His True Colors Chapter 609-610


Chapter 609

Han Tiansheng's strength had already been witnessed at Wu Youfeng's birthday banquet, all his words didn't surprise anyone.

        The group of rich second generation, almost unanimously watching the good show expression stared at Han 3,000, before Han 3,000 made them kneel down, today finally can lend light to let Han 3,000 himself to taste what it is like to kneel down.

        "This guy Han 3000 finally has today too, it's ridiculous, he's great, but can he be better than Han Tian Tian?"

        "This frakking pen won't have an easy time today, if he offends Han Tiansheng, he'll have no choice but to die."

        "Painful, really f**king painful, let's see if this frakking pen still dares to be arrogant."

        Those rich second generation whispered in a tone as if they had taken out a bad breath.

        On the other hand, Han Qianxiang looked at Han Tiancheng with a smiling face and spoke, "Are you giving me a knee?"

        These five simple words made the group of rich people gawk, and some even seriously suspected that they were hallucinating.

        This guy, Han Qianqian, was asking Han Tiansheng to kneel to him, was he crazy!

        Fang Shuo couldn't help but swallow his saliva, just standing in front of Han Tiansheng, he had a feeling of his legs going weak, and Han Qianqian, actually had the nerve to say such things.

        Ma Feihao was similarly so, his stunned expression filled with incredulity, although he didn't respect Han Born as much as he did on the surface inside, he would never want to mess with a ruthless character like Han Born before his uncle returned, but Han Qianxiang dared to directly say such words, it was unbelievable.

        "Is this brakeman crazy? Does he not know what happened at Wu Youfeng's birthday banquet?"

        "It should be, otherwise, how could he have the guts to say such things."

        "This ignorant thing doesn't even know who he's offended."

        The rich second generation decided that Han Third Thousand must not have known how strong Han Tiansheng was at the birthday banquet, which was why he dared to speak to Han Tiansheng in such a tone.

        In their eyes, Han Three Thousand was ignorant and ridiculous.

        But Han 3000's next words overturned their thoughts.

        "Han Tiansheng, you forced Wu Youfeng to hang himself at his birthday banquet, and it did scare a lot of people, but to me, it was nothing more than a child's play." Han Qianli faintly said.

        These words made the rich second generation's scalp go numb for a moment, since he knew how strong Han Tiansheng was, how could he have the courage to treat Han Tiansheng with such an attitude?

        Could it be that he didn't even care about Han Tiansheng?

        At this moment, those rich second generation had to admit the gap between themselves and Han Qianli.

        If they were in their place, they wouldn't even need to know the reason, they would have already kneeled down to Han Tiansheng, so how could they behave in such an indifferent manner as Han Qianqian?

        "Damn, I actually kind of admire this guy."

        "Daring to talk to Han Tiansheng like that, he's so bold."

        "Hey, no wonder we're not his opponents, we lost just from the aura alone."

        A group of people sighed and shook their heads in whispers, recognizing the difference between themselves and Han Qianli.

        Fang Shuo was now starting to regret offending Han Three Thousand, if Han Three Thousand hadn't died at Han Tiansheng's hands this time, if he took revenge on him, he would end up doing more than just pissing his pants, so now he could only expect Han Tiansheng to do his death to Han Three Thousand!

        "Master Han, he dared to talk to you like that, completely disrespecting your old man." Fang Shuo deliberately added fuel to the fire and said.

        Han Tiansheng turned his head and looked at Fang Shuo with cold eyes and said, "Do you have the right to speak here?"

        Fang Shuo trembled and quickly lowered his head and said, "Master Han, I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

        Han Tiansheng turned his head, continued to look at Han Qianli and said, "I didn't expect that trash to raise something as arrogant and ignorant as you, it seems that the lesson he was given back then wasn't enough ah."

        Han Three Thousand's eyes glazed over, he knew who the trash Han Tiansheng was referring to.

        In Han Qianli's mind, Han Tian Yang was a heroic figure, and no one was qualified to belittle him.

        "Han Tiansheng, whether my grandfather is a trash or not is not something you're qualified to evaluate, if you're capable, fight me before you say anything." Han Qianli said in a deep voice.

        This straightforward provocation made the crowd feel that Han Third Thousand was looking for death, and even Chi Yiyun, who was beside him, thought that Han Third Thousand had made an unwise choice in speaking these words, subconsciously pulling Han Third Thousand's sleeve.

