His True Colors Chapter 591-593


Chapter  591

Qi Donglin old couple made a very sumptuous dinner, when he learned that Han 3,000 can still drink with him, it made Qi Donglin very happy.

        At home, Qi Donglin didn't have many opportunities to drink, Ouyang Fei was very strict with his control, he could only have a few sips every day, which was really not fun, if Han Qianqian had accompanied him, he would have had a great time today.

        When Qi Donglin was about to go get the wine, he froze in place, his eyes looking straight at Ouyang Fei, obviously waiting for Ouyang Fei to order.

        Seeing this scene, Han Giangli couldn't help but laugh, but not a sneer, but a laugh of envy.

        To reach such an age and still be able to maintain this kind of emotional heat was something to envy for Han Qianli, and he also wished to have this kind of carefree life with Su Yingxia when he reached this age.

        Unfortunately, the word ordinary seemed to be getting farther and farther away from Han Three Thousand.

        What kind of existence the Heavenly Apocalypse was and what that circle did, Han 3000 knew nothing, but one thing he was very sure of, when he came into contact with that circle, there was bound to be a whole new world unfolding, and his life, too, could not be ordinary.

        "Drink up, I'll give you a chance today." Ouyang Fei said.

        "All right." Qi Donglin responded excitedly and then ran all the way to the liquor cabinet.

        At this moment, Chi Donglin was like a child.

        Carrying two bottles of Maotai back to the dining table, Chi Donglin was like a child introducing his proudest toy to his companion, and said to Han Qianli, "This is my collection, I usually can't be bothered to drink it, so let's not get drunk today."

        Han Qianli nodded his head, he hadn't really relaxed for a long time either, and took this opportunity to be able to relax just a bit.

        The two of them pushed their cups and drank to their heart's content, and the topic gradually unleashed itself, gossiping south of the sky, like brothers.

        Midway through, Ouyang Fei planned to make a move to stop them, if they continued to drink, she was afraid that they would both get drunk, but she was stopped by Qi Yiyun.

        Ouyang Fei sat beside Chi Yi Yun and whispered, "Daughter, you don't want to wait for him to get drunk and take advantage of the situation, do you?"

        Although this was just a guess of Ouyang Fei's, she was still afraid that Chi Yi Yun would really do this, because in this situation, she wouldn't really get Han Giang, but would instead give what was most precious to her.

        In front of her own birth mother, many topics were taboo, but Chi Yi Yun was clearly open-minded at this moment, not at all afraid of her own words, and bluntly said, "Mom, even if I can't really be with him, I still want to get his person."

        Ouyang Fei looked startled, she never thought that Qi Yiyun had been magically startled to such a point.

        Getting his person!

        Isn't that what those scumbags said?

        "Daughter, you have to think carefully, this is a big loss for you, and it's very likely that you won't get any advantage at all." Ouyang Fei advised.

        Chi Yi Yun took a deep breath, this kind of opportunity was rare in a hundred years, if she didn't seize it, it was unlikely that such a good opportunity would arise again next time.

        "Mom, I don't regret it." Qi Yi Yun said with a firm look in her eyes.

        Ouyang Fei felt powerless for a while, although she wanted to persuade Chi Yiyun, but Chi Yiyun's firm attitude, she could clearly feel that this girl really didn't care about anything for Han Qianli.

        "Mom doesn't care about you, as long as you're happy." Ouyang Fei said.

        Han Three Thousand boasted that he was going to make Qi Donglin drink until he drilled the bottom of the table, but he obviously underestimated the strength of this old wine douche, after all, the strength of drinking needed to be accumulated over time, Qi Donglin had socialized a lot when he was young, and his drinking power had already been practiced, which could be compared to a young man like Han Three Thousand?

        When Han 3,000 was lying on the table unable to move, Chi Donglin was only seven sips drunk.

        "Hey, the young people nowadays are really no good, just a few swallows and they're actually down." Qi Donglin said with a look of complacency and pride, to him, being able to drink down an opponent was a glorious achievement and worthy of pride.

