His True Colors Chapter 614-616


Chapter 614

"You can't let them down, the Chi family gambled everything because they believed in you." Chi Yi Yun smiled and poured a glass of wine for Han Qianqiang.

        "I don't want to carry this kind of pressure, if there's an accident, the Chi family will definitely become a victim, I won't take my own life to protect the Chi family." Han Third Thousand said.

        With a raised eyebrow, Chi Yi Yun said, "If the Chi family is willing to sacrifice for you, I'm willing to do the same."

        "Nuts." Han Giangli couldn't help but break into a curse.

        "It doesn't matter if you want to take me for a psychopath, I'm already sick anyway, or else I wouldn't like you so much." Chi Yi Yun's eyes were hooded with a layer of mist and the corners of her mouth forced upward, making it look like she was smiling, but this expression that seemed to be smiling and had some tears in it made people feel sorry for her.

        Han Giangli sighed in his heart and drank the red wine from the glass in one gulp.

        The two of them pushed their glasses and drank all of the red wine that Qi Yiyun had brought, and also opened two bottles of home wine, but this time Han Qianqian didn't let himself get drunk, instead, Qi Yiyun got very drunk.

        Carrying Qi Yiyun back to her room, Han 3,000 intended to go clean up the table, but she was hugged by Qi Yiyun's neck with a death grip and refused to let go.

        "Three thousand, don't leave me, okay." Qi Yiyun said in a drunken stupor.

        For Chi Yiyun, Han Giang had already been moved, and the straight steel heart inside had long since softened, but whenever he thought of Su Yingxia, Han Giang had to be firm.

        He had already hurt Chi Yiyun now, and must not be able to hurt Su Yingxia again.

        "If there's a next life, I'll make it up to you." After Han Qianli finished speaking, he forcefully broke off Qi Yiyun's hand.

        After tidying up the table, Han Giang went straight to sleep on the sofa in the living room.

        The next day was the last day of Han Tiansheng's three-day period.

        Han 3,000 woke up very early and purposely put on a black suit, dressing up in full regalia made Han 3,000 look extraordinarily energetic, and that charming handsomeness added a bit more flavor.

        "I didn't expect you to look so handsome in a suit." Standing at the doorway, Chi Yi Yun said with an infatuated face as she looked at Han Marchant.

        "Waking up so early? Why don't you sleep more." Han Giangli unexpectedly looked at Chi Yi Yun, she was drunk last night and by all rights shouldn't have woken up so quickly.

        "I was afraid that when I woke up, you'd have no one left, so I set the alarm clock yesterday." Qi Yiyun said.

        Han Giangli took a deep breath and said, "I'm going to deliver a coffin to Han Tiansheng, are you sure you want to go?"

        Chi Yiyun nodded firmly and said without the slightest hesitation, "Of course, even if it's a mountain of knives and a sea of fire, I'm willing to jump with you."

        Han Giang knew how difficult this woman was, what she decided wasn't something that could be changed easily, and now Han Giang didn't have the time to persuade Chi Yi Yun.

        "If you want to go watch the fun, hurry up," Han Three Thousand said.

        Chi Yiyun nodded like a chicken pecking at rice and began to change without even closing the door in time.

        Of course, Han Three Thousand wouldn't go peeking, after all, as long as he was willing, Chi Yi Yun could do anything, so why would he need to do this kind of shameful little act?

        More than ten minutes later, Qi Yi Yun, dressed in a white dress, walked out of the room, appearing fairy-like and displaying the temperament of a goddess, and despite having seen Qi Yi Yun's beauty many times, it seemed that the astonishment she was able to bring to people would never be tedious.

        Even now, Han Giangli still considered her to be the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

        Of course, being beautiful was one thing, and her status in his mind was another.

        Even though Qi Yiyun was more beautiful than Su Yingxia, Su Yingxia's position in Han Giang's heart was still something she couldn't shake.

        Walking up to Han Giang, Qi Yiyun held Han Giang's hand, and they were like a couple about to enter into marriage.

        "It would be nice to have a set of wedding dresses at this time." Qi Yiyun said with a happy smile on her face, even if it was just a fantasy, it could still make her feel very good.

        "Just woke up and had a spring dream?" Han Qianqiang said mercilessly.

