His True Colors Chapter 607-608


Chapter 607

Yuan Ling didn't understand Chi Yi Yun's feelings and allowed Chi Yi Yun to talk as much as she wanted, describing Han 3000 as good, but in her opinion, all this meaningless effort was not worth it.

        When Han 3000 returned home, Yuan Ling left after relaying Nangong Bo Ling's message to Han 3000.

        By this time, Chi Yi Yun's emotions had returned to their normal state and couldn't see any signs of having cried before, saying to Han 3000, "What does this mean? Is Nangong Boling trying to remind you?"

        "When he says that, someone will definitely come to Yonaguni, and that someone, I think, would be Nangong Falcon," Han Giangli said.

        It was impossible for Nangong Boling to convey such a message to him for no reason, since he said so, there must be a reason, in Han Giang's opinion, Nangong Falcon was the most likely to come to Mi, after all, besides wanting to compete for the position of family head, he had also been high up in front of Han Giang, for someone like Nangong Falcon to accept this change in status, it should be unacceptable, right?

        "What kind of existence is the Nangong family?" Qi Yiyun was curious, although Han Qianli had mentioned to him that the Nangong family was not simple, but only talked about it in a superficial way, Qi Yiyun was still in a state of half-understanding about the real situation of the Nangong family.

        Han Qianli shook his head and said, "How much power the Nangong Family actually contains, I'm actually not sure, but one thing I'm sure of is that the so-called richest man in the world is a joke in the eyes of the Nangong Family, and probably doesn't even have a tenth of the Nangong Family's capital, or even less."

        Qi Yiyun was shocked inside, according to what Han Qianqian said, then wouldn't there be a big change in the asset ranking of the top tycoons list?

        "Is that so dramatic?" Chi Yi Yun was a little reluctant to believe that a family so rich was so low-key, and more importantly in a modern society, it was almost impossible to conceal such news, once the Nangong family revealed half a trace, it would most likely be exposed, how could it remain hidden?

        "The real situation will only be more exaggerated." Han Qianli faded.

        Chi Yi Yun suddenly fluttered her big eyes and stared intently at Han Qianqian.

        "What are you doing?" Han Giangli was uncomfortable asking questions, Chi Yi Yun was like a tigress that would eat him at any moment.

        "You don't possess a natural hate-sucking physique, do you, or else why would so much trouble fall upon you." Qi Yiyun was curious.

        Han Qianli was stunned, then smiled bitterly all over his face, he also wanted to know if there was something wrong with his physique, a whole bunch of crap hadn't been solved yet and Nangong Falcon was coming back, and this guy, he was also a problem.

        Han Nian was still in his hands, and trying to stand against Nangong Falcon was a difficult choice for Han Giang.

        But at the same time, there was another question in Han three thousand's heart, Nangong Boling knew that he had a hold on Nangong Falcon's hand injury, so why did he need Yuan Ling to convey such words?

        Could it be that Han Nian had already been moved and was already under the control of Nangong Boling?

        If that was the case, then Han Marchan wouldn't have to care about Nangong Falcon at all.

        It looked like Nangong Falcon was going to test the waters when he arrived in the rice country.

        "By the way, I'm going with you to watch the match tomorrow." Chi Yi Yun continued.

        The arena would have an internal match tomorrow, and many people were invited to watch it, and a batch of free tickets had been released, so the place would be very crowded then.

        Although this kind of competition was just a nest of a bunch of rich people, this kind of extreme project was still out of reach for many ordinary people, and more importantly, since they didn't want tickets, it wouldn't be a bad idea to go and have a good time.

        The rich generation's idea was even simpler, playing with cars was supposed to be something that gave them long face, if there was no audience, what was the point of them spending so much money every year, so giving away tickets for nothing was just them wanting to get more adoring looks.

        "Fine, I don't know if Shuyang is ready." Han 3,000 said, not caring about the results of the match as he had accomplished what he wanted to achieve by using this matter.

        "The former Shuyang was very powerful, but the past few years of neglect for him should have weakened him to a great extent, and he didn't return for very long, so it's probably unlikely that he'll be able to do well in this competition," Chi Yi Yun said.