        When Han Tiansheng heard this, he let out a loud laugh, full of disdain and contempt, and said, "Whether or not he's trash, there's no one in the world who knows better than me, if he wasn't relying on a woman, he wouldn't even be qualified to beg today, a man who needs to rely on a woman to stand on his feet, what is he if not trash?"

        The look in Han Tiansheng's eyes made Han Qianqiu very uncomfortable, he could see a contempt that came from Han Tiansheng's bones, like he was trying to be inferior.

        Nangong Qianqiu was backed by the huge Nangong family, and it was indeed possible that the Nangong family was behind Han Tian Yang's rise back then, but that didn't affect Han Tian Yang's image in Han Qianqiang's mind.

        What he cared about was not how capable Han Tian Yang was, but the entire Han family, and only Han Tian Yang treated him as a family member.

        This had nothing to do with Han Tian Yang's ability?

        And for Han Giangli, even if his grandfather was truly incapable, he, as a grandson, should have to fight for his grandfather.

        "Is that so? And what do you rely on? By betraying your brother, or by betraying your friend's family?" Han Qianli retorted.

        A coldness flashed across Han Tiansheng's face, back then he had overridden Han Tian Yang and indeed used some shameful tactics, if not for that, Han Tian Yang wouldn't have torn his face from him.

        But for Han Tiansheng, it was the outcome that mattered most when it came to success or failure, and Han Tian Yang's departure from Mi Guo meant that he was the final winner.

        "I'll give you a chance, within three days, I want to see you kneel down in front of the Han villa, otherwise, I'll let the entire Chinese district witness your incompetence, I want everyone to know that waste breeding is nothing more than teaching a waste." Han Tiansheng said and turned to leave.

        The rich second generation also hurriedly left, without Han Tiansheng to back them up, they didn't have the guts to count Han Qianli.

        But today's performance had left a mark on their hearts, no matter what the outcome of Han Marchan was, the fact that he had the guts to confront Han Tiansheng head on was something to admire.

        "Brother Hao, what do you think will happen to Han Three Thousand?" Fang Shuo followed closely beside Ma Feihao and asked.

        "Hmph." Ma Feihao laughed coldly and said, "Don't you know what kind of person Han Tiansheng is? He put out the word for Han Three Thousand to kneel at the Han family villa, if Han Three Thousand doesn't do so, he will only die."

        Hearing this, Fang Shuo was relieved, he could only feel relieved if Han Three Thousand was dead.

        "But it's too cheap for this guy, I wish he'd go and kneel down obediently, it would still give me a chance to get my revenge." Ma Feihao said through gritted teeth.

        "Brother Hao, you've got a chance for revenge?" Fang Shuo was appalled as he looked at Ma Feihao.

        "Of course, my uncle will be back soon, this kind of trash can't be my uncle's opponent, when that time comes, I'll cut him into a thousand pieces." Ma Feihao said with his back groove teeth clenched.

        For Fang Shuo, it was good as long as Han Marchant could die, as for whose hands he died, Fang Shuo didn't care.

        And he had just deliberately added fuel to the fire, Han Three Thousand Years would definitely hate him even more, only if Han Three Thousand Years died early, Fang Shuo's hanging heart would be able to let go.

        "What are you going to do? With your current abilities, you're not a match for Han Tiansheng, do you want to go kneel in front of the villa?" After everyone left, Chi Yi Yun asked Han Qianqian, in her opinion, a momentary compromise was nothing, as long as she could find a chance for revenge in the future.

        "Do you think that I should go and kneel down?" Han Giangli smiled and asked.

        "I know it's humiliating for you, but it's the best thing to do for now, I'm sure I don't need to tell you more about how strong Han Tiansheng is." Chi Yi Yun said, she didn't want Han 3000 to be torn apart from Han Tiansheng at this stage, it wasn't too late to wait until she had real power to take revenge.

        A momentary loss of face wasn't considered a disgrace, only the one who truly stood at the end would be the winner, it was a very shallow truth.

        "Since you think you should go, I'll go and bring some gifts along with me." Han Giangli said with a smile.

        "A gift? What gift?" Chi Yi Yun looked at Han Qianqian in confusion.

        "How about the mahogany coffin?"

Chapter 610

A mahogany coffin!