        Chi Yi Yun rolled out a white eye that cut through the sky, Han Qianqian was such a straight man, the only one she had ever seen in her life, making her really feel powerless.

        The two of them set off after dressing up.

        Han 3,000 yuan drove a rented pickup truck towards the funeral shop.

        According to the appointed time, the owner should have opened the door, but at this time the door was closed, making Han 3,000 yuan feel a little strange.

        Could it be that the old man had overslept?

        Han Giangli knocked on the door and nothing happened for several minutes.

        "He can't have run away, after all, he'll be jointly responsible for giving Han Tiansheng a custom coffin," Chi Yi Yun said.

        Han Giangli shook his head, if he was afraid, he wouldn't have taken the job, so why would he run away at this point?

        Han Giangli tentatively pulled on the shutter door and found that it wasn't locked, so he just pulled it open.

        After the door opened, all sorts of funeral goods were introduced into the eyes, as well as paper doll children and boys, something that was still frightening to women, so Chi Yi Yun unconsciously held Han Marchant's hand.

        "Boss." Han Giangli growled.

        There was still no movement.

        Han Third Thousand frowned and walked towards the back hall.

        "Ah!" When she walked into the back room, Chi Yi Yun screamed in shock when she found a pair of legs still swinging in the air.

        The boss was suspended above the roof beam, his face already livid, and the bruise strangles on his neck were especially obvious.

        Chi Yiyun hid behind Han Giangli, scared and shaking.

        Han Qianqian gritted his teeth, his anger self-evident.

        The boss must have been killed by Han Tiansheng!

        "If you're afraid, hide away." Han Qianli said in a cold voice.

        Shaking off Chi Yi Yun's hand, Han Third Thousand stood on a stool and carefully carried the boss's body down.

        In the process, Han Qianli discovered that the bones in the boss's body were broken in many places, and it was clear that he had suffered very painful torture before his death.

        For an old man to be in such pain before dying, how ruthless must he be?

        Han Giangli took a deep breath, suppressing his anger.

        If he hadn't come to customize the coffin, the boss wouldn't have suffered this unmitigated disaster.

        "I'm the one who harmed you." Han Third Thousand said full of guilt.

        "But I'll definitely avenge this for you."

        Han Three Thousand stood up and found the coffin he had custom-made for Han Tiansheng, and there were still a few last simple processes left to complete, so he got to work on it himself.

        At this time, the eyes of all the big families in the Chinese district were almost densely packed around Han's villa, as this was the last day's deadline Han Tiansheng had given Han Three Thousand, and many wanted to see what choice Han Three Thousand would make.

        "Brother Hao, Han Three Thousand won't be a shrinking turtle."

        "In my opinion, it's very likely that this guy won't show up, he might already be preparing to run away."

        "This guy is so arrogant in front of us, I didn't expect to meet Han Tiansheng, but he doesn't even dare to show his face, what a coward."

        Several rich second generations gathered at a clubhouse near Han's villa, they each had their eyes and ears on the situation at Han's villa, but so far there was no news of Han Qianli appearing, so they all thought that Han Qianli must have been too cowardly to show his face.

        Ma Feihao smiled coldly and said, "With Han Tiansheng's tactics, there's absolutely no chance for him to leave the Chinese district, don't worry guys, even if he doesn't show up, Han Tiansheng will still find him."

        Several people nodded their heads repeatedly, Han Tiansheng's power in the Chinese district, it was never going to be easy for Han Jiangli to leave easily.

        "Brother Hao, what do you think Han Tiansheng will do to Han 3,000?" A certain person asked Ma Feihao curiously.

        Ma Feihao knew that Han Tiansheng would never waste these three days if he wanted to kill Han 3,000, and with his guess, it seemed that Han Tiansheng wanted to humiliate Han 3,000 severely.

        "I've heard that this Han 3000, is the grandson of Han Tian Yang back then, and I'm sure you've heard about the matter between Han Tiansheng and Han Tian Yang, so it seems to me that the shame of Han Tian Yang back then will fall on Han 3000, and that's what Han Tiansheng wants." Ma Feihao said.

        Most of the people there had heard of Han 3000's identity and knew what kind of humiliation Han Tian Yang had left the Chinese district with.

        "This brat wouldn't want to avenge his grandfather's death, that's why he came to the Chinese District, and he didn't inquire about Han Tiansheng's abilities in the Chinese District."

