His True Colors Chapter 594-596


Chapter 594

"Will there really be a future for a company that only kisses ass?" After handing things over to Tang Zong, Han Qianli left the conference room, as his assistant, Yuan Ling followed closely behind, she couldn't stand this atmosphere in the company where everyone only kissed ass, Han Qianli seemed to enjoy it so much, that's why Yuan Ling couldn't help but want to give Han Qianli a reminder.

        "Of course not, so these flatterers, Tang Zong will make them all roll up and leave." Han Qianqian said with a smile.

        "Tang Zong is the biggest flatterer, so what if the others leave, are you sure Tang Zong is capable of handling the company?" Yuan Ling said disdainfully.

        Han Qianqiang looked at Yuan Ling in surprise, where did this misunderstanding come from? Was it because of this misunderstanding that her fondness for Tang Zong had changed?

        Han Qianli couldn't help but laugh, if Yuan Ling really thought so, she would be underestimating Tang Zong.

        Back then, Han 3000 had only seen some of himself in Tang Zong, which was why he had gone out of his way to help Tang Zong, but he hadn't really thought about how much he could build Tang Zong up, and Tang Zong's strength was unexpected.

        When he first went to Bin County, Tang Zong came out to greet him, but even Han Qianli was taken aback.

        It could be said that Tang Zong's ability to be where he was today was all because of his own abilities, and Han Qianqian was just giving him a step.

        "Underestimate Tang Zong, this will make you regret it," Han Qianqian said.

        Yuan Ling didn't believe in Han Qianqian's words, and she didn't think that a flatterer like Tang Zong would have any real skills, but it was only through flowery words that she was able to get this position.

        "I'm just an assistant, I'm not in charge of your senior management's affairs, I'm just kindly reminding you," Yuan Ling said.

        "Then I'll have to thank you for your kindness, but I advise you that you'd better put away your contempt, or you'll know how ignorant you are by the day you regret it." Han Giangli paused and continued, "I'll also kindly remind you that if you like Tang Zong, you should silently guard his side, you won't be able to make him feel good about you with that kind of attitude."

        "Bah." Yuan Ling looked at Han Qianqian with a disgusted face and said in a decisive manner, "How could I possibly like an ass-kisser."

        "Then you'll have to remember your words, but don't take them back at some point in the future, it'll be very humiliating." Han Giangli smiled.

        "How can I take back what I said, it's never possible to take back what I said, and how can a flatterer like him have a chance to impress me." Yuan Ling's face was filled with intense disdain, and she made her words very final.

        Han Giang didn't bother to bullshit her; how sure she was now would be a mess later, because Han Giang knew that one day, Yuan Ling would regret what she said.

        Underestimate Tang Zong?

        This was a character that even Han Three Thousand didn't dare to underestimate.

        As long as he was given a big enough stage, Han 3,000 believed that he could play the entire world around.

        "You don't need to follow me, from today onwards, work as an assistant to Tang Zong, and if you're afraid that Nangong Boling will be dissatisfied, I'll inform Nangong Boling." Han Qianli said and left the company.

        Yuan Ling gritted her teeth, she was a million times more reluctant to work as an assistant to a flatterer, but what other choice did she have other than to accept reality?

        After leaving the company, Han Marchan went to the arena.

        Shuyang has already found everyone from his former team, and Han Sangsang has to bring them back to his hometown, otherwise, Shuyang's identity wouldn't be eligible to enter the arena now.

        At the entrance of the arena, Han 3,000 met Shuyang's team, and as Shuyang introduced those people to Han 3,000, a particularly harsh voice reached Han 3,000's ears.

        "F*ck, who's this, my eyes aren't blurry." Fang Shuo rolled his eyes and walked up to Shuyang with an incredulous expression, letting out a loud laugh after taking a closer look.

        "Fang Shuo, long time no see." Shuyang said faintly.

        Fang Shuo laughed openly, patted Shuyang's shoulder and said, "Didn't you f**king open a repair shop to go, what is this for, do you want to get back on the track with your current qualifications? Looks like your repair shop is doing well, you actually have spare money to participate in the competition, by the way, have you paid off all your debts, if the bank finds out, they won't let you off ah."

