His True Colors Chapter 597-598


Chapter 597

"Shuyang, is he really okay?"

        "We've seen this bodyguard's prowess before, but we've seen several people fight him at the same time, and they're no match for him."

        "Han won't get hurt, right."

        In the workshop, those who hadn't seen Han Qianli's power were worried at this time.

        It wasn't that they were afraid of losing face, after all these years of surviving, they had long since stopped taking face seriously and lived like a street rat that everyone shouted at.

        But they didn't want Han 3,000 to get hurt, after all, they were able to return to this arena because of Han 3,000's help.

        Shuyang also knew that Ma Feihao was a powerful bodyguard, he had offended a lot of people over the years, and the reason why he was unharmed was all because of this bodyguard's strength.

        But at this time, Shuyang didn't panic, or even worry at all.

        He was strong, but Han Giang was even stronger!

        The entire bald territory, dozens of people were all beaten to the ground by Han 3,000, a feat that even Ma Feihao's bodyguards couldn't have done.

        "You guys watch, Han will end this fight soon, for him, there's no need to waste much time on this kind of trash." Shuyang said confidently.

        The others wanted to believe in Han 3,000, but they were somewhat unable to do so, after all, they had seen the bodyguard's strength with their own eyes, but Han 3,000's might was only known from Shuyang's mouth.

        "You don't need to engage in so many fancy tricks, in front of absolute power, any fancy tricks are useless." The bodyguard was still in a high posture with his hands around his chest, completely ignoring Han Giang.

        Han Three Thousand smiled faintly.

        Absolute power?

        Not coincidentally, this happens to be what he has!

        And his strength was by no means comparable to that of an ordinary man, nor was it something that a very ordinary man could withstand.

        "I like your words, and I might borrow them when I can put them to good use in the future." Han Giangli said with a smile.

        Right at this moment, Han Giangli's legs suddenly gave out and his entire body flew out like an arrow, extremely fast.

        The crowd only felt a shake before their eyes, as if there was still an afterimage left behind, and Han Three Thousand had already rushed to the bodyguard's face.

        The bodyguard subconsciously spread out his hands.

        Han 3,000 was so fast that it was completely out of his imagination, and he could only use his hands to protect his vital parts when he couldn't see the attack.


        The flesh collided with a loud bang.

        The bodyguard's entire body lifted off the ground and flew backwards into the air.

        Only Han Giangli said, "Let me teach you what absolute power is."

        Before the bodyguard landed on the ground, he felt a powerful force come over his back, causing his body to soar into the air again and his spine to be severely damaged.

        In Han Giangli's hands, the bodyguard was like a ball that kept getting thrown up and down.

        This scene made the bystanders look foolish, especially the group of rich second generation around Ma Feihao.

        They knew full well how powerful this bodyguard was, so in their eyes, Han Three Thousand was already dead!

        But now, the situation in front of them was that the bodyguard was powerless to fight back, and he was so big that Han Qianqian was able to easily throw him up, what kind of power must that be!

        "This ...... this is too strong!" A certain person exclaimed in a jaw-dropping voice.

        "Not only is he strong, he's simply a pervert."

        "It's over, even Ho's bodyguard is no match for him, what should we do."

        "This guy, where on earth did he come from as a monster."

        Exclaiming all around, at this time, Ma Feihao's face was even worse than eating shit.

        He thought that he could teach Han Qianli a hard lesson today, but the situation was reversed by Han Qianli, no wonder Han Qianli told him to call more people, this one bodyguard was not enough to fight ah.

        Inside the workshop, Shuyang was smiling, this result was not unexpected but rather reasonable.

        But the others' expressions weren't as calm as Shuyang's; after all, it was the first time they had seen Han Third Thousand actually fight, and the opponent was still Ma Feihao's bodyguard, so no one had expected such a situation.

        "Han is too strong, Ma Feihao's bodyguard didn't even have the chance to fight back."

        "How about fighting back, it hasn't even landed."