        "This faggot is really playing with fire this time, not honestly bringing it in the Chinese District, but he actually dared to come to the Rice Kingdom, he's really looking for death."

        At this moment, several people's cell phones, rang at the same time.

Chapter 615

Several people picked up the phone at the same time, their expressions visibly changed, and after a glance at each other, they spoke in unison.

        "It's coming!"

        "Here we go!"

        "Here we go!"

        Ma Feihao's face sank as he said, somewhat unexpectedly, "I didn't expect him to actually come, but unfortunately, he can't do anything but kneel, and he has no room to resist in front of Han Tiansheng."

        Next, a few people's phones rang with another message.

        The same picture, but from a different perspective, appeared on their phones.

        "This ......"

        "What is this guy doing!"

        "He ...... he's even carrying a coffin."

        Ma Feihao looked at the photo on his phone, so scared that the wine glass in his hand fell to the ground as it shattered with a crack.

        There was only one feeling Ma Feihao had at this point, and that was numbness in his scalp.

        The photo showed Han Qianqiang, standing outside the gate of the Han family villa, holding a coffin in one hand.

        With a dry mouth, Ma Feihao trembled with his hands, picked up a bottle of water and gulped it down, then seemed to not quite believe that the photo he saw was real, and rolled his eyes again.

        "This guy, is he crazy?" Ma Feihao drew a breath of cold air and immediately made a call to his eyewitness, asking the other party to open a video call.

        When the video call was opened, the scene of Han Qianli holding up the coffin appeared vividly before their eyes.

        Everyone was staring at Ma Feihao's phone at this moment, unable to even blink their eyes for fear of missing out on this wonderful show.

        "Brother Hao, he's so brave, actually giving Han Tiansheng a coffin!"

        "This guy must have gone crazy, he must have lost his mind, otherwise, how would he dare to do this."

        "Looking for death, what a death wish, Han Tiansheng can send a coffin to Wu Youfeng, why should he? Does he think he has Han Tiansheng's ability?"

        Ma Feihao continuously took deep breaths to calm his shocking emotional ups and downs, Han Marchan's appearance was already an accident, and his holding up the coffin was even more shocking.

        "This guy, although he's my enemy, he has to be admired," Ma Feihao said, even though he was very reluctant to acknowledge Han Three Thousand's guts, but the scene was right in front of him, so he couldn't deny it.

        At that moment, Han Qianli's voice suddenly came over the phone.

        "Han Tiansheng, a fine peachwood custom coffin, this gift, do you accept it or not!"

        This sentence shook the entire Chinese district as many people besides Ma Feihao's group watched the video call through their own eyes.

        Countless people were jaw-dropped by this statement, and no one had expected Han Marchand's appearance to be such a picture.

        Was it emboldened?

        Or did he know he was going to die and wanted to die a more heroic death?

        The answer was unknown, they could only continue to watch.

        The Qi family villa.

        Qi Donglin's chest rose and fell very clearly, gasping for breath, saying, "In my life, I've never seen him so arrogant, it's so arrogant, it's making my blood boil ah."

        Usually at home, once Chi Donglin exploded, Ouyang Fei would stop him, but now, Ouyang Fei didn't have this intention, all his attention was on Han Qianqian.

        And beside Han Qianqian, there was still Qi Yiyun standing, but strangely enough, Ouyang Fei wasn't worried about Qi Yiyun, but instead was very longing for it.

        To be able to stand next to such a man, that was something to be proud of as well.

        After all, this kind of astonishing thing was not something that an ordinary man could do.

        "Look, this is what a man is called." Ouyang Fei said.

        Qi Donglin wasn't in a position to bury Han Qianqian at this point and wasn't at all repulsed by Ouyang Fei's words.

        "Yeah, that's what a man is, but how many people under the heavens can do what he did?" Qi Donglin said with a sigh on his face.

        "Having a son when it's like Han Qianli, astonishingly the world knows, it would be great if he were my son-in-law." Ouyang Fei said with a regretful face, it was just a pity that this thought was just a fantasy, after all, Han Qianqian even had a child!

        Han family villa.

        Han Yan is furious when she learns that Han 3000 has come with a coffin, but at the same time she is very happy that only by thoroughly angering Han Tongsheng will he die a more pleasant death.

