His True Colors Chapter 539-540


Chapter 539

Seeing Nangong Falcon's hesitation meant that he must have some sort of scruples in his heart, and Han Giang was even more confident that he could use this to blackmail Nangong Falcon.

        "With the entire Earth's core destroyed and such a huge price to pay, are you willing to go home empty-handed?" Han Giangli said.

        Nangong Falcon was shocked, his scruples had been guessed by Han Qianqian, not only was this guy powerful, he was also so meticulous, what a scary person.

        It was good that he still had his trump card in hand, as long as he had Han Nian's life in his hands, Han Three Thousand would be at his mercy.

        Whether or not to kill these three people didn't mean much to Nangong Falcon, he didn't need to suffer family criticism for these irrelevant people.

        "I can let them go, but if you can't do it to my satisfaction, I can always have someone kill them, including your daughter," Nangong Falcon said.

        Han Qianli was relieved to hear this and walked over to Knife Twelve and whispered, "When you go back, take care of Ying Xia for me and tell her that I will save Han Nian so that she doesn't have to worry too much."

        Knife Twelve looked at the wound on Han Qianli's thigh, took a deep breath and said, "I won't let anyone hurt her, Knife Twelve lives only to protect her."

        Han Qianli smiled and patted Knife Twelve's head and said, "You still have your daughter to take care of."

        After saying that, Han Three Thousand Thousand walked back to Han Tian Yang, looking at the worried-looking Han Tian Yang, Han Three Thousand said, "Grandpa, don't worry, I'll go back alive to hear your story."

        Han Tian Yang's vicissitudes voice was hoarse, and he said, "Go and come back alive, there are still many people waiting for you."

        Han Three Thousand nodded and turned to Nangong Falcon and said, "Send them away."

        Nangong Falcon raised his hand and one of the helicopters on the deck started up.

        Only after the three of them got into the helicopter did Han Three Thousand put his mind at ease, no matter what he had to face next, he had to survive for Han Nian.

        "Give me some time to heal up, I can do anything for you after I'm healed." Han Giangli said to Nangong Falcon.

        "I admit that you're powerful and you're the most ruthless person I've ever met, but don't forget that I still have your daughter," Nangong Falcon said.

        "Are you deliberately reminding me because you're afraid of me?" Han Giangli smiled and asked.

        This made Nangong Falcon's expression instantly turn fierce and said, "You're just a dog of mine, how could I be afraid of you."

        Han Giangli smiled and stopped speaking.

        If Nangong Falcon wasn't afraid of him, why would he need to be reminded of him like this?

        Didn't he already reveal his jealousy of Han Qianqian when he said this?

        Just because you don't acknowledge it doesn't mean it didn't happen.

        Two days later in Cloud City.

        When the twelve and three knives appeared at the entrance of the Magic City, the gang of boys at the entrance were stunned and quickly informed Mo Yang and Lin Yong of the news.

        In less than a minute, the two of them ran on their feet to the door.

        "How come it's only you guys, where are the three thousand!" Mo Yang asked to Knife Twelve, his pupils visibly trembling as if he was afraid that something had happened to Han Three Thousand.

        "Brother Three Thousand is still alive." Knife Twelve knew what he was afraid of and quickly dismissed his thoughts.

        Mo Yang let out a sigh of relief and said, "Has he returned to the mountainside villa?"

        Blade Twelve shook his head and explained to Mo Yang what had happened in the Earth's core.

        Mo Yang gritted his teeth after hearing it, the person who captured Han Nian was actually from the Earth's core, and that person, he actually used it to blackmail Han Giang to work for him, this was too despicable, Han Nian was just a child born a few days ago ah.

        "Twelve, you killed everyone in the Earth's core, not a single one left?" Lin Yong asked, a chill running down his back, although he didn't know much about the Earth's core, he knew what kind of people were inside it, if it was really what Blade Twelve said, it would be amazing.

        "Good, this is probably a test of Nangong Falcon against Brother 3000." Knife Twelve said.

        Lin Yong drew a breath of cold air, the price paid for this test was too high, and it was amazing that Han 3000 had actually done something so incredible.

        "Lin Yong, go buy the old man a dress and send him back to the hillside villa later." Blade Twelve said to Lin Yong.