        "If I was one tenth as powerful as Han, I wouldn't have been bullied by those guys, it's so strong."

        "Shuyang, it looks like this time, we can really turn over a new leaf with Han."

        Hearing this, Shuyang nodded his head and said with burning eyes, "Since Brother Han has given us the chance, we must grasp it."

        "Not bad, we must not let Brother Han down."

        "We'll have to work together, we can't let Brother Han down."

        "Bring back a bunch of champions for Han."

        Shuyang's words were acknowledged and the crowd spoke up.

        It was so simple to buy people's hearts, as long as they showed great strength, there would naturally be people who would submit to this.

        The bodyguard, however, was suffering, feeling like his entire body wasn't his own anymore, and in a state of complete weightlessness, he could only endure Han Giang's attacks over and over again, and it also made him understand what true strength was.

        Even if he, even if he replaced his opponent with a small adult, he wouldn't be able to do Han 3000's methods.

        At this moment, the bodyguard understood the difference between himself and Han 3000 and how ignorant it was to be arrogant in front of him.


        As the bodyguard hit the ground heavily, dust flew up, and Ma Feihao's gang had been completely dumbfounded.

        The men looked at Han Qianli incredulously.

        The women, on the other hand, were looking at Han Qianli with adoring faces, and some had even quietly pulled down their collars, hoping to get Han Qianli's attention.

        "ICU won't be necessary, if he can't be cured, from today onwards, he'll have to lie in bed as an invalid for the rest of his life." Han 3,000 yuan clapped his hands and said to Ma Feihao.

        Ma Feihao's mouth was dry, and he subconsciously took a step back and said to Han Three Thousand, "This is my man, how dare you strike so hard!"

        "Tough?" Han Qianqian looked at Ma Feihao suspiciously and asked, "Is this considered ruthless? There are tougher things you want to see."

        Ma Feihao was shocked, he knew that Han 3,000 was by no means joking, with such a strong body, it would be easy for him to kill the bodyguard.

        "I, Ma Feihao, have taken this revenge, you don't even know who I am, much less the consequences of offending me." Ma Feihao let out harsh words, but the atmosphere of these harsh words and his actions were completely in inverse proportion, and after saying this, this guy even planned to bolt.

        "Did I say you could leave?" Han Qianli said indifferently.

        Ma Feihao was stunned in place and asked gloomily, "What else do you want!"

        "You asked me to kneel to you before, shouldn't it be your turn to kneel to me now?" Han Giangli said with a smile.

        Ma Feihao's face was frozen, his status in the Chinese district was equal to Han Yan's, how could he casually kneel to someone?

        "Han Qianqian, go find out who I, Ma Feihao, am and what qualifications you have to make me kneel." Ma Feihao gritted his teeth and said.

        "Anyone who doesn't kneel, this bodyguard, is his downfall." Han Qianli faintly said.

        The meaning of these words was clear, he wanted to make everyone kneel!

        Shuyang frowned, not quite understanding what Han Qianli meant by doing this, the second generation of rich families here had almost dominated the entire Chinese district, wouldn't he be declaring war on the business community in the Chinese district by doing this?

        "How dare you, do you know what you're doing?" Ma Feihao said with a smirk on his face, in his opinion, Han Qianxiang was completely retarded behavior, making everyone kneel, but the people here represented the entire business community of the Chinese district.

        Han Qianli walked idly towards Ma Feihao as he said, "Whether you kneel or not is your choice, but what happens to you is up to me."

        As they watched Han Qianli approach step by step, some of the cowards chose to kneel on the ground.

        The bodyguard's downfall was obvious to them, and who would want this to happen to them?

        If they can only stay in bed for the rest of their lives, they might as well just let them die! It's just a pity that these guys, where do they get the guts to choose to die?

        Kneeling without having to pay a terrible price was naturally the best option.

        "What are you guys doing, get up." Ma Feihao roared in anger.

        "Brother Hao, I ...... me ......" at this time, Fang Shuo shivered his legs, his crotch was already wet underneath!