        Han Giang nodded his head, he still understood this superficial truth, as the saying goes, three days of no practice, not to mention that Shuyang still hadn't been off the track for several years, and with such a tight timeframe, it was obviously a fool's errand to want him to return to his peak condition.

        "It doesn't really matter how his performance is, the goal I wanted has been achieved," Han Three Thousand said.

        Han 3,000 had offended almost every rich second generation in the Chinese district and had people kneeling in the arena, this had spread in very small circles and Chi Yi Yun knew about it and she had guessed Han 3,000's purpose, this style was crazy, but Chi Yi Yun believed that Han 3,000 was a real man for daring to do this and she also believed that Han 3,000 could do it.

        "Shuyang is just a tool for you to use, when are you going to kick him out?" Chia-Yun was curious.

        "Why kick off, I've already promised to give him the chance to get his revenge, as long as he doesn't let me down, I'll let him get back all that he lost." Han Giangli faintly said.

        "That's the only flaw I can see in you," Chi Yi Yun said.

        "En?" Han Giangiang looked at Chi Yi Yun in puzzlement.

        "You're too merciful, if you just used Shuyang as a tool, you'd be in a lot less trouble and Shuyang would be able to take the fall for you if necessary, but you're taking your feelings too seriously and it'll make this matter even more troublesome." Chi Yi Yun explained.

        "That's the difference between a human and an animal, without feelings, it's no different from an animal." Han Giang faded, it wasn't that he didn't have that hard heart, but it wasn't necessary, Shuyang had knelt before him seeking an opportunity, so what was the harm in giving him a chance, and Shuyang could become a more useful pawn for Han Giang if he could regain his position.

        Qi Yi Yun's vision was still a bit too narrow after all, she could only see the current situation but couldn't think deeply for the future.

        At first there was no problem with Han Qianqian's words, but when Qi Yiyun took a closer look at them, she felt something was not quite right.

        Wasn't Han Qianqian beating around the bush to scold her for being an animal?

        "Han 3,000, you called me an animal!" When Chi Yi Yun came back to her senses, she stood up with an annoyed face and glared at Han Giang.

        "Yeah, no right, I'm just saying, you have to think that, what can I do about it." Han Marchian shrugged with a smiling face.

        Qi Yiyun was livid, but she was the one who said the words, so she couldn't impose blame on Han Qianqian at this point.

        If she were Su Yingxia, she would still be able to be petulant and capricious with Han Third Thousand, but unfortunately, the current her had no such qualifications.

        "Hmph." After the unwilling Chi Yi Yun snorted coldly, she sat back on the couch.

        A hint of laughter somehow surfaced on Han Qianli's face.

        To Chi Yiyun, this smile of Han Giang's seemed to be the mark of a victor, making her even angrier.

        "What are you smiling at?" Chia-Yun gritted her teeth at the question.

        "I laugh tomorrow should be very exciting," Han Giangli said.

        "What's so exciting about this kind of match without specifications." Chi Yi Yun said disdainfully.

        "Of course the competition isn't as exciting as the top tournament, but if Han Tiansheng shows up, do you think it's exciting?" Han Giangli smiled.

        Chi Yi Yun's eyebrows almost knitted together.

        Han Tiansheng appeared?

        If he actually showed up at the arena, it wouldn't be good for Han third year, and Han third year would actually find it wonderful.

        "You're out of your mind, if Han Tiansheng shows up, he'll definitely make things difficult for you, so it's hard for you to have masochistic tendencies." Chi Yi Yun was speechless.

        "He's my elder after all, even if he doesn't admit it, I didn't put him in my eyes, but for me to do something to a person with blood ties, I still need a reason, he doesn't show up, where does the reason come from?" Han Giang faintly said.

        Qi Yiyun rolled her eyes, this guy's brain circuit was really different from normal people, if an ordinary person encountered this kind of situation, they would definitely pray that Han Tiansheng didn't appear, but he, on the other hand, had expectations about this matter.

Chapter 608

Race day.