        Fang Shuo's tone was filled with mockery, while he and Shuyang used to be like brothers.

        After Shuyang's downfall, Fang Shuo had never lent a helping hand to Shuyang, but he had often done things that fell into his lap.

        "You don't need to worry about these little things." Shuyang said.

        "How can I not worry about it, to get back here again, you should know the rules, right?" Fang Shuo looked Shuyang up and down and said disdainfully, "Look at you, you're so poor, can you still come up with a million now?"

        At this time, Han Qianqian spoke up, "Fang Shuo, he's my driver, since I've paid my dues in full, why shouldn't he be able to come back here?"

        Fang Shuo's eyes glazed over, his attention was on Shuyang just now, after all, this old friend's sudden appearance here was so unexpected that he completely ignored Han Qianqian.

        "A kind reminder, you're playing with fire." Fang Shuo said in a cold voice, the reason why Shuyang was down in the dumps here was very clear to Fang Shuo, Ma Feihao wasn't an easy master to mess with, even Han Yan had to give her some face, so Fang Shuo didn't think that Han Qianyang was qualified to be Ma Feihao's opponent.

        "Whether it's playing with fire or not, it's all my own business, I don't need you to worry about it, nothing else, you can get lost, don't delay me from familiarizing myself with the venue with the riders." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        Hearing the word roll, Fang Shuo's eyes instantly went cold and gritted his teeth as he said to Han 3000, "Dude, don't think you can be defiant just because you know Chi Yiyun, she has some power in the Chinese district, but it's not like no one dares to mess with her, if you expect her to bail you out, it's a joke."

        "Only losers hide behind women, do you see what I look like?" Han Giangli said with a smile, then waved his hand at Shuyang, gesturing for Shuyang to follow him.

        However, Fang Shuo stopped in front of Han Marchant with a cold face and was extremely angry.

        Almost everyone in the Chinese district knew that Fang Shuo had once committed a very serious crime, and if it wasn't for his mother's efforts to protect him, he wouldn't even be standing here right now, so he thought that Han Qianqian's words were simply aimed at him.

        Only a loser would hide behind a woman, and this sentence was extremely harsh to Fang Shuo.

        Han Third Thousand didn't know that an unintentional remark would sting Fang Shuo, as he simply didn't know Fang Shuo's past and had no interest in learning information about such a lowly opponent.

        "Han Three Thousand, what the hell do you mean!" Fang Shuo angrily questioned Han Three Thousand.

        Han Qianqian frowned, not understanding in what way she had angered Fang Shuo, but could this kind of person stand in his way?

        "I advise you to get out of the way." Han Qianqian said coldly.

        Fang Shuo swung his fist directly at Han Third Thousand, and only his fist was able to vent his anger.

        But Han Three Thousand's strike was even faster, and with a swift thunderbolt, he grabbed Fang Shuo's neck and lifted his entire body into the air.

        "A trash like you is worthy of being my opponent?" Han Marchan said indifferently.

        Shuyang and one of them had seen Han Marchan's power, so they weren't surprised that Han Marchan had made a move, the others had heard Shuyang mention it, but they all had a questioning attitude, after all, how could one person actually smash Bald Head's field?

        But at this time, Shuyang's team, all of them had shocked expressions, this amazing arm strength alone was something they couldn't imagine.

        Fang Shuo an adult, in his hands, was like a helpless chicken!

        Fang Shuo also panicked, he hadn't expected Han Third Thousand to be so powerful, feeling his breathing getting harder and harder, death seemed to be getting closer and closer, Fang Shuo could only struggle weakly with his legs.

        Han Three Thousand Year didn't want to kill anyone, so he threw Fang Shuo away.

        Fang Shuo fell to the ground, unable to stand up from the pain, and could only watch as Han Three Thousand walked away.

        Those in the Shuyang team were all looking at Han 3,000's back with worshipful eyes, and at this moment, they believed that Han 3,000's smashing of the bald spot was real.