        Lin Yong took a careful look at Han Tianyang, this was a former legend of Yanjing and he had already 'died', but he didn't expect to actually be alive, if those people in Yanjing knew about this, I'm afraid it would just blow up.

        Mo Yang also had some respect for Han Tian Yang, not only because of his status as grandfather of Han 3000, but also because of Han Tian Yang's own abilities.

        Back then in Yanjing, Han Tianyang started from scratch and created countless legends, both in the business world and the grey area, Han Tianyang's deeds were circulated, and many people worshipped Han Tianyang as their idol, even today, after so many years of Han Tianyang's 'death', his name was still very loud and clear.

        "Master Han, I'll send you back to the hillside villa later." Mo Yang asked.

        Han Tian Yang nodded his head.

        After Lin Yong bought back a change of clothes, he also found a barber, after all, after so many years of being locked up in the heart of the earth, Han Tianyang's messy hair and beard had made him look like a beggar, going back with this image was obviously not a good idea.

        After cutting his hair and shaving his beard, Han Tian Yang immediately became much more energetic, even his momentum had been restored, and his unruffled superiority aura made Mo Yang, who was the boss, look like a little brother in front of him.

        Genting Mountain villa area, Mo Yang just sent Han Tian Yang to the villa gate.

        Han Tian Yang went up on foot, and this matter Tian Chang Sheng quickly received the news, which couldn't help but make the old man Tian Chang Sheng all red with excitement.

        As a peer of Han Tian Yang, Tian Changsheng knew more about Han Tian Yang's deeds than the young people now. In his time, Han Tian Yang was almost a legendary figure, many people even treated him as a god in the business world, and even the original Tian Changsheng treated Han Tian Yang as an idol.

        Tian Changsheng couldn't imagine what kind of turmoil it would cause if the people in Yanjing knew that Han Tianyang was still alive.

        Probably those people would be living in fear from now on, right?

        Arriving at the hillside villa, Han Tian Yang rang the doorbell.

        In the past, He Ting used to open the door for such things, but now He Ting has disappeared with a trumped-up charge, and there are only Jiang Lan, Su Yingxia and Shi Jing at home.

        Su Yingxia is in a trance, so naturally it's impossible for her to open the door.

        But Jiang Lan doesn't have the guts to ask Shi Jing to do such a trivial thing, and walks to the door as if she's reluctant.

        When the door opened and Jiang Lan saw Han Tian Yang, she immediately revealed a look of impatience.

        This lousy old man wouldn't have knocked on the wrong door.

        "What are you doing?" Jiang Lan asked rudely.

        "Looking for my daughter-in-law." Han Tian Yang said.

        Jiang Lan smiled coldly, this old man who looked like a poor man actually came to the hillside villa to find his daughter-in-law?

        "Old thing, you're looking in the wrong place, looking at your poor appearance, how can your daughter-in-law live here." Jiang Lan said disdainfully.

        Han Tian Yang frowned slightly and asked, "Who are you?"

        Hearing this, Jiang Lan revealed a smug look and said, "I'm the owner of this villa, and you don't even know me, but you're still looking for your daughter-in-law, I think you're old and confused."

        Was it the wrong place?


        Although Han Tian Yang was unfamiliar with the villa area of Mount Genting, but there was only this one villa on the mountainside, how could he go wrong.

        Seeing that Han Tian Yang was still reluctant to leave, Jiang Lan was impatient and said, "Get out of here, don't walk into this kind of high-grade villa area in the future in a muddle, this is not a place where poor people like you can just come, this time you were lucky not to be discovered by the security guards, but next time you won't have such good luck."

        After saying that, Jiang Lan was about to close the door when she suddenly heard Shi Jing's voice from behind her.

        "Dad!" Shi Jing couldn't believe it when she looked at Han Tian Yang, although she had always thought that Han Tian Yang was still alive, but when she saw him with her own eyes, she still couldn't believe it.

        Jiang Lan stayed on the spot!

        This old man is Shi Jing's father?

        Could it be that the daughter-in-law he was looking for was Shi Jing?

        So, this old man in front of me ...... him, he's the legendary Han family Han Tian Yang!

        Jiang Lan was trembling with fear.