        Although she is no longer threatened by Han Qianli now, Han Yan's hatred for Han Qianli has long since gone deep into her bones, and she can't wait for Han Qianli to be cut to death by a thousand cuts, and she can't wait for Han Qianli to cross the street.

        Small courtyard.

        Han Yan hurriedly came and stood at the door and said to Han Tongsheng, "Grandpa, Han Three Thousand Thousand Dollars is already here."

        Han Tiansheng sat in the small courtyard teasing the caged sparrow and said in a cold voice, "I've warned you not to come to my place, but it seems you've taken my words at face value."

        "Grandpa, Han 3000 has arrived, I just came to inform you." Han Yan said.

        Han Tiansheng had a faint smile on his face, Han 3000's appearance was expected by him, a grandson raised by a trash like Han Tian Yang, who was also a trash, how could he not come to kneel?

        "Let him kneel, I'll naturally go see him when I'm in a good mood." Han Tiansheng said.

        "But ......"

        "There's no more buts, do I have to see him when he comes? What qualifications does this kind of trash have for me to go see him." Han Tiansheng interrupted with dissatisfaction.

        Han Yan looked helpless, and the gesture of Han Qianli coming with a coffin was clearly not to kneel.

        "Grandpa, he came with a coffin." Han Yan said with a hard scalp.

        Han Tiansheng's body was clearly startled.

        Bringing a coffin with him!

        This piece of shit. Do you want to follow his example and deliver a coffin to Wu Youfeng?

        "Playing my tricks, he doesn't even weigh his own abilities, loser thing, I want him dead today!" Han Tiansheng gritted his teeth and said.

        As soon as the words fell, a silhouette appeared beside Han Tongsheng, so fast that it was impossible to see.

        "Han Tsung, how many years has it been since you last fought?" Han Tiansheng asked with a smiling face.

        "Ten years, a whole decade." Han bowed his head and said.

        "I didn't expect that trash to have such an honor to deserve your personal hand, but since he brought a coffin with him, let him die in it." Han Tongsheng said.

        Han Long was the number one expert of the Han family as the world knew it, and it was also Han Long alone who had held up the Han family's deterrence in terms of force for so many years, but only the core members of the Han family knew that Han Xiao was the true number one expert of the Han family, and he was also Han Long's master.

        More importantly, Han Xiao was also a former apocalypse officer, a secret that only Han Tongsheng knew.

        "You wanted him to die, he had to die," Han Tsung said.

        Han Tiansheng smiled proudly, Han Xiao was strong, and this loyalty was not something ordinary people could match.

        "After you kill him, go back to China and kill Han Tian Yang as well, he should have died a long time ago, this trash doesn't deserve to have the Han surname." Han Tiansheng said indifferently.

        Outside the villa, the scene of Han Qianli holding up the coffin with one hand was shocking, and some brave people, already dissatisfied with watching the scene via video phone, came to the scene.

        "I didn't expect so many people to come to watch the fun, you're really astonishing." Seeing the growing number of people gathered around her, Chi Yi Yun couldn't help but say to Han Qianqian.

        Although Han Giangan was the center of attention at the moment, Chi Yi Yun knew that after today, the three words Chi Yi Yun would still resound throughout the entire Chinese district.

        Of course, this required a prerequisite that Han Three Thousand must survive.

        "How many insults he brought to my grandfather back then, today I want to return all of them to him, it's good to have more people, let these people see who is the useless generation of the Han family." Han Qianli said calmly.

        These words were a huge joke to the onlookers, who had come to watch the fun, just to see how Han Qianli would die.

        But for Chi Yiyun, she had great faith in Han Third Thousand, and so far, there was nothing that Han Third Thousand had to do that he couldn't do.

        Even if she had to deal with a big man like Han Tiansheng, Chi Yi Yun would still believe in Han Three Thousand.

        "Why hasn't Han Tiansheng come out yet, but this trash Han 3000 is already riding on his head."

        "Han Tiansheng won't be intimidated."

        "How is that possible, what kind of person is Han Tiansheng, how can he be intimidated by a gawky young man who doesn't know what he's doing, watch, he's sure to come out soon."

        The restless people waiting for a good show were especially eager.