        "Why is this guy getting angry for no reason?" Han Qianliang was puzzled by Shuyang's question.

Chapter 595

Han Marchant's question made Shuyang couldn't help but laugh, thinking back then, that incident was something no one in the Chinese district knew about, and Shuyang, as a witness, knew even more about how humiliating Fang Shuo was at first.

        "You sprinkled salt on his wounds." Shuyang said.

        "Oh?" Han Giangli knew there was a story to be told as soon as he heard this, and asked with a smile, "How so?"

        "Fang Shuo was so scared that he didn't even dare to come out of his house, and I was there when the opponent rushed to his house, demanding that he pay back the debt with his life. The grave grass is already a meter high." Shuyang explained.

        Han Qianli was stunned at the words, not expecting that Heartless' words had actually poked Fang Shuo's sore spot.

        Only a loser would hide behind a woman, and at that time, wasn't Fang Shuo hiding behind his mother? No wonder he was suddenly annoyed.

        Han Qianli smiled and said, "Being scared to wet his pants, I don't know if he still has enough pants at home, I'll send him a few some other day."

        This statement made Shuyang and those on his team laugh, and grew more and more impressed with Han Qianli, holding a bad breath inside for so many years and finally being able to find a chance to let it out.

        "Brother Han, Fang Shuo's tactics are very sinister, you'd better be careful." Shuyang warned to Han Qianli.

        "At a glance, he's a villainous face, but if he dares to do anything, I'll make him pee his pants in fear again." Han Qianqian said indifferently, Fang Shuo was not a character worthy of entering Han Qianqian's eyes.

        Shuyang's heart was very curious as to who Han Marchan was, he had never heard of this character in the Chinese district before, if he had only made his fortune in the last few years, his family's background shouldn't be too deep, how could he dare to confront Fang Shuo head on?

        And Han 3,000 yuan let him be the driver, the opponent is not only Fang Shuo, there is also Ma Feihao, after all, Ma Feihao is the one who harmed him, never want to see him get back on his feet, but Han 3,000 yuan, it seems that Han 3,000 yuan did not put these two people in his eyes.

        After entering the arena, many workshops were busy because there was an internal entertainment competition in a few days, although it was said to be entertainment, but these rich people were all good-looking people, everyone wanted to win, so they were secretly dabbling in the competition, no one wanted to slack off.

        When Shuyang appeared, it caused many people to stare in shock, after all, he had been swept out of the place, and Ma Feihao let slip in the circle that anyone who dared to relieve Shuyang was against him, so no one dared to lend a hand to Shuyang.

        "This guy is crazy, he actually asked Shuyang to be a driver!"

        "I don't think he even knows what Ma Feihao is capable of, it's purely a death wish."

        "I'm curious, if Ma Feihao knew about this, how long would this frakking thing be alive."

        A group of rich people gathered together and discussed, in their eyes, Han Third Thousand's actions were undoubtedly provoking Ma Feihao, and there was only one price to pay for provoking Ma Feihao, and that was worse than certain death.

        Han Qianli brought the crowd to Workshop 44, and when he stopped, he clearly noticed that the people didn't look too good.

        This, once, was Shuyang's workshop, and he was an unbeliever, but the fact that he was there back then was a slap in the face, and not long after transferring workshop number forty-four, there was a change of heart at home that forced Shuyang to believe in the mystery of this workshop.

        "I know this place is revered and even used by some as a place of curse, but I don't believe in this bullshit." Han Giangli said to the crowd in a faint voice.

        "Brother Han, I didn't believe in it before, but not long after I was here, something happened at home." Shuyang's eyelids jumped straight up and said.

        Han Qianli smiled and said, "The accident at your home was caused by Ma Feihao, what does it have to do with the workshop, if he hadn't been secretly harming you, would you be like this? It doesn't make sense to pin the blame on a soulless workshop, does it."

        Shuyang frowned, thinking about it this way, it did make some sense, Ma Feihao didn't harm him because he moved to Workshop 44, even if he was somewhere else, he still would have fallen into this situation.

