His True Colors Chapter 617-618


Chapter 617

Han Tiansheng trembled with rage, it had been many years since anyone had been able to make him feel such strong emotions.

        But the source of his anger wasn't just the death of Han Li and Han Feng, but Han Li kneeling down in front of Han 3000 and begging for forgiveness.

        How could a member of the MiG Han family kneel down to the waste of the Yanjing Han family!

        This was a disgrace that Han Tian Yang did not allow to exist.

        Back then, when he was high and mighty and forced Han Tianyang to leave Mi, he was so proud of himself that he even took pride in it, believing that only he could lead the Han family to glory.

        For so many years, in Han Tiansheng's heart, Han Tian Yang had been a weak and useless person, and the entire Yanjing Han family was just a bunch of trash.

        He didn't want to acknowledge the fact that Han Li had kneeled to Han Qianli, and the only way to cover up that fact was for Han Qianli to die!

        "Han Xiao, kill him for me! I want him to die without a burial site." Han Tiansheng said in a cold voice.

        Han Xiao stepped forward and said to Han Three Thousand with a calm face, "I'll be the one to avenge my disciple's death today."

        Not daring to take it lightly, Han Three Thousand put down the peachwood coffin and said to Chi Yiyun beside him, "Go far away so you won't be mistakenly injured."

        Qi Yiyun nodded dumbly, she had been frightened silly by those words of Han Qianli, Han Li was dead, and at the hands of Han Qianli, she didn't even dare to think of such a horrifying thing.

        It wasn't until now that Chi Yiyun was clear about the beams Han Three Thousand and the Han family had made, and only one side would be able to break it by giving their lives.

        Either Han Qianxian dies, or Han Tiansheng dies!

        "Yiyun, come here." Chi Donglin and Ouyang Fei, who were watching from afar, shouted in unison to Chi Yiyun.

        Chi Yiyun quickened her steps and walked to the two and asked, "Dad, Mom, what are you guys doing here."

        "Look at how many people are around here, almost all the world families are here, how can we be missing." Ouyang Fei said.

        "Han 3,000 is in danger." At this time, Qi Donglin said with a face as heavy as water.

        Chi Yi Yun asked with a puzzled frown, "Dad, why do you say that."

        Qi Donglin smiled miserably and said, "Only people from Han Tiansheng's era knew how powerful Han Xiao was, even I had only heard about it, back then, Han Tiansheng laid down the world and a large part of the bones under his feet died in Han Xiao's hands, all of the Chinese district knew that Han Long was the number one expert of the Han family, but they didn't know that Han Xiao, who was the upper limit of Han's power, was the most powerful one. It can't be compared to Han Long."

        As soon as Chi Donglin's words ended, the crowd saw Han Xiao's figure suddenly become blurred as he moved so fast that bystanders couldn't see him at all.

        Even Han Qianqiang, who was fully concentrated, was unable to clearly capture Han Xiao's complete movements.

        It was only when the fist with the abstruse wind came that Han Three Thousand subconsciously dodged sideways, and although he was able to dodge a punch, Han's second attack that came right after it left Han with nowhere to hide.

        Only the hit Han Three Thousand Year leapt high into the air, spraying a mist of blood in the air, before falling heavily to the ground, raising dust.

        "Han Three Thousand Year!" Chi Yi Yun shouted nervously, but if it wasn't for Chi Dong Lin's quick eye contact to pull her back, Chi Yi Yun would've wanted to run to Han Qianqian's side.

        With just a face-to-face strike, it seemed that the winner had already been split.

        Han Xiaoxiao held his head high and acted like he was on top of the world as he said to Han Three Thousand with contempt, "A trash like you was able to kill Han Long, he paid a painful price for his carelessness, I hope he won't be so careless in his next life."

        Han Three Thousand Forcefully swallowed the blood that was about to erupt in his throat, stood up shakily and said to Han Xiaoxiao with a fierce face, "Do you think it's over just like this?"

        "Of course not, I'll break every inch of bone in your body and let you try what it means to be in pain." After Han Xiao finished speaking, his figure became illusory again.

        Qi Yiyun's heart instantly went to her throat, Han Xiao didn't even give Han Giang a chance to breathe!

        This time, there was no exception for Han Qianli to be knocked flying, he couldn't see Han's movements at all, and his strength was nowhere to be released.

        Qi Yiyun was so anxious that she began to shed tears, but the others present felt that this was a natural situation, and even couldn't help but clap their hands.

