His True Colors Chapter 611-613


Chapter 611

Chi Yi Yun's decision made Ouyang Fei very satisfied, but Chi Dong Lin began to sigh more than he could bear.

        Although Qi Donglin was very reluctant to see such an outcome, there was nothing he could do about it as the two women in the family both thought so.

        "Yi Yun, have you really thought this through?" Qi Donglin asked.

        Chi Yi Yun nodded without hesitation, in fact, there was no room for her to consider this question, and the thought of staying away from Han Qianli did not rise in her mind at all.

        Even if she knew the abyss in front of her, as long as there was Han Qianqian, Qi Yiyun would jump without blinking an eye.

        "Dad, I've thought this through," Qi Yiyun said.

        Qi Donglin walked up to the two of them, put one hand on one person's shoulder, and said, "In that case, our Qi family, let's advance and retreat together with Han Qianli, I hope this brat won't disappoint you, or else our family will pay too high a price."

        Qi Donglin could imagine that once Han Sanqiang lost, the three members of the Qi family would definitely be exterminated by Han Tiansheng.

        Han Tiansheng was never a merciful person, and anyone who was his opponent would only have to die.

        Meanwhile, Han Yan met with Han Tiansheng in the backyard.

        She didn't understand why Han Tiansheng didn't just find a reason to kill Han Qianxiang, instead, she wanted him to kneel down, and gave him time to decide.

        For Han Yan, only with Han Three Thousand's death would she be able to sit in her current position, once Han Three Thousand released Han Li, when Han Li returned to Mi, the matter of her killing Han Feng would definitely make Han Li target her, not to mention the position of Han family's head, it would be impossible for her to continue to be Han family's eldest daughter.

        "Grandpa, does Han Qianli's kneeling mean anything to you? Why don't you just kill him?" Han Yan asked in puzzlement.

        Han Tiansheng's greatest pleasure in the small courtyard was to amuse the birds and feed the fish, and then make himself a nice pot of tea.

        But his tea wasn't even qualified for Han Li, so Han Yan naturally couldn't enjoy this treatment.

        Taking a light sip, as if it were a drink, Han Tiansheng enjoyed the general relief brought by the aroma of the tea.

        "Back then, that trash Han Tian Yang also kneeled down before me, and the grandson he educated is also a trash, do you think Han 3000 would dare not kneel down to me?" Han Tiansheng said with a smile on his face.

        Han Yan wasn't concerned about whether or not Han 3000 would kneel, but rather when Han 3000 would die.

        "Grandpa, you don't kill him, you just want to humiliate him?" Han Yan asked.

        "Good, I want him to know how much of a loser he is, and I want Han Tian Yang to know that he will never be able to fight me in his life, whether it's him or his grandson, he'll only kneel before me." Han Tiansheng said.

        Han Yan continued to ask, "Then after he kneels down, will you just kill him?"

        Han Tiansheng frowned and looked up at Han Yan and said, "You so desperately want him to die, in his hands, do you still have a hold on him, but I've already heard from someone, you're a loser, kneeling to him, you've really disgraced my face."

        After saying that, Han Tiansheng threw away the teacup in his hand and smashed it on the ground.

        Han Yan trembled in fear, not daring to look directly at the angry Han Tiansheng and said with trepidation, "Grandpa, I was forced to do so, he does have a hold on me, that's why I want him to die early."

        "Hmph." Han Tiansheng snorted coldly and said, "It's really unfortunate for my Han family that the position of family head has fallen into the hands of a trash like you, when this matter is over, I'll take over as family head."

        Han Yan's eyes darkened and she almost fainted.

        She had killed Han Feng to get the current family head position, but if Han Tiansheng really chose the family head again, wouldn't all her years of hard work, even taking Han Feng's life, be in vain?

        At this moment, a shocking thought rose up in Han Yan.

        The only way to kill Han Tiansheng was to find a way to kill Han Tiansheng so that she could secure her position as head of the family.

        But before she could do that, she had to use Han Tiansheng's hands to kill Han Giang.

        And it wasn't a simple matter to kill Han Tiansheng.

