His True Colors Chapter 601-603


Chapter 601

The rivalry between the two brothers from the early days had long ago turned into hatred, and to Han Tiansheng, this hatred went deep into the marrow of his bones, and he would never allow the Yanjing Han family to run amok in the Chinese district, on his turf.

        This ignorant junior wanted his family to take the blame, how could Han Tiansheng allow this to happen.

        "Has your father not returned yet?" Han Tiansheng said angrily.

        For Han Yan, Han Li had fallen into the hands of Han 3,000, but she didn't know that Han Li had ended up dead and that she had returned to Mi, but she had also declared to the family that her father couldn't return to Mi for a short period of time because of other delays, and that was why she had been given the headship of the family.

        "Grandfather, there's been no news from father lately," Han Yan said.

        "It seems that I'm the only one who's personally available," Han Tiansheng said.

        Han Yan raised her head and looked at Han Tiansheng with a shocked expression, her biggest prayer when she came to find Han Tiansheng was that Han Tiansheng would help her think of a solution, but she never expected to have Han Tiansheng personally come out of the mountain.

        This result was something that Han Yan had not expected, and it was also something she did not want to see.

        After all, now that the Han family was under her control, if Han Tiansheng came out, all the power in her hands would be stripped away, and there was also the possibility that Han Qianli's dog would jump over the wall because of Han Tiansheng's tactics, and once he released Han Li back, there would be no place for Han Yan to turn back.

        "Grandpa, you're going to personally appear?" Han Yan asked in dismay.

        Han Tiansheng had lived in seclusion for many years, and had long since ignored worldly trivialities, as nothing was worth mentioning his interest, but what was related to Han Tian Yang, Han Tiansheng would attach importance to no matter what, and he wanted to make it clear to this brother that no matter what the situation was, only he, Han Tiansheng, was successful.

        A waste is a waste after all, and no matter what kind of noise it made, it was just a struggle of a waste.

        "Do we still have to rely on you?" Han Tiansheng looked at Han Yan with disdain.

        Han Yan sighed inwardly, if she had known this, she shouldn't have told Han innate about it, but unfortunately it was too late to regret it now.

        Han Tiansheng made his decision and it was impossible for anyone to change his mind.

        "Grandpa, do you need to inform the others?" Han Yan resigned herself to her fate and said.

        "No need, the old man stepped out of this door, afraid of scaring those cowardly rats in the Chinese district." Han Tiansheng had an untamed expression, even though he was already bow-legged, at this moment he showed a powerful stance, this was the stance of a truly strong man, no matter how many years he had been out of the rivers and lakes, once he returned to the rivers and lakes, his eventfulness would definitely not diminish.

        After speaking, Han Tiansheng stepped out of the small courtyard door.

        The entire Han family, upon learning this news, everyone expressed their horror as everyone knew that Han Tiansheng would never take another step out of that small courtyard in his peaceful old age, but now he had come out, and they knew very well what this meant.

        "The old man is even trying to regain control of the Han family."

        "I don't know what it is, but it's unbelievable that he was able to get the old man to come out in person."

        "I heard that it's the young man who made Han Yan kneel, but it looks like the old man is going to personally deal with him."

        "Hmph, that young man thinks that he can ride on Han Yan's head and do whatever he wants to make the Han family submit, but once the old man comes out, he's just a mole."

        The news of Han Tiansheng's exit didn't spread deliberately, but the Han family was mixed with fish and dragons and had ears through the walls, so it wasn't long before the news of Han Tiansheng's exit spread through the Chinese district.

        Although today's young people couldn't imagine how domineering and powerful Han Tiansheng was in his heyday, the elders of these families had truly experienced that bloody era, and they had great respect for Han Tiansheng.

        At one time, many family elders ordered their juniors to pay attention to their own behavior and not to do anything out of the ordinary to anger Han Tiansheng, because if they provoked Han Tiansheng, there would only be one consequence, death.

        It could be said that Han Tiansheng's three words were born again, and still without doing anything, many people in the Chinese district had already started to endanger themselves, and from this, one could see how powerful Han Tiansheng was as a deterrent.

        Ma Feihao's home.