        "This fag, finally paying the price for his arrogance, and really thinks he is invincible." Fang Shuo's anger that had nowhere to be vented was finally released at this moment, and the mouthful of anger he had been holding back was finally released.

        Ma Feihao shook his head with a helpless face and said, "What a damn pity, I haven't taken my revenge myself yet, this guy is actually going to die! It's too cheap for him."

        These days, Ma Feihao had been waiting for his uncle to return, hoping to borrow his uncle's hand to avenge his own death, but unfortunately, with the current situation, it was clear that Han Kuanyuan couldn't hold out any longer.

        "Brother Hao, as long as this guy is dead, what does it matter in whose hands he dies." Fang Shuo said with a gleeful face.

        Ma Feihao glared at Fang Shuo and angrily scolded, "Only a trash like you would think that way, if you can't take revenge yourself, what's the point of him even if he dies? What else is it if I can't get back the face I lost?"

        Fang Shuo nodded in fright and said repeatedly, "Yes, what Brother Hao said is true, with your ability, it is indeed a pity that you cannot take revenge yourself."

        The happiest among the crowd was still Nangong Falcon.

        He had come to Yonaguni in order to have Han 3,000 die, and he had even formulated multiple plans to deal with Han 3,000, and had also contacted many scavengers to prepare to assassinate Han 3,000, but now it seemed that he didn't have to waste his efforts.

        The so-called scavengers were the assassins of the underground world, a group of people who lived a life of licking blood from their swords, killing their targets to obtain bounties, this group of people was known as the darkest group of forces in the world.

        But Han 3,000 had offended Han Tiansheng by seeking his own death, but it had saved him a lot of trouble.

        "If I had known that, I wouldn't have had to make a trip to the rice country for nothing, but being able to see you die with my own eyes can be considered worth the trip." Nangong Falcon said with a cold face.

        Han Qianqian, who had fallen down again, could no longer control the blood spurting from his throat, and his chest was a shockingly fishy red in front of him.

        Han Three thousand didn't expect Han Tiansheng to have such a strong as an expert beside him, and against Gong Tian, and at that level, Han Three thousand had won, but this Han Tsung had given him no chance to even fight back.

        Could it be that he was even stronger than Gong Tian!

        This time, Han Giang had the strength to stand up only after a long time.

        He didn't want to fall, couldn't fall, and was even less qualified to do so!

        "You're pretty resilient, but how many more times can you get up?" Han smiled coldly and said.

        Han Giangli wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth and said with red eyes, "As long as I still have breath."

        "Cripple your legs and see how you can still stand up." The moment Han Xiao's voice fell, he struck again.

        This time, Han Xiaoxiao's goal was very simple: to break Han Three Thousand's leg so that he had no leg to be able to stand up.

        Even though Han Three Thousand had prepared a hundred percent defense, the swiftness of Han's movements was still too much for him to capture.

        With a single punch, Han Three Thousand wasn't able to hit the target, but instead, there was a bone-breaking pain in his right leg.


        Han three thousand kneels down on one knee, pain and numbness in his right leg instantly sweeping over his body, the cold sweat on his forehead like rain.

        Han Sao stood in front of Han 3,000 and grabbed his hair, forcing Han 3,000 to look up at him.

        "It's a tough feeling, isn't it, but in my eyes, you're just a mole, and you dare to be arrogant." Han Xiao said in a cold voice.

        At this moment, Yi Yun suddenly broke free of Qi Dong Lin's hand and ran towards Han Giang.

        "Yi Yun!"


        Qi Donglin and Ouyang Fei shouted in fear.

        But their shouts didn't make Chi Yiyun turn back.

        Running to Han Xiaoxiao's side, Chi Yiyun tugged on Han Xiaoxiao's arm and cried out, "Let him go, let him go."

        Han Xiao looked at Qi Yiyun with cold eyes and snapped, "Get out of the way."

        "You quickly let go of me." Chi Yiyun wasn't the slightest bit frightened to the point that she only had one thought in her mind, to do her best to save Han Qianxiang.

        The impatient Han Xiao slapped Chi Yi Yun in the face.

        Chi Yiyun was spun around twice and fell to the ground, her face instantly swollen with a few bright red fingerprints.

        At this moment, a middle-aged man suddenly walked out of the crowd, his posture erect.

        "Uncle!" Looking at the man, Mafekho said in shock.