        "Grandpa, please give me a chance, I won't let you down." Han Yan kneeled in front of Han Tiansheng and prayed.

        There was no mercy in Han Tongsheng's eyes, he was never a merciful person, whether it was externally or internally, his heart of stone never changed.

        "The Han family that I worked so hard to create, how can I destroy it in the hands of a woman." Han Tiansheng said in a cold voice.

        "Grandpa, I'm a woman, but please believe me, I will be able to make the Han family better." Han Yan said.

        "Get lost, don't come back to me without my summons in the future, remember, this place is a forbidden area of the Han family, even you don't have the right to come and go as you please." Han Tiansheng said.

        After Han Yan left the small courtyard, she was like a soulless walking corpse, although she had thoughts of killing Han Tongsheng to preserve her position, she knew exactly how difficult it would be to do so.

        Returning to her room, Han Yan dialed a number.

        It was the one she had left behind in Cloud City to find Han's men, even though she was back in Mickey Mouse.

        She knew very well that if this matter couldn't be resolved, she would be choked by Han 3000 for the rest of her life, and the only way to get out of this situation was for Han Li to die.

        As the saying goes, a woman's heart is like a snake and scorpion, and this is true.

        In order to get the position of head of the family, Han Yan had killed her own brother, and now she wasn't even going to let her own father go.

        "How's it going?" After the call was connected, Han Yan asked.

        "Miss Han, we've almost dug through the entire Cloud City and still no news of Han Li." The other end of the phone said.

        Han Yan gritted her teeth for a moment, her face fierce and furious, "A bunch of losers, if you can't do such a small thing, what use are you guys!"

        "Miss Han, we really tried our best, not a single place we could find in Cloud City was spared, and I can assure you that if Han Li was really in Cloud City, he would never have been able to hide until now." The person on the other end of the phone said in a positive tone.

        If Han Li wasn't in Cloud City, this matter would be troublesome for Han Yan, after all, Huaxia was so big, trying to find Han Li was like trying to find a needle in a haystack, was there no way for her to get out of this predicament?

        At that moment, the person on the other end of the phone continued to speak, "Miss Han, could Han Li be dead?"

        "Dead?" This possibility had never crossed Han Yan's mind, because if Han 3000 was going to threaten him with Han Li, he had to make sure that Han Li was still alive.

        "Yes, I suspect that Han Li is most likely dead, and that's the only way for us to find out."

        Han Yan took a deep breath, this possibility was not non-existent, but if you wanted to know how the truth was, you would have to test Han Qianqian.

        "You keep looking." After saying that, Han Yan hung up the phone.

        Not long after Han Qianli returned home, Han Yan personally came to the door.

        Han Yan's appearance was a bit of a surprise to Han three thousand, but this woman wouldn't come to him for no reason.

        "You're not going to try to persuade me to kneel down to Han Tiansheng, are you? That's not in line with your humanity, and now for you, Han Tiansheng killing me is what you want most, right?" Han Marchant said faintly.

        "I want to talk to my dad on the phone." Han Yan said.

        Han Qianli's eyebrows raised at the news, why would this woman suddenly mention talking to Han Li?

        Han Li was dead, Han Qianli didn't have the stamina to make the call to the dungeon, and in Han Qianli's worldview, there was no such place as the dungeon in this world.

        Could it be that she had sensed something?

        "Okay, but I can't guarantee that he's awake right now, you know that to trap someone and not make any noise, you need anesthesia to calm them down." Han 3000 said without leaving a trace.

        Han Yan frowned, she didn't expect to get such a quick answer, was that man's guess from before wrong, was Han Li not dead, just hidden deep by Han 3000?

        "It's okay, I can wait." Han Yan said.

        Han Giang had a headache, this woman had obviously begun to doubt the matter of whether or not Han Li was still alive.

        But Han Giang couldn't figure out why she had suddenly noticed? It was important to know that Han's death was known only to those closest to him, and these people would never betray him.

Chapter 612

"Fine, you're willing to wait," Han Three Thousand said.