        When Ma Fu learned the news, his face unconsciously changed, although he didn't take over the Ma family business during Han Tiansheng's strong period, he had witnessed Han Tiansheng's tactics with his own eyes, back then, his father, if he wasn't lucky enough to join hands with Han Tiansheng, would have already become the white bones under Han Tiansheng's path to success.

        Now that Han Tiansheng suddenly came out of nowhere, in Ma Fu's opinion, the Han family would definitely make a big move, and this move would definitely bring great turmoil to the Chinese district.

        Ma Fu had to worry if any bad luck would befall him.

        Taking out the phone, Ma Fu dialed Ma Feihao's number.

        Ma Feihao liked to stay in all the clubs, and the warblers around him were never short, for him, besides wealth and status, the biggest pursuit was women, and only women could make Ma Feihao feel the meaning of living.

        "Dad, why are you calling me at this time, don't you know what I'm doing?" Ma Feihao never hid the fact that he was out there ghosting, because Ma Fu originally was a ghost person, and the two fathers and sons were a hill of bears, so naturally they wouldn't care what the other had done.

        "Come back here quickly, I have something very important to discuss with you." Ma Fu said.

        Ma Feihao frowned, normally, Ma Fu would never contact him, since Ma Fu said so, there must be something important.

        As a last resort, Ma Feihao reluctantly pushed away the women who were embracing him left and right, and said to them, "Wait for me, I'll come back to spoil you after I finish my business."

        The two women dressed in sexy clothes looked at Ma Feihao with a lingering look.

        "Young Master Ma, are you really willing to leave?"

        "But we've already figured out how we're going to serve you."

        Ma Feihao smiled faintly and said, "You two sluts, when I come back, I'll make you beg for mercy on your knees."

        Leaving the clubhouse, Ma Feihao went speeding all the way, for him, the traffic law in the Chinese district, as long as the money can be taken care of, so he never cared if he was speeding or not.

        After returning home, Ma Feihao saw Ma Fu's serious expression, his heart sank.

        His knowledge of Ma Fu was quite deep, and Ma Fu was rarely this serious.

        "Dad, what's going on?" Ma Feihao asked in a deep voice.

        "You know Han Tiansheng of the Han family, right?" Ma Fu said.

        Ma Feihao nodded and said, "Isn't this old thing quite powerful in the past, I heard that he hasn't shown up for some years, and then Han's villa is closed, so I don't know if he's dead."

        Ma Feihao wasn't born in the strong era of Han Born, so in his opinion, Han Born was a mythical figure, how could he be that powerful?

        "It would have been great if he had died, but unfortunately, not only did he not die, but he also went out of the mountain." Ma Fu said in a despondent mood.

        "Dad, you're not going to ask me to come back just because of this." Ma Feihao said with a speechless face, "An old thing going out of the mountain, is it worth such attention? He had delayed something as important as playing with a woman.

        Usually, Ma Fu would turn a blind eye no matter what Ma Feihao did, but today, he wouldn't condone Ma Feihao anymore, this time the Chinese district was in turmoil, once the Ma family was affected, they wouldn't be able to live a life of glory and prosperity.

        "Kid, don't take this matter so lightly, it's too late to regret it if you don't." Ma Fu gritted his teeth and said.

        Ma Feihao looked like he didn't care, nodding his head incessantly and said, "Yes, yes, Dad, I'll listen to you, but even if this old thing is really powerful, don't I still have an uncle? As long as uncle comes back, is he still an ass?"

        Ma Fu had also considered this factor, but it was still unknown when exactly he would arrive in Mi, and if something happened to the Ma family before then, even if he came back, he wouldn't be able to do anything about it ah.

        "What I'm trying to tell you is that until your uncle returns, you shouldn't mess with the Han family again, and it's best to keep a low profile for the meantime." Ma Fu warned.

Chapter 602

Other than the Ma family, the same situation was happening among almost every major family, and every family elder was urging the younger members of the family to calm down this time and not cause any trouble.

        Han Tiansheng's appearance was a danger to everyone, but one of the many families was an exception, they were not just worried, but afraid, to the point where the family was sitting in the living room, each of them pale and shivering.

        "Dad, why don't you just reschedule your birthday."

        "How can you just reschedule it, the invitations have all been sent out, and the day after tomorrow is the big birthday, wouldn't it be a joke to change the date at this time?"