Chapter 540

Making way for the doorway, Jiang Lan buried herself in the corner of the door and shivered, giving her a hundred guts, she wouldn't dare block Han Tian Yang.

        Although Jiang Lan was only a woman and didn't know much about Yanjing, she had deliberately tried to find out more about the Han family in Yanjing after knowing Han 3000's identity.

        Although Han Cheng wasn't very capable and had died young, this Han Tian Yang who had single-handedly founded the Han family's glory was by no means someone who could underestimate his abilities.

        More importantly, Jiang Lan was afraid that Shi Jing would make a move on her, she had been psychologically beaten out by Shi Jing, and apart from saying a few bad words about Shi Jing behind her back, she was meek as a rabbit in front of Shi Jing.

        Jiang Lan had taken this point of bullying and being afraid of hardness to the extreme.

        "It's been a fortunate time for you," Han Tian Yang said to Shi Jing.

        "Where's 3000, did 3000 not come back with you?" Shi Jing asked.

        Su Yingxia was sitting on the sofa dazed, but when she heard the word three thousand, she mischievously stood up and ran to Shi Jing's side.

        "Mom, is 3,000 back? Where is he, where is he." Su Yingxia asked emotionally.

        Looking at the agitated Su Yingxia, Shi Jing's heart cringed, these past few days of contact, Shi Jing was able to feel Su Yingxia's care for Han Giang, which she was ashamed of being a woman.

        "You must be Yingxia." Han Tian Yang walked up to Su Ying Xia and said in a soft voice.

        Su Yingxia subconsciously nodded her head, she didn't know who the person in front of her was, but could feel a hint of pity from her elders in his eyes.

        "I'm Han Tianyang, Han Qianli's grandfather." Han Tianyang said.

        "Grandfather." Su Yingxia unconsciously shouted.

        Han Tian Yang smiled benevolently and said, "My decision wasn't wrong in the beginning, and I'm glad that you care so much about Three Thousand."

        Su Yingxia looked puzzled by his decision, what decision was it?

        Seeing Su Yingxia's confusion, Han Tian Yang said, "I'll tell you something when 3000 comes back."

        "Where did he go and why hasn't he come back yet." Su Yingxia asked nervously.

        "Don't worry, he's fine, he went to rescue Han Nian and will come back with Han Nian." Han Tian Yang said.

        The word Han Nian was like a bomb to Su Yingxia, instantly bringing tears to her eyes, the thought of Han Nian she would tear her heart out in pain.

        Su Yingxia didn't dare to think about how Han Nian was doing now, didn't even dare to have the slightest imagination.

        "Trust him, he'll definitely come back with Han Nian," Han Tian Yang said.

        Su Yingxia covered her mouth and tried not to cry out, but the sobs coming out of her fingers were still uncontrollable.

        "Dad, are we going back to Yanjing?" Shi Jing asked to Han Tian Yang.

        Han Tian Yang shook his head and said, "If those people knew about the news that I'm not dead, it would definitely cause a lot of trouble, so we can't cause any more trouble for 3000 now."

        Shi Jing nodded her head in a show of understanding, although she didn't know what exactly happened, the biggest trouble facing Han 3,000 right now was finding Han Nian, in this situation, it couldn't cause any more trouble for Han 3,000, and now that Han Tian Yang was back, he would be in charge of everything in the Han family, Shi Jing would just have to do what he told her to do.

        At this time, Han Tian Yang suddenly turned his head to stare at Jiang Lan and said, "You're the one who has been looking down on my grandson and even tried to kill him?"

        When he was in the Devil's Capital, Han Tian Yang had probably learned about the inner workings of the Su family, and had said quite a bit about Jiang Lan, a person named Mo Yang, so Han Tian Yang knew exactly what Jiang Lan had done to Han 3000.

        Jiang Lan was terrified and trembled slightly.

        She indeed hated Han Qianqian's death, and even a small life like Han Nian was nothing more than an outlet for revenge in front of her, but in the face of Han Tian Yang's questioning, how could Jiang Lan dare to tell the truth?

        "No, no, I didn't want him dead, that was just a misunderstanding." Jiang Lan said in a trembling voice.