        These four words exploded like thunder in Chi Yi Yun's ears.

        In her opinion, at this time, Han Qianqian, who had taken a step back and broadened the horizon, could only hold back temporarily until she had enough ability to call the shots against Han Tiansheng.

        But Qi Yiyun never expected that Han Qianxiang would send Han Tiansheng a peachwood coffin!

        Qi Yi Yun couldn't imagine how Han Tiansheng would react when a peachwood coffin was placed in front of Han's villa! And what a shock wave the Chinese Quarter would create.

        "Are you crazy?" Qi Yiyun jaw-droppingly looked at Han Qianli, at this moment, Han Qianli in her eyes, completely crazy, Han Tiancheng is like a pile of bombs, Han Qianli biased to bring a fire close, isn't this looking for death?

        The corners of Han Qianli's mouth lifted up in a subtle curve and said, "If you think I'm crazy, then I'm crazy, and I can't live without being crazy."

        Chi Yiyun suddenly stretched out her hands and pulled Han Qianli with a death grip, saying, "You must think carefully, do you know what the consequences of doing so mean?"

        Chi Yi Yun's concern for Han 3,000 was not half false, she didn't want to see Han 3,000 in any danger, that's why she was so nervous, and she didn't want Han 3,000 to do such a self-inflicted thing.

        Han Tiansheng, that was Han Tiansheng!

        In the past, Han Tiansheng stirred up the bloodshed in the Chinese district, and is still a shadow in the hearts of countless people.

        Han Tiansheng, who had retired for many years, forced Wu Youfeng to commit suicide by hanging himself at his birthday banquet, which hit the Chinese District once again.

        No one in today's Chinese District would dare to underestimate this old man, and Han Three Thousand's move was not only foolish, but also destined to be seen as a joke.

        Han Giangli turned to gaze at Chi Yi Yun and said, "You don't believe me?"

        Chi Yiyun nodded and shook her head, her position clearly unable to stand firm, and she was quite conflicted at this point.

        Naturally, she was willing to trust Han Qianqian, but the opponent Han Qianqian was facing was too powerful, and she felt that she should advise Han Qianqian instead of giving him useless support.

        "Can't you think about it more carefully, this matter can still be discussed in the long run." Chi Yi Yun was so anxious that she was like an ant on a hot pan, overwhelmed and agitated at the same time.

        "He treats my grandfather as a piece of trash, do I have to act like a piece of trash in front of him?" Han Qianli said in a cold voice, whether it was for Han Tian Yang, or for herself, Han Qianli had to fight for her breath.

        These guys from the Mi Guo Han family thought they were above the Yanjing Han family.

        Han Three Thousand Thousand needed to let them know how foolish this idea was.

        Han Third Thousand shrugged off Chi Yi Yun's hand and said, "Go home, I don't want to get you into trouble."

        After saying that, Han Three Thousand Years walked away.

        Watching Han Qianli's back fade away, Qi Yiyun froze in place not knowing what to do.

        She wanted to persuade Han Three Thousand to turn back, but she knew Han Three Thousand's temper, and no one could sway his mind about what he decided.

        "What's wrong?" Shuyang approached Chiyun and asked.

        "Do you think I should trust him?" Chi Yi Yun's eyes were wide open as he asked.

        Shuyang didn't know the content of the conversation between the two of them, but for Shuyang, now that he was facing a situation where he had no other choice but to believe Han Marchan, he had no choice but to believe him.

        "Although I don't know what you guys are talking about, if it were me, I would unconditionally choose to believe it because he is definitely someone who can create miracles." Shuyang said in a firm tone, in his mind, Han Marchant's image was tall and majestic, not only because Han Marchant had given him the opportunity to take revenge, but also because he felt an unprecedented trust in Han Marchant.

        Since Han 3,000 believed in him, what reason did he have not to trust Han 3,000?

        Qi Yiyun was stunned for a long time before she said, "I'm going home first."

        Taking a taxi back home, Qi Yiyun found both Qi Donglin and Ouyang Fei sitting in the living room, their faces clearly somewhat unusual.

        These two had also returned from the arena, and they naturally knew about Han Tiansheng's appearance.

        Before Chi Yiyun arrived home, the two of them were quarreling over Han Marchand's problem.