        Finally, Han Tiansheng, with the entire Han family, showed up!

Chapter 616

The crowd began to get excited.

        At Wu Youfeng's birthday banquet, although Han Tiansheng's domineering and powerful nature was overwhelming, it also made the crowd understand what it meant to be truly powerful, Han Tiansheng's power to swallow heaven and earth could make them imagine endlessly, and some even imagined that they were Han Tiansheng, controlling supreme power.

        Han 3,000 had made all the second generation rich kneel down, and this hatred made most of the people present wish that he would die at the hands of Han Tiansheng.

        The stronger Han Tiansheng behaved, the more excited they naturally became.

        Looking at Han Qianqian, who was holding up the coffin, Han Tiansheng had a disdainful smirk on his lips.

        "The owner of the coffin shop was killed by you, does it make sense for you to make such a big commotion? Do you think that will make you die a stronger death?" Han Tiansheng said contemptuously.

        "Han Tiansheng, this coffin, as a great gift, will be the anniversary of your death today next year." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        As soon as these words were spoken, all sorts of contemptuous mockery of Han Third Thousand began in the crowd, and although he was very strong, and although he had done something that no one present dared to do, this act of his was self-inflicted in the eyes of the crowd.

        "What an arrogant fellow, the Han family's bodyguard is as expert as a cloud, but he still dares to speak up."

        "With Han Tiansheng's temperament, he definitely won't let him die too easily, I'd like to see how badly this ignorant fellow will die."

        "Hmph, acting like a fool in front of Han Tiansheng is even more stupid than an idiot."

        In addition to the major families in the Chinese district, there was an unfamiliar face hidden in the crowd, and he was Nangong Falcon.

        In Nangong Falcon's eyes, someone like Han Tiansheng was not enough to be feared, the reason why the Nangong family did not grow in the Chinese District was simply because the Nangong family did not want to, with just one word from Nangong Boling, the pattern of this Chinese District could change drastically, and what was Han Tiansheng worth?

        However, Nangong Falcon was also aware that Han Tiansheng was indeed very influential to the Chinese community, especially with the birthday banquet to deliver the coffin earlier, which had shocked the entire Chinese community, and it would be good for Han Qianxiang if he could really anger Han Tiansheng and have Han Tiansheng kill him with this move.

        Unfortunately, Nangong Falcon, who had already seen Han Third Thousand's skills, didn't hold much hope for this.

        No matter how powerful Han's bodyguard was, could he be more powerful than Gong Tian?

        But Nangong Falcon has already prepared a back-up, his purpose for coming to the Chinese Quarter is to have Han Qianqiang killed, so how could he miss such a great opportunity?

        Touching the hot weapon that had long since been loaded in his pocket, Nangong Falcon's lips gradually carved up into a sneer.

        "Han Qianqian, if you want to steal the family headship from me, it's up to you to see if you live through today!" Nangong Falcon whispered to himself.

        Han Tiansheng didn't have much of an emotional reaction to Han Marchant's words, the anniversary of the death? How could it only be Han's 3000?

        With Han Xiaoxiao protecting him, how could a trash like Han Qianqian kill him when he wasn't even qualified to get close to him?

        "Han 3,000, what's the use of talking too much big talk? You should know the truth about strength being paramount, or did that wasteful grandfather of yours never teach you at all?" Han Tiansheng sneered.

        Han Qianqiang put down the peachwood coffin and said calmly, "I heard that the best bodyguard in the Han family is Han Long, and Han Long was killed by me back in China, I don't know what kind of experts you still have."

        Han Long!


        The words shocked all four seats.

        Han Long's reputation in the Chinese district was loud and clear, no less than Han Born, after all, Han Born had been in seclusion for many years, and the Han family's shock of force came almost from Han Long alone.

        And Han 3000, had even killed Han Long! How was that possible, how could he possess such strength!

        "This kid, he's not bragging, is he able to kill Han Long?"

        "Definitely bragging, Han Long is the number one expert in the Han family, how could he have killed him."

        "This faggot, at a time like this, does he think that bragging is enough to scare Han Born?"

        All the people present, without exception, were convinced that Han Yan was lying, and none of them believed that Han Yan had really killed Han Long.

        But this matter was very clear to Han Yan.

        "You say so, Han Yan." Han 3000 smiled and posed a question to Han Yan.