        Ouyang Fei grabbed Qi Donglin's ears and said in a cold voice, "You are still rubbing your nose in it, but you have had enough today, go back to your room, if you dare to vomit on the bed, I want you to be unable to return to your room for a month."

        Qi Donglin swayed and stood up, patted his chest and said, "What kind of muddle words are you saying, how can a wine god like me vomit, you are underestimating me."

        As the saying goes, wine strengthens one's courage, but at this time Qi Donglin did not put Ouyang Fei in his eyes.

        Ouyang Fei knew what kind of temperament he had when he drank too much, and didn't bother to argue with him, assisting Qi Donglin back to his room.

        Looking at Han Giangli, who was lying on the dining table, Qi Yiyun's breathing quickened, although she had decided long ago, but when it really came to this moment, she was still very nervous, after all, this kind of thing was still a little unknown fear for her, a girl.

        This level of fear, however, would not make Qi Yiyun discourage the idea.

        Exerting all her strength, Qi Yiyun assisted Han Qianli back to her room.

        After putting Han 3,000 on the bed, Qi Yi Yun went to the bathroom.

        During the shower, Qi Yiyun was so apprehensive that even her hands couldn't help but tremble slightly.

        Looking at herself in the mirror, with her fair skin and perfect figure, it was no wonder that so many men were obsessed with her, but unfortunately, there was only Han Qianqian in Qi Yi Yun's heart, and her perfection was destined to be shown only to Han Qianqian.

        Wrapped in a bath towel, Qi Yiyun was like a lotus out of water, her damp hair adding to the beauty and allure.

        And at this time, Han Giangli was lying unconscious on the bed.

        Chi Yi Yun knew a word called drunkenness, so in her opinion, even the blue pills could be economized.

        But when she lay on the bed with fear and trepidation, she realized that Han Three Thousand was as drunk as a dead pig.

        "Hey." Chi Yi Yun pushed Han Three Thousand's shoulder without any response.

        "You wake up." Chi Yi Yun tried punching Han 3,000's arm again, but still didn't make Han 3,000 move at all.

        "No way, I've been waiting for so long, is this it!" Qi Yiyun said reluctantly, trying to wake Han Qianqian up.

        But no matter what she did, Han Qiangnian remained motionless, and not infrequently made snoring sounds, which made Qi Yiyun furious.

        In the bathroom, Qi Yiyun did her mental construction to prepare for whatever happened next, but she never expected that what was waiting for her would be a dead breathing pig!

        Qi Yiyun kicked at Han Qianqian so hard that she was about to cry with anger.

        "Isn't it true that the word drunkenness is a lie!" Chi Yi Yun despairingly covered her head with the blanket, wishing she could throw Han Qianqian out onto the street.

        But a moment later, Qi Yi Yun snuggled into Han Qianqian's arms again, and although things didn't happen as she had imagined, it was a beautiful thing for her to be able to sleep quietly beside Han Qianqian.

        Such a time was worth cherishing for Chi Yi Yun, and she was hesitant to close her eyes, fearing that when she woke up, Han Qianqian would no longer be by her side.

        As her eyelids grew heavier and sleepier, Qi Yiyun finally fell asleep, and even as she slept, she still had a sweet smile on her lips.

        The next day, at sunrise, the headache-stricken Han Giang felt as if there was someone in his arms and he wasn't wearing anything, which scared him awake instantly.

        When he saw that the person in his arms was Qi Yiyun, it made Han Qianli even more uneasy.

        This ......

        What's going on here, and how did you sleep with Chi Yi Yun?

        Han Qianli's memory could only go back to the time at the wine table, and after that, he couldn't remember anything.

        Was it something muddled that happened after getting drunk?

        At this time, Chi Yi Yun also woke up, and even with her messy hair, she still looked charming.

        Sleepy-eyed, she looked at Han Qianqian, and only when she noticed that Han Qianqian's gaze was slightly facing downwards did she alertly lift the blanket to cover her body.

        "What are you looking at!" Chi Yi Yun gritted her teeth and said.

        "How did we ...... sleep together?" Han Giangli had an even bigger headache.

