His True Colors Chapter 599-600


Chapter 599

Judging from Ma Fu's attitude, he obviously didn't care about such things, as long as Ma Fei Hao didn't leave traces of his work and didn't get caught in the act.

        Ma Fu had many competitors back then who became bones under his feet, if he hadn't stepped on these bones to rise to power, how could he be in the position he is today?

        So if Mafei Ho wanted to kill someone, instead of stopping him, he would look at it with an appreciative eye.

        "But this person, it's hard to deal with." Ma Feihao said, if Han 3,000 was easy to deal with, he wouldn't have to specifically tell Ma Fu about it.

        "Isn't that bodyguard of yours enough?" Mafu said disdainfully.

        "The bodyguard has been crippled by him, and by the looks of it, he'll never get out of bed." Ma Feihao said.

        Hearing this, Ma Fu unconsciously sat up.

        That bodyguard of Ma Feihao's, but he personally went to find him, how powerful was it, Ma Fu knew it very well, but he had already been crippled!

        "What have you gotten yourself into?" Ma Fu said with a serious expression, although he didn't care if Ma Feihao made a grudge, but if his opponent was too powerful, that would be a different story.

        "Don't worry, it's not from the Chinese district." Ma Feihao said.

        Ma Fu's eyes showed some contempt.

        "Dad, can you still help me find an expert?" Ma Feihao asked.

        Ma Fu smiled faintly and said, "Don't look for it."

        Ma Feihao's expression curled and frowned with discontent, "Dad, that guy forced me to kneel today, I must return this humiliation, even if you don't help me, I'll find a way on my own."

        "Who says I won't help you, I'm just telling you, there's no need to go looking for it, your uncle should be back soon." Ma Fu said with a smile.

        "Uncle!" Ma Feihao stood up with a startled look on his face, even his breathing became quickened and said, "Uncle is coming back, is this true!"

        "Of course it's true, he called me a little while ago and said he had a chance to come back for a trip, and if he does, what's the one person you can't kill?" Ma Fu said.

        Ma Feihao suddenly let out a loud laugh, as if he had already seen the miserable end of Han Three Thousand.

        His uncle was an absolute expert, even that strongest person in the Han family was no match for him, and if it wasn't for his inexplicable departure, the Ma family's popularity today would have been stronger than the Han family long ago.

        "Uncle is finally coming back after being gone for so many years." Ma Feihao said with an expectant face.

        "But I heard him say that it won't be long before he can come back, but that's enough, I've already thought about it, while he's back, we're going to raise the Ma family's influence in the Chinese district, preferably to be able to stomp down the Han family." Ma Fu said with a cold face.

        Ma Feihao nodded repeatedly, all these years of being pressured by the Han family, this anger blocked in his heart has long made him very unhappy, but he has never had the opportunity and strength to call out the Han family.

        But it was different when his uncle came back, those bodyguards of the Han family were just a bunch of trash in his uncle's eyes.

        "Dad, where did old uncle go down to, disappearing at every turn for years." Ma Feihao asked in confusion.

        Ma Fu shook his head and said, "I'm not too sure, but from what your uncle said, it's a very powerful place, not only able to raise his status, but also his strength, so I'm sure that after all these years, your uncle should be even more powerful."

        "En." Ma Feihao firmly believed this, then sighed and said, "It's a pity that Mom has passed away, uncle would definitely be sad if he knew about this."

        Ma Fu's eyes flashed with a deep hidden panic, then he said with a sad face, "Life and death have a destiny, this can't be helped, after your uncle comes back, let's go see your mother together."

        After Han 3,000 left the arena and returned home, there was a person crouching at the door who gave him a great headache.

        When he saw her, Han Three Thousand's first thought was to turn around and walk away, but before he could turn around, the person at the door had already run all the way in front of him.

        "You want to hide from me?" Chi Yi Yun looked at Han Qianqian with a questioning face.

        "No ...... no ah, I'm not forgetting to buy something, I'm planning to go to the mall." Han Marchian said.