Chapter 618

Ma Yu's sudden appearance at this time was something Ma Feihao hadn't expected, and his first thought was to use Ma Yu's hand to take Han Third Thousand's life in his own hands, so that he could have a chance at revenge.

        But now, Ma Feihao didn't dare to act rashly; after all, the other party was Han Tiansheng, and even with Ma Yu as his backstage, Ma Feihao could only hold still until he was sure whether Ma Yu was willing to tear his face off with Han Tiansheng for him.

        "Han Tsung, I didn't expect to still see you fight after so many years, it's really my honor." Ma Yu smiled as he walked up to Han Xiao.

        Han Xiao frowned tightly, he knew very well Ma Yu's current status, after all, he had also joined the apocalypse, and he also knew that Ma Yu still had a not bad status among the apocalypse.

        Just how did this guy, why did he suddenly come back to the rice country?

        "Mar Yu, what are you doing here?" Han Xiao asked.

        Ma Yu took a look at Han Three Thousand and said, "Take him away."

        Han Xiao's expression sank for a moment, Han Tiansheng wanted Han Qianqian dead, today he had to take action to kill Han Qianqian, but Ma Yu was meddling, yet he had to be scrupulous, after all the years Ma Yu had been in the Tianqi, now his skills were elusive to Han Xiao.

        "Are you going to meddle in affairs by virtue of your background in the apocalypse? But I remember the rules of the apocalypse, and the apocalypse won't interfere in matters of the mundane world." Han Xiao said.

        "Of course, the apocalypse never interferes in mundane matters, but he, he's not an ordinary person." Ma Yu smiled.

        "Hmph, is this trash still related to you?" Han Xiaoxiao said disdainfully, Han 3000 was just trash in his eyes, how could such a person be valued by Apocalypse, how could that be possible?

        "Nothing to do with me, but I've been entrusted with this visit by the Four Gates, and you want to know what the Four Gates think of him?" Fabien said.

        Four doors!

        Han Xiao's eyes became frightened.

        There were three, six, and nine classes in the apocalypse, and the four gates were the most supreme existence in the apocalypse, so it could be said that the apocalypse was controlled by the four gates, and their supreme power was even above the worldly authority.

        "How is it possible, how could the Four Gates put a worldly mole in their eyes." Han Xiao said in disbelief.

        "If you don't believe me, just go back to the apocalypse and ask yourself, won't it be clear." After saying that, Ma Yu suddenly laughed again and quickly said, "Right, I've forgotten that you've been banned from the apocalypse, but you're just an apocalypse outcast."

        Han Xiao looked at Ma Yu with a fierce expression, the word outcast brought him great humiliation, but he didn't dare to disagree.

        In the mundane world, Han Xiao's strength was capable of not putting anyone in his eyes.

        But facing the apocalypse, he had no choice but to swallow his anger, or else he would die.

        In this world, there was no power that could provoke the apocalypse.

        "How about it, do you want to fight me, or do you want to be good and get lost?" Ma Yu said indifferently.

        Han Xiao clenched his fists, naturally he didn't want to back down like this, but how could the majesty of the apocalypse be provoked?

        So what if the Chinese district was the Han family's territory, with a single thought, Apocalypse would be able to annihilate the Han family in an instant, there was no way to compare this kind of unequal power.

        "Is Apocalypse going back more and more now that he's living, and he even wants this kind of trash." Han Xiao said through clenched teeth.

        "You'll have to kneel to him for what you've said," Ma Yu said.

        Han Xiaoxiao laughed hideously and said, "Idiot, it's impossible for me to kneel to this trash!"

        "And a mouthful of trash, I really sweat for your little life, do you know that the Four Door Second Elder is going to take him as a disciple, originally the Second Elder planned to personally go out to pick him up and take him back to the apocalypse, but just couldn't pull out." Ma Yu said indifferently.

        "What!" Han Xiao looked at Ma Yu in horror and took two steps back in shock, a cold sweat breaking out on his back.

        Four Next Door Elder!

        Han hadn't met this legendary figure, but he was aware that the Second Elder was the most prestigious and powerful being among the four gates, and he wanted to take Han Qianqian as his disciple!

        How is this possible!

        But I've never had a disciple.

        "Scared?" Ma Yu smiled faintly and said, "You should indeed be afraid, not everyone can bully the next oldest disciple, so I advise you that you'd better kneel to him, or I'm afraid that after this matter is reported to the next oldest, he'll come down from the mountain himself."