        "Let's get to work everyone, from today onwards, this is where we'll be working." Shuyang said to the team's crowd.

        Although these people were still somewhat psychological about Workshop 44, but even Shuyang didn't care anymore, so they naturally wouldn't think much about it.

        None of them were lazy, everyone was busy, because for all these years, because of Ma Feihao's covert targeting, they had all lived a very fortunate life, and they all wanted to use this opportunity to turn over a new leaf, or at the very least, to get away from that life of being harassed every day.

        Since this kind of life could only be brought to them by Han Marchant, they could only choose to work for Han Marchant faithfully.

        As the saying goes, there is strength in numbers, and it didn't take long for workshop number forty-four to regain its tidiness.

        At the same time, a group of people had assembled at the entrance of the workshop.

        With Fang Shuo at the head, the group of rich kids were shaking their fists, like school children fighting.

        Faced with this situation, Han Qianli laughed disdainfully and said, "Go back to your parents, I don't want to fight with you kids, in case there's some kind of injury accident, I'm afraid you can't afford it."

        Fang Shuo looked at Han Qianqian with a hideous face, he was really arrogant ah, with one sentence, he had almost offended the entire family of the Chinese district, didn't he know that these people standing in front of him represented the entire business community of the Chinese district?

        "Han 3,000, you're so arrogant, do you know that arrogance comes with a price? Do you know who are the people standing in front of you?" Fang Shuo gritted his teeth and said.

        Of course, Han Three Thousand knew who these people were, and it was because of this that he was acting arrogant.

        To push Tang Zong to the top of the business community in the Chinese district, if Han 3000 didn't make enemies, how could he have a justifiable excuse to deal with them?

        These guys had taken the initiative to pick a fight, this was purely an opportunity placed in front of Han Giang.

        "Fang Shuo, I heard you're quite short of pants, do you want me to send you a truckload?" Han Qianqian said with a smile.

        Fang Shuo had already ordered people not to mention this matter, and anyone who dared to talk nonsense would be against him, but Han Qianqian knew about it!

        Fang Shuo turned his gaze to look at Shuyang and said in a cold voice, "Shuyang, you have the f**king nerve to tell him about this."

        "Dare to do it and admit it? Fang Shuo, can't you act manly, it's just peeing your pants, how big of a deal is it." Han Qianli said cheerfully, which made the entire workshop laugh.

        Even the people around Fang Shuo had those who were holding back their laughter.

        This matter was the biggest humiliation of his life for Fang Shuo, and for Han Qianli to mention it now was tantamount to humiliating him!

        "Han Qianqian, if you don't f*cking kneel down and kowtow to me and apologize today, you don't think I'll let you go." Fang Shuo looked at Han Qianqian with a fierce glare, wishing he could kill him.

        Faced with such an unintimidating gaze, Han Three Thousand was careless.

        He had seen too many fierce eyes in the Earth's core, and those were the truly murderous and vicious characters, but those people had ended up dying in Han Qianli's hands.

        Throughout the Earth's Core, Han Qianqian had single-handedly created a river of blood, which was enough to make Fang Shuo wet a hundred pants! How could Han Giangli be afraid of him?

        "Do you only scare people with your mouth? If you want to fight me, hurry up and do it." Han Qianqian provoked.

        Fang Shuo clenched his fists, his veins exposed, but he didn't dare to make a move easily because he had already suffered a loss at the hands of Han Three Thousand at the gate before, and knew very well that he wasn't Han Three Thousand's opponent, and if he fought him at this time, the one who would lose face would still be him.

        "Don't dare?" Han Qianli raised her eyebrows and continued, "Fang Shuo, if this is all you have, get out of here, don't embarrass yourself here, a man's world is not beaten down by his mouth, but by his fists, if you don't have real skills, be a good boy and be a shrinking turtle."

        Every word Han Qianqian said was irritating Fang Shuo, in order to make him lose his mind.