Chapter 598

After Fang Shuo kneeled down in fear, all of the rich second generation around Ma Feihao had all kneeled down in unison, he was the only one who looked like a flock of cranes, but then the flock of cranes was a bit awkward and dangerous, after all, Han Qianqian's strength was right in front of him, and Ma Feihao wasn't willing to be the one to stand out.

        Shuyang's group of people had looked foolish when they saw this situation.

        This place represented the future of the business community in the Chinese district, and all of these future stars had even submitted to Han Three Thousand's feet.

        Originally, Shuyang thought that these people would rather die than submit, but he didn't expect that one of them would be so soft-hearted as to go to such lengths.

        If this matter was spread out, Han Qianxiang's move would definitely shock the entire Chinese district.

        But the hatred that would be brought about would be so great that Han Sanxiang would be subjected to retaliation from these people.

        "Han 3,000, are you really not thinking about the consequences?" Ma Feihao's expression was fierce as he looked at Han Marchant, he didn't want to lose face, let alone be like those losers around him, but if Han Marchant's attitude didn't change, he had no choice but to kneel down.

        "Do you think a verbal threat will work against me? Look at your bodyguard, if you want to be like him and stay in bed for the rest of your life, you can stay off your knees." Han Giangli said.

        Ma Feihao's face was as heavy as water, the bodyguard's end was so miserable, it was by no means something he was willing to accept, if he could only lie in bed for the rest of his life, what was the point of living.

        Ma Feilao kept telling himself, "It's never too late for a gentleman to take revenge, and a good man won't eat the loss in front of him.

        In the end, Ma Feihao knelt down slowly with a strong hatred.

        Shuyang and everyone around him drew a breath of cold air at the same time.

        Even Ma Feihao knelt down, which meant that Han 3,000 had trampled all the business families in the Chinese district underfoot, a feat that no one but him had ever accomplished.

        "Now you're satisfied!" Mafeiho said with his back groove teeth clenched.

        "I know you have hatred in your hearts and want revenge, I'll be waiting for you anytime." Han Giangli smiled.

        "You'll regret everything you've done today." Ma Feihao stood up and left angrily.

        The others left one after another after taking a cautious glance at Han Three Thousand.

        Shuyang walked up to Han 3,000, and although he knew he wasn't qualified to dictate what Han 3,000 did, he still wanted to remind Han 3,000.

        "Han, these people will never swallow their pride, so be careful." Shuyang said.

        Han Qianli smiled calmly and said, "Wouldn't it be too meaningless if they simply swallowed it."

        Shuyang frowned, he really couldn't understand what kind of person Han Qianqian was, listening to his tone, he seemed to expect those people to come and take revenge, what kind of mentality must that be?

        No matter if it was the Chinese district, or the business people of Mickey's outside of the Chinese district, they would never want to offend such a large number of business families at once, but Han Marchan didn't seem the least bit concerned about that aspect.

        "Han, can I ask a nosy question, what exactly do you want?" Shuyang said cautiously, afraid that the words would offend Han Giang.

        "Change the existing pattern of the Chinese district and make the Chinese district surnamed Han, do you dare to believe that?" Han Marchiang smiled.

        Shuyang was dumbfounded, the meaning of Han Marchan's words was very clear, he wanted to rule the entire business community in the Chinese district, but ...... But how is that possible!

        There were too many Chinese families based in the Chinese district, and all of them had shallow roots in the area, not to mention him, and even Han Yan, who was currently in the limelight, would find it very difficult to do this.

        But Shuyang's heart sprouted a thought that made him feel incredible himself.

        It seemed that he really could do it!

        It wasn't blind confidence, but rather a testament to Shuyang's strength in Han Marchan.

        At least so far, he had done everything he wanted to do, even if it was unbelievably unbelievable.

        "You guys stay here, I'll be leaving first, I hope you'll have good results in the competition in a few days." After Han Qianli said that, he stepped away.