        Han Marchan arrived at the race track, and Shuyang's group was still busy making final adjustments to the race car.

        For Shuyang, his nervousness today was comparable to his previous debut battles; after all, it had been a few years since he had participated in a formal race, and he was far from the scene, and now that he had the chance to make a comeback, he didn't want to be a joke on the track or disappoint Han Giang.

        "How does it feel?" Han Qianqiang asked Shuyang.

        Shuyang was clearly a little too nervous, and sweat kept coming out on his forehead.

        "Brother Han, don't worry, I'll do my best." Shuyang said.

        "The results don't matter, and your return time is too short, so don't put too much pressure on yourself, just run the whole course safely." Han Giangli patted Shuyang's shoulder.

        Shuyang suddenly felt a lot of pressure resting on his body, most people raised riders in the hope that they could earn face for themselves, Shuyang who once lived in this circle knew very well what results meant, even the cruelest thing he had seen was a rider having his legs broken on the track because he lost the race.

        But Han 3,000, it seemed, didn't care about that.

        "Han, if I'm given enough time, I'll definitely enter a real league," Shuyang said, this idea was shared by all the rich kids in this race track, entering the league was how they would gain face and be able to gain family recognition.

        It could be said that this was the ultimate goal of every team's rich second generation.

        But Han 3,000 was an exception, the league meant nothing to him, he was just using it as an opportunity to pull up a bunch of hatred and rivalries, have a justifiable reason to deal with these people, and then build up his own power in MiG.

        It was just that Shuyang didn't know that, and all he could work for was to prove himself on the track.

        "Don't put too much pressure on yourself." Han Giangli faintly said.

        The race track continued to see an influx of spectators, and soon the stands were packed with people, and there were many fans with banners, and it seemed that this game for the rich and famous had taken on a trendy effect.

        Racing events, in addition to the cars could attract people's eyes, there were also those tall racing girls, also able to make people's eyes feast, a pair of long legs became the most eye-catching scenery beside the track, but unfortunately their voluptuousness, can not enter Han Qianli's eyes.

        After the race began, the roar of the engine was heard on the track, for men, this is probably the most beautiful sound in the world, except for women, no man can remain calm in front of this sound, even Han Qiangli, can't help but stand up.

        The low roar, the roar of the breaking wind, the lightning and thunder as they galloped down the track, the charm of racing was most vividly reflected at this moment.

        "It looks like it's going to be difficult for Shuyang to even get the top three spots," Qi Yi Yun said to Han Giang, who had been away from the track for so long that it was clear that Shuyang wasn't used to this kind of racing yet, but as soon as she started, she was already behind the others.

        "Not having last place is enough, you can't hold him to the same standards as before," Han 3,000 said.

        "You're generous, you spent so much money and you can't even place in the rankings." Chi Yi Yun deflated.

        Han Giangli cheered up and said, "Although the money was spent, it's not your own, so you don't feel bad."

        "It's also really bad luck for Nangong Boling to be spread out with someone like you." Chi Yi Yun rolled her white eyes.

        "The more I spend, the happier he is, and that's not something a woman like you can understand," Han Giangli said.

        "What's wrong with a woman." Qi Yiyun held her head high and said, "Nowadays, women can also hold up half the sky, so don't look down on women."

        Han Third Thousand unconsciously shifted his gaze downward and quickly moved away after a glimpse of shock, nodding his head and saying, "I don't look down on women, I just look down on you."

        Chi Yi Yun hated it with gritted teeth.

        At this time, Shuyang's car entered the station, meaning that the race was over.

        Shuyang, who hadn't even squeezed into the top five, got off the bus and slumped his shoulders, looking very lost.

        "Han, I'm sorry." Walking up to Han Giang, Shuyang buried his head deeply and said that although he had expected the results, he hadn't expected it to be this bad, and he had made a lot of unwarranted mistakes during the competition.

        "I told you, I don't care about the results, and today's results won't mean anything for the future, I still believe you." Han 3,000 said.

        Shuyang's inner gratitude for Han Marchant could not be described in words.