        "What can we do if we look at the joke, Han Tiansheng came out to make such a scene, who knows what he wants to do, our family is the starter at this time, what if something happens?"

        The person who spoke was a senior member of the Wu family, and Wu Youfeng, the main owner of the Big Life, was sitting on the sofa with an extremely serious expression.

        He and Han Tiansheng were of the same generation, and there had been some feuds, but these feuds hadn't been retaliated by Han Tiansheng back then, but had been left unresolved as he retired, and Wu Youfeng was worried that Han Tiansheng would bring up old matters this time, but cancelling the birthday banquet would not affect Han Tiansheng's revenge.

        "Dad, it's better for you to decide what to do," Wu Youfeng's son asked to him.

        Wu Youfeng said in a deep voice, "The big birthday will be held as scheduled, if Han Tiansheng really wants to trouble me, what does it matter if I host the big birthday or not?"

        "Dad, Han Tiansheng is an old man, so he shouldn't be tossing around anymore, right?" Wu Youfeng's son asked weakly.

        Wu Youfeng smiled bitterly, also being from Han Born's era, he knew Han Born's personality very well, if he didn't have a tossing mind, how could he have come out of the mountain without a reason?

        This time, it could only depend on which unlucky guy was unlucky.

        "There's no use thinking too much, let's take one step at a time and send a new invitation to the Han family." Wu Youfeng said.

        The Wu family's relatives didn't look too good, as if they had decided that Han Tiansheng wouldn't let the Wu family off the hook.

        New invitations were quickly delivered to the Han family.

        When Han Yan told Han Tiansheng about it, she asked, "Grandpa, are we going? A birthday banquet for someone like Wu Youfeng isn't worthy of your personal presence, right, or I'd rather do it for you."

        Han Tiansheng smiled indifferently and said, "I didn't expect that this old thing is still alive, but he still wants to hold a birthday banquet, back then, the feud between him and I hadn't been resolved yet, so it's a good time to take advantage of this birthday banquet to settle the old scores."

        Han Yan's eyelids jumped straight, Han Born wants to settle the score, this is definitely not a trivial matter ah, it seems that the three words Han Born will be resounding in the Chinese district once again.

        "Grandpa, do you need to prepare any congratulatory gifts?" Han Yan asked.

        "A good pair of peachwood coffins." Han Tiansheng said.

        Han Yan's heart shook, a coffin for the birthday banquet! This is to let Wu Youfeng die ah.

        "Okay, I'm going to prepare." Han Yan said.

        With a faint smile on his lips, Han Tiansheng said to himself, "Wu Youfeng, I didn't expect to let you off the hook back then, but now you're still of use, let's use your life to make me, Han Tiansheng, three words to shock the Chinese district again."

        Han Three Thousand's house.

        When Qi Yiyun knew the news of Han Tiansheng's exit from the mountain, she felt very incredible, she did a very detailed understanding of Han Tiansheng's past, this person is an extremely ruthless existence, things never go soft, completely is a cold-blooded animal, back then his sudden retreat has all kinds of gossip flying around, but in Qi Yiyun's opinion, those news are false, the real reason for the retreat, only Han Tiansheng knows.

        But no matter what the reason was, Han Tiansheng's retreat had made many people in the Chinese district feel relieved.

        But who would have thought that Han Tiansheng would suddenly come out of hiding again, the upheaval this caused to the Chinese District was comparable to a tenth-grade earthquake!

        "What's wrong with you?" After going to the arena, Han Giangli returned to find Chi Yiyun sitting out on the couch like something had happened, and he couldn't help but feel a little scared that it couldn't be that there were really two bars or something like that.

        "Han Tiansheng has come out of the woodwork." Qi Yiyun said to Han Giang.

        "Han Tiansheng?" Han Qianli frowned and said.

        "The last head of the Han family, he was the one who led the Han family to glory, the true core of the Han family, without him, there would never have been a Han family today." Chi Yi Yun explained.

        Han Tiansheng, Han Tian Yang!

        Han Three Thousand's gaze gaped, although he didn't know much about the true situation of the MiG Han family, from the name, this seemed to be two brothers.

