feihao was, and knew his jealousy by heart, and even if everything he said was true, this revenge, Ma Yu didn't dare to help him.

        "Fortunately, it was you who kneeled down for him, if it was him who kneeled down for you it would be the end." Ma Yu said with a celebratory face after hearing Ma Feihao's story.

        Ma Feihao looked at Ma Yu in puzzlement, as an uncle, how could he be so calm when he heard that his nephew had been wronged?

        "Uncle, you can leave him to me," Ma Feihao said.

        "From today onwards, you honestly give him a dog's leg, only then will you be able to live longer." Ma Yu said.

        "Ah!" Ma Feihao looked at Ma Yu in dismay, and said in confusion, "Uncle, how is it possible that you want me to be a dog's leg for this trash."

        Ma Yu smiled coldly, even though Ma Feihao was his own nephew, Ma Feihao's comments about Han Qianqian still made him very unhappy.

        This was the disciple that the next oldest was going to take in personally, and even he wasn't qualified to evaluate Han 3,000, so what qualifications did Ma Feihao have?

        "Hmph." Ma Yu snorted coldly and said, "Do you know who Han Qianqian is now?"

        "What people?" Ma Feihao was in a fog, he thought that Han 3000 was now in Ma Yu's hands, it should be a matter of course for Ma Yu to leave him to take revenge, after all, Ma Yu was his uncle, his elbows couldn't turn outwards, but looking at the current situation, Ma Yu seemed to be protecting Han 3000.

        "There's a big man who wants to take him as his disciple, this big man's status is much higher than mine, if I'm late today, I'm afraid my own life will be in danger, do you think you're still qualified to take revenge? Unless you want the Ma family to be destroyed." Ma Yu said indifferently.

        Ma Feihao looked at Ma Yu with a shocked face, in his mind, Ma Yu was already a person of very powerful status, and an even more powerful person actually wanted to take Han Qianqian as his disciple?

        What kind of luck did this punk have to become a disciple of a big shot.

        "Uncle, I don't have a chance for revenge?" Ma Feihao said reluctantly, the psychological difference between the previous heartbeat and the current pot of cold water was so great that he couldn't accept it, and the fact that he was going to be made to work as a dog for Han 3000 was even more of a fact that he didn't want to accept.

        "You'd better not have such thoughts, not at all, or else even I won't be able to keep you and will be killed by you." Ma Yu said seriously.

        Looking at Ma Yu's serious expression, Ma Feihao knew that he wasn't lying to scare himself, which meant that there was no hope of revenge in his life.

        "Actually, being a dog's leg for him has a lot of benefits for you, because his master's position is an existence that you can't imagine, so perhaps whether the Ma family can get to the true pinnacle will depend on whether you can make him happy." Ma Yu said.

        The skill of skulking was a skill Ma Feihao was used to, it was just that using it on Han Qianqian made him unacceptable, after all, he had a grudge against Han Qianqian, which was known to all the sons and daughters of world families in the Chinese district, and he also put harsh words in front of those people, he must take revenge himself.

        In this situation, if he became Han Three Thousand's henchman, wouldn't he be laughed off the stage.

        "I know you love to save face, but who is more important compared to face or life, I'm sure you're clear about that." Leaving this sentence behind, Ma Yu carried Han Qianqian on his shoulders and left.

        Ma Feihao was stunned in place for a long time, face was important, but life was clearly more important, if you didn't even have your life, what was the point of face?

        Ma Feihao wasn't the kind of person who would throw his life away, and things that would cost him his life for a little face, was definitely not something he could do.

        Sighing, Ma Feihao said to himself, "Just be a dog's leg, as long as I can have the chance to make my status higher, what's the point of even being a dog's leg for him?"

        After Ma Yu left with Han Sanqian, Qi Yiyun, who was concerned about Han Sanqian's condition, followed her from a distance, not daring to approach easily, but unwilling to abandon Han Sanqian.

        When Ma Yu realized this, he stopped and waved to Qi Yiyun.