        Looking at the people celebrating, Workshop 44 was extraordinarily quiet and lonely, which made Shuyang feel even more sorry for Han Three Thousand and vowed in her heart that she would bring back a good grade for Han Three Thousand next time.

        Originally, at a time like this, Fang Shuo's group had a good reason to want to flaunt in front of Han Qian, but having seen Han Qian's ferocity before, they were only able to hold back their flaunting at the moment, and no one dared to go bouncing in front of Han Qian.

        "F**k! Who is this ...... this!"

        "Isn't this Han Tiansheng! Why is he here."

        "Does he still like racing, but he's actually there in person."

        A group of rich second generation who were celebrating together marveled after seeing Han Tiansheng show up.

        On the day of Wu Youfeng's birthday banquet, almost all of them were present and witnessed Han Tiansheng's strength with their own eyes.

        Originally, these people felt that Han Tiansheng was too mythical by the Chinese district and didn't take Han Tiansheng seriously at all, but after Wu Youfeng's birthday banquet, no one dared to underestimate Han Tiansheng anymore, and the fear of Han Tiansheng in their hearts almost became a shadow.

        The birthday banquet to deliver the coffin, forcing Wu Youfeng to hang himself, this kind of shocking thing, no one is qualified to underestimate.

        Even Ma Feihao, who was normally so arrogant that he was boundlessly arrogant, became nervous after seeing Han Tiansheng.

        Running all the way to Han Tiansheng's side, Ma Feihao shouted with trepidation, "Master Han, I didn't expect that you were also interested in racing, do you need me to introduce you to today's winner?"

        "Why would I give a shit about the games you kids play, thinking that winning a broken championship makes you look good? What a joke." Han Tiansheng said disdainfully, facing anyone, his expression was very straightforward, not giving Ma Feihao any face at all.

        And Ma Feihao didn't dare to refute, so he could only nod his head repeatedly and say, "Master Han is right, it's just a small game, how can it enter Master Han's eyes."

        The apparent obedience didn't mean that Ma Feihao could accept it openly in his heart as well, his thought at the moment was to let Han Tiansheng be as arrogant as he wanted, and when his uncle returned, he would naturally have the opportunity to take out this bad breath.

        "I wonder if there's anything Master Han needs my help with?" Ma Feihao asked.

        "Wouldn't it be a big joke if I, Han Tiansheng, needed the help of a little kid like you and word got out." Han Tiansheng said with a mocking face.

        Ma Feihao wanted to slap himself twice, if he had known that Han Tiansheng had such an attitude, why did he have to send his face to Han Tiansheng to be beaten?

        "But it's okay for you guys to follow along and see what's going on." Han Tiansheng's tone changed quickly, leaving Ma Feihao baffled.


        Wasn't the noise Han Tiansheng made at Wu Youfeng's birthday banquet enough, he had to make trouble in the stadium as well?

        Who was the unlucky guy who was actually targeted by Han Tiansheng, isn't that a dead end?

        When Han Tiansheng walked towards workshop number 44, he was followed by all the rich and famous people watching, and when these people confirmed Han Tiansheng's goal, one by one, they all fell down.

        "Brother Hao, Han Tiansheng is going to find trouble with Han 3000, this turtle grandson, I didn't think he would even dare to mess with Han Tiansheng." Fang Shuo rubbed his fist and said, he didn't dare to take revenge personally, but that didn't mean he didn't want to see Han 3,000 suffer, now that Han Tiansheng was personally coming to Han 3,000's door to find trouble, Fang Shuo would hate to be able to see the suicide by hanging again.

        Ma Feihao didn't expect Han Tiansheng to point his finger at Han 3,000, but he was different from Fang Shuo, he would prefer to take revenge himself, after all, he would have the strength to take revenge when his uncle returned.

        It would be too cheap for Ma Feihao to let Han Tiansheng easily force Han 3,000 to die.

        "You're Han Three Thousand?" After Han Tiansheng walked to Workshop 44, he asked Han 3,000.

        Han Tiansheng's appearance didn't come as a surprise to Han 3,000 and said indifferently, "I am."

        "Kneel down." Han Tiansheng snapped coldly.


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