        This was something that Han Qianqian hadn't heard anyone mention, but grandfather had a brother!

        "So what if we go out of the mountain?" Han Qianli said disdainfully.

        Chi Yi Yun knew that Han 3000 didn't understand what Han Born was like, that's why she didn't care so much and could only say, "If you knew what Han Born was like, you'd never say that, he's cold-blooded to a degree you can't imagine."

        "As cold-blooded as he is, what does it have to do with me?" Han Qianli said indifferently.

        "Didn't you ever think that his exit from the mountain would have anything to do with you?" Chi Yi Yun asked, it seemed to her that this was most likely started because of Han 3000, and Han Tian Tian was out to deal with Han 3000, that's why she was so worried.

        "Soldiers are here to stop me, do I still have to be afraid of an old man?" Han 3000 was disdainful.

        Qi Yiyun couldn't help but roll her eyes, from the bottom of her heart, she believed Han Qianli, but the truth made it impossible for her to belittle Han Tiansheng, and she didn't want Han Qianli to lose her footing and become hateful, after all, with Han Tiansheng's methods, Han Qianli would probably lose her life if she fell into Han Tiansheng's hands.

        "You'd better be careful, you're a man with a wife and children, even if you don't think about your own safety, you still have to think about them, and you'll most likely have two children," Chi Yi Yun said.

        Whenever this matter was mentioned, Han Giang had a numbing feeling that made him unable to accept the fact.

        "My back is really sore lately, I've heard many pregnant women say that they get sore after pregnancy." Chi Yi Yun said as she punched her waist.

        Han Qianlian's eyelids jumped straight and said, "Maybe it's because you've been sitting for too long, so take a break."

        Qi Yiyun directly lay down on the sofa and said to Han Qianli, "Why don't you give me a rub, after all, I might be pregnant with your flesh and bones."

        Han Qianqian, neither laughing nor crying, said, "I'd better hire a professional masseur for you, it's not good for me to press your waist badly with my strength."

        "No." Chi Yi Yun pursed her lips and said with dissatisfaction, "I want you, hurry up."

        Col. Han Giang, who couldn't accept Chi Yi Yun, could only compromise, but he moved very carefully for fear of hurting Chi Yi Yun.

        Han Kuanyan was unwilling to accept the reality of Chi Yi Yun's pregnancy, but if this kind of thing really happened, he would never run away from his responsibility, what kind of a man would be called a man if he couldn't even make this kind of commitment?

        As for that aspect of Su Yingxia, one would have to find a way to explain it.

        Qi Yiyun, who was enjoying Han Giang's massage, suddenly thought of something, and Han Giang could clearly feel the muscles in her body tense up.

        "What's wrong with you?" Han Qianli asked curiously.

        "Wu Youfeng is celebrating his birthday!" Chi Yi Yun said in surprise.

        "What's the big surprise, who is this Wu Youfeng that deserves your attention?" Han 3,000 asked.

        "Wu Youfeng isn't any of my people, but he used to have a feud with Han Tiansheng, and his birthday is the day after tomorrow, and it just so happens that Han Tiansheng is coming out at this time, so I'm afraid that this birthday banquet won't be as simple as just a birthday banquet." In her heart, Chi Yi Yun couldn't help but cry out for Wu Youfeng, the timing was just too awkward for the Wu family.

        "Is it hard for Han Tiansheng to go on a rampage?" Han Qianli was confused.

        "With Han Tiansheng's character, it's very likely, and this storm, it's definitely not small, watch it, I'm afraid that Han Tiansheng's three words will resound through the entire Chinese district again because of this big birthday, now the younger generation doesn't know how powerful Han Tiansheng really is, this time, I guess it'll make them see things for themselves." Chi Yi Yun's tone hinted at some anticipation, not that it was a downer, but she was curious to know what Han Tiansheng would do.

Chapter 603

The day of Wu Youfeng's birthday banquet.

        All the high society people from the entire Chinese district gathered here to celebrate Wu Youfeng's birthday.

        The Wu family was extremely well-connected in the Chinese district, and anyone who received an invitation would give Wu Youfeng's face to attend.

        But today, more people were here with the intention of watching a good show.