        "Fine, I'll go with you." Chi Yi Yun said.

        "This ...... isn't anything particularly important, so forget about going next time." Han Giangli said helplessly.

        Chi Yi Yun knew that he was deliberately making excuses to stall himself and said directly and plainly, "I know you want to avoid me, but from today onwards, I'm going to stay at your house."

        "Why!" Han Giangli asked in surprise, although there had been a time before when he had lived under the same roof as Chi Yi Yun, but the situation was different now, and he didn't want to continue developing his relationship with her.

        "Until my next great aunt." Qi Yiyun said.

        That made Han Qianqian's scalp explode, of course he knew what it meant whether or not a woman came to her aunt, and if that didn't happen, wouldn't that be the end of it completely!

        "No, no, it can't be, I guess ...... can't, not really." For the first time in his life, Han Giang showed a state of panic, which was very rare for him to be calm in a situation.

        "Everything is possible, don't be afraid of the ten thousand, just in case." Qi Yi Yun said, of course, she knew it was impossible because nothing had happened between her and Han Giang, but she just wanted to scare Han Giang.

        And Chi Yi Yun also wanted to take advantage of the time to make something that didn't happen, actually happen.

        Han Qianqiang took a deep breath of cold air, his heart thudding and accelerating, feeling that he had met the biggest hurdle in his life, if this was planted, he wouldn't be able to explain to Su Yingxia.

        When she returned home, Qi Yiyun sat on the sofa and called Han Qiangan, asking her to drink water and eat fruit, all of which she had to take for her, as if she was pregnant.

        Han Qianqian doesn't dare to refuse, and can only obediently obey.

        The only thing he can do now is to pray in his heart, don't let the worst happen.

        This thought was a bit of a scum, but Han Three Thousand would rather be a scum now.

        "By the way, what did you do today?" Qi Yi Yun asked curiously.

        "After taking care of a few unimpressive rich kids, I'm now the public enemy of the Chinese district, so I advise you to stay away from me, or I'll get the Chi family into trouble." Han Qianli said.

        "Who are the uninspiring rich second generation?" Chiyun was intrigued.

        "I don't know most of the people, but they're all the ones from the arena, and Ma Feihao." Han Giangli said with a calm face.

        Chi Yi Yun stared, those people in the arena, but they were all the sons and daughters of famous families in the Chinese district, and in Han Qianli's mouth, they turned out to be unimpressive rich kids.

        And Ma Feihao was the closest to Han's influence, and had an extremely strong influence in the Chinese district.

        "If they hear you, they'll have to be furious with you, all of them are famous people, but in your mouth, they've actually become unimpressive rich second generation." Qi Yiyun said speechlessly.

        Chi Yi Yun didn't know what was happening in the arena yet, but felt that Han Qianqiang had underestimated them by calling them uninitiated.

        "Is it great?" Han Qianli said with a calm expression.

        "Of course it's great, these people represent the backbone of the business community in the Chinese district, and each of them is a family heir, so it can be said that the future of the Chinese district is theirs." Qi Yiyun said, eating the grapes that Han Qianqian had washed, which were particularly sweet.

        "Then if I make them all kneel down to me, won't that offend the entire Chinese District?" Han Giangli said with a knowing smile.

        With a grape in her mouth, Qi Yiyun's pupils gradually dilated as she looked incredulously at Han Qianqian.

        The grape didn't swallow and was taken out of her mouth again by Qi Yiyun, who asked incredulously to Han Qianqian, "You ...... made all these people kneel down?"

        "What's the problem?" Han Marchant said carelessly.

        "Including Ma Feihao?" Chi Yi Yun felt like she had heard a joke, how could someone like Ma Fei Hao kneel to someone, but she also felt like Han Qianqiang wouldn't play a joke on her for no reason.

Chapter 600

"I said all of them, including Ma Feihao, of course." Han Giangli said matter-of-factly.