        "Han Nian was able to leave the villa because of you as well, did you have nothing to do with this?" Han Tian Yang continued to pursue, hundreds of people to protect and just one maid, how could a maid have the guts to kidnap Han Nian, and a maid, even less likely to be involved with someone like Nangong Falcon.

        When Jiang Lan felt Su Yingxia's gaze, she raised her head abruptly and said to Han Tian Yang, "Don't you dare spill blood, Han Nian is also my granddaughter, how could I do this to her."

        "Whether it's true or not, there's always a day when the truth comes out, I hope it's not your doing, or else I'll never spare you." Han Tian Yang faintly said.

        Jiang Lan was frightened and could only pray inwardly that the truth of this matter would never surface, or else she would end up in an unimaginable situation.

        In a short while, Yan Jun returned to the hillside villa, and when he saw Han Tian Yang, he was clearly suppressing his excitement.

        "Follow me." Han Tian Yang said to Yan Jun.

        The two of them went to the villa's backyard together.

        After a long silence, Han Tian Yang said, "The people of the Earth Heart were killed off by Three Thousand, and now that his daughter is in the hands of Nangong Falcon, I wonder what the Nangong family will use him for."

        Yan Jun's face turned pale, Han Nian had fallen into the hands of the Nangong family, this wasn't just a simple kidnapping!

        "Does the Nangong family want to use 3000 to enter that level?" Yan Jun gritted his teeth and said.

        "This is the quest of many truly great families, and Three Thousand has a justifiable reason for it." Han Tian Yang sighed and looked very helpless.

        Yan Jun's breathing quickened, if that was the case, this was much more complicated than he had imagined, and the crisis Han Three Thousand was facing was even greater.

        "Is there anything we can do to help Three Thousand?" Yan Jun said.

        Han Tian Yang shrugged his shoulders weakly and said, "What else do you think we can do against the real Nangong family, Nangong Qianqiu would be useless with her weight even if she didn't die."

        "By the way, why did Thousand Thousand suddenly become so strong?" Han Tian Yang was curious, the strength that Han 3000 had shown in the Earth's core had been infinitely close to Yan Jun, which was almost impossible at his age, so Han Tian Yang was very confused about this.

        "He once approached me and talked about the sudden addition of a powerful force in his body, and I've seen it before, and his power is indeed amazing, even ...... he even killed Han Long." Yan Jun said.

        "What!" Han Tian Yang looked at Yan Jun with a horrified look on his face, he had thought that Han 3000 was only close to Yan Jun's strength, but he hadn't expected that even Han Long had been killed by Han 3000!

        Han Long was the most powerful existence in the MiG Han family, and his strength Han Tian Yang knew very well that although Han Long wasn't qualified to enter that level yet, he was definitely a top-notch expert below that level.

        "I know you don't want to believe it, but it's the truth," Yan Jun said.

        Han Tian Yang's hands were visibly trembling, even his pupils were like earthquakes, so to speak, sooner or later, Han 3000 would be able to truly touch that level.

        "Those ancient families, would they allow a threat like him to exist?" Han Tian Yang said with a hint of sadness.

        "I believe he will survive, for the sake of Su Yingxia, and even more so for Han Nian." Yan Jun said.

        Han Tian Yang took a deep breath and said, "It's no longer within our power to do anything, he only has to rely on himself now."

        Although Yan Jun wanted to help Han Third Thousand, he had to acknowledge Han Tian Yang's words at this point.

        The situation Han 3,000 was facing now was indeed not something they were qualified to interfere with at will.

        The Yanjing Han Family, in the eyes of ordinary people, was high above the rest, but when faced with those really big families, they were still like ants.

        In this world, there were too many shiny but superficial, and the truly powerful families never bothered to show their faces in the world.

        "Jiang Lan is a very vicious woman, you must be careful of her." Yan Jun warned to Han Tian Yang.

        "Now that I'm back, can I still give this woman the chance to be a demon?" Han Tian Yang smiled faintly and continued, "But the price she has to pay should be paid by 3000, so I still have to let her live to witness 3000's power and make her regret all of this."

        "I can't wait to see her kneel down in front of 3000 and beg for mercy, I hope that 3000 will return soon." Yan Jun said.

        Both of their conversations were filled with trust in Han 3,000, their only choice.


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