        Han Yan stood at the door, seemingly with no intention of entering the house, and suddenly said to Han Three Thousand, "Han Li is dead, isn't he?"

        Since she was here to find out the truth, there was no need for Han Yan to waste time with Han 3,000, she would just open the skylight and say something bright, she was sure that Han 3,000 would have a different reaction when it came to this issue.

        Han 3000 suddenly stopped in his tracks, a brief pause apparently occurring throughout his body, and although he had exercised great restraint, it wasn't easy to not reveal the slightest hint of what was going on.

        "As it turns out, I've actually gotten the exact news, so it's useless for you to try to lie to me again." Han Yan said with a smiling certainty.

        Of course, she hadn't received the news, but was deliberately trying to swindle Han Giang.

        Han Qianli turned her head and said with a straight face, "Since you already know, why are you still asking me?"

        Han Yan laughed freely, not expecting to actually be able to get out Han Qianli's words so easily.

        "Hahahaha, I didn't expect you to be so silly, I actually didn't know anything, I just came to scare you on purpose, I didn't expect you to actually give me an account so easily." Han Yan said proudly.

        Han Giang shrugged helplessly, it wasn't that he didn't suspect Han Yan, it was just that this matter of Han Li's death, it didn't make much sense for Han Giang to continue to hide it.

        His opponent was no longer Han Yan now, and as for whether or not he could use this matter to control Han Yan, it didn't really mean much.

        Now that he had to deal with Han Tiansheng, he was bound to subvert the entire Han family, and someone like Han Yan could be completely ignored for him.

        "Do you know why I'm telling you?" Han 3000 said.

        "You can't hide it anymore, do you have any other choice but to tell me? And you're not as smart as I thought you were." Han Yan scoffed.

        Han Qianli smiled faintly and said, "I'm telling you because I don't even consider you an opponent, and now that Han Tiansheng is out of the picture, the Han family is no longer in your hands, so what's the use of me threatening you anymore? And now you're mud crossing the river, you can't even protect yourself, right, with Han Tiansheng's character, will he give you the head of the family?"

        Han Yan paused for a moment, Han Tiansheng was indeed going to be another head of the family, this was the equivalent of extinction for her.

        "What use is a useless talking trash in the Han family to me?" Han Qianqian continued.

        Han Yan's face became more and more ugly, she thought that she had gotten out Han Qianli's words, but she never thought that Han Qianli would tell her the truth because of this reason, and this superiority gap in her heart suddenly left Han Yan at a disadvantage once again.

        "Do you really think that he can take away my position as head of the family?" Han Yan gritted her teeth and said.

        Han Marchant spread his hands and scoffed, "Do you think Han Tiansheng is that trash Han Feng? Han Feng can be killed by you, but it's not that simple to kill Han Tiansheng."

        "I know that you have men left behind in Cloud City, and your purpose in looking for Han is to kill Han, right? It's not strange to kill even your own brother and father, and then kill an elder, but unfortunately, Han Tiansheng isn't something you can kill if you want to."

        These words were like words of execration to Han Yan, as what Han Qianqian said was true, she had little trouble killing Han Feng, but killing Han Tiansheng was a different story.

        Han Yan was just having this idea now, and there was no way at all to actually try to implement it.

        "Grandpa certainly isn't that easy to kill, and I'm not going to kill him now, I'm going to watch him humiliate you, do you have any other choice but to kneel down in front of him?" After a pause, Han Yan continued, "Even Han Tian Yang, who has knelt down in front of him, you two, son and grandson, are trash."

        Han Yan directly moved out Han Tianyang for the sake of her tongue, but she didn't know how much anger this sentence could stir up in Han Qianli.

        Han Three Thousand walked up to Han Yan with a sunken face and said in a cold voice, "My grandfather is not something you are qualified to judge."

        "Hmph." Han Yan snorted coldly, not knowing what to do, she continued, "What I said was the truth, back then, Han Tian Yang, did kneel in front of my grandfather, he was like a down and out dead dog, can you imagine that image? He's a waste, a real waste."