        Han Xiao's mouth was dry and he felt sparks coming out of his throat.

        He couldn't imagine what kind of earth-shattering changes the next oldest would cause when he actually came to the rice country!

        The bystanders couldn't hear the conversation between Han Xiao and Ma Yu, and there weren't many people who knew Ma Yu, so they were very strange as to why Han Xiao had suddenly stopped.

        Even Han Tiansheng couldn't help but speak out from the side, "Han Xiao, what are you still doing, hurry up and kill Han 3000."

        Kill Han Three Thousand?

        This sentence was a joke to the current Han Xiao.

        Who dared to kill the next oldest disciple's own disciple, and who was qualified to do so?

        "Hey." Hearing Han Tiansheng's words, Ma Yu shook his head helplessly and said, "It's not easy for the Han family to come this far, but it's a pity that one wrong step is a total loss, it's just that it's hard to say whether this revenge will be taken by the next old man or by him."

        Han Tiansheng was still unaware of the impending doom that was about to befall him, seeing that Han Xiaoxiao still didn't make a move, this old man got a little annoyed and snapped, "Han Xiaoxiao, I order you, kill Han Qianli immediately."

        Han Xiaoxiao moved.

        But he didn't make a move to kill Han Three Thousand, but instead made a move that was puzzling and shocking to the entire audience.

        Han Xiao kneeled down on both knees in front of Han Three Thousand!

        The threat from the apocalypse, Han had to follow!

        "What are you doing!" Han Tiansheng was frustrated and furious, Han Xiaoxiao was his bodyguard, but now he actually kneeled down to Han Qianqian, isn't this going to make his Han family lose face in public?

        Walking over to Han Xiao, Han Tiansheng broke into a rant, "Are you out of your mind, get up quickly."

        Han Xiao raised his head and looked at Han Tiansheng with a face like death and said, "The Han family is finished."

        Han Tiansheng, unaware of the content of their conversation, kicked Han Xiao in a fit of rage.

        All the families in the Chinese district were watching, but Han Xiao had embarrassed the Han family with this move, which was not something he could tolerate.

        "Han Tsung, do you understand what you're doing." Han Tongsheng roared.

        Han Xiao smiled bitterly, of course he knew what he was doing, but he really didn't have the courage to go up against Apocalypse, and the next oldest of the four gates of Apocalypse!

        "This coffin, apart from him, whoever moves dies, if you don't believe me, you can try it." After Ma Yu said this, he left with Han 3000 on his shoulders.

        Han Tiansheng didn't believe in it and immediately called two Han bodyguards to prepare to move the coffin away.

        But as soon as the two bodyguards' hands touched the coffin, a sound of a sharp weapon breaking the wind came from them.

        The two bodyguards collapsed in response to the sound, blood gushing from their necks, scaring Han Tiansheng to a pale white face.

        Only after Ma Yu had walked away did Han Xiao stand up and said to Han Tiansheng, "The trial for the Han family will come soon, and Han 3000's current position is no longer something we can imagine."

        "What are you babbling about, what status can this trash still have?" Han Tiansheng said viciously.

        "The next oldest of the four gates of the apocalypse is going to take him as a disciple, you may not know the next oldest's position in the apocalypse, but I can tell you that he can command the apocalypse to do anything for him." Han Xiao said.

        These words made Han Tiansheng's eyelids jump, it was true that he didn't understand the concept of the next oldest's status in the apocalypse, but Han Xiao's words had already made it very clear, ordering the apocalypse to do anything, wouldn't that already represent the next oldest's status?

        Han Tiansheng sat on the ground on his butt, the desperate expression on his face evident.

        The unknowing crowd didn't understand what was going on, but the fact that Han Sanxiang wasn't dead and that Han Xiaoxiao had kneeled down to Han Sanxiang was destined to become a boulder in their hearts, hinting that Han Sanxiang couldn't be messed with.

        After Ma Yu walked away, Ma Feihao ran all the way to catch up with him.

        From Ma Feihao's point of view, now that Han Three Thousand Year had fallen into Ma Yu's hands, he would naturally be qualified to take revenge himself.

        "Uncle, when did you arrive, why didn't you give me a call so I could pick up the phone." Ma Feihao smiled and said to Ma Yu.

        "What do you want kid, just say it." Ma Yu asked.

        Ma Feihao accosted and smiled, saying, "Uncle, I had a problem with this guy before, this frakking thing has offended me, how about you put him at my disposal?"


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