        Chi Yi Yun came back to her senses before saying, "You were drunk, I just wanted you to rest in my room, but you held me back and wouldn't let me go."

        "Did I do something beastly?" Han Giangli said with a desperate face.

        "I'm the one who suffered, do you still have any complaints?" Chieyun said.

Chapter 592

For other men, it was a good thing to be able to spend the night with a goddess like Qi Yiyun, but for Han Giang, it was a very painful thing to do, because by doing so, he would mean betraying Su Yingxia, and no matter what reason it happened based on, it would make him feel extremely guilty about Su Yingxia.

        Rubbing his temples with both hands, Han Giangli lowered his head, not daring to look directly at Qi Yiyun.

        Qi Yiyun could feel Han Qianli's remorse, but she had no intention of telling Han Qianli the truth, even if it was false, she was willing to continue misunderstanding.

        Han 3000 wouldn't love her, but to feel even the slightest bit of guilt towards her was considered to hold some place in Han 3000's heart.

        "What kind of compensation do you want?" Han Giangli asked to Chi Yi Yun.

        Qi Yiyun stood up and walked towards the bathroom without any disguise, saying, "No need."

        It was only when Qi Yiyun closed the bathroom door that Han Giangiang raised his head, although he had no recollection of what happened last night, but just now Qi Yiyun was already lying in his arms in that state, he naturally wouldn't be suspicious about this matter, he couldn't use words to humiliate Qi Yiyun anymore.

        Blame it on drinking by mistake, if it wasn't for greed, how could this have happened.

        Han Qianqiang's intestines were blue with regret, but what use was regret in a situation like this?

        He was planning to lie down and rest for a while, but the big mistake had been made anyway, and his current headache state didn't allow him to do anything else.

        But something suddenly came back to his mind, causing Han Giangli to bounce up from the bed in excitement.

        Looking at the time, it was almost noon, and he had almost forgotten about picking up someone at the airport.

        Han 3,000 dressed himself and wanted to say hello to Qi Yiyun before leaving, but in this situation, he didn't know what to say, so he could only leave quietly.

        Qi Yiyun didn't see Han Qianli after she came out of the bathroom, and although this was a situation she had expected, she couldn't contain the loss she felt inside.

        She knew that this kind of deception was somewhat cruel to Han Qianqian, but other than this way, Chi Yi Yun couldn't hold any place in Han Qianqian's heart, and there was one more advantage to this, which was that when this kind of thing happened 'again', I'm sure Han Qianqian would be more able to accept it.

        Chi Yi Yun had no intention of letting Han 3000 go, she was a persistent woman, and there was no way she was going to stop halfway without getting her way and achieving her goal.

        No matter in which country, drink driving is a very dangerous thing, not only endangering their own safety, but also a great danger to the safety of other people's lives, Han 3,000 is very strict in this regard, so he did not drive away from Chi Yi Yun's home, but asked Yuan Ling to take a taxi over, acting as a driver to take him to the airport.

        The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the car and see if it's a good idea to take a look at the car.

        A woman like Qi Yiyun would be spoiled by him, what an injustice of God.

        "You still know you can't drink and drive." Yuan Ling said with some dissatisfaction to Han three thousand years old.

        Han Qianqiang rubbed his temples, this was the aftermath of drinking too much, and it hurt so much that his head didn't want it.

        "Is there anything you can do to relieve the headache?" Han Giangli asked, knowing that this place wasn't a place where he could just go to the hospital and that the doctor wouldn't necessarily take care of the headache caused by drinking.

        "No." Yuan Ling said in a cold voice, but after an afterglow glance at Han Qianli, he seemed to be a little intolerant and said, "I've heard of some methods before, but I don't know if they work, do you want to try them at my house?"

        "Let's forget about going to the house, I still have to pick up people, let's go after people first." Han Giangli said, the time had already passed a long time and he didn't want to delay any longer.

        Yuan Ling was also very curious about the new leader of the company, she had long wanted to know what kind of person the other one was, so when she heard Han Qianqian say that, she didn't insist, she slightly accelerated her speed and headed towards the airport.