        Qi Yiyun saw this and walked hard to Ma Yu's side.

        "Who are you to him?" Ma Yu asked to Chi Yi Yun.

        "Friend." Qi Yiyun said.

        Ma Yu smiled faintly, a friend between a man and a woman? The way Chi Yiyun looked at Han Qianqian was more than just a friend.

        "Come with me, you can just take care of him." Ma Yu said.

        Qi Yiyun nodded her head in gratitude.

        The matter of Han's villa ended up in a strange way, no one knew why Ma Yu was protecting Han Three Thousand except for Han Xiao and Han Tiansheng, but from their point of view, Han Three Thousand had lost this time, and lost in such a mess that he didn't even have a chance to fight back.

        However, it was also clear to everyone that this matter had not really come to an end, the coffin was still at the entrance of Han's villa, and Han 3,000 was bound to make a comeback.

        Almost everyone was looking forward to that day inwardly, they knew that the next time would be the time when life and death would truly be decided.

        Han family villa.

        Han Yan kneeled in front of Han Tiansheng trembling, Han Three Thousand shaking to reveal what had happened in Cloud City, directly sent Han Yan into the abyss, killing her younger brother with her own hands, such treasonous things were intolerable to Han Tiansheng, and now that Han Li was also dead, he would never allow the head of the Han family to fall on a woman.

        Of course, Han Tiansheng knew that the Han family was already gradually heading towards extinction, and Han 3000, as the next oldest disciple's personal pupil, was no longer on the same level as the Han family at all, and his treatment of Han 3000 would inevitably lead to Han 3000's retaliation.

        Perhaps the day of Han Three Thousand's retaliation would be the day the Han family would perish.

        But until then, Han Tiansheng still had to try to stabilize the Han family as much as possible.

        "Grandpa, I was wrong, I hope you'll give me a chance." Han Yan kneeled in front of Han Tongsheng and begged for forgiveness, the right to the position of head of the family made her obsessed, but at this point, she couldn't care less about the obsession that came with power and only hoped that she wouldn't be punished by Han Tongsheng.

        Han Born was in a very unhappy mood at this point after being humiliated in front of everyone, so how could he possibly let Han Yan go.

        For him, who was patriarchal, although Han Yan was Han Li's own daughter, he never treated Han Yan as a member of the clan, Han Yan's value of existence was to marry a good man and pull alliances for the Han family, but now that Han Yan's killing of her younger brother was exposed, who else would dare to marry such a vicious woman?

        "Break your legs, from today onwards, you can't take a single step away from the Han family and close up tightly until old age." Han Tiansheng said expressionlessly.

        The panicked Han Yan kept kowtowing, her forehead quickly knocking out blood, and said, "Grandpa, please, please give me a chance, don't break my legs, don't ah."

        Han Tiansheng looked at Han Xiao and clearly had no intention of showing mercy.

        Han Xiao walked to Han Yan's side, and without saying a word, two fists blasted Han Yan's kneecap.

        Han Yan rolled around in pain, and her miserable screams sent chills down every Han family member's back as they all lowered their heads, not even daring to look at Han Yan.

        "From today onwards, the Han family's headship will be held by me temporarily," Han Tiansheng said.

        The Han family was established by Han Tiansheng, naturally no one dared to have an opinion on his words, and with Han Yan's downfall right in front of them, they didn't have the guts to offend Han Tiansheng at this moment.

        Han Tiansheng took a deep breath and returned to his small courtyard, but he was significantly more dispirited compared to before.

        He never expected that a trash like Han Qianqian would be so lucky that even the great figures of the apocalypse would take him as their disciple.

        Han Tiansheng wasn't one to sit back and wait for death, he had to find a way to reverse the situation, he couldn't let the Han family be destroyed in this manner.

Chapter 620

Genting City.

        Genting Mountain Villa Area.

        Su Yingxia woke up early in the morning and began to feel unsettled, and along with her eyelids jumping straight, an intuitive sense of foreboding spread in her heart, causing her to sit on the sofa dazed.