        The grudge between Wu Youfeng and Han Tiansheng back then had not been forgotten by many, and at this exact moment when Han Tiansheng had made his appearance, everyone wanted to see if Han Tiansheng would show up at Wu Youfeng's birthday banquet.

        The Wu family had already arranged their eyes outside the hotel to keep an eye out for anyone from the Han family, and once the Han family arrived, the news would be the first to inform Wu Youfeng, who would then personally come out to greet them.

        But as the time drew nearer to the start of the birthday banquet, no one from the Han family showed up, and the Wu family was gradually relieved.

        And those who were looking forward to watching the fun couldn't help but feel a little lost.

        Wu Youfeng's birthday banquet was just a meal, so how could it be interesting to see Han Tiansheng make an appearance?

        "Could it be that Han Tiansheng really isn't coming? It can't be that people are getting old and are afraid of causing trouble."

        "With Han Tiansheng's personality, why would he be afraid, but it's surprising that he didn't come."

        "Hey, I thought there would be a good show today, but I didn't expect Han Tiansheng not to show up, it's too boring."

        Many people whispered privately, a little disappointed that Han Tiansheng didn't show up for this, that's what watching a show is all about.

        Just at this moment, a bus suddenly stopped at the entrance of the hotel.

        The waiter at the entrance scoffed, the people who came to attend Wu Youfeng's birthday banquet today were all driving luxury cars, but this kind of bus had the nerve to stop at the entrance of the hotel.

        Just as the waiter was about to move forward to drive them away, Han Tiansheng was the first to get off the bus.

        Seeing an old man, the expression on the waiter's face became even more disdainful, but when Han Yan followed and walked off the bus next to Han Born, the waiter was stunned.

        Although he didn't know Han Born, he knew very well who Han Yan was.

        Being able to let Han Yan walk in the side seat, the old man's identity was self-evident.

        The waiter felt soft on his feet for a moment, was this the legendary Han Tiansheng?

        Fortunately, he didn't make a move to stop Han Tiansheng, otherwise, the day would be over.

        The waiter lowered his head and walked up to Han Tiansheng, "Old sir, the birthday banquet has begun, do you need me to show you in?"

        Han Tiansheng shook his head and stopped in his tracks.

        At this time, a few more people carried a large piece covered in red silk off the bus, rectangular although it was impossible to see what the physical object was, but the feeling was very strange.

        Under the red silk was the peachwood coffin that Han Tiansheng had prepared for Wu Youfeng as a birthday celebration.

        "Inform Wu Youfeng and prepare to receive the gift." Han Tiansheng said to the waiter.

        The waiter nodded repeatedly and ran all the way towards the birthday banquet hall.

        Wu Youfeng was about to go on stage and thank the people who had come to congratulate him on his birthday today, only to see the waiter stumble and run up to him.

        When Wu Youfeng's son saw this, he said with a disgruntled face, "What are you doing, get out of my way."

        The waiter wiped off the sweat from his forehead and said to Wu Youfeng, "The Han family has arrived and brought congratulatory gifts for you to prepare to receive."

        This statement made Wu Youfeng's face instantly sink, and his son's arrogance vanished in an instant.

        "Dad, I didn't expect him to still come." Wu Youfeng's son gritted his teeth and said.

        Wu Youfeng looked relieved and said, "It's only strange that he didn't come."

        In Wu Youfeng's heart, he was ready for all the consequences, so Han Tiansheng's appearance didn't make him nervous.

        Due to the waiter's loud voice, the others had also heard the news of Han's arrival, which couldn't help but make them regain their interest in watching the fun.

        "I told you, how could Han Tiansheng not come, I don't know what kind of gift he has prepared for Wu Youfeng."

        "In my opinion, I'm afraid that this gift is too much for Wu Youfeng to eat, it's not a good one."

        "I do think that Han Tiansheng is an old man and won't be as arrogant as before, maybe he really came to congratulate his birthday."

        Everyone had their own opinions, each one different from the other.

        But soon, the facts would be presented to them, and it was useless to argue.

        Han Tiansheng and Han Yan were the first to enter the birthday banquet hall, with gifts following close behind.

        When the red silk coffin carried by the four men sat in the center of the birthday hall, many people drew a breath of cold air.

        Although the real face of the gift was covered with red silk, but judging from the appearance, many people could guess what was hidden under the red silk.