        At the entrance of the airport, a man of Chinese descent, with an upright posture and only a very simple suitcase beside him, obviously traveling light, seemed to have stepped out of the country and didn't want to be underestimated, so his standing posture, without the slightest sign of bowing and hunching, caused many women to be unable to help but take a few extra glances.

        Once upon a time, he was nothing more than a down-and-out kid on the street, and if it wasn't for the help of Han Qianxiang, he would now be nothing more than an obscure minor role in society.

        But a few years ago, Han Qianqian's appearance changed his life, making him the richest and most accomplished young man in Bin County.

        Tang Zong, the man that Bin County called the best of the best.

        Han Qianqian had once told him that if Bin County could no longer accommodate his ambitions, he could go to Cloud City to find him, but Tang Zong had been slow to summon the courage.

        He was desperate to be able to follow Han Qianqian in his heart, but he was worried that he wasn't strong enough to excel even at Han Qianqian's side, so he was hesitant to take this step.

        It wasn't until Han 3,000 thousand personally called him, Tang Zong knew that the day had come, he couldn't retreat anymore, this was his chance to repay Han 3,000 thousand, so he didn't hesitate to pack his luggage and set off on his way to the rice country.

        "Brother Three Thousand, you've given me another chance, and this time, Tang Zong will also not let you down." Looking at this unfamiliar land, Tang Zong said with a firm look in his eyes.

        Almost three hours had passed since the time of the pickup, but Tang Zong didn't develop the slightest dissatisfaction, nor did he call to hurry up Han 3,000, in his opinion, there must be a reason for Han 3,000 to wait sooner or later, and he wasn't qualified to do so.

        Don't say three hours, even if it was three days, Tang Zong could stand like this!

        When Yuan Ling drove her car to the airport, she immediately saw Tang Zong in the crowd, because he was so flocked, even though there were still many Asian faces around, but he still looked exceptionally different, and Yuan Ling's intuition told her that the person Han Qianqian was going to pick up was him!

        After getting off the car, Han Giangli walked towards Tang Zong.

        Yuan Ling followed behind her and couldn't help but have some inexplicable heartbeat.

        She had never liked anyone in Mickey Mouse because she had seen too many men's private faces, so she had subconsciously repelled men, but when a man like Tang Zong appeared in front of her, it was obvious that he had stirred the calm, wave-free lake in her heart.

        "Brother Three Thousand." Tang Zong didn't stay where he was waiting for Han 3,000 when he saw her, but took the initiative to walk up to Han 3,000 with his suitcase.

        Han Three Thousand Year said with an apologetic face, "I'm late."

        "It doesn't matter, even if I'm told to wait three days or three months, I'll wait." Tang Zong said without a care in the world.

        "Why didn't you give me a call, aren't you afraid that I'll forget about this?" Han 3000 said helplessly.

        "Brother 3000 has his own important matters, how can I disturb you." Tang Zong said in a serious manner.

        Han Three Thousand knew that this guy was serious about his six relatives, and his loyalty to himself was probably able to be compared to Mo Yang's gang, and as for this respect, it probably couldn't be compared to anyone else.

        "Let's get in the car first." Han Giangli said.

        Tang Zong nodded and noticed that Yuan Ling was stealing glances at him with her afterglow.

        However, he had come to Mi Country to work for Han Qianqian, and this kind of childish affair had never been in his eyes.

        With just a glance at Yuan Ling, Tang Zong treated it as if nothing had happened.

        Yuan Ling's heart was empty, as if she had lost something.

        It was rare to have a good feeling for a man, but the other party, obviously, did not take her seriously.

        When she got into the car, it was still Yuan Ling who drove, but in this state, Han Sanian definitely couldn't go to the office, so she didn't even ask and drove straight towards Han Qianqian's house.

        "Yuan Ling, help me check if there are any houses for sale in my neighborhood." Han Qianqian said to Yuan Ling.

        Yuan Ling nodded and quietly sized up Tang Zong through the car's rearview mirror before she said, "I'll check later."