        The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're looking for, and you'll be able to get a good idea of what you're looking for.

        Han Nian had fallen into the hands of the bad guys at such a young age, and even she couldn't accept such a thing.

        "Missing Han Nian again?" Shi Jing sat beside Su Yingxia with a gentle face, pulling Su Yingxia's hand and asking softly.

        Su Yingxia returned to her senses, looked at Shi Jing and shook her head, and said, "Mom, a woman's sixth sense is really accurate, isn't it?"

        "It's just Xuan said, don't worry, Han Nian will be fine." Shi Jing consoled.

        Su Yingxia kept shaking her head and said, "It's not Han Nian, it's Three-thousand, I always feel that Three-thousand is in some kind of danger."

        Shi Jing was inexplicably stunned, she also felt empty today and this feeling had been there since she woke up, like something had happened that she didn't know about.

        At this moment, being mentioned by Su Yingxia, Shi Jing also finally understood what was going on with her feelings.

        It seemed that her intuition was also telling her that Han Giang had an accident.

        But she couldn't show panic, because Su Yingxia's current state was even less able to calm Su Yingxia's nerves if even she was nervous along with it.

        "What could have happened to him, you don't know how powerful he is right now, ordinary people are no match for him." Shi Jing said with a smile, then turned to Yan Jun and said, "If you don't believe me, ask your grandfather Yan."

        Since Shi Jing had stayed at the Genting Mountain villa area, Yan Jun and Han Tian Yang had also stayed together.

        Yan Jun nodded his head with a smile and said, "Indeed, the strength of 3000 now, ordinary people are not qualified to be his opponent, and even I am afraid that I won't be able to beat him."

        How powerful Yan Jun was, Su Yingxia knew very well, and the fact that he was able to make such an assessment of Han 3,000 meant that Han 3,000 was really much more powerful.

        But as the saying goes, there are people outside the world, and Han Three Thousand isn't invincible, there will always be experts who can threaten him.

        "Mom, I still don't feel comfortable, is there still no way to contact 3000?" Su Yingxia asked.

        Shi Jing subconsciously looked at Han Tian Yang, only Han Tian Yang knew the news about Han 3000, but Han Tian Yang had said that he couldn't tell Su Ying Xia now because he was worried that Su Ying Xia would be unable to control himself and go to Mi Guo to look for Han 3000, and Han 3000's current state, Su Ying Xia would only add trouble to him if he went.

        "We're still trying our best to find out, don't worry, as long as we have news, we'll tell you," Shi Jing said.

        Su Yingxia let out a long sigh, ever since she married Han Qianqian, Han Qianqian had never left her for such a long time, she was very worried about the situation Han Qianqian was experiencing now.

        At this time, Lan Jiang came down from upstairs.

        Since Shi Jing and the others had moved in, Jiang Lan had been much more honest and had no chance to do any more mischief, on the surface, she acted as if she was taking care of Su Guoyao, but in reality, for a selfish person like Jiang Lan, who was suddenly pressured head on and didn't even dare to breathe in the villa, she would naturally have a lot of resentment in her heart, and these resentments could only be vented on Su Guoyao, the unlucky man.

        Almost every day, Su Guoyao, who was lying on the bed unable to move, would be punched and kicked several times by Jiang Lan.

        Jiang Lan had long wanted to kick Shi Jing and the others out of the villa, and had even thought about the fact that the villa's caretaker was Su Yingxia, and she was fully qualified to do so.

        But being qualified doesn't mean having the courage, Jiang Lan is naturally shorter in front of Shi Jing, and was also beaten by Shi Jing, and now has a psychological shadow, so naturally she doesn't dare to mention this matter easily.

        Especially Han Tianyang, although Jiang Lan didn't know him well, but whenever she saw Han Tianyang's serious face, Jiang Lan would be scared and didn't even have the courage to look directly at him.

        At that moment, there was a sudden sound of glass breaking.

        Jiang Ying Ying was cleaning, now that she had taken over her mother He Ting's job and become the family's nanny, cooking and cleaning was her usual job.