        Chi Yi Yun's mouth grew wide and jaw-dropping in shock, and the grapes in her hand unconsciously let go and rolled to the ground.

        Han 3,000 didn't notice that Chi Yi Yun had just put it in her mouth and only thought that she had accidentally landed on the ground, so after picking it up, she casually wiped the dust off and put it in her mouth.

        "Appalled?" Han Giang said carelessly.

        Qi Yiyun scuffled up and said, "More than appalled, it's simply unbelievable, do you know that even Han Yan had to give him three points of face, and you actually made him kneel down!"

        "Han Yan is just one of my dogs, does the fact that she wants to give face to Ma Feihao mean that I have to?" Han Qianli said indifferently.

        "This ...... "Chi Yiyun was speechless, it was very reasonable, there was no refutation at all, but she still found it hard to believe, after all, Ma Feihao's temper was very clear to her, domineering and arrogant, not putting anyone in the eyes of the Chinese district.

        He even stabbed Shuyang in the back back back then for his own benefit, how could such an untamed person willingly kneel down to Han Qianqian!

        "You're amazing, you actually managed to force Ma Feihao to kneel." Chi Yi Yun exclaimed and sat back down on the couch.

        Is that what you call awesome?

        It was just a minor matter to Han 3,000, and he didn't even take it to heart.

        "Women really do have long hair and short sightedness, is that what you call powerful?" Han Qianqian said disdainfully.

        Chi Yi Yun didn't care about Han Qianqian's sarcasm, but asked, "What exactly do you want to do, offend so many people, do you know what the consequences will be?"

        This was a question that Han 3000 had also asked himself, but at this stage, he could only forcefully set a goal for himself and find one thing to do.

        What exactly Nangong Boling wanted him to do, Han Three Thousand didn't know.

        How long he would stay in Mi Guo, Han Three Thousand also didn't know.

        So during this boring time, Han 3,000 could only find something to do to pass the time.

        Changing the pattern of the Chinese district, it was just boredom for Han three thousand to pass the time, because he himself was a master of idleness.

        Once picking up and dropping off Su Yingxia to and from work and cooking for Su Yingxia, this made Han 3000 feel very fulfilled and didn't have to care about mundane things, but now, without Su Yingxia by his side, he could only find other things to pass the time.

        "It's nothing special, just bored and planning to build some forces of my own here, and for me, I either don't do it, to do it, I naturally have to do my best," Han Giangli said.

        Qi Yiyun couldn't help but roll her eyes, listening to Han Qianqian's words, he was waving his flag in the Chinese district because he was bored, so he wanted to make the most of his power?

        This kind of way to pass the time, it was probably only Han Qianli could do it, and if it were anyone else, they wouldn't even dare to think about it.

        "If I didn't already know you, I would definitely think you were bragging." Chi Yi Yun said, no one would believe such words if they were said to anyone.

        "What, is this little thing exaggerated to you?" Han Qianli laughed.

        "Pretending to be struck by lightning, have you ever heard of this saying." Chi Yi Yun said speechlessly.

        Han Giangli clapped his hands, stood up and said, "It's almost time, what do you want to eat tonight, I'll make it for you."

        Qi Yiyun was filled with joy, and her face unconsciously revealed a charming smile as she said, "I'll eat whatever you make, anyway, you're good at cooking."

        Han Giangli shrugged helplessly and went to the kitchen.

        Han's villa area.

        Despite the fact that what happened on the track was very humiliating for those people, there were still people who couldn't help but reveal the matter, and Han Yan, who received the news, sat on the living room couch with a tight frown.

        Even from Han Yan's point of view, she didn't dare to do this.

        Han Qianli had made countless enemies through this, almost offending the entire Chinese district, she couldn't imagine what Han Qianli was going to do, his arrogance was still justifiable in Cloud City, but this was the Mi Chinese district, it wasn't a place where his word could count, so Han Yan couldn't figure out why he was doing these things.