        Qi Donglin thought that at this time, she should persuade Qi Yiyun to stay away from Han 3,000 because Han 3,000 would definitely not end well after being targeted by Han Tiansheng, and at a time like this, whoever got close to Han 3,000 would be vulnerable to calamity.

        But Ouyang Fei's and Qi Donglin's thoughts were completely different, she instead thought that the Qi family should stand with Han 3,000 thousand at this time.

        After all, without Han Qianxiang, there wouldn't be the current Qi family, and Ouyang Fei felt that people shouldn't be so amoral in their actions, and they should lend a helping hand when Han Qianxiang was in trouble.

        It had to be said that Ouyang Fei, the woman, was not comparable to Qi Donglin in terms of being merciful.

        But there was nothing wrong with Qi Donglin's choice, after all, he was also doing it for the good of the Qi family, and Han Tiansheng had forced Wu Youfeng to die when he came out of the mountain, so who dared to underestimate this old man in his twilight years?

        "What's wrong with you guys?" Qi Yiyun was puzzled and looked at the two of them and asked.

        Qi Donglin looked at Ouyang Fei, not daring to speak, in the family, his status, after all, was a bit lower than Ouyang Fei, although he had lived abroad for a long time, he still hadn't changed the characteristics of a domestic wife and disciplinarian.

        "Your father wants you to stay away from Han Giang, but I don't agree." Ouyang Fei said.

        Standing up from the sofa, Ouyang Fei walked over to Chi Yi Yun and continued, "Thinking back when our family was facing life and death troubles, if it wasn't for Han 3000's help, we would have been finished, now that Han 3000 is in trouble, we can't turn a blind eye, don't you think?"

        Qi Yiyun looked at Ouyang Fei in dismay, on the way back, she racked her brains to find a way to get the approval of the two of them, because no matter what situation she faced, she would always be on Han Qianqian's side.

        But Chi Yi Yun never thought that Ouyang Fei would have the same thoughts as her.

        "Mom, is that really what you're thinking?" Chi Yi Yun couldn't believe the question.

        Ouyang Fei nodded, sighed again, and said, "Mom naturally has selfish intentions as well, but if Han 3000 can stand on this matter, and even allow him to do it to overturn the Han family's position, his influence in the Chinese district will definitely be able to surpass Han Tiansheng's, and the benefits that the Chi family will be able to gain at that time are unimaginable."

        "How is that possible." Ouyang Fei's words immediately caused Qi Donglin to retort, he had witnessed Han Tiansheng's iron-blooded tactics at a very young age, witnessed Han Tiansheng's rise to the top of the white bones, how could a frosty young man like Han Qianli be a match for Han Tiansheng?

        "Do you have any idea how many would work for Han Tiansheng in the Chinese district now, with just one word from him, Han Saniang is not facing Han Tiansheng as a single opponent, but the entire business community in the Chinese district, how could he not die." Qi Donglin continued, his words did not mean to look down on Han Three Thousand, but rather felt that Han Three Thousand's defeat was justified.

        Ouyang Fei glared at Qi Donglin and retorted, "Talent comes out of the mountains and rivers, why can't Han 3000 replace Han Tiansheng, does the Chinese District have to be under Han Tiansheng's control?"

        "I don't dare to say that the pattern will change in the future, but as long as Han Tiansheng lives, the Chinese District is his." Qi Donglin said with certainty.

        "I don't believe in this, I'm optimistic about Han 3000, he'll definitely be able to rewrite the pattern of the Chinese District." Ouyang Fei said in a firm tone.

        Qi Donglin got anxious again and said, "What do you woman know, do you know why Han Tiansheng is able to have so much influence? Do you know how many human bones he stepped on under his feet? His prestige has been traded for countless lives."

        "So what if I'm a womanizer, I'm a womanizer who knows the meaning of the word love and righteousness better than you."

        Seeing that the two of them were about to quarrel again, Qi Yiyun quickly interrupted them, "You guys stop arguing, I've already made my decision."

        Hearing Qi Yiyun's words, both Qi Donglin and Ouyang Fei shut their mouths and looked straight at her.

        Qi Yiyun took a deep breath, she knew how important this decision was, it was very likely that she would let the Qi family fall into the land of doom.

        But for her to be matter-of-fact, she absolutely couldn't do it.

        "No matter what Han Kuanyuan wants to do, I'll support him," Qi Yi Yun said.


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