Chapter 596

Fang Shuo was clearly on the verge of being overwhelmed by hatred, and his body trembled slightly, all but showing that he was furious to the extreme.

        Han Giangli wanted him to make a move, and to take everyone with him, so that the beam was considered to be completely closed.

        But an untimely voice suddenly sounded at this moment.

        "I didn't expect there to be any excitement, it seems I've come at a really good time." As the voice fell, Fang Shuo and the others all looked towards the owner of the voice.

        To Han Gianglian, it was an unfamiliar company, but to Fang Shuo, this face clearly held a higher status.

        "Brother Hao."

        "Brother Hao."

        "Brother Hao."

        To be able to make this group of rich kids call him brother nicely and with respect, Han Giang probably guessed who he was.

        At that moment, Shuyang walked up to Han 3,000 and whispered, "He's Ma Feihao."

        Although Shuyang had tried his best to control his emotions, Han Qianqian could still hear the anger in his voice.

        But anger was normal for Shuyang, after all, his today was Ma Feihao's doing, and enemies were naturally extraordinarily jealous when they met.

        "Brother Hao, you've come just in time." Fang Shuo looked at Han Qianqian with a pitying smile, he was the one who intentionally called Ma Feihao to inform him that he knew he couldn't fight Han Qianqian, so he could only let Ma Feihao come forward.

        Ma Feihao nodded his head and looked at Shuyang with contempt.

        "Shuyang, you have the audacity to come back, you've got some nerve." There was a woman with dyed red hair standing beside Ma Feihao, tall and very sexy in her clothes, and as she said this, Ma Feihao purposely hugged the woman in his arms.

        This woman was once Shuyang's girlfriend, and even Shuyang once thought that this woman was the one he was with for life, but Shuyang never expected that the woman he loved the most would give him a fatal stab at a critical moment.

        "Shuyang, don't you think you've lost enough face? Isn't it bad to keep your sh*tty garage?" The woman said impatiently to Shuyang.

        "It's none of your business whether I'm ashamed or not." Shuyang said in a deep voice.

        "At any rate, we used to be a nominal couple, I'm not thinking of you, don't be ungrateful." The woman looked at Shuyang with a disgusted face.

        "A good heart?" Shuyang's mouth curved into a smile full of coldness, and said, "You're so kind, if it wasn't for you, how would I have fallen to this point."

        "Shuyang, you're not still blaming me, you've been with me for almost three years and you don't dare to do anything but hold hands, I even suspect that you're not a man at all, do I want to stay with a loser and never be satisfied for the rest of my life?" The woman scoffed.

        Shuyang had a different nature than the other rich second generation, he put more thought into this racing thing, and he was very sincere in his treatment of women and relationships, he never strayed from the flowers or did irresponsible things to those women, he thought that his inaction in the first place was a sign of respect for her, but he didn't think that he would be considered incompetent by her.

        "Shuyang, I didn't think you still had a hidden illness in this area."

        "No wonder I've never heard of your tidbits, it's not that you don't want to play, it's that you're simply incapable of playing."

        "Tsk, tsk, I can't tell, you're still a modern eunuch."

        Several people followed to mock Shuyang.

        Han Qianqiang was the one who could best understand Shuyang's feelings, as he had had the same experience, albeit for different reasons than Shuyang, but had also been subjected to such ridicule from those around him.

        At this moment, Ma Feihao patted the woman's butt and said with a smile, "You can't underestimate my former brother, but he's found a patron now."

        "Cut." The woman snorted contemptuously and said, "I don't know where the jumper came from, but he's still a patron?"

        As she said this, the woman sized up Han 3,000 from head to toe, and to her, anyone without a name tag on their body was trash.

        Ma Feihao laughed and turned to Shuyang and asked, "I'm also curious, why would you get a piece of trash like this to help you turn over a new leaf? Is he any good at anything, or are you just not accepting your fate and wanting to just struggle a bit."

        Han 3000 just looked at Ma Feihao after he arrived, his attention focused on the person beside Ma Feihao.