Chapter 593

Back at home, Yuan Ling used the methods she had learned to try out for Han Qianqian, and it did work quite well, but it would obviously take some time to fully recover, and then she went to help Tang Zong find a house.

        She was very attentive to Tang Zong's affairs and was unwilling to be a little sloppy, even if there was a house for sale, she would take a look at the living environment from her own perspective.

        Love at first sight originally seemed impossible to Yuan Ling, but this impossibility seems to have happened a little bit.

        It was a pity that the falling flowers had no intention of flowing water, Tang Zong himself didn't have any thoughts in that regard, his entire thoughts were on Han Qianxiang.

        "Brother Three Thousand, before I came here, I already investigated the company you mentioned, what do you want me to do?" Tang Zong asked Han Qianqian.

        "The middle and senior management of the company, all of them need to be replaced, you need to cultivate a group of your own henchmen in Mi." Han Three Thousand said, he had to have his own power if he wanted to establish himself in Mi, now he could use the situation to let Tang Zong develop, spend Nangong Boling's money and run his own business, this was the best of both worlds for Han Three Thousand.

        Tang Zong nodded, although he didn't know what Han Qianli's specific plan was, but since Han Qianli had given the mission, he would just do what Han Qianli said.

        "I want you to sit at the pinnacle of the Mi Chinese District, what do you think?" Han Giangli continued.

        Tang Zong had achieved some success in tiny Bin County, but it was only a county after all, and he was never proud of himself, never felt that he was as powerful as the rumors had it.

        And this was Mi, the place with the world's strongest economy, and although it was only a Chinese district, it was still an incredible thing in Tang Zong's opinion.

        But what Han Qianli said, would Tang Zong doubt it?

        Naturally not!

        In Tang Zong's heart, Han Qianqian was like an omnipotent god who could do anything he said!

        Tang Zong stood up and said with a grim and determined expression, "Brother 3000, anything you want me to do, I won't let you down."

        "Yuan Ling is a good assistant, you can communicate with her more, I'll rest first." Han Giangli closed his eyes, the headache was really unbearable, it was like someone was constantly drilling his temples with an electric drill.

        Tang Zong silently left Han Qianqian's room, and after coming to the living room, Yuan Ling returned with some information in a short while.

        There were quite a few houses for sale in the vicinity, and after Yuan Ling's screening, only two were left, which she had already visited in the field, and the environment was very good, perfect for living.

        "I've already found two houses for you, you can see which one you like." Yuan Ling said to Tang Zong, her little face blushing slightly, as if she was still a little shy in front of Tang Zong.

        "No need to look, the one closest to Brother 3000 will do." Tang Zong said, what kind of environment he lived in was a meaningless thing to him, he wouldn't care about such a trivial matter since he had come to Han 3000's side, as long as he was close enough to Han 3000 to be able to appear in front of Han 3000 in the fastest time possible when Han 3000 was looking for him.

        "Aren't you going to consider the living environment and the layout of the house?" Yuan Ling was confused, the house was comfortable to live in, that was the first condition, but Tang Zong didn't seem to care at all.

        "For me, it's enough to have a bed to sleep on, I'm not here on vacation." Tang Zong said.

        "Han 3000 won't intentionally oppress you, right?" Yuan Ling said with dissatisfaction, somewhat more than just for Tang Zong.

        "Oppress me?" Tang Zong faintly smiled and said, "Brother 3000 will only give me opportunities, how could he oppress me, if you don't understand, don't talk nonsense."

        From the first time they met, Yuan Ling felt that Tang Zong was treating Han 3000 very strictly, but in her eyes, the comparison between these two was clearly Tang Zong was better, although Han 3000 was also somewhat capable, but in terms of character alone, he couldn't be compared to Tang Zong, so she wanted very much not to use it, why would Tang Zong treat Han 3000 this way, even if it was a relationship between a superior and a subordinate, it wasn't that bad, right?

        Is it possible that he's just an ass-kisser?

        "He's not here, do you need to flatter him, even if you do, he can't see it." Yuan Ling said with some displeasure, after all, she was doing it for Tang Zong's own good, but Tang Zong didn't appreciate it at all.