        A coffin for the big birthday!

        I'm afraid that only Han Tiansheng could do such a thing.

        "Unveiling." Han Tiansheng looked away from Wu Youfeng and said with a faint smile on his face.

        As the red silk unraveled and the peachwood coffin was unveiled, the only sound that could be heard on the scene was the sound of cold air being poured out.

        Although many people had already guessed it, the shock from seeing the physical object was far more intense than guessing!

        "The coffin!"

        "Han Tiansheng actually sent a coffin to Wu Youfeng!"

        "This is Wu Youfeng's birthday banquet, he really doesn't give any face at all."

        When the Wu family's crowd saw this heavy gift, they all looked incomparably ugly.

        Wu Youfeng's son gritted his teeth, and although he had expected Han Tiansheng to come and cause trouble, he didn't expect Han Tiansheng to go so far.

        Just as he took a step forward, ready to berate Han Tiansheng, Wu Youfeng reached out his hand to stop him and shook his head.

        "Wu Youfeng, are you satisfied with this gift?" Han Tiansheng asked Wu Youfeng with an indifferent face.

        "Han Tiansheng, you and I have known each other for years, why can't you let me finish this big birthday?" Wu Youfeng asked.

        "You, are you qualified? Aren't you glad you've been allowed to live so many more years?" Han Tiansheng faded.

        Wu Youfeng slumped his shoulders weakly, he had indeed picked up this life, if Han Tiansheng had settled the score with him back then, he would have died long ago, how could he still have the opportunity to hold today's birthday banquet?

        "Can I have a bowl of shou noodles?" Wu Youfeng said to Han Tiansheng in an almost pleading tone.

        As soon as this was said, the scene almost exploded.

        It was clear that Wu Youfeng wasn't going to struggle, this coffin congratulatory gift, he was going to accept it!

        This is the rhythm of a big birthday turned funeral.

        "Dad." Wu Youfeng's son said reluctantly to Wu Youfeng.

        Wu Youfeng sighed and said, "If I don't die, how will the Wu family still be based in the Chinese district, and I'm an old man, if I can use my life to preserve the Wu family foundation, it will be my last contribution to the Wu family."

        Wu Youfeng's son was trembling all over, he knew very well that his father was preserving the Wu family, and although he didn't want to see Wu Youfeng die, this wasn't a situation that could go according to his wishes.

        "Serve the shou noodles." Wu Youfeng's son said to the waiter.

        The people who had come to congratulate the birthday boy were all sighing inwardly at this moment.

        That great devil from back then was a devil even when he was old.

        The waiter was serving the birthday noodles with trepidation and was passing by Han Tongsheng when Han Tongsheng raised his eyebrows and looked at Han Yan.

        Han Yan stretched out her hand to stop the waiter, then raised her hand and directly knocked over the birthday noodles.

        The soup noodles fell all over the floor, even the bowl shattered.

        The waiter was trembling and lowered his head, overwhelmed by fear.

        Wu Youfeng smiled helplessly and bitterly, wanting to eat a bowl of shou noodles before going on his way, but he didn't expect Han Tiansheng to give him a chance.

        "Han Tiansheng, I only have one request, after I die, I hope you won't embarrass the Wu family anymore." Wu Youfeng said to Han Tiansheng.

        "You're not qualified to negotiate with me." Han Tiansheng's strength manifested itself so vividly at this moment that even those watching felt chilled, constantly reminding themselves in their hearts that the King of Heaven could be provoked, but Han Tiansheng, absolutely could not be provoked.

        On this day, Han Tiansheng's name once again resounded through the Chinese area of the rice country, and those of the younger generation, who didn't take Han Tiansheng seriously, finally understood why their elders were so scrupulous about Han Tiansheng, his strength and dominance was suffocating, completely not something that the current dude could compare with.

        Han Tiansheng came out of the mountain.

        Sending the coffin.

        On the day of the birthday banquet, Wu Youfeng hangs himself!

        The weeping of the Wu family's crowd on their knees was like an alarm bell in the Chinese district.

        The Han family's position in the Chinese district so far was unmatched.

        The three words, Han Tiansheng, also spread like a nightmare in the Chinese district.


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