        Han Qianqian suddenly stretched out his hand and strangled Han Yan's neck with a death grip, saying with a gloomy face, "Apologize to my grandfather."

        Han Yan felt like she couldn't breathe for a moment, she didn't expect to end up like this by angering Han Qianqian.

        Both hands kept slapping Han Qianqian, but the force was like scratching an itch for Han Qianqian, and it wouldn't let go of Han Qianqian at all.

        As Han Yan's breathing became more and more difficult, her face became incomparably redder, Han Yan said with her last breath of strength, "I'm sorry for ......."

        Han 3000 didn't let go of Han Yan the first time, but only when she was almost about to faint.

        Han Yan covered her neck with both hands and sucked in a large breath, having the feeling that she was robbed of her life.

        "What's the use of being fierce with me, if you're capable, go find Han Born ah." Han Yan retreated to the corner and looked at Han Qianli with a frightened face, she felt like she was dying just now, and she was sure that Han Qianli would just kill her if she didn't apologize.

        "Of course I'm going to find out, I'll come to the door myself when my gift is ready." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        A gift?

        Han Yan looked at Han 3000 in confusion, but didn't dare to ask, she desperately wanted to leave Han 3000's house now, for her, staying for one more second of her life would be a threat.

        "If you want to not be a waste, you'd better show your strength." After leaving these words behind, Han Yan ran away like a lost dog.

        Han Qianli faintly smiled and said to herself, "This woman, who never forgets to calculate all the time, actually wants to borrow my hand to deal with Han Tiansheng, you're really a scary opponent if you're a man."

        Han Yan's scheming city of mind was so deep that even Han Qianli would be surprised, and her calculating tactics and ruthlessness were the strongest Han Qianli had ever seen, it was good that she was only a daughter, otherwise, it would have been a real problem for Han Qianli.

        The meaning of Han Yan's words was indeed just as Han 3000 had thought.

        Now that Han Qianqian was no longer a threat to her, and Han Li was dead, Han Yan was no longer under Han Qianqian's control, her current position was like that of a fisherman, while Han Qianqian and Han Tiansheng were the snipe and clam, the more fiercely these two fought, the more benefits Han Yan could gain.

        Ideally, if both of them lost, Han Yan wouldn't need to blow any effort, she would be able to both abolish Han Qianqian and also find a chance to kill Han Born to secure her position as the head of the family.

        But his so-called gift still made Han Yan very curious.

        Why did he give Han Tiansheng a gift for no reason?

        The first day passed, leaving two days left for Han Three Thousand.

        All eyes in the Chinese district were focused on Han's villa.

        Through that group of rich second generation, the news that Han Tiansheng was going to target Han Three Thousand had already spread in the Chinese district.

        Almost everyone thought that Han Qianxiang would have a hard time escaping death.

        They wanted to see how hard this young man's bones were.

        Whether to wait for Han Tiansheng to give him the death sentence, or to be an honest dog with his tail between his legs and kneel at the Han villa.

        Of course, more people were inclined to the latter choice, as they thought that Han Qianqian could not possibly be a match for Han Born, and if Han Qianqian were replaced by them, they would not hesitate to kneel down to save their lives.

        It was naturally more important to lose face and life, but the latter was more important.

        "There are still two days left, I don't know how much longer Han 3000 will be able to survive."

        "He's just killing time, by the last day, he'll definitely show up, I don't believe that there's anyone in this world who has a hard time with his own life."

        "Offending Han Tiansheng is like offending the King of Hell, who dares to disobey his orders."

        "Hahahahaha, I heard that Han Three Thousand's grandfather, is also a trash, I didn't expect to fall on him, he still has to carry the name of trash, this Han family's litter, they are all cowards ah."

        The people watching from all walks of life in the Chinese district had a lot to say about Han Three Thousand, but without exception, they were all looking down on Han Three Thousand, and no one felt that Han Three Thousand was capable of making a name for himself.

Chapter 613

On the second day of the three-day period, Han 3,000 thousand alone, went to the funeral shop in the Chinese district.