        "What you want to think is your own matter, I don't want to do any explaining, just give me a house that is nearest to Brother 3000." Tang Zong said with an indifferent attitude.

        Yuan Ling bit her teeth and said angrily, "The doghouse is close, do you want to live there?"

        "If it's livable, I don't care," Tang Zong said.

        Yuan Ling was furious, this guy was really a flatterer, but he would rather live in a doghouse, and also wanted to be closer to Han Qianqian.

        "I was really wrong about you, I didn't think you were a bootlicker reincarnated." Yuan Ling said disdainfully.

        Tang Zong didn't bother to explain, nor did he need to, he didn't care what Yuan Ling thought of her.

        But Yuan Ling was different, she was hoping in her heart that Tang Zong would say something that would give her an excuse to change her opinion of Tang Zong.

        But Yuan Ling was destined to be disappointed, she simply couldn't understand what kind of gratitude that street urchin had treated Han Qianqian with back then.

        It wasn't flattery, but rather Tang Zong's gratitude for treating Han Three Thousand with the gift of knowledge.

        Yuan Ling looked at Tang Zong with a disappointed face, her first budding feelings once again turning into a pool of calm, wave-free water.

        "I'll go find it for you." Yuan Ling said indifferently.

        "Thank you." Tang Zong said.

        Yuan Ling shook her head in secret disdain and left the house.

        Han 3000 had spent the entire day resting at home, and his entire body was finally back to normal, but the incident that happened between him and Chi Yiyun last night was clearly not going to recede with the alcohol, and for a man with Han 3000's strong sense of responsibility, he was already trying to find a way to make up for Chi Yiyun, and even if he couldn't do it to free himself, he would still try his best to fill the gap.

        The next day, Han Three thousand led Tang Zong to the office.

        Yesterday, Yuan Ling's performance, Han Giang was in his eyes, for him who was proficient in the love between men and women, he had felt Yuan Ling's admiration for Tang Zong yesterday, but today, there was something strange, Yuan Ling's eyes when she looked at Tang Zong, there was obviously more than a hint of coldness, what was going on?

        Was Yuan Ling still a fancy woman who had lost interest in Tang Zong so quickly?

        "You give Tang Zong a careful briefing on the company and then call a meeting of all the middle and senior management." Han Qianqiang said to Yuan Ling.

        Yuan Ling nodded her head and did what she had to do, without any personal feelings involved, because in her heart, all the good feelings she had for Tang Zong had turned into contempt, and she even thought that Tang Zong was only heavily used by Han Qianqian because he could flatter, and such people were incapable of doing anything.

        After introducing the company, the three of them walked towards the conference room.

        All of the middle and senior management were there, and with a look of trepidation, after all, Sun Yi had been kicked out of the company, and they used to be in cahoots with Sun Yi, so no one knew what kind of bad luck would befall their heads.

        "Hello, General Manager Han."

        "Good day, General Manager Han."

        "Good day, General Manager Han."

        Everyone stood up and respectfully shouted to Han Marchant, but this hadn't happened in the last meeting, when everyone looked at Han Marchant with disdain, unlike this fear now.

        "His name is Tang Zong, from today onwards, he will take over Sun Yi's position, do you have any comments?" Han Qianli asked faintly.

        "No, of course not, the appointment of General Manager Han is definitely wise."

        "Good, under the leadership of General Manager Tang, the company will definitely develop even better."

        "General Manager Han's vision is truly extraordinary, Tang is a top talent at first glance, it's really our good fortune to be led by Tang."

        A group of people skated to the top of the mountain, even Han Qianqian felt a bit of a bad chill, not to mention Yuan Ling, whose white eyes were about to cut through the sky.

        A person who got to the top by flattering horses, but even more so with a bunch of flattering subordinates, in Yuan Ling's opinion, this company would be finished sooner or later.

        "Tang Zong, I'll leave the rest of the company's affairs to you, you can make all the decisions on your own, you don't need to deliberately inform me." Han Qianqian said to Tang Zong, these words were equivalent to giving Tang Zong the maximum rights.


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