        She was polishing a vase when she suddenly crushed it!

        It wasn't dropping it and breaking it, but rather holding it in her hands and somehow it shattered.

        And this wasn't the first time this had happened, as long as a fragile item was in Jiang Ying Ying's hands, it would break easily, even if it was just a dish, it would be easy for her to pinch a gap.

        The resentful Jiang Lan seemed to have found an outlet for her grievances, cursing, she walked up to Jiang Ying Ying and cursed, "What are you doing, what's the point of having you at home if you can't do this little thing, you're just as useless as your mother."

        Confronted with Jiang Lan, Jiang Ying Ying could only bow her head in fear, this family, no matter how high up Shi Jing was, no matter how serious Han Tian Yang was, it was not scary for Jiang Ying Ying, the only thing that would make her heart palpitate was Jiang Lan who turned her face.

        "Look what you've done, do you know how much this vase is worth!" Jiang Lan gritted her teeth and said, only the angry scolding on her mouth was apparently not enough, Jiang Lan slapped Jiang Ying Ying's face.

        Jiang Yingying covered her face in aggravation, she wasn't careless, but she herself didn't know what was going on, it was as if her strength had suddenly grown lately, even she couldn't control it, it obviously felt like she only used a small amount of strength, but the vase was crushed.

        "Mom, what are you doing, Ying Ying was just careless, a vase isn't worth anything." Su Yingxia hurried to protect Jiang Ying Ying's side.

        Jiang Lan angrily said, "You are still protecting her, hurry up and dismiss her, how many things have been broken in the house these days, if this continues, this house will be torn down by her sooner or later."

        "She was hired by me, to dismiss her, only I am qualified." Shi Jing stood up and walked over to Jiang Ying Ying and said.

        Jiang Lan's aura was pent up, she was able to get angry at Jiang Ying Ying, but facing Shi Jing, she only had to be an honest shrinking turtle.

        Yan Jun at the side frowned lightly, Jiang Ying Ying had indeed broken many things during this period of time, but what he cared about was not these things, but Jiang Ying Ying herself.

        A woman who was able to do so easily crush a vase, such strength shouldn't quite be seen in her.

        And it was clear that she wasn't used to this kind of power, she couldn't control it at all.

        Yan Jun took a look at Han Tian Yang, and the two of them reached an understanding with their eyes and left the villa.

        In front of the garden, Han Tian Yang asked to Yan Jun, "You also see that something is wrong?"

        "She seems to have a huge amount of power in her body somehow, and she's still not in a condition to adapt," Yanjun said.

        "This phenomenon is very similar to Three Thousand." Han Tian Yang exclaimed.

        Yan Jun nodded his head, when Han Qianli had come to him because of this matter, so Yan Jun was well aware of Han Qianli's physical state, but he had thought that this would only happen to Han Qianli, but now, the same thing had suddenly happened to Jiang Ying Ying, making Yan Jun somewhat unable to figure it out.

        "Could it be, there's something unusual about the room she's living in, if I remember correctly, 3000 used to live there." Han Tian Yang said.

        Yan Jun frowned, even if Han 3,000 had lived in that room, it wouldn't explain where Jiang Ying Ying's power came from.

        "Why don't we have her change rooms, and I'll stay for a while and see if I can find any clues?" Yan Jun suggested.

        Han Tian Yang was silent for a moment, shaking his head and said, "No need, the source is not important, the important thing is that she has the chance to become stronger, you train her well, maybe she will become Han 3000's powerful assistant in the future, there are too many things at that level that we can't understand, since we can't go into that level, there's no need to think too much."

        Yan Jun nodded his head and said, "Okay, starting tomorrow, I'll give Jiang Ying Ying a set of formal training so that she can adapt to her power as soon as possible, if she can really become a helper to 3000, this will be a good thing."

        Han Tian Yang let out a long sigh and said, "The matter of Mi Guo has developed beyond our expectations, it's no longer within our control now, we only have to look at 3000's personal abilities."


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