        The owner here was an old man with white hair and deep wrinkles on his face, rickety like a candle in the wind, giving the impression that he might fall down at any moment.

        "Boss, when will the coffin I want be finished?" Han Qianli asked the boss.

        The boss's voice was hoarse as he said, "Young man, I've already helped you rush the work as quickly as possible, tomorrow at the latest."

        "Can't it be faster, I need it tomorrow." Han Qianli said, tomorrow was the last day of the three-day period Han Tiansheng had given him, Han Qianli didn't want to delay the best time.

        "Young man, I'm already an old man and I'm a little slow, I hope you can understand." The boss said.

        Han Three Thousand didn't mean to embarrass the boss, it was just that time wasn't plentiful for him, which was why he was in such a hurry.

        "Boss, why don't I give you a hand, and you can see what I can do to help." Han Marchand suggested.

        The boss was stunned and looked straight at Han Marchant.

        "Don't worry, you won't get paid a penny less," Han Three Thousand said.

        The boss smiled faintly, shook his head, and said, "Young man, your name is Han Three Thousand, right, and this coffin, is it for Han Tiansheng?"

        Han Qianqian hadn't expected a funeral shop owner to be able to guess who he was!

        It looked like this thing about him had spread so much in the Chinese Quarter that even this boss knew about it.

        "Good." Han Giangli admitted.

        The boss sighed and said, "You made a big mistake on a whim, have you thought about the consequences?"

        "Boss, it's my own business, so you'd better hurry up and help me catch up on work," Han Giangli said.

        The boss nuzzled his mouth, obviously there was something else he wanted to say, but after it reached his lips, he withdrew it and just sighed.

        In the boss's opinion, Han Three Thousand's move was very stupid, to go against Han Tiansheng in the Chinese Quarter and to give him a coffin, such behavior was tantamount to seeking death!

        Han Tiansheng's previous birthday banquet to deliver a coffin shocked the entire Chinese district, and that was because Han Tiansheng had the ability to do so, he could have done it to exterminate the entire Wu family.

        But other than Han Tiansheng, to follow his example and send a coffin to Han Tiansheng, what else is it if it's not a death wish?

        "The earliest we can get it done is tonight, so you can wait if you're not too late." The boss said.

        "I'll pick it up in the morning, I hope you can get up early, and as for the cost, I'll pay you an extra ten percent." Han Giangli said.

        The boss nodded his head, not happy about the extra money.

        "Rumor has it that Han Tiansheng has a very powerful expert by his side, after he moved into the Han family's small house, that expert has faded away, but I'm sure he's still by Han Tiansheng's side, so be careful." The boss warned to Han Three Thousand.

        Han Qianli's eyebrows furrowed slightly, a funeral shop owner who still knew something about Han Tiansheng.

        At his level, he would never have access to Han Tiansheng's circle, so how could he know these things?

        "Boss, you seem to know Han Tiansheng very well?" Han 3000 was confused.

        The boss hesitated for a moment and spoke up, "It's not just Han Tiansheng, there's also Han Tian Yang, I know very well what happened to their two brothers in the past, I know more about it than anyone else."

        Han Giang's brows furrowed even more, it was obvious that this old man wasn't a simple person, it was even possible that he used to be someone from Han Tiansheng's circle and only opened a funeral shop for some reason.

        "How well did you know my grandfather, boss?" Han 3,000 asked.

        "Come back to me if you survive," The boss said.

        Han Three Thousand shrugged his shoulders and didn't ask any further questions.

        After leaving the funeral shop, Han Three Thousand went to the company.

        The busy Tang Zong personally greeted Han 3,000 at the company's entrance.

        For Tang Zong, there was no one thing that could delay him from welcoming Han Three Thousand, even if the sky was falling, he would crawl in front of Han Three Thousand.

        "Brother Three Thousand, do I need to give you an account of the company's situation?" Tang Zong asked.

        "No need, since I've asked you to come all the way to Mi, I'll naturally trust you one hundred percent." Han Qianqian said.

        Tang Zong was slightly moved, that's why he was loyal to Han 3,000, he wouldn't let Han 3,000 down if Han 3,000 was willing to trust him.