        "What exactly do you want, are you going to deliberately harm me?" Han Yan said to herself, in her opinion, it was very likely that Han Qianli left this mess behind on purpose to cause her trouble, after all, Han Qianli had no roots or attachment here, he was able to shake his hands and leave at any time, once this responsibility fell on the Han family, it could be a fatal blow to the Han family.

        Han Yan took a deep breath, stood up and walked towards a small building in the deepest part of the villa area.

        This could almost be considered a restricted area for the Han family, and even those relatives of the Han family wouldn't dare to venture here.

        Even if Han Li came here, he had to be informed beforehand.

        It was because living here was Han Tiansheng, who had single-handedly built the Han Dynasty!

        This old man in his twilight years no longer intervenes in the business world, and lives a leisurely life in his small courtyard, raising fish and walking birds, not wanting to be disturbed by anyone.

        At that time, Han Tiansheng despised Han Tianyang and thought that Han Tianyang had no ability to follow him around, so he treated Han Tianyang as a servant, which led Han Tianyang to return to China in anger, and the feud between Tiansheng and Tianyang brothers was formed.

        After so many years, Han Tiansheng still thought it was foolish for Han Tianyang to return to China, and in his bones, the old man despised his own brother.

        Han Tiansheng was sitting on a rattan chair, teasing a caged sparrow, and when Han Yan appeared, he had a very unhappy look on his face.

        "What are you doing here?" Han Tiansheng spoke with an icy tone, as if this granddaughter was like an outsider.

        "Grandfather." Han Yan lowered her head and shouted respectfully, she knew very well that Han Tiansheng regarded blood relatives very lightly, or even didn't care at all, and she wouldn't be willing to come see Han Tiansheng if she didn't have to.

        "Get lost if there's nothing to do, I don't want to see anyone." Han Tiansheng said without mercy.

        "Grandpa, there's one thing I don't understand, and I hope to get an answer from him." Han Yan said.

        Han Tiansheng snorted coldly and said, "You're now in the position of Han family head, if you can't even handle the smallest thing, what qualifications do you have to be competent?"

        Han Yan bit her teeth, she had no feelings for this grandfather either, after all, she had never been cared for by Han innate since she was a child, but now that there was a huge potential danger in the Han family, she had to turn to Han innate for help.

        "Grandpa, this trouble isn't a trivial matter, or else I wouldn't trouble you, and it's related to the Yanjing Han family," Han Yan said.

        Han Tiansheng's eyebrows curled and his expression became even more unhappy as he said, "Is the Han family's younger generation now so incompetent that they can't even deal with this kind of trash?"

        In Han Tiansheng's eyes, no matter what achievements the Yanjing Han family had, they were all trash and completely out of his sight.

        "The younger generation of the Yanjing Han family, Han Three Thousand Years, has already arrived in the Chinese district of Mi," Han Yan said.

        "I've already left a way out for these idiots, and they still dare to come to the Mickey? Do we have to go back to Han with a bashful face?" Han Tiansheng scoffed disdainfully.

        "This man's name is Han 3000, he did something today that made all the descendants of the families in the Chinese district kneel to him, and now he has made many enemies." Han Yan continued.

        "This kind of trash is really looking for death, even my Han family doesn't dare to do this, he actually has the guts to do this, since he wants to look for death, just let him go." Han Tiansheng said.

        "Grandpa, I don't think this matter will be so simple, he deliberately offended these people, there can't be no reason, in my opinion, he deliberately wanted to leave a mess for us to clean up and put all the blame, on our heads." Han Yan said.

        Han Tiansheng's expression finally became serious after hearing this, and he also knew how serious the consequences would be if the blame fell on the MiG Han family's head.

        The Han family had gained a foothold in the Chinese district and had even become the number one family, but that didn't mean that the Han family was able to counter all the families in the Chinese district with one family.

        "This kind of incompetent junior will only use such shameless tactics, Han Tian Yang, you've really educated a talent." Han Tiansheng said in a disdainful tone.

        "Grandpa, what are we going to do?" Han Yan asked, which was why she had come to see Han Born.


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