        He should be Ma Feihao's bodyguard, a trash like Ma Feihao didn't deserve Han Qianli's attention, he had to know if he was a match for this bodyguard, if he couldn't beat him there was no need to pretend, but if this bodyguard was just an outwardly strong guy, Han Qianli would have to teach Ma Feihao a lesson today.

        The bodyguard's stance with his hands around his chest appeared high and his head was slightly raised, a subconscious action that also represented his pride, but unfortunately, his strength, wouldn't be too strong.

        A true expert would carry a strong aura with him, for example, Gong Tian, who was encountered in the Nangong family, had a very strong aura, and even if he didn't make a move, he would still give people a strong sense of oppression, but this bodyguard didn't.

        "Ma Feihao, I advise you to speak respectfully to Han," Shuyang said.

        "Respect? Hahahahahahaha." Ma Feihao let out a loud laugh and said, "What does this kind of trash deserve my respect?"

        Although Ma Feihao had heard Baldur talk about how powerful Han 3,000 was, how could he believe it without seeing it with his own eyes?

        And the one standing next to him right now was the strongest of their family's bodyguards, even if it was the Han family's earth bodyguard, he had never lost, so Ma Feihao was in a completely confident state.

        "Ma Feihao, are you so arrogant, is this bodyguard giving you capital?" Han Qianli asked faintly.

        Ma Feihao raised his eyebrows and looked at Han Qianqian and said, "Not bad, you have the ability to fight him, do you dare?"

        The others couldn't help but laugh when they heard Ma Feihao's words, they were well aware of Ma Feihao's strength as a bodyguard, once five people had joined forces to fight him without winning, how could someone like Han 3000 be his opponent?

        "Ho, are you kidding me, how dare a piece of trash like him fight your bodyguard?"

        "Yeah, I remember that last guy who didn't have eyes, he's still lying in the hospital, right?"

        "More than lying down, I heard that he hasn't been released from the ICU yet."

        Hearing those words, Ma Feihao had a smug smile on his face and said, "Don't scare him, what if this loser gets so scared that he pees his pants, I don't want to smell his urine."

        If it were anyone else saying such words, Fang Shuo would definitely bear a grudge, but coming from Ma Feihao's mouth, Fang Shuo could only compensate with a smile.

        "If you don't get two more people, I'm afraid you're a bodyguard who can't help but fight." Han Qianqian said indifferently.

        "Buddy, you're really good at bragging, or be good and kneel down, I'll accept you as an ass-kisser, from today onwards, you're guaranteed to be well-fed and have endless women to play with, so why do you need to stand up for Shuyang, this trash." Ma Feihao said with a smile, of course, his words were just ridiculing Han Qianli, even if Han Qianli did kneel down, he wouldn't let Han Qianli go.

        However, would Han Qianxiang kneel?

        Reality was clearly impossible.

        In this world, except for Su Yingxia who was qualified to make him kneel down on one knee. Except for Han Tian Yang who was qualified to make him kneel on both knees, Han Three Thousand's knees would not bend for anyone.

        "Since you're looking for death, I might as well give you this chance." Han Three Thousand's expression gradually withdrew its smile and his face was as heavy as water.

        When that bodyguard saw this scene, the corners of his mouth lifted slightly, and he said to Ma Feihao with a contemptuous expression, "Young Master, you're far away, I'm afraid of accidentally injuring you."

        Hearing this, Ma Feihao said full of coldness, "Don't kill me, I still have to play with this loser."

        The bodyguard nodded his head, looking like he was confident.

        Seeing Ma Feihao's back side, the others followed Ma Feihao's pace, afraid of being calamitized.

        "You took someone's money to avenge someone's misfortune, you should have thought that sooner or later this day would come, so don't blame me." Han Qianli said to the bodyguard.

        His words seemed baffling to other people's ears, but the bodyguard understood what it meant.

        "It's been a long time since I've seen someone as arrogant as you, but unfortunately, you kicked the iron plate today." The bodyguard said in a cold voice.

        The corners of Han Giang's mouth rose and he crouched down slightly, looking like he was ready to go.


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