        "Are you afraid of dying?" Han Qianqian asked to Tang Zong.

        Tang Zong was stunned and didn't quite understand the reason for Han Three Thousand's question.

        There was a lot of speculation in the Chinese district about the feud between Han Three Thousand and Han Tiansheng, but Tang Zong hadn't really integrated into the Chinese district yet, and he was almost closed in his office during this time, so he hadn't heard about it.

        "I'm afraid, but if I were to die for Brother 3000, I would never have the slightest complaint." Tang Zong said honestly.

        Han Three Thousand smiled lightly, patted Tang Zong's shoulder and said, "Don't worry, I won't let you die, the Chinese District still depends on you to help me hold it together, if I didn't have you, how would I still be a shirker."

        "Brother 3000, are you in any danger?" Tang Zong asked with a serious expression, believing that Han Qianli couldn't ask such questions for no reason, something must have happened.

        "It's just a little something." Han Qianli said indifferently, he wasn't fully confident in this matter of dealing with Han Born, even if the owner of the funeral shop hadn't told him that Han Born had an expert by his side, Han Qianli could have guessed this matter.

        How could he not have some capital if he could support Han Tiansheng to be so arrogant?

        Relying only on the Han family's influence in the Chinese district, Han Tiansheng would never be able to do this.

        "Right, if anything happens to me, you go back to Cloud City, make sure you find a way to help me find Han Nian, this is Nangong Boling's contact information, Han Nian is in his hands." Han Qianli handed Tang Zong a business card, since it was something that she wasn't absolutely sure of, Han Qianli had to make arrangements for the follow-up.

        Tang Zong received the business card with a serious expression, he had already heard about what happened in Cloud City, Han Nian was kidnapped and Mo Yang had almost turned Cloud City upside down, although he was curious as to why Han Three Thousand didn't return to Cloud City himself, he was clear that he wasn't qualified to ask questions, he could only follow Han Three Thousand's instructions and do his part.

        After lingering at the office for a while, Han Three Thousand returned home.

        Stir-frying two small dishes for himself, Han Three Thousand rarely took out a wine glass to drink to himself.

        He wasn't a drinker, but he loved to swallow clouds and mist, and at a very young age, he learned to smoke, which was the only way he could get rid of his worries, and the smoke contained all his troubles.

        Halfway through his drink, the doorbell suddenly rang.

        Who else would be at the house at this hour?

        Han Giangli opened the door with confusion, only to see Chi Yiyun at the door with a smile on her face, raising the red wine in her hand and saying, "This is my father's collection, I stole it."

        Han Giangli smiled bitterly, he had already warned Qi Yiyun to stay away from him, but he didn't expect this woman to have the nerve to come to him.

        "Aren't you afraid of death if you come looking for me?" Han Marchiang said.

        Qi Yiyun squeezed past Han Qianqian, walked into the house and said, "Not only am I going to support you, even my parents and the others are willing to believe in you, the Qi family plans to use your name to take it to the next level, you won't mind if we use you."

        Han Giangli closed the door and walked over to the table, Chi Yiyun had already gone to the kitchen herself to get the dishes.

        "What are you waiting for, open the wine, do you want me to be a little girl to open the wine, I'm not that strong." Qi Yiyun said.

        Han Giangli took the red wine, without using any tools, and poked the cork in hard with his index finger.

        "Are your fingertips made of steel?" Chi Yi Yun rolled her eyes and said.

        "Tell me, what do you want?" Han 3,000 asked.

        "I'll go to Han's house with you tomorrow." Chi Yi Yun said.

        Han Qianqian's eyebrows furrowed out in a Chuan character and said, "It was hard for the Chi family to settle down, so why would you take such a big risk with the family's two elders?"

        "It's something they agreed to, and I can also tell you that I didn't even try to talk them out of it, it was their own decision, and they were very willing to trust you," Qi Yiyun said.

        Han Qianli didn't quite believe this, but from Chi Yi Yun's eyes, Han Qianli couldn't see any traces of lying.


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