        Han Tiansheng frowned, he knew that Han Long and Han Li had gone to Huaxia and didn't come back because of certain things that was why they were delayed.

        But according to Han 3000, if Han Long was dead, then what about Han Li?

        Han Yan sneaked a glance at Han Tiansheng, only to hear Han Tiansheng snapping coldly, "What's going on?"

        Han Yan bowed her head in fright and quickly said, "Grandpa, he did kill Han Long."


        Hiss ......

        The crowd looked at Han Qianqian in horror.

        Those who originally didn't believe that he could kill Han Long were now all gawking at the moment.

        With Han Yan's corroboration, could this matter still be false?

        Han Qianxiang, actually has the power to kill Han Long!

        Ma Feihao, who was watching the battle from afar in the crowd, wiped a handful of cold sweat from his forehead, when his bodyguard had been crippled by Han Qianqian in the arena, he hadn't paid much attention to it, but at this moment he realized how dangerous he had been that day.

        A man who could even kill Han Long, if he were to do something to him, the consequences could be imagined!

        "You really surprised me a bit, to be able to kill Han Long, but do you know that Han Long has another master, what kind of consequences will happen if you kill his disciple, do you know?" Han Tiansheng looked at Han 3000 with a cold face.

        "Han Yan, there's one more thing, aren't you going to tell Han Tiansheng?" Han 3000 ignored Han Tiansheng's threat and continued to speak to Han Yan instead.

        Han Yan didn't dare to tell Han Tiansheng about Han Li's death because it was a matter of great importance and she preferred to use time to make people gradually forget about it.

        "And how Han Feng died, do you plan to continue to hide it?" Han Qianqiang saw that Han Yan didn't say anything and said again.

        Han Feng was also dead?

        This was another piece of heavy news for the Chinese district.

        It was well known that Han Feng was the most promising candidate to become the next head of the Han family, and he had made friends so widely that many of the wealthy second generation present were his friends, but who would have thought that Han Feng was dead!

        "Don't you dare talk nonsense!" Han Yan's face changed dramatically, gritting her teeth as she looked at Han Chiang, Han Feng died by her hand, and this matter must never be known to the Han family's crowd, or else Han Tiansheng would lose her position as head of the family forever, even if he didn't kill her, and she would even be driven out of the Han family.

        "Nonsense? I'm not talking nonsense, Han Tiansheng, don't you want to know how your son and grandson are doing now?" Han Qianli said to Han Tiansheng with a smiling face.

        If we're going to make a scene, let's make a scene!

        He wasn't just looking for a chance to kill Han Tiansheng, but to completely destroy the Han family.

        This high and mighty MiG Han family had trampled on the Yanjing Han family as if they were insects.

        Now, Han Qianxiang wanted to return all the humiliation he had suffered!

        Han Tiansheng unconsciously squeezed his fist and said to Han Yan in a cold voice, "What's going on, tell me quickly."

        Han Yan was trembling with fear, how could she have the courage to tell Han Tiansheng what was really going on.

        She hadn't expected Han Third Thousand to make this scene, let alone drag her into the fire.

        "Grandpa, Han 3000 is deliberately trying to stir up our relationship, he wants to make a mess of the Han family, so you should kill him quickly," Han Yan said.

        "Since you don't want to talk about it, I'll tell everyone. You killed Han Feng for fear that he would compete with you for the position of head of the family, so you killed Han Feng, born as a sister, and did it to your own brother, Han Yan, but you're really cruel." Han 3000 said.

        Han Yan!

        Killed Han Feng?

        The crowd was shocked, no one could have imagined that Han Yan, as a woman, could be so ruthless!

        One wave has yet to settle, another wave has risen.

        Han Giangli continued, "As for Han Li, this waste son of yours was begging me for mercy before he died, can you imagine how he looked when he was kneeling in front of me? It's pathetic!"

        The crowd was numb.

        Han Giangli had even killed Han Li!

        As Han Li's father, how could Han Tiansheng let go of his son's enemy who killed his son.

        "He's really crazy, he even dared to anger Han Tiansheng, is he afraid that he won't die badly enough?"

        "This guy, how could he be so bold and kill Han Li."

        "Even if Han Tiansheng splits him into five horses, it will be hard to relieve his hatred!"


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