        Watching Han Giang's back fade away, all the people around Shuyang came together at first.

        "Shuyang, he's not kidding."

        "Ruling the entire Chinese district, can he really do it?"

        "I feel like he's crazy, even Han Yan wouldn't dare to say such words, right?"

        The crowd was asking their own doubts with seven mouths, it wasn't that they were looking down on Han 3000, but this matter was too unbelievable for the crowd to believe.

        "I don't know." Shuyang shook his head in a serious manner, no one dared to comment until the results were out, and as for the intuition in his heart, he could only hide it for now.

        Outside the arena.

        After Ma Feihao stopped walking, none of the rich kids behind him dared to move.

        "You bunch of losers, not a single useful person at a critical time, if you hadn't kneeled down, would I need to be humiliated with you?" Ma Feihao said angrily.

        The group of people lowered their heads, not daring to breathe.

        In that previous situation, how dare they not kneel, who wouldn't want to end up in the same situation as that bodyguard.

        But at this time, they didn't dare to refute Ma Feihao, after all, Ma Feihao's family was more influential than theirs in the Chinese district, and if they offended Ma Feihao and were targeted, back home, they might even be swept out of the house by the elders of the family.

        Ma Feihao suddenly grabbed Fang Shuo's collar, clearly trying to use him as a punching bag.

        "You're such a f**king wimp." After saying that, Ma Feihao kicked Fang Shuo's abdomen.

        Fang Shuo, who was already so scared that he peed his pants, could only let the beating and scolding happen, and sat on the ground with a painful face after being kicked.

        How humiliating it was today, Fang Shuo knew very well, peeing his pants again in public, it would definitely become the butt of everyone's ridicule, but in that situation, he simply couldn't hold back.

        "Brother Hao, let's join forces to deal with him, I don't believe that so many people are still not his opponent." A certain person plucked up his courage and opened his mouth to suggest to Ma Feihao.

        Ma Feihao snorted coldly and said, "I don't expect any help from you losers who are dragging my feet, I'll settle the score with you after I finish off Han Qianqian."

        After saying that, Ma Feihao took a big step and left, a group of rich people stayed where they were and looked at each other, if Ma Feihao settled the score in the autumn, they would be finished.

        "What should we do, we're not people inside or out, if our family finds out, we'll be finished ah."

        "What else can we do but leave it to fate, I really didn't expect this guy Han Qianqian to be so powerful, I shouldn't have messed with him if I knew."

        "It's too late to regret it now, with Ma Feihao's flawed personality, he will definitely deal with Han Qianqian and won't let us off the hook, this time it's really dangerous."

        The crowd was ashen, no one had expected to end up in such a situation.

        However, at this time, an idea that was not easy to try rose within certain people, that was to befriend Han Qianqian and be completely hostile to Ma Feihao, but it was too risky, and they only dared to think about it.

        After Ma Feihao returned home, his disgruntled face was extremely ugly, he had never been humiliated like this since he was a child, kneeling to Han Qianqian! Even now that he thought about it, Ma Feihao was indignant and resentful, and he would never be able to swallow this anger without disemboweling Han Qianli by a thousand cuts.

        "Hao'er, what's going on with you, who's messing with you?" A middle-aged man walked into the living room, accompanied by a youthful and beautiful girl, and the age difference between them was obviously very large.

        This middle-aged man was Ma Feihao's father, Ma Fu, and ever since his wife died, the female companions around him changed very frequently, and were never more than twenty-five years old, because of Ma Fu's personal fetish, he preferred young and energetic women.

        Ma Feihao looked at the woman the same, different again from the last person he had seen, but he and Ma Fu were both of the same species, and his attitude towards women, playing around, was never serious.

        "You go out first." Ma Feihao said to that woman.

        The woman also knew what to do and just walked away.

        "Dad, I want to kill someone." Ma Feihao said through gritted teeth.

        Ma Fu sat on the sofa with a careless face and said, "Is it still worth giving me a lecture on such a trivial matter, just do it cleanly."


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